All about us Tell’s what RECRUITMENT NG actually is. As a matter of facts, we are an online news website that focuses on School news, Job Recruitment News, Trending News, Nigerian and Foreign News. Our authors and editors are a team of dedicated experts in investigative journalism poised to uncover all News. We also cover areas like; financial crimes, job racketeering and other related recruitment scam/fraud in Nigeria.


Recruitment NG is Nigeria’s Newest Top School News, Trending News, Jobs and Career community where you can find every latest happening Trending News.  school News, Recruitment NG also Advertise and Recruitment for Companies/Firms, Government and NGOs.
Due to the increasing rate of unemployment in Nigeria, people tends to search for jobs everyday on the internet. As a matter of facts, it is a known fact that it could be very frustrating for most people who could not find a job or get latest information about their admission status. Recruitment NG is here to help both job seekers, candidates seeking for Admissions, Employers of labours to meet at a point of satisfaction. We explore every available means to give you first hand information.

What we do

We publish only confirmed School information’s, jobs, latest trends that are facts. In like manner, we do our best to verify the authenticity of the job being advertised before we publish them on our site. Recruitment NG is not associated with any School, Companies,  or Government. Likewise we may not provide any further help to help you get the job or an Admission. Furthermore, you will have to apply for the job or admission by yourself, via following the procedures and guidelines that have be established by that institute.
Similarly, we will not request anything form you to assist you apply for a published job or vacancy.  It is absolutely free of charge. You are informed not to respond to any emails, calls, or text messages regarding payment for any job in Nigeria.

In the cause of posting jobs, we will show different information including;

  1. Federal Government jobs
  2. State Government Jobs
  3. Private sector Jobs
  4. Bank Jobs
  5. Industry Jobs
  6. Production Company Jobs
  7. Oil & Gas jobs
  8. Education & Schools Jobs
  9. Aviation Jobs
  10. Uniform Jobs
  11. Security Jobs

Publishing also include the following;

  • List of Oil and Gas Companies in Nigeria, Nigerian Oil & Gas Company‎
  • List and Directories of Oil and Gas Companies In Nigeria
  • Names and addresses of company jobs in Nigeria
  • List Of Petroleum & Exploration Companies In Nigeria & Their Website
  • List of indigenous oil and gas companies in Nigeria
  • Comprehensive list of oil and gas companies in Nigeria