2019 EQUALS in Tech Awards Invitation to All

2019 EQUALS in Tech Awards Invitation to All

2019 EQUALS in Tech Awards Invitation to All is currently on going. As a matter of facts, Each year, groundbreaking initiatives from around the world are invited. This is to submit nominations for their work to bridge the gender digital divide. Similarly, the 2019 EQUALS in Tech Award ceremony will take place in November in Berlin. Likewise, side event at the Internet Governance Forum. Winners will be flown from around the globe to attend and receive their awards, to share their inspiring stories, and to build their professional networks with other winners and attending EQUALS partners. The awards demonstrate just how impactful ICTs can be for women and girls to improve their personal and professional lives.

The 2019 EQUALS in Tech Awards is open to the whole World

Furthermore, Organizations and individuals can nominate their own initiatives or those of others for an award in one of the following categories:

Firstly, Access: Initiatives related to improving women’s and girls’ digital technology access, connectivity and security

Secondly, Skills: Initiatives that support development of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills of women and girls

Leadership (In two subcategories):

Likewise, Initiatives focused on promoting women in decision-making roles within the ICT field
Initiatives promoted by tech sector companies to bridge the digital gender divide
Similarly, Research: Initiatives prioritizing research on gender digital divides and producing reliable evidence to tackle diversity issues within STEM and computing fields.

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The annual EQUALS in Tech Awards are organized and presented by the EQUALS Global Partnership – a network of 90+ organizations, companies, UN agencies and research institutions – whose founding partners include the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), UN Women, International Trade Centre, GSMA, and United Nations University.

Together, the partnership works to bring the benefits of information and communication technologies (ICTs) to women and girls, and to help women succeed in the tech sector.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in this opportunity, kindly follow Click here to Apply


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the judges looking for in a nomination?

A: We are looking for innovative initiatives and projects promoting gender equality online and in the tech sector. Eligible initiatives and projects should:

Reach girls and women in an impactful way;

Have the potential to scale or be replicated once reconfigured/adapted to other contexts;

Be innovative

Work in collaboration with partners

Q: Is there a cash prize for the winner?

A: The EQUALS in Tech Awards does not offer a cash prize. However, winners receive a paid trip to the awards ceremony (for the 2019 awards, this will be held in Berlin), and that’s not all. They also get to meet and mingle with like-minded entrepreneurs, investors, activists, teachers, and leaders. And they join an Advisory Panel that chooses future award winners.

Q: Can I apply for more than one category?

A: If you think you are eligible for the more than one category, please apply accordingly. If you’re uncertain about which category to apply to, please contacted the EQUALS Team at EQUALS@itu.int

Q: Which countries are eligible for nomination?

A: The call for nominations is open to all individuals and organizations, regardless of their languages and nationalities, who wish to submit projects aimed at advancing gender equality using ICTs. However, we respectfully request that your nomination form should be submitted in English.

Q: Does it cost anything to nominate myself or others?

A: No. In efforts to make our awards as inclusive as possible, there are no fees associated with nomination.

Q: When will winners be informed?

A: Acknowledging the time needed to process visas and ensure that all winners are available to attend the event, winners will be informed well in advance of the award ceremony.

Q: When is the deadline for nominations?

A: The 2019 nomination phase is open until 11 June, 2019. We encourage all interested organizations and individuals to nominate their own or others’ inspiring intiatives.

Q: I was not able to complete the application form in one session. Can I edit my response now?

A: Yes, you can modify and edit your responses before submitting your nomination.

Q: I was previously a finalist for the EQUALS in Tech Awards (or the GEM-TECH Awards). Can I apply again this year?

A: Yes! We encourage you to apply again. Please be sure to explain if and how your project has evolved since you last applied for the Awards.

Q: My initiative or project dates a few years back. Can I still apply for the Awards?

A: Yes. As long as your project is still making an impact on the lives of women and girls, we encourage you to apply.

Q: How can I support and promote the Awards?

A: We encourage you to support us by sharing the Call for Nominations across your personal and professional networks. If you would like to be a supporting financial sponsor of the event, please contact the EQUALS Secretariat at equals@itu.int

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