Nigerian Navy 2019 List of successful Candidate Under NNBTS ONNE

Nigerian Navy 2019 List of successful Candidate Under NNBTS ONNE

Nigerian Navy 2019 List of successful Candidate Under NNBTS ONNE is out now. As a matter of facts, this list just came out. Likewise successful Candidate are to get ready for further screening to the next level of success.


Nigerian Navy 2019 List of successful Candidate in Abia Adamawa Akwa-Ibom And Anambra Under MAIDUGURI


NNBTS ONNE Successful Candidate in Nigerian Navy 2019 Recruitment

Intuitively, the Nigerian Navy 2019 List of successful Candidate in the above state is out for all to see for free. Nevertheless, this article is related to the following search online;

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Further, get prepare and go to your centre early with your writing materials. Below are the list for successful Candidate.



  1. NNR29/2019/ABI/1197/0061363 Kalu Ifeanyichukwu Obah Abia D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2. NNR29/2019/ABI/1227/0062397 Kanu Daniel Chimezie Abia F1 NNBTS ONNE

  3. NNR29/2019/ABI/1232/0062763 Odinkemere Lovely Chinecherem Abia E2 NNBTS ONNE

  4. NNR29/2019/ABI/1462/0076148 Okoro Moses Abia C2 NNBTS ONNE

  5. NNR29/2019/ABI/1478/0076936 Ikeze Chidera Bishop Abia D6 NNBTS ONNE

  6. NNR29/2019/ABI/1537/0080976 Okoroafor Patience Ezinne Abia F1 NNBTS ONNE

  7. NNR29/2019/ABI/1834/0094467 James Gideon Chiwendu Abia D1 NNBTS ONNE

  8. NNR29/2019/ABI/1877/0096890 Kalu James Igweike Abia D1 NNBTS ONNE

  9. NNR29/2019/ABI/1909/0098428 Kalu Abel Chimeremeze Abia D1 NNBTS ONNE

  10. NNR29/2019/ABI/1930/0099834 Okoronkwo Chinedu Joshua Abia D1 NNBTS ONNE

  11. NNR29/2019/ABI/2103/0108782 Solomon Christian Chibueze Abia D1 NNBTS ONNE

  12. NNR29/2019/ABI/218/0009702 Ekwubiri Chidinma Oji Abia E3 NNBTS ONNE

  13. NNR29/2019/ABI/2282/0118633 Iroha Onyinyechi Okoroafor Abia D1 NNBTS ONNE

  14. NNR29/2019/ABI/2334/0121241 Igwe Friday David Abia D6 NNBTS ONNE

  15. NNR29/2019/ABI/29/0001494 Adiele Promise Chukwunyere Abia A2 NNBTS ONNE

  16. NNR29/2019/ABI/502/0025834 Uchenna Kingsley Chinemerem Abia A2 NNBTS ONNE

  17. NNR29/2019/ABI/510/0026133 Kalu Ifeanyi Maxwell Abia D1 NNBTS ONNE

  18. NNR29/2019/ABI/917/0047362 Oti Ifeanyi Abia D1 NNBTS ONNE

Similarly, Nigerian Navy 2019 List of successful Candidate Under NAVAL UNIT ABUJA

  1. NNR29/2019/ABI/1284/0065429 Emenike Godswill Uchechukwu Abia C1 NNBTS ONNE

  2. NNR29/2019/ABI/1341/0067837 Igwe Ugochukwu Isaac Abia D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3. NNR29/2019/ABI/1485/0077255 Essien Mary Abia F1 NNBTS ONNE

  4. NNR29/2019/ABI/1567/0082094 Okorie Favour Chidi Abia F1 NNBTS ONNE

  5. NNR29/2019/ABI/2031/0104942 Nmaju James Ifeanyi Abia D1 NNBTS ONNE

  6. NNR29/2019/ABI/2101/0108709 Felix Christopher Chima Abia D1 NNBTS ONNE

  7. NNR29/2019/ABI/2391/0124152 Uche Chinazaekpere Emmanuel Abia D1 NNBTS ONNE

  8. NNR29/2019/ABI/2397/0124492 Ojukwu Innocent Okechukwu Abia D1 NNBTS ONNE

  9. NNR29/2019/ABI/2401/0124575 Adandom Joseph Sunday Abia D3 NNBTS ONNE

  10. NNR29/2019/ABI/346/0016727 Godswill Darlington Gabriel Abia D6 NNBTS ONNE

  11. NNR29/2019/ABI/1225/0062247 Nwanjuobi Chinagorom Abia E1 NNBTS ONNE

  12. NNR29/2019/ABI/158/0007762 Ogbonna Chisom Abia D6 NNBTS ONNE

  13. NNR29/2019/ABI/165/0008064 Amuchionu Chinaza Blessing Abia D1 NNBTS ONNE

  14. NNR29/2019/ABI/1723/0089564 Goodluck Godbless Kingsley Abia D1 NNBTS ONNE

  15. NNR29/2019/ABI/1795/0092673 Chukwunyere Vision Ifeanyi Abia C1 NNBTS ONNE

  16. NNR29/2019/ABI/2000/0103482 Nwobodo Chisom Emmanuel Abia D6 NNBTS ONNE

  17. NNR29/2019/ABI/236/0011013 Eze Prince Chidiadi Abia D6 NNBTS ONNE

  18. NNR29/2019/ABI/2529/0131031 Victor Prince Abia D6 NNBTS ONNE

  19. NNR29/2019/ABI/410/0020976 Emmanuel Knowledge Chizuru Abia A2 NNBTS ONNE

  20. NNR29/2019/ABI/648/0032437 Akoma Chinecherem Godgive Abia D6 NNBTS ONNE

  21. NNR29/2019/ABI/709/0036048 Jumbo Benjamin M Abia E2 NNBTS ONNE

  22. NNR29/2019/ABI/944/0048465 Obilo Ngozi Joy Abia E1 NNBTS ONNE

  23. NNR29/2019/ABI/101/0004720 Ogba Nathaniel Kalu Abia E5 NNBTS ONNE

  24. NNR29/2019/ABI/1057/0054848 Samuel Udonsi Ojo Abia B1 NNBTS ONNE

  25. NNR29/2019/ABI/1285/0065495 Okoro Akachi Clement Abia B1 NNBTS ONNE

  26. NNR29/2019/ABI/1490/0077530 Kalu Onuoha Kessy Abia D6 NNBTS ONNE

  27. NNR29/2019/ABI/1569/0082160 Uma Godswill Ebuka Abia E4 NNBTS ONNE

  28. NNR29/2019/ABI/1634/0084635 Kalu Uchenna Odim Abia D1 NNBTS ONNE

  29. NNR29/2019/ABI/1646/0085114 Onwuka Onwuka Chinedu Abia D1 NNBTS ONNE

  30. NNR29/2019/ABI/1659/0085835 Kalu Miracle Junior Abia D1 NNBTS ONNE

  31. NNR29/2019/ABI/1696/0088252 Mba Destiny Sunday Abia D1 NNBTS ONNE

  32. NNR29/2019/ABI/177/0008487 Kalu Prince David Abia C1 NNBTS ONNE

  33. NNR29/2019/ABI/2116/0109675 Osiri Ihuoma Abia K NNBTS ONNE

  34. NNR29/2019/ABI/2151/0112693 John Esther Nwokocha Abia D2 NNBTS ONNE

  35. NNR29/2019/ABI/2352/0122294 Agwu Sunday Kalu Abia D1 NNBTS ONNE

  36. NNR29/2019/ABI/448/0023293 James Samuel Chinecherem Abia D1 NNBTS ONNE

  37. NNR29/2019/ABI/470/0024063 James Oluebube Kalu Abia D6 NNBTS ONNE

  38. NNR29/2019/ABI/601/0030916 Awa Samuel Maduekwe Abia H NNBTS ONNE

  39. NNR29/2019/ABI/692/0034574 Ukpai Ajike Chimeremuma Uche Abia J NNBTS ONNE

Likewise, Nigerian Navy 2019 List of successful Candidate Under NDA OLD SITE

  1. NNR29/2019/ABI/759/0038601 Kalu Prince David Abia D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2. NNR29/2019/ABI/788/0041398 Ndukwe Peter Onum Abia B4 NNBTS ONNE

  3. NNR29/2019/ABI/819/0043750 Ifekwe Chidiebere Abia G NNBTS ONNE

  4. NNR29/2019/ABI/1010/0052469 Sunday Paul Abia D6 NNBTS ONNE

  5. NNR29/2019/ABI/1283/0065425 Iheanyi Favour Ngozi Abia E1 NNBTS ONNE

  6. NNR29/2019/ABI/1574/0082478 Vincent Maduabuchi C Abia C1 NNBTS ONNE

  7. NNR29/2019/ABI/1827/0094138 Stephen Desire Ngozi Abia C2 NNBTS ONNE

  8. NNR29/2019/ABI/2362/0122941 Kanu Sandra Chisom Abia D1 NNBTS ONNE

  9. NNR29/2019/ABI/4/0000408 Christopher Ikenna Abia D1 NNBTS ONNE

  10. NNR29/2019/ABI/475/0024457 Christopher Chinenye Abia D1 NNBTS ONNE

  11. NNR29/2019/ABI/897/0046724 Kenneth Emmanuel Oluebube Abia D6 NNBTS ONNE

  12. NNR29/2019/ABI/930/0047922 Emmanuel Daniel Ekwutus Abia D1 NNBTS ONNE

  13. NNR29/2019/ABI/1004/0052212 Amuzie Princess Adaeze Abia E2 NNBTS ONNE

  14. NNR29/2019/ABI/1046/0054198 Isaac Glory Chiemena Abia D6 NNBTS ONNE

  15. NNR29/2019/ABI/1125/0058544 Ogbenna Catherine Chizaram Abia D3 NNBTS ONNE

  16. NNR29/2019/ABI/1158/0059837 Ikechukwu Bright Abia C2 NNBTS ONNE

  17. NNR29/2019/ABI/118/0005875 Ekpemandu Chibueze Jeremiah Abia D6 NNBTS ONNE

  18. NNR29/2019/ABI/120/0005929 Onuegbu Choki Abia D3 NNBTS ONNE

  19. NNR29/2019/ABI/1374/0070212 Innocent Bright Abia D1 NNBTS ONNE

  20. NNR29/2019/ABI/1527/0080522 Chidiebere Clinton Chinedu Abia B1 NNBTS ONNE

  21. NNR29/2019/ABI/1960/0101393 Stephen Florence Chigozirim Abia D3 NNBTS ONNE

  22. NNR29/2019/ABI/357/0017371 Ekpemandu Chibueze Jeremiah Abia D6 NNBTS ONNE

  23. NNR29/2019/ABI/401/0020192 Madubuko Sonia Chiagbanwe Abia J NNBTS ONNE

  24. NNR29/2019/ABI/747/0037911 Augustine Treasure Chidozie Abia E3 NNBTS ONNE

  25. NNR29/2019/ABI/751/0038100 Anyanwu Chukwuemeka Abia C2 NNBTS ONNE

  26. NNR29/2019/ABI/861/0045370 Chukwuemeka Chinedu Victor Abia H NNBTS ONNE

  27. NNR29/2019/ABI/1018/0052812 Okafor Austin Ebuka Abia D6 NNBTS ONNE

  28. NNR29/2019/ABI/2175/0114050 Nwankwo Tochukwu Isaac Abia D1 NNBTS ONNE

  29. NNR29/2019/ABI/2178/0114117 Uwah Victor Ikedi Abia D1 NNBTS ONNE

  30. NNR29/2019/ABI/2223/0115886 Chukwu Faith Eberechi Abia D1 NNBTS ONNE

  31. NNR29/2019/ABI/2287/0118701 Otiegbe Moses Chinonso Abia A1 NNBTS ONNE

  32. NNR29/2019/ABI/384/0018921 Onyeka Obianuju Happiness Abia C1 NNBTS ONNE

  33. NNR29/2019/ABI/546/0028836 Okoronkwo Ugonna Prince Abia F1 NNBTS ONNE

  34. NNR29/2019/ABI/65/0003073 Agu John Chukwuka Abia D1 NNBTS ONNE

  35. NNR29/2019/ABI/677/0033471 Madu Success Chinaza Abia E3 NNBTS ONNE

  36. NNR29/2019/ABI/678/0033658 Ekenso Chidera Olivia Abia F1 NNBTS ONNE

  37. NNR29/2019/ABI/902/0046866 Obiesie Tochukwu Goodluck Abia F3 NNBTS ONNE

  38. NNR29/2019/ABI/1090/0056906 James Blessing Moses Abia C3 NNBTS ONNE

  39. NNR29/2019/ABI/1190/0061192 Nlewedim Ugochukwu Victory Abia D1 NNBTS ONNE

  40. NNR29/2019/ABI/1245/0063653 Nnamdi Miracle Abia C1 NNBTS ONNE

  41. NNR29/2019/ABI/1290/0065627 Williams Precious Uchechi Abia D6 NNBTS ONNE

  42. NNR29/2019/ABI/1420/0073006 Christian Emmanuel Chinedu Abia E2 NNBTS ONNE

  43. NNR29/2019/ABI/146/0007213 Anaba Daniel Abia D1 NNBTS ONNE

  44. NNR29/2019/ABI/149/0007271 James Samuel Abia A4 NNBTS ONNE

  45. NNR29/2019/ABI/1587/0083044 James Peter Abia D1 NNBTS ONNE

  46. NNR29/2019/ABI/165/0008065 Sunday Chinemerem Emmanuel Abia D1 NNBTS ONNE

  47. NNR29/2019/ABI/1749/0090614 John Okoronkwo Linus Abia D1 NNBTS ONNE

  48. NNR29/2019/ABI/1771/0091525 Jinanwa Ugochukwu Abia D1 NNBTS ONNE

  49. NNR29/2019/ABI/1801/0093037 Perter Philip I Abia F1 NNBTS ONNE

  50. NNR29/2019/ABI/1901/0098255 Onuigbo Elizabeth Abia F3 NNBTS ONNE

  51. NNR29/2019/ABI/2164/0113333 Nwankwo Tochukwu Isaac Abia D1 NNBTS ONNE

  52. NNR29/2019/ABI/246/0011637 Ebere Light Obinwanne Abia D1 NNBTS ONNE

  53. NNR29/2019/ABI/2543/0131933 Igbojionu Chinoyerem Abia D1 NNBTS ONNE

  54. NNR29/2019/ABI/333/0016104 Ejike Godswill Abia B1 NNBTS ONNE

  55. NNR29/2019/ABI/654/0032631 Eke Onuoha Joseph Abia D6 NNBTS ONNE

  56. NNR29/2019/ABI/68/0003141 Nwokoro Godswill Egeonu Abia A1 NNBTS ONNE

  57. NNR29/2019/ABI/719/0036754 Igwe Favour Abia D6 NNBTS ONNE

  58. NNR29/2019/ABI/73/0003479 Ngwo Chukwudi Kalu Abia F1 NNBTS ONNE

  59. NNR29/2019/ABI/1995/0103157 Ikpe Justice Chinonyerem Abia B5 NNBTS ONNE

  60. NNR29/2019/ABI/2253/0117216 Ugwueze Esther Chinweoke Abia D1 NNBTS ONNE

  61. NNR29/2019/ABI/840/0044674 Igwe Favour Abia D6 NNBTS ONNE

  62. NNR29/2019/ABI/2424/0125617 Ekwueme Hillary Obioma Abia D6 NNBTS ONNE

  63. NNR29/2019/ABI/27/0001393 Uwaoma John Uchechukwu Abia D6 NNBTS ONNE

  64. NNR29/2019/ABI/341/0016470 Micah Onyinyechi Benita Abia E2 NNBTS ONNE

  65. NNR29/2019/ABI/706/0035668 Ogbonna Shedrack Onyekachi Abia D6 NNBTS ONNE

  66. NNR29/2019/ABI/707/0035775 Chiegeiro Chiamaka Victoria Abia E3 NNBTS ONNE

  67. NNR29/2019/ABI/1096/0057429 Nnamdi Chinwendu Sylvester Abia D6 NNBTS ONNE

  68. NNR29/2019/ABI/1322/0067197 Amaji Daniel Ifeanyichukwu Abia D1 NNBTS ONNE

  69. NNR29/2019/ABI/1328/0067357 Innocent Chinonyerem Goodluck Abia D6 NNBTS ONNE

  70. NNR29/2019/ABI/1491/0077665 Ugoala Augustina Abia D1 NNBTS ONNE

  71. NNR29/2019/ABI/1737/0090328 Nwogu Chime Peter Abia D1 NNBTS ONNE

  72. NNR29/2019/ABI/1859/0095908 Ochulor Emmanuel Chukwuemeka Abia D6 NNBTS ONNE

  73. NNR29/2019/ABI/1895/0097613 Ogbonna Ugochi Money Abia E3 NNBTS ONNE

  74. NNR29/2019/ABI/2093/0108305 Samson Chinonso Godwill Abia B1 NNBTS ONNE

  75. NNR29/2019/ABI/2140/0112025 Ehumadu Chinaza Chijindu Abia D1 NNBTS ONNE

  76. NNR29/2019/ABI/2171/0113830 Okoro Chinonso David Abia D6 NNBTS ONNE

  77. NNR29/2019/ABI/2269/0118114 Nwaogwugwu Goodnews Emmanuel Abia C2 NNBTS ONNE

  78. NNR29/2019/ABI/2416/0125168 Akachukwu Stanley Chinemenma Abia D1 NNBTS ONNE

  79. NNR29/2019/ABI/263/0012770 Nnamdi Chidiebere Success Abia C1 NNBTS ONNE

  80. NNR29/2019/ABI/909/0047191 Adiele Roland Obinna Abia D1 NNBTS ONNE

  81. NNR29/2019/ABI/956/0048879 Robinson Chukwudi Desmond Abia D1 NNBTS ONNE

  82. NNR29/2019/ABI/962/0049151 Michael Golden Uzoma Abia E1 NNBTS ONNE

  83. NNR29/2019/ABI/99/0004644 Orji Joseph Chinatu Abia E2 NNBTS ONNE

  84. NNR29/2019/ABI/170/0008140 Okoro Chima Abia D1 NNBTS ONNE

  85. NNR29/2019/ABI/1916/0098899 Onyeabor Nelson Chikwado Abia D6 NNBTS ONNE

  86. NNR29/2019/ABI/2065/0106514 James Uchechi Rossi Abia D1 NNBTS ONNE

  87. NNR29/2019/ABI/2077/0107320 Kelechukwu Israel Kelechi Abia D6 NNBTS ONNE

  88. NNR29/2019/ABI/210/0009579 Ejiofor Ifeanyi Emeka Abia F3 NNBTS ONNE

  89. NNR29/2019/ABI/2304/0119966 Eze Amos Chimaobi Abia D1 NNBTS ONNE

  90. NNR29/2019/ABI/2547/0132070 Okeoma Chukwuemeka Victor Abia D6 NNBTS ONNE

  91. NNR29/2019/ABI/466/0023859 Okorie Kelvin Chidiebere Abia D1 NNBTS ONNE

  92. NNR29/2019/ABI/48/0002371 Chijioke Miracle Oluebube Abia E2 NNBTS ONNE

  93. NNR29/2019/ABI/796/0041937 Ebere Favour Chukwuebuka Abia D6 NNBTS ONNE

  94. NNR29/2019/ABI/997/0051930 Emeiwe Emmanuel Miracle Abia A2 NNBTS ONNE

  95. NNR29/2019/ABI/999/0052032 Umesiobi Sunday Chinyere Abia H NNBTS ONNE

  96. NNR29/2019/ABI/1556/0081917 Uzoma Chamberlain Chukwudi Abia C3 NNBTS ONNE

  97. NNR29/2019/ABI/1891/0097393 Okamgba Kingsley Chinasa Abia D6 NNBTS ONNE

  98. NNR29/2019/ABI/2159/0112988 Amos Chukwuebuka Meshach Abia H NNBTS ONNE

  99. NNR29/2019/ABI/2327/0120938 Augustine Chigozie Jackson Bethel Abia D1 NNBTS ONNE

  100. NNR29/2019/ABI/852/0045049 Chiemela Bright Chika Abia D1 NNBTS ONNE

  101. NNR29/2019/ABI/1056/0054755 Nelson Victor Chibuike Abia H NNBTS ONNE

  102. NNR29/2019/ABI/1375/0070227 Ugochukwu Okwudiri Solomon Abia B1 NNBTS ONNE

  103. NNR29/2019/ABI/1789/0092324 Adindu Mathew Samuel Abia D3 NNBTS ONNE

  104. NNR29/2019/ABI/191/0008861 Gilbert Richard Abia D1 NNBTS ONNE

  105. NNR29/2019/ABI/2022/0104465 Chikezie Okechi Decent Abia D1 NNBTS ONNE

  106. NNR29/2019/ABI/2073/0107139 Anaba Chibuzor Samuel Abia F3 NNBTS ONNE

  107. NNR29/2019/ABI/2082/0107615 Iwejuo Osinachi Wilson Abia D1 NNBTS ONNE

  108. NNR29/2019/ABI/2381/0123836 Chinkwe Ikesinachi Abia B1 NNBTS ONNE

  109. NNR29/2019/ABI/2390/0124124 Sunday Confidence Chinaza Abia D6 NNBTS ONNE

  110. NNR29/2019/ABI/378/0018410 Alozie Ann Urenma Abia F1 NNBTS ONNE

  111. NNR29/2019/ABI/496/0025285 Opara John Charles Abia D6 NNBTS ONNE

  112. NNR29/2019/ABI/565/0029821 Anaba Chiemela Godswill Abia D3 NNBTS ONNE

  113. NNR29/2019/ABI/599/0030822 Okoro Emmanuel Enyinnaya Abia D1 NNBTS ONNE

  114. NNR29/2019/ABI/659/0032799 Uwaoma Promise Chinenye Abia E2 NNBTS ONNE

  115. NNR29/2019/ABI/690/0034363 Moses Eziama Daniel Abia D1 NNBTS ONNE

  116. NNR29/2019/ABI/503/0025840 Nnah Saviour Emmanuel Abia D1 NNBTS ONNE

  117. NNR29/2019/ABI/539/0028136 Friday Prince Ugochukwu Abia C2 NNBTS ONNE

  118. NNR29/2019/ABI/2003/0103533 Chinonyerem Chinaecherem Abia D1 NNBTS ONNE

  119. NNR29/2019/ABI/2274/0118324 Emmanuel Felix Chijindu Abia D1 NNBTS ONNE

  120. NNR29/2019/ABI/2464/0127629 Dennis Kelvin Okechukwu Abia H NNBTS ONNE

  121. NNR29/2019/ABI/2479/0128120 Uzoumunne Ibuchim Levinus Abia D1 NNBTS ONNE

  122. NNR29/2019/ABI/330/0016056 Godson Joy Oluebube Abia E1 NNBTS ONNE

  123. NNR29/2019/ABI/363/0017857 Allison Godswill Abia C1 NNBTS ONNE

  124. NNR29/2019/ABI/893/0046515 Ihemere Stephen Ahuruezenma Abia J NNBTS ONNE

  125. NNR29/2019/ABI/1112/0057895 Ndubuisi Prince Victor Abia F1 NNBTS ONNE

  126. NNR29/2019/ABI/1196/0061355 Fredrick Sonia Favour Abia E2 NNBTS ONNE

  127. NNR29/2019/ABI/1769/0091398 Willams Chinasaokwu Glory Abia D1 NNBTS ONNE

  128. NNR29/2019/ABI/1831/0094320 Chibiko Oziomachi Gift Abia D1 NNBTS ONNE

  129. NNR29/2019/ABI/1838/0094639 Chibiko Sorochi Joy Abia E2 NNBTS ONNE

  130. NNR29/2019/ABI/2290/0118914 Obioma Princess Ijeoma Abia F1 NNBTS ONNE

  131. NNR29/2019/ABI/548/0028952 Jombo Ikechukwu Emmanuel Abia D1 NNBTS ONNE

  132. NNR29/2019/ABI/773/0039572 Ekegiro Temple Ndubuisi Abia D1 NNBTS ONNE

  133. NNR29/2019/ADA/4043/0117203 Kenan Dennis Silas Adamawa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  134. NNR29/2019/ADA/2137/0060887 Shaibu Yunana Adamawa G NNBTS ONNE

  135. NNR29/2019/ADA/4254/0123992 Felix Hosea Adamawa G NNBTS ONNE

  136. NNR29/2019/ADA/1110/0030716 Bulus Comfort Adamawa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  137. NNR29/2019/ADA/888/0024825 Vitalis Chidati Yerima Adamawa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  138. NNR29/2019/ADA/1432/0039758 Sunday Lawrence Zansan Adamawa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  139. NNR29/2019/ADA/3333/0095779 Kelvin Priscillia Koji Adamawa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  140. NNR29/2019/ADA/3816/0109629 Ali Ijabula Emrys Adamawa G NNBTS ONNE

  141. NNR29/2019/ADA/582/0016276 Abba Blessing Anna Adamawa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  142. NNR29/2019/ADA/1620/0044721 James Nuhu Adamawa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  143. NNR29/2019/ADA/1066/0029600 Suleiman Yusuf Adamawa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  144. NNR29/2019/ADA/2523/0072860 Abubakar Muhammad Adamawa B1 NNBTS ONNE

  145. NNR29/2019/ADA/354/0010154 Mahmud Bashiru Adamawa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  146. NNR29/2019/ADA/4301/0126493 Abubakar Annas Adamawa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  147. NNR29/2019/ADA/1944/0054701 Musa Abdulmumini Adamawa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  148. NNR29/2019/ADA/2352/0067288 Dasin Yakubu Aliyu Adamawa E1 NNBTS ONNE

  149. NNR29/2019/AKW/1006/0029690 Cosmus Joseph Akwa-Ibom A2 NNBTS ONNE

  150. NNR29/2019/AKW/1081/0031698 Archibong Daniel Ita Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  151. NNR29/2019/AKW/1174/0034162 William Emmanuel Friday Akwa-Ibom E5 NNBTS ONNE

  152. NNR29/2019/AKW/1207/0035612 Eshiet Ekemini Rapheal Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  153. NNR29/2019/AKW/1449/0043891 Monday David Okon Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  154. NNR29/2019/AKW/16/0000342 Monday Abraham Joseph Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  155. NNR29/2019/AKW/1809/0052619 Akpan Abasiofiok Amos Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  156. NNR29/2019/AKW/1991/0056128 Sambo Gospel Amah Akwa-Ibom B5 NNBTS ONNE

  157. NNR29/2019/AKW/2092/0058915 Udoh Jeremiah Iben Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  158. NNR29/2019/AKW/2517/0069671 Akpan David Ufot Akwa-Ibom C1 NNBTS ONNE

  159. NNR29/2019/AKW/2522/0069765 Jeremiah Faith Ekerette Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  160. NNR29/2019/AKW/2735/0073938 Akpan Abasiofiok Amos Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  161. NNR29/2019/AKW/2839/0076802 Friday Daniel Frank Akwa-Ibom D6 NNBTS ONNE

  162. NNR29/2019/AKW/2861/0077465 Augustine Goodness Ofon Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  163. NNR29/2019/AKW/2961/0081556 Umoh Umoh Sunday Akwa-Ibom C1 NNBTS ONNE

  164. NNR29/2019/AKW/3026/0082781 Iboro Victor Friday Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  165. NNR29/2019/AKW/3287/0088072 Edem Messiah Ukim Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  166. NNR29/2019/AKW/3416/0090399 Bassey Mmenyene Godwin Akwa-Ibom C1 NNBTS ONNE

  167. NNR29/2019/AKW/3666/0095566 Bassey Elijah Udo Akwa-Ibom E2 NNBTS ONNE

  168. NNR29/2019/AKW/3793/0097730 Ekong Godwin Sunday Akwa-Ibom D3 NNBTS ONNE

  169. NNR29/2019/AKW/3946/0101361 Godwin Nsidibe Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  170. NNR29/2019/AKW/4524/0113854 Sunday Unyime Udo Akwa-Ibom E3 NNBTS ONNE

  171. NNR29/2019/AKW/4553/0114292 Umoh Nseobong Ekanem Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  172. NNR29/2019/AKW/4797/0119201 Inyang Praise Nsinkpong Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  173. NNR29/2019/AKW/4896/0121512 James Blessing Anietie Akwa-Ibom D3 NNBTS ONNE

  174. NNR29/2019/AKW/5161/0126541 Johnson Nyakno Victor Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  175. NNR29/2019/AKW/526/0017011 Inyang Boniface Romanus Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  176. NNR29/2019/AKW/533/0017138 Maurice Abasi-Edi Ibanga Akwa-Ibom F1 NNBTS ONNE

  177. NNR29/2019/AKW/5352/0131802 Friday Udoh Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  178. NNR29/2019/AKW/568/0017849 John Nkereuwem Monday Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  179. NNR29/2019/AKW/596/0018387 Inyang Praise Nsinkpong Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  180. NNR29/2019/AKW/653/0019921 Ekong Joy Solomon Akwa-Ibom C3 NNBTS ONNE

  181. NNR29/2019/AKW/667/0020458 Matthew Paul U Akwa-Ibom D6 NNBTS ONNE

  182. NNR29/2019/AKW/700/0021651 Uyai Imabong John Akwa-Ibom E5 NNBTS ONNE

  183. NNR29/2019/AKW/724/0022145 Edet Christian Ime Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  184. NNR29/2019/AKW/779/0023495 Ebuk Anietie John Akwa-Ibom J NNBTS ONNE

  185. NNR29/2019/AKW/78/0002473 Amos Timothy Udo Akwa-Ibom A2 NNBTS ONNE

  186. NNR29/2019/AKW/892/0026194 Taha Samuel Utana Akwa-Ibom D6 NNBTS ONNE

  187. NNR29/2019/AKW/903/0026464 Etukudo Elijah Bassey Akwa-Ibom E2 NNBTS ONNE

  188. NNR29/2019/AKW/988/0029252 Harry Covenant Okon Akwa-Ibom A1 NNBTS ONNE

  189. NNR29/2019/AKW/1740/0050875 Stephen Gogo Caleb Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  190. NNR29/2019/AKW/41/0001298 Stephen Ezekiel Enoch Akwa-Ibom E5 NNBTS ONNE

  191. NNR29/2019/AKW/4481/0113248 Hanson Hanson Paul Akwa-Ibom E3 NNBTS ONNE

  192. NNR29/2019/AKW/5370/0132142 Nglass Victor Okwet Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  193. NNR29/2019/AKW/1690/0048866 Bassey Victor Emmanuel Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  194. NNR29/2019/AKW/1985/0056050 Asuquo Francis Akpedem Akwa-Ibom D6 NNBTS ONNE

  195. NNR29/2019/AKW/431/0014361 Inyang Victor Amos Akwa-Ibom E5 NNBTS ONNE

  196. NNR29/2019/AKW/715/0021971 Bassey Godspower Umoh Akwa-Ibom D6 NNBTS ONNE

  197. NNR29/2019/AKW/2892/0078438 Ntuen Daniel Simon Akwa-Ibom E2 NNBTS ONNE

  198. NNR29/2019/AKW/4812/0119744 Sunday Emem Godwin Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  199. NNR29/2019/AKW/4996/0123442 Thompson Idongesit Samuel Akwa-Ibom F1 NNBTS ONNE

  200. NNR29/2019/AKW/5363/0131980 John Blessed Monday Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  201. NNR29/2019/AKW/1069/0031504 Affangideh Blessing Okon Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  202. NNR29/2019/AKW/122/0004330 Fabian Christopher Udoka Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  203. NNR29/2019/AKW/147/0005446 Akpan Otoboung Kingsley Akwa-Ibom N NNBTS ONNE

  204. NNR29/2019/AKW/180/0006450 Hanson Esther Ime Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  205. NNR29/2019/AKW/2004/0056439 Celestine Emmanuel Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  206. NNR29/2019/AKW/221/0007874 Asuquo Raymond Sunday Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  207. NNR29/2019/AKW/2230/0062076 James Kufre Emmanuel Akwa-Ibom C3 NNBTS ONNE

  208. NNR29/2019/AKW/2450/0067252 Patrick Destiny Ndueso Mark Akwa-Ibom G NNBTS ONNE

  209. NNR29/2019/AKW/2997/0082225 Useh Emmanuel Ekarika Akwa-Ibom C2 NNBTS ONNE

  210. NNR29/2019/AKW/3033/0083019 Okoyo Saviour Edet Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  211. NNR29/2019/AKW/3163/0085253 Dan Glory Emmanuel Akwa-Ibom E1 NNBTS ONNE

  212. NNR29/2019/AKW/3303/0088366 Francis Precious Titus Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  213. NNR29/2019/AKW/3444/0090874 Akpan Otoboung Kingsley Akwa-Ibom N NNBTS ONNE

  214. NNR29/2019/AKW/3577/0093846 Job Sabbath Sunday Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  215. NNR29/2019/AKW/3747/0096818 Nyoyoko Fidelis Emmanuel Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  216. NNR29/2019/AKW/402/0013408 Inyang Mfon Cletus Akwa-Ibom E3 NNBTS ONNE

  217. NNR29/2019/AKW/4186/0106072 Archibong Rebecca Sunday Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  218. NNR29/2019/AKW/4311/0109074 Akpan Kufre Monday Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  219. NNR29/2019/AKW/4358/0111121 Linus Michael Christopher Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  220. NNR29/2019/AKW/812/0024482 Thomas Mbuotidem Essien Akwa-Ibom D6 NNBTS ONNE

  221. NNR29/2019/AKW/831/0024952 Johnny Edet Paulinus Akwa-Ibom D6 NNBTS ONNE

  222. NNR29/2019/AKW/97/0002963 Itanka Matthew Augustine Akwa-Ibom D2 NNBTS ONNE

  223. NNR29/2019/AKW/1016/0029890 Harry Covenant Okon Akwa-Ibom A1 NNBTS ONNE

  224. NNR29/2019/AKW/1226/0036234 Edet Samuel Okon Akwa-Ibom E2 NNBTS ONNE

  225. NNR29/2019/AKW/1329/0038988 Okon Itoro Saturday Akwa-Ibom N NNBTS ONNE

  226. NNR29/2019/AKW/1480/0044703 Dan Godlove Friday Akwa-Ibom G NNBTS ONNE

  227. NNR29/2019/BOR/1002/0027936 Bwala Christiana Paul Borno C1 NNBTS ONNE

  228. NNR29/2019/AKW/1501/0045082 Marcus Emediong Akwa-Ibom E2 NNBTS ONNE

  229. NNR29/2019/AKW/1630/0047518 Umanah Benjamin Sylvester Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  230. NNR29/2019/AKW/1681/0048665 Elijah Ekom Obong Dick Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  231. NNR29/2019/AKW/1822/0053059 Joshua Idongesit Sandy Akwa-Ibom D6 NNBTS ONNE

  232. NNR29/2019/AKW/2/0000052 Dickson Godknows Sunday Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  233. NNR29/2019/AKW/2243/0062388 Dickson Phliemon Sunday Akwa-Ibom D3 NNBTS ONNE

  234. NNR29/2019/AKW/2397/0066219 Inowo Mfoniso John Akwa-Ibom E1 NNBTS ONNE

  235. NNR29/2019/AKW/2484/0068374 Daniel Idongesit Friday Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  236. NNR29/2019/AKW/2676/0072675 Johnson Nsima Akwa-Ibom D6 NNBTS ONNE

  237. NNR29/2019/AKW/2875/0077788 Ekeke Imefon Sunday Akwa-Ibom D6 NNBTS ONNE

  238. NNR29/2019/AKW/2877/0077841 Udoakpan Emmanuel Etim Akwa-Ibom D6 NNBTS ONNE

  239. NNR29/2019/AKW/2925/0080339 Akpan Bright Samuel Akwa-Ibom E3 NNBTS ONNE

  240. NNR29/2019/AKW/303/0010037 Umoh Umoh Sunday Akwa-Ibom C1 NNBTS ONNE

  241. NNR29/2019/AKW/3308/0088529 Bassey Elijah Sunday Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  242. NNR29/2019/AKW/3470/0091341 Obot Uforo Lawrence Akwa-Ibom D6 NNBTS ONNE

  243. NNR29/2019/AKW/3485/0091558 Sunday Kingsley Ubong Akwa-Ibom H NNBTS ONNE

  244. NNR29/2019/AKW/3560/0093577 Ekpe Abraham Ekikere Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  245. NNR29/2019/AKW/362/0011646 Ebisoh Idibeke Friday Akwa-Ibom G NNBTS ONNE

  246. NNR29/2019/AKW/3681/0095759 John Solomon Ediana Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  247. NNR29/2019/AKW/3722/0096387 Akpan Bright Samuel Akwa-Ibom E2 NNBTS ONNE

  248. NNR29/2019/AKW/3832/0098696 Solomon Moses Akwa-Ibom F1 NNBTS ONNE

  249. NNR29/2019/AKW/385/0012442 Titus Paulinus Glory Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  250. NNR29/2019/AKW/3885/0100165 Innocent Nsikak Ndak Akwa-Ibom B1 NNBTS ONNE

  251. NNR29/2019/AKW/4046/0103445 Sunday Idorenyen Akpan Akwa-Ibom D6 NNBTS ONNE

  252. NNR29/2019/AKW/409/0013664 Sunday Mfonma Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  253. NNR29/2019/AKW/4238/0107226 Jackson Matthew Okon Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  254. NNR29/2019/AKW/767/0023239 Utip Happiness Johnson Akwa-Ibom E1 NNBTS ONNE

  255. NNR29/2019/AKW/844/0025205 Peter Iniabasi Okutama Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  256. NNR29/2019/AKW/848/0025282 Udo Emediong Nelson Akwa-Ibom B1 NNBTS ONNE

  257. NNR29/2019/AKW/864/0025640 Isaiah Solomon Peter Akwa-Ibom D6 NNBTS ONNE

  258. NNR29/2019/AKW/1/0000002 Asuquo Unyimeabasi Edet Akwa-Ibom D2 NNBTS ONNE

  259. NNR29/2019/AKW/1178/0034248 Moses Ndifreke Evans Akwa-Ibom B1 NNBTS ONNE

  260. NNR29/2019/AKW/1252/0037256 Harson Anietie Udo Akwa-Ibom H NNBTS ONNE

  261. NNR29/2019/AKW/1779/0051911 Asuquo Aniebiet Godwin Akwa-Ibom B2 NNBTS ONNE

  262. NNR29/2019/AKW/1874/0054099 Umoh Florence Ini Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  263. NNR29/2019/AKW/2168/0060518 Jacob Grace Justine Akwa-Ibom F1 NNBTS ONNE

  264. NNR29/2019/AKW/2560/0070679 Isemin Ekerette Monday Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  265. NNR29/2019/AKW/328/0010858 Tom Ekom Sunday Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  266. NNR29/2019/AKW/3559/0093549 Anthony Israel Nkho Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  267. NNR29/2019/AKW/4243/0107355 Ubong Joseph Thompson Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  268. NNR29/2019/AKW/804/0024346 Matthew Victor Anthony Akwa-Ibom H NNBTS ONNE

  269. NNR29/2019/AKW/825/0024842 Etido Solomon Ephraim Akwa-Ibom H NNBTS ONNE

  270. NNR29/2019/AKW/1268/0037586 Ebong Blessing Edimah Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  271. NNR29/2019/AKW/1351/0039463 Enyieokpon Mfon-Obong Edem Akwa-Ibom D6 NNBTS ONNE

  272. NNR29/2019/AKW/1363/0039924 Edet Ekponoimo Bassey Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  273. NNR29/2019/AKW/1685/0048745 Ekpe Unwana Effiong Akwa-Ibom B2 NNBTS ONNE

  274. NNR29/2019/AKW/1923/0054980 Eyo Samuel Edet Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  275. NNR29/2019/AKW/2117/0059373 Akpan Akanniyene Asuquo Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  276. NNR29/2019/AKW/2185/0060898 Sunday David Eneffiok Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  277. NNR29/2019/AKW/2234/0062133 Akpan Akanniyene Asuquo Akwa-Ibom D6 NNBTS ONNE

  278. NNR29/2019/AKW/2769/0074842 Bassey Henry Akwa-Ibom E2 NNBTS ONNE

  279. NNR29/2019/AKW/290/0009565 Tom Nsisong Okon Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  280. NNR29/2019/AKW/3185/0085589 Victor David Marthias Akwa-Ibom E1 NNBTS ONNE

  281. NNR29/2019/AKW/541/0017244 Henry Menim Asuquo Akwa-Ibom D6 NNBTS ONNE

  282. NNR29/2019/AKW/631/0019237 Dickson Dominic Gabriel Akwa-Ibom D6 NNBTS ONNE

  283. NNR29/2019/AKW/8/0000239 Matthew Festus Idorenyin Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  284. NNR29/2019/AKW/928/0027231 Edem Godswill Richard Akwa-Ibom E2 NNBTS ONNE

  285. NNR29/2019/AKW/1242/0036946 Wisdom Emmanuel Edem Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  286. NNR29/2019/AKW/1247/0037077 Orung Imo Augustine Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  287. NNR29/2019/AKW/1323/0038812 Michael Solomon Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  288. NNR29/2019/AKW/1631/0047534 Afia Ukeme Ukeme Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  289. NNR29/2019/AKW/2075/0058495 Aniefiok Uduak Peter Akwa-Ibom D6 NNBTS ONNE

  290. NNR29/2019/AKW/2958/0081510 Stephen Nsikanabasi Essien Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  291. NNR29/2019/AKW/2960/0081551 Godwin Joseph Etim Akwa-Ibom H NNBTS ONNE

  292. NNR29/2019/AKW/4126/0104935 Edet-Ini Mary Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  293. NNR29/2019/AKW/4141/0105106 Edet-Ini Martha Akwa-Ibom D6 NNBTS ONNE

  294. NNR29/2019/AKW/4692/0117580 Essien Michael Emmanuel Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  295. NNR29/2019/AKW/5055/0124547 Daniel Dominic Akwa-Ibom D3 NNBTS ONNE

  296. NNR29/2019/AKW/8/0000130 Umoren David Umoh Akwa-Ibom C1 NNBTS ONNE

  297. NNR29/2019/AKW/907/0026608 Wilson Promise Essienette Akwa-Ibom E2 NNBTS ONNE

  298. NNR29/2019/AKW/1092/0031952 Akpan Ubok Obong Anthony Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  299. NNR29/2019/AKW/1251/0037156 Uwoh Victor Dickson Akwa-Ibom D6 NNBTS ONNE

  300. NNR29/2019/AKW/1303/0038333 Afangideh Ndukeobong Umanah Akwa-Ibom A5 NNBTS ONNE

  301. NNR29/2019/AKW/1543/0045926 Clement Esang Ene Akwa-Ibom B1 NNBTS ONNE

  302. NNR29/2019/AKW/1673/0048422 Evanson Aniedi Etim Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  303. NNR29/2019/AKW/172/0006297 Joseph David Sunday Akwa-Ibom H NNBTS ONNE

  304. NNR29/2019/AKW/1876/0054133 Ebong Inemesit Linus Akwa-Ibom E1 NNBTS ONNE

  305. NNR29/2019/AKW/2019/0057207 Dickson Silver Udoeto Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  306. NNR29/2019/AKW/2021/0057279 Dickson Akanam Akwa-Ibom E2 NNBTS ONNE

  307. NNR29/2019/AKW/209/0007335 Philip Emeyak Malachy Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  308. NNR29/2019/AKW/2238/0062239 Okoko Abasiono Donatus Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  309. NNR29/2019/AKW/226/0007991 Udoekpo Anthony Killian Akwa-Ibom C1 NNBTS ONNE

  310. NNR29/2019/AKW/237/0008218 Adaka Uwem Joe Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  311. NNR29/2019/AKW/2528/0069940 Augustine Boniface Umahaeyho Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  312. NNR29/2019/AKW/260/0008858 Stephen Nsikak Okon Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  313. NNR29/2019/AKW/2704/0073149 Sunday Victor Cyril Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  314. NNR29/2019/AKW/2781/0075312 Nelson Ubong Friday Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  315. NNR29/2019/AKW/2800/0075889 Jackson Uforo James Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  316. NNR29/2019/AKW/2845/0076962 Useh Aniekpeno Ime Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  317. NNR29/2019/AKW/287/0009438 Joseph David Sunday Akwa-Ibom H NNBTS ONNE

  318. NNR29/2019/AKW/2947/0081269 Paul Prince Silas Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  319. NNR29/2019/AKW/3103/0084227 Udoikpong Ifiok Dominic Akwa-Ibom G NNBTS ONNE

  320. NNR29/2019/AKW/3122/0084495 Akpabio Sema Solomon Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  321. NNR29/2019/AKW/3503/0091939 Christian Emediong Alfred Akwa-Ibom E2 NNBTS ONNE

  322. NNR29/2019/AKW/3640/0095089 Stephen Aniekan John Akwa-Ibom D6 NNBTS ONNE

  323. NNR29/2019/AKW/3861/0099431 Benjamin Innocent Monday Akwa-Ibom E3 NNBTS ONNE

  324. NNR29/2019/AKW/3940/0101283 Abasiumo Ikaka Sylvanus Akwa-Ibom D6 NNBTS ONNE

  325. NNR29/2019/AKW/4013/0102959 Clement Esangabasi Ene Akwa-Ibom C1 NNBTS ONNE

  326. NNR29/2019/AKW/4018/0103117 Nnah Paulinus Samuel Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  327. NNR29/2019/AKW/4058/0103575 Udontuk Mbiatke-Obong Peter Akwa-Ibom F1 NNBTS ONNE

  328. NNR29/2019/AKW/4241/0107312 Ekerewak Kufre Johnson Akwa-Ibom C1 NNBTS ONNE

  329. NNR29/2019/AKW/4579/0114811 Sunday Joseph Ezekiel Akwa-Ibom D3 NNBTS ONNE

  330. NNR29/2019/AKW/4780/0119017 Udoetuk Uduak Amos Akwa-Ibom E5 NNBTS ONNE

  331. NNR29/2019/AKW/4800/0119298 Thompson Edu-Uwem Uduak Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  332. NNR29/2019/AKW/4962/0122496 Udofa Uforo Joseph Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  333. NNR29/2019/AKW/5059/0124625 Moffat Etinyene Isaac Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  334. NNR29/2019/AKW/5093/0125149 John Victor Augustine Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  335. NNR29/2019/AKW/5121/0125579 Adindu Dandison Chibueze Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  336. NNR29/2019/AKW/5316/0130414 Ekpeyong God’Swill Aniekan Akwa-Ibom H NNBTS ONNE

  337. NNR29/2019/AKW/7/0000232 Udeme Believe James Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  338. NNR29/2019/AKW/731/0022262 Akpan Joy Akwa-Ibom E3 NNBTS ONNE

  339. NNR29/2019/AKW/776/0023386 Monday Endurance Akwa-Ibom B1 NNBTS ONNE

  340. NNR29/2019/AKW/799/0024135 Ibanga Christian Peter Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  341. NNR29/2019/AKW/980/0029062 John Samuel Friday Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  342. NNR29/2019/AKW/1262/0037466 Etuk Goodness David Akwa-Ibom D2 NNBTS ONNE

  343. NNR29/2019/AKW/1391/0041357 Peter Moses Anthony Akwa-Ibom H NNBTS ONNE

  344. NNR29/2019/AKW/1823/0053084 Bright Daniel Asuquo Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  345. NNR29/2019/AKW/1893/0054421 Akang Godswill Kuti Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  346. NNR29/2019/AKW/2349/0065170 Bassey Aisha Edet Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  347. NNR29/2019/AKW/2416/0066559 Henry Moses Udoh Akwa-Ibom D6 NNBTS ONNE

  348. NNR29/2019/AKW/2520/0069750 Akpan Emmanuel Ini Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  349. NNR29/2019/AKW/2757/0074654 Henry Moses Udoh Akwa-Ibom D6 NNBTS ONNE

  350. NNR29/2019/AKW/3998/0102577 Udonyah Enefon Oku Akwa-Ibom D6 NNBTS ONNE

  351. NNR29/2019/AKW/4/0000066 Obot Akanimo Boniface Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  352. NNR29/2019/AKW/4001/0102593 Effiong Utibe Edet Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  353. NNR29/2019/AKW/4475/0113175 Okoro Ediomi Edet Akwa-Ibom D6 NNBTS ONNE

  354. NNR29/2019/AKW/5190/0127169 Ekanemesang Edidiong Sunday Akwa-Ibom E5 NNBTS ONNE

  355. NNR29/2019/AKW/941/0027702 Friday Imeobong Nathan Akwa-Ibom D6 NNBTS ONNE

  356. NNR29/2019/AKW/1060/0031167 Akpan Otuekong Unanaowo Akwa-Ibom H NNBTS ONNE

  357. NNR29/2019/AKW/1100/0032048 Etukessien Kingsley Emmanuel Akwa-Ibom E3 NNBTS ONNE

  358. NNR29/2019/AKW/1645/0047814 Ekerete Mfon Ikpantan Akwa-Ibom A2 NNBTS ONNE

  359. NNR29/2019/AKW/1693/0048920 Michael Elisha Moses Akwa-Ibom A2 NNBTS ONNE

  360. NNR29/2019/AKW/17/0000347 Attauba Mmeduwem Akpan Akwa-Ibom D6 NNBTS ONNE

  361. NNR29/2019/AKW/1894/0054436 Frank Ekwere Akpan Akwa-Ibom E2 NNBTS ONNE

  362. NNR29/2019/AKW/203/0007101 Ukpe Goodluck Sunday Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  363. NNR29/2019/AKW/2040/0057804 Akpan Daniel Peace Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  364. NNR29/2019/AKW/2091/0058910 Umoh Idara Samuel Akwa-Ibom D3 NNBTS ONNE

  365. NNR29/2019/AKW/2094/0058929 Ekong Blessing Akwa-Ibom E1 NNBTS ONNE

  366. NNR29/2019/AKW/2526/0069926 Ibanga Emem Sunday Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  367. NNR29/2019/AKW/3267/0087714 George Idorenyin Ikpe Akwa-Ibom D6 NNBTS ONNE

  368. NNR29/2019/AKW/354/0011500 Obot Emem Celestine Akwa-Ibom E1 NNBTS ONNE

  369. NNR29/2019/AKW/4152/0105346 Ekwere Bright Samuel Akwa-Ibom D6 NNBTS ONNE

  370. NNR29/2019/AKW/429/0014278 Aniekan Imoh Akwa-Ibom E3 NNBTS ONNE

  371. NNR29/2019/AKW/498/0016494 Usen Edidiong Pius Akwa-Ibom D6 NNBTS ONNE

  372. NNR29/2019/AKW/645/0019615 Kanico Magdalene Alphonsus Akwa-Ibom N NNBTS ONNE

  373. NNR29/2019/AKW/970/0028815 Anthony Emmanuel Udo Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  374. NNR29/2019/AKW/1756/0051258 Ubaha Ubong Nero Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  375. NNR29/2019/AKW/205/0007184 Otong Emmanuel Emmanuel Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  376. NNR29/2019/AKW/207/0007258 Johnson Ekemini Okon Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  377. NNR29/2019/AKW/2423/0066685 Umoekpe Ubong Idemudo Akwa-Ibom D6 NNBTS ONNE

  378. NNR29/2019/AKW/2452/0067305 Udoh Abraham Sunday Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  379. NNR29/2019/AKW/2881/0077910 Anietie Wisdom Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  380. NNR29/2019/AKW/2938/0081000 Iyire Theophilus Friday Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  381. NNR29/2019/AKW/3519/0092614 Akpan Ofofon Michael Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  382. NNR29/2019/AKW/384/0012380 Isaiah Happiness Akwa-Ibom D6 NNBTS ONNE

  383. NNR29/2019/AKW/4027/0103250 Akpan Udeme Bassey Akwa-Ibom E3 NNBTS ONNE

  384. NNR29/2019/AKW/4969/0122661 Iyire Theophilus Friday Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  385. NNR29/2019/AKW/5270/0129026 Monday Ruth Ibanga Akwa-Ibom E1 NNBTS ONNE

  386. NNR29/2019/AKW/555/0017545 Nse Prince Esseme Akwa-Ibom E1 NNBTS ONNE

  387. NNR29/2019/AKW/587/0018297 Nnamso Ephraim Akwa-Ibom B4 NNBTS ONNE

  388. NNR29/2019/AKW/874/0025790 Iyire Theophilus Friday Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  389. NNR29/2019/AKW/1223/0036163 Ekpe Nsikak Sunday Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  390. NNR29/2019/AKW/2090/0058872 Jonah Solomon Okon Akwa-Ibom H NNBTS ONNE

  391. NNR29/2019/AKW/2134/0059657 Tom Utibe Willie Akwa-Ibom D6 NNBTS ONNE

  392. NNR29/2019/AKW/2437/0066907 Asuquo Joseph Akpan Akwa-Ibom D3 NNBTS ONNE

  393. NNR29/2019/AKW/2459/0067426 Silas Ukeme Sunday Akwa-Ibom E1 NNBTS ONNE

  394. NNR29/2019/AKW/3114/0084406 Ekpo Edidiong John Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  395. NNR29/2019/AKW/3203/0086073 Udoh Nsisong Johnson Akwa-Ibom C3 NNBTS ONNE

  396. NNR29/2019/AKW/3261/0087608 Okon Isaac Otu Akwa-Ibom D6 NNBTS ONNE

  397. NNR29/2019/AKW/3383/0089861 Jackson Jackson Okon Akwa-Ibom D6 NNBTS ONNE

  398. NNR29/2019/AKW/3398/0090222 Joseph Archibong Archibong Akwa-Ibom C2 NNBTS ONNE

  399. NNR29/2019/AKW/37/0001229 Bassey Anelbet John Akwa-Ibom D3 NNBTS ONNE

  400. NNR29/2019/AKW/3771/0097237 Akpan Anietie Okokon Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  401. NNR29/2019/AKW/430/0014327 Edet Stanley Ezekiel Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  402. NNR29/2019/AKW/462/0015212 Iseyen Esther Sunday Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  403. NNR29/2019/AKW/4961/0122473 Essien Helen Uduak Akwa-Ibom D6 NNBTS ONNE

  404. NNR29/2019/AKW/51/0001707 Akpan Aniefon Monday Akwa-Ibom C2 NNBTS ONNE

  405. NNR29/2019/AKW/5163/0126614 Ibanga Uwem Effiong Akwa-Ibom A1 NNBTS ONNE

  406. NNR29/2019/AKW/92/0002861 Udoh Loveth Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  407. NNR29/2019/AKW/1486/0044803 Okon Owoidoho Edet Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  408. NNR29/2019/AKW/1626/0047405 Matthew Gideon Effiong Akwa-Ibom D6 NNBTS ONNE

  409. NNR29/2019/AKW/2539/0070197 Inyang Caleb Andrew Akwa-Ibom E3 NNBTS ONNE

  410. NNR29/2019/AKW/3286/0088045 Sylvester Adviser Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  411. NNR29/2019/AKW/3608/0094481 Effiong Samuel Bassey Akwa-Ibom E3 NNBTS ONNE

  412. NNR29/2019/AKW/3987/0102211 Ewok Aniebiet Edet Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  413. NNR29/2019/AKW/4415/0112318 Okon Happiness Felix Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  414. NNR29/2019/AKW/663/0020269 Effiong Martin Bassey Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  415. NNR29/2019/AKW/706/0021731 Umoren Stephen Edet Akwa-Ibom H NNBTS ONNE

  416. NNR29/2019/AKW/981/0029104 Zenas Hezekiah Michael Akwa-Ibom B1 NNBTS ONNE

  417. NNR29/2019/AKW/2031/0057518 Enang Immanuel Efiong Akwa-Ibom E5 NNBTS ONNE

  418. NNR29/2019/AKW/2315/0064466 Asukwo Samuel Emmanuel Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  419. NNR29/2019/AKW/2823/0076555 Okpo Samuel Sunday Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  420. NNR29/2019/AKW/2986/0082027 Ntekim Idorenyin Eyo Akwa-Ibom D6 NNBTS ONNE

  421. NNR29/2019/AKW/3020/0082648 Aduak Isaac Etim Akwa-Ibom D6 NNBTS ONNE

  422. NNR29/2019/AKW/3024/0082752 Asukwo Sunday Okon Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  423. NNR29/2019/AKW/3653/0095276 Bassey Kenneth Sunday Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  424. NNR29/2019/AKW/4147/0105213 Inyang Abraham Okon Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  425. NNR29/2019/AKW/5031/0124011 Ubokulo Samuel Edet Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  426. NNR29/2019/AKW/552/0017511 Bassey Emmanuel Bassey Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  427. NNR29/2019/AKW/557/0017606 Anwanaokoh Gideon Effiong Akwa-Ibom G NNBTS ONNE

  428. NNR29/2019/AKW/1274/0037681 Udo Daniel Michael Akwa-Ibom D6 NNBTS ONNE

  429. NNR29/2019/AKW/1357/0039744 Usen Chris Akwa-Ibom C1 NNBTS ONNE

  430. NNR29/2019/AKW/1551/0046036 Tommy Israel Udo Akwa-Ibom C1 NNBTS ONNE

  431. NNR29/2019/AKW/1741/0050904 Victor Michael Dominic Akwa-Ibom E3 NNBTS ONNE

  432. NNR29/2019/AKW/2203/0061420 Bassey Christian Ekong Akwa-Ibom D6 NNBTS ONNE

  433. NNR29/2019/AKW/224/0007987 Francis Noah Udeme Akwa-Ibom H NNBTS ONNE

  434. NNR29/2019/AKW/2268/0063205 Silas Godstime Sunday Akwa-Ibom D6 NNBTS ONNE

  435. NNR29/2019/AKW/3554/0093451 Usen Emmanuel Akpan Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  436. NNR29/2019/AKW/3555/0093461 Silas Udeme Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  437. NNR29/2019/AKW/3597/0094115 Ufort Faith Bassey Akwa-Ibom D6 NNBTS ONNE

  438. NNR29/2019/AKW/3976/0101882 Etukudo Gideon Godwin Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  439. NNR29/2019/AKW/4250/0107536 Okobo Peace Udo Akwa-Ibom B1 NNBTS ONNE

  440. NNR29/2019/AKW/4304/0108859 Bassey Ekomobong Anietie Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  441. NNR29/2019/AKW/4597/0115267 Bassey Nsikak Benjamin Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  442. NNR29/2019/AKW/5217/0127753 Michael Samuel Francis Akwa-Ibom F1 NNBTS ONNE

  443. NNR29/2019/AKW/73/0002208 Benedict Isaiah Amos Akwa-Ibom A2 NNBTS ONNE

  444. NNR29/2019/AKW/898/0026298 Monday Imoh Macaulay Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  445. NNR29/2019/AKW/1813/0052727 Effiong Itoro Uko Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  446. NNR29/2019/AKW/301/0009994 Monday Wisdom Josiah Akwa-Ibom G NNBTS ONNE

  447. NNR29/2019/AKW/318/0010428 Jonathan Elijah Ime Akwa-Ibom H NNBTS ONNE

  448. NNR29/2019/AKW/3510/0092315 Etim Shadrach Ekpenyong Akwa-Ibom G NNBTS ONNE

  449. NNR29/2019/AKW/4659/0116836 Etim Daniel Effiong Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  450. NNR29/2019/AKW/666/0020428 Udo Kingsley Sunday Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  451. NNR29/2019/AKW/678/0020863 James Moses Bassey Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  452. NNR29/2019/AKW/756/0022910 Effiong Nsikak Essien Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  453. NNR29/2019/AKW/1581/0046425 Emaeyak Samuel Albert Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  454. NNR29/2019/AKW/2084/0058757 Jacob Victory Ekanem Akwa-Ibom E2 NNBTS ONNE

  455. NNR29/2019/AKW/2313/0064454 Nelson Nduke-Obong Edem Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  456. NNR29/2019/AKW/2787/0075439 Ikpe Churchill Aniekan Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  457. NNR29/2019/AKW/2928/0080512 Okon Life Boniface Akwa-Ibom D6 NNBTS ONNE

  458. NNR29/2019/AKW/3102/0084216 Aniedi Uwem Victor Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  459. NNR29/2019/AKW/705/0021707 Edem Messiah Ukim Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  460. NNR29/2019/AKW/707/0021754 Archibong Godswill Samuel Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  461. NNR29/2019/AKW/805/0024362 Thomas Shedrach Nsikan Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  462. NNR29/2019/AKW/954/0028133 Udofia Gideon Jackson Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  463. NNR29/2019/AKW/10/0000213 Okon Abraham Abraham Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  464. NNR29/2019/AKW/1414/0042344 Emmanuel Israel Friday Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  465. NNR29/2019/AKW/3760/0097030 John Emediong Obot Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  466. NNR29/2019/AKW/4676/0117191 Sampson Aniekan Okon Akwa-Ibom D6 NNBTS ONNE

  467. NNR29/2019/AKW/5284/0129351 Amande Victor Joshua Akwa-Ibom C2 NNBTS ONNE

  468. NNR29/2019/AKW/963/0028458 Okon Abraham Abraham Akwa-Ibom D6 NNBTS ONNE

  469. NNR29/2019/AKW/1005/0029653 Daniel Essien Essien Akwa-Ibom E3 NNBTS ONNE

  470. NNR29/2019/AKW/1036/0030365 Sunday Glory Peter Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  471. NNR29/2019/AKW/1346/0039309 Martins James Albert Akwa-Ibom H NNBTS ONNE

  472. NNR29/2019/AKW/1601/0046763 Nicholas Emmanuel Dominic Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  473. NNR29/2019/AKW/1617/0047158 Josep Abasiam Abraham Akwa-Ibom B2 NNBTS ONNE

  474. NNR29/2019/AKW/2037/0057735 Bassey Godwin Effiong Akwa-Ibom D6 NNBTS ONNE

  475. NNR29/2019/AKW/2144/0060043 Anthony Raymond Akwa-Ibom E5 NNBTS ONNE

  476. NNR29/2019/AKW/2210/0061580 Uduak Ekemini Christopher Akwa-Ibom D6 NNBTS ONNE

  477. NNR29/2019/AKW/2794/0075745 Michael Godswill Etim Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  478. NNR29/2019/AKW/2829/0076677 Anan Samuel Ekanem Akwa-Ibom C1 NNBTS ONNE

  479. NNR29/2019/AKW/3151/0084986 Ukpe Mbuotidem Emmanuel Akwa-Ibom B5 NNBTS ONNE

  480. NNR29/2019/AKW/3299/0088276 Paul Mark Life Akwa-Ibom G NNBTS ONNE

  481. NNR29/2019/AKW/3357/0089428 Dominic Blessing Udoete Akwa-Ibom D6 NNBTS ONNE

  482. NNR29/2019/AKW/339/0011080 Christopher Godwin James Akwa-Ibom C2 NNBTS ONNE

  483. NNR29/2019/AKW/370/0011803 Peter Lovina Sunday Akwa-Ibom D6 NNBTS ONNE

  484. NNR29/2019/AKW/527/0017038 Udoekong Blessed Idongesit Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  485. NNR29/2019/AKW/1576/0046389 Imine Godwin Edet Akwa-Ibom B3 NNBTS ONNE

  486. NNR29/2019/AKW/1782/0051978 Okon Etim Ita Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  487. NNR29/2019/AKW/191/0006753 Ebidok Augustine Okon Akwa-Ibom E3 NNBTS ONNE

  488. NNR29/2019/AKW/2070/0058410 John Martins Ini Akwa-Ibom D6 NNBTS ONNE

  489. NNR29/2019/AKW/4902/0121588 James Effiong Okon Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  490. NNR29/2019/AKW/5218/0127755 Linus Mbuk Joseph Akwa-Ibom B1 NNBTS ONNE

  491. NNR29/2019/AKW/5238/0128228 Ukotte Asukwo Edet Akwa-Ibom D6 NNBTS ONNE

  492. NNR29/2019/AKW/734/0022344 Ebieseh Isaac Umoh Akwa-Ibom D4 NNBTS ONNE

  493. NNR29/2019/AKW/749/0022747 Bassey Anthony Edet Akwa-Ibom E3 NNBTS ONNE

  494. NNR29/2019/AKW/102/0003197 Ikpe Christian Jones Akwa-Ibom E2 NNBTS ONNE

  495. NNR29/2019/AKW/1196/0034892 Akpan Godwin Ufot Akwa-Ibom B1 NNBTS ONNE

  496. NNR29/2019/AKW/1310/0038505 Abraham Grace Nsikaneno Akwa-Ibom E3 NNBTS ONNE

  497. NNR29/2019/AKW/248/0008574 Isaac Philip Mfonobong Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  498. NNR29/2019/AKW/3125/0084523 Udofot Idongesit Nnamse Akwa-Ibom D4 NNBTS ONNE

  499. NNR29/2019/AKW/3187/0085680 Christian Eshiet Billy Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  500. NNR29/2019/AKW/5247/0128454 Obot Joy Richard Akwa-Ibom E3 NNBTS ONNE

  501. NNR29/2019/AKW/5291/0129603 Akpan Humphrey Usoro Akwa-Ibom A2 NNBTS ONNE

  502. NNR29/2019/AKW/2249/0062501 Dan Dan Jacob Akwa-Ibom G NNBTS ONNE

  503. NNR29/2019/AKW/283/0009348 Umoh Emmanuel Mfon Akwa-Ibom D3 NNBTS ONNE

  504. NNR29/2019/AKW/3567/0093669 Okon Patience Asuquo Akwa-Ibom E2 NNBTS ONNE

  505. NNR29/2019/AKW/1114/0032512 Akpan Goodday Sunday Akwa-Ibom A1 NNBTS ONNE

  506. NNR29/2019/AKW/1122/0032610 Jacob Michael Augustine Akwa-Ibom E5 NNBTS ONNE

  507. NNR29/2019/AKW/168/0006237 Udo Michael Augustine Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  508. NNR29/2019/AKW/1897/0054490 Okon Godsbright Tom Akwa-Ibom B1 NNBTS ONNE

  509. NNR29/2019/AKW/1990/0056114 Itighise David Effiong Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  510. NNR29/2019/AKW/2280/0063608 Isaha Monica Sunday Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  511. NNR29/2019/AKW/2319/0064535 Davis Emem Ekwere Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  512. NNR29/2019/AKW/232/0008113 Dick Nkereuwem George Akwa-Ibom E2 NNBTS ONNE

  513. NNR29/2019/AKW/2418/0066623 Friday Ukeme Ekwere Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  514. NNR29/2019/AKW/2426/0066706 Udo Nkaiso Elijah Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  515. NNR29/2019/AKW/2598/0071474 Udo Samuel Monday Akwa-Ibom D6 NNBTS ONNE

  516. NNR29/2019/AKW/2855/0077191 Friday Dominic Anietie Akwa-Ibom H NNBTS ONNE

  517. NNR29/2019/AKW/2963/0081611 Davies Bethel Akwa-Ibom E2 NNBTS ONNE

  518. NNR29/2019/AKW/3136/0084668 Udo Ubon Monday Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  519. NNR29/2019/AKW/3218/0086545 James Oscar Friday Akwa-Ibom C3 NNBTS ONNE

  520. NNR29/2019/AKW/322/0010578 John Sabbath Sunday Akwa-Ibom F1 NNBTS ONNE

  521. NNR29/2019/AKW/3247/0087291 Brown Mercy Paul Akwa-Ibom J NNBTS ONNE

  522. NNR29/2019/AKW/3366/0089575 Etukuko Idem Israel Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  523. NNR29/2019/AKW/3455/0091089 Udo Iniobong Effiong Akwa-Ibom H NNBTS ONNE

  524. NNR29/2019/AKW/3528/0092937 Jaja Diana Arthur Akwa-Ibom C1 NNBTS ONNE

  525. NNR29/2019/AKW/3677/0095705 Ben Promise Williams Akwa-Ibom H NNBTS ONNE

  526. NNR29/2019/AKW/3714/0096244 Ndaeyo Uwana Imoh Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  527. NNR29/2019/AKW/3797/0097906 Udo Fineface Nseabasi Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  528. NNR29/2019/AKW/4030/0103267 Uto Akanimo Etim Akwa-Ibom D6 NNBTS ONNE

  529. NNR29/2019/AKW/4098/0104354 Isaiah Princewill Godswill Akwa-Ibom H NNBTS ONNE

  530. NNR29/2019/AKW/4175/0105810 Nathan Otobong Akpan Akwa-Ibom D6 NNBTS ONNE

  531. NNR29/2019/AKW/4244/0107369 Emmanuel Nseobong Akwa-Ibom D6 NNBTS ONNE

  532. NNR29/2019/AKW/4272/0108026 Tom Joseph Michael Akwa-Ibom D6 NNBTS ONNE

  533. NNR29/2019/AKW/4397/0111963 Udo Ubon Monday Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  534. NNR29/2019/AKW/4484/0113279 Jaja Clement Arthur Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  535. NNR29/2019/AKW/4623/0116011 Emmanuel Nseobong Akwa-Ibom D6 NNBTS ONNE

  536. NNR29/2019/AKW/4761/0118747 Ezekiel Loveth Princess Akwa-Ibom E1 NNBTS ONNE

  537. NNR29/2019/AKW/4876/0121220 Stephen Aniekan Stephen Akwa-Ibom H NNBTS ONNE

  538. NNR29/2019/AKW/4886/0121406 David Jabez Samuel Akwa-Ibom D3 NNBTS ONNE

  539. NNR29/2019/AKW/5002/0123555 Jack Emmanuel Tom Akwa-Ibom A2 NNBTS ONNE

  540. NNR29/2019/AKW/501/0016507 Sunday Oto-Obong Benson Akwa-Ibom E2 NNBTS ONNE

  541. NNR29/2019/AKW/607/0018560 Umoh Ubong Emmanuel Akwa-Ibom D6 NNBTS ONNE

  542. NNR29/2019/AKW/613/0018668 John Nkereuwem Monday Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  543. NNR29/2019/AKW/683/0021051 Friday Dominic Anietie Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  544. NNR29/2019/AKW/748/0022720 Akpan Friday Okon Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  545. NNR29/2019/AKW/876/0025826 Alexander David Friday Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  546. NNR29/2019/AKW/881/0025907 Jim Etima Anietie Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  547. NNR29/2019/AKW/9/0000165 Friday Dominic Anietie Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  548. NNR29/2019/AKW/1736/0050771 Antai Chris Mfon Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  549. NNR29/2019/AKW/1817/0052863 Uweh Kingsley Inwang Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  550. NNR29/2019/AKW/1951/0055385 Edet Emmanuel Sunday Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  551. NNR29/2019/AKW/2209/0061544 Effiong Etim Sunday Akwa-Ibom D6 NNBTS ONNE

  552. NNR29/2019/AKW/289/0009503 Edet Martins Francis Akwa-Ibom C1 NNBTS ONNE

  553. NNR29/2019/AKW/524/0016984 Sunday Okon Nnasia Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  554. NNR29/2019/AKW/5344/0131605 Asukwo Blessed Okon Akwa-Ibom E2 NNBTS ONNE

  555. NNR29/2019/AKW/1353/0039498 Effiong Sunday Ime Akwa-Ibom H NNBTS ONNE

  556. NNR29/2019/AKW/1524/0045643 Effiong Happiness Charles Akwa-Ibom E3 NNBTS ONNE

  557. NNR29/2019/AKW/2215/0061694 Udiodiong Ndunobong Okon Akwa-Ibom E3 NNBTS ONNE

  558. NNR29/2019/AKW/2217/0061782 John Kufre Christopher Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  559. NNR29/2019/AKW/2255/0062641 Effiong Nsikak Emmanuel Akwa-Ibom D3 NNBTS ONNE

  560. NNR29/2019/AKW/2304/0064267 Monday Erikan Ime Akwa-Ibom F1 NNBTS ONNE

  561. NNR29/2019/AKW/2336/0064889 Wisdom Francis Etim Akwa-Ibom H NNBTS ONNE

  562. NNR29/2019/AKW/2489/0068632 Imeh Promise Isaac Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  563. NNR29/2019/AKW/2554/0070504 Akpan Emediong Imo Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  564. NNR29/2019/AKW/2619/0071847 Okon Iboro Udo Udo Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  565. NNR29/2019/AKW/2811/0076098 Okon John Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  566. NNR29/2019/AKW/2835/0076749 Umoumoh Etiene Ezekiel Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  567. NNR29/2019/AKW/2974/0081765 Umoren Edianaobong Sunday Akwa-Ibom D3 NNBTS ONNE

  568. NNR29/2019/AKW/2981/0081903 Friday Gideon Eyo Akwa-Ibom G NNBTS ONNE

  569. NNR29/2019/AKW/3049/0083273 Sunday Goodluck Goodluck Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  570. NNR29/2019/AKW/323/0010605 Monday Akpan Imoh Akwa-Ibom H NNBTS ONNE

  571. NNR29/2019/AKW/3471/0091369 Isaac Nnamdie Friday Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  572. NNR29/2019/AKW/3540/0093194 Monday Confidence Uduak Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  573. NNR29/2019/AKW/355/0011501 Godwin Destiny Dickson Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  574. NNR29/2019/AKW/3903/0100562 Sunday Bright Etim Akwa-Ibom F3 NNBTS ONNE

  575. NNR29/2019/AKW/4120/0104886 Udoudo Prince Peter Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  576. NNR29/2019/AKW/4511/0113651 Dan Thankgod Lazarus Akwa-Ibom E3 NNBTS ONNE

  577. NNR29/2019/AKW/4609/0115516 Ime Godwin Dickson Akwa-Ibom E2 NNBTS ONNE

  578. NNR29/2019/AKW/4867/0121143 Inyene Monday Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  579. NNR29/2019/AKW/4926/0121866 Godwin Rita Demas Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  580. NNR29/2019/AKW/534/0017148 Frank Christian Mark Akwa-Ibom A2 NNBTS ONNE

  581. NNR29/2019/AKW/554/0017524 Samuel Blessing Effiong Akwa-Ibom D6 NNBTS ONNE

  582. NNR29/2019/AKW/590/0018340 Peter Victoria Akwa-Ibom E2 NNBTS ONNE

  583. NNR29/2019/AKW/787/0023817 Friday Goodnews Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  584. NNR29/2019/AKW/986/0029185 Sunday Etimbuk Effiong Akwa-Ibom C1 NNBTS ONNE

  585. NNR29/2019/AKW/10/0000310 Offiong Miracle Usanga Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  586. NNR29/2019/AKW/1892/0054415 Effiong David Edet Akwa-Ibom E2 NNBTS ONNE

  587. NNR29/2019/AKW/2897/0078740 Effiong Benjamin Ekpo Akwa-Ibom N NNBTS ONNE

  588. NNR29/2019/AKW/3539/0093168 Tom Etiene Asukwo Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  589. NNR29/2019/AKW/3550/0093384 Eyo Isaac Akwa-Ibom H NNBTS ONNE

  590. NNR29/2019/AKW/3659/0095374 Asuquo Christian Edet Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  591. NNR29/2019/AKW/4315/0109123 Bassey Isaac Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  592. NNR29/2019/AKW/5005/0123593 Ibanga Emmanuel Aniekan Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  593. NNR29/2019/AKW/582/0018214 Ita Godwin Etim Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  594. NNR29/2019/AKW/717/0022030 Edet Roselin Sylvanus Akwa-Ibom E3 NNBTS ONNE

  595. NNR29/2019/AKW/890/0026168 Asuquo Joseph Akpanisong Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  596. NNR29/2019/AKW/1184/0034436 Asuquo Asuquo Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  597. NNR29/2019/AKW/1221/0036076 Afaha Monday Okon Akwa-Ibom E5 NNBTS ONNE

  598. NNR29/2019/AKW/1497/0045051 Onwi Godwin Asukwo Akwa-Ibom D6 NNBTS ONNE

  599. NNR29/2019/AKW/1767/0051600 Okwong Gabriel Asukwo Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  600. NNR29/2019/AKW/1865/0053954 Philip Micheal Effiong Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  601. NNR29/2019/AKW/1944/0055282 Philip Effiong Micheal Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  602. NNR29/2019/AKW/2818/0076445 Okon Daniel Aniedi Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  603. NNR29/2019/AKW/337/0011034 Edet Edet Okon Akwa-Ibom C2 NNBTS ONNE

  604. NNR29/2019/AKW/4973/0122852 Ekpo Ekpo Etim Akwa-Ibom D6 NNBTS ONNE

  605. NNR29/2019/AKW/544/0017293 Andu Raymond Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  606. NNR29/2019/AKW/1598/0046719 Sunday Godwin Uwem Akwa-Ibom E5 NNBTS ONNE

  607. NNR29/2019/AKW/1982/0055962 William Kingsley Victor Akwa-Ibom D6 NNBTS ONNE

  608. NNR29/2019/AKW/1994/0056215 Bassey Gift Mfon Akwa-Ibom E3 NNBTS ONNE

  609. NNR29/2019/AKW/2578/0071028 Sambo Esther Inyene Akwa-Ibom E1 NNBTS ONNE

  610. NNR29/2019/AKW/3226/0086729 Udeme Godswill Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  611. NNR29/2019/AKW/3227/0086763 Udeme Godstime Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  612. NNR29/2019/AKW/3325/0088938 Sunday Idorenyin Bassey Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  613. NNR29/2019/AKW/397/0013167 Edem Daniel Effiong Akwa-Ibom C2 NNBTS ONNE

  614. NNR29/2019/AKW/3979/0101919 Nseobot Ekemini David Akwa-Ibom E3 NNBTS ONNE

  615. NNR29/2019/AKW/4183/0105994 Etuk Gideon Bassey Akwa-Ibom B1 NNBTS ONNE

  616. NNR29/2019/AKW/4958/0122435 Etuk Gideon Bassey Akwa-Ibom B1 NNBTS ONNE

  617. NNR29/2019/AKW/643/0019593 Sunday Erikan Nsima Akwa-Ibom D1 NNBTS ONNE

  618. NNR29/2019/AKW/806/0024388 Tom Promise Uyobong Akwa-Ibom E2 NNBTS ONNE

  619. NNR29/2019/ANA/1016/0072314 Ojike Chinemerem Hilary Anambra D1 NNBTS ONNE

  620. NNR29/2019/ANA/1034/0073551 Obi King Israel Anambra D1 NNBTS ONNE

  621. NNR29/2019/ANA/1058/0075041 Benedict Stanley Okoli Anambra B2 NNBTS ONNE

  622. NNR29/2019/ANA/1379/0099310 Okonkwo Mmesoma Theresa Anambra E3 NNBTS ONNE

  623. NNR29/2019/ANA/1435/0103176 Onyeso Mercy Ugochi Anambra D6 NNBTS ONNE

  624. NNR29/2019/ANA/1504/0108112 Obiekwe Cynthia Chinelo Anambra E2 NNBTS ONNE

  625. NNR29/2019/ANA/1515/0108670 Emekwalam Promise Kosisochukwu Anambra D1 NNBTS ONNE

  626. NNR29/2019/ANA/1574/0114080 Umenze Tochukwu Christopher Anambra E2 NNBTS ONNE

  627. NNR29/2019/ANA/1628/0118898 Samuel Goodness Chinwendu Anambra F1 NNBTS ONNE

  628. NNR29/2019/ANA/1770/0125918 Muokwe Victor Ojonugwa Anambra D6 NNBTS ONNE

  629. NNR29/2019/ANA/335/0019734 Aguguesi Tobechukwu Melvin Anambra D1 NNBTS ONNE

  630. NNR29/2019/ANA/1565/0113237 Ekwozor Emmanuel Anambra D1 NNBTS ONNE

  631. NNR29/2019/ANA/165/0009548 Okafor Emmanuel Arinze Anambra D1 NNBTS ONNE

  632. NNR29/2019/ANA/695/0047430 Charles Stephen Chibuike Anambra D1 NNBTS ONNE

  633. NNR29/2019/ANA/722/0049239 Ezechukwu Favour Amarachi Anambra B5 NNBTS ONNE

  634. NNR29/2019/ANA/924/0064660 James Williams Anambra D1 NNBTS ONNE

  635. NNR29/2019/ANA/1169/0084980 Attajeh Philemon Udoji Anambra D1 NNBTS ONNE

  636. NNR29/2019/ANA/1555/0112409 Daniel Faith Jennifer Anambra D6 NNBTS ONNE

  637. NNR29/2019/ANA/1895/0131660 Onyeka Monday Anambra D6 NNBTS ONNE

  638. NNR29/2019/ANA/715/0048999 Chukwudebelu Edwin Anambra E2 NNBTS ONNE

  639. NNR29/2019/ANA/798/0055101 Edward Lotechukwu Vincent Anambra D1 NNBTS ONNE

  640. NNR29/2019/ANA/1905/0131818 Ilo Precious Ifekanandu Anambra B5 NNBTS ONNE

  641. NNR29/2019/ANA/332/0019512 Nnamso Innocent Chukwuma Anambra C2 NNBTS ONNE

  642. NNR29/2019/ANA/730/0049973 Nwaerika Benard Nnanna Anambra D1 NNBTS ONNE

  643. NNR29/2019/ANA/320/0019030 Nweke Chinelo Philomena Anambra F1 NNBTS ONNE

  644. NNR29/2019/ANA/863/0060106 Arinze Maduka Anthony Anambra D1 NNBTS ONNE

  645. NNR29/2019/ANA/443/0026417 Egwuchukwu Blessed Oluebube Anambra D6 NNBTS ONNE

  646. NNR29/2019/ANA/1314/0095523 Ofili Ogonna Marysylvia Anambra N NNBTS ONNE

  647. NNR29/2019/ANA/1615/0117960 Godwin Francis Anambra B4 NNBTS ONNE

  648. NNR29/2019/ANA/366/0021722 Okoye Chidozie Nkemjika Anambra E5 NNBTS ONNE

  649. NNR29/2019/ANA/811/0055944 Obibuenyi Jude Tochukwu Anambra D1 NNBTS ONNE

  650. NNR29/2019/ANA/311/0018420 Ibeh Chibueze Joshua Anambra D1 NNBTS ONNE

  651. NNR29/2019/ANA/625/0042883 Chukwumuanya Benjamin Eyemituale Anambra D1 NNBTS ONNE

  652. NNR29/2019/ANA/1296/0094452 Eze Onyekachi Miracle Anambra D1 NNBTS ONNE

  653. NNR29/2019/ANA/191/0011150 Eze Favour Ujunwa Anambra F1 NNBTS ONNE

  654. NNR29/2019/ANA/571/0037376 Uba David Chukwudi Anambra D6 NNBTS ONNE

  655. NNR29/2019/ANA/629/0043032 Okoli Uchenna Christian Anambra F1 NNBTS ONNE

  656. NNR29/2019/ANA/663/0045303 Mbadinuju Onyinyechi Jennifer Anambra F2 NNBTS ONNE

  657. NNR29/2019/ANA/272/0016196 Emmanuel Chisom Anambra A2 NNBTS ONNE

  658. NNR29/2019/ANA/1014/0072245 Mbabu Adaeze Chinemelum Anambra E3 NNBTS ONNE

  659. NNR29/2019/ANA/552/0035700 Okonkwo Ifeanyi Emmanuel Anambra E2 NNBTS ONNE

  660. NNR29/2019/ANA/930/0064878 Obiorah Ekpereamaka Rosemary Anambra E1 NNBTS ONNE

  661. NNR29/2019/ANA/434/0025680 Chukwu Covenant Anambra E1 NNBTS ONNE

  662. NNR29/2019/ANA/92/0005133 Anene Kenechukwu Nonso Anambra A2 NNBTS ONNE

  663. NNR29/2019/ANA/1725/0124196 Kanu Godwin Chinonso Anambra D4 NNBTS ONNE

  664. NNR29/2019/ANA/1209/0087832 Okafor Benjamin Ejike Anambra D6 NNBTS ONNE

  665. NNR29/2019/ANA/1549/0111802 Nnalue Nkechi Augustina Anambra F1 NNBTS ONNE

  666. NNR29/2019/ANA/865/0060345 Nwankwo Chukwuebuka Francis Anambra D6 NNBTS ONNE

  667. NNR29/2019/BAU/1244/0046904 Isa Musa Nill Bauchi D6 NNBTS ONNE

  668. NNR29/2019/BAU/69/0003097 Umar Salihu Bauchi N NNBTS ONNE

  669. NNR29/2019/BAU/1383/0053381 Mercy Daniel Bauchi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  670. NNR29/2019/BAU/1545/0061473 Adam Umar Sale Bauchi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  671. NNR29/2019/BAU/1655/0066379 Daniel Mercy Bauchi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  672. NNR29/2019/BAU/2102/0082809 Dauda Godiya Bauchi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  673. NNR29/2019/BAU/1445/0056815 Emmanuel Jingina Bauchi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  674. NNR29/2019/BAU/1941/0077794 Michael Mamaki Bauchi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  675. NNR29/2019/BAU/2587/0104122 Yakubu Samaila Bauchi C1 NNBTS ONNE

  676. NNR29/2019/BAU/84/0003681 Markus Danladi Bauchi N NNBTS ONNE

  677. NNR29/2019/BAU/1209/0045498 Bitrus Simon Atsen Bauchi E3 NNBTS ONNE

  678. NNR29/2019/BAU/169/0007457 Usman Abdulkadir Bauchi E3 NNBTS ONNE

  679. NNR29/2019/BAY/100/0009931 Erizia Diwerinipre Samuel Bayelsa C3 NNBTS ONNE

  680. NNR29/2019/BAY/1047/0070037 Julius Emmanuel Ikio Bayelsa F1 NNBTS ONNE

  681. NNR29/2019/BAY/1048/0070073 Williams Ayebatari Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  682. NNR29/2019/BAY/1075/0071357 Lambert Innocent Johnson Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  683. NNR29/2019/BAY/1081/0071515 Singesi Jennifer Abraham Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  684. NNR29/2019/BAY/1084/0071610 Yousuo Ayebatari Kumosuoyon Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  685. NNR29/2019/BAY/1123/0073943 Resident Duoneboye Emmanuel Bayelsa G NNBTS ONNE

  686. NNR29/2019/BAY/113/0010891 Sunday Ebikienmo Bayelsa E2 NNBTS ONNE

  687. NNR29/2019/BAY/1139/0075052 Katah Inyoekipre Endurance Bayelsa E1 NNBTS ONNE

  688. NNR29/2019/BAY/114/0010912 Kontu Tolumorye Endurance Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  689. NNR29/2019/BAY/1158/0076298 Donatus Cele-Ere Princess Bayelsa E3 NNBTS ONNE

  690. NNR29/2019/BAY/116/0011177 Worikuma Joshua Inowei Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  691. NNR29/2019/BAY/1167/0076961 Akpoebi Ako Gabriel Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  692. NNR29/2019/BAY/1184/0077850 Ebiri Erehamote Daniella Bayelsa E3 NNBTS ONNE

  693. NNR29/2019/BAY/1206/0079846 Kuroekigha Justina Bayelsa D3 NNBTS ONNE

  694. NNR29/2019/BAY/1208/0079890 Lokoja Marcus Pioyinpregha Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  695. NNR29/2019/BAY/1210/0079987 Egbuson Isaiah Onyinmomoemi Bayelsa A1 NNBTS ONNE

  696. NNR29/2019/BAY/1226/0081080 Joseph Biokpomoye Bayelsa E2 NNBTS ONNE

  697. NNR29/2019/BAY/124/0012403 Ikiogha Puluovie Melvin Bayelsa C2 NNBTS ONNE

  698. NNR29/2019/BAY/125/0012500 Akoh Emmanuel Bayelsa E1 NNBTS ONNE

  699. NNR29/2019/BAY/1261/0083089 Armson Timieri Ebiri Bayelsa E2 NNBTS ONNE

  700. NNR29/2019/BAY/1296/0084162 Bright Ebiene Azibanyam Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  701. NNR29/2019/BAY/13/0001266 Opuene Iniobio Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  702. NNR29/2019/BAY/1301/0084296 Dukin Precious Tioye Bayelsa B1 NNBTS ONNE

  703. NNR29/2019/BAY/1303/0084321 Igirigi Kemmer Bayelsa B1 NNBTS ONNE

  704. NNR29/2019/BAY/137/0013853 Siyai Wisdom Seibonamunaghe Bayelsa E3 NNBTS ONNE

  705. NNR29/2019/BAY/1383/0088695 Omode Daniel Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  706. NNR29/2019/BAY/140/0014035 Kune Ebinyo Okardi Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  707. NNR29/2019/BAY/1439/0090940 Adioprete Abolate Salvation Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  708. NNR29/2019/BAY/144/0014256 Orugbani Ayebagbalinyo Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  709. NNR29/2019/BAY/1520/0094984 Nestor Samson Frank Bayelsa E2 NNBTS ONNE

  710. NNR29/2019/BAY/1527/0095219 Smart Cameroun Gull Peter Bayelsa B1 NNBTS ONNE

  711. NNR29/2019/BAY/1536/0095888 Monday Abraham Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  712. NNR29/2019/BAY/1542/0096115 Anthony Michael Bayelsa C2 NNBTS ONNE

  713. NNR29/2019/BAY/1553/0096672 Amaibi Austin Nengi Bayelsa A1 NNBTS ONNE

  714. NNR29/2019/BAY/1594/0098969 Olali Gbalipre Sylvanus Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  715. NNR29/2019/BAY/1623/0100116 Ebeyha Peter Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  716. NNR29/2019/BAY/1633/0100642 Wagiibogha Roselyn Ebibo Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  717. NNR29/2019/BAY/1655/0101632 Beye Solomon Ayebanoa Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  718. NNR29/2019/BAY/1674/0103035 Tohmartosh Ebiarede Elijah Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  719. NNR29/2019/BAY/1695/0104152 Ibogomo John Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  720. NNR29/2019/BAY/1713/0104854 Awotimighe Tioifie Okorodo Bayelsa E3 NNBTS ONNE

  721. NNR29/2019/BAY/1722/0105047 Katah Inyoekipre Bayelsa E1 NNBTS ONNE

  722. NNR29/2019/BAY/1723/0105064 Nlewedim Sunday Bayelsa G NNBTS ONNE

  723. NNR29/2019/BAY/173/0017022 Canus Abraham Tekikumo Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  724. NNR29/2019/BAY/1730/0105326 Kumosuonyo Raymond Igadi Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  725. NNR29/2019/BAY/1768/0108211 Orlu Junior Ayebanengiyefa Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  726. NNR29/2019/BAY/1771/0108295 Franklin Duanyo Godwin Bayelsa B2 NNBTS ONNE

  727. NNR29/2019/BAY/1784/0109276 Ebiri Erehamote Bayelsa E3 NNBTS ONNE

  728. NNR29/2019/BAY/1824/0112104 Opuene Ikanaworio Doute Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  729. NNR29/2019/BAY/1839/0112594 Ebidei Angotua Effort Bayelsa N NNBTS ONNE

  730. NNR29/2019/BAY/1861/0113398 Boloukiye Oyeinkeperebi Godgift Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  731. NNR29/2019/BAY/2017/0121194 Tekikuma Tenson Abigail Carina Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  732. NNR29/2019/BAY/2039/0122352 Godwill Tony Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  733. NNR29/2019/BAY/2054/0123305 Raynus Timi Omieye Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  734. NNR29/2019/BAY/2055/0123322 Ayebaye Gboribaratemenge Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  735. NNR29/2019/BAY/2085/0124723 Amos Sele Felix Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  736. NNR29/2019/BAY/212/0019222 Benneth Emmanuel Brutus Bayelsa A1 NNBTS ONNE

  737. NNR29/2019/BAY/2126/0127214 Gideon Imomotimi Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  738. NNR29/2019/BAY/2138/0127556 Tarebayei Christian Keme Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  739. NNR29/2019/BAY/215/0019416 Djuvere Samson Richard Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  740. NNR29/2019/BAY/218/0019732 Djuvere Tina Bayelsa E2 NNBTS ONNE

  741. NNR29/2019/BAY/2184/0130564 Isaac Austin Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  742. NNR29/2019/BAY/2188/0131104 Berepelebo Youna Bayelsa E1 NNBTS ONNE

  743. NNR29/2019/BAY/220/0019895 Yaba Tamapreye Godgift Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  744. NNR29/2019/BAY/2218/0132343 Joseph Sunday Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  745. NNR29/2019/BAY/229/0021692 Kwomo Godgift Jonas Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  746. NNR29/2019/BAY/231/0021844 Akono Fabulous Gbalipre Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  747. NNR29/2019/BAY/247/0023713 Patrick Biobelemoye Helen Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  748. NNR29/2019/BAY/347/0030119 Ogbo Oyindinepre Williams Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  749. NNR29/2019/BAY/357/0030851 James Efiyeseimokumo Inga Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  750. NNR29/2019/BAY/361/0030979 Iyalla Nengimote Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  751. NNR29/2019/BAY/4/0000457 Suleman Biteboye Bayelsa A1 NNBTS ONNE

  752. NNR29/2019/BAY/400/0033082 Dike Nengimote Samson Bayelsa N NNBTS ONNE

  753. NNR29/2019/BAY/435/0036397 Amos Innocent Sunday Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  754. NNR29/2019/BAY/460/0037523 Obuala Charles Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  755. NNR29/2019/BAY/471/0037918 Don-Solomon Francis Watonye Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  756. NNR29/2019/BAY/501/0040208 Febian Endurance Ebikabowei Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  757. NNR29/2019/BAY/509/0041636 Appollos Augustine Ayebainasoutonyo Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  758. NNR29/2019/BAY/530/0043568 Tamunobere Friday Solomon Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  759. NNR29/2019/BAY/540/0043865 Alabo Wanaemi Eunice Bayelsa F1 NNBTS ONNE

  760. NNR29/2019/BAY/565/0045113 Joel Godgift Iniye Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  761. NNR29/2019/BAY/611/0046897 Paul Solomon Inaye Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  762. NNR29/2019/BAY/661/0049016 Gaza Dunigha Wisdom Bayelsa E1 NNBTS ONNE

  763. NNR29/2019/BAY/668/0049350 Akpana Onikowolam Isaac Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  764. NNR29/2019/BAY/676/0049764 Akoh Emmanuel Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  765. NNR29/2019/BAY/705/0051566 Omudu Meshack Romeo Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  766. NNR29/2019/BAY/716/0052180 David Eyikorogha Bayelsa C1 NNBTS ONNE

  767. NNR29/2019/BAY/729/0052968 Okoko Ibiyon Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  768. NNR29/2019/BAY/786/0055172 Sampson Felix Cleopas Bayelsa D4 NNBTS ONNE

  769. NNR29/2019/BAY/804/0056661 Raynus Baraingo Sunday Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  770. NNR29/2019/BAY/805/0057081 Miebaikebi Miebaikebi Bayelsa C2 NNBTS ONNE

  771. NNR29/2019/BAY/832/0058675 Gibson Ikiomoye Bayelsa E3 NNBTS ONNE

  772. NNR29/2019/BAY/853/0059863 Numoipre Jonathan Nathus Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  773. NNR29/2019/BAY/881/0060757 Joel Wesley Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  774. NNR29/2019/BAY/925/0063123 Akoh Godday Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  775. NNR29/2019/BAY/979/0066167 Bufumoh Joseph Miebi Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  776. NNR29/2019/BAY/98/0009859 Ebikake Peter Bayelsa N NNBTS ONNE

  777. NNR29/2019/BAY/980/0066186 Gabriel Wisdom Umbu Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  778. NNR29/2019/BAY/1/0000084 Odubo Moses Tamounobrakumo Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  779. NNR29/2019/BAY/1000/0067413 Abamokuro Yerindideke Franklin Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  780. NNR29/2019/BAY/1010/0067849 Otiki Ebikonbowei Saviour Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  781. NNR29/2019/BAY/1012/0067966 Ezebu Prince Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  782. NNR29/2019/BAY/1018/0068132 Richard Jacob Lawyer Bayelsa N NNBTS ONNE

  783. NNR29/2019/BAY/1021/0068248 Sunny Sampson Tare Bayelsa A1 NNBTS ONNE

  784. NNR29/2019/BAY/1031/0068619 Ebibo Godspower Clinton Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  785. NNR29/2019/BAY/1033/0068800 Justwill Brodrick Tamaraudenyefa Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  786. NNR29/2019/BAY/1040/0069440 Manu Seimeneyefa Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  787. NNR29/2019/BAY/1044/0069879 Okpe Moses Okele Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  788. NNR29/2019/BAY/1059/0070634 Selearebo Ogobiri Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  789. NNR29/2019/BAY/1096/0072050 Febor Timadi Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  790. NNR29/2019/BAY/1097/0072060 Tomito City Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  791. NNR29/2019/BAY/1103/0072328 Kpati Victor Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  792. NNR29/2019/BAY/1110/0072593 Etaingbene Authority Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  793. NNR29/2019/BAY/1121/0073694 Konmieyefa Abraham Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  794. NNR29/2019/BAY/1125/0074167 Millonaire Prince Selebo Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  795. NNR29/2019/BAY/1126/0074200 Millionaire Gold-Ere G Bayelsa J NNBTS ONNE

  796. NNR29/2019/BAY/1134/0074669 Resident Emmanuel Duoneboye Bayelsa G NNBTS ONNE

  797. NNR29/2019/BAY/1155/0076027 Okoye Moses Kemeboloigha Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  798. NNR29/2019/BAY/1163/0076812 Millionaire Poweide Bayelsa E2 NNBTS ONNE

  799. NNR29/2019/BAY/1201/0078878 Benabigha Emmanuel Bayelsa C3 NNBTS ONNE

  800. NNR29/2019/BAY/1203/0079350 Tohmartosh Ebiarede Elijah Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  801. NNR29/2019/BAY/1220/0080806 Tare Hebrew Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  802. NNR29/2019/BAY/1224/0081008 Clark Canaan Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  803. NNR29/2019/BAY/1227/0081171 Ekpesearede Emomotimi Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  804. NNR29/2019/BAY/1281/0083877 Tona Simeon Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  805. NNR29/2019/BAY/1289/0084043 Ekiokeneghan Blessing Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  806. NNR29/2019/BAY/1291/0084059 Afuruku Kemekeye Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  807. NNR29/2019/BAY/1295/0084146 Seike James Oruaye Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  808. NNR29/2019/BAY/1315/0084689 Owode Franklin Tamaramomomi Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  809. NNR29/2019/BAY/1319/0084815 Deinkeme Paul Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  810. NNR29/2019/BAY/1342/0085805 Odubome Indufeghe Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  811. NNR29/2019/BAY/1350/0086846 Adeka Tamaraumiemene Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  812. NNR29/2019/BAY/136/0013836 Obriki Alatimibo-Ere Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  813. NNR29/2019/BAY/1420/0090072 Lelezi Jacob Okolobaowei Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  814. NNR29/2019/BAY/1421/0090099 Goodluck Edesimi John Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  815. NNR29/2019/BAY/1442/0091048 Oruebide Tamaraukuro Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  816. NNR29/2019/BAY/1450/0091468 Brandy Abiola Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  817. NNR29/2019/BAY/1454/0091613 Disi Deborah Teme-Owei-Ebi Bayelsa C1 NNBTS ONNE

  818. NNR29/2019/BAY/1473/0092710 Rutherford Fedude Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  819. NNR29/2019/BAY/1475/0092764 Adeka Ebimobo-Owei Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  820. NNR29/2019/BAY/1476/0092863 Funkebulou Timilaemi Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  821. NNR29/2019/BAY/1486/0093568 Ogobiri Matina Bayelsa E2 NNBTS ONNE

  822. NNR29/2019/BAY/1493/0093722 Leader Ebibainghen Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  823. NNR29/2019/BAY/1496/0093900 Eregu Christopher Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  824. NNR29/2019/BAY/1507/0094298 Califonia Paul Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  825. NNR29/2019/BAY/1522/0095101 Ogu Abiola Robinson Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  826. NNR29/2019/BAY/1525/0095178 Bebeni Yebodonghen Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  827. NNR29/2019/BAY/1528/0095234 Emomotimi Paris Bayelsa A1 NNBTS ONNE

  828. NNR29/2019/BAY/1557/0096888 Tambou Peres Alfred Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  829. NNR29/2019/BAY/1559/0096932 Abraham Zenebo Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  830. NNR29/2019/BAY/1564/0097055 Terren Etifa Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  831. NNR29/2019/BAY/1567/0097443 Azinde Betimiyor Godspower Bayelsa A1 NNBTS ONNE

  832. NNR29/2019/BAY/1569/0097535 Masa Enoch Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  833. NNR29/2019/BAY/1573/0097793 Angiama Fedekefe Fredrick Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  834. NNR29/2019/BAY/1576/0098092 Samuel Dickson Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  835. NNR29/2019/BAY/1579/0098437 Perekeme Brown Tariebi Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  836. NNR29/2019/BAY/1584/0098612 Angola Enewarikere Godwin Bayelsa N NNBTS ONNE

  837. NNR29/2019/BAY/1616/0099942 Daniel Opena Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  838. NNR29/2019/BAY/1626/0100260 Stephen Jacob Waridimowei Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  839. NNR29/2019/BAY/1631/0100558 Ebikememienyeseigha Emmanuel Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  840. NNR29/2019/BAY/1646/0101180 Pamowei Wisdom Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  841. NNR29/2019/BAY/1654/0101594 Elvis Edein -Otu Job Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  842. NNR29/2019/BAY/1662/0101893 Shell Kemepade Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  843. NNR29/2019/BAY/1668/0102131 Akasuo Ariayefa Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  844. NNR29/2019/BAY/1670/0102213 Coastman Isaac Opukeme Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  845. NNR29/2019/BAY/1676/0103163 Tohmartosh Ebiarede Elijah Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  846. NNR29/2019/BAY/1677/0103249 Aseyaigbeyei Pena-Owei Henry Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  847. NNR29/2019/BAY/1702/0104377 Peresinghan Emomotimi Michael Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  848. NNR29/2019/BAY/1726/0105194 Tekemaimi Joseph Peres Bayelsa D3 NNBTS ONNE

  849. NNR29/2019/BAY/1727/0105228 David Ufuoma Peace Bayelsa F1 NNBTS ONNE

  850. NNR29/2019/BAY/1731/0105361 Ghana Garenyei Stephen Bayelsa E2 NNBTS ONNE

  851. NNR29/2019/BAY/1738/0105790 Timidi Daniel Bayelsa H NNBTS ONNE

  852. NNR29/2019/BAY/174/0017039 Afruku Kemelayefa Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  853. NNR29/2019/BAY/175/0017046 Isaac Asiaseimor John Bayelsa C1 NNBTS ONNE

  854. NNR29/2019/BAY/1752/0106453 Ekiozigha Oweikeme Prosper Bayelsa A1 NNBTS ONNE

  855. NNR29/2019/BAY/1756/0106765 Lucky Perepade Eyene Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  856. NNR29/2019/BAY/1762/0107438 Amasoumor Daniel Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  857. NNR29/2019/BAY/1772/0108386 Ambah Meshach Cryton Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  858. NNR29/2019/BAY/1776/0108683 Oleye Shylock Bayelsa E2 NNBTS ONNE

  859. NNR29/2019/BAY/1777/0108766 Ojoboyei Amienyefa Andrew Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  860. NNR29/2019/BAY/1787/0109416 Ebibolou Debamene Bayelsa C1 NNBTS ONNE

  861. NNR29/2019/BAY/1795/0110062 Mislore Andrew Beke-Akpo Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  862. NNR29/2019/BAY/1806/0111139 Ambah Peter Bayelsa E2 NNBTS ONNE

  863. NNR29/2019/BAY/1808/0111198 Egypt Amos Atimi Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  864. NNR29/2019/BAY/1810/0111234 Pereware Temes Prosper Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  865. NNR29/2019/BAY/1818/0111993 Alaye Taiye Prosper Bayelsa A2 NNBTS ONNE

  866. NNR29/2019/BAY/1832/0112268 Oto John Mienpre Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  867. NNR29/2019/BAY/1837/0112559 Okotiobor Fedude Bayelsa E3 NNBTS ONNE

  868. NNR29/2019/BAY/1842/0112751 Amafade Samuel Kelvin Bayelsa E2 NNBTS ONNE

  869. NNR29/2019/BAY/1847/0112850 Nemine Etarewerebakumor F Bayelsa G NNBTS ONNE

  870. NNR29/2019/BAY/1848/0112884 Spokesman Ebimene Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  871. NNR29/2019/BAY/1866/0113609 Egbonkumor Cyril Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  872. NNR29/2019/BAY/1870/0113804 Otto Teme-Oweidenyefa Sirgeoge Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  873. NNR29/2019/BAY/1871/0113903 Perry Bomiegha Stephen Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  874. NNR29/2019/BAY/1881/0114191 Williams Matthew Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  875. NNR29/2019/BAY/1887/0114488 Toronto Tamaraubraka-Emi Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  876. NNR29/2019/BAY/1889/0114521 Kemekonmieyedogha David Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  877. NNR29/2019/BAY/1895/0114810 Etimipahamene Yinlaiyefa Bayelsa E3 NNBTS ONNE

  878. NNR29/2019/BAY/190/0017953 Seiye Akpos Bayelsa E1 NNBTS ONNE

  879. NNR29/2019/BAY/1907/0115268 Gita Hannah Bayelsa C1 NNBTS ONNE

  880. NNR29/2019/BAY/1910/0115324 Orusibebofa Edisemi Amazige Bayelsa E3 NNBTS ONNE

  881. NNR29/2019/BAY/1916/0115697 Oweipade Emmanuel Freshboy Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  882. NNR29/2019/BAY/1943/0117339 Angola Egolukumor Prince Bayelsa A1 NNBTS ONNE

  883. NNR29/2019/BAY/1955/0118003 Ejemi Kurobofa Helpme Bayelsa C1 NNBTS ONNE

  884. NNR29/2019/BAY/1968/0118858 Sele Bomeinghan Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  885. NNR29/2019/BAY/1979/0119606 Pereokosuafa Tamaraukuro Orumienghan Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  886. NNR29/2019/BAY/2009/0120976 Solomon Mandari Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  887. NNR29/2019/BAY/2015/0121146 Tekearede Kuroakonghan Emotonghan Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  888. NNR29/2019/BAY/2016/0121189 Tare-Erebo Femebra Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  889. NNR29/2019/BAY/2020/0121388 Agbogidi Praise Poweide Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  890. NNR29/2019/BAY/2021/0121423 Adie Emomotimi Joseph Unimke Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  891. NNR29/2019/BAY/2025/0121543 Tare-Erebo John Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  892. NNR29/2019/BAY/2042/0122383 Daniel Mienbokedeinmene Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  893. NNR29/2019/BAY/2088/0124806 Okiyo James Mentus Bayelsa E2 NNBTS ONNE

  894. NNR29/2019/BAY/2090/0124885 Dunyin Geoffrey Zeneowei Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  895. NNR29/2019/BAY/2119/0126922 Agidee Emomotimi Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  896. NNR29/2019/BAY/2125/0127202 Sunday Stephen Kurokonkongha Bayelsa F1 NNBTS ONNE

  897. NNR29/2019/BAY/2140/0127610 Fedude Oyere Jacob Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  898. NNR29/2019/BAY/2150/0127965 Thomas Deborah Perelade Bayelsa E2 NNBTS ONNE

  899. NNR29/2019/BAY/2151/0128042 Brandy Timiebi E Bayelsa E2 NNBTS ONNE

  900. NNR29/2019/BAY/2177/0129886 Aghoro Tamaradenyefa Jennifer Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  901. NNR29/2019/BAY/2187/0130853 Tountoun Whoknowsgod Oyabrade Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  902. NNR29/2019/BAY/2195/0131480 Teacher Opina Phelps Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  903. NNR29/2019/BAY/2202/0131836 Biogos Pereama Aredepade Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  904. NNR29/2019/BAY/2206/0131977 Terylene Temeoweikuro Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  905. NNR29/2019/BAY/2209/0132103 Tamaraudoubra Epebitimi Bayelsa E2 NNBTS ONNE

  906. NNR29/2019/BAY/2214/0132245 Tumbo Dinini Peter Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  907. NNR29/2019/BAY/2219/0132352 Eredei Boloiyeringhan Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  908. NNR29/2019/BAY/2229/0132688 Paul Alabofa Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  909. NNR29/2019/BAY/224/0021036 George Pena-Owei Freetown Bayelsa E2 NNBTS ONNE

  910. NNR29/2019/BAY/230/0021810 Dirimowei Alelemobowei Alex Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  911. NNR29/2019/BAY/244/0023295 Afuruku Ebizimor Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  912. NNR29/2019/BAY/256/0024517 Julius Oyakeme-Agbegha Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  913. NNR29/2019/BAY/257/0024526 Agbogidi David Bayelsa B5 NNBTS ONNE

  914. NNR29/2019/BAY/26/0002749 Robinson Joshua Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  915. NNR29/2019/BAY/263/0024846 Perewarebo Eniye Simon Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  916. NNR29/2019/BAY/265/0024914 Egoli Funebi Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  917. NNR29/2019/BAY/278/0025593 Passman Onduka-Akpo Torres Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  918. NNR29/2019/BAY/280/0025616 Tadiye Feboke Stephen Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  919. NNR29/2019/BAY/286/0025980 Julius Oyakeme-Agbegha Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  920. NNR29/2019/BAY/330/0029354 Ego Freeman Bayelsa D3 NNBTS ONNE

  921. NNR29/2019/BAY/356/0030813 Ben Tamarauketemene Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  922. NNR29/2019/BAY/370/0031441 Joseph Motu-Ebi Evelyn Bayelsa E3 NNBTS ONNE

  923. NNR29/2019/BAY/372/0031459 Esanma-Owei Teina Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  924. NNR29/2019/BAY/373/0031550 Offe Samuel Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  925. NNR29/2019/BAY/375/0031606 Apostle Gift Pereowei Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  926. NNR29/2019/BAY/379/0031796 Assayomo Tony Peidekeseimo Bayelsa E1 NNBTS ONNE

  927. NNR29/2019/BAY/393/0032516 Concert Barnabas Bayelsa E2 NNBTS ONNE

  928. NNR29/2019/BAY/403/0033190 Agbogidi David Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  929. NNR29/2019/BAY/405/0033296 French Ebimene Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  930. NNR29/2019/BAY/428/0035869 Johnbull Oyin-Agonomi Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  931. NNR29/2019/BAY/434/0036386 Mike Jerry Junior Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  932. NNR29/2019/BAY/441/0036730 Shop Eyeiperekeniye Matthew Bayelsa C1 NNBTS ONNE

  933. NNR29/2019/BAY/458/0037475 Peremobowei Tina Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  934. NNR29/2019/BAY/468/0037837 Conference Epebi-Ebi Bayelsa D3 NNBTS ONNE

  935. NNR29/2019/BAY/488/0038826 Wuruapere Peter Bayelsa H NNBTS ONNE

  936. NNR29/2019/BAY/521/0042634 Apiakise Ebikonbowei Victor Bayelsa C2 NNBTS ONNE

  937. NNR29/2019/BAY/524/0043319 Keeper Boulou Iyke Bayelsa D3 NNBTS ONNE

  938. NNR29/2019/BAY/552/0044334 Tunde Foubai Guembe Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  939. NNR29/2019/BAY/555/0044498 Pius Ebikeme Emmanuel Bayelsa G NNBTS ONNE

  940. NNR29/2019/BAY/571/0045216 Blessing Perelade Ebiowei Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  941. NNR29/2019/BAY/574/0045365 Kenneth Sele Amamele Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  942. NNR29/2019/BAY/589/0046052 Sunny Sampson Tare Bayelsa A3 NNBTS ONNE

  943. NNR29/2019/BAY/601/0046713 Christopher Dorcas Kuroakonghan Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  944. NNR29/2019/BAY/636/0048259 Kenneth Prosper Ebis Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  945. NNR29/2019/BAY/652/0048727 Shop Oweilayefa Bayelsa E2 NNBTS ONNE

  946. NNR29/2019/BAY/654/0048821 Tulagha Kemelayefa Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  947. NNR29/2019/BAY/690/0051164 Bestman Praise-God Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  948. NNR29/2019/BAY/706/0051596 Elayelagha Etolomone Timothy Bayelsa E2 NNBTS ONNE

  949. NNR29/2019/BAY/712/0052033 Samba Millah Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  950. NNR29/2019/BAY/717/0052255 Torukeregha Arerepade Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  951. NNR29/2019/BAY/718/0052308 Owode Franklin Tamaramomomi Bayelsa A2 NNBTS ONNE

  952. NNR29/2019/BAY/720/0052332 Digotei Preye Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  953. NNR29/2019/BAY/728/0052903 Adebayo Akpoboloukaimi Thankgod Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  954. NNR29/2019/BAY/741/0053423 Matthew Femebra Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  955. NNR29/2019/BAY/759/0053919 Okporu Samuel Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  956. NNR29/2019/BAY/765/0054228 Ekpefa Andrew Daniel Bayelsa E2 NNBTS ONNE

  957. NNR29/2019/BAY/776/0054687 Seaman Racheal Ware Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  958. NNR29/2019/BAY/778/0054838 Collins Tamarau-Ebimiene Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  959. NNR29/2019/BAY/781/0054936 Fetongha Goodluck Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  960. NNR29/2019/BAY/784/0055157 Sam Godbless Reagan Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  961. NNR29/2019/BAY/816/0057949 Numberone Godsday Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  962. NNR29/2019/BAY/82/0008912 Kemeakegha Michael Famateigha Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  963. NNR29/2019/BAY/829/0058504 Bishop Faith Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  964. NNR29/2019/BAY/837/0059087 Aranka Asene Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  965. NNR29/2019/BAY/842/0059390 Oyabrade Emomotimi Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  966. NNR29/2019/BAY/847/0059720 Numberone Ruth Bayelsa C1 NNBTS ONNE

  967. NNR29/2019/BAY/851/0059831 Ziboumo Taremienebi Daniel Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  968. NNR29/2019/BAY/862/0060198 Newman Marshal Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  969. NNR29/2019/BAY/864/0060221 Egirigi Bright Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  970. NNR29/2019/BAY/871/0060411 Ebimoghan Fine Akpoka-Emiyeama Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  971. NNR29/2019/BAY/890/0061185 Akpofini Wilson Selebi Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  972. NNR29/2019/BAY/903/0061617 Bouy Ogele Bayelsa D3 NNBTS ONNE

  973. NNR29/2019/BAY/904/0061650 Olowo Heinekein Isampou-Owei Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  974. NNR29/2019/BAY/905/0061654 Emmanuel Ekonkememieyefa Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  975. NNR29/2019/BAY/908/0061816 Henry Daniel Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  976. NNR29/2019/BAY/917/0062171 Roland Kenneth Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  977. NNR29/2019/BAY/92/0009444 Komuko Peres Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  978. NNR29/2019/BAY/923/0062843 Brisibe Miene Promise Bayelsa B5 NNBTS ONNE

  979. NNR29/2019/BAY/932/0064016 Brakebebe Shadrack Tamaraudeinyefa Bayelsa A1 NNBTS ONNE

  980. NNR29/2019/BAY/949/0064695 Thomas Clement Eniye Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  981. NNR29/2019/BAY/956/0064886 Thomas Prince Ebimobowei Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  982. NNR29/2019/BAY/970/0065577 Julius Oyadougha Mali Bayelsa A1 NNBTS ONNE

  983. NNR29/2019/BAY/988/0066494 Kwekweyei Wisdom Ebikemiewariwarikumo Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  984. NNR29/2019/BAY/103/0010197 Lyon Daniel Bayelsa E3 NNBTS ONNE

  985. NNR29/2019/BAY/1037/0069164 Igodo Matthew Felix Bayelsa B2 NNBTS ONNE

  986. NNR29/2019/BAY/1038/0069254 Amafadei Ezekiel Bayelsa B2 NNBTS ONNE

  987. NNR29/2019/BAY/1099/0072193 Ozori Denghmor Peretari Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  988. NNR29/2019/BAY/1100/0072293 Appah Timineri Prosper Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  989. NNR29/2019/BAY/111/0010665 Wilson Selekuma B Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  990. NNR29/2019/BAY/1174/0077259 Bindei Godstime October Bayelsa B2 NNBTS ONNE

  991. NNR29/2019/BAY/1177/0077499 Gabriel Wisdom Umbu Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  992. NNR29/2019/BAY/1181/0077692 Smith Precious Prekebina Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  993. NNR29/2019/BAY/1216/0080283 Fefah Saviour Zuo-Owei Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  994. NNR29/2019/BAY/1228/0081207 Biriduba Ebiye Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  995. NNR29/2019/BAY/1263/0083129 Raphael Mark Ebisenkemefa Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  996. NNR29/2019/BAY/1264/0083197 Odogu Ebitimi Joseph Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  997. NNR29/2019/BAY/1349/0086831 Ladele Zilayefa Anthony Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  998. NNR29/2019/BAY/1360/0087393 Bikikoro Solomon Joseph Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  999. NNR29/2019/BAY/1375/0088385 Abalaba Ebipabo Ayaowei Bayelsa E2 NNBTS ONNE

  1000. NNR29/2019/BAY/1400/0089390 Edeh Doubonana Eric Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1001. NNR29/2019/BAY/1403/0089566 Suoebi George Diamond Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1002. NNR29/2019/BAY/1426/0090381 Ifugu Felix E.A Bayelsa F2 NNBTS ONNE

  1003. NNR29/2019/BAY/1434/0090771 Gboburo Exodus Kuro-Owei Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1004. NNR29/2019/BAY/1448/0091319 Onitsha Ebipadei Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1005. NNR29/2019/BAY/1458/0091817 Onitsha Godgift Tamarakepreye Bayelsa E1 NNBTS ONNE

  1006. NNR29/2019/BAY/1571/0097619 John Idubamo Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1007. NNR29/2019/BAY/1641/0101048 Kosu Taribolou Edric Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1008. NNR29/2019/BAY/1652/0101524 Igbanibo Bolou Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1009. NNR29/2019/BAY/1663/0101895 Samuel James Werioteido Bayelsa G NNBTS ONNE

  1010. NNR29/2019/BAY/1678/0103262 Zidougha Peter Patrick Bayelsa E4 NNBTS ONNE

  1011. NNR29/2019/BAY/1682/0103405 Boyi Woyengitari Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1012. NNR29/2019/BAY/1689/0103850 Ikiyei Izouamiegha Philip Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1013. NNR29/2019/BAY/1773/0108417 Tekereboh Samuel Bayelsa A2 NNBTS ONNE

  1014. NNR29/2019/BAY/1774/0108421 Ayaowei Timiebi Michael Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1015. NNR29/2019/BAY/1858/0113274 Imboli Okpotunumubofa Bayelsa N NNBTS ONNE

  1016. NNR29/2019/BAY/1959/0118313 Okponya Daniel Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1017. NNR29/2019/BAY/1962/0118618 Babylon Doreen Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1018. NNR29/2019/BAY/2012/0121109 Churchill Godwin Preye Bayelsa B1 NNBTS ONNE

  1019. NNR29/2019/BAY/2078/0124204 Tamukunou Augustus Kwame Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1020. NNR29/2019/BAY/2107/0125714 Anthony Prince Inekieri Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1021. NNR29/2019/BAY/2110/0126319 Ungbuku Kingsley Clinton Bayelsa E1 NNBTS ONNE

  1022. NNR29/2019/BAY/2112/0126391 Ogbise Gesibina Samuel Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1023. NNR29/2019/BAY/2116/0126855 Inebiri Kwesi Franklin Bayelsa G NNBTS ONNE

  1024. NNR29/2019/BAY/2132/0127452 Pere Andy Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1025. NNR29/2019/BAY/2144/0127685 Aweke Ebitimi Bayelsa E4 NNBTS ONNE

  1026. NNR29/2019/BAY/2145/0127704 Udeh Sunday Bayelsa D3 NNBTS ONNE

  1027. NNR29/2019/BAY/2147/0127779 Larry Preye Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1028. NNR29/2019/BAY/2163/0128724 Prebi Emmanuel Onutu Bayelsa H NNBTS ONNE

  1029. NNR29/2019/BAY/2180/0130211 Ayawari Peter Timipanebi Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1030. NNR29/2019/BAY/2181/0130324 Ikpozido Motimifagha Rachel Bayelsa E2 NNBTS ONNE

  1031. NNR29/2019/BAY/219/0019820 Fiakpo Philip Odidatimi Bayelsa J NNBTS ONNE

  1032. NNR29/2019/BAY/2210/0132136 Bribina Mercy Fiderikumo Bayelsa E3 NNBTS ONNE

  1033. NNR29/2019/BAY/2225/0132549 Yeseigha Woyengikipremi Godgift Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1034. NNR29/2019/BAY/260/0024708 Kosin Ebilado John Bayelsa C3 NNBTS ONNE

  1035. NNR29/2019/BAY/266/0024924 Jones Joseph Woyengidouye Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1036. NNR29/2019/BAY/300/0027041 Umakeze Julius Bayelsa B5 NNBTS ONNE

  1037. NNR29/2019/BAY/325/0029159 Gabriel Doubara Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1038. NNR29/2019/BAY/423/0035188 Werigbelegha Godwill Windham Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1039. NNR29/2019/BAY/425/0035568 Ayaebi Ongonimi John Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1040. NNR29/2019/BAY/446/0036891 Orukari Ebikiwenimo Amos Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1041. NNR29/2019/BAY/451/0037189 Angaye Ebenezer Benny Jayson Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1042. NNR29/2019/BAY/598/0046562 Josiah Seiyefa Bayelsa E2 NNBTS ONNE

  1043. NNR29/2019/BAY/620/0047239 Gidaikori Godwin Mieyepa Bayelsa C1 NNBTS ONNE

  1044. NNR29/2019/BAY/675/0049763 Williams Sunday Tunde Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1045. NNR29/2019/BAY/702/0051508 Ikemike Joshua Okpoundu Bayelsa G NNBTS ONNE

  1046. NNR29/2019/BAY/727/0052901 Richman Faith Ineye Bayelsa E3 NNBTS ONNE

  1047. NNR29/2019/BAY/737/0053345 Ifugu Ayaogbo Junior Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1048. NNR29/2019/BAY/748/0053653 Bowei Weriwoyengipre Daniela Bayelsa C1 NNBTS ONNE

  1049. NNR29/2019/BAY/773/0054533 Biriduba Ebiye Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1050. NNR29/2019/BAY/774/0054569 Guvnor Prince Okuoru Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1051. NNR29/2019/BAY/866/0060253 Arhin Justice Kojo Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1052. NNR29/2019/BAY/878/0060702 Charles Joy Abadi Bayelsa F3 NNBTS ONNE

  1053. NNR29/2019/BAY/884/0060832 Idoni Woyengidipamo Samuel Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1054. NNR29/2019/BAY/887/0060900 Clement Veronica Msendoo Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1055. NNR29/2019/BAY/902/0061586 Jackson Ezekiel Thankgod Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1056. NNR29/2019/BAY/942/0064306 Yeiyei Dimie Werelebofa Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1057. NNR29/2019/BAY/1011/0067913 Iyerifitimiyai Tamar Joshua Bayelsa F3 NNBTS ONNE

  1058. NNR29/2019/BAY/1014/0067980 Clement Suoyo Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1059. NNR29/2019/BAY/1025/0068369 Sunday Tuboekipreyu John Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1060. NNR29/2019/BAY/1268/0083391 Kemmer Nyanate Ayebaekipreye Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1061. NNR29/2019/BAY/1278/0083749 Otonye Ayibakuro Dede Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1062. NNR29/2019/BAY/131/0013356 Eminokaju Oghenerume Jonathan Bayelsa B2 NNBTS ONNE

  1063. NNR29/2019/BAY/1487/0093596 Francis Ikaye Moses Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1064. NNR29/2019/BAY/1625/0100213 Ebianga Michael Chidera Bayelsa D3 NNBTS ONNE

  1065. NNR29/2019/BAY/168/0016668 Ezekiel Ayebaetari Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1066. NNR29/2019/BAY/1826/0112131 Goli Ebipapiri Godsaint Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1067. NNR29/2019/BAY/1856/0113169 Markson Nickson Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1068. NNR29/2019/BAY/1953/0117959 Wilson Peter Ariwera Bayelsa B2 NNBTS ONNE

  1069. NNR29/2019/BAY/1963/0118620 Friday Gift Ekeinde Bayelsa C1 NNBTS ONNE

  1070. NNR29/2019/BAY/198/0018421 Obiene Divine Ifiemi Bayelsa B1 NNBTS ONNE

  1071. NNR29/2019/BAY/1981/0119693 Matthew Ayebanengiyefa Emmanuel Bayelsa C3 NNBTS ONNE

  1072. NNR29/2019/BAY/2033/0122213 Maxwell Moses Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1073. NNR29/2019/BAY/2092/0125003 Livingstone Anibarabagha George Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1074. NNR29/2019/BAY/2095/0125251 Samson Inebo Bayelsa N NNBTS ONNE

  1075. NNR29/2019/BAY/2127/0127353 Kuroekigha Alaguate Jacob Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1076. NNR29/2019/BAY/2220/0132403 Baratuaipre Stanley Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1077. NNR29/2019/BAY/282/0025788 Afagha Lord Hopeson Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1078. NNR29/2019/BAY/337/0029735 Francis Lucky Bayelsa E2 NNBTS ONNE

  1079. NNR29/2019/BAY/340/0029859 Olali Daniel Daneki Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1080. NNR29/2019/BAY/362/0031023 Saturday Marvelous Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1081. NNR29/2019/BAY/412/0033998 Benibo Damiete Thankgod Bayelsa E3 NNBTS ONNE

  1082. NNR29/2019/BAY/544/0044018 Dennis Diepreye Gift Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1083. NNR29/2019/BAY/651/0048725 Sonkey Diebiye Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1084. NNR29/2019/BAY/667/0049339 Obadiah Ayebaniminyo Samuel Bayelsa C1 NNBTS ONNE

  1085. NNR29/2019/BAY/699/0051437 Ipigansi Micheal Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1086. NNR29/2019/BAY/700/0051457 Clement Daniel Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1087. NNR29/2019/BAY/860/0060156 Francis Tari Tony Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1088. NNR29/2019/BAY/933/0064020 Kuradoite Joyce Sagbe Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1089. NNR29/2019/BAY/1051/0070293 Olei Azibanakpon Ako Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1090. NNR29/2019/BAY/1074/0071157 Idiko Onikowazibaba Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1091. NNR29/2019/BAY/1088/0071773 Idibo Daniel Ayibasi Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1092. NNR29/2019/BAY/1236/0081596 Benson Owede Tonari Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1093. NNR29/2019/BAY/1240/0081786 Osain Azibator Promise Bayelsa B1 NNBTS ONNE

  1094. NNR29/2019/BAY/1293/0084078 Ogonigbo Azibator Esther Bayelsa F1 NNBTS ONNE

  1095. NNR29/2019/BAY/1300/0084264 Michael Godbless Bako Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1096. NNR29/2019/BAY/1304/0084419 Omini Grace Adiel Bayelsa E2 NNBTS ONNE

  1097. NNR29/2019/BAY/1423/0090123 Emenike Henry Chukwuma Bayelsa H NNBTS ONNE

  1098. NNR29/2019/BAY/1427/0090417 Sunday Vincent Ebah Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1099. NNR29/2019/BAY/1462/0091887 Lawrence Rita Bayelsa E1 NNBTS ONNE

  1100. NNR29/2019/BAY/1519/0094972 Expenses Rollins July Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1101. NNR29/2019/BAY/1615/0099927 Osain Newton Tom Bayelsa B2 NNBTS ONNE

  1102. NNR29/2019/BAY/1630/0100530 Oru Emmanuel Eze Bayelsa E1 NNBTS ONNE

  1103. NNR29/2019/BAY/1640/0100884 Amity Miracle Enegesi Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1104. NNR29/2019/BAY/1648/0101239 Peter Graham Lucky Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1105. NNR29/2019/BAY/1665/0101986 Abi Godwillprovide Bayelsa F1 NNBTS ONNE

  1106. NNR29/2019/BAY/1680/0103380 Godwin Faithful Archibong Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1107. NNR29/2019/BAY/1732/0105375 Promise Moses Azibator Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1108. NNR29/2019/BAY/1750/0106425 Kemedi Godgift Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1109. NNR29/2019/BAY/1820/0112007 Monday Abraham Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1110. NNR29/2019/BAY/1877/0114006 Otobo Kogiesi Ebimo Bayelsa N NNBTS ONNE

  1111. NNR29/2019/BAY/1885/0114377 Francis Emmanuel Esau Bayelsa E3 NNBTS ONNE

  1112. NNR29/2019/BAY/1886/0114468 Jonathan Ronami Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1113. NNR29/2019/BAY/1905/0115231 Eli Damini Cleopas Bayelsa F3 NNBTS ONNE

  1114. NNR29/2019/BAY/1909/0115321 Kurogha Blessing Bayelsa E2 NNBTS ONNE

  1115. NNR29/2019/BAY/1912/0115397 Moses Rose Fyneface Bayelsa E2 NNBTS ONNE

  1116. NNR29/2019/BAY/1914/0115654 Isiki Ruby Williams Bayelsa E2 NNBTS ONNE

  1117. NNR29/2019/BAY/1929/0116686 Ikisikpo Thankgod Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1118. NNR29/2019/BAY/1930/0116718 Joel Matilda Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1119. NNR29/2019/BAY/1933/0116979 Isiki Benneth Williams Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1120. NNR29/2019/BAY/1940/0117253 Ikisikpo Ruth Omele Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1121. NNR29/2019/BAY/2019/0121230 Obu Shadrack Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1122. NNR29/2019/BAY/2049/0122716 Egbo Iwumansi Aworabhi Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1123. NNR29/2019/BAY/2093/0125147 Moses Samuel Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1124. NNR29/2019/BAY/2122/0127065 Sosoh Bestman Bayelsa E2 NNBTS ONNE

  1125. NNR29/2019/BAY/2123/0127085 Lawson Wara Iberebo Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1126. NNR29/2019/BAY/2169/0129350 Edwin Precious Harrison Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1127. NNR29/2019/BAY/2232/0132869 Arikawei Azibanator Bengy Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1128. NNR29/2019/BAY/232/0021942 Avor Terry Allwell Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1129. NNR29/2019/BAY/255/0024403 Obesi Solomon Possible Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1130. NNR29/2019/BAY/328/0029262 Markson Moses Fesei Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1131. NNR29/2019/BAY/341/0029897 Dagogo Okpu Sambo Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1132. NNR29/2019/BAY/369/0031361 Cashier Ebruphiyor Bayelsa E2 NNBTS ONNE

  1133. NNR29/2019/BAY/371/0031443 Adam Lucky Again Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1134. NNR29/2019/BAY/4/0000356 Alafuro Minabai Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1135. NNR29/2019/BAY/430/0036042 Dickson Daniel Kokinam Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1136. NNR29/2019/BAY/527/0043369 Jeremiah Waripamo Joel Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1137. NNR29/2019/BAY/560/0044723 Hurricane Abaiyeso Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1138. NNR29/2019/BAY/693/0051236 Godgift Sowari Jerry Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1139. NNR29/2019/BAY/695/0051400 Wilson Frank Odo Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1140. NNR29/2019/BAY/708/0051724 Agala Lawrence Godgift Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1141. NNR29/2019/BAY/726/0052735 Otokito Lovis Romeo Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1142. NNR29/2019/BAY/762/0054159 Atua Ozin Unit Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1143. NNR29/2019/BAY/806/0057328 Apiri Joel Amakiri Bayelsa C3 NNBTS ONNE

  1144. NNR29/2019/BAY/830/0058661 Ekaba Jesse Bayelsa C2 NNBTS ONNE

  1145. NNR29/2019/BAY/835/0058943 Johnson Peter Ekwete Bayelsa H NNBTS ONNE

  1146. NNR29/2019/BAY/910/0061938 Adikesi Daniel Alfred Bayelsa C2 NNBTS ONNE

  1147. NNR29/2019/BAY/94/0009533 Ide Mercy Felix Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1148. NNR29/2019/BAY/945/0064614 Adolphus Victoria Mitema Bayelsa F1 NNBTS ONNE

  1149. NNR29/2019/BAY/952/0064723 Lambert Godgift Egoli Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1150. NNR29/2019/BAY/10/0001038 Kankede Godwin Kelly Bayelsa B1 NNBTS ONNE

  1151. NNR29/2019/BAY/1004/0067649 Timothy Fortune Oghenetega Bayelsa C1 NNBTS ONNE

  1152. NNR29/2019/BAY/1006/0067758 Weniabo Favour Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1153. NNR29/2019/BAY/1009/0067834 Oyinbonogha Bobolayefa Bayelsa E2 NNBTS ONNE

  1154. NNR29/2019/BAY/1015/0068021 Ogbowei Michael Kemekedoumene Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1155. NNR29/2019/BAY/1017/0068093 Abare-Owei Meshach Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1156. NNR29/2019/BAY/1020/0068243 Famous Andeke-Ere Confidence Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1157. NNR29/2019/BAY/1023/0068340 Godday Akponafa Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1158. NNR29/2019/BAY/1027/0068468 Young Godbless Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1159. NNR29/2019/BAY/1035/0068900 Bubagha Kemelador Humpheny Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1160. NNR29/2019/BAY/105/0010381 Owei Gideon Unduakpo Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1161. NNR29/2019/BAY/1054/0070400 Seaman Koko Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1162. NNR29/2019/BAY/1058/0070616 Ekperi Marvin Ebiboloukemi Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1163. NNR29/2019/BAY/1065/0070851 Eghoromrere Rita Tega Bayelsa F3 NNBTS ONNE

  1164. NNR29/2019/BAY/1071/0071076 Smart Kelvin Tarela Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1165. NNR29/2019/BAY/1076/0071363 Ereimor Tamaraukuro Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1166. NNR29/2019/BAY/1078/0071420 Akpi John Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1167. NNR29/2019/BAY/1080/0071494 Kenyinmoh Kenneth Ebimobowei Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1168. NNR29/2019/BAY/1082/0071564 Amadu Bernard Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1169. NNR29/2019/BAY/1091/0071841 Ebiotu Ebakumor Henry Bayelsa D4 NNBTS ONNE

  1170. NNR29/2019/BAY/1092/0071860 Robert Godfrey Youngsefan Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1171. NNR29/2019/BAY/1095/0072023 Akponimisingha Moses Ebimene Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1172. NNR29/2019/BAY/1104/0072339 Tie Endukakpo David Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1173. NNR29/2019/BAY/1105/0072427 Bebetu Ebiowei Kingdom Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1174. NNR29/2019/BAY/112/0010869 Miri Andrew Perekebina Bayelsa H NNBTS ONNE

  1175. NNR29/2019/BAY/117/0011266 Egbesu Jude Oyinkeperemo Bayelsa C2 NNBTS ONNE

  1176. NNR29/2019/BAY/1170/0077214 Alfred Alexander Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1177. NNR29/2019/BAY/1173/0077254 Dimie Tamaranseri Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1178. NNR29/2019/BAY/1178/0077556 Andrew Enewarikpoemi Godgift Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1179. NNR29/2019/BAY/1180/0077660 Ayama Ebiyoasuwodei Michael Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1180. NNR29/2019/BAY/1182/0077774 Oge Ebipake-Eniye E Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1181. NNR29/2019/BAY/1189/0077952 Court Johnson Emomotimi Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1182. NNR29/2019/BAY/1190/0077960 Zidafamor Enewarikpoemi John Bayelsa N NNBTS ONNE

  1183. NNR29/2019/BAY/1225/0081066 Felix Kurokongha Bayelsa E2 NNBTS ONNE

  1184. NNR29/2019/BAY/1231/0081323 Amatolo Louis Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1185. NNR29/2019/BAY/1238/0081655 Stephen Henry Ovie Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1186. NNR29/2019/BAY/1243/0081839 Ekade Peterson Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1187. NNR29/2019/BAY/1244/0081847 Osusu Eddy Jacob Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1188. NNR29/2019/BAY/1252/0082223 Victor Weremumoyama Highlife Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1189. NNR29/2019/BAY/1270/0083438 Koffi Efiemi Bayelsa D3 NNBTS ONNE

  1190. NNR29/2019/BAY/1271/0083446 Siseri Kememoepigha Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1191. NNR29/2019/BAY/1276/0083652 Ebizimor Lucky Ebitimifa Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1192. NNR29/2019/BAY/1283/0083910 Weiwei Tareperedei Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1193. NNR29/2019/BAY/1286/0084023 Awada Timothy Ebrakumo Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1194. NNR29/2019/BAY/1292/0084077 Adesi Dennis Oyinmiebi Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1195. NNR29/2019/BAY/1299/0084224 Friday Oyindouye Joyce Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1196. NNR29/2019/BAY/1305/0084444 Ayaode Godbless Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1197. NNR29/2019/BAY/1308/0084544 Fetonbofa David Tamaraebi Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1198. NNR29/2019/BAY/1317/0084731 Azikiwe Faith Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1199. NNR29/2019/BAY/1322/0084945 Kemearekade Kelvin Gesikeme Bayelsa E3 NNBTS ONNE

  1200. NNR29/2019/BAY/1338/0085525 Adise Charity Bayelsa E1 NNBTS ONNE

  1201. NNR29/2019/BAY/1340/0085685 Shine Ebibuloukemi Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1202. NNR29/2019/BAY/1348/0086513 Maleman Education Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1203. NNR29/2019/BAY/1356/0087308 Afoin Tamaran-Preye Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1204. NNR29/2019/BAY/1362/0087527 Ofoni Henry Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1205. NNR29/2019/BAY/1367/0087931 Olomu Victor Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1206. NNR29/2019/BAY/1387/0088882 Isaac Collegere Ann Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1207. NNR29/2019/BAY/1393/0089290 Salmon Miebokeden Wisdom Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1208. NNR29/2019/BAY/1395/0089324 Ayi Ebimene Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1209. NNR29/2019/BAY/1397/0089344 Question Goodluck Ayakeme Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1210. NNR29/2019/BAY/1398/0089352 Green Amos Ayibaemi Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1211. NNR29/2019/BAY/1404/0089598 Yibowei Sandra Binafegha Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1212. NNR29/2019/BAY/1405/0089630 Benson Boloukuromo Kelvin Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1213. NNR29/2019/BAY/1412/0089855 Fetonbofa Ebiyeladoh Godbless Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1214. NNR29/2019/BAY/1425/0090198 Ezekiel Magret Tarelayefa Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1215. NNR29/2019/BAY/1428/0090538 David Solomon King-George Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1216. NNR29/2019/BAY/143/0014178 Godspower Kemebiye Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1217. NNR29/2019/BAY/1444/0091064 Larry Job Peremobowei Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1218. NNR29/2019/BAY/1468/0092380 Etoko Goodnews Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1219. NNR29/2019/BAY/1469/0092415 Apere Timi Precious Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1220. NNR29/2019/BAY/1480/0093170 Yere Yere Lawrence Oyinbrakemi Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1221. NNR29/2019/BAY/1482/0093281 Tonde Praise Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1222. NNR29/2019/BAY/1490/0093680 Pius Godgift Bayelsa D4 NNBTS ONNE

  1223. NNR29/2019/BAY/1491/0093703 Lawson Thankgod Tamaratari Bayelsa E2 NNBTS ONNE

  1224. NNR29/2019/BAY/1497/0093949 Harvest Pere-Odoh Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1225. NNR29/2019/BAY/150/0014880 Perekpo Alex Ebi Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1226. NNR29/2019/BAY/1503/0094179 Lyon Progress Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1227. NNR29/2019/BAY/1504/0094198 Paris Taribulu-Ere Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1228. NNR29/2019/BAY/1509/0094314 Herbert Daniel Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1229. NNR29/2019/BAY/1518/0094971 Omoko Akposeiye Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1230. NNR29/2019/BAY/1526/0095187 Luckson Weridonkumo Stephen Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1231. NNR29/2019/BAY/1541/0096107 Ozeze Resident Tina Pere Bayelsa D3 NNBTS ONNE

  1232. NNR29/2019/BAY/1555/0096727 Okilo Joel Fiebofa Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1233. NNR29/2019/BAY/1566/0097292 Okolo Ebimene David Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1234. NNR29/2019/BAY/1578/0098335 Ozeze Resident Tina Pere Bayelsa D3 NNBTS ONNE

  1235. NNR29/2019/BAY/1580/0098458 Oghoveta Joseph Gala Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1236. NNR29/2019/BAY/1583/0098589 Pinakeme Gabriel Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1237. NNR29/2019/BAY/1587/0098688 Okoriye Ebiowei Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1238. NNR29/2019/BAY/1593/0098851 Jonah Oyintaremo Bayelsa C3 NNBTS ONNE

  1239. NNR29/2019/BAY/1597/0099214 Bokiri Henry Oyinbrakemi Bayelsa H NNBTS ONNE

  1240. NNR29/2019/BAY/1599/0099247 Oge Brilliant Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1241. NNR29/2019/BAY/1603/0099384 Fresh Akpobomowei David Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1242. NNR29/2019/BAY/1604/0099407 Sunday Funpere David Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1243. NNR29/2019/BAY/1610/0099826 Highlife Agnes Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1244. NNR29/2019/BAY/1613/0099888 Pere Thankgod Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1245. NNR29/2019/BAY/1637/0100740 Lagha-Owei Tamarakuro Angel Bayelsa N NNBTS ONNE

  1246. NNR29/2019/BAY/1639/0100876 Tonde Ebimene Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1247. NNR29/2019/BAY/1643/0101057 Adamawa Ebipamowei Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1248. NNR29/2019/BAY/165/0016435 Domene Godsave Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1249. NNR29/2019/BAY/1656/0101662 Thompson Preye Lucky Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1250. NNR29/2019/BAY/1660/0101723 Odogu Kemebradikumo Youngest Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1251. NNR29/2019/BAY/1671/0102633 Etoko Goodnews Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1252. NNR29/2019/BAY/1672/0102795 Kokoweri Millionaire Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1253. NNR29/2019/BAY/1681/0103399 Amgbare Pere-Ere Linda Bayelsa E3 NNBTS ONNE

  1254. NNR29/2019/BAY/1683/0103437 Ebiselebo Taremobowei Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1255. NNR29/2019/BAY/1685/0103558 Ewepu Lucky Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1256. NNR29/2019/BAY/1691/0103901 Ayakoroma Abel Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1257. NNR29/2019/BAY/1699/0104337 Praygod Ebipere Prince Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1258. NNR29/2019/BAY/1700/0104355 Custom Solomon Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1259. NNR29/2019/BAY/1706/0104535 Leileituaha Elijah Francis Bayelsa E1 NNBTS ONNE

  1260. NNR29/2019/BAY/1708/0104634 Terelyne Eyerinbelami Destiny Bayelsa D4 NNBTS ONNE

  1261. NNR29/2019/BAY/1718/0104961 Eboh Elliot Ovoke Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1262. NNR29/2019/BAY/1729/0105323 Awini Dennis Bayelsa E2 NNBTS ONNE

  1263. NNR29/2019/BAY/1734/0105543 Nieketien Tamaraubrakami Bayelsa H NNBTS ONNE

  1264. NNR29/2019/BAY/1740/0105850 Agah Anthonia Kewerekumor Bayelsa F1 NNBTS ONNE

  1265. NNR29/2019/BAY/1743/0106170 Ouseibai Eyabimi Esther Bayelsa E2 NNBTS ONNE

  1266. NNR29/2019/BAY/1744/0106223 Perekeme Joseph Preye Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1267. NNR29/2019/BAY/1746/0106247 Sunday Oyintonye Wisdom Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1268. NNR29/2019/BAY/1749/0106403 Markson Duncan Wereoyinpere Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1269. NNR29/2019/BAY/1764/0107823 Frank Jackson Ebimobowei Bayelsa F1 NNBTS ONNE

  1270. NNR29/2019/BAY/1766/0108036 Sunday Clifford Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1271. NNR29/2019/BAY/1804/0110909 Prefa Godfrey Harrison Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1272. NNR29/2019/BAY/1805/0111073 Bekeowei Ebimieowei Bayelsa D3 NNBTS ONNE

  1273. NNR29/2019/BAY/1809/0111228 Liver Wenedapere Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1274. NNR29/2019/BAY/181/0017276 Abarugu Jonathan Oyinmomoemi Bayelsa G NNBTS ONNE

  1275. NNR29/2019/BAY/184/0017533 Fuludu Weriasowakemefa Gift Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1276. NNR29/2019/BAY/1844/0112803 Egbegi Fidelis Godday Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1277. NNR29/2019/BAY/1846/0112833 Godwill Doubra Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1278. NNR29/2019/BAY/1851/0112955 Theophilus Rufus Remeo Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1279. NNR29/2019/BAY/1857/0113269 Enosh Ebiakpo Anita Bayelsa E3 NNBTS ONNE

  1280. NNR29/2019/BAY/1864/0113554 Andrew Chukwuebuka Prince Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1281. NNR29/2019/BAY/1865/0113600 Kenibai Oyindinini Famous Bayelsa F1 NNBTS ONNE

  1282. NNR29/2019/BAY/1869/0113707 Augustine Ebieyerin .B Bayelsa E3 NNBTS ONNE

  1283. NNR29/2019/BAY/187/0017629 Dimie Dalayefa Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1284. NNR29/2019/BAY/1872/0113909 Tobi Blessing Seleboukami Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1285. NNR29/2019/BAY/1876/0113975 Orhareyaphie Miracle Joseph Bayelsa F1 NNBTS ONNE

  1286. NNR29/2019/BAY/1891/0114680 Tobodo Patrick Tamarapreye Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1287. NNR29/2019/BAY/1892/0114701 Money Man Johnny Pedro Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1288. NNR29/2019/BAY/1897/0114840 Akpos Perekedoumene Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1289. NNR29/2019/BAY/1903/0115159 Otor Clever Peter Bayelsa E2 NNBTS ONNE

  1290. NNR29/2019/BAY/191/0018045 Osi Jephter Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1291. NNR29/2019/BAY/1911/0115381 Azangu Bulouarekemefa Samuel Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1292. NNR29/2019/BAY/1915/0115677 Dibiya Oyakemeagha Jeffy Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1293. NNR29/2019/BAY/1918/0115895 Ebegu Tarepredor Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1294. NNR29/2019/BAY/1922/0116134 Francis Otaroghene Wisdom Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1295. NNR29/2019/BAY/1927/0116437 Samuel Gowon Bayelsa C1 NNBTS ONNE

  1296. NNR29/2019/BAY/1931/0116776 Fineboy Emmanuel Ogheneruno Bayelsa B1 NNBTS ONNE

  1297. NNR29/2019/BAY/1932/0116782 Freedom Ebitare Alexander Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1298. NNR29/2019/BAY/194/0018114 Koffi Clement Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1299. NNR29/2019/BAY/1949/0117791 Esharigheghe Eddy Ephikparobo Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1300. NNR29/2019/BAY/1980/0119627 Freeman God-Blessing I-Know Bayelsa F1 NNBTS ONNE

  1301. NNR29/2019/BAY/1987/0120019 Odiowei Funwari Victor Bayelsa F1 NNBTS ONNE

  1302. NNR29/2019/BAY/201/0018549 Okumoku Timipre Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1303. NNR29/2019/BAY/2024/0121478 Tonde Godbless Oyinbrakemi Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1304. NNR29/2019/BAY/2026/0121633 Siloko Barrister Dogood Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1305. NNR29/2019/BAY/2032/0122182 Abeowei Ebisidor Gift Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1306. NNR29/2019/BAY/2038/0122333 Timipa Ondokedoumini Benedict Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1307. NNR29/2019/BAY/204/0018672 Efe Abednigo Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1308. NNR29/2019/BAY/2047/0122517 Kemebi Eniekenimi Bayelsa E3 NNBTS ONNE

  1309. NNR29/2019/BAY/2052/0122838 Ezonfade Godwin Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1310. NNR29/2019/BAY/2057/0123375 Lokoja Oyintuaokiye Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1311. NNR29/2019/BAY/2066/0123825 Jebi Famous Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1312. NNR29/2019/BAY/207/0018929 Okubo Caleb Tariela Bayelsa F1 NNBTS ONNE

  1313. NNR29/2019/BAY/2087/0124734 Samson Youkere Bayelsa H NNBTS ONNE

  1314. NNR29/2019/BAY/2103/0125555 Miebi Enetimi Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1315. NNR29/2019/BAY/2106/0125671 Enebi Miracle Tarela Bayelsa E3 NNBTS ONNE

  1316. NNR29/2019/BAY/211/0019138 Eke Prince Ebikabowei Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1317. NNR29/2019/BAY/2128/0127356 Agaigo Oyindipere Yabassi Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1318. NNR29/2019/BAY/213/0019271 Bekeowei Kuroakpodugha Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1319. NNR29/2019/BAY/214/0019299 Nosika Alaowei Thephilus Bayelsa E2 NNBTS ONNE

  1320. NNR29/2019/BAY/2148/0127822 Woyiama Tariwaribakumor Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1321. NNR29/2019/BAY/2152/0128165 Jack Godspower Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1322. NNR29/2019/BAY/2174/0129728 Highlife Martins Bayelsa H NNBTS ONNE

  1323. NNR29/2019/BAY/2191/0131135 Gbolofa Tari-Emi Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1324. NNR29/2019/BAY/2193/0131228 Alex Oweipadei Freeman Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1325. NNR29/2019/BAY/2215/0132274 Weiwei Diepreye Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1326. NNR29/2019/BAY/2226/0132611 Engeri Oyintari Peter Bayelsa C1 NNBTS ONNE

  1327. NNR29/2019/BAY/2228/0132633 Preye Solomon Sunday Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1328. NNR29/2019/BAY/234/0022232 Johnson Godspower Tare Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1329. NNR29/2019/BAY/236/0022457 Tungbowei Akpotunimibofa Alfred Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1330. NNR29/2019/BAY/238/0022594 Krason Ela-Ebi Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1331. NNR29/2019/BAY/24/0002676 Belleh Oyine Samuel Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1332. NNR29/2019/BAY/253/0024163 Eke Julius Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1333. NNR29/2019/BAY/259/0024670 Oduma Friday Edesiri Bayelsa B4 NNBTS ONNE

  1334. NNR29/2019/BAY/268/0024987 Ekperi Samuel Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1335. NNR29/2019/BAY/290/0026120 Gentleman Pereyekelamo Benson Bayelsa B1 NNBTS ONNE

  1336. NNR29/2019/BAY/298/0026750 Godwin Justice Nicho Bayelsa E2 NNBTS ONNE

  1337. NNR29/2019/BAY/299/0026853 Tubonimi Ebibralade Peter Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1338. NNR29/2019/BAY/30/0003220 Angosei Solomon Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1339. NNR29/2019/BAY/32/0003452 Obukohwo Philip Andrew Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1340. NNR29/2019/BAY/321/0029001 Famous Ebikake Endurance Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1341. NNR29/2019/BAY/364/0031106 Sapele Esivweneta Clement Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1342. NNR29/2019/BAY/37/0004206 Pius Goodluck Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1343. NNR29/2019/BAY/378/0031723 Esiburu Salvation Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1344. NNR29/2019/BAY/381/0031845 Diri Oyinkuro Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1345. NNR29/2019/BAY/390/0032211 Friday Alex Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1346. NNR29/2019/BAY/395/0032628 Ayapaye Emiye Precious Bayelsa E3 NNBTS ONNE

  1347. NNR29/2019/BAY/396/0032668 Governor Tamara-Miebi Bayelsa H NNBTS ONNE

  1348. NNR29/2019/BAY/398/0032914 Isaac Balaperekumo Franca Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1349. NNR29/2019/BAY/406/0033318 Goldpin Darlington Ebiye Bayelsa G NNBTS ONNE

  1350. NNR29/2019/BAY/421/0034988 Paulson Alex Egbasiemokumor Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1351. NNR29/2019/BAY/426/0035605 Emmanuel Akpokabowei Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1352. NNR29/2019/BAY/437/0036574 Okpeke Festus Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1353. NNR29/2019/BAY/438/0036598 Ekade Seletin Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1354. NNR29/2019/BAY/442/0036743 Porbeni Moses Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1355. NNR29/2019/BAY/447/0036986 Borosuogha Ekiyewere Bright Bayelsa E2 NNBTS ONNE

  1356. NNR29/2019/BAY/455/0037359 Jeremiah Ebimoboere Hope Bayelsa E3 NNBTS ONNE

  1357. NNR29/2019/BAY/461/0037562 Okoriye Tarebebowei Ebiowei Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1358. NNR29/2019/BAY/463/0037672 Onitsha Queen Zene Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1359. NNR29/2019/BAY/464/0037741 Samson Timiedi Andy Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1360. NNR29/2019/BAY/478/0038406 Tonde Happiness Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1361. NNR29/2019/BAY/480/0038442 Porbeni Diepreye Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1362. NNR29/2019/BAY/482/0038477 Governor Ayibatare Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1363. NNR29/2019/BAY/492/0039281 Bossman Timidi Austin Bayelsa B1 NNBTS ONNE

  1364. NNR29/2019/BAY/494/0039348 Brakeowei Otennekebebeare Tubolayefa Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1365. NNR29/2019/BAY/519/0042449 Agbunu Edisemi Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1366. NNR29/2019/BAY/535/0043743 Jimmy Benard Ebikemefa Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1367. NNR29/2019/BAY/547/0044074 Alaedu Nneka Helen Bayelsa E2 NNBTS ONNE

  1368. NNR29/2019/BAY/551/0044299 Thomas Cletus Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1369. NNR29/2019/BAY/559/0044711 Japhet Benefit Tarimobowei Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1370. NNR29/2019/BAY/561/0044742 Ebredeni Alexander Emmanuel Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1371. NNR29/2019/BAY/564/0044925 Gideon Blessing Lucky-Ere Bayelsa E4 NNBTS ONNE

  1372. NNR29/2019/BAY/569/0045210 Emmanuel Emmanuel Mick Bayelsa N NNBTS ONNE

  1373. NNR29/2019/BAY/570/0045213 Godbless Edisemi Mercy Bayelsa E1 NNBTS ONNE

  1374. NNR29/2019/BAY/572/0045232 Douglas Ekiyobilemowei Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1375. NNR29/2019/BAY/58/0006342 Nein Ebikedoumene Bayelsa E3 NNBTS ONNE

  1376. NNR29/2019/BAY/582/0045724 Ebutemetta Trust-God Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1377. NNR29/2019/BAY/583/0045860 Oveh Ebiakpo Anthony Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1378. NNR29/2019/BAY/586/0045972 Oldman Okemes Edies Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1379. NNR29/2019/BAY/593/0046284 Felix Profit Arientarhe Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1380. NNR29/2019/BAY/597/0046509 Oputa Sarah Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1381. NNR29/2019/BAY/602/0046738 Andrew Ekpokonbowei Miracle Bayelsa E3 NNBTS ONNE

  1382. NNR29/2019/BAY/603/0046741 Elaemi Tamaranebomode Bayelsa E2 NNBTS ONNE

  1383. NNR29/2019/BAY/609/0046880 Shadrach Andakuro Justice Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1384. NNR29/2019/BAY/614/0046959 Churchill Derebebepa C Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1385. NNR29/2019/BAY/621/0047272 Egbegi Prela Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1386. NNR29/2019/BAY/622/0047381 Omu Freedom Edisemi Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1387. NNR29/2019/BAY/626/0047726 Asonfa Akpolili Best Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1388. NNR29/2019/BAY/633/0047925 Ayunku Oyinlayefa Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1389. NNR29/2019/BAY/64/0006732 Asima Tariladei Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1390. NNR29/2019/BAY/641/0048446 Agadafene Embeleakpo Fortune Bayelsa E2 NNBTS ONNE

  1391. NNR29/2019/BAY/643/0048482 Porbeni Diepreye Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1392. NNR29/2019/BAY/645/0048535 Dagana Nathaniel Okono Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1393. NNR29/2019/BAY/648/0048585 Christopher Kerin Bayelsa H NNBTS ONNE

  1394. NNR29/2019/BAY/656/0048907 Otukpo Tarilayefa Bayelsa E3 NNBTS ONNE

  1395. NNR29/2019/BAY/68/0006974 Oruama Dere-Ateide Francis Bayelsa E2 NNBTS ONNE

  1396. NNR29/2019/BAY/688/0051091 Amabemi David Bayelsa G NNBTS ONNE

  1397. NNR29/2019/BAY/692/0051212 Odoni Samson Aboro Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1398. NNR29/2019/BAY/696/0051402 Efe Innocent Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1399. NNR29/2019/BAY/697/0051404 Wilfred Oyindimiemene Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1400. NNR29/2019/BAY/703/0051514 Pinaowei Prince Emmanuel Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1401. NNR29/2019/BAY/714/0052113 Ediruo Mevayero Emmanuel Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1402. NNR29/2019/BAY/719/0052318 Nein Boboyilayefa Benson Bayelsa N NNBTS ONNE

  1403. NNR29/2019/BAY/724/0052387 Sunday Victor Ofonibawei Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1404. NNR29/2019/BAY/731/0053047 Beggie James Daniel Bayelsa G NNBTS ONNE

  1405. NNR29/2019/BAY/735/0053232 Lolo Oyinkuro Godspower Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1406. NNR29/2019/BAY/739/0053361 Sabina Fidelis Oyindeyobofa Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1407. NNR29/2019/BAY/745/0053575 Yekwe John Pastor Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1408. NNR29/2019/BAY/749/0053706 Brike Tare Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1409. NNR29/2019/BAY/751/0053712 Douglas Tambo Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1410. NNR29/2019/BAY/754/0053760 Osusu Desmond Bayelsa A2 NNBTS ONNE

  1411. NNR29/2019/BAY/763/0054181 Atolumo Moses Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1412. NNR29/2019/BAY/766/0054316 Tamaramieye Tare-Owei Destiny Bayelsa C1 NNBTS ONNE

  1413. NNR29/2019/BAY/770/0054406 Komboye Ebeniza Samson Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1414. NNR29/2019/BAY/772/0054497 Odogu Pere Poubinafa Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1415. NNR29/2019/BAY/787/0055256 Barrack Tarela Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1416. NNR29/2019/BAY/799/0056082 America Anita Bayelsa E2 NNBTS ONNE

  1417. NNR29/2019/BAY/813/0057859 Benjuli Peremene Gedi Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1418. NNR29/2019/BAY/822/0058245 Dirikibamor Tarela O Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1419. NNR29/2019/BAY/840/0059191 Nupe Joseph Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1420. NNR29/2019/BAY/843/0059540 Dakoru Paul Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1421. NNR29/2019/BAY/855/0059926 Nimizigha Epowei Marvelous Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1422. NNR29/2019/BAY/86/0009098 Abeki Emomotimi Godbless Bayelsa A1 NNBTS ONNE

  1423. NNR29/2019/BAY/872/0060440 Zidafamor Enewarikpo-Emi John Bayelsa N NNBTS ONNE

  1424. NNR29/2019/BAY/873/0060450 Oyobolo Tamaraprebi Godgift Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1425. NNR29/2019/BAY/874/0060493 Bufumoh Bodiseowei Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1426. NNR29/2019/BAY/883/0060830 Koko Daniel Ebikibina Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1427. NNR29/2019/BAY/885/0060860 Ayowei Thankgod Diye Bayelsa E2 NNBTS ONNE

  1428. NNR29/2019/BAY/889/0061065 Benjuli Esther Gedi Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1429. NNR29/2019/BAY/891/0061186 Siasia Enemo Boloumbemowei Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1430. NNR29/2019/BAY/895/0061253 Zidafamor Enewarikpo-Emi John Bayelsa N NNBTS ONNE

  1431. NNR29/2019/BAY/899/0061399 Belleh Wilson Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1432. NNR29/2019/BAY/912/0061960 Kotingo Joseph Kurotimipa Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1433. NNR29/2019/BAY/913/0061969 Royal Tobulayefa Emmanuel Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1434. NNR29/2019/BAY/931/0064009 Kpe Prince Doubara Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1435. NNR29/2019/BAY/940/0064212 Ogoh Edubamo Hilman Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1436. NNR29/2019/BAY/95/0009544 Kenneth Warebi Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1437. NNR29/2019/BAY/950/0064698 Akpoebi Precious Ebitare Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1438. NNR29/2019/BAY/951/0064717 Lawrence Godknows Tamarankenouwere Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1439. NNR29/2019/BAY/953/0064756 Omu Solomon Preye Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1440. NNR29/2019/BAY/957/0064907 Igolukumo Lucky Bayelsa A2 NNBTS ONNE

  1441. NNR29/2019/BAY/965/0065456 Ayaware Micheal Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1442. NNR29/2019/BAY/968/0065508 Agidee Joseph Ayeju Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1443. NNR29/2019/BAY/976/0066011 Ogalah Doris Ayibatare Bayelsa N NNBTS ONNE

  1444. NNR29/2019/BAY/978/0066163 Pighi Basil Ebidouowei Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1445. NNR29/2019/BAY/991/0066918 Ibadougha Oyindenyefa Bayelsa D3 NNBTS ONNE

  1446. NNR29/2019/BAY/998/0067300 Oruebi Lucky Ezonboude Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1447. NNR29/2019/BAY/1/0000062 Justus Ebimoboere Demeyai Bayelsa D3 NNBTS ONNE

  1448. NNR29/2019/BAY/1013/0067969 Sokari Lloyd Matthew Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1449. NNR29/2019/BAY/1030/0068612 Ogonodi Ondoegberi Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1450. NNR29/2019/BAY/1041/0069502 Cartha Iladebi Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1451. NNR29/2019/BAY/106/0010407 Monday Kemekedoumini Ondoukari Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1452. NNR29/2019/BAY/1077/0071414 Isaiah Tuebimo Christopher Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1453. NNR29/2019/BAY/1093/0071924 Egbe Eretinghen Precious Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1454. NNR29/2019/BAY/110/0010523 Ibomoh Kingsley Oyeinseperedei Bayelsa E3 NNBTS ONNE

  1455. NNR29/2019/BAY/1115/0073035 Anthony Ellis Alfred Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1456. NNR29/2019/BAY/1132/0074615 Akene Ebikabowei Vander Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1457. NNR29/2019/BAY/1138/0074980 Obirih Brayelayefa Celestine Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1458. NNR29/2019/BAY/1144/0075424 John Uyakeme-Egbeghe Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1459. NNR29/2019/BAY/1145/0075454 Simon Emmanuel Hery Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1460. NNR29/2019/BAY/1146/0075487 Lucky David Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1461. NNR29/2019/BAY/1149/0075644 Keme Binmopre Daniel Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1462. NNR29/2019/BAY/1172/0077243 Tom Samson Iniye Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1463. NNR29/2019/BAY/1175/0077275 Seibokuro Uyatinkumo Williams Bayelsa N NNBTS ONNE

  1464. NNR29/2019/BAY/1183/0077785 Kenneth Ogoh Godgift Bayelsa H NNBTS ONNE

  1465. NNR29/2019/BAY/1193/0078227 Buna Maebi Godson Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1466. NNR29/2019/BAY/1196/0078428 Afili Abraham Peter Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1467. NNR29/2019/BAY/1234/0081462 Daniel Pebiyirin Mercy Bayelsa C1 NNBTS ONNE

  1468. NNR29/2019/BAY/1245/0081956 Daniel Wotari Wills Bayelsa E1 NNBTS ONNE

  1469. NNR29/2019/BAY/1247/0081987 Amadon Johnson Zipigha Bayelsa F1 NNBTS ONNE

  1470. NNR29/2019/BAY/1258/0082966 Deo Vinimah Tari Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1471. NNR29/2019/BAY/1277/0083657 Nimbo Gabriel Graham Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1472. NNR29/2019/BAY/1279/0083751 Pulo Sinkumo Azi Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1473. NNR29/2019/BAY/1309/0084552 Leyai Selekekeme Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1474. NNR29/2019/BAY/1316/0084707 Guineagold Sylvanus Clever Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1475. NNR29/2019/BAY/1323/0085006 Lugard Computer Lugard Bayelsa N NNBTS ONNE

  1476. NNR29/2019/BAY/1328/0085131 Leyai Erepamo Ayibaesin Bayelsa E3 NNBTS ONNE

  1477. NNR29/2019/BAY/1336/0085467 Weribi Etimierimene Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1478. NNR29/2019/BAY/1339/0085626 James Ibolo Godgift Bayelsa N NNBTS ONNE

  1479. NNR29/2019/BAY/135/0013768 Azana Kemesuotei Emerick Bayelsa N NNBTS ONNE

  1480. NNR29/2019/BAY/1355/0087276 Douglas Williams Nanaseindebofa Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1481. NNR29/2019/BAY/1358/0087351 Leyai Selekekeme Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1482. NNR29/2019/BAY/1401/0089437 Nelson John Lucky Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1483. NNR29/2019/BAY/1418/0090042 James Emmanuel Godday Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1484. NNR29/2019/BAY/1419/0090051 Godwin Douye Alamingo Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1485. NNR29/2019/BAY/142/0014149 Leghemo Pereseighe Albert Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1486. NNR29/2019/BAY/1422/0090107 Joshua Suoyo Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1487. NNR29/2019/BAY/1424/0090171 Akpoabo-Wei Ebidou-Owei Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1488. NNR29/2019/BAY/1430/0090568 Tubonimi Diepreye Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1489. NNR29/2019/BAY/1440/0090957 Julius Precious Suboh Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1490. NNR29/2019/BAY/1443/0091053 Lamech Ruth Lucky Bayelsa E2 NNBTS ONNE

  1491. NNR29/2019/BAY/1449/0091419 Dan Godwin Ebitari Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1492. NNR29/2019/BAY/1459/0091827 Frank Andrew Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1493. NNR29/2019/BAY/147/0014410 Kalango Uche Tamarutonye Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1494. NNR29/2019/BAY/1483/0093319 Ugbenbofa Godbless Bayelsa C1 NNBTS ONNE

  1495. NNR29/2019/BAY/1498/0094003 Obiri Erefaghe Patrick Bayelsa B1 NNBTS ONNE

  1496. NNR29/2019/BAY/1530/0095348 Nestor Samson Frank Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1497. NNR29/2019/BAY/154/0015141 Ekubo Wose-Ebi Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1498. NNR29/2019/BAY/1552/0096663 Okosibidei Alabo Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1499. NNR29/2019/BAY/156/0015415 Makpah Doubra Johning Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1500. NNR29/2019/BAY/1562/0097006 Gillow Ebidesedei Degema Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1501. NNR29/2019/BAY/1563/0097015 Oliki Wisdom Sinclair Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1502. NNR29/2019/BAY/1565/0097278 Allen Joseph Ayebadoubara Bayelsa C1 NNBTS ONNE

  1503. NNR29/2019/BAY/1585/0098638 Francis Edisemi Daniel Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1504. NNR29/2019/BAY/159/0015607 Niger Ebieredei Christoher Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1505. NNR29/2019/BAY/1590/0098767 Koko Peredeseghebofa Silas Bayelsa F1 NNBTS ONNE

  1506. NNR29/2019/BAY/1609/0099785 Bile-Bile Trust-God Levi Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1507. NNR29/2019/BAY/1614/0099925 Porter Funkebi Bright Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1508. NNR29/2019/BAY/1624/0100157 Gilbert Joseph Albert Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1509. NNR29/2019/BAY/1632/0100575 Young David Woyinnientei Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1510. NNR29/2019/BAY/1635/0100649 James Queen Korokoro Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1511. NNR29/2019/BAY/1638/0100747 Koikoibo Godspower Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1512. NNR29/2019/BAY/1645/0101147 Benjamin Ebimbonimigha Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1513. NNR29/2019/BAY/1651/0101449 Iyanimigha Pereyi Felix Bayelsa C2 NNBTS ONNE

  1514. NNR29/2019/BAY/1653/0101560 Johnbull Kemetimipagheyofa Joseph Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1515. NNR29/2019/BAY/1666/0102040 Agama Joshua Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1516. NNR29/2019/BAY/1669/0102165 Duoduo Tammy Joel Bayelsa N NNBTS ONNE

  1517. NNR29/2019/BAY/1686/0103561 Didegha Woyintariperedei Bayelsa N NNBTS ONNE

  1518. NNR29/2019/BAY/1701/0104367 Otiotio Ayibaifiya John Bayelsa N NNBTS ONNE

  1519. NNR29/2019/BAY/1704/0104457 Jonah Perefagha Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1520. NNR29/2019/BAY/1707/0104615 Umana Williams Idumu Bayelsa E1 NNBTS ONNE

  1521. NNR29/2019/BAY/1710/0104662 Ibo Oliolio Walter Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1522. NNR29/2019/BAY/1720/0105006 Joseph David Suobai Bayelsa H NNBTS ONNE

  1523. NNR29/2019/BAY/1747/0106267 Bekefula Austin Hero Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1524. NNR29/2019/BAY/1763/0107645 Ogiori Godhelpme Wisdom Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1525. NNR29/2019/BAY/177/0017061 Osim Patrick Ngboki Bayelsa E2 NNBTS ONNE

  1526. NNR29/2019/BAY/1770/0108291 Adobu Emmanuel E. Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1527. NNR29/2019/BAY/1782/0108980 Adua Odonkumo Amakiri Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1528. NNR29/2019/BAY/1794/0110042 Oweifighe Timiebi Samson Bayelsa H NNBTS ONNE

  1529. NNR29/2019/BAY/18/0001860 Alfred Tarikebuna Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1530. NNR29/2019/BAY/1860/0113355 Ebidei Angotua Effort Bayelsa N NNBTS ONNE

  1531. NNR29/2019/BAY/1868/0113702 Imoladei Waribo D Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1532. NNR29/2019/BAY/1873/0113915 Sukuluwei Victoria Ebitimi Bayelsa E2 NNBTS ONNE

  1533. NNR29/2019/BAY/1874/0113928 Andrew Ebierelayefa Excellent Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1534. NNR29/2019/BAY/1878/0114017 Akolomi Philip Zimoghen Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1535. NNR29/2019/BAY/1882/0114208 Peinteiwei Ikiemini Resident Bayelsa E2 NNBTS ONNE

  1536. NNR29/2019/BAY/1888/0114491 Loko Shedrack Konopadei Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1537. NNR29/2019/BAY/1894/0114784 Ezekiel Ayibaemoemoeme Faith Bayelsa D3 NNBTS ONNE

  1538. NNR29/2019/BAY/1904/0115205 Adams Desmond Edise-Emi Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1539. NNR29/2019/BAY/1913/0115511 Ako Etunimiaye Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1540. NNR29/2019/BAY/1934/0116991 Disi Peretei Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1541. NNR29/2019/BAY/1944/0117403 Nelson Erefamokumo Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1542. NNR29/2019/BAY/1974/0119335 Moses Woyintunimibofa Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1543. NNR29/2019/BAY/1988/0120053 Dauseighe Gift Preye Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1544. NNR29/2019/BAY/2005/0120778 Kari Pereindi Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1545. NNR29/2019/BAY/2006/0120786 Adeola Emmanuel Oyinkule Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1546. NNR29/2019/BAY/2007/0120833 Ogbianawei Moses Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1547. NNR29/2019/BAY/2022/0121453 Innocent Hope Ebiakpo Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1548. NNR29/2019/BAY/2027/0121838 Joshua Doutimi Divine Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1549. NNR29/2019/BAY/2029/0121990 Bedd Gentle Seimiekumo Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1550. NNR29/2019/BAY/2031/0122071 Godwin Elvis Bayelsa N NNBTS ONNE

  1551. NNR29/2019/BAY/2034/0122255 Ezekiel Wisdom Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1552. NNR29/2019/BAY/2053/0122843 Appolus Bright Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1553. NNR29/2019/BAY/2068/0123840 Ego Blessing Bayelsa E3 NNBTS ONNE

  1554. NNR29/2019/BAY/2070/0123928 Sango Philip Bayelsa F1 NNBTS ONNE

  1555. NNR29/2019/BAY/2102/0125482 Jacob Kerekebuna Gloria Bayelsa D3 NNBTS ONNE

  1556. NNR29/2019/BAY/2113/0126430 Adua Timiebi Isaiah Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1557. NNR29/2019/BAY/2118/0126898 Ego Blessing Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1558. NNR29/2019/BAY/2198/0131709 Zige Lucky Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1559. NNR29/2019/BAY/221/0020080 Kemeladei Ebiumunu Bayelsa N NNBTS ONNE

  1560. NNR29/2019/BAY/2216/0132301 Okosudiegha Ebimobo-Ere Samuel Bayelsa E3 NNBTS ONNE

  1561. NNR29/2019/BAY/222/0020160 Ishmeal Jefferson Kay Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1562. NNR29/2019/BAY/228/0021691 Daniel Kaizer Isiri Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1563. NNR29/2019/BAY/235/0022360 Nembe Timipa Gabriel Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1564. NNR29/2019/BAY/243/0023172 Andrew Benjamin Ayibagbalimuni Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1565. NNR29/2019/BAY/245/0023441 Premier Ebimoboere Faith Bayelsa C1 NNBTS ONNE

  1566. NNR29/2019/BAY/264/0024856 Peter Ebikake Bayelsa N NNBTS ONNE

  1567. NNR29/2019/BAY/289/0026091 Feku Omiyenmu Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1568. NNR29/2019/BAY/295/0026330 Yabefa Peri Daulayefa Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1569. NNR29/2019/BAY/297/0026434 Macjoel David Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1570. NNR29/2019/BAY/333/0029401 Leghemo Kemesuomene Albert Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1571. NNR29/2019/BAY/335/0029447 Patani Timipere Jeffter Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1572. NNR29/2019/BAY/359/0030937 Teilanyo Emmanuel Profit Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1573. NNR29/2019/BAY/365/0031142 Awula Ishmeal Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1574. NNR29/2019/BAY/385/0031950 Leizou Moses Preny Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1575. NNR29/2019/BAY/388/0032134 Johnson Richman Bayelsa E3 NNBTS ONNE

  1576. NNR29/2019/BAY/394/0032560 Jospeh Ziperedein Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1577. NNR29/2019/BAY/399/0033012 Humphrey Ditorudonkumo Boukazi Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1578. NNR29/2019/BAY/416/0034460 Joseph David Ilabofawei Bayelsa B1 NNBTS ONNE

  1579. NNR29/2019/BAY/422/0035049 Ekubo Meinyeseighe Fieabebe Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1580. NNR29/2019/BAY/429/0035877 Walter Oweikeme Daulayefa Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1581. NNR29/2019/BAY/432/0036179 Thankgod Saviour Enos Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1582. NNR29/2019/BAY/436/0036416 Gisborn Ebimobowei Okoto Bayelsa E1 NNBTS ONNE

  1583. NNR29/2019/BAY/449/0037086 Frank Iniyelayefa Walson Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1584. NNR29/2019/BAY/456/0037363 Abraham Peter Samuel Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1585. NNR29/2019/BAY/459/0037507 Ayawei Ebipaunbonimighen Henry Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1586. NNR29/2019/BAY/479/0038436 Yeteingha Vincent Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1587. NNR29/2019/BAY/48/0005427 Peri Godbless John Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1588. NNR29/2019/BAY/486/0038762 Godgift Promise Hezekiah Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1589. NNR29/2019/BAY/518/0042430 Obirizi Emmanuel Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1590. NNR29/2019/BAY/558/0044620 Young Ayibadipre Kind Bayelsa E1 NNBTS ONNE

  1591. NNR29/2019/BAY/576/0045375 Jacob Goodness I. Bayelsa E3 NNBTS ONNE

  1592. NNR29/2019/BAY/593/0046283 Ajaye Daniel Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1593. NNR29/2019/BAY/607/0046843 Adolphus Ebiondomotimi Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1594. NNR29/2019/BAY/623/0047479 Meeting Inifie Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1595. NNR29/2019/BAY/624/0047568 Oyeinkuro Prisca Oyeinkorekye Bayelsa G NNBTS ONNE

  1596. NNR29/2019/BAY/627/0047743 Enoch Endurance Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1597. NNR29/2019/BAY/634/0048091 Adobu Tonye Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1598. NNR29/2019/BAY/683/0050315 Dowell Christian Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1599. NNR29/2019/BAY/689/0051160 Okoi Inimotimi Prigila Bayelsa B2 NNBTS ONNE

  1600. NNR29/2019/BAY/72/0007354 Mark Solomon Francis Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1601. NNR29/2019/BAY/722/0052344 Kokorifa Jackson Kememopiyaghe Bayelsa H NNBTS ONNE

  1602. NNR29/2019/BAY/725/0052413 John Esther Alaere Bayelsa C1 NNBTS ONNE

  1603. NNR29/2019/BAY/730/0053008 Lucky Oyienmiebi Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1604. NNR29/2019/BAY/76/0008344 Tokpo Tekena Timpa Bayelsa N NNBTS ONNE

  1605. NNR29/2019/BAY/760/0053966 Ekubo Ayibaemi Labokenimi Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1606. NNR29/2019/BAY/779/0054888 Macaiva Matthew Matthew Bayelsa D3 NNBTS ONNE

  1607. NNR29/2019/BAY/78/0008619 Akpu Inibralayefa Bayelsa B1 NNBTS ONNE

  1608. NNR29/2019/BAY/79/0008715 Awei Prayer Jezreel Bayelsa C2 NNBTS ONNE

  1609. NNR29/2019/BAY/796/0055779 Oguda Birisuodigha Bayelsa B1 NNBTS ONNE

  1610. NNR29/2019/BAY/815/0057918 Ceylon Itonkumo Charles Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1611. NNR29/2019/BAY/817/0057969 Dressman Selekiakpo Johnson Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1612. NNR29/2019/BAY/818/0057992 Bidein Tuboudiegha Agala Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1613. NNR29/2019/BAY/819/0058179 Frank Iyenimi Walson Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1614. NNR29/2019/BAY/849/0059819 Newton Progress Ayibakuro Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1615. NNR29/2019/BAY/850/0059827 Matthew Ziebiye Vera Bayelsa F1 NNBTS ONNE

  1616. NNR29/2019/BAY/858/0059969 Ebenah Remesia Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1617. NNR29/2019/BAY/877/0060653 Bozin Ebide Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1618. NNR29/2019/BAY/89/0009278 Ogbe Juliet Oyeinkuro Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1619. NNR29/2019/BAY/907/0061754 Ebikedoumene Francis Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1620. NNR29/2019/BAY/91/0009427 Efere Ayateme Israel Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1621. NNR29/2019/BAY/943/0064351 Tokpo Izonfadei Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1622. NNR29/2019/BAY/944/0064522 Matthew Akpoebi Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1623. NNR29/2019/BAY/959/0065033 Andrew Messiah Siri Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1624. NNR29/2019/BAY/96/0009667 Kehinde Prince Nangi Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1625. NNR29/2019/BAY/962/0065393 Patrick Ebimoboere Elizabeth Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1626. NNR29/2019/BAY/971/0065747 Shedrack Ebimoboere Independent Bayelsa E3 NNBTS ONNE

  1627. NNR29/2019/BAY/973/0065837 Victor Tarelade Bayelsa E3 NNBTS ONNE

  1628. NNR29/2019/BAY/977/0066150 Obudu Joyful Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1629. NNR29/2019/BAY/1003/0067608 Otame Oyateidou Paul Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1630. NNR29/2019/BAY/1036/0068940 Kingdom Daniel Damilola Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1631. NNR29/2019/BAY/1066/0070888 Arowefi Maworuya Amiso Bayelsa E2 NNBTS ONNE

  1632. NNR29/2019/BAY/1089/0071783 Okere Esuenifien Bayelsa H NNBTS ONNE

  1633. NNR29/2019/BAY/1098/0072094 Odogu Simon Atoukaritor Bayelsa D4 NNBTS ONNE

  1634. NNR29/2019/BAY/1113/0072854 Owurumape Indutimi Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1635. NNR29/2019/BAY/1166/0076864 Azigbe Imomotimi Prince Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1636. NNR29/2019/BAY/1187/0077899 Ajebitimi Joy Olamere Bayelsa F1 NNBTS ONNE

  1637. NNR29/2019/BAY/12/0001256 Diepreye Fiemeya Ibani Bayelsa E2 NNBTS ONNE

  1638. NNR29/2019/BAY/120/0011863 Sumbiri Peaceful Bayelsa C2 NNBTS ONNE

  1639. NNR29/2019/BAY/1215/0080259 Wenibo Marwo Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1640. NNR29/2019/BAY/1235/0081469 Zikenah Amen Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1641. NNR29/2019/BAY/1239/0081682 Seitongha Godgift Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1642. NNR29/2019/BAY/1250/0082177 Thompson Akpewulu Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1643. NNR29/2019/BAY/1302/0084311 Abile Multiply Ebimobowei Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1644. NNR29/2019/BAY/1306/0084504 Odeh Vincent Inikio Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1645. NNR29/2019/BAY/1307/0084518 Joseph Larry _ Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1646. NNR29/2019/BAY/1320/0084817 Azabia Wisdom Damian Bayelsa E2 NNBTS ONNE

  1647. NNR29/2019/BAY/1366/0087761 Joel Stephen Godday Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1648. NNR29/2019/BAY/1373/0088196 Aweibo Bolowei Bayelsa B3 NNBTS ONNE

  1649. NNR29/2019/BAY/1447/0091229 Osain Raphael Zetoor Bayelsa N NNBTS ONNE

  1650. NNR29/2019/BAY/1481/0093214 Obatar Destiny Oyibodonye Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1651. NNR29/2019/BAY/1506/0094295 Daniel Francis Mumerya Bayelsa E3 NNBTS ONNE

  1652. NNR29/2019/BAY/1524/0095165 Salo Gift Ebinipiri Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1653. NNR29/2019/BAY/1532/0095448 Vincent Diekevie Oyenze Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1654. NNR29/2019/BAY/1538/0095985 Osakwe Bright Gift Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1655. NNR29/2019/BAY/1575/0098083 Otoworo Samuel Ayibaina Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1656. NNR29/2019/BAY/1596/0099155 Dukobu Tarila Pleasure Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1657. NNR29/2019/BAY/16/0001800 Victor Joachim Memekizibe Bayelsa E2 NNBTS ONNE

  1658. NNR29/2019/BAY/1606/0099537 Okpara Samuel Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1659. NNR29/2019/BAY/1644/0101078 Solomon Believegod Gbanabolou Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1660. NNR29/2019/BAY/1649/0101245 Obele Preye Felix Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1661. NNR29/2019/BAY/1657/0101685 Julius Gift Bayelsa G NNBTS ONNE

  1662. NNR29/2019/BAY/1696/0104160 Ikirika Eriyebindou Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1663. NNR29/2019/BAY/1709/0104654 Sakwe Sinitombe Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1664. NNR29/2019/BAY/1715/0104873 Johnson Endurance Eseimo Bayelsa E1 NNBTS ONNE

  1665. NNR29/2019/BAY/1717/0104916 Joshua Osiovie Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1666. NNR29/2019/BAY/1735/0105599 Rapheal Deborah Rapheala Bayelsa E3 NNBTS ONNE

  1667. NNR29/2019/BAY/1736/0105653 Okilo Toyikume Peace Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1668. NNR29/2019/BAY/1739/0105815 Oyadongha Godspower Winkuro Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1669. NNR29/2019/BAY/1825/0112121 Welson Souyo Kalakai Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1670. NNR29/2019/BAY/1830/0112199 Ogadima Abebelizibe David Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1671. NNR29/2019/BAY/1836/0112535 Agama Richman Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1672. NNR29/2019/BAY/1883/0114315 Itu Bubaraye Ebiye Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1673. NNR29/2019/BAY/189/0017930 Emeka Wamoemi Lucky Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1674. NNR29/2019/BAY/1893/0114714 Wetavu Tariowei Lucky Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1675. NNR29/2019/BAY/1896/0114825 Simeon Murphy Mofien Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1676. NNR29/2019/BAY/1920/0116086 Egba Provide Lawrence Bayelsa E1 NNBTS ONNE

  1677. NNR29/2019/BAY/1924/0116366 Diekivietor Wisdom Stephen Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1678. NNR29/2019/BAY/1941/0117262 Atah Gideon Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1679. NNR29/2019/BAY/1950/0117831 Jeremiah Edna Waripamo-Ere Bayelsa F1 NNBTS ONNE

  1680. NNR29/2019/BAY/1960/0118446 Okpoi Lucky Yaba Bayelsa H NNBTS ONNE

  1681. NNR29/2019/BAY/1965/0118746 Joram Confidence Conan Bayelsa C1 NNBTS ONNE

  1682. NNR29/2019/BAY/1985/0119936 Egba Inetummine Lawrence Bayelsa E4 NNBTS ONNE

  1683. NNR29/2019/BAY/1993/0120322 Ayebabogha John Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1684. NNR29/2019/BAY/2003/0120673 Constant Jacob Ogilizibe Bayelsa E2 NNBTS ONNE

  1685. NNR29/2019/BAY/2043/0122389 Okpako Sunny Super Bayelsa F1 NNBTS ONNE

  1686. NNR29/2019/BAY/2045/0122470 Gabriel Justina Bayelsa E3 NNBTS ONNE

  1687. NNR29/2019/BAY/2053/0123215 Joel Ebikebina Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1688. NNR29/2019/BAY/2061/0123443 John Rapheal Emotimi Bayelsa E3 NNBTS ONNE

  1689. NNR29/2019/BAY/2072/0124002 Gabriel Justina Bayelsa E3 NNBTS ONNE

  1690. NNR29/2019/BAY/2076/0124121 Kaboufou Joshua Wonyengiemi Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1691. NNR29/2019/BAY/2084/0124693 Indali Funkebi Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1692. NNR29/2019/BAY/2099/0125411 Pastor Boloukebo Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1693. NNR29/2019/BAY/2133/0127466 John Yuosuo Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1694. NNR29/2019/BAY/2154/0128290 Paul Newman Michael Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1695. NNR29/2019/BAY/2155/0128311 Gbavieme Blessed Enoch Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1696. NNR29/2019/BAY/2158/0128558 Karamo Victor Ebiowei Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1697. NNR29/2019/BAY/2166/0129174 David John Ogbere Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1698. NNR29/2019/BAY/2172/0129549 Godbless Captain Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1699. NNR29/2019/BAY/2179/0130172 Bunafa Nelson Ebisume Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1700. NNR29/2019/BAY/2230/0132739 Edward Victor Bonfieme Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1701. NNR29/2019/BAY/2231/0132755 Dairo Helen Embeleakpo Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1702. NNR29/2019/BAY/225/0021194 Okelekele Enidienimovu Bayelsa E1 NNBTS ONNE

  1703. NNR29/2019/BAY/258/0024630 Ebikorogah Sporty Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1704. NNR29/2019/BAY/3/0000290 Beri Pulumboizibe Hambor Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1705. NNR29/2019/BAY/326/0029232 Wonkoya Izibediekime Godslove Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1706. NNR29/2019/BAY/334/0029417 Igodo Donald Profit Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1707. NNR29/2019/BAY/344/0030061 Jonah Joshua S Bayelsa G NNBTS ONNE

  1708. NNR29/2019/BAY/345/0030075 Gibson Timiduba Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1709. NNR29/2019/BAY/358/0030852 Aranka Kelvin Kokoweri Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1710. NNR29/2019/BAY/386/0031984 Dakolo Ebiweni Wayne Bayelsa H NNBTS ONNE

  1711. NNR29/2019/BAY/410/0033860 Victor Joel Biozibemumbe Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1712. NNR29/2019/BAY/419/0034709 Sorgwe Daniel James Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1713. NNR29/2019/BAY/433/0036213 Poko Izibenifien Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1714. NNR29/2019/BAY/445/0036861 Diri John Williams Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1715. NNR29/2019/BAY/457/0037431 Daniel Francis Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1716. NNR29/2019/BAY/470/0037850 Atinizibeze Jikivie Godspower Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1717. NNR29/2019/BAY/473/0038033 Marcus John Sinizibe Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1718. NNR29/2019/BAY/476/0038363 Faafa Raphael Okolobiri Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1719. NNR29/2019/BAY/499/0039987 Inesei Tarikeme Peter Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1720. NNR29/2019/BAY/507/0041270 Kikile Fameme Ovietemewo Bayelsa A2 NNBTS ONNE

  1721. NNR29/2019/BAY/513/0041971 Joseph Bright Oscar Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1722. NNR29/2019/BAY/515/0042249 Jacob Temple Tamuno Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1723. NNR29/2019/BAY/536/0043748 Gbassa Tombra Andrew Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1724. NNR29/2019/BAY/54/0006076 Yeseni Oviezibe John Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1725. NNR29/2019/BAY/542/0043886 Director Oduali Ogia Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1726. NNR29/2019/BAY/563/0044922 John Goodluck Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1727. NNR29/2019/BAY/580/0045628 Gbassa Yenimi Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1728. NNR29/2019/BAY/587/0045982 Osibau Solomon Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1729. NNR29/2019/BAY/592/0046213 Tarakeme Confidence Kimimoebi Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1730. NNR29/2019/BAY/605/0046806 Paul Promise Diekivie Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1731. NNR29/2019/BAY/613/0046957 Agama Desmond Freeborn Bayelsa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1732. NNR29/2019/BAY/632/0047903 Yoku Martha Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1733. NNR29/2019/BAY/640/0048390 Dogood Ken Izibegilim Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1734. NNR29/2019/BAY/701/0051468 Oyowei Godgift Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1735. NNR29/2019/BAY/709/0051921 Saiyou Abraham Uwoufiniowei Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1736. NNR29/2019/BAY/811/0057814 Imade Preye Etiosa Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1737. NNR29/2019/BAY/812/0057825 Jacob Christina Betty Bayelsa N NNBTS ONNE

  1738. NNR29/2019/BAY/826/0058444 Mark Lucky Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1739. NNR29/2019/BAY/836/0059027 Tuaweri Woyengikuro Patterson Bayelsa B1 NNBTS ONNE

  1740. NNR29/2019/BAY/856/0059948 Samuel Pius Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1741. NNR29/2019/BAY/863/0060209 Owei Confidence Dipamor Bayelsa N NNBTS ONNE

  1742. NNR29/2019/BAY/867/0060308 Jacob Joseph Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1743. NNR29/2019/BAY/909/0061895 Jombo Ilatei-Ebi Tarila Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1744. NNR29/2019/BAY/915/0062110 Franklin Osom Wilcox Bayelsa B2 NNBTS ONNE

  1745. NNR29/2019/BAY/934/0064055 Agbajah Elkanah Thompson Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1746. NNR29/2019/BAY/936/0064109 Okininge Nyepiriebi Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1747. NNR29/2019/BAY/939/0064206 Thomesia Dafi Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1748. NNR29/2019/BAY/955/0064818 Kenigua Ebiweni Chris Bayelsa E1 NNBTS ONNE

  1749. NNR29/2019/BAY/969/0065510 David Praygod Bayelsa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1750. NNR29/2019/BAY/981/0066198 Kalade Godgift Bayelsa B1 NNBTS ONNE

  1751. NNR29/2019/BEN/1148/0024991 Sule Ikwunja Michael Benue D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1752. NNR29/2019/BEN/1159/0025267 Edeh Emmanuel Benue A1 NNBTS ONNE

  1753. NNR29/2019/BEN/1820/0038470 Pius Thankgod Onmonya Benue D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1754. NNR29/2019/BEN/2885/0059253 Sunday Ehoche Joseph Benue N NNBTS ONNE

  1755. NNR29/2019/BEN/4453/0086084 Emmanuel Barnabas Benue D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1756. NNR29/2019/BEN/6420/0120229 Ogbu Esther Christabel Benue F1 NNBTS ONNE

  1757. NNR29/2019/BEN/2356/0049722 Daniel Michael Benue D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1758. NNR29/2019/BEN/3108/0063270 Dauda Halidu Olotu Benue D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1759. NNR29/2019/BEN/3693/0073085 Yahaya Nasiru Inalegwu Benue E5 NNBTS ONNE

  1760. NNR29/2019/BEN/4347/0084519 Daniel Ojema Agaba Benue D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1761. NNR29/2019/BEN/5609/0106727 Muhammed Abuh Benue D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1762. NNR29/2019/BEN/6225/0117064 Bawa Eche Julius Benue D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1763. NNR29/2019/BEN/6262/0117773 Bawa Loveth Benue D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1764. NNR29/2019/BEN/4765/0091316 Audu Charles Oloche Benue D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1765. NNR29/2019/BEN/5559/0105835 Eimoga Nathan Benue F2 NNBTS ONNE

  1766. NNR29/2019/BEN/6132/0115452 Sunday Ngbede Benue D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1767. NNR29/2019/BEN/15/0000317 Moses Emmanuel Benue E2 NNBTS ONNE

  1768. NNR29/2019/BEN/2916/0059751 Saater Emmanuel Kumawuese Benue D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1769. NNR29/2019/BEN/3562/0070950 Isaac Beyo Benue H NNBTS ONNE

  1770. NNR29/2019/BEN/1284/0028103 Titus Patrick Kwarkyor Benue C1 NNBTS ONNE

  1771. NNR29/2019/BEN/858/0019031 Kumaga Aondoaver Joseph Benue E5 NNBTS ONNE

  1772. NNR29/2019/BEN/1204/0026209 Saawuan Sylvester Benue D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1773. NNR29/2019/BEN/3926/0076995 Mbaatyoga Faeren Simon Benue C3 NNBTS ONNE

  1774. NNR29/2019/BEN/5461/0104039 Anum Silas Aondofa Benue D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1775. NNR29/2019/BEN/6510/0121553 Kazever Sesugh Franklin Benue D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1776. NNR29/2019/BEN/2887/0059277 Organde Solomon Benue B2 NNBTS ONNE

  1777. NNR29/2019/BEN/6176/0116215 Udzua Terhile Theophilus Benue D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1778. NNR29/2019/BEN/6784/0125278 Iorsuur Iorbee Simeon Benue D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1779. NNR29/2019/BEN/832/0018583 Akulega Orseer Stanley Benue D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1780. NNR29/2019/BEN/2286/0048368 Tyough Aondohemba Godwin Benue D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1781. NNR29/2019/BEN/5501/0104850 Orsah Helen Benue E3 NNBTS ONNE

  1782. NNR29/2019/BEN/1558/0033384 Odeh Shalom Dominic Benue D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1783. NNR29/2019/BEN/212/0004947 Uche John Best Benue J NNBTS ONNE

  1784. NNR29/2019/BEN/4026/0078713 Oboh Rhoda Ochuole Benue D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1785. NNR29/2019/BEN/1324/0029098 Agada Omale Benue D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1786. NNR29/2019/BEN/2857/0058766 Adaji Promise Benue E5 NNBTS ONNE

  1787. NNR29/2019/BEN/35/0000701 Akpa Kate Ene Benue E2 NNBTS ONNE

  1788. NNR29/2019/BEN/3716/0073453 Ogbe Janet Ada Benue E3 NNBTS ONNE

  1789. NNR29/2019/BEN/4234/0082754 Agbo Sunday Ejeh Benue D4 NNBTS ONNE

  1790. NNR29/2019/BEN/4588/0088693 Akogwu Thankgod Ojonugwa Benue D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1791. NNR29/2019/BEN/566/0013116 Sunday Abraham Inedu Benue D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1792. NNR29/2019/BEN/3776/0074698 Idegwu Patience Benue N NNBTS ONNE

  1793. NNR29/2019/BEN/2533/0053359 Ogbeche Ikape John Benue D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1794. NNR29/2019/BEN/3615/0071737 Okede Matthew Okoh Benue D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1795. NNR29/2019/BEN/1333/0029294 Attah George Aleke Benue D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1796. NNR29/2019/BEN/1545/0033204 Abah Victoria Benue E3 NNBTS ONNE

  1797. NNR29/2019/BEN/1832/0038668 Adikwu Bamaiyi A Benue C3 NNBTS ONNE

  1798. NNR29/2019/BEN/2470/0052130 Ochai Paul Benue D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1799. NNR29/2019/BEN/3543/0070761 Aleke Kate Agada Benue N NNBTS ONNE

  1800. NNR29/2019/BEN/5490/0104703 Anthony James Adaje Benue E5 NNBTS ONNE

  1801. NNR29/2019/BEN/6938/0127302 Godwin Rose Odachi Benue E1 NNBTS ONNE

  1802. NNR29/2019/BEN/1082/0023614 Ajene Mike Odejo Benue N NNBTS ONNE

  1803. NNR29/2019/BEN/1439/0030967 Okoh David Owoichofu Benue D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1804. NNR29/2019/BEN/1865/0039243 Ogba Patience Ene Benue N NNBTS ONNE

  1805. NNR29/2019/BEN/2313/0048793 Adakole John David Benue C1 NNBTS ONNE

  1806. NNR29/2019/BEN/2554/0053657 Benedict Grace Omojo Benue N NNBTS ONNE

  1807. NNR29/2019/BEN/2697/0056073 Innocent Sunday Benue D4 NNBTS ONNE

  1808. NNR29/2019/BEN/3095/0063042 Ochekpe John Benue B2 NNBTS ONNE

  1809. NNR29/2019/BEN/3186/0064799 Sunday Joseph Ehoche Benue N NNBTS ONNE

  1810. NNR29/2019/BEN/351/0008101 Audu Sule Benue D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1811. NNR29/2019/BEN/371/0008545 Ogba Mary Benue E2 NNBTS ONNE

  1812. NNR29/2019/BEN/503/0011304 Ogebe Samuel Basil Benue C3 NNBTS ONNE

  1813. NNR29/2019/BEN/5503/0104859 Sunday Onoja Paul Benue D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1814. NNR29/2019/BEN/5643/0107247 Owoicho Adakole Benue D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1815. NNR29/2019/BEN/583/0013488 Echono Abraham Alechenu Benue D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1816. NNR29/2019/BEN/616/0014289 Samuel Sunday Benue D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1817. NNR29/2019/BEN/6320/0118731 Ekoh Pamela Jacinta Benue F1 NNBTS ONNE

  1818. NNR29/2019/BEN/6715/0124285 John Peter Baba Benue D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1819. NNR29/2019/BEN/7262/0132934 David Justice Onjefu Benue E3 NNBTS ONNE

  1820. NNR29/2019/BEN/3546/0070782 Iorya Terkula Emmanuel Benue D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1821. NNR29/2019/BEN/828/0018471 Nyamve Terhile Japhet Benue D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1822. NNR29/2019/BEN/3385/0068274 Abughdyer Terna Timothy Benue B2 NNBTS ONNE

  1823. NNR29/2019/BEN/4018/0078455 Sende Ushahemba Godwin Benue D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1824. NNR29/2019/BEN/4168/0081867 Iornenge Shakyum Justice Benue N NNBTS ONNE

  1825. NNR29/2019/BEN/5785/0109515 Taangahar Dese Benue K NNBTS ONNE

  1826. NNR29/2019/BEN/1425/0030769 Terwase Henry Benue D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1827. NNR29/2019/BEN/3271/0066232 Azuana Benjamin Bem Benue N NNBTS ONNE

  1828. NNR29/2019/BEN/3698/0073147 Apaa Hiifan Benue E3 NNBTS ONNE

  1829. NNR29/2019/BEN/6354/0119206 Ikyule Godwin Aondo Benue D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1830. NNR29/2019/BOR/2508/0077072 Yau Inusa Borno D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1831. NNR29/2019/BOR/1906/0054745 Idris Augustine Borno D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1832. NNR29/2019/BOR/2140/0063036 Daniel Dennis Garga Borno C2 NNBTS ONNE

  1833. NNR29/2019/BOR/878/0023731 Jacob Samuel Buba Borno A3 NNBTS ONNE

  1834. NNR29/2019/BOR/3926/0128837 Idris Anas Borno D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1835. NNR29/2019/BOR/1308/0036857 Anjili Yusuf Borno N NNBTS ONNE

  1836. NNR29/2019/BOR/3309/0104047 Elijah Blessing Borno E3 NNBTS ONNE

  1837. NNR29/2019/BOR/1617/0044806 Hussaini Sani Adam Borno D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1838. NNR29/2019/BOR/2861/0088033 Ali Adamu Borno N NNBTS ONNE

  1839. NNR29/2019/BOR/3718/0118603 Yau Inusa Borno D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1840. NNR29/2019/CRO/1007/0030900 Willie Ovai Iyamba Cross River B1 NNBTS ONNE

  1841. NNR29/2019/CRO/2024/0057357 Umina Sunday Nkanu Cross River E3 NNBTS ONNE

  1842. NNR29/2019/CRO/2028/0057391 Umina Willie Nkanu Cross River A1 NNBTS ONNE

  1843. NNR29/2019/CRO/2271/0062532 Enya Thankgod Paul Cross River D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1844. NNR29/2019/CRO/2397/0065947 Uba Kingsley Wealth Cross River D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1845. NNR29/2019/CRO/2429/0066778 John Runyi Enyi Cross River D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1846. NNR29/2019/CRO/2933/0077525 Tom Thankgod Okon Cross River D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1847. NNR29/2019/CRO/3416/0089851 Edoki Susan Joseph Cross River E2 NNBTS ONNE

  1848. NNR29/2019/CRO/3685/0095708 Gabriel Praise Cross River D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1849. NNR29/2019/CRO/3982/0102360 Bassey Marvin Linus Cross River D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1850. NNR29/2019/CRO/4149/0105828 Irem Christiana Osim Cross River E1 NNBTS ONNE

  1851. NNR29/2019/CRO/4199/0107307 Sam Obaziota Godwin Cross River D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1852. NNR29/2019/CRO/4707/0119212 Gabriel Praise Cross River D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1853. NNR29/2019/CRO/2489/0067823 Ayang Bassey Oku Cross River C2 NNBTS ONNE

  1854. NNR29/2019/CRO/3899/0100673 Ntui Francis Godwin Cross River J NNBTS ONNE

  1855. NNR29/2019/CRO/4457/0113879 Okon Maurice Charles Cross River B1 NNBTS ONNE

  1856. NNR29/2019/CRO/1/0000016 Amba Celestina Ukwukwen Cross River D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1857. NNR29/2019/CRO/1000/0030820 Etim Brian Edet Cross River D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1858. NNR29/2019/CRO/2182/0060689 Akeogah Margaret Cross River D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1859. NNR29/2019/CRO/4243/0108431 Enang George Sampson Cross River C2 NNBTS ONNE

  1860. NNR29/2019/CRO/4969/0125213 Oyira Best Ikum Cross River D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1861. NNR29/2019/CRO/5038/0126938 Okim Victor Okim Cross River B1 NNBTS ONNE

  1862. NNR29/2019/CRO/606/0019715 Imong Hope Bassey Cross River D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1863. NNR29/2019/CRO/90/0003381 Afia Innocent Adi Cross River D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1864. NNR29/2019/CRO/985/0030309 Thankgod Eteng Ikpi Cross River A2 NNBTS ONNE

  1865. NNR29/2019/CRO/3896/0100584 Effiong Umoh Bassey Cross River D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1866. NNR29/2019/CRO/3588/0093697 Afia Innocent Adi Cross River D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1867. NNR29/2019/CRO/5108/0128629 Odey Ukanada Anthony Cross River D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1868. NNR29/2019/CRO/1060/0032164 Upo George Ngim Cross River D3 NNBTS ONNE

  1869. NNR29/2019/CRO/1205/0036285 Ikwa Mercy Obia Cross River F1 NNBTS ONNE

  1870. NNR29/2019/CRO/2702/0072550 Enyi Samuel Owai Cross River D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1871. NNR29/2019/CRO/2841/0075568 Ekpe Mercy Cross River E1 NNBTS ONNE

  1872. NNR29/2019/CRO/2942/0077674 Egeh Egwu Egwu Cross River D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1873. NNR29/2019/CRO/3177/0084604 Udop Tessy Ogbodim Cross River D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1874. NNR29/2019/CRO/318/0011306 Udop Otu Oke Cross River G NNBTS ONNE

  1875. NNR29/2019/CRO/3497/0091307 Amos Eni Eni Cross River J NNBTS ONNE

  1876. NNR29/2019/CRO/3563/0093218 Unor Onete Darlington Cross River D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1877. NNR29/2019/CRO/3633/0094577 Ibom Prince Zilly Cross River D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1878. NNR29/2019/CRO/3804/0098815 Eyong Kingsley Sunday Cross River D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1879. NNR29/2019/CRO/4851/0122112 Ogamgbo Gift Ukam Cross River D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1880. NNR29/2019/CRO/4984/0125566 Umet Okoi Ofem Cross River D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1881. NNR29/2019/CRO/5008/0126067 Ogban Anthony Ilem Cross River D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1882. NNR29/2019/CRO/582/0019047 Ebito Godwin Assem Cross River D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1883. NNR29/2019/CRO/1195/0036070 Amadi Akom Sunday Cross River D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1884. NNR29/2019/CRO/1218/0036640 Otu Lugard Osang Cross River D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1885. NNR29/2019/CRO/1484/0045315 Eban Tabitha Eyare Cross River D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1886. NNR29/2019/CRO/1962/0055655 Bisong Bisong Wilfred Cross River D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1887. NNR29/2019/CRO/2121/0059330 Okoh Edward Mbey Cross River G NNBTS ONNE

  1888. NNR29/2019/CRO/2426/0066705 Okafa Lawrence Eyare Cross River D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1889. NNR29/2019/CRO/2471/0067471 Ejah James Cross River D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1890. NNR29/2019/CRO/3090/0082750 Bisong James Oyen Cross River D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1891. NNR29/2019/CRO/3182/0084809 Ayine Anointing Bisong Cross River D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1892. NNR29/2019/CRO/3778/0097982 Bisong Blessing Barong Cross River E3 NNBTS ONNE

  1893. NNR29/2019/CRO/3851/0099835 Abia Anthony Atom Cross River D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1894. NNR29/2019/CRO/473/0016441 Enyia Emmanuel Anyun Cross River D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1895. NNR29/2019/CRO/4803/0121281 Moses Celestine Eban Cross River B2 NNBTS ONNE

  1896. NNR29/2019/CRO/5222/0132311 Igwe Blessing Ijeoma Cross River D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1897. NNR29/2019/CRO/71/0002193 Bankong Precious Ojua Cross River D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1898. NNR29/2019/CRO/716/0023437 Abang Joseph Mkpe Cross River D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1899. NNR29/2019/CRO/749/0024133 Matthew Sage Bufa Cross River D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1900. NNR29/2019/CRO/973/0030140 Bisong Cyril Bisong Cross River D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1901. NNR29/2019/CRO/250/0008931 Nsemoh Isaac Edet Cross River D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1902. NNR29/2019/CRO/3273/0086760 Effio-Ekpo Victor Okon Cross River G NNBTS ONNE

  1903. NNR29/2019/CRO/1321/0039905 Archibong Okon Ekpo Cross River D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1904. NNR29/2019/CRO/3385/0089361 Ita Imo Benjamin Cross River D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1905. NNR29/2019/CRO/3892/0100540 Okon Richlaw Etim Cross River D3 NNBTS ONNE

  1906. NNR29/2019/CRO/1110/0033580 Okey Daniel Ayang Cross River D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1907. NNR29/2019/CRO/205/0007832 Eba Sandra Ekonobe Cross River D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1908. NNR29/2019/CRO/2176/0060636 Fidelis Bartholomew Okpe Cross River D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1909. NNR29/2019/CRO/2450/0067095 Ogar Rex Ajom Cross River F1 NNBTS ONNE

  1910. NNR29/2019/CRO/3235/0085633 Agara Ahmed Cletus Cross River D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1911. NNR29/2019/CRO/3705/0096172 Nzie Faith Nzan Cross River E2 NNBTS ONNE

  1912. NNR29/2019/CRO/4449/0113747 Anok Mfam Asor Richard Cross River D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1913. NNR29/2019/CRO/4538/0115865 Iterekpa Kenneth Obim Cross River C1 NNBTS ONNE

  1914. NNR29/2019/CRO/770/0024953 Osim Ayam Obasie Cross River D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1915. NNR29/2019/CRO/1178/0035541 Moses Clement Cross River D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1916. NNR29/2019/CRO/210/0007927 Agiopu Dominic Savio Kinunuh Cross River B1 NNBTS ONNE

  1917. NNR29/2019/CRO/4232/0108184 Opuah David Uyimke Cross River C3 NNBTS ONNE

  1918. NNR29/2019/CRO/4477/0114438 Abi Vincent Abi Cross River K NNBTS ONNE

  1919. NNR29/2019/CRO/1161/0034758 Otaba Collins Ejim Cross River D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1920. NNR29/2019/CRO/2133/0059784 Ebinda Oyama Ebingha Cross River D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1921. NNR29/2019/CRO/2298/0063226 Bassey Ghamnori Sylvanus Cross River D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1922. NNR29/2019/CRO/2363/0064975 Nkangha Patience Akam Cross River E2 NNBTS ONNE

  1923. NNR29/2019/CRO/2404/0066107 Egba Daniel Enang Cross River E3 NNBTS ONNE

  1924. NNR29/2019/CRO/2418/0066464 Egba Blessing Enang Cross River E1 NNBTS ONNE

  1925. NNR29/2019/CRO/2695/0072395 Isek Friday Okpatoo Cross River D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1926. NNR29/2019/CRO/3044/0081610 Egba Daniel Enang Cross River E3 NNBTS ONNE

  1927. NNR29/2019/CRO/4384/0112539 Agbor Peace Ebughe Cross River E2 NNBTS ONNE

  1928. NNR29/2019/CRO/4856/0122226 Okey Roland Sunday Cross River D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1929. NNR29/2019/CRO/4883/0122915 Eden Donatus Ekpe Cross River G NNBTS ONNE

  1930. NNR29/2019/CRO/5048/0127263 Edim Endurance David Cross River D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1931. NNR29/2019/CRO/572/0018877 Ekpong Natty Owan Cross River N NNBTS ONNE

  1932. NNR29/2019/CRO/897/0028408 Orim Friday Ayami Cross River D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1933. NNR29/2019/CRO/900/0028556 Orim Friday Ayami Cross River D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1934. NNR29/2019/CRO/3476/0090881 Aglazor Daniel Smart Cross River H NNBTS ONNE

  1935. NNR29/2019/CRO/4126/0105510 Akomaye Martina Lipehunim Cross River D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1936. NNR29/2019/CRO/4473/0114242 Bute Jerome Cross River F1 NNBTS ONNE

  1937. NNR29/2019/CRO/917/0028934 Ashiabe Juliana Ukongimang Cross River E2 NNBTS ONNE

  1938. NNR29/2019/CRO/218/0008147 Ufot George Monday Cross River E3 NNBTS ONNE

  1939. NNR29/2019/CRO/2238/0061764 Joseph Daniel Bright Cross River D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1940. NNR29/2019/CRO/2568/0070175 Okon George Bassey Cross River E3 NNBTS ONNE

  1941. NNR29/2019/CRO/3483/0091052 Okon Margaret Edet Cross River E3 NNBTS ONNE

  1942. NNR29/2019/CRO/4201/0107418 Okon Abigail Ezekiel Cross River D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1943. NNR29/2019/CRO/554/0018441 Okon Ruth Ekanim Cross River E3 NNBTS ONNE

  1944. NNR29/2019/CRO/1645/0048399 Agabo Marvelous Benedict Cross River E2 NNBTS ONNE

  1945. NNR29/2019/CRO/2357/0064902 Aleji Joseph Aleji Cross River D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1946. NNR29/2019/CRO/280/0010016 Abi Angelica Ele Cross River E3 NNBTS ONNE

  1947. NNR29/2019/CRO/297/0010376 Igoh Francis Inop Cross River A1 NNBTS ONNE

  1948. NNR29/2019/CRO/3964/0101973 Inyambe Maureen Nkari Cross River E2 NNBTS ONNE

  1949. NNR29/2019/CRO/4759/0120307 Mowang Michael Ngbantul Cross River D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1950. NNR29/2019/CRO/1453/0044488 Ogbeche James Wodah Cross River D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1951. NNR29/2019/CRO/1506/0045827 Oklebe Gregory Ikaba Cross River D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1952. NNR29/2019/CRO/1563/0046744 Daniel Theresa Omgobga Cross River E2 NNBTS ONNE

  1953. NNR29/2019/CRO/201/0007740 Ukwa Paul Ogwihi Cross River D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1954. NNR29/2019/CRO/2015/0056868 Onah Prince Odey Cross River D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1955. NNR29/2019/CRO/2194/0060862 Ogar Dominic Worna Cross River D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1956. NNR29/2019/CRO/2369/0065112 Ona Joseph Cross River C2 NNBTS ONNE

  1957. NNR29/2019/CRO/3031/0081379 Aguba Grace Agbo Cross River E2 NNBTS ONNE

  1958. NNR29/2019/CRO/3640/0094732 Ikade Sunday Ebiamu Cross River D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1959. NNR29/2019/CRO/3716/0096383 Ogbudu Thomas Emmanuel Cross River D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1960. NNR29/2019/CRO/3721/0096469 Ibu Gabriel Odey Cross River D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1961. NNR29/2019/CRO/3798/0098595 Agu Peter Ogbaji Cross River D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1962. NNR29/2019/CRO/4327/0111098 Ogbadu Elizabeth Egulor Cross River E2 NNBTS ONNE

  1963. NNR29/2019/CRO/1029/0031326 Uket Solomon Arikpo Cross River E3 NNBTS ONNE

  1964. NNR29/2019/CRO/1208/0036383 Nicholas Juliet Ani Cross River E2 NNBTS ONNE

  1965. NNR29/2019/CRO/1316/0039605 Ibor Gabriel Omini Cross River H NNBTS ONNE

  1966. NNR29/2019/CRO/1574/0046892 Bassey Janet Edet Cross River D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1967. NNR29/2019/CRO/1969/0055848 Onem Primal Jack Cross River H NNBTS ONNE

  1968. NNR29/2019/CRO/2354/0064839 Ebri Mary Eno Cross River E3 NNBTS ONNE

  1969. NNR29/2019/CRO/2386/0065636 Stephen Godswill Cross River D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1970. NNR29/2019/CRO/2485/0067708 Bassey Dodeye Ubana Cross River E2 NNBTS ONNE

  1971. NNR29/2019/CRO/2949/0077949 Okoi Godswill Julius Cross River D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1972. NNR29/2019/CRO/3107/0083346 Ogwa Gift Udumoh Cross River E2 NNBTS ONNE

  1973. NNR29/2019/CRO/3122/0083602 Okoi Okoi Eyong Cross River D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1974. NNR29/2019/CRO/3422/0089919 Okoi Eke Sunday Cross River D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1975. NNR29/2019/CRO/3660/0095072 Ikpi Akpama Emangha Cross River D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1976. NNR29/2019/CRO/4069/0104404 Okon Wilson Enang Cross River D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1977. NNR29/2019/CRO/4122/0105466 Osong Daniel Osong Cross River H NNBTS ONNE

  1978. NNR29/2019/CRO/4200/0107343 Onen Moses Daniel Cross River D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1979. NNR29/2019/CRO/4292/0109533 Omini Okoi Emmanuel Cross River N NNBTS ONNE

  1980. NNR29/2019/CRO/4318/0110775 Obeten Balimino Edet Cross River D6 NNBTS ONNE

  1981. NNR29/2019/CRO/4388/0112563 Usang Felicity Esther Cross River D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1982. NNR29/2019/CRO/4857/0122254 Etong Promise Cross River D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1983. NNR29/2019/CRO/49/0001465 Ibiang Nnanke Omini Cross River D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1984. NNR29/2019/CRO/494/0017042 Edet Collins Ibiang Cross River D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1985. NNR29/2019/CRO/5054/0127434 Ubi Mbasekei Omini Cross River E2 NNBTS ONNE

  1986. NNR29/2019/CRO/5150/0129716 Ubi K Ibiang Cross River D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1987. NNR29/2019/CRO/5175/0130360 Obeten Balimwo Edet Cross River D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1988. NNR29/2019/CRO/534/0017912 Ubana Isaac Ubi Cross River N NNBTS ONNE

  1989. NNR29/2019/CRO/593/0019336 Okoi Michael Okah Cross River D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1990. NNR29/2019/CRO/630/0020799 Omini Okoi Uzoni Cross River E3 NNBTS ONNE

  1991. NNR29/2019/CRO/858/0027074 Emmanuel Daniel Onen Cross River D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1992. NNR29/2019/CRO/955/0029596 Ibor Ekwe Ofem Cross River D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1993. NNR29/2019/DEL/1673/0059042 Yogo Sonia Ugomma Delta D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1994. NNR29/2019/DEL/3450/0118721 Ndidi Victory Amara Delta D3 NNBTS ONNE

  1995. NNR29/2019/DEL/482/0015620 Chukwuedo Bethel Chukwubike Delta D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1996. NNR29/2019/DEL/567/0018502 Ndidi Victory Delta D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1997. NNR29/2019/DEL/1413/0050333 Biyere Samson Samuel Delta D1 NNBTS ONNE

  1998. NNR29/2019/DEL/1440/0051142 Akugbene Seripere Thompson Delta C2 NNBTS ONNE

  1999. NNR29/2019/DEL/1648/0058229 Opori Samuel Delta D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2000. NNR29/2019/DEL/462/0015063 Taiwo Godgift Delta E2 NNBTS ONNE

  2001. NNR29/2019/DEL/1046/0036474 Kodoye Werikemebagha Delta D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2002. NNR29/2019/DEL/1210/0043632 Sunday Tamaraumiemene Delta D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2003. NNR29/2019/DEL/1549/0054447 Biakpara Akpobolokiemi Rose Delta E3 NNBTS ONNE

  2004. NNR29/2019/DEL/2175/0074043 Simon Fun-Akpo Delta D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2005. NNR29/2019/DEL/3396/0117507 Agbodobiri Charity Delta F1 NNBTS ONNE

  2006. NNR29/2019/DEL/3795/0128545 Joshua Tega Ebipadia Delta E2 NNBTS ONNE

  2007. NNR29/2019/DEL/1337/0047211 Igedu Emudiaga Delta D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2008. NNR29/2019/DEL/2132/0072518 Umukoro Blessing Onome Delta D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2009. NNR29/2019/DEL/2598/0090353 Umukoro Evans Thomas Delta D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2010. NNR29/2019/DEL/1189/0043001 Okporua Efe Delta J NNBTS ONNE

  2011. NNR29/2019/DEL/263/0008680 Captain Courage Ovie Delta D3 NNBTS ONNE

  2012. NNR29/2019/DEL/2818/0098001 Bobori Solomon Robert Delta E4 NNBTS ONNE

  2013. NNR29/2019/DEL/1223/0044092 Udeh Sunday Revelation Delta D3 NNBTS ONNE

  2014. NNR29/2019/DEL/1474/0052282 Chiazor Nduka Delta D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2015. NNR29/2019/DEL/1545/0054243 Ikoko Marvellous Delta D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2016. NNR29/2019/DEL/3153/0109500 Solomon Harrison Delta D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2017. NNR29/2019/DEL/3290/0114189 Nweke Michael Eruemulor Delta A1 NNBTS ONNE

  2018. NNR29/2019/DEL/3402/0117684 Chukwuma Kester Delta D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2019. NNR29/2019/DEL/3526/0120909 Onyedumbi Greg Ifeanyi Delta D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2020. NNR29/2019/DEL/3818/0129668 Kimekwu Collins Delta E1 NNBTS ONNE

  2021. NNR29/2019/DEL/232/0007774 Onyeche Sunday Ebuke Delta D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2022. NNR29/2019/DEL/2021/0069740 Bloff Jeremiah Delta D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2023. NNR29/2019/DEL/2069/0070919 Eveso Lucky Valentine Delta E3 NNBTS ONNE

  2024. NNR29/2019/DEL/2756/0096018 Efekpokpor Clement Delta D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2025. NNR29/2019/DEL/3053/0105679 Joe Victory Aforkeogene Delta D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2026. NNR29/2019/DEL/3440/0118538 Irejor Melvin Erereoghene Delta D3 NNBTS ONNE

  2027. NNR29/2019/DEL/3568/0121903 Ezekiel Marvellous Avwerosoghene Delta D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2028. NNR29/2019/DEL/1093/0038121 Ukoro Gift Okomeno Delta D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2029. NNR29/2019/DEL/1702/0060025 Jacob Merit Ogheneole Delta C3 NNBTS ONNE

  2030. NNR29/2019/DEL/1811/0064056 Iwoh Praise Toretto Delta D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2031. NNR29/2019/DEL/2080/0071214 Isigba Israel Delta E2 NNBTS ONNE

  2032. NNR29/2019/DEL/2599/0090371 Akpeni Gideon Delta G NNBTS ONNE

  2033. NNR29/2019/DEL/3035/0105161 Akaka Prosper Bleassing Delta D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2034. NNR29/2019/DEL/3067/0105990 Ughegbe Blessing Delta F1 NNBTS ONNE

  2035. NNR29/2019/DEL/3179/0110840 Godgift Faith Delta E3 NNBTS ONNE

  2036. NNR29/2019/DEL/3203/0111615 Emmanuel Joseph Ookor Delta C2 NNBTS ONNE

  2037. NNR29/2019/DEL/3544/0121405 Joseph Matthew Ogagaoghene Delta D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2038. NNR29/2019/DEL/3599/0122599 Gabriel Goodluck Awewe Delta D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2039. NNR29/2019/DEL/3694/0125744 Isigba Samuel Orehdo Delta D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2040. NNR29/2019/DEL/3808/0129143 Samuel Emmanuel Delta D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2041. NNR29/2019/DEL/58/0002238 Umueruno Henry Delta D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2042. NNR29/2019/DEL/642/0021391 Eruoh-Onos Ogheneovo Peter Delta G NNBTS ONNE

  2043. NNR29/2019/DEL/935/0031740 Ubu Ogheneogaga Delta D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2044. NNR29/2019/DEL/1769/0062448 Obi David Uwazuruonye Delta H NNBTS ONNE

  2045. NNR29/2019/DEL/2142/0072739 Uzoh John Ogharanya Delta D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2046. NNR29/2019/DEL/2278/0078026 Otuya Fidelis Onyeka Delta D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2047. NNR29/2019/DEL/2839/0098682 Oseji Wisdom Ifeanyi Delta D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2048. NNR29/2019/DEL/3020/0104638 Ogwoligho Harrison Oghenewegba Delta D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2049. NNR29/2019/DEL/3860/0131151 Osanebi Happiness Delta F1 NNBTS ONNE

  2050. NNR29/2019/DEL/461/0014996 Dimaro Sunday Delta D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2051. NNR29/2019/DEL/1075/0037491 Okwuolise Onyinyechi Divine Delta D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2052. NNR29/2019/DEL/1362/0048179 Opene Emmanuel Chijioke Delta D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2053. NNR29/2019/DEL/1669/0058982 Odili Henry Delta D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2054. NNR29/2019/DEL/1963/0067934 Iwenji Friday Delta D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2055. NNR29/2019/DEL/2202/0075269 Orji Chibuzor Lucky Delta C3 NNBTS ONNE

  2056. NNR29/2019/DEL/2724/0094836 Obiajulu Chidozie Delta E1 NNBTS ONNE

  2057. NNR29/2019/DEL/2943/0102027 Okeya Chinedu Delta A2 NNBTS ONNE

  2058. NNR29/2019/DEL/3810/0129252 Ojugbeli Onyebuchi Elisha Delta D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2059. NNR29/2019/DEL/814/0027835 Uwaoluetan Toritseju Esther Delta C2 NNBTS ONNE

  2060. NNR29/2019/DEL/3017/0104578 Chiwuzo Daniel Chuks Delta D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2061. NNR29/2019/DEL/532/0017147 Mordi Eziashi Emmanuel Delta D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2062. NNR29/2019/DEL/1117/0039229 Nnabodo Monday Eke Delta H NNBTS ONNE

  2063. NNR29/2019/DEL/1341/0047277 Julius Daniel Soke Delta D3 NNBTS ONNE

  2064. NNR29/2019/DEL/1352/0047703 Moses Lawrence Ufouma Delta D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2065. NNR29/2019/DEL/1436/0050987 Udokwu Blessing Delta F1 NNBTS ONNE

  2066. NNR29/2019/DEL/1501/0052961 Aboh Fortune Delta C1 NNBTS ONNE

  2067. NNR29/2019/DEL/2790/0096916 Odili Favour Nkeiru Delta D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2068. NNR29/2019/DEL/2923/0101333 Yusuf Shedrack Delta H NNBTS ONNE

  2069. NNR29/2019/DEL/3527/0120925 Moses Goodnews Salowoh Delta B5 NNBTS ONNE

  2070. NNR29/2019/DEL/535/0017313 Nana Randy Delta D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2071. NNR29/2019/DEL/586/0019028 Omimi Elvis Delta D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2072. NNR29/2019/DEL/890/0030287 Agori Fidelis Oghenegharovwe Delta D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2073. NNR29/2019/DEL/1860/0065446 Akpoguma Gloria Ajokpaoghene Delta D3 NNBTS ONNE

  2074. NNR29/2019/DEL/1908/0066555 Efekoha Precious Edirinverere Delta G NNBTS ONNE

  2075. NNR29/2019/DEL/1970/0068131 Akpobenomuo Victory Freeborn Delta F1 NNBTS ONNE

  2076. NNR29/2019/DEL/2014/0069655 Atemejerayevwo Solomon Delta E3 NNBTS ONNE

  2077. NNR29/2019/DEL/31/0001285 Esiedafe Godspower Ogaga Delta B2 NNBTS ONNE

  2078. NNR29/2019/DEL/3676/0125326 Umukoro Innocent Tejiri Delta G NNBTS ONNE

  2079. NNR29/2019/DEL/3780/0128166 Utoware Odomero Delta D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2080. NNR29/2019/DEL/67/0002524 Akpokiniovo Godwin Delta D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2081. NNR29/2019/DEL/852/0029107 Eloho Asa Ogboru Delta F1 NNBTS ONNE

  2082. NNR29/2019/DEL/1579/0055492 Aaron Governor Patrick Delta D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2083. NNR29/2019/DEL/1667/0058957 Ofovwe Ogheneyoma David Delta D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2084. NNR29/2019/DEL/1972/0068223 Tivoyoma Bernice Delta C1 NNBTS ONNE

  2085. NNR29/2019/DEL/1974/0068240 Ese Abel Delta G NNBTS ONNE

  2086. NNR29/2019/DEL/2152/0073107 Arumala Ese Racheal Delta E3 NNBTS ONNE

  2087. NNR29/2019/DEL/2493/0087322 Victor Samson Delta D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2088. NNR29/2019/DEL/3646/0124349 Saviour Ogheneruona Delta D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2089. NNR29/2019/DEL/3812/0129368 James Stephen Delta E2 NNBTS ONNE

  2090. NNR29/2019/DEL/3834/0130037 Umukoro Onoriode Elvis Delta B3 NNBTS ONNE

  2091. NNR29/2019/DEL/467/0015167 Uwedjojevwe Aghwarentoma Gari Delta C1 NNBTS ONNE

  2092. NNR29/2019/DEL/721/0024310 Isaac Godwin Efe Delta D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2093. NNR29/2019/DEL/740/0024892 Welldone Egwolor Delta D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2094. NNR29/2019/DEL/1519/0053460 Onyenenue Maduabuchuku Augustine Delta D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2095. NNR29/2019/DEL/1657/0058590 Chukwuyenum Francis Delta D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2096. NNR29/2019/DEL/345/0011566 Opia Anita Udoka Delta E3 NNBTS ONNE

  2097. NNR29/2019/DEL/3563/0121774 Oshiokpu Ogechi Godstime Delta D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2098. NNR29/2019/DEL/3698/0125926 Onyema Chidimma Esther Delta E3 NNBTS ONNE

  2099. NNR29/2019/DEL/472/0015307 Ebinum Sunday Chukwudi Delta D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2100. NNR29/2019/DEL/585/0018994 Anionokwu Maureen Delta N NNBTS ONNE

  2101. NNR29/2019/DEL/1480/0052423 Mayuku Tega Christopher Delta D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2102. NNR29/2019/DEL/2693/0093762 Edah Godwin Delta D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2103. NNR29/2019/DEL/1123/0039440 Tulu John Miyebi Delta B5 NNBTS ONNE

  2104. NNR29/2019/EBO/1150/0077817 Nwekori Chinedu Peter Ebonyi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2105. NNR29/2019/EBO/1732/0117256 Ibiam Godswill Timothy Ebonyi H NNBTS ONNE

  2106. NNR29/2019/EBO/1813/0122346 Nwome Bede Damian Ebonyi F1 NNBTS ONNE

  2107. NNR29/2019/EBO/1396/0096198 Okechukwu Thankgod Felix Ebonyi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2108. NNR29/2019/EBO/1450/0100060 Joseph Promise Ebonyi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2109. NNR29/2019/EBO/1613/0109230 Nwachi Hans Oko Ebonyi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2110. NNR29/2019/EBO/169/0013703 Uzo Pius Enyum Ebonyi E5 NNBTS ONNE

  2111. NNR29/2019/EBO/1793/0121319 Dickson Godspower Ikechukwu Ebonyi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2112. NNR29/2019/EBO/1888/0126845 Idam Enyinnia Idam Ebonyi F1 NNBTS ONNE

  2113. NNR29/2019/EBO/1959/0131631 Ele Ugochukwu Ebonyi H NNBTS ONNE

  2114. NNR29/2019/EBO/219/0017213 Okoche Innocent Ogbonnia Ebonyi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2115. NNR29/2019/EBO/258/0019830 Oka Onyebuchi Egwu Ebonyi D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2116. NNR29/2019/EBO/370/0027515 Egwu Gabriel Enyinnia Ebonyi J NNBTS ONNE

  2117. NNR29/2019/EBO/462/0031163 Oko Gabriel Ogbonnia Ebonyi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2118. NNR29/2019/EBO/569/0038430 Eluu Prosper Chijioke Ebonyi E1 NNBTS ONNE

  2119. NNR29/2019/EBO/717/0049422 Ewa Augustine Ibeabuchi Ebonyi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2120. NNR29/2019/EBO/82/0006889 Idam John Onya Ebonyi E5 NNBTS ONNE

  2121. NNR29/2019/EBO/920/0062511 Ikpor Samuel Ikpor Ebonyi E1 NNBTS ONNE

  2122. NNR29/2019/EBO/960/0065459 Obasi Charity Oka Ebonyi F1 NNBTS ONNE

  2123. NNR29/2019/EBO/101/0007801 David Henry Ogbonnaya Ebonyi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2124. NNR29/2019/EBO/1099/0074199 Ogbu Janet Ezinne Ebonyi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2125. NNR29/2019/EBO/1518/0103525 Alfred Orji Ama Ebonyi F1 NNBTS ONNE

  2126. NNR29/2019/EBO/1864/0124999 Ama Jacob Okoro Ebonyi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2127. NNR29/2019/EBO/1887/0126769 Ukachukwu David Ebonyi E1 NNBTS ONNE

  2128. NNR29/2019/EBO/1933/0129644 Benevolent Christian Chinonso Ebonyi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2129. NNR29/2019/EBO/322/0024231 Ogbu Favour Paul Ebonyi E2 NNBTS ONNE

  2130. NNR29/2019/EBO/384/0028333 Kalu Chukwuemeka Okali Ebonyi C1 NNBTS ONNE

  2131. NNR29/2019/EBO/397/0028976 Ogbu Chidimma Fabian Ebonyi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2132. NNR29/2019/EBO/758/0052039 Alum Amos Oti Ebonyi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2133. NNR29/2019/EBO/761/0052259 Mbam Titus Joseph Ebonyi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2134. NNR29/2019/EBO/840/0057110 Ugwu Blessing Ugonmma Ebonyi D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2135. NNR29/2019/EBO/1075/0071703 Okah Izuchukwu Ginika Ebonyi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2136. NNR29/2019/EBO/1590/0107807 Ogharu Davison Emmanuel Ebonyi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2137. NNR29/2019/EBO/1827/0122795 Nwankwo Okwuchukwu David Ebonyi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2138. NNR29/2019/EBO/556/0037415 Mgbabor Chukwuemeka Ebonyi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2139. NNR29/2019/EBO/1948/0131060 Igwe Emeka Joseph Ebonyi J NNBTS ONNE

  2140. NNR29/2019/EBO/1049/0070282 Agbalu Joshua Ebonyi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2141. NNR29/2019/EBO/1076/0071916 Uhuo Godspower Okwuchukwu Ebonyi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2142. NNR29/2019/EBO/1693/0115097 Efita David Ifeanyichukwu Ebonyi B1 NNBTS ONNE

  2143. NNR29/2019/EBO/1779/0120494 Nwokwu Uchenna Lazarus Ebonyi C3 NNBTS ONNE

  2144. NNR29/2019/EBO/347/0026322 Epeke Benjamin Ofobuike Ebonyi D4 NNBTS ONNE

  2145. NNR29/2019/EBO/525/0035518 Ekechi Chinedu Ezekiel Ebonyi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2146. NNR29/2019/EBO/319/0024034 Igwe Onyeka Friday Ebonyi D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2147. NNR29/2019/EBO/553/0037134 Josiah Chidera Ogenyi Ebonyi B2 NNBTS ONNE

  2148. NNR29/2019/EBO/1195/0082183 Igwe Eze John Ebonyi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2149. NNR29/2019/EBO/1201/0082723 Ekeh Deborah Nneoma Ebonyi E2 NNBTS ONNE

  2150. NNR29/2019/EBO/1222/0083696 Ajali Odinakachi Stephanie Ebonyi E3 NNBTS ONNE

  2151. NNR29/2019/EBO/1803/0122135 Ihezue Uchenna Ebonyi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2152. NNR29/2019/EBO/1958/0131613 Agu Nkemjika Timothy Ebonyi A2 NNBTS ONNE

  2153. NNR29/2019/EBO/302/0023161 Onyebuchi Emeka Ebonyi H NNBTS ONNE

  2154. NNR29/2019/EBO/1041/0069943 Oroke Lawrence Chiboy Ebonyi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2155. NNR29/2019/EBO/1516/0103321 Nwovu Onyebuchi Ebonyi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2156. NNR29/2019/EBO/1894/0127087 Mbam Onyebuchi Nwibo Ebonyi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2157. NNR29/2019/EBO/417/0029511 Okwuegbu Arinze Ebonyi D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2158. NNR29/2019/EBO/805/0054991 Okwuegbu Chukwuka Henry Ebonyi D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2159. NNR29/2019/EBO/808/0055159 Nwebonyi Mathias Obodo Ebonyi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2160. NNR29/2019/EBO/851/0057904 Nwojiji Sunday Ebonyi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2161. NNR29/2019/EBO/1294/0089172 Opeke Linus Ngele Ebonyi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2162. NNR29/2019/EBO/399/0029103 Nworie Monday Chika Ebonyi D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2163. NNR29/2019/EBO/425/0029808 Daniel George Prince Ebonyi D3 NNBTS ONNE

  2164. NNR29/2019/EBO/523/0035191 Nwanchor Nnamdi Francis Ebonyi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2165. NNR29/2019/EBO/668/0046594 Ekuma Uchenna John Ebonyi D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2166. NNR29/2019/EBO/922/0062573 Nwali Chicheta Jennifer Ebonyi F1 NNBTS ONNE

  2167. NNR29/2019/EBO/1301/0089905 Simon Kingsley Chinonso Ebonyi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2168. NNR29/2019/EBO/1337/0092138 Okorie Felix Ebonyi H NNBTS ONNE

  2169. NNR29/2019/EBO/1680/0114458 David Henry Ogbonnaya Ebonyi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2170. NNR29/2019/EBO/1701/0115721 Ogbonna Ogonnaya Ebonyi B2 NNBTS ONNE

  2171. NNR29/2019/EBO/1719/0116247 John Chinedu Igboke Ebonyi D3 NNBTS ONNE

  2172. NNR29/2019/EBO/1897/0127406 Ogbonna Susan Chinonso Ebonyi C1 NNBTS ONNE

  2173. NNR29/2019/EBO/210/0016757 Obasi Uchechukwu Sunday Ebonyi D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2174. NNR29/2019/EBO/312/0023681 Chikezie Ugochukwu Uzor Ebonyi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2175. NNR29/2019/EBO/36/0002677 Eze Abraham Ebonyi E5 NNBTS ONNE

  2176. NNR29/2019/EBO/704/0048116 Moses Ikechukwu Kingsley Ebonyi G NNBTS ONNE

  2177. NNR29/2019/EBO/740/0050746 Okoro Godwin Okereke Ebonyi C3 NNBTS ONNE

  2178. NNR29/2019/EBO/1263/0086916 Elom Emmanuel Elom Ebonyi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2179. NNR29/2019/EBO/1457/0100314 Onah Chibuike Onah Ebonyi B4 NNBTS ONNE

  2180. NNR29/2019/EBO/490/0032780 Ngwuta Augustine Chibuike Ebonyi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2181. NNR29/2019/EBO/848/0057720 Nwonu Elijah Chigozie Ebonyi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2182. NNR29/2019/EBO/125/0009389 Ali Onyekachi Raphael Ebonyi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2183. NNR29/2019/EBO/1370/0094031 Odii Chimaobi Jude Ebonyi A3 NNBTS ONNE

  2184. NNR29/2019/EBO/1435/0098995 Agom Nnaemeka Ebonyi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2185. NNR29/2019/EBO/1578/0107082 Ogbonnaya Kenneth Ebonyi C2 NNBTS ONNE

  2186. NNR29/2019/EBO/1675/0114277 Amechi Thankgod Kelechi Ebonyi E1 NNBTS ONNE

  2187. NNR29/2019/EBO/1738/0117661 Pius Okechukwu Ani Ebonyi D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2188. NNR29/2019/EBO/231/0018126 Ogbonna Ekeson Samuel Ebonyi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2189. NNR29/2019/EBO/373/0027567 Egwu Chinedu Ebonyi E3 NNBTS ONNE

  2190. NNR29/2019/EBO/402/0029172 Sunday Otuosorochukwu Jeffrey Ebonyi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2191. NNR29/2019/EBO/464/0031316 Ogbonna Blessing Ebonyi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2192. NNR29/2019/EBO/561/0037953 Sunday Stanley Chinemerem Ebonyi B2 NNBTS ONNE

  2193. NNR29/2019/EBO/592/0040949 Oshi Jennifer Uchech Ebonyi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2194. NNR29/2019/EBO/766/0052784 Okike Oluchi Lilian Ebonyi F1 NNBTS ONNE

  2195. NNR29/2019/EBO/96/0007562 Alexander Wilson Onwe Ebonyi H NNBTS ONNE

  2196. NNR29/2019/EDO/2009/0088386 Peters Emmanuel Olu-Lanke Edo F3 NNBTS ONNE

  2197. NNR29/2019/EDO/2561/0114770 Akomolafe Monday Saturday Edo D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2198. NNR29/2019/EDO/2899/0131566 Oloruntoba Isaac Ogbomeda Edo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2199. NNR29/2019/EDO/955/0038093 Dirisu Sunday Ofa Edo D3 NNBTS ONNE

  2200. NNR29/2019/EDO/1254/0054456 Isiraojie Marybeth Osoafe Edo E2 NNBTS ONNE

  2201. NNR29/2019/EDO/1519/0066014 Akhigbe James Odion Edo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2202. NNR29/2019/EDO/1878/0082175 Akhigbe Akhere John Edo D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2203. NNR29/2019/EDO/603/0023132 Abuya Victory Edo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2204. NNR29/2019/EDO/1014/0041736 Amos Friday E Edo D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2205. NNR29/2019/EDO/1300/0056306 Edward Victory Wisdom Edo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2206. NNR29/2019/EDO/1342/0058281 Iriaye Agbebaku Ambrose Edo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2207. NNR29/2019/EDO/1983/0087223 Idemudia Gift Edo A4 NNBTS ONNE

  2208. NNR29/2019/EDO/2/0000071 Sani Tahir Ebigie Edo D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2209. NNR29/2019/EDO/267/0010685 Ojeaga Emmanuel Edo B4 NNBTS ONNE

  2210. NNR29/2019/EDO/2731/0122934 Oribhabor Precious Erahulede Edo D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2211. NNR29/2019/EDO/1305/0056597 Eronmonsele Prosper Osakhuenmhen Edo E2 NNBTS ONNE

  2212. NNR29/2019/EDO/1951/0085485 Friday Stanley Eboh Edo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2213. NNR29/2019/EDO/2382/0105342 Eronmonsele Nosakhare Destiny Edo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2214. NNR29/2019/EDO/2490/0112050 Idemudia Gift Edo B1 NNBTS ONNE

  2215. NNR29/2019/EDO/2598/0116341 Samuel Matthew Aghale Edo C2 NNBTS ONNE

  2216. NNR29/2019/EDO/2919/0132605 Enosetele Solomon Osas Edo G NNBTS ONNE

  2217. NNR29/2019/EDO/484/0018395 Aigbibhiose Lucky Edo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2218. NNR29/2019/DEL/2249/0076793 Idemuda Gift Sars Edo D3 NNBTS ONNE

  2219. NNR29/2019/EDO/1371/0059777 Edward Victory Wisdom Edo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2220. NNR29/2019/EDO/593/0022878 Oleghe Christian Saviour Edo D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2221. NNR29/2019/EDO/256/0009985 Yakubu Yusuf Momodu Edo A1 NNBTS ONNE

  2222. NNR29/2019/EDO/54/0001927 Musa Muhammed Akim Edo E2 NNBTS ONNE

  2223. NNR29/2019/EDO/1067/0044445 Ikhayere Ehis Edo D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2224. NNR29/2019/EDO/1434/0062802 Jatto Lucky Edo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2225. NNR29/2019/EDO/309/0012686 Agbonlahor Augustin Osas Edo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2226. NNR29/2019/EDO/2501/0112423 Samuel Sussan Edo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2227. NNR29/2019/EDO/150/0005113 Okundia Blessing Blessing Friday Edo C2 NNBTS ONNE

  2228. NNR29/2019/EDO/210/0007973 Afam Favour Isioma Edo E2 NNBTS ONNE

  2229. NNR29/2019/EDO/1478/0064364 Iriaye Ambrose Agbebaku Edo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2230. NNR29/2019/EDO/2092/0092127 Akhadelor Mariam Edo E2 NNBTS ONNE

  2231. NNR29/2019/EDO/2235/0098650 Arenye Wisdom Smith Edo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2232. NNR29/2019/EDO/2470/0110620 Osagbia Joseph Godwin Edo D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2233. NNR29/2019/EDO/2575/0115346 Iroro Lucky Edo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2234. NNR29/2019/EDO/988/0040018 Shaibu John Rafiu Edo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2235. NNR29/2019/EDO/666/0025383 Ologun Lucky Edo E1 NNBTS ONNE

  2236. NNR29/2019/EDO/921/0036686 Akhadelor Mariam Edo E3 NNBTS ONNE

  2237. NNR29/2019/EDO/957/0038146 Ijanmi Victoria Ekhaegberi Edo D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2238. NNR29/2019/EDO/1050/0043429 Oviasuyi Precious Osatohanwmen Edo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2239. NNR29/2019/EDO/65/0002215 Ehiakhina Charity Edo N NNBTS ONNE

  2240. NNR29/2019/EKI/371/0019544 Oluwasuji Olakunle Kehinde Ekiti E5 NNBTS ONNE

  2241. NNR29/2019/EKI/899/0054346 Olagoke Oluwatimilehin Emmanuel Ekiti D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2242. NNR29/2019/EKI/355/0018431 Adaraniwon James Temitope Ekiti D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2243. NNR29/2019/EKI/887/0053619 Adelerin Michael Damilare Ekiti D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2244. NNR29/2019/EKI/1706/0100955 Omotoso Mayowa Tosin Ekiti D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2245. NNR29/2019/EKI/2122/0122880 Adeiya Abiola Jonathan Ekiti D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2246. NNR29/2019/ENU/2157/0122305 Ukagu Thankgod Nwabueze Enugu D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2247. NNR29/2019/ENU/2166/0122810 Ajah Chukwuemeka Enugu D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2248. NNR29/2019/ENU/2341/0131666 Onyeama Theresa Chioma Enugu F1 NNBTS ONNE

  2249. NNR29/2019/ENU/1334/0078172 Chukwu Pamela Chidinma Enugu E1 NNBTS ONNE

  2250. NNR29/2019/ENU/1633/0094211 Nwachukwu Kingsley Ejike Enugu D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2251. NNR29/2019/ENU/2340/0131630 Oha Kenneth Chinedu Enugu B2 NNBTS ONNE

  2252. NNR29/2019/ENU/318/0018695 Eziaku Peter Onyemaechi Enugu C1 NNBTS ONNE

  2253. NNR29/2019/ENU/406/0023826 Benson Paul Ikechukwu Enugu D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2254. NNR29/2019/ENU/1252/0073627 Obi Chibueze David Enugu D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2255. NNR29/2019/ENU/1318/0077121 Oguejiofor Ogechi Immaculata Enugu E3 NNBTS ONNE

  2256. NNR29/2019/ENU/2217/0125221 Ikegbunam Ifeoma Charity Enugu D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2257. NNR29/2019/ENU/2325/0130230 Onyema Chidi Samuel Enugu D4 NNBTS ONNE

  2258. NNR29/2019/ENU/2191/0123753 Ulodiaku Ugochukwu Fredrick Enugu D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2259. NNR29/2019/ENU/193/0011096 Atta Sampson Toochukwu Enugu E1 NNBTS ONNE

  2260. NNR29/2019/ENU/756/0044398 Abugu Malachy Ifeanyichukwu Enugu D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2261. NNR29/2019/ENU/1324/0077419 Ezugwu Francis Chukwuebuka Enugu B1 NNBTS ONNE

  2262. NNR29/2019/ENU/142/0007974 Eze Ogochukwu Eunice Enugu E5 NNBTS ONNE

  2263. NNR29/2019/ENU/1667/0095938 Mbah Marcel Obinna Enugu D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2264. NNR29/2019/ENU/1722/0098492 Mbah Chibuike Bonaventure Enugu D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2265. NNR29/2019/ENU/1086/0064567 Agbowo Tochukwu Paul Enugu D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2266. NNR29/2019/ENU/1251/0073519 Chukwu Shadrack Stanley Enugu D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2267. NNR29/2019/ENU/2051/0115512 Egbo Chidera Joy Enugu F1 NNBTS ONNE

  2268. NNR29/2019/ENU/50/0002777 Ogbuka Silas David Enugu D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2269. NNR29/2019/ENU/1150/0067784 Ogbodo Chinedu Kingsley Enugu D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2270. NNR29/2019/ENU/1342/0078658 Ugwu Michael Onyekachi Enugu A2 NNBTS ONNE

  2271. NNR29/2019/ENU/16/0000916 Onuabuchi James Enugu D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2272. NNR29/2019/ENU/429/0025110 Nwodo Emmanuel Chinedu Enugu D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2273. NNR29/2019/ENU/1767/0101402 Onah Okafor Robert Enugu D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2274. NNR29/2019/ENU/2076/0117069 Ezema Lydia Ogechi Enugu D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2275. NNR29/2019/ENU/755/0044392 Ogbonna Mmaduabuchi Livinus Enugu D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2276. NNR29/2019/ENU/1295/0075872 Ihekwo Patricia Chinenye Enugu N NNBTS ONNE

  2277. NNR29/2019/ENU/399/0023506 Onyebuchi Charity Ifeoma Enugu F3 NNBTS ONNE

  2278. NNR29/2019/ENU/447/0026260 Onuzulike Chukwuebuka Vitalis Enugu J NNBTS ONNE

  2279. NNR29/2019/ENU/743/0043650 Onyebuchi Charity Ifeoma Enugu F3 NNBTS ONNE

  2280. NNR29/2019/ENU/1450/0084382 Okeke Immaculate Ngozi Enugu F1 NNBTS ONNE

  2281. NNR29/2019/ENU/1490/0086874 Ozougwu Emmanuel Cyprian Enugu H NNBTS ONNE

  2282. NNR29/2019/ENU/1511/0087723 Opi Ebuka Kindidus Enugu D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2283. NNR29/2019/ENU/1618/0093537 Onyia Philip Onyekachi Enugu A1 NNBTS ONNE

  2284. NNR29/2019/ENU/201/0011664 Udeji Adline Nwakaego Enugu C2 NNBTS ONNE

  2285. NNR29/2019/ENU/531/0031424 Chukwu Clement Otito Enugu D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2286. NNR29/2019/ENU/990/0058230 Emeka Chidera Enugu D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2287. NNR29/2019/ENU/1651/0095007 Ugwunnadi Mary Uzoamaka Enugu D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2288. NNR29/2019/ENU/1935/0109994 Okoro Godwin Enugu E2 NNBTS ONNE

  2289. NNR29/2019/ENU/1984/0113088 Okoro Chidera Aloysisu Enugu D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2290. NNR29/2019/FCT/1350/0100976 Mathew Iko Tatari FCT D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2291. NNR29/2019/FCT/1122/0084032 Danjuma Onyeche Faith FCT N NNBTS ONNE

  2292. NNR29/2019/FCT/545/0043159 Igbasue Terver Manasseh FCT D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2293. NNR29/2019/FCT/1203/0091093 Mohammed Musa Abako FCT D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2294. NNR29/2019/GOM/70/0003070 Abubakar Yusuf Gombe D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2295. NNR29/2019/GOM/1366/0066137 Ibrahim Abubakar Jalo Gombe E1 NNBTS ONNE

  2296. NNR29/2019/GOM/1881/0091667 Ali Enock Gombe C1 NNBTS ONNE

  2297. NNR29/2019/GOM/2081/0101654 Sabulu Ayi Giwa Gombe D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2298. NNR29/2019/GOM/2030/0099216 Samuel Felix Bello Gombe D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2299. NNR29/2019/GOM/2153/0105357 Bala Ezra Gombe D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2300. NNR29/2019/GOM/245/0011000 Usman Zakariya Gombe D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2301. NNR29/2019/GOM/1127/0053636 Ahmad Yahaya Tijjani Gombe D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2302. NNR29/2019/GOM/1864/0090610 Simon Kefas Inusa Gombe N NNBTS ONNE

  2303. NNR29/2019/GOM/1477/0072693 Ali Ahmad Gombe D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2304. NNR29/2019/GOM/2118/0103384 Jungudo Ibrahim Ahmed Gombe D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2305. NNR29/2019/GOM/1400/0068474 Ishaku Faith Gombe D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2306. NNR29/2019/IMO/1168/0050676 Lawrence Emmanuel Imo A1 NNBTS ONNE

  2307. NNR29/2019/IMO/1173/0051019 Adiele Wisdom Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2308. NNR29/2019/IMO/1217/0052697 Onwukwe Vincent Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2309. NNR29/2019/IMO/1236/0053615 Adiukwu Chidozie Sixtus Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2310. NNR29/2019/IMO/1323/0058011 Godwin Agbalo Uche Imo D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2311. NNR29/2019/IMO/1378/0060189 Takiri Franklin Imo D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2312. NNR29/2019/IMO/1387/0060459 Epuzoaju Blessing Ijeoma Imo F1 NNBTS ONNE

  2313. NNR29/2019/IMO/1390/0060585 Njemanze Ujunwa Stephen Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2314. NNR29/2019/IMO/14/0000567 Amatasoro Duke Daniel Imo E2 NNBTS ONNE

  2315. NNR29/2019/IMO/1406/0061305 Onyeocha Chima Henry Imo F1 NNBTS ONNE

  2316. NNR29/2019/IMO/1517/0065545 Ojo Elijah Chigozie Imo D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2317. NNR29/2019/IMO/1594/0068564 Fintan Great Chinedu Imo E5 NNBTS ONNE

  2318. NNR29/2019/IMO/1632/0070407 Nwabugwu Ebuka Emmanuel Imo D3 NNBTS ONNE

  2319. NNR29/2019/IMO/1665/0071644 Onuoha Charles Obinna Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2320. NNR29/2019/IMO/1749/0074897 Anum Blessing Chinazam Imo B2 NNBTS ONNE

  2321. NNR29/2019/IMO/1815/0076882 Ogu Chiemeka George Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2322. NNR29/2019/IMO/2172/0092123 Amadi Vitus Daddy Imo N NNBTS ONNE

  2323. NNR29/2019/IMO/230/0008793 Okonkwo Hilary Onyedika Imo E2 NNBTS ONNE

  2324. NNR29/2019/IMO/2336/0098572 Agu Israel Chinaza Imo D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2325. NNR29/2019/IMO/2439/0102021 Ubah Obinna Golden Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2326. NNR29/2019/IMO/26/0001010 Nwachukwu Precious Leo Imo C1 NNBTS ONNE

  2327. NNR29/2019/IMO/2603/0108206 Ekeada Ngozi Stella Imo E1 NNBTS ONNE

  2328. NNR29/2019/IMO/272/0010279 Opara Oscar Chibuike Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2329. NNR29/2019/IMO/2788/0115514 Ekwonye Elvis Imo D3 NNBTS ONNE

  2330. NNR29/2019/IMO/2820/0116843 Njoku Chizoba Micheal Imo D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2331. NNR29/2019/IMO/2869/0118436 Abazie Chidera Lucy Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2332. NNR29/2019/IMO/3001/0123582 Opara Chima Ishmael Imo E3 NNBTS ONNE

  2333. NNR29/2019/IMO/349/0013788 Ireze Agatha Ijeoma Imo E3 NNBTS ONNE

  2334. NNR29/2019/IMO/414/0016720 Nwafor Julius Chigozie Imo D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2335. NNR29/2019/IMO/541/0021920 Chigbu Finian Obimefune Imo E5 NNBTS ONNE

  2336. NNR29/2019/IMO/594/0023742 Agu Jeremiah Chidiadi Imo G NNBTS ONNE

  2337. NNR29/2019/IMO/674/0026800 Edmond Ugochukwu Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2338. NNR29/2019/IMO/906/0037481 Nwaonu Uche Chinyerenwa Imo J NNBTS ONNE

  2339. NNR29/2019/IMO/1361/0059653 Opara Oscar Chibuike Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2340. NNR29/2019/IMO/2123/0090524 Nwachukwu Rebecca Chinenye Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2341. NNR29/2019/IMO/285/0010743 Opara Osward Chimuanya Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2342. NNR29/2019/IMO/3229/0132972 Eke Moses Ugwumba Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2343. NNR29/2019/IMO/817/0033275 Onwuegbule Uchechi Leona Imo K NNBTS ONNE

  2344. NNR29/2019/IMO/1047/0045616 Kenkwo Kindness Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2345. NNR29/2019/IMO/1477/0064002 Duru Chukwunonye Francis Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2346. NNR29/2019/IMO/1638/0070798 Ibe Emmanuel Chigozie Imo D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2347. NNR29/2019/IMO/1745/0074716 Chukwu Ugochi Mercy Imo N NNBTS ONNE

  2348. NNR29/2019/IMO/2474/0103725 Okoro Chidinma Happiness Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2349. NNR29/2019/IMO/275/0010439 Ugochukwu Emmanuel Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2350. NNR29/2019/IMO/1070/0046677 Nworgu Chinedu Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2351. NNR29/2019/IMO/120/0004718 Onyenali Chimeremeze Augustine Imo B1 NNBTS ONNE

  2352. NNR29/2019/IMO/1252/0054400 Unegbu Esther Amarachi Imo E2 NNBTS ONNE

  2353. NNR29/2019/IMO/1535/0066122 Nwaeze Joshua Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2354. NNR29/2019/IMO/156/0005681 Amuzuo Chinonso Christopher Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2355. NNR29/2019/IMO/1873/0079842 Anosike Bright Chimezie Imo C3 NNBTS ONNE

  2356. NNR29/2019/IMO/2120/0090494 Nnamdi Ugochukwu Imo E2 NNBTS ONNE

  2357. NNR29/2019/IMO/2174/0092149 Azubuike Chigemezu Chukwunenye Imo C3 NNBTS ONNE

  2358. NNR29/2019/IMO/2281/0096514 Amefula Chidienere Temple Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2359. NNR29/2019/IMO/2473/0103700 Nwanchukwu Kelechi Emmanuel Imo D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2360. NNR29/2019/IMO/369/0014834 Ihuoma Moses Chijioke Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2361. NNR29/2019/IMO/165/0005934 Chimezie Florence Chiamaka Imo B5 NNBTS ONNE

  2362. NNR29/2019/IMO/804/0032642 Onwenu Gift Chineye Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2363. NNR29/2019/IMO/820/0033418 Okparaeke Eunice Oluchi Imo F1 NNBTS ONNE

  2364. NNR29/2019/IMO/1288/0056044 Duruoha Veronica Uchechukwu Imo C1 NNBTS ONNE

  2365. NNR29/2019/IMO/1910/0082007 Nnoaham Kelvin Nnaemeka Imo D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2366. NNR29/2019/IMO/2225/0094276 Oluoha Henry Chigozie Imo D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2367. NNR29/2019/IMO/231/0008799 Eze Ijeoma Maryjane Imo E3 NNBTS ONNE

  2368. NNR29/2019/IMO/484/0018723 Ezealla Chidinma Gloria Imo D3 NNBTS ONNE

  2369. NNR29/2019/IMO/1262/0054971 Ogbuokiri Nnennaya Sussanah Imo E2 NNBTS ONNE

  2370. NNR29/2019/IMO/1272/0055360 Ogbonna Moses Chukwudi Imo E3 NNBTS ONNE

  2371. NNR29/2019/IMO/2584/0107614 Osuji Joshua Onyedikachi Imo D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2372. NNR29/2019/IMO/2591/0107734 Ononiwu Ugochukwu Chris Imo G NNBTS ONNE

  2373. NNR29/2019/IMO/2677/0111717 Onwudiwe Favour Ezinne Imo E5 NNBTS ONNE

  2374. NNR29/2019/IMO/3052/0125387 Ndubueze Chijindu Godwin Imo B1 NNBTS ONNE

  2375. NNR29/2019/IMO/3154/0129778 Ofoegbu Chioma Ijeoma Imo D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2376. NNR29/2019/IMO/465/0018104 Linus Collins Chidera Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2377. NNR29/2019/IMO/677/0026924 Evans Blessing Onyinyechi Imo D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2378. NNR29/2019/IMO/730/0029061 Uwandu Chiamaka Okwukweka Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2379. NNR29/2019/IMO/1428/0061930 Ihuoma Bright Ikechukwu Imo C1 NNBTS ONNE

  2380. NNR29/2019/IMO/1476/0063992 Christopher Ngozi Imo E2 NNBTS ONNE

  2381. NNR29/2019/IMO/1523/0065917 Ogbugo Henry Nkemjika Imo B4 NNBTS ONNE

  2382. NNR29/2019/IMO/1617/0069884 Ihuarulam Uchechi Mirian Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2383. NNR29/2019/IMO/1829/0077377 Ononiwu Kenneth Uzoma Royal Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2384. NNR29/2019/IMO/1915/0082131 Amaechi Ifeanyi Vincent Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2385. NNR29/2019/IMO/2149/0091210 Emenike Gloria Nkiru Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2386. NNR29/2019/IMO/2376/0099965 Duru Hilary Chinemezu Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2387. NNR29/2019/IMO/241/0009372 Okoro Godson Chimamkpam Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2388. NNR29/2019/IMO/2471/0103628 Anyanwu Richard Chidozie Imo C1 NNBTS ONNE

  2389. NNR29/2019/IMO/25/0000950 Obialor Prosper Ebubechukwu Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2390. NNR29/2019/IMO/2742/0114083 Osuji Prince Oluebube Imo B5 NNBTS ONNE

  2391. NNR29/2019/IMO/2843/0117622 Iwumene Princewill Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2392. NNR29/2019/IMO/3008/0123816 Chinemerem Benjamin Chibuzor Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2393. NNR29/2019/IMO/3011/0124001 Madu Samuel Chibueze Imo D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2394. NNR29/2019/IMO/422/0017081 Amadi Godswill Nkasiobi Imo E1 NNBTS ONNE

  2395. NNR29/2019/IMO/445/0017563 Asiegbu Danjuma Stanley Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2396. NNR29/2019/IMO/50/0001991 Ezirim Chinagorom Justice Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2397. NNR29/2019/IMO/610/0024332 Ubaotu Uchechi Mariasonta Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2398. NNR29/2019/IMO/631/0025089 Nwachukwu Precious Leo Imo C1 NNBTS ONNE

  2399. NNR29/2019/IMO/877/0036229 Iwuoha Ikenna Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2400. NNR29/2019/IMO/884/0036615 Anyanwu Chima Lucky Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2401. NNR29/2019/IMO/902/0037339 Ofoegbu Uchenna Martins Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2402. NNR29/2019/IMO/1101/0047723 Duruobi Marycynthia Onyekachi Imo D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2403. NNR29/2019/IMO/1444/0062556 Obiechefu John Tochukwu Imo A1 NNBTS ONNE

  2404. NNR29/2019/IMO/2182/0092452 Nwachukwu Chidiebube Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2405. NNR29/2019/IMO/2442/0102181 Emmanuel Ukeje Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2406. NNR29/2019/IMO/2608/0108338 Osuchukwu Chibuzor Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2407. NNR29/2019/IMO/2921/0120145 Nwachukwu Omasirichi Kindness Imo B2 NNBTS ONNE

  2408. NNR29/2019/IMO/3091/0126807 Anozie Michael Nzubechi Imo D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2409. NNR29/2019/IMO/3095/0126990 Chukwuma Nelson Imo D2 NNBTS ONNE

  2410. NNR29/2019/IMO/3101/0127236 Henry Goodluck Didi Imo D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2411. NNR29/2019/IMO/3155/0129803 Kpaduwa Isaac Imo J NNBTS ONNE

  2412. NNR29/2019/IMO/619/0024698 Ukaegbu Daniel Chibuike Imo N NNBTS ONNE

  2413. NNR29/2019/IMO/791/0032176 Monday Esther Chikodi Imo E2 NNBTS ONNE

  2414. NNR29/2019/IMO/919/0038154 Sunday Emmanuel Chukwuemeka Imo A1 NNBTS ONNE

  2415. NNR29/2019/IMO/103/0004254 Sylvester Best Uchechukwu Imo F3 NNBTS ONNE

  2416. NNR29/2019/IMO/1855/0078271 Odozor Victory Chialuka Imo E2 NNBTS ONNE

  2417. NNR29/2019/IMO/251/0009606 Ezeh Precious Chibueze Imo G NNBTS ONNE

  2418. NNR29/2019/IMO/2898/0119179 Ohiri Eric Chukwuemeka Imo C1 NNBTS ONNE

  2419. NNR29/2019/IMO/2933/0120524 Oliver Onyekachi Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2420. NNR29/2019/IMO/1046/0045510 Anele Victor Chikezie Imo B3 NNBTS ONNE

  2421. NNR29/2019/IMO/1122/0048607 Amadi Kingsley Charles Imo E5 NNBTS ONNE

  2422. NNR29/2019/IMO/1209/0052341 Anyaele Chinwendu Sandra Imo E3 NNBTS ONNE

  2423. NNR29/2019/IMO/152/0005646 Okoroafor Onyinyechi Sandra Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2424. NNR29/2019/IMO/20/0000813 Ike Munachimso Benedict Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2425. NNR29/2019/IMO/2157/0091420 Nwadike Chidera Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2426. NNR29/2019/IMO/2787/0115496 Akuwudike Ogochukwu Michael Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2427. NNR29/2019/IMO/2940/0120723 Orubo Godstime Promise Imo D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2428. NNR29/2019/IMO/297/0011156 Jacob Kingsley Imo A1 NNBTS ONNE

  2429. NNR29/2019/IMO/2974/0122169 Onuoha Solomon Ugochukwu Imo D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2430. NNR29/2019/IMO/3019/0124261 Chukwuemeka Juliet Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2431. NNR29/2019/IMO/463/0017978 Anyanwu Junior Chidubem Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2432. NNR29/2019/IMO/503/0019829 Sunday Johnson Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2433. NNR29/2019/IMO/550/0022189 Uzoma Chisom Udochukwu Imo G NNBTS ONNE

  2434. NNR29/2019/IMO/552/0022271 Anyanwu Chijioke Imo C3 NNBTS ONNE

  2435. NNR29/2019/IMO/97/0003899 Ejiofor Miracle Chinemerem Imo B4 NNBTS ONNE

  2436. NNR29/2019/IMO/1036/0045055 Nwosu Ezinna Justin Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2437. NNR29/2019/IMO/1158/0050045 Basil Goodness Ogechi Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2438. NNR29/2019/IMO/128/0004965 Nwafor Kingsley Chibunna Imo A1 NNBTS ONNE

  2439. NNR29/2019/IMO/1335/0058436 Madu Obinna Samuel Imo G NNBTS ONNE

  2440. NNR29/2019/IMO/1482/0064215 Onyeocha Jesse Ibuchi Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2441. NNR29/2019/IMO/1513/0065411 Fintan Great Chinedu Imo E5 NNBTS ONNE

  2442. NNR29/2019/IMO/1533/0066093 Onyenwe Ebube Jeremiah Imo H NNBTS ONNE

  2443. NNR29/2019/IMO/1572/0067606 Okere Ikechukwu Jude Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2444. NNR29/2019/IMO/1586/0068099 Anyanwu Onyedikachi Roseline Imo F1 NNBTS ONNE

  2445. NNR29/2019/IMO/1675/0071886 Fintan Great Chinedu Imo E5 NNBTS ONNE

  2446. NNR29/2019/IMO/2108/0090114 Okwudiri Chukwuemeka Golden Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2447. NNR29/2019/IMO/2113/0090197 Ekeh Promise Nkwachi Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2448. NNR29/2019/IMO/2262/0095612 Ukwuoma Nicholas Chiechiezulam Imo D2 NNBTS ONNE

  2449. NNR29/2019/IMO/2355/0099101 Obichere Bright Chinonso Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2450. NNR29/2019/IMO/2657/0110537 Onuoha Vera Chinwendu Imo B1 NNBTS ONNE

  2451. NNR29/2019/IMO/2837/0117402 Okere Innocent Uche Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2452. NNR29/2019/IMO/3120/0128052 Eze Chinwendu Confidence Imo C1 NNBTS ONNE

  2453. NNR29/2019/IMO/3179/0130890 Okereafoe Victor Onyebuchi Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2454. NNR29/2019/IMO/386/0015658 Nwaiwu Prince Ugochukwu Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2455. NNR29/2019/IMO/778/0031318 Okereke Favour Chimnemeri Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2456. NNR29/2019/IMO/870/0035966 Sunday Chibueze Felix Imo B1 NNBTS ONNE

  2457. NNR29/2019/IMO/929/0038557 Okereafor Chukwudi Henry Imo B1 NNBTS ONNE

  2458. NNR29/2019/IMO/1593/0068558 Nworji Chigozie Ekeson Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2459. NNR29/2019/IMO/164/0005913 Ariguzo Ezichi Frances Imo F2 NNBTS ONNE

  2460. NNR29/2019/IMO/2475/0103762 Chukwunonye Ozioma Livina Imo F3 NNBTS ONNE

  2461. NNR29/2019/IMO/3206/0132198 Okwara Emmanuel Chibueze Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2462. NNR29/2019/IMO/470/0018354 Ariguzo Ogechukwu Jessica Imo E2 NNBTS ONNE

  2463. NNR29/2019/IMO/67/0002688 Okoro Alex Ebuka Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2464. NNR29/2019/IMO/806/0032680 Ogbonnaya Precious Uchechukwu Imo E2 NNBTS ONNE

  2465. NNR29/2019/IMO/1283/0055787 Nwaneri Ifeanyi Timothy Imo D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2466. NNR29/2019/IMO/2941/0120725 Ibeanusi Izuchukwu Anthony Imo G NNBTS ONNE

  2467. NNR29/2019/IMO/3028/0124592 Nwadike Augustus Kelechi Imo C3 NNBTS ONNE

  2468. NNR29/2019/IMO/2277/0096305 Stephen Martins Nil Imo B3 NNBTS ONNE

  2469. NNR29/2019/IMO/515/0020537 Mg Paul Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2470. NNR29/2019/IMO/52/0002057 Amadi Vitalis Francis Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2471. NNR29/2019/IMO/724/0028801 Amadi Vitalis Francis Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2472. NNR29/2019/IMO/1273/0055391 Okonkwo Princepaul Onyebuchi Imo B4 NNBTS ONNE

  2473. NNR29/2019/IMO/1690/0072501 Godwin Lucky Chiemezie Imo B4 NNBTS ONNE

  2474. NNR29/2019/IMO/2503/0104968 Chinekezie Chinonso Kingsley Imo D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2475. NNR29/2019/IMO/2651/0110266 Anyanwu Lynda Beatrice Imo N NNBTS ONNE

  2476. NNR29/2019/IMO/554/0022395 Ebeh Ogechi Bernadeth Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2477. NNR29/2019/IMO/950/0039827 Okebalama Kenneth Ogechi Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2478. NNR29/2019/IMO/1010/0043723 Asonna Godstime Emezie Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2479. NNR29/2019/IMO/1222/0052821 Emeka Sampson Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2480. NNR29/2019/IMO/1250/0054351 Ozoemena Ossai Clinton Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2481. NNR29/2019/IMO/1448/0062644 Alozie Wisdom Chukwudi Imo G NNBTS ONNE

  2482. NNR29/2019/IMO/1500/0064953 Oluwuihe Glory Chiamaka Imo F1 NNBTS ONNE

  2483. NNR29/2019/IMO/1645/0070999 Eneboachi Prosper Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2484. NNR29/2019/IMO/1769/0075471 Obizue Frankline Chima Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2485. NNR29/2019/IMO/2347/0098924 Ughala Harmony Chiemezie Imo H NNBTS ONNE

  2486. NNR29/2019/IMO/2415/0101074 Ukachukwu Thankgod Imo D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2487. NNR29/2019/IMO/276/0010440 Anene Chibuike Raymond Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2488. NNR29/2019/IMO/2776/0115098 Ohanyere Sandra Oluchi Imo F1 NNBTS ONNE

  2489. NNR29/2019/IMO/3057/0125462 Nwosu David Kelechi Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2490. NNR29/2019/IMO/863/0035524 Nwapa Walter Chukwuebka Imo D3 NNBTS ONNE

  2491. NNR29/2019/IMO/1040/0045243 John Emmanuel Imo D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2492. NNR29/2019/IMO/1186/0051580 Elu Smile Amarachi Imo F1 NNBTS ONNE

  2493. NNR29/2019/IMO/1527/0065949 Okoro Uchechi Godswill Imo E4 NNBTS ONNE

  2494. NNR29/2019/IMO/1541/0066322 Ukwuoma Victor Odinaka Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2495. NNR29/2019/IMO/1662/0071599 Raphael Chizoba Glory Imo E3 NNBTS ONNE

  2496. NNR29/2019/IMO/1743/0074504 Christopher Udochukwu Chukwuebuka Imo F1 NNBTS ONNE

  2497. NNR29/2019/IMO/2044/0087297 Iferobia Ebuka Confidence Imo E1 NNBTS ONNE

  2498. NNR29/2019/IMO/2109/0090117 Colenth Johnson Chidiadi Imo D3 NNBTS ONNE

  2499. NNR29/2019/IMO/2211/0093633 Dike Precious Chimbueze Imo J NNBTS ONNE

  2500. NNR29/2019/IMO/2421/0101265 Duru Saviour Izuchukwu Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2501. NNR29/2019/IMO/2451/0102723 Nicolas Prince Charlie Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2502. NNR29/2019/IMO/2692/0112129 Onyenze Meshack Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2503. NNR29/2019/IMO/2773/0114970 Johnson Stephen Chidebere Imo H NNBTS ONNE

  2504. NNR29/2019/IMO/3160/0130122 Amadi Amarachi Imo E2 NNBTS ONNE

  2505. NNR29/2019/IMO/556/0022456 Uwalaka Peterson Imo E3 NNBTS ONNE

  2506. NNR29/2019/IMO/618/0024649 Opara Divine Precious Imo E2 NNBTS ONNE

  2507. NNR29/2019/IMO/663/0026331 Obijuru Wisdom Chinaza Imo E3 NNBTS ONNE

  2508. NNR29/2019/IMO/767/0030961 Nworlu Samuel Nkwachukwu Imo G NNBTS ONNE

  2509. NNR29/2019/IMO/916/0037986 Michael Ifeanyi Anthony Imo A2 NNBTS ONNE

  2510. NNR29/2019/IMO/1680/0072125 Onyejiaka Israel Tochukwu Imo D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2511. NNR29/2019/IMO/1888/0081057 Abasiri Arinze Anthony Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2512. NNR29/2019/IMO/191/0006883 Abraham Divine Chikeziri Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2513. NNR29/2019/IMO/2208/0093559 Mephors Justine Chigozie Imo F1 NNBTS ONNE

  2514. NNR29/2019/IMO/2529/0105938 Okeke Ezea Kennedy Michael Imo E3 NNBTS ONNE

  2515. NNR29/2019/IMO/2643/0109673 Ezeh Francisca Onyebuchi Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2516. NNR29/2019/IMO/2684/0111948 Duru Blessing Ifeoma Imo E3 NNBTS ONNE

  2517. NNR29/2019/IMO/2434/0101745 Uburuchukwu Emeka Emmanuel Imo H NNBTS ONNE

  2518. NNR29/2019/IMO/1064/0046490 Freedom Christopher Ebube Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2519. NNR29/2019/IMO/2924/0120223 Nwosu Uche Caleb Imo D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2520. NNR29/2019/IMO/2950/0121278 Ireozor Emmanuel Chinaemerem Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2521. NNR29/2019/IMO/1131/0048848 Orji Solomon Chibuike Imo D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2522. NNR29/2019/IMO/1948/0083259 Izuagha Chidiebere Patrick Imo E2 NNBTS ONNE

  2523. NNR29/2019/IMO/2877/0118585 Uche Logan Chinonso Imo E1 NNBTS ONNE

  2524. NNR29/2019/IMO/3180/0130959 Ononiwu Peace Imo E3 NNBTS ONNE

  2525. NNR29/2019/IMO/888/0036805 Ugochukwu Gloria Chimezie Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2526. NNR29/2019/IMO/114/0004581 Akalonu Chimezirim David Imo D3 NNBTS ONNE

  2527. NNR29/2019/IMO/2637/0109402 Ololo Kennedy Chimaobi Imo B4 NNBTS ONNE

  2528. NNR29/2019/IMO/2730/0113706 Uba Chidiebere Maxwell Imo H NNBTS ONNE

  2529. NNR29/2019/IMO/2757/0114504 Onyeneke Franklin Imo C3 NNBTS ONNE

  2530. NNR29/2019/IMO/941/0039359 Ndeze Uchenna Benjamin Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2531. NNR29/2019/IMO/1388/0060473 Godwin Agbalo Uche Imo D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2532. NNR29/2019/IMO/2496/0104721 Alphonsus Ifeanyi Ofurum Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2533. NNR29/2019/IMO/2759/0114574 Ajoku Ozioma Homely Imo E5 NNBTS ONNE

  2534. NNR29/2019/IMO/2961/0121502 Njemanze Ujunwa Stephen Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2535. NNR29/2019/IMO/3213/0132534 Basil Favour Emmanuel Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2536. NNR29/2019/IMO/361/0014589 Ohakwe Emmanuel Junior Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2537. NNR29/2019/IMO/807/0032701 Okemeziem Victory Kamsorochi Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2538. NNR29/2019/IMO/2772/0114862 Ibeatuche Chioma Currency Imo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2539. NNR29/2019/JIG/2044/0112480 Shelbut Peter Jigawa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2540. NNR29/2019/JIG/2138/0117789 Ibrahim Musa Muhammad Jigawa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2541. NNR29/2019/JIG/406/0025734 Falalu Abdulmalik Abubakar Jigawa B1 NNBTS ONNE

  2542. NNR29/2019/JIG/2094/0115593 Umar Sani Jigawa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2543. NNR29/2019/JIG/1429/0080285 Abubakar Nazifi Jigawa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2544. NNR29/2019/JIG/2217/0122797 Abdullahi Aminu Muktar Jigawa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2545. NNR29/2019/JIG/1821/0100617 Abdulrahman Muhammad Jigawa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2546. NNR29/2019/JIG/1788/0098820 Mustapha Shamsuddeen Jigawa N NNBTS ONNE

  2547. NNR29/2019/JIG/1635/0090098 Ibrahim Auwalu Jigawa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2548. NNR29/2019/JIG/220/0014738 Ayuba Zakar Jigawa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2549. NNR29/2019/JIG/226/0015088 Musa Umar Jigawa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2550. NNR29/2019/JIG/728/0041429 Adamu Garba Jigawa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2551. NNR29/2019/JIG/2142/0117936 Auwalu Buhari Jigawa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2552. NNR29/2019/KAD/1454/0024012 Samaila Silas Kaduna D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2553. NNR29/2019/KAD/3253/0052239 Shekari Stephen Kaduna D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2554. NNR29/2019/KAD/6483/0105371 Haruna Muhammed Kaduna D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2555. NNR29/2019/KAD/1355/0022565 Suleiman Abubakar Kaduna H NNBTS ONNE

  2556. NNR29/2019/KAD/4006/0063461 Emmanuel Fredrick Kaduna D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2557. NNR29/2019/KAD/7521/0123823 Daniel Joel Fada Kaduna D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2558. NNR29/2019/KAD/7724/0126976 Bature Isaiah Precious Kaduna D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2559. NNR29/2019/KAD/5901/0095736 Usman Muhammed Kaduna D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2560. NNR29/2019/KAD/4293/0068018 Amina Usman Kaduna F1 NNBTS ONNE

  2561. NNR29/2019/KAD/1969/0032573 Samaila Silas Kaduna D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2562. NNR29/2019/KAD/7366/0120693 Iliya Haruna Musa Kaduna D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2563. NNR29/2019/KAD/1627/0026828 Benard Gift Kaduna D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2564. NNR29/2019/KAD/4050/0064201 Haruna Promise Kuzayet Kaduna D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2565. NNR29/2019/KAD/7746/0127427 Anthony Jude Kaduna D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2566. NNR29/2019/KAN/3479/0115611 Abubakar Muhammed Aminu Kano D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2567. NNR29/2019/KAN/2795/0090244 Ahmed Abdulsamad Kano D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2568. NNR29/2019/KAN/893/0026017 Abdullahi Ukasha Usman Kano B1 NNBTS ONNE

  2569. NNR29/2019/KAN/1794/0053979 Adam Ibrahim Kano D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2570. NNR29/2019/KAN/2272/0072153 Muhammad Jibril Adam Kano A1 NNBTS ONNE

  2571. NNR29/2019/KAN/312/0009283 Abdullahi Abdullahi Kano D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2572. NNR29/2019/KAN/3186/0105755 Jibril Muhammad Adam Kano D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2573. NNR29/2019/KAT/3499/0105621 Sufyan Ibrahim Katsina D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2574. NNR29/2019/KAT/3090/0088651 Abubakar Audu Katsina D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2575. NNR29/2019/KAT/1139/0029191 Dayyabu Ishaka Katsina D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2576. NNR29/2019/KAT/3404/0101729 Lawal Aliyu Katsina D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2577. NNR29/2019/KAT/2298/0061277 Salisu Kadiri O Katsina D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2578. NNR29/2019/KAT/3982/0123295 Muhammad Bello Katsina D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2579. NNR29/2019/KAT/3347/0098907 Abdulahi Musa Anka Katsina D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2580. NNR29/2019/KAT/126/0002674 Maikudi Sagir Abdullahi Katsina F3 NNBTS ONNE

  2581. NNR29/2019/KAT/4031/0125574 Muazu Rabiu Katsina D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2582. NNR29/2019/KEB/1390/0065804 Micheal Jeremiah Kebbi N NNBTS ONNE

  2583. NNR29/2019/KEB/1860/0086485 Samaila Zakari Kebbi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2584. NNR29/2019/KEB/2085/0097414 Mohammed Abubakar Shehu Kebbi E1 NNBTS ONNE

  2585. NNR29/2019/KOG/1191/0023920 Abel Israel Ojonugwa Kogi D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2586. NNR29/2019/KOG/1923/0038177 Abdulrazaq Shittu Kogi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2587. NNR29/2019/KOG/4862/0088754 Ojo Sunday Suleiman Kogi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2588. NNR29/2019/KOG/1216/0024522 Ochela Samson Idoga Kogi D2 NNBTS ONNE

  2589. NNR29/2019/KOG/1290/0026073 Godwin Peace Kogi E3 NNBTS ONNE

  2590. NNR29/2019/KOG/1569/0031403 Aliyu Abubakar Musa Kogi B1 NNBTS ONNE

  2591. NNR29/2019/KOG/1588/0031726 Musa Senusi Kogi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2592. NNR29/2019/KOG/1868/0037214 Elijah Benjamin Kogi H NNBTS ONNE

  2593. NNR29/2019/KOG/2766/0054322 Yunisa Ameh Kogi D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2594. NNR29/2019/KOG/3698/0070409 Paul Innocent Labija Kogi E3 NNBTS ONNE

  2595. NNR29/2019/KOG/3717/0070713 Ademu Yahaya Kogi E2 NNBTS ONNE

  2596. NNR29/2019/KOG/3870/0073306 Umar Abdul Kogi H NNBTS ONNE

  2597. NNR29/2019/KOG/4171/0077687 Idegwu Victor Kogi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2598. NNR29/2019/KOG/423/0008439 Yakubu Abdulrahaman Kogi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2599. NNR29/2019/KOG/4460/0082181 Abu John Kogi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2600. NNR29/2019/KOG/4580/0084242 Yunisa Abdulsekuru Kogi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2601. NNR29/2019/KOG/4789/0087710 Yahaya Hamza Kogi D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2602. NNR29/2019/KOG/4825/0088204 Jibrin Joseph (Yusufu) Abdul Kogi N NNBTS ONNE

  2603. NNR29/2019/KOG/5540/0100707 Zekeri Idris Kogi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2604. NNR29/2019/KOG/5809/0105236 Omale Idoga Kogi N NNBTS ONNE

  2605. NNR29/2019/KOG/6761/0121757 Isah Rufai Kogi E3 NNBTS ONNE

  2606. NNR29/2019/KOG/6895/0123970 Sule Grace Kogi E3 NNBTS ONNE

  2607. NNR29/2019/KOG/7006/0125590 Abdulrahman Isah Kogi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2608. NNR29/2019/KOG/7348/0131986 Abel Israel Ojonugwa Kogi D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2609. NNR29/2019/KOG/956/0018847 Aliyu Mohammed Kogi D3 NNBTS ONNE

  2610. NNR29/2019/KOG/1234/0024883 Attai Queen Omoujo Kogi E3 NNBTS ONNE

  2611. NNR29/2019/KOG/1314/0026649 Tijani Mohammed Kogi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2612. NNR29/2019/KOG/1612/0032410 Usman Suleiman Kogi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2613. NNR29/2019/KOG/1627/0032808 James Eneojo Job Kogi H NNBTS ONNE

  2614. NNR29/2019/KOG/2028/0040297 Amedu Victor Kogi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2615. NNR29/2019/KOG/2426/0048013 Michael Friday Yusuf Kogi D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2616. NNR29/2019/KOG/2809/0054968 Ahmodu Kashim Kogi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2617. NNR29/2019/KOG/2828/0055337 Usman Kebiru Kogi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2618. NNR29/2019/KOG/2839/0055554 Saleh John Kogi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2619. NNR29/2019/KOG/3324/0064243 Jibrin Kebiru Kogi D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2620. NNR29/2019/KOG/3399/0065777 Ihiabe Lawrence Ogbuja Kogi D3 NNBTS ONNE

  2621. NNR29/2019/KOG/3549/0068107 Sule Onuche Kogi N NNBTS ONNE

  2622. NNR29/2019/KOG/3632/0069539 Attah Abdulraman Kogi E1 NNBTS ONNE

  2623. NNR29/2019/KOG/3637/0069661 Suleiman Yahaya Kogi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2624. NNR29/2019/KOG/4691/0086087 Yahaya Hamza Omoko Kogi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2625. NNR29/2019/KOG/480/0009635 Mohammed Abdulmutalib Kogi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2626. NNR29/2019/KOG/4811/0088137 Amedu Lukman Kogi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2627. NNR29/2019/KOG/5776/0104672 Ademu Abubakar Kogi N NNBTS ONNE

  2628. NNR29/2019/KOG/6195/0111856 Omebije Felix Kogi N NNBTS ONNE

  2629. NNR29/2019/KOG/6212/0112116 Abuh Onechojo Zainab Kogi E3 NNBTS ONNE

  2630. NNR29/2019/KOG/6365/0114984 Akowe Emmanuel Endurance Kogi A1 NNBTS ONNE

  2631. NNR29/2019/KOG/6449/0116310 Tairu Hamza Kogi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2632. NNR29/2019/KOG/6988/0125230 Amodu Okoliko Kogi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2633. NNR29/2019/KOG/705/0014302 Tairu Dauda Kogi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2634. NNR29/2019/KOG/96/0001974 Sule Joseph Kogi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2635. NNR29/2019/KOG/1649/0033214 Daniel David Ugbege Kogi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2636. NNR29/2019/KOG/2869/0056104 David Victor Acholo Kogi D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2637. NNR29/2019/KOG/3584/0068672 Ojima Ojononu Kogi D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2638. NNR29/2019/KOG/3683/0070234 Uhiene Vincent Kogi N NNBTS ONNE

  2639. NNR29/2019/KOG/4751/0087159 Akpefa Barnabas Ojodumi Kogi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2640. NNR29/2019/KOG/6758/0121716 Egwaba Justice Fredrick Kogi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2641. NNR29/2019/KOG/1581/0031599 Ogwu Rabi Kogi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2642. NNR29/2019/KOG/1837/0036741 Ben Abubakar Emmanuel Kogi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2643. NNR29/2019/KOG/1901/0037767 Audu Precious Isaac Kogi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2644. NNR29/2019/KOG/2596/0051657 Hamza Halilu Kogi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2645. NNR29/2019/KOG/3082/0059935 Ben Emmanuel Nasiru Kogi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2646. NNR29/2019/KOG/6012/0108523 Michael Ejiga Amos Kogi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2647. NNR29/2019/KOG/6711/0120946 Kadiri Aliru Kogi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2648. NNR29/2019/KOG/300/0006241 Jibrin Ibrabim Adama Kogi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2649. NNR29/2019/KOG/3605/0069097 Enemaku Emmanuel Ojonugwa Kogi F2 NNBTS ONNE

  2650. NNR29/2019/KOG/5125/0093473 Adejoh Sunday Kogi D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2651. NNR29/2019/KOG/6308/0113723 Kadiri Ukwubile Kogi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2652. NNR29/2019/KOG/728/0014670 Abdullahi Yusuf Kogi D3 NNBTS ONNE

  2653. NNR29/2019/KOG/4641/0085386 Amodu Abdullahi Kogi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2654. NNR29/2019/KOG/4665/0085754 Aliyu Musa Kogi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2655. NNR29/2019/KOG/4892/0089317 Musa Ahmed Kogi D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2656. NNR29/2019/KOG/1604/0032201 Ologe David Olamide Kogi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2657. NNR29/2019/KOG/1329/0026906 Adamu Safiyat Omaojo Kogi F1 NNBTS ONNE

  2658. NNR29/2019/KOG/3693/0070352 Shaibu Dickson John Kogi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2659. NNR29/2019/KOG/3701/0070443 Ojotu Samuel Ugbedeojo Kogi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2660. NNR29/2019/KOG/3928/0074323 Sunday Israel Urah Kogi D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2661. NNR29/2019/KOG/4554/0083780 Sule Ogaji Joseph Kogi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2662. NNR29/2019/KOG/5928/0107280 Sule Rabiu Kogi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2663. NNR29/2019/KOG/6200/0111920 Ibrahim Nura Kogi H NNBTS ONNE

  2664. NNR29/2019/KOG/6285/0113361 Zakari Damian Micheal Kogi D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2665. NNR29/2019/KOG/6624/0119409 Suleiman Abraham Kogi D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2666. NNR29/2019/KOG/670/0013815 Kadiri Kebiru Kogi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2667. NNR29/2019/KOG/681/0014004 Umar Naziru Abdulaziz Kogi E2 NNBTS ONNE

  2668. NNR29/2019/KOG/6874/0123639 Imaji Samuel Ikon Kogi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2669. NNR29/2019/KOG/1275/0025711 Salami Mushood Ozovehe Kogi E5 NNBTS ONNE

  2670. NNR29/2019/KOG/2057/0041027 Jimoh Hadi Itopa Kogi A2 NNBTS ONNE

  2671. NNR29/2019/KOG/3222/0062436 Ajayi Hamisu Ohida Kogi D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2672. NNR29/2019/KOG/4635/0085302 Otohinoyi Ilyasu Kogi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2673. NNR29/2019/KOG/6280/0113258 Achi Benjamin Adeiza Kogi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2674. NNR29/2019/KOG/7371/0132249 Yaya Lucky Joseph Kogi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2675. NNR29/2019/KOG/1173/0023583 Ahmed Lukman Asipita Kogi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2676. NNR29/2019/KOG/2863/0055883 Yakubu Arome Festus Kogi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2677. NNR29/2019/KOG/4901/0089412 Achem Samuel Kogi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2678. NNR29/2019/KOG/5607/0101946 Yakubu Richard Jeremiah Kogi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2679. NNR29/2019/KOG/3656/0069875 Tairu Besiru Kogi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2680. NNR29/2019/KOG/307/0006347 Paul Festus Tunde Kogi D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2681. NNR29/2019/KWA/1716/0042888 Bakare Moses Sunday Kwara E5 NNBTS ONNE

  2682. NNR29/2019/KWA/2300/0059940 Saidi Olayinka Kwara E2 NNBTS ONNE

  2683. NNR29/2019/KWA/2064/0052434 Babatunde Segun Micheal Kwara D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2684. NNR29/2019/KWA/2318/0060610 Saidi Abraham Kwara C1 NNBTS ONNE

  2685. NNR29/2019/KWA/2821/0075283 Saidi Olayinka Kwara E2 NNBTS ONNE

  2686. NNR29/2019/KWA/3269/0089443 Saliman Abdulrazak Shola Kwara E1 NNBTS ONNE

  2687. NNR29/2019/KWA/4270/0119362 Abolarinwa David Olaoluwa Kwara D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2688. NNR29/2019/KWA/4282/0119667 Abolarinwa David Olaoluwa Kwara N NNBTS ONNE

  2689. NNR29/2019/KWA/2525/0066901 Adebayo Tobi Rotimi Kwara H NNBTS ONNE

  2690. NNR29/2019/KWA/4326/0121076 Alatise Blessing Iyabo Kwara E3 NNBTS ONNE

  2691. NNR29/2019/KWA/4369/0122649 Ajayi Oluwafemi Emmanuel Kwara N NNBTS ONNE

  2692. NNR29/2019/KWA/2711/0072569 Musa Usman Kwara D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2693. NNR29/2019/LAG/170/0011385 Oke Ebenezer Gbenupo Lagos B2 NNBTS ONNE

  2694. NNR29/2019/LAG/768/0065177 Emmanuel George Mauton Lagos D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2695. NNR29/2019/NAS/1428/0054305 Joseph Shedrack Meaka Nasarawa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2696. NNR29/2019/NAS/2227/0079625 Embuka Umbugadu Yakubu Nasarawa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2697. NNR29/2019/NAS/2368/0084202 Akawu Emmanuel Aboki Nasarawa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2698. NNR29/2019/NAS/2666/0093431 Ishaya Lucky Gaina Nasarawa A2 NNBTS ONNE

  2699. NNR29/2019/NAS/2746/0095977 Joseph Shedrack Meaka Nasarawa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2700. NNR29/2019/NAS/3079/0106752 Kago Alexander Ayuba Nasarawa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2701. NNR29/2019/NAS/3761/0129704 Rubutu Alice Nasarawa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2702. NNR29/2019/NAS/1535/0057922 Musa Gambo Nasarawa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2703. NNR29/2019/NAS/3562/0123530 Ogoshi Ismaila Adio Nasarawa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2704. NNR29/2019/NAS/2313/0082657 Ibrahim Khalipha Nasarawa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2705. NNR29/2019/NAS/2991/0103791 Yusuf Idris Nasarawa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2706. NNR29/2019/NAS/2302/0082453 Kasimu Saidu Nasarawa E1 NNBTS ONNE

  2707. NNR29/2019/NAS/3482/0120430 Gambo Ayuba Nasarawa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2708. NNR29/2019/NAS/3627/0125130 Dogara Joseph Nasarawa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2709. NNR29/2019/NAS/3839/0132122 Ayaka Isaiah Nasarawa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2710. NNR29/2019/NAS/54/0002638 Ewuga Bulus Babazaure Nasarawa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2711. NNR29/2019/NAS/618/0027319 Francis Faith Nasarawa F1 NNBTS ONNE

  2712. NNR29/2019/NAS/1308/0050802 Muhammad Umar Nasarawa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2713. NNR29/2019/NAS/1580/0059383 John Precious Ochanya Nasarawa E3 NNBTS ONNE

  2714. NNR29/2019/NAS/361/0017513 Umar Abubakar Faruq Nasarawa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2715. NNR29/2019/NAS/13/0000683 Umaru Ezekiel Nasarawa B4 NNBTS ONNE

  2716. NNR29/2019/NAS/2568/0090232 Joshua Ayuba Nasarawa D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2717. NNR29/2019/NAS/3039/0105285 Akwayi Douglas Okeh Nasarawa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2718. NNR29/2019/NAS/3745/0129242 Akaba Moses Christopher Nasarawa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2719. NNR29/2019/NAS/791/0033534 William David Agbutun Nasarawa D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2720. NNR29/2019/NAS/3713/0128083 Muhammad Shamsuddeen Nasarawa C1 NNBTS ONNE

  2721. NNR29/2019/NAS/775/0032758 John Precious Ochanya Nasarawa E3 NNBTS ONNE

  2722. NNR29/2019/NIG/186/0006474 Abdulakadir Aliyu Babatako Niger A2 NNBTS ONNE

  2723. NNR29/2019/NIG/3929/0131705 Barde Peter Niger D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2724. NNR29/2019/NIG/2772/0090441 Mohammed Danjuma Niger H NNBTS ONNE

  2725. NNR29/2019/NIG/2258/0075086 Garba Mubarak Muazu Niger D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2726. NNR29/2019/NIG/2679/0087447 Musa Nda Niger D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2727. NNR29/2019/NIG/1855/0060389 Ndakogi Abubakar Niger D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2728. NNR29/2019/NIG/1996/0064872 Isah Kefas Niger D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2729. NNR29/2019/NIG/2473/0081675 Barwa Monday Asowan Niger D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2730. NNR29/2019/NIG/3329/0110093 Bala Stephen Gado Niger D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2731. NNR29/2019/NIG/3920/0131387 David Jacob Audu Niger D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2732. NNR29/2019/NIG/1960/0064104 Ibrahim Abdullahi Niger D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2733. NNR29/2019/NIG/1297/0042406 Musa Abdulsalam Ab Niger D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2734. NNR29/2019/OGU/1026/0040462 Kasali Segun David Ogun D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2735. NNR29/2019/OGU/418/0013248 Olaloko Rasheed Atanda Ogun E3 NNBTS ONNE

  2736. NNR29/2019/OGU/1036/0041241 Sopein Ayodeji Ibukunoluwa Ogun D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2737. NNR29/2019/OGU/1407/0060869 Oloyede Christian Precious Ogun D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2738. NNR29/2019/OGU/1835/0083475 Aremu Kehinde Paul Ogun D3 NNBTS ONNE

  2739. NNR29/2019/OGU/471/0014555 Dasaolu Dayo Samuel Ogun E1 NNBTS ONNE

  2740. NNR29/2019/OGU/698/0024326 Mulero Kayode David Ogun H NNBTS ONNE

  2741. NNR29/2019/OGU/1264/0053702 Towede Albert Sunday Ogun D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2742. NNR29/2019/OGU/2818/0122982 Odunaro Gbenga Monday Ogun H NNBTS ONNE

  2743. NNR29/2019/OGU/662/0022072 Amisu Malik Olalekan Ogun D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2744. NNR29/2019/OGU/9/0000321 Idowu Olamilekan Joseph Ogun D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2745. NNR29/2019/OGU/1461/0063707 Ogunbanwo Oluwasegun Adedayo Ogun D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2746. NNR29/2019/OGU/2743/0120492 Ageh Idowu Elijah Ogun D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2747. NNR29/2019/OGU/2759/0121070 Ogunsola Olayinka Emmanuel Ogun F1 NNBTS ONNE

  2748. NNR29/2019/OGU/1108/0044528 Nageem Yakubu Ogun H NNBTS ONNE

  2749. NNR29/2019/OGU/1484/0064972 Jikiemi Abidemi Boma Ogun D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2750. NNR29/2019/OND/260/0007641 Aranmonise Michael Alaba Ondo F1 NNBTS ONNE

  2751. NNR29/2019/OND/270/0007904 Famakin Emmanuel Oluwatobi Ondo A1 NNBTS ONNE

  2752. NNR29/2019/OND/3200/0104580 Ogunjobi Kemi Omonike Ondo E3 NNBTS ONNE

  2753. NNR29/2019/OND/4/0000097 Adedoyin Muyiwa Gabriel Ondo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2754. NNR29/2019/OND/536/0016397 Oluyide Ojo Ilesanmi Ondo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2755. NNR29/2019/OND/3480/0112419 Ademola Olamide Tope Ondo D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2756. NNR29/2019/OND/3924/0125389 Osere Festus Olorunfemi Ondo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2757. NNR29/2019/OND/815/0026473 Moses Odunayo Mary Ondo E3 NNBTS ONNE

  2758. NNR29/2019/OND/3503/0113185 Adamolekun Mary Ibukunoluwa Ondo D3 NNBTS ONNE

  2759. NNR29/2019/OND/3390/0109507 Oni Sunday Samuel Ondo J NNBTS ONNE

  2760. NNR29/2019/OND/1942/0065830 Sinighan Christiana Ebiere Ondo E2 NNBTS ONNE

  2761. NNR29/2019/OND/3049/0099935 Bekewei Ebimene Junior Ondo D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2762. NNR29/2019/OND/46/0001389 Ojumo Stephen Olaniyi Ondo B1 NNBTS ONNE

  2763. NNR29/2019/OND/8/0000305 Oni Abiola Jeremiah Ondo N NNBTS ONNE

  2764. NNR29/2019/OND/3309/0107333 Ogunseye Adeola Sunday Ondo B3 NNBTS ONNE

  2765. NNR29/2019/OND/554/0017114 Famakin Emmanuel Oluwatobi Ondo A1 NNBTS ONNE

  2766. NNR29/2019/OND/2937/0096393 Agbeye James Oluwakayode Ondo A2 NNBTS ONNE

  2767. NNR29/2019/OND/1790/0060258 Olatuyi David Oluwarotimi Ondo E3 NNBTS ONNE

  2768. NNR29/2019/OND/39/0001141 Akintoye Omoleye Grace Ondo E4 NNBTS ONNE

  2769. NNR29/2019/OND/4052/0129954 Folorunso Israel Ilesanmi Ondo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2770. NNR29/2019/OND/2444/0081953 Olasehinde Abisola Esther Ondo F1 NNBTS ONNE

  2771. NNR29/2019/OND/2770/0091252 Olawoye Yemi John Ondo D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2772. NNR29/2019/OND/2780/0091514 Sunday Michael Oluwatoba Ondo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2773. NNR29/2019/OND/1573/0053202 Adeleke Destiny Ondo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2774. NNR29/2019/OSU/3663/0103823 Ayeni Ifeoluwa Timilleyin Osun D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2775. NNR29/2019/OSU/3996/0113194 Oyeniran Micheal Oluwasegun Osun D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2776. NNR29/2019/OSU/830/0019864 Fagbewesa Oluwafemi Joshua Osun C2 NNBTS ONNE

  2777. NNR29/2019/OSU/2270/0061411 Adewale Sunday Olamide Osun D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2778. NNR29/2019/OSU/2762/0076075 Ojo Olanrewaju Osun D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2779. NNR29/2019/OSU/3377/0094121 Oladoye Lekan Oke Osun D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2780. NNR29/2019/OSU/2371/0063929 Faluyi Aanuoluwapo Christiana Osun D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2781. NNR29/2019/OSU/1388/0035567 Oluwasegun Olufemi Osun D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2782. NNR29/2019/OSU/819/0019567 Raji Jamiu Akangbe Osun D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2783. NNR29/2019/OSU/964/0023291 Suberiu Walliyullahi Dele Osun E3 NNBTS ONNE

  2784. NNR29/2019/OSU/1907/0050607 Awoyefa Sherrif Oluwaseun Osun D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2785. NNR29/2019/OSU/3564/0100110 Adewuyi Adekunle Samuel Osun D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2786. NNR29/2019/OSU/1954/0051990 Ajibade Lawrence Akolawole Osun A2 NNBTS ONNE

  2787. NNR29/2019/OSU/2663/0073429 Yusuf Mustapha Olamide Osun D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2788. NNR29/2019/OSU/3554/0099728 Oyegunle Moses Osun D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2789. NNR29/2019/OSU/3674/0104359 Olatunde Oluwaseyi Samuel Osun D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2790. NNR29/2019/OSU/1427/0037094 Adejumo Elijah Oluwayomi Osun D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2791. NNR29/2019/OSU/2165/0057784 Oludele Timothy Opeyemi Osun D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2792. NNR29/2019/OSU/4430/0127229 Aguda Isreal Ayomide Osun B4 NNBTS ONNE

  2793. NNR29/2019/OSU/1400/0036178 Kamoru Lateef Olaitan Osun E5 NNBTS ONNE

  2794. NNR29/2019/OSU/1419/0036989 Suleiman Olatunji Yusuf Osun C2 NNBTS ONNE

  2795. NNR29/2019/OSU/3717/0105590 Bello Romoke Osun E1 NNBTS ONNE

  2796. NNR29/2019/OSU/4274/0122097 Olaiya Toheeb Olawale Osun E2 NNBTS ONNE

  2797. NNR29/2019/OSU/4611/0131290 Adelowo Adeolu John Osun D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2798. NNR29/2019/OSU/932/0022337 Alade Shola Osun C1 NNBTS ONNE

  2799. NNR29/2019/OSU/1324/0033858 Adeyemi Ridwan Ahmad Osun F2 NNBTS ONNE

  2800. NNR29/2019/OSU/1689/0043692 Atoyebi Sodiq Opeyemi Osun D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2801. NNR29/2019/OSU/1768/0046362 Atoyebi Sodiq Opeyemi Osun D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2802. NNR29/2019/OSU/2676/0073569 Asanlaye Abiodun Joel Osun C3 NNBTS ONNE

  2803. NNR29/2019/OSU/2140/0057290 Adekunle Ibrahim Osun D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2804. NNR29/2019/OSU/2566/0070266 Olofinniyi Sunday Damilola Osun C2 NNBTS ONNE

  2805. NNR29/2019/OSU/823/0019721 Oyewole Samuel Rotimi Osun D3 NNBTS ONNE

  2806. NNR29/2019/OSU/984/0023705 Lawrence Kehinde Adaranijo Osun D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2807. NNR29/2019/OSU/39/0000987 Adedeji Oluwadare Micheal Osun D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2808. NNR29/2019/OSU/1409/0036494 Oyewole Moshood Lekan Osun D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2809. NNR29/2019/OSU/3964/0112400 Adebisi Rukhoyat Adedamola Osun F1 NNBTS ONNE

  2810. NNR29/2019/OYO/1631/0056218 Kazeem Usman Akinola Oyo E5 NNBTS ONNE

  2811. NNR29/2019/OYO/2395/0086497 Ajani Temitope Adesola Oyo D2 NNBTS ONNE

  2812. NNR29/2019/OYO/2400/0086742 Ajani Temitope Adesola Oyo D2 NNBTS ONNE

  2813. NNR29/2019/OYO/2472/0089787 Gbadamosi Adetunde Oyo F1 NNBTS ONNE

  2814. NNR29/2019/OYO/3235/0118886 Akinjobi Taiwo Elijah Oyo F1 NNBTS ONNE

  2815. NNR29/2019/OYO/627/0018595 Akinyoade Adewale Benjamin Oyo E3 NNBTS ONNE

  2816. NNR29/2019/OYO/884/0027533 Adebowale Mayowa Joseph Oyo B1 NNBTS ONNE

  2817. NNR29/2019/OYO/718/0021366 Adepoju Titilayo Elestina Oyo E5 NNBTS ONNE

  2818. NNR29/2019/OYO/153/0004410 Abdulahi Nasiru Amoo Oyo C2 NNBTS ONNE

  2819. NNR29/2019/OYO/278/0007688 Awotunde Joseph Oyo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2820. NNR29/2019/OYO/3244/0119126 Akinjobi Taiwo Elijah Oyo E4 NNBTS ONNE

  2821. NNR29/2019/OYO/1759/0060802 Eroyalesun Oyekunle Samuel Oyo J NNBTS ONNE

  2822. NNR29/2019/OYO/207/0005685 Olajide Kolade Christopher Oyo D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2823. NNR29/2019/OYO/2941/0108378 Abdulrahaman Bukola Euphrasia Oyo D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2824. NNR29/2019/OYO/1776/0061241 Olawoore Rebecca Bukola Oyo F1 NNBTS ONNE

  2825. NNR29/2019/PLA/1781/0064923 Luka Dung Paul Plateau D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2826. NNR29/2019/PLA/2027/0073587 Ibrahim Ponjul Sunday Plateau B2 NNBTS ONNE

  2827. NNR29/2019/PLA/3064/0112238 Ishaya Blessing Gwom Plateau D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2828. NNR29/2019/PLA/691/0029860 Thomas William Rintim Plateau D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2829. NNR29/2019/PLA/70/0002989 Amos Timothy Awoje Plateau D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2830. NNR29/2019/PLA/1376/0053000 Jeol Elisha Plateau D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2831. NNR29/2019/PLA/245/0011217 Awuziong Aliwat Joseph Plateau D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2832. NNR29/2019/PLA/146/0006843 Ajiji Jonathan Iliya Plateau D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2833. NNR29/2019/PLA/1582/0058768 Ajiji John Plateau D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2834. NNR29/2019/PLA/1824/0066577 Daniel Stephen Yakubu Plateau E1 NNBTS ONNE

  2835. NNR29/2019/PLA/1962/0071416 Musa Adam Usaman Plateau D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2836. NNR29/2019/PLA/3066/0112255 Mustapha Jamilu Hansi Plateau D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2837. NNR29/2019/PLA/503/0022961 Salihu Abdulrasheed Dahiru Plateau D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2838. NNR29/2019/PLA/1552/0058162 Bitrus Lazarus Nengak Plateau D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2839. NNR29/2019/PLA/2084/0075809 Josam Wutwe Plateau D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2840. NNR29/2019/PLA/2644/0096059 Madu Samuel Yilji Plateau E4 NNBTS ONNE

  2841. NNR29/2019/PLA/862/0035543 Dajuma Nenlap Goem Plateau D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2842. NNR29/2019/PLA/10/0000543 Paxton Nanman Plateau D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2843. NNR29/2019/PLA/1783/0065020 Buttau Moses Fanap Plateau D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2844. NNR29/2019/PLA/2170/0080238 James Emmanuel Larfa Plateau D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2845. NNR29/2019/PLA/2614/0094855 Mampak Ponman Nasara Plateau H NNBTS ONNE

  2846. NNR29/2019/PLA/2966/0107652 Stephen Nimfa Nantur Plateau D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2847. NNR29/2019/PLA/586/0025507 Jemda Nanlir Plateau D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2848. NNR29/2019/PLA/756/0031940 Emmanuel Sunday Nanyil Plateau D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2849. NNR29/2019/PLA/1513/0056871 Elisha Ezekiel Ezekiel Plateau N NNBTS ONNE

  2850. NNR29/2019/PLA/3067/0112256 Idris Zakari Muhammed Plateau B2 NNBTS ONNE

  2851. NNR29/2019/PLA/3094/0112895 Daneep Nanwal Ishaya Plateau N NNBTS ONNE

  2852. NNR29/2019/PLA/430/0019233 Swadet Daniel Wase Plateau D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2853. NNR29/2019/PLA/1396/0053800 Ngusat Tongnan Plateau E1 NNBTS ONNE

  2854. NNR29/2019/PLA/1990/0072341 David Gift Danjuma Plateau D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2855. NNR29/2019/PLA/2032/0073659 Wilson Joseph Kentari Plateau D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2856. NNR29/2019/PLA/3619/0132232 Nanpan Bulus Tokbish Plateau F1 NNBTS ONNE

  2857. NNR29/2019/PLA/2251/0082651 Adamu Salisu Plateau D5 NNBTS ONNE

  2858. NNR29/2019/PLA/2427/0088710 Joseph Francis Damang Plateau D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2859. NNR29/2019/PLA/68/0002953 Adamu Abdullahi Dagoeng Plateau E3 NNBTS ONNE

  2860. NNR29/2019/PLA/940/0038358 Musa Zakari Plateau H NNBTS ONNE

  2861. NNR29/2019/PLA/1105/0044719 Babale Zaharadeen Isiyaku Plateau D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2862. NNR29/2019/PLA/1296/0050848 Babale Zaharadeen Ishaku Plateau D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2863. NNR29/2019/PLA/3196/0116337 Thomas Veronica Plateau D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2864. NNR29/2019/PLA/957/0039008 Muhammed Hassan Plateau D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2865. NNR29/2019/RIV/100/0003296 Godday Bright Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2866. NNR29/2019/RIV/1001/0037427 Ephraim Richard Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2867. NNR29/2019/RIV/1008/0037650 Harcourt Kiikpoye Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2868. NNR29/2019/RIV/1026/0038151 Allaputa Maureen David Rivers F1 NNBTS ONNE

  2869. NNR29/2019/RIV/1030/0038227 Imiete Dorathy Buami Rivers F1 NNBTS ONNE

  2870. NNR29/2019/RIV/1051/0038777 Ibim Okorite Samuel Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2871. NNR29/2019/RIV/1059/0039106 Okagwa Igey Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2872. NNR29/2019/RIV/1067/0039398 Owutubo Iibi Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2873. NNR29/2019/RIV/1069/0039447 Tornle Kiaka Victor Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2874. NNR29/2019/RIV/1070/0039466 Thankgod Odesephni Rivers F1 NNBTS ONNE

  2875. NNR29/2019/RIV/1080/0039855 Sokari Gift Opuwari Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2876. NNR29/2019/RIV/1085/0040006 Omanoye Odeamiodi Igor Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2877. NNR29/2019/RIV/1092/0040420 Joyful Peace Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2878. NNR29/2019/RIV/1100/0040788 Nathan Odemaseph Rivers D3 NNBTS ONNE

  2879. NNR29/2019/RIV/1116/0042278 Godpower Ebieteen Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2880. NNR29/2019/RIV/1123/0043002 Ubo Wisdom Thankgod Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2881. NNR29/2019/RIV/1127/0043127 Tamunobibisom Sophia Robinson Rivers N NNBTS ONNE

  2882. NNR29/2019/RIV/1128/0043184 Joseph Idiami Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2883. NNR29/2019/RIV/1141/0043525 Njimogwu Godgift Victor Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2884. NNR29/2019/RIV/115/0003965 Godday Godwillingness Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2885. NNR29/2019/RIV/1152/0043726 Abednigo Joshua Rivers E1 NNBTS ONNE

  2886. NNR29/2019/RIV/1153/0043730 Francis Philimon Nil Rivers D2 NNBTS ONNE

  2887. NNR29/2019/RIV/1173/0044227 Igbanibo Bright Dickens Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2888. NNR29/2019/RIV/1196/0044962 Thankgod Goodnews Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2889. NNR29/2019/RIV/1238/0046166 Nathan Emmanuel Christian Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2890. NNR29/2019/RIV/1241/0046195 Christian Odepeli Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2891. NNR29/2019/RIV/1267/0046783 Alerechi Daniel Thankgod Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2892. NNR29/2019/RIV/1275/0047056 Christian Odepeli Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2893. NNR29/2019/RIV/1290/0047493 Etetegwung Awaji-Igbanam Sam Clifford Rivers B4 NNBTS ONNE

  2894. NNR29/2019/RIV/1310/0048014 Ogu King Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2895. NNR29/2019/RIV/1333/0048429 Eghuan Gideon Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2896. NNR29/2019/RIV/136/0005221 Sam Harry Pleasant Okpars Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  2897. NNR29/2019/RIV/1369/0049329 Fubara Binami Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2898. NNR29/2019/RIV/1375/0049570 Justice King Ikpo Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2899. NNR29/2019/RIV/1382/0049900 Emmanuel Thankgod Godfrey Rivers C3 NNBTS ONNE

  2900. NNR29/2019/RIV/1385/0049924 Abiye Biobele Fisisi Rivers C2 NNBTS ONNE

  2901. NNR29/2019/RIV/1404/0050969 Abraham Enaanodi Okiri Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2902. NNR29/2019/RIV/1411/0051225 Nnaa Abel Miracle Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2903. NNR29/2019/RIV/1431/0051633 Krama Joshua Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2904. NNR29/2019/RIV/1447/0052100 Atogi Ughuenimi Rivers D4 NNBTS ONNE

  2905. NNR29/2019/RIV/1464/0052537 Saturday Samuel Oghu Rivers H NNBTS ONNE

  2906. NNR29/2019/RIV/1482/0052951 Ayii Happiness Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  2907. NNR29/2019/RIV/1483/0052984 Allaboh Sunday Tamuno-Opubo Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2908. NNR29/2019/RIV/1489/0053143 Friday Okparopu Rivers A4 NNBTS ONNE

  2909. NNR29/2019/RIV/1499/0053487 George Wright Eliom Rivers H NNBTS ONNE

  2910. NNR29/2019/RIV/1506/0053763 Nsirim Daniel Azeru Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2911. NNR29/2019/RIV/1525/0054247 Odor Joshua Tamuno Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2912. NNR29/2019/RIV/1538/0054506 Omanoye Stella Rivers E1 NNBTS ONNE

  2913. NNR29/2019/RIV/1545/0054624 Ewa Pius Rivers F1 NNBTS ONNE

  2914. NNR29/2019/RIV/1565/0055238 Krukrubo Faith Thankgod Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  2915. NNR29/2019/RIV/1569/0055339 Egwedeng Martha Fred Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  2916. NNR29/2019/RIV/1583/0055631 Daniel Rebecca Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  2917. NNR29/2019/RIV/1595/0056248 Itode Charles Kosini Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  2918. NNR29/2019/RIV/1608/0057101 Mark Salvation Kiikpoye Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2919. NNR29/2019/RIV/1612/0057337 Allison Allison Gogo Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2920. NNR29/2019/RIV/164/0006123 Denson David Rivers E5 NNBTS ONNE

  2921. NNR29/2019/RIV/1663/0058746 George Miupe Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2922. NNR29/2019/RIV/1695/0059931 Benjamin Isreal Samuel Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2923. NNR29/2019/RIV/1713/0060249 Nkani Emmanuel Obari Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2924. NNR29/2019/RIV/1714/0060338 Julius Patience Owhor Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  2925. NNR29/2019/RIV/1730/0060677 Mba Prince Oluka Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2926. NNR29/2019/RIV/1749/0061053 Reuben Igbiighiode Rivers E5 NNBTS ONNE

  2927. NNR29/2019/RIV/1769/0061437 Umor Wisdom Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2928. NNR29/2019/RIV/1778/0061635 Sokari Odekuaghno Webber Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2929. NNR29/2019/RIV/1812/0063027 Christopher Prince Chika Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2930. NNR29/2019/RIV/1816/0063396 Akeuphel Christian Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2931. NNR29/2019/RIV/1819/0063624 Ejikeme Ugochukwu Rivers B3 NNBTS ONNE

  2932. NNR29/2019/RIV/1851/0064612 Ewa Fidelia Rivers E1 NNBTS ONNE

  2933. NNR29/2019/RIV/1854/0064682 Chikwem Noble Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2934. NNR29/2019/RIV/1886/0065385 Aselemi Charity Rivers E4 NNBTS ONNE

  2935. NNR29/2019/RIV/1897/0065539 Otigho Imani Williams Rivers G NNBTS ONNE

  2936. NNR29/2019/RIV/1908/0065850 Odoya Destiny Thankgod Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2937. NNR29/2019/RIV/1934/0066655 Homa Christian Lucky Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2938. NNR29/2019/RIV/1944/0066854 Thompsont Tamuno Bubelebara Rivers F3 NNBTS ONNE

  2939. NNR29/2019/RIV/1958/0067333 Goodlife Daniel Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2940. NNR29/2019/RIV/1962/0067470 Oye Easter Messiah Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2941. NNR29/2019/RIV/1977/0067825 Ipeghan Comfort Urolonaan Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  2942. NNR29/2019/RIV/1986/0068019 Emmanuel Iikpoemugh Madighi Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2943. NNR29/2019/RIV/1987/0068044 Thankgod Joshua Krukrubo Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2944. NNR29/2019/RIV/2017/0069609 Kendo Abednego Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2945. NNR29/2019/RIV/2064/0071000 Godpower Emmanuel Eze Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2946. NNR29/2019/RIV/2097/0071918 Akiene Goteh Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2947. NNR29/2019/RIV/210/0007995 Boko Pameela Sokari Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2948. NNR29/2019/RIV/2111/0072438 Fubara Christian Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2949. NNR29/2019/RIV/2116/0072584 Oyil Kelvin Bright Rivers A2 NNBTS ONNE

  2950. NNR29/2019/RIV/2133/0073080 Mark Michael Rivers F1 NNBTS ONNE

  2951. NNR29/2019/RIV/2138/0073178 Godspower David Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2952. NNR29/2019/RIV/2149/0073392 Oghu Gold Itoemugh Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2953. NNR29/2019/RIV/2152/0073537 Kobaa Wisdom Deebom Rivers H NNBTS ONNE

  2954. NNR29/2019/RIV/2154/0073548 John Chigozie Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2955. NNR29/2019/RIV/2174/0074689 George Bright Olisa Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2956. NNR29/2019/RIV/22/0000858 Alali Witnesss Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2957. NNR29/2019/RIV/220/0008418 Moro Grace Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  2958. NNR29/2019/RIV/2205/0075765 Godwin Solomon Rivers H NNBTS ONNE

  2959. NNR29/2019/RIV/2211/0075968 Tamunokonbia Elvis Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  2960. NNR29/2019/RIV/2229/0076623 Kiate Kenneth Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2961. NNR29/2019/RIV/2254/0077554 Orabere Josiah Atemie Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2962. NNR29/2019/RIV/2265/0077845 Ipah King Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2963. NNR29/2019/RIV/229/0008743 Urang Awaji-Okibem Joseph Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2964. NNR29/2019/RIV/2296/0078906 Josiah Chibuzor Rivers A2 NNBTS ONNE

  2965. NNR29/2019/RIV/2299/0079121 Nwokocha Matthew Rivers A1 NNBTS ONNE

  2966. NNR29/2019/RIV/2322/0080690 Igbani Francis Nil Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2967. NNR29/2019/RIV/2373/0082176 Augustus Hope Rivers B2 NNBTS ONNE

  2968. NNR29/2019/RIV/238/0009104 Egelem Princewill Eze Rivers N NNBTS ONNE

  2969. NNR29/2019/RIV/2392/0082714 Mafre Henry John Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2970. NNR29/2019/RIV/2419/0083477 Chibuzor Samuel Chidiegwu Rivers B1 NNBTS ONNE

  2971. NNR29/2019/RIV/2420/0083485 Anthony Israel Nkho Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2972. NNR29/2019/RIV/2450/0084211 Amaefule Chinonso Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2973. NNR29/2019/RIV/2479/0085050 Barigbue Joshua Duunebari Rivers B2 NNBTS ONNE

  2974. NNR29/2019/RIV/2484/0085139 Abubakar Happiness Liman Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2975. NNR29/2019/RIV/2503/0086097 Igoma Engoomode Geoffrey Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2976. NNR29/2019/RIV/2508/0086430 Godwill Godpower Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2977. NNR29/2019/RIV/2526/0087395 Iboh Donald Rivers A2 NNBTS ONNE

  2978. NNR29/2019/RIV/2545/0087917 Good Itoemugh Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2979. NNR29/2019/RIV/2548/0087937 Firima Miracle Barizomdu Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2980. NNR29/2019/RIV/2554/0088023 Steward Timothy Otestri Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2981. NNR29/2019/RIV/2567/0088364 Iboh Daniel Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2982. NNR29/2019/RIV/2571/0088597 Daniel Prince Umor Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2983. NNR29/2019/RIV/2573/0088655 Imabibo Thankgod Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2984. NNR29/2019/RIV/2582/0088839 Steward Timothy Otestri Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2985. NNR29/2019/RIV/2583/0088842 Obed Cheruke Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2986. NNR29/2019/RIV/2611/0089635 Roberts Prince-Chiaka Promise Rivers D3 NNBTS ONNE

  2987. NNR29/2019/RIV/2637/0090157 Macdonald Gwungorene Simeon Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2988. NNR29/2019/RIV/2638/0090168 Dokubo Destiny Tubotamuno Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2989. NNR29/2019/RIV/264/0010136 Mba Leopold Dike Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2990. NNR29/2019/RIV/2640/0090218 Ojike Felix Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2991. NNR29/2019/RIV/2644/0090296 Abraham Victory Goodlife Rivers A2 NNBTS ONNE

  2992. NNR29/2019/RIV/2675/0091206 Goodluck Victory Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  2993. NNR29/2019/RIV/2710/0092300 Blessed Pretty Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  2994. NNR29/2019/RIV/2773/0094754 Balafama Sunday Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2995. NNR29/2019/RIV/2784/0094943 Okedi Isaac Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  2996. NNR29/2019/RIV/2830/0096214 Pueba Friday Liberty Rivers H NNBTS ONNE

  2997. NNR29/2019/RIV/2876/0097392 Paul Gospel Chisom Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  2998. NNR29/2019/RIV/2880/0097543 Kwele Miracle Philip Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  2999. NNR29/2019/RIV/2895/0098363 Uzorka Onyeka Confidence Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  3000. NNR29/2019/RIV/2924/0098975 Abia Stanley Jonah Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3001. NNR29/2019/RIV/2932/0099273 Emmanuel Barileera Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3002. NNR29/2019/RIV/2940/0099577 Africa Ugbana Manfred Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3003. NNR29/2019/RIV/2943/0099693 Ipeghan Angel Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3004. NNR29/2019/RIV/2953/0099913 Pius Kingsley Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3005. NNR29/2019/RIV/2959/0100177 Horsfall Soala Princewill Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3006. NNR29/2019/RIV/2969/0100308 Jaja Godwill Bariyirasi Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  3007. NNR29/2019/RIV/2979/0100566 Clifford Seiyefa Amaitari Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  3008. NNR29/2019/RIV/3025/0101841 Osumini Godwin Emeka Rivers H NNBTS ONNE

  3009. NNR29/2019/RIV/3032/0102047 Saturday Daniel Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3010. NNR29/2019/RIV/3071/0103516 Ukata Thompson Samuel Rivers N NNBTS ONNE

  3011. NNR29/2019/RIV/3073/0103582 Deekai Emmanuel Miracle Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3012. NNR29/2019/RIV/3098/0104032 Chibunna Samson Rivers G NNBTS ONNE

  3013. NNR29/2019/RIV/3106/0104263 Sampson Kiikpoye Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3014. NNR29/2019/RIV/3126/0104627 Goodluck Victory Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  3015. NNR29/2019/RIV/3129/0104741 Biko God’Sgift Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3016. NNR29/2019/RIV/3130/0104757 Marcus Glory Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3017. NNR29/2019/RIV/3131/0104759 Agara Mercy Rivers F1 NNBTS ONNE

  3018. NNR29/2019/RIV/314/0012110 Pasisi Ituni Godsave Rivers A4 NNBTS ONNE

  3019. NNR29/2019/RIV/3147/0105112 Nwala Success Chibuzor Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3020. NNR29/2019/RIV/3163/0105555 Chidi Goodness C. Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3021. NNR29/2019/RIV/3188/0106217 Amah Queen Chidinma Rivers D3 NNBTS ONNE

  3022. NNR29/2019/RIV/3197/0106415 Akari Wealth Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3023. NNR29/2019/RIV/320/0012412 Pasisi Victor Ipalibo Rivers F2 NNBTS ONNE

  3024. NNR29/2019/RIV/3219/0107313 Menewae Gobari God’Swill Rivers J NNBTS ONNE

  3025. NNR29/2019/RIV/3220/0107353 Grant Kamadioye Godday Rivers D3 NNBTS ONNE

  3026. NNR29/2019/RIV/325/0012672 Edum Aruunmo Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3027. NNR29/2019/RIV/3278/0109097 Ebenezer Patience Bamidele Rivers F1 NNBTS ONNE

  3028. NNR29/2019/RIV/3280/0109129 Benneth Miupe Rivers F1 NNBTS ONNE

  3029. NNR29/2019/RIV/33/0001323 Uwadinma Precious Chigozie Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3030. NNR29/2019/RIV/3302/0109803 Itoemugh Ebenezer Umor Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3031. NNR29/2019/RIV/3312/0110866 Arugu Bright Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3032. NNR29/2019/RIV/3317/0111220 Godson Peace Umor Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3033. NNR29/2019/RIV/336/0013464 Okporo Roseline Etoemugh Rivers F1 NNBTS ONNE

  3034. NNR29/2019/RIV/3368/0112981 Ordu Joseph Chisom Rivers B1 NNBTS ONNE

  3035. NNR29/2019/RIV/3379/0113367 Amadi Chidiebere Emmanuel Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3036. NNR29/2019/RIV/3387/0113515 Egbe Godwin Victor Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3037. NNR29/2019/RIV/3393/0113693 Inikio Yiraodi Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3038. NNR29/2019/RIV/3411/0114169 Eze Richard Friday Rivers B2 NNBTS ONNE

  3039. NNR29/2019/RIV/3413/0114178 Idamabo Isephode Thankgod Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3040. NNR29/2019/RIV/344/0013820 John Bukola Choice Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  3041. NNR29/2019/RIV/3492/0117317 Ikpo Abraham Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3042. NNR29/2019/RIV/3496/0117378 Teme Joseph Rivers C3 NNBTS ONNE

  3043. NNR29/2019/RIV/3504/0117600 Asuo Osuani Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3044. NNR29/2019/RIV/352/0014186 Augustine Lekara Rivers G NNBTS ONNE

  3045. NNR29/2019/RIV/3529/0118358 January Odighiemugh Rivers H NNBTS ONNE

  3046. NNR29/2019/RIV/3532/0118412 Trust-In-God Christian Jamala Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3047. NNR29/2019/RIV/3546/0118703 Okoli Charles Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3048. NNR29/2019/RIV/3551/0118906 Kitoye Joseph Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3049. NNR29/2019/RIV/3552/0118948 Saaro Emmanuel Gbaranwi Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3050. NNR29/2019/RIV/3651/0121485 Ehiane Blessing Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  3051. NNR29/2019/RIV/3666/0121855 Gbenenee Hope Lesiwa Rivers E1 NNBTS ONNE

  3052. NNR29/2019/RIV/3676/0122084 Amopho Salome Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  3053. NNR29/2019/RIV/3699/0123009 Eberechi Mirian Nnebihie Rivers E1 NNBTS ONNE

  3054. NNR29/2019/RIV/3716/0123847 Kingsley Peterside Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3055. NNR29/2019/RIV/3761/0125528 Nwalozie King Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3056. NNR29/2019/RIV/377/0015409 Emughedi Prince Young Rivers E5 NNBTS ONNE

  3057. NNR29/2019/RIV/3780/0126172 Ben Enigheni Thankyou Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3058. NNR29/2019/RIV/3797/0127060 Sunday Elizabeth Kalio Rivers F1 NNBTS ONNE

  3059. NNR29/2019/RIV/380/0015525 Ebenezer Reuben Esau Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3060. NNR29/2019/RIV/3800/0127303 Tambari Unity Menewae Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3061. NNR29/2019/RIV/381/0015532 Idiami Ephomoghian Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3062. NNR29/2019/RIV/3812/0127845 Monday Goodnews Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3063. NNR29/2019/RIV/3819/0128202 Nelson Oyaghiri Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3064. NNR29/2019/RIV/3824/0128449 Oghu Ferdinand Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3065. NNR29/2019/RIV/3825/0128492 Krama Godspower Enigheni Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3066. NNR29/2019/RIV/3827/0129160 Godwin Obey Chivueze Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3067. NNR29/2019/RIV/383/0015547 Itode Prince Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3068. NNR29/2019/RIV/3847/0129899 Wariboko Wariboko Gbeye Alphaeus Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  3069. NNR29/2019/RIV/3861/0131117 James Ilami Aselemi Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  3070. NNR29/2019/RIV/3873/0131911 Mopho Kobamoye Philip Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  3071. NNR29/2019/RIV/423/0016907 Agbala Kingdom Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3072. NNR29/2019/RIV/430/0017214 Philip Akeuselemi Emughedi Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3073. NNR29/2019/RIV/442/0017528 Madighi Daniel Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3074. NNR29/2019/RIV/458/0018034 Marcus Wisdom Rivers C3 NNBTS ONNE

  3075. NNR29/2019/RIV/462/0018108 Okabam Godwin Rivers H NNBTS ONNE

  3076. NNR29/2019/RIV/499/0019403 Jim Godknows Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3077. NNR29/2019/RIV/501/0019498 Didia Johnbosco Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3078. NNR29/2019/RIV/504/0019599 Ayanayeomie Emmanuel Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3079. NNR29/2019/RIV/536/0021151 Shadrack Odighiemugh Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3080. NNR29/2019/RIV/547/0021742 Benjamin Samuel Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3081. NNR29/2019/RIV/565/0022205 David Uko Douglas Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3082. NNR29/2019/RIV/584/0022867 Diama Odighiemugh Treasure Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3083. NNR29/2019/RIV/590/0023121 Osila Akeuselemi Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3084. NNR29/2019/RIV/601/0023486 Oye Goodhope Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3085. NNR29/2019/RIV/603/0023534 Imabin Prince Oye Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3086. NNR29/2019/RIV/617/0024038 Wakama Boma Elliot Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  3087. NNR29/2019/RIV/622/0024206 Nengim Iibi Azubuike Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3088. NNR29/2019/RIV/651/0025172 Ogini Pamotu Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  3089. NNR29/2019/RIV/652/0025185 Fyneroad Godbless Rivers B2 NNBTS ONNE

  3090. NNR29/2019/RIV/661/0025629 Imomotimi Victor Nanabo Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  3091. NNR29/2019/RIV/670/0025803 Martins Uchenna Ezehm Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  3092. NNR29/2019/RIV/681/0026004 Mark-Ewa Philomena Rivers K NNBTS ONNE

  3093. NNR29/2019/RIV/691/0026118 Deekia Barisua Delight Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3094. NNR29/2019/RIV/696/0026223 Onwudebe Godstime Chiemena Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3095. NNR29/2019/RIV/708/0026984 Ogini Progress Success Rivers E5 NNBTS ONNE

  3096. NNR29/2019/RIV/733/0028702 Edum Felix Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3097. NNR29/2019/RIV/763/0029649 Ezokuoye King Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3098. NNR29/2019/RIV/771/0029950 Nwinee Peter Lebari Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3099. NNR29/2019/RIV/782/0030243 Sokari Royal Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  3100. NNR29/2019/RIV/800/0030710 Anyanwu Evices Chineamerem Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  3101. NNR29/2019/RIV/811/0030983 Obutu Unity Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3102. NNR29/2019/RIV/818/0031244 John Wariboko Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3103. NNR29/2019/RIV/827/0031397 Saturday Ukaaphsien Ikodi Rivers E1 NNBTS ONNE

  3104. NNR29/2019/RIV/879/0032552 Eke Godslove Wokeocha Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3105. NNR29/2019/RIV/898/0033108 Koi Victor Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3106. NNR29/2019/RIV/909/0033387 King Favour Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3107. NNR29/2019/RIV/929/0034269 Joyful Peace Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3108. NNR29/2019/RIV/963/0035917 Iminibi Goodness Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3109. NNR29/2019/RIV/984/0036735 John Awaji Kachilom Isaiah Rivers A2 NNBTS ONNE

  3110. NNR29/2019/RIV/1052/0038836 Amos Godstime Ekelechineke Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3111. NNR29/2019/RIV/1099/0040768 Iye Esther Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3112. NNR29/2019/RIV/1143/0043608 Amachree Victor Morrison Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3113. NNR29/2019/RIV/1188/0044796 Ugwari-Graham Ransome Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3114. NNR29/2019/RIV/1214/0045410 Ogonor Chiemezie Adonisy Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3115. NNR29/2019/RIV/1216/0045448 Imo Chibuike Princess Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  3116. NNR29/2019/RIV/1229/0045792 Okorogba Chibudhom Rivers B2 NNBTS ONNE

  3117. NNR29/2019/RIV/1237/0046153 Nathaniel Benedict Iyeumame Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3118. NNR29/2019/RIV/1265/0046746 Ogonor Chizhim Godday Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3119. NNR29/2019/RIV/1281/0047286 Chimela Essor Benniah Rivers G NNBTS ONNE

  3120. NNR29/2019/RIV/1301/0047829 Nathaniel Justice Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3121. NNR29/2019/RIV/1322/0048281 John Oliver Rivers E1 NNBTS ONNE

  3122. NNR29/2019/RIV/1338/0048698 Thankgod Emmanuel Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3123. NNR29/2019/RIV/1440/0051971 Mbadiwe Kingsway Morgan Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3124. NNR29/2019/RIV/151/0005564 Sam Harry Pleasant Okpara Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  3125. NNR29/2019/RIV/1522/0054127 Clinton Echela Destiny Rivers N NNBTS ONNE

  3126. NNR29/2019/RIV/1550/0054822 Paul Experience James Rivers B2 NNBTS ONNE

  3127. NNR29/2019/RIV/1568/0055274 Samuel Goodnews Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3128. NNR29/2019/RIV/1645/0058409 Igbegbe Confidence Eso Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  3129. NNR29/2019/RIV/1679/0059406 Lawrence Joseph Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3130. NNR29/2019/RIV/1693/0059805 Odiko Junior Ukaemezhim Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3131. NNR29/2019/RIV/1779/0061660 Aji Justice Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3132. NNR29/2019/RIV/178/0006611 Okorie Emmanuel Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3133. NNR29/2019/RIV/1850/0064601 Williams David Ezebuessor Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  3134. NNR29/2019/RIV/1928/0066554 Thompson Ben Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3135. NNR29/2019/RIV/1930/0066601 Chikwem Uchechi Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3136. NNR29/2019/RIV/1933/0066624 Walson Gabriel Chigala Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3137. NNR29/2019/RIV/194/0007076 Reuben Georgewill Fred Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3138. NNR29/2019/RIV/1964/0067518 Odoyi Morsel Christian Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  3139. NNR29/2019/RIV/1979/0067907 Ogadinma Progress Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3140. NNR29/2019/RIV/2003/0068703 Iye Chizhim Rivers H NNBTS ONNE

  3141. NNR29/2019/RIV/2019/0069668 Stanley Ukeame Tenison Rivers E1 NNBTS ONNE

  3142. NNR29/2019/RIV/2046/0070536 Ugwe Ezebalike Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  3143. NNR29/2019/RIV/2074/0071278 Ogbugo Aloni David Rivers E5 NNBTS ONNE

  3144. NNR29/2019/RIV/2085/0071556 Elleh Nyechineze Leslie Rivers E5 NNBTS ONNE

  3145. NNR29/2019/RIV/2086/0071626 Chimela Essor Bennia Rivers G NNBTS ONNE

  3146. NNR29/2019/RIV/2094/0071778 Ubaji Gift Rivers N NNBTS ONNE

  3147. NNR29/2019/RIV/2108/0072351 Michael Friday Destiny Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3148. NNR29/2019/RIV/215/0008193 Ehudhu Glory Splendour Rivers E1 NNBTS ONNE

  3149. NNR29/2019/RIV/2150/0073452 Ogonor Chiemezie Adonisy Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3150. NNR29/2019/RIV/2156/0073657 Kaizer Kennedy Rivers A1 NNBTS ONNE

  3151. NNR29/2019/RIV/2157/0073685 Amala Dennis Ideozu Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3152. NNR29/2019/RIV/2214/0076070 Friday Ruth Rivers F1 NNBTS ONNE

  3153. NNR29/2019/RIV/2230/0076675 Livingstone Napoleon Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3154. NNR29/2019/RIV/2270/0078039 James Solomon Rivers A4 NNBTS ONNE

  3155. NNR29/2019/RIV/2277/0078248 Chukwudi Kelvin Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3156. NNR29/2019/RIV/2338/0081142 Timothy Kelvin Emmanuel Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3157. NNR29/2019/RIV/2341/0081283 Dike Moses Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3158. NNR29/2019/RIV/2344/0081321 Osinakachukwu Kindness Ugushi Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  3159. NNR29/2019/RIV/2363/0081717 Amos Chisa Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3160. NNR29/2019/RIV/237/0009052 Otari Hector Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3161. NNR29/2019/RIV/2378/0082324 Obediah Hanson Rivers G NNBTS ONNE

  3162. NNR29/2019/RIV/239/0009135 Madume Samuel Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3163. NNR29/2019/RIV/2398/0082904 Lawson Levi Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3164. NNR29/2019/RIV/2400/0082919 Macaulay Gosdwill Rivers B4 NNBTS ONNE

  3165. NNR29/2019/RIV/2407/0083215 Okpara Emmanuel Herbert Rivers E1 NNBTS ONNE

  3166. NNR29/2019/RIV/2413/0083365 Stanley Ukeame Tenison Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3167. NNR29/2019/RIV/2422/0083549 Ogbobula Talented Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3168. NNR29/2019/RIV/2425/0083617 Ikegah Mighty Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3169. NNR29/2019/RIV/2427/0083623 Apirima Majesty Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3170. NNR29/2019/RIV/2459/0084521 Ugo Umashichi Joy Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  3171. NNR29/2019/RIV/2476/0084939 Moses Solomon Wilson Rivers N NNBTS ONNE

  3172. NNR29/2019/RIV/2477/0084962 Greatman Chinem Rivers F2 NNBTS ONNE

  3173. NNR29/2019/RIV/249/0009426 Onwukwe Rejoice Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3174. NNR29/2019/RIV/2492/0085354 Peter Uchechi Rivers F2 NNBTS ONNE

  3175. NNR29/2019/RIV/2537/0087797 Aaron Goodluck Loveday Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  3176. NNR29/2019/RIV/2546/0087921 Enwusuma Lawrence Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3177. NNR29/2019/RIV/2566/0088357 Chinanu Dennis Rivers C1 NNBTS ONNE

  3178. NNR29/2019/RIV/2572/0088605 Eminika Alex Eziefula Rivers E5 NNBTS ONNE

  3179. NNR29/2019/RIV/2574/0088768 Obigiri Julius Buduka Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3180. NNR29/2019/RIV/2576/0088809 Anthony Junior Ugiline Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3181. NNR29/2019/RIV/2657/0090656 Nkemdirim Godsend A Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3182. NNR29/2019/RIV/2659/0090762 Jonathan Constance Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  3183. NNR29/2019/RIV/2673/0091197 Chukwusanim Chiwokwa Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  3184. NNR29/2019/RIV/2674/0091202 Elekwuma Princess Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  3185. NNR29/2019/RIV/2680/0091355 Ben Goodnews Rivers C2 NNBTS ONNE

  3186. NNR29/2019/RIV/2709/0092217 Ekine Richman Rivers G NNBTS ONNE

  3187. NNR29/2019/RIV/2721/0093020 Mission Eric Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3188. NNR29/2019/RIV/2735/0093437 Stephen Bright Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3189. NNR29/2019/RIV/2739/0093503 Okopoto Esther Prince Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  3190. NNR29/2019/RIV/2787/0095020 Ogonor Gospel Ikechukwu Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3191. NNR29/2019/RIV/2821/0095932 Victor Ferdinand God’Stime Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3192. NNR29/2019/RIV/2855/0096732 Obigiri Juliet Obutor Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3193. NNR29/2019/RIV/2915/0098793 Akwujuru Wisdom Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3194. NNR29/2019/RIV/292/0011108 Echono Ochoche Rivers J NNBTS ONNE

  3195. NNR29/2019/RIV/2925/0099045 Emmauel Greatman Madubuochi Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3196. NNR29/2019/RIV/2957/0100069 Jonathan Vincent Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3197. NNR29/2019/RIV/3053/0103012 Meshach Saviour Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3198. NNR29/2019/RIV/3060/0103299 Okoroba Greatman Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3199. NNR29/2019/RIV/311/0011802 Nwoke Celestine Moses Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3200. NNR29/2019/RIV/3120/0104504 Ololube Godwin Reuben Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3201. NNR29/2019/RIV/3176/0105919 Okpara Lauretta Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  3202. NNR29/2019/RIV/3209/0107161 Clement Joshua Rivers E1 NNBTS ONNE

  3203. NNR29/2019/RIV/3225/0107456 Stephen Wisdom Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3204. NNR29/2019/RIV/3244/0108179 Ebeka Stanley Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3205. NNR29/2019/RIV/3282/0109173 Ogonor Josephine Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  3206. NNR29/2019/RIV/3319/0111283 Obediah Raymond Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3207. NNR29/2019/RIV/3332/0111871 Clifford Lucky Ozuzhinim Rivers C1 NNBTS ONNE

  3208. NNR29/2019/RIV/3342/0112080 Otuya Kenneth Uwhetu Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3209. NNR29/2019/RIV/3365/0112904 Thankgod Destiny Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3210. NNR29/2019/RIV/3445/0115288 Jack Nwedhihu Rivers N NNBTS ONNE

  3211. NNR29/2019/RIV/3476/0116856 Emmanuel Joyful Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  3212. NNR29/2019/RIV/3526/0118279 Dennis Henry Eyikpu Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3213. NNR29/2019/RIV/3583/0119859 Job Clever Standfort Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3214. NNR29/2019/RIV/366/0015097 Benneth Wisdom Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3215. NNR29/2019/RIV/3706/0123332 Nnamdi Benedicta Rivers D3 NNBTS ONNE

  3216. NNR29/2019/RIV/3725/0124374 Echikpu Chimeadhu Monday Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3217. NNR29/2019/RIV/3750/0125224 Igbi Fyneface Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3218. NNR29/2019/RIV/3754/0125361 Otuya Kenneth Uwhetu Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3219. NNR29/2019/RIV/3785/0126633 Stanley Paul Israel Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3220. NNR29/2019/RIV/38/0001377 Ikebuluwa Daniel Madubueze Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3221. NNR29/2019/RIV/3805/0127532 Letem Princess Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  3222. NNR29/2019/RIV/3833/0129381 Gospel Umegbewe Ake Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3223. NNR29/2019/RIV/3884/0132171 Sunday Gift Egbelu Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3224. NNR29/2019/RIV/3896/0132600 Obiye Godswill H Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3225. NNR29/2019/RIV/3905/0132893 Benjamin Easther Stanley Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3226. NNR29/2019/RIV/487/0018833 Hebron Chimeiyeuma Rivers A1 NNBTS ONNE

  3227. NNR29/2019/RIV/530/0020974 Noah Precious Sunday Rivers E5 NNBTS ONNE

  3228. NNR29/2019/RIV/574/0022530 Micah Upata Innocent Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  3229. NNR29/2019/RIV/577/0022608 Ebeledhi Simeon Chiosime Rivers B1 NNBTS ONNE

  3230. NNR29/2019/RIV/58/0001918 Akoh Barnabas Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3231. NNR29/2019/RIV/599/0023382 Thankgod Nestor Joe Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3232. NNR29/2019/RIV/627/0024259 Isaiah Egwereka Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  3233. NNR29/2019/RIV/7/0000422 Orkobor Dean Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3234. NNR29/2019/RIV/726/0027992 Anyadike Victor Owuzechi Rivers C1 NNBTS ONNE

  3235. NNR29/2019/RIV/743/0029024 Rufus Goodness Chibu Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3236. NNR29/2019/RIV/753/0029314 Rufus Beauty Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3237. NNR29/2019/RIV/762/0029644 Omah Ebube Gideon Rivers G NNBTS ONNE

  3238. NNR29/2019/RIV/808/0030942 Ubadinma Love Ebelogu Rivers E1 NNBTS ONNE

  3239. NNR29/2019/RIV/831/0031467 Isaiah Chinem Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  3240. NNR29/2019/RIV/907/0033352 Anyaoha Amarachi Rivers D3 NNBTS ONNE

  3241. NNR29/2019/RIV/91/0002848 David Timothy Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3242. NNR29/2019/RIV/919/0033661 Okpo Daniel Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3243. NNR29/2019/RIV/1075/0039678 James Kemelayefa Edeifien Rivers J NNBTS ONNE

  3244. NNR29/2019/RIV/1109/0041306 Eligwe-Henshaw Michael Buduka Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3245. NNR29/2019/RIV/1142/0043546 Apapa Henry Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3246. NNR29/2019/RIV/1271/0046867 Okoniga Noble Jackson Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3247. NNR29/2019/RIV/1274/0047012 Martins Daniel Rivers H NNBTS ONNE

  3248. NNR29/2019/RIV/133/0004995 Ikpe Union Memela Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3249. NNR29/2019/RIV/1452/0052183 Simon Ransom Onisokien Rivers E1 NNBTS ONNE

  3250. NNR29/2019/RIV/1560/0055074 Uwas Goodness Ada Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  3251. NNR29/2019/RIV/1605/0056687 Otukpuru Clever Rivers F1 NNBTS ONNE

  3252. NNR29/2019/RIV/162/0005910 Albert Joseph Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3253. NNR29/2019/RIV/1634/0058139 Agbo Nathaniel Goldson Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3254. NNR29/2019/RIV/1646/0058429 Simpson Onisofien Moneyman Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3255. NNR29/2019/RIV/1660/0058658 Victor Honest Edio Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  3256. NNR29/2019/RIV/1682/0059542 Ebube Friday Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3257. NNR29/2019/RIV/1696/0059965 Clement Onisobile Rivers B1 NNBTS ONNE

  3258. NNR29/2019/RIV/1734/0060817 Mormor Onisodumeza Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3259. NNR29/2019/RIV/1774/0061537 Ikpebivie Onisomeya Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3260. NNR29/2019/RIV/1782/0061719 Obuh Justice Ewaobuzhi Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3261. NNR29/2019/RIV/1805/0062797 `Opuwari Frank Joel Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3262. NNR29/2019/RIV/1815/0063364 Goldson Kingsley Agbo Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3263. NNR29/2019/RIV/1821/0063680 John Dorinah Ezekiel Rivers F1 NNBTS ONNE

  3264. NNR29/2019/RIV/1852/0064616 Levi God’Stime Cheta Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3265. NNR29/2019/RIV/1888/0065424 Young Precious Onita Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3266. NNR29/2019/RIV/1925/0066480 Frank Christiana Ubelema Rivers D3 NNBTS ONNE

  3267. NNR29/2019/RIV/1947/0066973 Gladman Ikechukwu Okpara Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3268. NNR29/2019/RIV/1990/0068201 Daniel Kelvin Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3269. NNR29/2019/RIV/2011/0069296 Ugboji Ogelenye Rivers A2 NNBTS ONNE

  3270. NNR29/2019/RIV/2022/0069821 Garricks Martins Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3271. NNR29/2019/RIV/2030/0070068 Edward Maxwell Maxwell Rivers J NNBTS ONNE

  3272. NNR29/2019/RIV/2123/0072743 Aduma Asueiza Fyneface Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3273. NNR29/2019/RIV/2125/0072772 Awolowo Gospel Kirika Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3274. NNR29/2019/RIV/2163/0073978 Harmeltin Blessed Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3275. NNR29/2019/RIV/2181/0074929 David Ifeoma Rivers F1 NNBTS ONNE

  3276. NNR29/2019/RIV/222/0008493 Sokari Walson Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3277. NNR29/2019/RIV/2268/0077945 George Promise Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  3278. NNR29/2019/RIV/2440/0083935 Sunny Sylva Ekada Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3279. NNR29/2019/RIV/2466/0084586 Jared Believed Ukeame Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3280. NNR29/2019/RIV/2494/0085468 Ekada Asuekugbor Luke Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3281. NNR29/2019/RIV/2521/0087373 Augustine Kingdom Rivers B2 NNBTS ONNE

  3282. NNR29/2019/RIV/253/0009833 George Onisosilimen Onisoya Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3283. NNR29/2019/RIV/255/0009977 Friday Juliet Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  3284. NNR29/2019/RIV/259/0010099 Wilson Promise – Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3285. NNR29/2019/RIV/2607/0089421 Henry Ovievai Luke Rivers F2 NNBTS ONNE

  3286. NNR29/2019/RIV/2647/0090321 Friday Wisdom Chiemile Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3287. NNR29/2019/RIV/2697/0091978 Junior Emmanuel Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3288. NNR29/2019/RIV/2770/0094583 Freedom Onisokonikume Ibim Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3289. NNR29/2019/RIV/2772/0094729 Simeon Bright Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3290. NNR29/2019/RIV/2780/0094897 Warmann Mabel Easter Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3291. NNR29/2019/RIV/2798/0095296 Monday Chimeka Rivers E5 NNBTS ONNE

  3292. NNR29/2019/RIV/2829/0096213 Castine Emeni Junior Rivers H NNBTS ONNE

  3293. NNR29/2019/RIV/2851/0096698 Jonathan Shedrack Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  3294. NNR29/2019/RIV/2860/0096918 Jonathan Meshack Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3295. NNR29/2019/RIV/2861/0096958 Odor Joshua Tamuno Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3296. NNR29/2019/RIV/2896/0098372 Isaac Lawrence Izuema Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3297. NNR29/2019/RIV/2931/0099231 Obunka Joshua Chiwetu Rivers D3 NNBTS ONNE

  3298. NNR29/2019/RIV/2985/0100683 Osuagi Onisofien Rivers E1 NNBTS ONNE

  3299. NNR29/2019/RIV/3006/0101277 Mazi Bright Anthony Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3300. NNR29/2019/RIV/3021/0101725 Okpara Ihemnachor Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3301. NNR29/2019/RIV/3037/0102189 Goodhead Mipen Miachiugo Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3302. NNR29/2019/RIV/3043/0102462 Robert Amodiomeya Livingstone Rivers F1 NNBTS ONNE

  3303. NNR29/2019/RIV/3082/0103763 Alukuza Samuel Sueikume Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3304. NNR29/2019/RIV/3093/0103993 Adie Lucky Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3305. NNR29/2019/RIV/3152/0105222 Isaac Lawrence Izuema Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3306. NNR29/2019/RIV/3191/0106286 Ejike Godknows Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3307. NNR29/2019/RIV/3204/0106718 Owolo Kelvin Dinero Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3308. NNR29/2019/RIV/3269/0108852 John Messiah Nwachukwu Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  3309. NNR29/2019/RIV/3318/0111221 Philip Onisokumen Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3310. NNR29/2019/RIV/340/0013720 Sokari Walson Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3311. NNR29/2019/RIV/3430/0114904 Michael Happy Rivers H NNBTS ONNE

  3312. NNR29/2019/RIV/3436/0115093 Ugele Trust Sampson Rivers E1 NNBTS ONNE

  3313. NNR29/2019/RIV/3439/0115206 Emmanuel Junior Ize Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3314. NNR29/2019/RIV/3473/0116574 Nwanochi Ikenna Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3315. NNR29/2019/RIV/3517/0118031 Ipiki Azaga Basonisome Rivers D3 NNBTS ONNE

  3316. NNR29/2019/RIV/3530/0118389 Yopele Kenneth Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3317. NNR29/2019/RIV/3549/0118869 David Onisodemuya Odor Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3318. NNR29/2019/RIV/3612/0120615 Itari Blessing Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3319. NNR29/2019/RIV/362/0014947 Onita Ozakieoniso Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3320. NNR29/2019/RIV/3623/0120907 Samuel Atirike Festus Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3321. NNR29/2019/RIV/3671/0121954 Precious Lucky Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3322. NNR29/2019/RIV/3673/0122001 Alabi Pilot Freeborn Rivers F3 NNBTS ONNE

  3323. NNR29/2019/RIV/3726/0124394 Ogbonna Stanley Chinedu Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3324. NNR29/2019/RIV/3732/0124622 Albert Godknows Gideon Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3325. NNR29/2019/RIV/3829/0129260 Jonathan Uriel Godspower Rivers C1 NNBTS ONNE

  3326. NNR29/2019/RIV/3904/0132847 Chimezu Lazarus Friday Rivers G NNBTS ONNE

  3327. NNR29/2019/RIV/411/0016562 Madu Odhuluma Thankgod Rivers B3 NNBTS ONNE

  3328. NNR29/2019/RIV/480/0018663 Iwor John Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3329. NNR29/2019/RIV/527/0020680 Douglas John Abraham Rivers B5 NNBTS ONNE

  3330. NNR29/2019/RIV/560/0022046 Fynface Happy Rivers C2 NNBTS ONNE

  3331. NNR29/2019/RIV/635/0024707 Robinson Azibalua Peter Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3332. NNR29/2019/RIV/668/0025722 Ejimadu Chibudhom Ahamefula Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3333. NNR29/2019/RIV/699/0026400 Isaac Sonny David Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3334. NNR29/2019/RIV/713/0027090 Richard Esther Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  3335. NNR29/2019/RIV/776/0030153 Sampson Favour Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3336. NNR29/2019/RIV/835/0031536 Victor Odeamuza Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3337. NNR29/2019/RIV/123/0004375 Romeo Precious Datonye Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3338. NNR29/2019/RIV/1302/0047841 Warmate Tamunotonye Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3339. NNR29/2019/RIV/1368/0049321 Boyle Ibiyebote Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3340. NNR29/2019/RIV/1426/0051574 Sunday Lillian Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3341. NNR29/2019/RIV/1757/0061252 Georgewill Sylvanus Gladys Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  3342. NNR29/2019/RIV/1764/0061334 Wariboko Lolo Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3343. NNR29/2019/RIV/1776/0061575 Bobmanuel Dein Igbikis Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3344. NNR29/2019/RIV/1787/0061775 Bagshaw Victory Daniel Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3345. NNR29/2019/RIV/1953/0067232 Jack Emmanuel Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3346. NNR29/2019/RIV/2034/0070137 Jack Sunny Preciouse Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3347. NNR29/2019/RIV/2336/0081138 Dan Bornwin Hope Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3348. NNR29/2019/RIV/2354/0081499 Georgewill Gladys Sylvanus Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  3349. NNR29/2019/RIV/2376/0082286 Dokubo Tamuno-Dein Okebiobaramama Thomas Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3350. NNR29/2019/RIV/2665/0090975 Ibiba Isobom Bobmanuel Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3351. NNR29/2019/RIV/2837/0096436 Briggs Tamunopakirite Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3352. NNR29/2019/RIV/2871/0097265 Harry Tamuno-Onegiyeofori Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3353. NNR29/2019/RIV/2884/0097959 Whyte Doherty Rivers A1 NNBTS ONNE

  3354. NNR29/2019/RIV/2923/0098963 Maobuye Frank Rivers F3 NNBTS ONNE

  3355. NNR29/2019/RIV/298/0011248 Renner Thankgod Tamunomete Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3356. NNR29/2019/RIV/3055/0103156 Sunday Jeremiah Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3357. NNR29/2019/RIV/315/0012224 Lawson Magnus Rivers C3 NNBTS ONNE

  3358. NNR29/2019/RIV/3158/0105369 Kio Flora Benebo Rivers D3 NNBTS ONNE

  3359. NNR29/2019/RIV/3240/0108005 Gorden Bekinwari Uncle Rivers D3 NNBTS ONNE

  3360. NNR29/2019/RIV/3580/0119759 Anyebe A Echela Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3361. NNR29/2019/RIV/3585/0119928 Ngbede Ochoyoda Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3362. NNR29/2019/RIV/3589/0120036 Biggs Prince E. A Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3363. NNR29/2019/RIV/3705/0123262 Peters Macson Asitoa-A Rivers C2 NNBTS ONNE

  3364. NNR29/2019/RIV/3751/0125281 Dokubo Ransom Daniel Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3365. NNR29/2019/RIV/39/0001418 Akamaka Ibiso Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  3366. NNR29/2019/RIV/79/0002630 Peter Emmanuel Ibim Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3367. NNR29/2019/RIV/1016/0037863 Ebirien Peter Peter Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3368. NNR29/2019/RIV/1038/0038466 Samuel Eneikareawaji Benson Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3369. NNR29/2019/RIV/1040/0038502 Ekete Ifaah Jonathan Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3370. NNR29/2019/RIV/1042/0038511 Eyoka Lily Dan Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3371. NNR29/2019/RIV/1058/0039100 William Friday Friday Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3372. NNR29/2019/RIV/1062/0039173 Francis Delight Ijok Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3373. NNR29/2019/RIV/1077/0039809 Ikwut Meshach Epelle Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3374. NNR29/2019/RIV/109/0003621 Ikann Ubelejit Jonathan Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3375. NNR29/2019/RIV/1168/0044046 Dick Peter Peter Rivers F2 NNBTS ONNE

  3376. NNR29/2019/RIV/1170/0044140 Mkparo Friday Friday Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3377. NNR29/2019/RIV/1171/0044148 Fingesi Ubelejit Jacob Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  3378. NNR29/2019/RIV/1193/0044865 Emmanuel Jack Prince Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3379. NNR29/2019/RIV/1197/0044965 Nicholas Nkigbanida Japhet Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3380. NNR29/2019/RIV/1198/0044984 Robert Bara Stanley Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3381. NNR29/2019/RIV/1203/0045157 James Mgboawajiogak Dickson Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3382. NNR29/2019/RIV/1212/0045379 Loveday Gabriel Richard Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3383. NNR29/2019/RIV/1213/0045407 Simon Ejimelukugwem Simon Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3384. NNR29/2019/RIV/1233/0046087 Mkponkiweek Esuuk Awaji-Imam Rivers C1 NNBTS ONNE

  3385. NNR29/2019/RIV/1249/0046356 Cleopas Oguichen Butler Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3386. NNR29/2019/RIV/1251/0046386 Otuo Prince Fredrick Rivers H NNBTS ONNE

  3387. NNR29/2019/RIV/1273/0046994 Agbadeng Temple Ebenezer Rivers F3 NNBTS ONNE

  3388. NNR29/2019/RIV/1279/0047255 John Awaji-Kachilom Isaiah Rivers H NNBTS ONNE

  3389. NNR29/2019/RIV/1287/0047375 Headman Allen Johnson Rivers A1 NNBTS ONNE

  3390. NNR29/2019/RIV/1328/0048330 William Amoniah William Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3391. NNR29/2019/RIV/1339/0048709 Bibi Leticia Ezekiel Rivers F1 NNBTS ONNE

  3392. NNR29/2019/RIV/1340/0048714 Adibie Ugwemoreibot Ikor Rivers E5 NNBTS ONNE

  3393. NNR29/2019/RIV/1359/0049205 Gentle Nathaniel Sam Rivers H NNBTS ONNE

  3394. NNR29/2019/RIV/1383/0049907 Reuben Michael Michael Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3395. NNR29/2019/RIV/14/0000668 Meniel Adulphus Levi Rivers N NNBTS ONNE

  3396. NNR29/2019/RIV/1407/0051079 Alfred Gabriel Abel Rivers G NNBTS ONNE

  3397. NNR29/2019/RIV/141/0005377 Ikor Jonas Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3398. NNR29/2019/RIV/1413/0051302 Uriah Felicia Pius Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3399. NNR29/2019/RIV/1419/0051363 Erasmus Awajiiroiso Erasmus Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3400. NNR29/2019/RIV/1421/0051386 Omuso Awajiikansan Amos Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3401. NNR29/2019/RIV/1457/0052324 Rowland Eli Joseph Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3402. NNR29/2019/RIV/1487/0053068 Amaene Ikaan Alick Rivers C1 NNBTS ONNE

  3403. NNR29/2019/RIV/1494/0053324 Edeki Frank Adumu Rivers E5 NNBTS ONNE

  3404. NNR29/2019/RIV/15/0000691 Robinson Bright Dimkpa Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3405. NNR29/2019/RIV/1502/0053574 Aaron Monday Nte Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3406. NNR29/2019/RIV/1513/0053888 Edwin Awajigbana Edwin Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3407. NNR29/2019/RIV/1533/0054353 Williams Lot Jonathan Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3408. NNR29/2019/RIV/154/0005622 Akankpo Esuuk Peace Rivers B1 NNBTS ONNE

  3409. NNR29/2019/RIV/1578/0055516 Clement Clement James Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3410. NNR29/2019/RIV/1598/0056296 Awajimam Gabriel Ogbonna Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3411. NNR29/2019/RIV/1606/0056823 Beleck Martins Martins Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3412. NNR29/2019/RIV/1627/0057979 Noah Ijok Noah Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3413. NNR29/2019/RIV/1630/0058045 Geoffrey Awaji-Oriono Amon Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3414. NNR29/2019/RIV/1641/0058258 Awaji Rhoda Lysius Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3415. NNR29/2019/RIV/1675/0059342 Kingdom Owen Kingdom Rivers B2 NNBTS ONNE

  3416. NNR29/2019/RIV/1680/0059521 Gwendeng Ucheawaji Ben Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3417. NNR29/2019/RIV/1681/0059528 Rowland Peace Job Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3418. NNR29/2019/RIV/169/0006245 Ikann Ubelejit Jonathan Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3419. NNR29/2019/RIV/1722/0060536 Beleck Sylvester Martins Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3420. NNR29/2019/RIV/1729/0060674 Loveday Gabriel Richard Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3421. NNR29/2019/RIV/1735/0060821 Nteogwuile Lazarus John Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3422. NNR29/2019/RIV/1760/0061312 David Gibson Gibson Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3423. NNR29/2019/RIV/1766/0061369 Karibi Unyeawaji Edwin Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3424. NNR29/2019/RIV/1792/0062118 Luke James Jonah Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3425. NNR29/2019/RIV/1803/0062662 Waribo Samuel Fyneface Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3426. NNR29/2019/RIV/1809/0062904 Ezekiel Zephaniah Zephaniah Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3427. NNR29/2019/RIV/1824/0063801 Nteogwuile Wisdom Kasam Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3428. NNR29/2019/RIV/1841/0064423 Egop Ezekiel Ida-Waji Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3429. NNR29/2019/RIV/1845/0064562 Gabriel Daniel Daniel Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3430. NNR29/2019/RIV/1866/0064956 Sampson Hannah Egwikpo Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3431. NNR29/2019/RIV/1873/0065167 Dick Fredrick Dick Rivers F3 NNBTS ONNE

  3432. NNR29/2019/RIV/1904/0065754 Jonathan Esther Animi Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3433. NNR29/2019/RIV/1926/0066506 Aaron Aaron Martins Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3434. NNR29/2019/RIV/1927/0066553 Godlook Awaji-Onyana Renner Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3435. NNR29/2019/RIV/1943/0066840 Thomas Thomas Ephraim Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3436. NNR29/2019/RIV/1967/0067624 Nwoke Okpara Peter Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3437. NNR29/2019/RIV/1972/0067731 Andrew Paul Owoh Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3438. NNR29/2019/RIV/2010/0069249 Ebirien Ekene-Orion Jonathan Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3439. NNR29/2019/RIV/2014/0069366 Ikawuru Ikawuru Rivers F1 NNBTS ONNE

  3440. NNR29/2019/RIV/2021/0069779 Nelson Darius Pius Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3441. NNR29/2019/RIV/2027/0069978 Geomiluke Clement Ephraim Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3442. NNR29/2019/RIV/2032/0070110 Adibie Ikupikeya Okwuduwor Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3443. NNR29/2019/RIV/2040/0070376 Michael Utoonejit Offia Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3444. NNR29/2019/RIV/2058/0070749 Friday Joseph Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  3445. NNR29/2019/RIV/2071/0071230 Sunday Uche Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3446. NNR29/2019/RIV/2075/0071337 Fortunatus Nkponkiweek Michael Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3447. NNR29/2019/RIV/2088/0071640 Isaiah Fynface Wilson Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3448. NNR29/2019/RIV/2092/0071731 David Tumuzan David Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3449. NNR29/2019/RIV/2105/0072175 Egopyork Isaiah Samuel Rivers B2 NNBTS ONNE

  3450. NNR29/2019/RIV/2106/0072296 Ogwuokwa Awajiokiche Jonah Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  3451. NNR29/2019/RIV/2113/0072514 Awaji Thankgod Gideon Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3452. NNR29/2019/RIV/2119/0072624 Dimkpa Matthew Rivers H NNBTS ONNE

  3453. NNR29/2019/RIV/2128/0072886 Unwene Itong Godspower Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3454. NNR29/2019/RIV/2134/0073086 Awajikpoyem Michael Job Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  3455. NNR29/2019/RIV/2146/0073386 Sodienye Naaman Naaman Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  3456. NNR29/2019/RIV/2148/0073390 Uzoanya Christian James Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3457. NNR29/2019/RIV/2215/0076080 Edward Monday Orong Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3458. NNR29/2019/RIV/2222/0076338 Friday Gogo Friday Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3459. NNR29/2019/RIV/223/0008512 Benson Fubara Gladday Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3460. NNR29/2019/RIV/2244/0077112 Sunday Encoh Imumesen Rivers A1 NNBTS ONNE

  3461. NNR29/2019/RIV/2251/0077458 Nelson Gwunigbe Fredrick Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3462. NNR29/2019/RIV/228/0008730 Dickson Ata-Ebirien Timothy Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3463. NNR29/2019/RIV/2293/0078892 Owen Owen Zacchaeus Rivers A5 NNBTS ONNE

  3464. NNR29/2019/RIV/230/0008747 Lybious Ejit-Ogute Samuel Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3465. NNR29/2019/RIV/2332/0081114 Mbaba Renner Renner Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3466. NNR29/2019/RIV/2339/0081184 Mina Kasachienkpor – Rivers A1 NNBTS ONNE

  3467. NNR29/2019/RIV/2350/0081428 Elebe Uwuijan Gideon Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3468. NNR29/2019/RIV/240/0009141 Israel Saviour Akpon Rivers F3 NNBTS ONNE

  3469. NNR29/2019/RIV/2401/0082975 Nelson Sunday Jacob Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3470. NNR29/2019/RIV/2421/0083516 Ujonondeng Renner Ugwemoreubon Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3471. NNR29/2019/RIV/2438/0083805 Theophilus Tugwell Theophilus Rivers G NNBTS ONNE

  3472. NNR29/2019/RIV/2439/0083821 Bernard Atamisi Bernard Sam Okonkor Rivers D3 NNBTS ONNE

  3473. NNR29/2019/RIV/2474/0084894 Victor Noah Sampson Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3474. NNR29/2019/RIV/2482/0085118 Awajimam Gabriel Ogbonna Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3475. NNR29/2019/RIV/2500/0085818 Samuel Constance Esau Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3476. NNR29/2019/RIV/2550/0087963 Simeon Gladday Ubokineme Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3477. NNR29/2019/RIV/2565/0088351 Adasi Esther Gogo Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  3478. NNR29/2019/RIV/2580/0088824 Michael Amakiri Ebirien-Agana Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3479. NNR29/2019/RIV/2602/0089264 Jacob Harold Japhet Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3480. NNR29/2019/RIV/2608/0089541 Sylvester Christopher Awajiotogwung Rivers D4 NNBTS ONNE

  3481. NNR29/2019/RIV/262/0010128 Oroata Njeyeisi Ugbana Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3482. NNR29/2019/RIV/2642/0090259 Alali Philips Blessing Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  3483. NNR29/2019/RIV/265/0010153 Promise Awajiminimin Lysius Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3484. NNR29/2019/RIV/2658/0090733 Jacob Awajitumu Gabriel Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3485. NNR29/2019/RIV/2685/0091453 Benson Otuikor Emmanuel Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3486. NNR29/2019/RIV/2691/0091680 Alali Solomon Unyente Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3487. NNR29/2019/RIV/27/0001093 Humphery Philip Paul Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3488. NNR29/2019/RIV/272/0010398 Matthew Ekeneowon Appolos Rivers G NNBTS ONNE

  3489. NNR29/2019/RIV/274/0010414 Vincent Ifana Erienawajimitop Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3490. NNR29/2019/RIV/276/0010447 Philip Ugbana Rivers C1 NNBTS ONNE

  3491. NNR29/2019/RIV/2777/0094851 Nathan Favour Lucky Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3492. NNR29/2019/RIV/2782/0094933 Emmanuel Utono Ephraim Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3493. NNR29/2019/RIV/2790/0095057 Okwusi Okwusi Obio Rivers C1 NNBTS ONNE

  3494. NNR29/2019/RIV/2796/0095225 Ngoh Alvan Lazarus Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3495. NNR29/2019/RIV/2800/0095308 Owen Godswill Romokek Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3496. NNR29/2019/RIV/282/0010698 Friday Awaji-Ikekeinyem Eneoreuwu Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3497. NNR29/2019/RIV/2823/0096060 Unwene Unyeawaji Adasi Rivers B1 NNBTS ONNE

  3498. NNR29/2019/RIV/2844/0096500 Brownson Nelson Ajigo Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3499. NNR29/2019/RIV/2850/0096678 Ebirien Katumu Ebirien Rivers E5 NNBTS ONNE

  3500. NNR29/2019/RIV/2853/0096717 Julius Uwono Rejoice Rivers C1 NNBTS ONNE

  3501. NNR29/2019/RIV/2878/0097446 Kurubo Amini Gabriel Rivers A2 NNBTS ONNE

  3502. NNR29/2019/RIV/2881/0097555 Harold Emmanuel Awagi Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3503. NNR29/2019/RIV/2914/0098780 Simon Isaac Enos Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3504. NNR29/2019/RIV/2918/0098819 Owen Owen Johnson Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3505. NNR29/2019/RIV/3004/0101262 Esau Dick Jack Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3506. NNR29/2019/RIV/3062/0103341 Stephen Friday Unyeawaji Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3507. NNR29/2019/RIV/3066/0103443 Simon George Emenike Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3508. NNR29/2019/RIV/3078/0103689 Olik Joshua Joseph Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3509. NNR29/2019/RIV/308/0011607 Aaron Lysius Nte Rivers A1 NNBTS ONNE

  3510. NNR29/2019/RIV/310/0011783 Lordgod Joseph Harold Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3511. NNR29/2019/RIV/3119/0104499 Micah Micah Fynecountry Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3512. NNR29/2019/RIV/3155/0105283 Ubokineme Iyo Gogo Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3513. NNR29/2019/RIV/3199/0106439 Aliche Egweiwele Ubulom Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3514. NNR29/2019/RIV/3212/0107186 Awaji Nelson Samson Rivers A1 NNBTS ONNE

  3515. NNR29/2019/RIV/3228/0107692 Waribo Ataene Ntapubok Rivers G NNBTS ONNE

  3516. NNR29/2019/RIV/3236/0107900 Egwung Nkangwung Levi Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3517. NNR29/2019/RIV/3238/0107986 Aliche Egweiwele Rivers E1 NNBTS ONNE

  3518. NNR29/2019/RIV/3263/0108760 Alick Ngerebo Athanasius Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3519. NNR29/2019/RIV/3265/0108779 Ebirien Unyeawaji Michael Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3520. NNR29/2019/RIV/3325/0111543 Renner Okiri Godlook Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3521. NNR29/2019/RIV/335/0013441 Friday Dienye Ukpe Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  3522. NNR29/2019/RIV/3383/0113478 Sunday Brown Rivers E1 NNBTS ONNE

  3523. NNR29/2019/RIV/3409/0114158 Mark Mark Jack Rivers A1 NNBTS ONNE

  3524. NNR29/2019/RIV/3412/0114173 Emmanuel Rhoda Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3525. NNR29/2019/RIV/3477/0116879 Odums Promise Sunday Rivers G NNBTS ONNE

  3526. NNR29/2019/RIV/3479/0117007 Thomas Amos Mbira Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3527. NNR29/2019/RIV/3489/0117266 Thompson Egweiwele Awajiochiek Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3528. NNR29/2019/RIV/3494/0117357 Ijok Felicia Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3529. NNR29/2019/RIV/3505/0117680 Jackson Emmanuel Icherene Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3530. NNR29/2019/RIV/3508/0117753 Ogina Nicodemus Nna Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3531. NNR29/2019/RIV/3538/0118546 Adibie Ugwemoreibot Ikor Rivers E5 NNBTS ONNE

  3532. NNR29/2019/RIV/3539/0118568 Okwuisi Prince Ete Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3533. NNR29/2019/RIV/354/0014426 Ijong Ijong Dago Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3534. NNR29/2019/RIV/3620/0120872 Oruikor Clinton Peter Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3535. NNR29/2019/RIV/3628/0120987 Williams Dennis Romokeek Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3536. NNR29/2019/RIV/3634/0121063 Harrison Miracle Isaac Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  3537. NNR29/2019/RIV/3649/0121384 Simon Awaji-Ikakifiaene Jacob Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3538. NNR29/2019/RIV/3669/0121908 Egbe Egbe Joseph Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3539. NNR29/2019/RIV/3687/0122403 Zeduck Jonas Ijong-Ama Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3540. NNR29/2019/RIV/373/0015290 Okporokpo Loveday Loveday Rivers F3 NNBTS ONNE

  3541. NNR29/2019/RIV/3738/0124816 Lasbury Moses S. Rivers E5 NNBTS ONNE

  3542. NNR29/2019/RIV/3756/0125369 Mbaba Esuuk Charles Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3543. NNR29/2019/RIV/3770/0125798 Ukata Thompson Samuel Rivers N NNBTS ONNE

  3544. NNR29/2019/RIV/3795/0126924 Josiah Samuel Friday Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3545. NNR29/2019/RIV/3822/0128339 Samuel Nkparo Egweteng Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3546. NNR29/2019/RIV/3858/0130868 Egwedeng Mary Fred Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  3547. NNR29/2019/RIV/3866/0131276 Gooddy Thankgod Stanley Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3548. NNR29/2019/RIV/391/0015825 Amos Dodd Dodd Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3549. NNR29/2019/RIV/403/0016206 Gogo Ukpe Amakiri Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3550. NNR29/2019/RIV/405/0016242 Loveday Dinne Joel Rivers H NNBTS ONNE

  3551. NNR29/2019/RIV/460/0018065 Biba Gad Gad Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3552. NNR29/2019/RIV/47/0001683 Jacob Awaji-Irosana Uche Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3553. NNR29/2019/RIV/470/0018284 Awaji Christian Banigo Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3554. NNR29/2019/RIV/503/0019518 Usennde Owajiogak Ezekiel Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3555. NNR29/2019/RIV/511/0019809 Ebirien Ben Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3556. NNR29/2019/RIV/53/0001836 Ibani Daniel Nelson Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3557. NNR29/2019/RIV/544/0021602 Mabinton Metong Bonzeme Rivers E5 NNBTS ONNE

  3558. NNR29/2019/RIV/554/0021862 Owen Friday John Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3559. NNR29/2019/RIV/592/0023158 Mba Manfred Geoffrey Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  3560. NNR29/2019/RIV/595/0023335 Mark Jim Inemeawaji Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  3561. NNR29/2019/RIV/608/0023726 Abbey Etong Awaji Pius Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  3562. NNR29/2019/RIV/621/0024137 Eteks Gogo-Ogute Gad Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3563. NNR29/2019/RIV/632/0024628 Micah Pius Ubokineme Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3564. NNR29/2019/RIV/649/0025149 Sunday Shedrack Rivers J NNBTS ONNE

  3565. NNR29/2019/RIV/664/0025668 James Gogo James Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3566. NNR29/2019/RIV/692/0026163 Fredrick Nte Onyeoma Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3567. NNR29/2019/RIV/716/0027236 Lazarus Ekeneowon Sampson Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3568. NNR29/2019/RIV/722/0027819 Amakiri Amakiri Gogo Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3569. NNR29/2019/RIV/749/0029133 William Kingsley Patrick Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3570. NNR29/2019/RIV/755/0029482 Isotu Awaji-Orion Stephen Rivers B2 NNBTS ONNE

  3571. NNR29/2019/RIV/773/0030052 Ubokineme Simeon Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3572. NNR29/2019/RIV/812/0030992 Inyon Josiah David Rivers E4 NNBTS ONNE

  3573. NNR29/2019/RIV/845/0031709 James Esau James Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3574. NNR29/2019/RIV/853/0031848 James Mewere Adumu Rivers H NNBTS ONNE

  3575. NNR29/2019/RIV/856/0031933 Elijah Elijah Dick Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3576. NNR29/2019/RIV/87/0002716 Sunny Phelim Rivers A2 NNBTS ONNE

  3577. NNR29/2019/RIV/892/0032897 Johnson Thankgod Lot Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3578. NNR29/2019/RIV/897/0033068 Egwung Egele Egele Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3579. NNR29/2019/RIV/926/0034013 Uche Nket Eteuche Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3580. NNR29/2019/RIV/93/0002961 Joshua Douglas Thankgod Rivers F3 NNBTS ONNE

  3581. NNR29/2019/RIV/955/0035716 Dickson Mankan-Eyina Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3582. NNR29/2019/RIV/98/0003219 Iyo Innocent Sampson Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3583. NNR29/2019/RIV/993/0037232 Bernard Atamisi Sam Okonkor Rivers D3 NNBTS ONNE

  3584. NNR29/2019/RIV/1000/0037417 Young- Arney Jenyeofori Telema Rivers A1 NNBTS ONNE

  3585. NNR29/2019/RIV/1046/0038697 Cotterell Goodluck Alabaka Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3586. NNR29/2019/RIV/1087/0040098 Matthew Benneth Rivers J NNBTS ONNE

  3587. NNR29/2019/RIV/1149/0043660 John Bukola Choice Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  3588. NNR29/2019/RIV/1194/0044900 Jumbo Ebitanga Rivers B1 NNBTS ONNE

  3589. NNR29/2019/RIV/1361/0049215 Lawson Joseph Tonye Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3590. NNR29/2019/RIV/1416/0051319 Alalibo Reuben Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3591. NNR29/2019/RIV/1556/0054985 Romeo Teddy Endurance Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3592. NNR29/2019/RIV/1669/0059219 Maxwell Max Tamunoboma Rivers B2 NNBTS ONNE

  3593. NNR29/2019/RIV/1733/0060808 Dappa Vivian B.S.B. Rivers F3 NNBTS ONNE

  3594. NNR29/2019/RIV/1832/0064168 Sokari Succeess Otu Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3595. NNR29/2019/RIV/1875/0065212 German Blessed Telema Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3596. NNR29/2019/RIV/1983/0067979 Harry Damiete Alaye Rivers F1 NNBTS ONNE

  3597. NNR29/2019/RIV/2043/0070411 Erekosima Onegiye-Ofori Henry Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3598. NNR29/2019/RIV/211/0007998 Princewill Gabriel Ibiba Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3599. NNR29/2019/RIV/217/0008348 Cottrell Victoria Dein Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3600. NNR29/2019/RIV/2352/0081472 Amabibi Fortune Inengiye Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  3601. NNR29/2019/RIV/2639/0090203 Boms Ibinabo Francis Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3602. NNR29/2019/RIV/2765/0094400 Jackreece Mac Dagogo Rivers B4 NNBTS ONNE

  3603. NNR29/2019/RIV/2846/0096584 German Blessed Telema Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  3604. NNR29/2019/RIV/2886/0098042 Enefa-A Ajumogobia James Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3605. NNR29/2019/RIV/3094/0103998 Princewill Gabriel Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3606. NNR29/2019/RIV/3107/0104265 Jackreece Gift Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3607. NNR29/2019/RIV/319/0012400 Allasseh Ibiayi Hillary Rivers C3 NNBTS ONNE

  3608. NNR29/2019/RIV/3194/0106347 Warmate Erefuro Innocent Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  3609. NNR29/2019/RIV/3274/0109039 Amachree Ibierebo Ibiwari Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3610. NNR29/2019/RIV/3330/0111829 Thanks Jeremiah Sobomate Rivers G NNBTS ONNE

  3611. NNR29/2019/RIV/3344/0112187 Egbong Gabriel Tonye Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  3612. NNR29/2019/RIV/3388/0113542 Tom-West Soibifaa Charles Rivers B1 NNBTS ONNE

  3613. NNR29/2019/RIV/3416/0114336 Atiegoba Jessie Wright Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3614. NNR29/2019/RIV/3746/0125134 German Blessed Telema Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  3615. NNR29/2019/RIV/375/0015306 Amachree Valentine Reginald Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3616. NNR29/2019/RIV/3832/0129372 Fyneface Akesiyesiya Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3617. NNR29/2019/RIV/3878/0132030 Inye Stephen Fenibo Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3618. NNR29/2019/RIV/626/0024235 Sukubo Ke-Osirere John Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3619. NNR29/2019/RIV/760/0029594 Martins Uchenna Ezehm Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  3620. NNR29/2019/RIV/78/0002580 Sokari Success Otu Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3621. NNR29/2019/RIV/981/0036690 Harry Dawari Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3622. NNR29/2019/RIV/1032/0038305 Amonieofori Hamilton Nathan Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3623. NNR29/2019/RIV/104/0003334 Jumbo Blessing Erics Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3624. NNR29/2019/RIV/1064/0039336 Allaputa Maureen David Rivers F1 NNBTS ONNE

  3625. NNR29/2019/RIV/1068/0039424 Hart Tamunopatima Alex Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3626. NNR29/2019/RIV/1372/0049419 Benstowe Daniel Wellington Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3627. NNR29/2019/RIV/1780/0061692 Halliday Prince Justice Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3628. NNR29/2019/RIV/2730/0093304 Sokari Dagogo Lawrence Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3629. NNR29/2019/RIV/3008/0101308 Emmanuel Kelvin Green Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3630. NNR29/2019/RIV/3036/0102186 Hart Daniel Alex Rivers B1 NNBTS ONNE

  3631. NNR29/2019/RIV/3127/0104706 Jumbo Sandra M. Ebere Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3632. NNR29/2019/RIV/3161/0105540 Pepple Clinton Emmanuel Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3633. NNR29/2019/RIV/3442/0115273 Allaputa Godspower Daniel Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3634. NNR29/2019/RIV/3573/0119496 Jumbo Godswill Rivers C2 NNBTS ONNE

  3635. NNR29/2019/RIV/3844/0129789 Benstowe Fedison Ishmael Rivers B1 NNBTS ONNE

  3636. NNR29/2019/RIV/558/0022000 Benstowe Daniel Wellington Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3637. NNR29/2019/RIV/931/0034425 Hart Tamunosaibibam Dibarigoma Rivers A2 NNBTS ONNE

  3638. NNR29/2019/RIV/1003/0037561 Johnson Kelsey Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3639. NNR29/2019/RIV/1004/0037584 Graham Hannah Mpakaboari Rivers E1 NNBTS ONNE

  3640. NNR29/2019/RIV/1017/0037909 Justus Jaasiel Prayer Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  3641. NNR29/2019/RIV/1138/0043468 Ellison Okpavi Kelvin Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3642. NNR29/2019/RIV/1139/0043506 Sunday Harrison Tinbeison Rivers H NNBTS ONNE

  3643. NNR29/2019/RIV/1228/0045731 Michael Virginia Inivi Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3644. NNR29/2019/RIV/1231/0045873 Dieyepriye Wisdom Iyalla Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3645. NNR29/2019/RIV/1320/0048207 Braide Sonny Goodluck Rivers C2 NNBTS ONNE

  3646. NNR29/2019/RIV/1391/0050342 Oruobu Elvina Rivers K NNBTS ONNE

  3647. NNR29/2019/RIV/1422/0051409 Iyalla-Dikio Dimabo Sam Rivers B1 NNBTS ONNE

  3648. NNR29/2019/RIV/1449/0052125 Dokubo Stanley Bekinbo Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3649. NNR29/2019/RIV/1586/0055827 Kuruye Stephen Rivers D3 NNBTS ONNE

  3650. NNR29/2019/RIV/1686/0059626 Braide Abiye Godwill Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3651. NNR29/2019/RIV/1839/0064412 Sunday James Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3652. NNR29/2019/RIV/1846/0064565 Raleigh-Joe Christabel Ibimina Rivers F1 NNBTS ONNE

  3653. NNR29/2019/RIV/1860/0064832 Amadi Etamadu Rivers G NNBTS ONNE

  3654. NNR29/2019/RIV/1893/0065480 Benibo Kingsley Nil Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3655. NNR29/2019/RIV/1982/0067971 Agidi Goodluck Rivers B1 NNBTS ONNE

  3656. NNR29/2019/RIV/2100/0072006 Moses Moses Atubokikiwa Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3657. NNR29/2019/RIV/2206/0075795 Garden Zeal Benibo Rivers D3 NNBTS ONNE

  3658. NNR29/2019/RIV/2340/0081249 Godfrey Alexander .O. Rivers D2 NNBTS ONNE

  3659. NNR29/2019/RIV/2342/0081304 Alalibo Akodiem Rivers B4 NNBTS ONNE

  3660. NNR29/2019/RIV/2359/0081587 Thomas Sweikume Anthony Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  3661. NNR29/2019/RIV/2462/0084540 Alabo Doris Jenberetoaa Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3662. NNR29/2019/RIV/252/0009767 Maxwell Innocent Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3663. NNR29/2019/RIV/2558/0088096 Martyns Ibiba Lucky Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3664. NNR29/2019/RIV/2590/0089034 Olulu Emmanuel Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3665. NNR29/2019/RIV/2672/0091138 Melford Samuel Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3666. NNR29/2019/RIV/2705/0092158 Gift Anointed Reuben Rivers B2 NNBTS ONNE

  3667. NNR29/2019/RIV/2789/0095049 Alexander Tamuno Tekena Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3668. NNR29/2019/RIV/281/0010657 Leonard Gideon Maduabuchi Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3669. NNR29/2019/RIV/2835/0096350 Sunday Ugina Dulen Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3670. NNR29/2019/RIV/3023/0101795 Kubi Victoria Igoy Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  3671. NNR29/2019/RIV/3052/0102934 Asimiea Sibiya Nicholas Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3672. NNR29/2019/RIV/3080/0103746 Balakio Janet Tubobanimi Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3673. NNR29/2019/RIV/3083/0103777 Obe Sampson Ellison Rivers E1 NNBTS ONNE

  3674. NNR29/2019/RIV/3211/0107175 Ewelike Iboma Odinakachi Rivers C1 NNBTS ONNE

  3675. NNR29/2019/RIV/3254/0108558 Duke Rebecca Emmanuel Rivers F1 NNBTS ONNE

  3676. NNR29/2019/RIV/3347/0112283 Amos Ikpilavi Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3677. NNR29/2019/RIV/3348/0112294 Harrisom Soibifaa Rivers E1 NNBTS ONNE

  3678. NNR29/2019/RIV/3385/0113501 George Emmanuel Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3679. NNR29/2019/RIV/3503/0117577 Senibo Tamunokoroma Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3680. NNR29/2019/RIV/3513/0117957 Wokoma Daerefa-A Dikio Rivers F3 NNBTS ONNE

  3681. NNR29/2019/RIV/3697/0122944 Ngo-Herbert Precious Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3682. NNR29/2019/RIV/3783/0126547 Harry Kelvin Rivers D3 NNBTS ONNE

  3683. NNR29/2019/RIV/3828/0129185 Alexander Okpavi Charity Rivers J NNBTS ONNE

  3684. NNR29/2019/RIV/3910/0132986 Harry Moses Ezekiel Rivers H NNBTS ONNE

  3685. NNR29/2019/RIV/406/0016292 Okese Yimo Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3686. NNR29/2019/RIV/462/0018107 Eferebo Herny Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3687. NNR29/2019/RIV/545/0021641 Philip Sokiprim Soso Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3688. NNR29/2019/RIV/575/0022598 Igbeta Atubofela-A Self Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3689. NNR29/2019/RIV/745/0029088 Imomotimi Victor Nanabo Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  3690. NNR29/2019/RIV/814/0031092 Benibo Iminabo Adokiye Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3691. NNR29/2019/RIV/816/0031201 Emmanuel Alfred Ikpilavi Rivers D4 NNBTS ONNE

  3692. NNR29/2019/RIV/938/0035085 Morgan Victor Ellis Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3693. NNR29/2019/RIV/942/0035263 Ekenze Tubotamuno Lucky Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3694. NNR29/2019/RIV/1121/0042729 Oluka Sunday Isaiah Rivers B1 NNBTS ONNE

  3695. NNR29/2019/RIV/1150/0043690 Dada Princewill Friday Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3696. NNR29/2019/RIV/1164/0043946 Kanwi Esther Ndoro Rivers D2 NNBTS ONNE

  3697. NNR29/2019/RIV/1243/0046250 Obari Joy Blessing Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  3698. NNR29/2019/RIV/1503/0053598 Maah Sunny Cyrus Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3699. NNR29/2019/RIV/1739/0060896 Tor-Ue Barieredum Favour Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3700. NNR29/2019/RIV/1865/0064955 Nguluka Chu Aken Rivers B4 NNBTS ONNE

  3701. NNR29/2019/RIV/1883/0065313 Monday Prince Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3702. NNR29/2019/RIV/1892/0065455 Mba Prince Oluka Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3703. NNR29/2019/RIV/1910/0065915 Okochi Obonda Ejii Rivers B5 NNBTS ONNE

  3704. NNR29/2019/RIV/1951/0067187 Kenya Bridget Sam Rivers G NNBTS ONNE

  3705. NNR29/2019/RIV/2236/0076925 Udo Kingsley Enoch Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3706. NNR29/2019/RIV/2256/0077591 Wai Gospel Owate Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3707. NNR29/2019/RIV/2366/0081784 Ollor Robinson Yaya Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  3708. NNR29/2019/RIV/3058/0103251 Obari Victor Gogo Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3709. NNR29/2019/RIV/3148/0105123 Friday Dedeya Deri Chinonso Blessing Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3710. NNR29/2019/RIV/3298/0109664 Omanjie Christian Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3711. NNR29/2019/RIV/3462/0116044 Osaronwaji Emmanuel Olako Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  3712. NNR29/2019/RIV/3509/0117801 Esibobo Abel Jonathan Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3713. NNR29/2019/RIV/3674/0122072 Ezekiel Daniel Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3714. NNR29/2019/RIV/3784/0126567 Kanwi Faith Osilachittey-Obo Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  3715. NNR29/2019/RIV/3883/0132148 Innocent Stephen Odinakachukwu Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3716. NNR29/2019/RIV/457/0018028 Titooh John Okwulu Rivers D3 NNBTS ONNE

  3717. NNR29/2019/RIV/494/0019067 Saka Elisha Rueben Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3718. NNR29/2019/RIV/587/0023017 Obele Joseph Philip Rivers E1 NNBTS ONNE

  3719. NNR29/2019/RIV/689/0026096 Nwafor Emmanuel Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3720. NNR29/2019/RIV/819/0031271 Mark Benjamin Benjamin Rivers G NNBTS ONNE

  3721. NNR29/2019/RIV/973/0036409 Obele Sunday Anasemi Rivers F2 NNBTS ONNE

  3722. NNR29/2019/RIV/1056/0039012 Akpelu Samuel Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3723. NNR29/2019/RIV/1089/0040253 Dike Sunday Uchendu Rivers H NNBTS ONNE

  3724. NNR29/2019/RIV/1134/0043360 Tobiah Promise Rivers B1 NNBTS ONNE

  3725. NNR29/2019/RIV/1162/0043898 Didia Bright Nwabueze Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3726. NNR29/2019/RIV/1172/0044164 Amadi Chile Rivers A2 NNBTS ONNE

  3727. NNR29/2019/RIV/1175/0044330 Omereji Temple Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3728. NNR29/2019/RIV/118/0004215 Ihedike Precious Engineer Rivers G NNBTS ONNE

  3729. NNR29/2019/RIV/1200/0045036 Uzuobor Richman I Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3730. NNR29/2019/RIV/1204/0045162 Osi Jeremiah Mandela Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3731. NNR29/2019/RIV/1218/0045516 Wonkwo Vincent Kemkama Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3732. NNR29/2019/RIV/1240/0046173 Orlando Jeremiah Eze Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3733. NNR29/2019/RIV/1254/0046459 Ndubuisi Esther Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  3734. NNR29/2019/RIV/1255/0046478 Nmah Godswill Onukube Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3735. NNR29/2019/RIV/1364/0049237 Chikwe Happiness Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  3736. NNR29/2019/RIV/1398/0050696 Ogbuji Hezekiah Obum Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3737. NNR29/2019/RIV/1400/0050794 William David Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3738. NNR29/2019/RIV/1409/0051148 Njimogwu Godgift Victor Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3739. NNR29/2019/RIV/1415/0051308 Orduma Destiny Ben Rivers A1 NNBTS ONNE

  3740. NNR29/2019/RIV/1436/0051860 Okoro Goodlife Johnson Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3741. NNR29/2019/RIV/1441/0051993 Orlu Godwin Abel Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3742. NNR29/2019/RIV/1467/0052595 Onyeukwu Promise Bachi Rivers F3 NNBTS ONNE

  3743. NNR29/2019/RIV/1500/0053557 Ogboms Chimezie Dandy Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3744. NNR29/2019/RIV/1501/0053558 Onuah Johnson Kenneth Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3745. NNR29/2019/RIV/1532/0054350 Onuah Christian Anthony Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3746. NNR29/2019/RIV/1547/0054675 Egbunehu Frank John Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3747. NNR29/2019/RIV/1570/0055375 Chinedu Ezebunwo Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3748. NNR29/2019/RIV/1580/0055601 Njoku Charles Kelechi Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3749. NNR29/2019/RIV/1601/0056451 Reuben Solomon Azubuike Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3750. NNR29/2019/RIV/1602/0056468 Aguma Oliver Nkembuchi Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3751. NNR29/2019/RIV/1644/0058335 Mamgbe Israel David Rivers B4 NNBTS ONNE

  3752. NNR29/2019/RIV/1751/0061138 Nwenyi Israel Obiefula Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  3753. NNR29/2019/RIV/1755/0061216 Owuye Benjamin Uche Rivers H NNBTS ONNE

  3754. NNR29/2019/RIV/1768/0061427 Woha Omevem Goodluck Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3755. NNR29/2019/RIV/1777/0061596 Osondu Ikechi Decency Rivers H NNBTS ONNE

  3756. NNR29/2019/RIV/1793/0062138 Ruka Happiness Ugwechi Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3757. NNR29/2019/RIV/1830/0064133 Okeke Wisdom Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3758. NNR29/2019/RIV/1878/0065266 Chijioka Hope Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  3759. NNR29/2019/RIV/1901/0065651 Imoh Jennifer Rivers F1 NNBTS ONNE

  3760. NNR29/2019/RIV/1903/0065733 Manenwe Yellow Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3761. NNR29/2019/RIV/1907/0065847 Imoh Wisdom Rivers D3 NNBTS ONNE

  3762. NNR29/2019/RIV/191/0007009 Ohaka Gideon Bestman Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  3763. NNR29/2019/RIV/1966/0067603 Eze Prince Uchechukwu Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  3764. NNR29/2019/RIV/1971/0067690 Marcus Victory Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3765. NNR29/2019/RIV/2035/0070153 Wakama Prince Anele Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3766. NNR29/2019/RIV/2067/0071165 Okedi Thankgod Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3767. NNR29/2019/RIV/2069/0071198 Ojigbule Solomon Aziwo Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3768. NNR29/2019/RIV/2073/0071274 Wilson Wisdom Emeka Rivers D4 NNBTS ONNE

  3769. NNR29/2019/RIV/2101/0072071 Owhonda Favour Godstime Rivers B2 NNBTS ONNE

  3770. NNR29/2019/RIV/2104/0072140 Ihentuga Thankgod Nwomehia Rivers D4 NNBTS ONNE

  3771. NNR29/2019/RIV/212/0008081 Amadi Kelvin Godwill Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3772. NNR29/2019/RIV/2139/0073190 Chukwukadibia Gracious Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3773. NNR29/2019/RIV/2183/0075034 Uzunma Destiny Sylvester Rivers H NNBTS ONNE

  3774. NNR29/2019/RIV/2188/0075146 Dimkpa Prince Obodo Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3775. NNR29/2019/RIV/2198/0075560 Ikpendu Ovundah Wojoyi Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3776. NNR29/2019/RIV/221/0008434 Isaiah Christian Rivers J NNBTS ONNE

  3777. NNR29/2019/RIV/2220/0076247 Atu Bright Justice Rivers G NNBTS ONNE

  3778. NNR29/2019/RIV/2294/0078902 Aaron Chigemezu Precious Rivers D3 NNBTS ONNE

  3779. NNR29/2019/RIV/2309/0080040 Igwe-Stephen Okechukwu Prince M. Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3780. NNR29/2019/RIV/2327/0081003 Okachukwu Israel Great Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3781. NNR29/2019/RIV/2329/0081087 Osam Magnus Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3782. NNR29/2019/RIV/2349/0081415 Nduma Ogechi Lilian Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3783. NNR29/2019/RIV/2423/0083552 Henry Chidindu Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3784. NNR29/2019/RIV/243/0009261 Ikonwa Sampson Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3785. NNR29/2019/RIV/2441/0083954 Chukwu Prince Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3786. NNR29/2019/RIV/2449/0084210 Assor Thankgod C Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3787. NNR29/2019/RIV/245/0009316 Orji Ezevunchi Prince Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3788. NNR29/2019/RIV/2467/0084595 Aloke Israel Nnabuike Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3789. NNR29/2019/RIV/2485/0085229 Anukwa Endurance Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3790. NNR29/2019/RIV/2502/0085988 Ihejirika Chineme Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3791. NNR29/2019/RIV/256/0010042 Nwabueze Jahmene Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3792. NNR29/2019/RIV/2597/0089216 Igwe Godbless Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3793. NNR29/2019/RIV/2655/0090596 Ogbuche Wisdom Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  3794. NNR29/2019/RIV/2682/0091400 Igwe Progress Igwe Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3795. NNR29/2019/RIV/2686/0091459 Minikwu Magnus Peter Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  3796. NNR29/2019/RIV/2702/0092068 George Obinna Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  3797. NNR29/2019/RIV/2720/0093014 Amadi Gospel Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  3798. NNR29/2019/RIV/2745/0093683 Amadi Confidence Chisa Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3799. NNR29/2019/RIV/2806/0095479 Nwovueze Mercy Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  3800. NNR29/2019/RIV/2893/0098339 Amah Chimaobi Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3801. NNR29/2019/RIV/2903/0098526 Wali Mirian Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  3802. NNR29/2019/RIV/2911/0098643 Nnah Bestway John Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3803. NNR29/2019/RIV/2920/0098885 Matthew Michael Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3804. NNR29/2019/RIV/2938/0099540 Obuowhor Gladison Rivers F1 NNBTS ONNE

  3805. NNR29/2019/RIV/2942/0099643 Amah Mark Junior Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3806. NNR29/2019/RIV/2965/0100220 Okogbule Christian Chimobi Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3807. NNR29/2019/RIV/2983/0100645 Ogbu Innocent Manjor Rivers B2 NNBTS ONNE

  3808. NNR29/2019/RIV/2999/0101121 Egwuaba Queenesther Sunday Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3809. NNR29/2019/RIV/3038/0102329 Onyema Beauty Rivers F3 NNBTS ONNE

  3810. NNR29/2019/RIV/3051/0102871 Eke James Levi Rivers D2 NNBTS ONNE

  3811. NNR29/2019/RIV/3061/0103325 Assor Thankgod Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3812. NNR29/2019/RIV/31/0001254 Innocent Peter Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3813. NNR29/2019/RIV/3100/0104052 Tegwor Wisdom Elechi Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3814. NNR29/2019/RIV/3143/0104996 Okenonu Ihuoma Fortune Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3815. NNR29/2019/RIV/3154/0105245 Dimkpa Joseph Rivers B1 NNBTS ONNE

  3816. NNR29/2019/RIV/3165/0105629 Esau Peter Obinna Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3817. NNR29/2019/RIV/3186/0106146 Ndahuge Rita Chinyere Rivers J NNBTS ONNE

  3818. NNR29/2019/RIV/3193/0106341 Chukwuemeka Chima Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  3819. NNR29/2019/RIV/3205/0106806 Christopher Gift Success Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  3820. NNR29/2019/RIV/3251/0108502 Arusi President Obua Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3821. NNR29/2019/RIV/3252/0108520 Igbani Francis Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3822. NNR29/2019/RIV/3268/0108835 Ajoku Solomon Igwe Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3823. NNR29/2019/RIV/3281/0109158 Odo Miracle Rivers F1 NNBTS ONNE

  3824. NNR29/2019/RIV/3341/0112052 Amadi Success Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3825. NNR29/2019/RIV/3372/0113080 Okwele Daniel Chidi Rivers C1 NNBTS ONNE

  3826. NNR29/2019/RIV/3375/0113166 Wilson Chibuzor Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3827. NNR29/2019/RIV/3410/0114160 Chukuwere Happiness Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3828. NNR29/2019/RIV/3426/0114573 Asuru Greatman Samuel Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3829. NNR29/2019/RIV/3441/0115272 Simeon Kingdom Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  3830. NNR29/2019/RIV/3456/0115897 Owhonda Emmanuel Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3831. NNR29/2019/RIV/3461/0116041 Uzoma Chinelo Queeneth Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3832. NNR29/2019/RIV/3465/0116189 Onyemaechi Ifeanyi Nmery Rivers H NNBTS ONNE

  3833. NNR29/2019/RIV/349/0014022 Wokike Junior Omah Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3834. NNR29/2019/RIV/3501/0117460 Orji Peter Omah Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3835. NNR29/2019/RIV/3514/0117980 Igwe-Stephen Destiny Chikwerre Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3836. NNR29/2019/RIV/355/0014446 Mgbudu Cynthia Maruchi Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  3837. NNR29/2019/RIV/3592/0120099 Wagbara Evelyn Rivers F2 NNBTS ONNE

  3838. NNR29/2019/RIV/3606/0120418 Wokoma Micheal Chigozie Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3839. NNR29/2019/RIV/3658/0121669 Didia Elizabeth Nma Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  3840. NNR29/2019/RIV/369/0015253 Mgbudu Princewill Chinaka Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3841. NNR29/2019/RIV/3694/0122749 Obisike Kenjika Gospel Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3842. NNR29/2019/RIV/3695/0122818 Akpelu Justice Ugochukwu Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3843. NNR29/2019/RIV/3709/0123541 Eze Jeremiah Benjamine Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3844. NNR29/2019/RIV/3724/0124180 Akpelu Chidiebere Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3845. NNR29/2019/RIV/3727/0124413 Iyagbor Power Ikike Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3846. NNR29/2019/RIV/3741/0124972 Obodo Maxwell Raymond Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3847. NNR29/2019/RIV/3742/0124994 Erim Moses Victor Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  3848. NNR29/2019/RIV/3869/0131732 Amadi John Junior Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3849. NNR29/2019/RIV/3881/0132127 Amos Chima Thankgod Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3850. NNR29/2019/RIV/424/0016926 Wekpa Goodluck Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3851. NNR29/2019/RIV/452/0017911 Amadi Emmanuel Chima Rivers G NNBTS ONNE

  3852. NNR29/2019/RIV/573/0022504 Onuah Chidi Osah Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3853. NNR29/2019/RIV/639/0024790 Orlu Nnamdi Orlu Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  3854. NNR29/2019/RIV/65/0002162 Ojigbule Obinna Destiny Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  3855. NNR29/2019/RIV/659/0025538 Hillary Success Chizindu Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3856. NNR29/2019/RIV/665/0025670 Ikonwa Joshua Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3857. NNR29/2019/RIV/672/0025823 Amadi Ukeli Moses Rivers F3 NNBTS ONNE

  3858. NNR29/2019/RIV/702/0026607 Okanezi Obinna Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3859. NNR29/2019/RIV/882/0032608 Eze Grace Osinachi Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3860. NNR29/2019/RIV/886/0032765 Eke Immaculate Chighakalam Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  3861. NNR29/2019/RIV/906/0033322 Eche Maxwell Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3862. NNR29/2019/RIV/952/0035628 Eke Godslove Wokeocha Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3863. NNR29/2019/RIV/956/0035726 Oba Peter Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3864. NNR29/2019/RIV/964/0035967 Robinson Azundan Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3865. NNR29/2019/RIV/970/0036224 Thomas Ambrose Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3866. NNR29/2019/RIV/1005/0037600 Nwekeala Bright Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  3867. NNR29/2019/RIV/1025/0038090 Igbokwe Ruth Rivers E1 NNBTS ONNE

  3868. NNR29/2019/RIV/1049/0038713 Godnews Godday Chikwudi Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3869. NNR29/2019/RIV/1072/0039591 Nwalele Thankgod Rivers D2 NNBTS ONNE

  3870. NNR29/2019/RIV/1181/0044619 Egbu Chisom Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3871. NNR29/2019/RIV/1187/0044765 Amadi Nnamdi Prince Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3872. NNR29/2019/RIV/1190/0044818 Nwala Charles Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3873. NNR29/2019/RIV/1199/0045000 Onwukwe Chizaram Godwin Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3874. NNR29/2019/RIV/1245/0046290 Amakolonwa Obinna Benjamin Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3875. NNR29/2019/RIV/125/0004401 Amajirionwu Amarachi Bianca Rivers F3 NNBTS ONNE

  3876. NNR29/2019/RIV/1283/0047313 Akor Love Chibuenyi Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3877. NNR29/2019/RIV/1295/0047710 Njoku Prince Kelvin Rivers B2 NNBTS ONNE

  3878. NNR29/2019/RIV/1296/0047711 Anunobi Francis Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3879. NNR29/2019/RIV/1313/0048083 Aguguo Samuel Chinemerem Rivers J NNBTS ONNE

  3880. NNR29/2019/RIV/1330/0048360 Samuel Success Rivers A1 NNBTS ONNE

  3881. NNR29/2019/RIV/1341/0048719 Chigozie Confidence Onyekachi Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3882. NNR29/2019/RIV/1345/0048772 Ochi Princewill Kayode Rivers B4 NNBTS ONNE

  3883. NNR29/2019/RIV/1350/0048948 Anucha Kenneth Chinedu Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  3884. NNR29/2019/RIV/1380/0049864 Peter Chinyere Rivers C3 NNBTS ONNE

  3885. NNR29/2019/RIV/1388/0050095 Okere Gift Obinna Rivers C2 NNBTS ONNE

  3886. NNR29/2019/RIV/1414/0051303 Nwankwoala Ruth Ulunwa Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3887. NNR29/2019/RIV/1424/0051534 Irondi Godpower Rivers C2 NNBTS ONNE

  3888. NNR29/2019/RIV/145/0005436 Silas Bright Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3889. NNR29/2019/RIV/1458/0052340 Nwala Christopher Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3890. NNR29/2019/RIV/1466/0052590 Amadi Samuel Emeka Rivers D3 NNBTS ONNE

  3891. NNR29/2019/RIV/1481/0052942 Augustine Smart Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3892. NNR29/2019/RIV/1490/0053220 Nnemeka Joelfrancis Uchenna Rivers C1 NNBTS ONNE

  3893. NNR29/2019/RIV/1491/0053239 Njoku Bright Chibueze Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3894. NNR29/2019/RIV/1497/0053469 Amadi Thankgod Onyemuche Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3895. NNR29/2019/RIV/152/0005582 Chikwem Gospel Ewetochi Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3896. NNR29/2019/RIV/1520/0054077 Chidi Prisca Chinonso Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3897. NNR29/2019/RIV/1528/0054278 Onyeche Chimezie Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3898. NNR29/2019/RIV/1548/0054759 Okere Ikechukwu Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3899. NNR29/2019/RIV/1579/0055543 Anyanwu Isaac Dike Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3900. NNR29/2019/RIV/1596/0056271 Anum Charles Nzubechi Rivers E1 NNBTS ONNE

  3901. NNR29/2019/RIV/1603/0056517 Achonwa Ijeoma Precious Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3902. NNR29/2019/RIV/1622/0057898 Ndukwu Victor Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3903. NNR29/2019/RIV/1623/0057912 Olobo Kenneth Rivers F1 NNBTS ONNE

  3904. NNR29/2019/RIV/1662/0058704 Amadi Walter Chigaemezu Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3905. NNR29/2019/RIV/1697/0059973 Godwin Victor M Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3906. NNR29/2019/RIV/1699/0059993 Nweke Bright Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3907. NNR29/2019/RIV/1704/0060080 Iroegbu Thankgod Rivers G NNBTS ONNE

  3908. NNR29/2019/RIV/1717/0060409 Nwala Gift Chilee Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3909. NNR29/2019/RIV/1756/0061234 Odum Victor Chigozie Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3910. NNR29/2019/RIV/1763/0061327 Ordu Nchetachi Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  3911. NNR29/2019/RIV/1817/0063408 Agubolom Collins Rivers C2 NNBTS ONNE

  3912. NNR29/2019/RIV/1847/0064572 Oguzie Gospel C. Rivers D3 NNBTS ONNE

  3913. NNR29/2019/RIV/1857/0064737 Anum Goodluck Chigozie Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3914. NNR29/2019/RIV/186/0006863 Ikechi Queen Ada Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3915. NNR29/2019/RIV/1869/0065102 Njoku Chukwudi Rivers C1 NNBTS ONNE

  3916. NNR29/2019/RIV/1872/0065165 Amaugwu Benneth Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3917. NNR29/2019/RIV/1880/0065280 Chimezie Chukwuemeka Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3918. NNR29/2019/RIV/1890/0065452 Amaele Chinonso Godstime Rivers F1 NNBTS ONNE

  3919. NNR29/2019/RIV/1895/0065497 Anyanwu Bestman Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3920. NNR29/2019/RIV/19/0000736 Amadi Lawrence Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3921. NNR29/2019/RIV/1920/0066341 Amadi Goodluck Chigozirim Rivers C1 NNBTS ONNE

  3922. NNR29/2019/RIV/1945/0066912 Njoku George Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3923. NNR29/2019/RIV/1975/0067796 Obia Hechiairu Kingdom Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  3924. NNR29/2019/RIV/1993/0068336 Agbam Happiness Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  3925. NNR29/2019/RIV/2008/0069212 Nwankwo Odichinma Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3926. NNR29/2019/RIV/2062/0070843 Jamuike Gift Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3927. NNR29/2019/RIV/2121/0072655 Goodnews Godday Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3928. NNR29/2019/RIV/2127/0072833 Nlebedim Gaius Machi Rivers D3 NNBTS ONNE

  3929. NNR29/2019/RIV/214/0008145 Onyekakeya Godsfavor Uchechi Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  3930. NNR29/2019/RIV/2147/0073389 Iwejor Ogadinma Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3931. NNR29/2019/RIV/2178/0074802 Ali Prince Oka Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3932. NNR29/2019/RIV/2221/0076274 Nwokocha Goddey Onyebuchi Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3933. NNR29/2019/RIV/2253/0077552 Oguzie Gosple Ozioma Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3934. NNR29/2019/RIV/2263/0077799 Amadi Kingdom Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  3935. NNR29/2019/RIV/2275/0078138 Amadi Thankgod C Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3936. NNR29/2019/RIV/2281/0078605 Nwalozie Franklin Chiziri Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  3937. NNR29/2019/RIV/2353/0081473 Nwankwoala Chinedu Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3938. NNR29/2019/RIV/2358/0081574 Chinedu Victoria Chisa Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  3939. NNR29/2019/RIV/2361/0081657 Anokwuru Uzochigift Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3940. NNR29/2019/RIV/2374/0082263 Friday Bright Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3941. NNR29/2019/RIV/2379/0082337 Nwankwo Esther Akuchukwu Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3942. NNR29/2019/RIV/2390/0082655 Nwanyanwu Chinaemerem Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3943. NNR29/2019/RIV/2424/0083560 Ordu Lazarus Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3944. NNR29/2019/RIV/2448/0084143 Obichere Chinaza Divine Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  3945. NNR29/2019/RIV/2451/0084213 Amakolonwa Sampson Rivers F2 NNBTS ONNE

  3946. NNR29/2019/RIV/2486/0085233 Nnadi King Chigemezu Rivers A1 NNBTS ONNE

  3947. NNR29/2019/RIV/2522/0087374 Nnadikwe Onyekachi Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3948. NNR29/2019/RIV/2560/0088168 Onyegorom Nneka Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3949. NNR29/2019/RIV/2564/0088339 John Watchman Ifeanyi Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3950. NNR29/2019/RIV/2575/0088781 Nwankwo Susan Nkiruka Rivers K NNBTS ONNE

  3951. NNR29/2019/RIV/2585/0088914 Nwele Lucky Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3952. NNR29/2019/RIV/2589/0089018 Akanwa Temple Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3953. NNR29/2019/RIV/2591/0089039 Amaefule Chinonso Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3954. NNR29/2019/RIV/2603/0089273 Eze Collins Rivers G NNBTS ONNE

  3955. NNR29/2019/RIV/2681/0091371 Ukasoanya Confidence Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3956. NNR29/2019/RIV/2738/0093484 Godwin Prince Ireogbu Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  3957. NNR29/2019/RIV/2743/0093619 Njoku Bright Chikwado Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  3958. NNR29/2019/RIV/2744/0093643 Clement Mbuonye Victor Osita Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3959. NNR29/2019/RIV/2774/0094781 Ukaegbu Ikenna Patrick Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3960. NNR29/2019/RIV/279/0010643 Anele Charles Rivers H NNBTS ONNE

  3961. NNR29/2019/RIV/2815/0095743 Okere Bright Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3962. NNR29/2019/RIV/2831/0096247 Amadi Kelechi Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3963. NNR29/2019/RIV/2834/0096323 Anaero Temple Rivers D3 NNBTS ONNE

  3964. NNR29/2019/RIV/2857/0096772 Ikpeazu Gift Chisom Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3965. NNR29/2019/RIV/2858/0096820 Egbule Nkiruka Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  3966. NNR29/2019/RIV/287/0010967 Elijah Stanley Ozodinobi Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3967. NNR29/2019/RIV/2933/0099315 Nwekeala Bright Chinedu Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3968. NNR29/2019/RIV/294/0011174 Nwala Liferace Osundu Rivers H NNBTS ONNE

  3969. NNR29/2019/RIV/295/0011200 Nwechem Chukwuemeka Polycap Rivers B2 NNBTS ONNE

  3970. NNR29/2019/RIV/2962/0100203 Sunday Iheanyichukwu Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3971. NNR29/2019/RIV/2970/0100321 Emeka Goodnews Chidiebere Rivers F1 NNBTS ONNE

  3972. NNR29/2019/RIV/2973/0100378 Innocent Joyce Ben Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  3973. NNR29/2019/RIV/2996/0101096 Oiuo Godday Chizoba Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3974. NNR29/2019/RIV/3000/0101122 Ochimgba King Maduabuchi Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3975. NNR29/2019/RIV/3011/0101379 Amadi Gift Nwalozie Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3976. NNR29/2019/RIV/3014/0101502 Njoku Onyekachi Daniel Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3977. NNR29/2019/RIV/3017/0101635 Chioma Maxwell Rivers H NNBTS ONNE

  3978. NNR29/2019/RIV/302/0011365 Ohans Junior Mighty Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  3979. NNR29/2019/RIV/3048/0102791 Amadi Thankgod Chiweikpe Rivers H NNBTS ONNE

  3980. NNR29/2019/RIV/3056/0103162 Anyanwu Kingsley Oguchialu Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  3981. NNR29/2019/RIV/3075/0103617 Akandu Kelechi Thankgod Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3982. NNR29/2019/RIV/3085/0103785 Njoku Goddey Chukwudi Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3983. NNR29/2019/RIV/3118/0104489 Onyegbule Prince Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3984. NNR29/2019/RIV/3121/0104521 Anaele Mercy Rivers C1 NNBTS ONNE

  3985. NNR29/2019/RIV/3171/0105782 Ndubuisi Jude Uchenna Rivers F1 NNBTS ONNE

  3986. NNR29/2019/RIV/3172/0105821 Egbule Nkeiru Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  3987. NNR29/2019/RIV/3203/0106638 Ike Collins Obinna Rivers D4 NNBTS ONNE

  3988. NNR29/2019/RIV/3215/0107213 Anaele Faith C Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  3989. NNR29/2019/RIV/3239/0107998 Onwuamaegbu Thankgod Chigemezu Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3990. NNR29/2019/RIV/3261/0108747 Njoku Iheanyichukwu Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  3991. NNR29/2019/RIV/3315/0111115 Oguzie Obenachi Smart Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3992. NNR29/2019/RIV/3316/0111193 Amaele Merit Onyinyechi Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3993. NNR29/2019/RIV/3335/0111923 Irondi Light Oseloka Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3994. NNR29/2019/RIV/3367/0112973 Eziefule Philip Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3995. NNR29/2019/RIV/3377/0113318 Nwanjoku Godbless Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3996. NNR29/2019/RIV/3378/0113342 Anozie Macathy Anozie Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3997. NNR29/2019/RIV/3384/0113500 Nwaobilor Promise Spuruchi Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3998. NNR29/2019/RIV/3391/0113661 Aba Silver Emeka Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  3999. NNR29/2019/RIV/3419/0114427 Onyeche Izuchukwu Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  4000. NNR29/2019/RIV/3421/0114462 Opurum Festus Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4001. NNR29/2019/RIV/3437/0115115 Amadi Bright Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4002. NNR29/2019/RIV/3450/0115501 Anyanwu Joy Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  4003. NNR29/2019/RIV/3471/0116417 Egbuchelem Loveday Elechi Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4004. NNR29/2019/RIV/3475/0116814 Chukwuma Bright Ugochukwu Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4005. NNR29/2019/RIV/3502/0117515 Ekeamadi Solid Chizoba Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4006. NNR29/2019/RIV/3525/0118266 Alozie Godbless Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  4007. NNR29/2019/RIV/3527/0118329 Chioma Maxwell Ndubuise Rivers H NNBTS ONNE

  4008. NNR29/2019/RIV/3542/0118648 Anaele George Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4009. NNR29/2019/RIV/3547/0118748 Azubuike Perpetual Chikaodili Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  4010. NNR29/2019/RIV/3553/0118987 Amadi Thankgod Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4011. NNR29/2019/RIV/3556/0119102 Ukwuoma Godwin Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4012. NNR29/2019/RIV/3568/0119353 Ekwem Chinonye Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4013. NNR29/2019/RIV/3584/0119895 Nwekeala Godswill Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4014. NNR29/2019/RIV/3587/0120023 Monday Prince Obinna Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4015. NNR29/2019/RIV/3590/0120077 Egelemba Precious Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4016. NNR29/2019/RIV/3598/0120295 Chukwuemeka Ohaka Rivers A1 NNBTS ONNE

  4017. NNR29/2019/RIV/3599/0120308 Nwanyanwu Kingsley Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4018. NNR29/2019/RIV/3601/0120320 Nwamadi Egwuchukwu Michael Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  4019. NNR29/2019/RIV/3608/0120511 Amadi Goodluck Gift Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4020. NNR29/2019/RIV/3667/0121891 Asorbirionwu Gospel Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4021. NNR29/2019/RIV/3683/0122342 Kelechi Vincent Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4022. NNR29/2019/RIV/3700/0123022 Amadi Edison Chimankpa Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  4023. NNR29/2019/RIV/3702/0123055 Monday Timothy Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4024. NNR29/2019/RIV/3740/0124859 Ezebunwa Chinenye Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4025. NNR29/2019/RIV/3763/0125559 Nwanyanwu Nnadozie Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4026. NNR29/2019/RIV/3788/0126767 Nwunukwe Iheanyi Rivers D3 NNBTS ONNE

  4027. NNR29/2019/RIV/379/0015472 Iwezor Gift Chima Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4028. NNR29/2019/RIV/3799/0127172 Nwafor Sampson Alozie Rivers B3 NNBTS ONNE

  4029. NNR29/2019/RIV/3862/0131137 Chidi Favour Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  4030. NNR29/2019/RIV/389/0015752 Asonye Faithful Chioma Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4031. NNR29/2019/RIV/3901/0132703 Amaefule Royal Ezebuchi Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4032. NNR29/2019/RIV/396/0015925 Omesurum Blessing Chinemezu Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4033. NNR29/2019/RIV/415/0016674 Iwejor Chukwuemeka Rivers D2 NNBTS ONNE

  4034. NNR29/2019/RIV/417/0016703 Anyanwu Elvis Chinemerem Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  4035. NNR29/2019/RIV/477/0018553 Amadi Chioma Rivers C2 NNBTS ONNE

  4036. NNR29/2019/RIV/496/0019254 Irondi Wisdom Rivers C2 NNBTS ONNE

  4037. NNR29/2019/RIV/507/0019640 Nwankwo Blessing Rivers C2 NNBTS ONNE

  4038. NNR29/2019/RIV/513/0019885 Okere Gift Obinna Rivers C2 NNBTS ONNE

  4039. NNR29/2019/RIV/528/0020706 Nwala Gift Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4040. NNR29/2019/RIV/556/0021989 Ogbonna Onyemachi Promise Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4041. NNR29/2019/RIV/568/0022289 Iheanyichukwu Decent Rivers C1 NNBTS ONNE

  4042. NNR29/2019/RIV/583/0022858 Nwanyanwu Noble Obioma Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4043. NNR29/2019/RIV/597/0023343 Ihiaso Glory Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  4044. NNR29/2019/RIV/60/0002010 Anunobi Francis None Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4045. NNR29/2019/RIV/66/0002165 Amadi Chinedu Kelvin Rivers C1 NNBTS ONNE

  4046. NNR29/2019/RIV/660/0025551 Ordu Gift Hemetu Rivers H NNBTS ONNE

  4047. NNR29/2019/RIV/685/0026062 Iheanyichukwu King O. Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4048. NNR29/2019/RIV/687/0026070 Amaefule Udo Peace Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4049. NNR29/2019/RIV/705/0026753 Innocent Godspel Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4050. NNR29/2019/RIV/778/0030179 Azubuike Gift Junor Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4051. NNR29/2019/RIV/798/0030697 Emmanuel Princewill Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4052. NNR29/2019/RIV/815/0031111 Onyeche Darlington Izukanma Rivers D4 NNBTS ONNE

  4053. NNR29/2019/RIV/829/0031435 Onyegbule Chinaza Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4054. NNR29/2019/RIV/836/0031555 Eke Benjamin Eze Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4055. NNR29/2019/RIV/837/0031573 Akobundu Beauty Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  4056. NNR29/2019/RIV/864/0032042 Nnodim Darlington Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4057. NNR29/2019/RIV/869/0032174 Iheanyi Emeka Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  4058. NNR29/2019/RIV/891/0032889 Manugba Onyebuchi Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4059. NNR29/2019/RIV/958/0035804 Nwekeala Kenneth Rivers H NNBTS ONNE

  4060. NNR29/2019/RIV/96/0003151 Njoku Bright Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4061. NNR29/2019/RIV/1012/0037751 Yoro Gideon Baritornwi Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  4062. NNR29/2019/RIV/1014/0037788 Dukor Bariduanen Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4063. NNR29/2019/RIV/1019/0037957 Daabee Promise Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4064. NNR29/2019/RIV/1023/0038055 Vuresibe Ken Saturday Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4065. NNR29/2019/RIV/1029/0038205 Zorben Temple Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4066. NNR29/2019/RIV/1033/0038319 Vokpee Dumbor Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4067. NNR29/2019/RIV/1045/0038686 Kagbara Tombari Peter Rivers D3 NNBTS ONNE

  4068. NNR29/2019/RIV/106/0003376 Kpodilo Ziganubari Rivers H NNBTS ONNE

  4069. NNR29/2019/RIV/1063/0039208 Gberekop Life Rivers G NNBTS ONNE

  4070. NNR29/2019/RIV/1074/0039629 Nyiedah Barikere-Op Caleb Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4071. NNR29/2019/RIV/1086/0040068 Ateni David Dumadi Rivers D2 NNBTS ONNE

  4072. NNR29/2019/RIV/110/0003693 Donanu Blessing Tanadeeba Rivers E5 NNBTS ONNE

  4073. NNR29/2019/RIV/1154/0043751 Vito Barinaadaa Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4074. NNR29/2019/RIV/1159/0043838 Kpekpee Barioma – Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4075. NNR29/2019/RIV/1201/0045092 Paago Lamech Lenaatababari Rivers D3 NNBTS ONNE

  4076. NNR29/2019/RIV/1207/0045201 Kabaari Sudor Popsy Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4077. NNR29/2019/RIV/1234/0046091 Lebe Thankgod Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4078. NNR29/2019/RIV/1239/0046172 Tete Barinem Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4079. NNR29/2019/RIV/1246/0046336 Kpegesere Meebelbari Nil Rivers B5 NNBTS ONNE

  4080. NNR29/2019/RIV/1260/0046582 James Hope Baritor Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  4081. NNR29/2019/RIV/1289/0047451 Monsi Samuel Baribuma Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4082. NNR29/2019/RIV/1293/0047574 Borgbara Frank Baridilo Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4083. NNR29/2019/RIV/1354/0049093 Bakel Lete Alexander Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4084. NNR29/2019/RIV/1408/0051083 Kurubor Felix Tewin Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4085. NNR29/2019/RIV/1443/0052023 Aso-Ol Clement Barinem Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  4086. NNR29/2019/RIV/1492/0053269 Zor-Ade Barivule Ernest Rivers E5 NNBTS ONNE

  4087. NNR29/2019/RIV/1516/0053962 Ndoole Meesua Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4088. NNR29/2019/RIV/1526/0054265 Barigbon Dumdibabari Charles Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4089. NNR29/2019/RIV/1546/0054655 Ndoole Meesua Kelly Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4090. NNR29/2019/RIV/157/0005792 Giami Dumadi Queen Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4091. NNR29/2019/RIV/1587/0055913 Asaah Pius Zor Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4092. NNR29/2019/RIV/1599/0056387 Monday Nwindum Zoragan Rivers N NNBTS ONNE

  4093. NNR29/2019/RIV/16/0000707 Sunday Godslife Dumbari Rivers H NNBTS ONNE

  4094. NNR29/2019/RIV/161/0005905 Menele Felix Clever Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4095. NNR29/2019/RIV/1648/0058486 Sogho Samson Barine Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4096. NNR29/2019/RIV/1659/0058649 Popnwin Baribefe Victoria Rivers F3 NNBTS ONNE

  4097. NNR29/2019/RIV/1685/0059608 Koomaa Prince Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4098. NNR29/2019/RIV/1700/0060042 Tonwee Dumbari Thankgod Rivers A2 NNBTS ONNE

  4099. NNR29/2019/RIV/1762/0061323 Kobaa Friday Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4100. NNR29/2019/RIV/1771/0061465 Baadom Baribeob Blessing Rivers E1 NNBTS ONNE

  4101. NNR29/2019/RIV/1775/0061550 Gbaranen Sunday Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4102. NNR29/2019/RIV/1829/0064087 Diigbo Barifodum Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4103. NNR29/2019/RIV/1843/0064485 Nyoryor Fiibura Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4104. NNR29/2019/RIV/1871/0065164 Naagbi Michael Goddy Rivers E5 NNBTS ONNE

  4105. NNR29/2019/RIV/1889/0065437 Nwinwin Barizaa Innocent Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4106. NNR29/2019/RIV/1917/0066234 John Legborsi Beabubari Rivers E5 NNBTS ONNE

  4107. NNR29/2019/RIV/1939/0066750 Ereba Thankgod Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4108. NNR29/2019/RIV/1974/0067787 Tanu Cletus Sebastine Rivers E1 NNBTS ONNE

  4109. NNR29/2019/RIV/1996/0068383 Dumle Promise Edward Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4110. NNR29/2019/RIV/2002/0068643 Montu Baridilo Henry Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4111. NNR29/2019/RIV/2031/0070074 Needam Vincent Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4112. NNR29/2019/RIV/2039/0070342 Keah Gospel Barilugbene Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4113. NNR29/2019/RIV/2070/0071216 Tunee Wisdom Duunebari Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4114. NNR29/2019/RIV/2114/0072527 Baridi Meebari Barnabas Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4115. NNR29/2019/RIV/2122/0072719 Dornwin Barikpena Michael Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  4116. NNR29/2019/RIV/2173/0074613 Vikuudey Georgewill Bariyaama Rivers B1 NNBTS ONNE

  4117. NNR29/2019/RIV/2177/0074791 Leesi Baribor Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4118. NNR29/2019/RIV/2192/0075231 Toba Tombari Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4119. NNR29/2019/RIV/2204/0075733 Nabiradee Clever Nyimanu Rivers F3 NNBTS ONNE

  4120. NNR29/2019/RIV/226/0008562 Toka Bariweremeloo Victory Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  4121. NNR29/2019/RIV/2267/0077940 Giokabari Batombari Fidelis Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4122. NNR29/2019/RIV/231/0008879 Pango Christian Baribuma Rivers E1 NNBTS ONNE

  4123. NNR29/2019/RIV/2323/0080723 Odee David Lebari Junior Rivers D2 NNBTS ONNE

  4124. NNR29/2019/RIV/2328/0081079 Peba Lucky Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4125. NNR29/2019/RIV/2355/0081513 Dorgbaa Prince Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4126. NNR29/2019/RIV/2367/0081826 Anor Samuel Kadubabari Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4127. NNR29/2019/RIV/2396/0082799 Denor Baribefe Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4128. NNR29/2019/RIV/2443/0084005 Aleema Feegalo Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4129. NNR29/2019/RIV/2495/0085648 Deede Nuvalobari Rivers C2 NNBTS ONNE

  4130. NNR29/2019/RIV/2501/0085875 Kpetee Rapheal Rivers D3 NNBTS ONNE

  4131. NNR29/2019/RIV/2505/0086246 Monsi Bright Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4132. NNR29/2019/RIV/2515/0086814 Kpegasi Goteh Honest Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4133. NNR29/2019/RIV/2517/0086894 Bawo Simeon Rivers B1 NNBTS ONNE

  4134. NNR29/2019/RIV/257/0010054 Aa-Ee Paul Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4135. NNR29/2019/RIV/2588/0088968 Kurubor Lawrence Rivers E1 NNBTS ONNE

  4136. NNR29/2019/RIV/2598/0089235 Gbarabe Barigbaga-Op Gentle Rivers E5 NNBTS ONNE

  4137. NNR29/2019/RIV/260/0010115 Toola Gideon Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4138. NNR29/2019/RIV/2610/0089581 Dedua Daniel Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4139. NNR29/2019/RIV/2612/0089666 Bassey Solomon Prince Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4140. NNR29/2019/RIV/2623/0089836 Maanyie Dornubari Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4141. NNR29/2019/RIV/2635/0090130 Monday Buradum Nabobo Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4142. NNR29/2019/RIV/2646/0090302 Agaammabari Tombari Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4143. NNR29/2019/RIV/2669/0091036 Miidom Moses Friday Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4144. NNR29/2019/RIV/2671/0091072 Oliver Choice Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4145. NNR29/2019/RIV/2719/0092972 Edinah Naasua Biabari Rivers E1 NNBTS ONNE

  4146. NNR29/2019/RIV/2756/0094009 Mbari Felix Barinem Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4147. NNR29/2019/RIV/2757/0094032 Nukpugi Barisiletam Daniel Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4148. NNR29/2019/RIV/2766/0094430 Gbarabe Barilelo Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  4149. NNR29/2019/RIV/2809/0095589 Kude Gboro Precious Rivers A2 NNBTS ONNE

  4150. NNR29/2019/RIV/2816/0095818 Naadueba Tornubari Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4151. NNR29/2019/RIV/2822/0096005 Tonwee Burabari Rivers E1 NNBTS ONNE

  4152. NNR29/2019/RIV/2842/0096494 Namene Meetorbari Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4153. NNR29/2019/RIV/2849/0096628 Nkiri Prince Barielba Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4154. NNR29/2019/RIV/2852/0096716 Bulo Wisdom Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4155. NNR29/2019/RIV/2879/0097460 Kori Kenneth Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4156. NNR29/2019/RIV/2941/0099585 Nkia Letombari Daniel Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4157. NNR29/2019/RIV/2949/0099848 Monsi Promise Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4158. NNR29/2019/RIV/2971/0100367 Korobe Prince Barisi Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4159. NNR29/2019/RIV/3013/0101477 Elijah Barisua Nwiigbor Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4160. NNR29/2019/RIV/3031/0102007 Nzor Noble Rivers H NNBTS ONNE

  4161. NNR29/2019/RIV/3086/0103826 Ledisi Meedinyiebari Samuel Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4162. NNR29/2019/RIV/309/0011614 Taagho Baridi Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4163. NNR29/2019/RIV/3090/0103946 Giasi Isaac Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4164. NNR29/2019/RIV/3095/0104003 Diviiga Dumdumene Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4165. NNR29/2019/RIV/3108/0104294 Gbiga Baridilo Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4166. NNR29/2019/RIV/32/0001265 Kpaadee Victor Rivers F1 NNBTS ONNE

  4167. NNR29/2019/RIV/3218/0107268 Nwinwi Barisi Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4168. NNR29/2019/RIV/3226/0107524 Dansi Cletus Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4169. NNR29/2019/RIV/326/0012738 Richard Precious Barididum Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4170. NNR29/2019/RIV/3294/0109550 Feeghe Tombari Tommy Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4171. NNR29/2019/RIV/3305/0110117 Natura Sanyiebari Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4172. NNR29/2019/RIV/3321/0111371 Gbiima Baridugbor Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4173. NNR29/2019/RIV/3324/0111541 Dumle Young Ngbo Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4174. NNR29/2019/RIV/3327/0111576 Agaammabari Tombari Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4175. NNR29/2019/RIV/3331/0111869 Barisi Promise Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4176. NNR29/2019/RIV/3337/0111933 Firima Torbari Excellency Rivers H NNBTS ONNE

  4177. NNR29/2019/RIV/3360/0112784 Oode Zidormene Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4178. NNR29/2019/RIV/3363/0112870 Gio-Kabari Nuka Vincent Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4179. NNR29/2019/RIV/3402/0113871 Vureko Collins Rivers D3 NNBTS ONNE

  4180. NNR29/2019/RIV/3422/0114464 Nkor Baridue Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  4181. NNR29/2019/RIV/3440/0115224 Bravil Kyrian Nyima Rivers B2 NNBTS ONNE

  4182. NNR29/2019/RIV/3459/0115928 Digi Kornebari Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4183. NNR29/2019/RIV/3472/0116563 Dubetee Dumdisi Franklin Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4184. NNR29/2019/RIV/3512/0117954 Nakpee Victory – Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4185. NNR29/2019/RIV/3518/0118041 Geteera Nwinbari Michael Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4186. NNR29/2019/RIV/3581/0119774 Popnwin Immaculate Deebari Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  4187. NNR29/2019/RIV/359/0014621 Fulagbo Benedict Monday Rivers H NNBTS ONNE

  4188. NNR29/2019/RIV/3597/0120287 Nmii Donatus Barielba Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4189. NNR29/2019/RIV/3655/0121594 Kova Tornubari Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4190. NNR29/2019/RIV/3668/0121897 Kpoola Lenu Rivers D3 NNBTS ONNE

  4191. NNR29/2019/RIV/367/0015175 Kote Thankgod Barika Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4192. NNR29/2019/RIV/368/0015191 Torbira Sylvester Tambari Rivers F3 NNBTS ONNE

  4193. NNR29/2019/RIV/3728/0124527 Emmanuel Deekor Junior Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4194. NNR29/2019/RIV/3753/0125325 Baridoo Kpona Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4195. NNR29/2019/RIV/3764/0125575 Akpenu Epdeesibari Jewel Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4196. NNR29/2019/RIV/3771/0125808 Turee Bright Bariaara Rivers B2 NNBTS ONNE

  4197. NNR29/2019/RIV/3850/0130365 Dimkpa Barielnen Victor Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4198. NNR29/2019/RIV/3855/0130598 Lucky Loveth Batombari Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4199. NNR29/2019/RIV/437/0017445 Porolo Gideon Tambari Rivers C2 NNBTS ONNE

  4200. NNR29/2019/RIV/438/0017446 Baribe Meedubari Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4201. NNR29/2019/RIV/440/0017466 Gbode Joseph Barinaadaa Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4202. NNR29/2019/RIV/449/0017731 Deebii Gilbert Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4203. NNR29/2019/RIV/483/0018738 Gawa Baribor Rivers D3 NNBTS ONNE

  4204. NNR29/2019/RIV/493/0019029 Daakpigi Samuel Barisi Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4205. NNR29/2019/RIV/524/0020455 Zeteh Barielane Kenneth Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4206. NNR29/2019/RIV/552/0021837 Johnson Mike Barivule Rivers H NNBTS ONNE

  4207. NNR29/2019/RIV/566/0022219 Gberegbara Burabari Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4208. NNR29/2019/RIV/567/0022221 Dumsu Lenebari Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4209. NNR29/2019/RIV/570/0022325 Naador Baridule Godwin Rivers C3 NNBTS ONNE

  4210. NNR29/2019/RIV/606/0023613 Mbari Precious Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4211. NNR29/2019/RIV/620/0024094 Bagadam Barisuka Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4212. NNR29/2019/RIV/636/0024731 Mbari Happy Rivers D3 NNBTS ONNE

  4213. NNR29/2019/RIV/647/0025076 Tanen Confidence Toobari Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4214. NNR29/2019/RIV/658/0025445 Bema Abigail Kilsi Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  4215. NNR29/2019/RIV/662/0025637 Friday Kingsley Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4216. NNR29/2019/RIV/682/0026018 Okpe Baribefe Raphael Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4217. NNR29/2019/RIV/69/0002334 Kirigbo Sinebari Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4218. NNR29/2019/RIV/710/0027038 Friday Confidence Ledum Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4219. NNR29/2019/RIV/744/0029043 Bakpo Sorle Rivers H NNBTS ONNE

  4220. NNR29/2019/RIV/747/0029106 Oonee Barigboma Hyginus Rivers E5 NNBTS ONNE

  4221. NNR29/2019/RIV/757/0029532 Aso-Ol Clement Barinem Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4222. NNR29/2019/RIV/787/0030376 Gbaranen Gift Aborlo Rivers F1 NNBTS ONNE

  4223. NNR29/2019/RIV/822/0031327 Bariduanen Isreal Rivers B1 NNBTS ONNE

  4224. NNR29/2019/RIV/870/0032213 Doonee Kelvin Meetorbari Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4225. NNR29/2019/RIV/912/0033426 Monale Victor Saturday Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4226. NNR29/2019/RIV/943/0035273 Kponeemene Joy Tambari Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4227. NNR29/2019/RIV/953/0035646 Baribor Bariboroka Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4228. NNR29/2019/RIV/954/0035679 Beemah First Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4229. NNR29/2019/RIV/965/0036004 Kote Kingsley Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  4230. NNR29/2019/RIV/969/0036149 Lube Pius Legborsi Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4231. NNR29/2019/RIV/1156/0043766 Echeonwu Christopher Cherukia Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4232. NNR29/2019/RIV/1169/0044122 Eliezer Light Owhonda Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4233. NNR29/2019/RIV/1195/0044928 Welendu Bright Chidera Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  4234. NNR29/2019/RIV/1208/0045203 Ferdinand Precious Uche Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4235. NNR29/2019/RIV/1211/0045366 Enyindah John Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  4236. NNR29/2019/RIV/1225/0045673 Uchegbule Collins Nyeche Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  4237. NNR29/2019/RIV/1247/0046340 Amah Kanichi Nil Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4238. NNR29/2019/RIV/1253/0046405 Obuah Endurance Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4239. NNR29/2019/RIV/1258/0046538 Amadi Powerful Chukwuemeka Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4240. NNR29/2019/RIV/1269/0046804 Amadi Joy Chizoba Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  4241. NNR29/2019/RIV/1276/0047123 Wonah Emmanuel Divine Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  4242. NNR29/2019/RIV/1312/0048045 Okpara Prince Chimmeganim Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4243. NNR29/2019/RIV/1316/0048100 Amadi Prince Rivers H NNBTS ONNE

  4244. NNR29/2019/RIV/1395/0050546 Nwowhor Gift Anderson Chize Rivers B1 NNBTS ONNE

  4245. NNR29/2019/RIV/1429/0051620 Chima Victory Aruchi Rivers D4 NNBTS ONNE

  4246. NNR29/2019/RIV/1433/0051665 Charles Justice Rivers H NNBTS ONNE

  4247. NNR29/2019/RIV/1449/0052124 Opara Chibuzor Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4248. NNR29/2019/RIV/1453/0052188 Wosu Kindness Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  4249. NNR29/2019/RIV/1455/0052295 Elendu Innocent Rivers B2 NNBTS ONNE

  4250. NNR29/2019/RIV/1465/0052585 Sylvanus Evans Ibenye Rivers H NNBTS ONNE

  4251. NNR29/2019/RIV/1515/0053953 Okpara Gift Eberechi Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4252. NNR29/2019/RIV/1544/0054614 Omeke Martins Ikechi Rivers E1 NNBTS ONNE

  4253. NNR29/2019/RIV/1553/0054943 Onoka Chukwuma Bright Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4254. NNR29/2019/RIV/1561/0055088 Amadi Gift Onyinyechi Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4255. NNR29/2019/RIV/1672/0059310 Ukachi Precious Oluchi Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  4256. NNR29/2019/RIV/1683/0059547 Wobodo Honour Samuel Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4257. NNR29/2019/RIV/1691/0059769 Chieme Promise Lucky Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4258. NNR29/2019/RIV/1712/0060245 Daniel Justice Chizindu Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4259. NNR29/2019/RIV/1716/0060401 Worgu Chimankpa Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  4260. NNR29/2019/RIV/1772/0061482 Ejinma Humphery Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4261. NNR29/2019/RIV/1791/0062082 Onyenwe Precious Friday Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  4262. NNR29/2019/RIV/1833/0064173 Kinika Blessing Nene Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4263. NNR29/2019/RIV/1835/0064222 Polycarp Reuben N Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4264. NNR29/2019/RIV/1862/0064905 Sylvanus Evans Ibenye Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4265. NNR29/2019/RIV/1863/0064932 Amadi Vincent Chibuike Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4266. NNR29/2019/RIV/1870/0065129 John Michael Prince Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4267. NNR29/2019/RIV/1900/0065642 Godpower Godstime Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4268. NNR29/2019/RIV/1912/0066029 Egbule Justice Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4269. NNR29/2019/RIV/1931/0066605 Nyemachi Goodluck Ndubuisi Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4270. NNR29/2019/RIV/1985/0068017 Aaron Queen Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4271. NNR29/2019/RIV/1991/0068231 Amadi Oluchi Benefit Rivers F1 NNBTS ONNE

  4272. NNR29/2019/RIV/2033/0070130 Chukwuezi Godwill Abunonu Elechi Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4273. NNR29/2019/RIV/2078/0071383 Okemini Promise Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4274. NNR29/2019/RIV/2080/0071433 Amos Miracle Okwuchi Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  4275. NNR29/2019/RIV/2117/0072601 Amadi Happiness Chiwenwo Rivers C1 NNBTS ONNE

  4276. NNR29/2019/RIV/2155/0073646 Wosu Kindness Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  4277. NNR29/2019/RIV/2182/0074951 Ajoku Chikodi Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4278. NNR29/2019/RIV/2187/0075142 Wobuoma Darlington Prince Rivers E1 NNBTS ONNE

  4279. NNR29/2019/RIV/2216/0076105 Nmom Chibuike Ferguson Rivers F1 NNBTS ONNE

  4280. NNR29/2019/RIV/2226/0076468 Ajoku Thankgod Nil Rivers G NNBTS ONNE

  4281. NNR29/2019/RIV/2246/0077291 Nnamdi Destiny Peter Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4282. NNR29/2019/RIV/2286/0078748 Eze Samule Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4283. NNR29/2019/RIV/2290/0078826 Ekweme Rejoice Junior Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4284. NNR29/2019/RIV/2417/0083447 Dimkpa Bright Destiny Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  4285. NNR29/2019/RIV/2430/0083656 Madukaji Emmanuel Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4286. NNR29/2019/RIV/2454/0084344 Nwenwe Lucky Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4287. NNR29/2019/RIV/2470/0084763 Amah Emmanuel Minichim Rivers D3 NNBTS ONNE

  4288. NNR29/2019/RIV/2544/0087902 Ajoku Charles Akobundu Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4289. NNR29/2019/RIV/2586/0088934 Onyeachu Lucky Chidi Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4290. NNR29/2019/RIV/2613/0089667 Ejike Lucky Rivers A1 NNBTS ONNE

  4291. NNR29/2019/RIV/2641/0090255 Amadi Divine Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4292. NNR29/2019/RIV/2651/0090458 Worji Bright Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4293. NNR29/2019/RIV/2715/0092724 Christopher Prince Chika Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4294. NNR29/2019/RIV/275/0010424 Nyemachi Confidence Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4295. NNR29/2019/RIV/2801/0095312 Benson Wisdom Rivers A1 NNBTS ONNE

  4296. NNR29/2019/RIV/2813/0095706 Chibundu Ngozi Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4297. NNR29/2019/RIV/2838/0096446 Worgu Clifford Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4298. NNR29/2019/RIV/2839/0096451 Woka Joseph Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  4299. NNR29/2019/RIV/2869/0097212 Weche Solomon Ezemonye Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4300. NNR29/2019/RIV/2952/0099901 Wodah Emmanuel Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4301. NNR29/2019/RIV/2976/0100477 Nyema Bright Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4302. NNR29/2019/RIV/2982/0100612 Anokwuru Austin Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4303. NNR29/2019/RIV/2988/0100843 Erum Alex Kingsley Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4304. NNR29/2019/RIV/3003/0101246 Madume Emmanuel Chigoziri Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  4305. NNR29/2019/RIV/3007/0101292 Amadi Oluchi Benefit Rivers F1 NNBTS ONNE

  4306. NNR29/2019/RIV/3063/0103368 Amadi Chiburoma Rivers E1 NNBTS ONNE

  4307. NNR29/2019/RIV/3070/0103489 Peter John Okangla Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4308. NNR29/2019/RIV/3072/0103536 Dimgba Chinemezu Rivers F1 NNBTS ONNE

  4309. NNR29/2019/RIV/3122/0104571 Samuel Iheanyi Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4310. NNR29/2019/RIV/3123/0104593 Chikwere Richard Fabian Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4311. NNR29/2019/RIV/3232/0107835 Nchelem Chimankpa Perfect Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4312. NNR29/2019/RIV/3234/0107848 Onuoha Juliet Amarachi Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4313. NNR29/2019/RIV/3249/0108379 Omegbu John Benjamin Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4314. NNR29/2019/RIV/3259/0108661 Wofuru Cherukei Prince Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4315. NNR29/2019/RIV/3275/0109057 Weche Sampson Rivers D3 NNBTS ONNE

  4316. NNR29/2019/RIV/3299/0109672 Onwudiwe Uchechukwu Nyebuchi Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4317. NNR29/2019/RIV/3304/0110116 Panama Ramsey Isaac Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4318. NNR29/2019/RIV/3336/0111932 James Justice Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  4319. NNR29/2019/RIV/3338/0111971 Amadi Maduwachi Emmanuel Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4320. NNR29/2019/RIV/3369/0112991 Amadi Uchenna Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4321. NNR29/2019/RIV/3371/0113068 Oparanma Chibueze Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4322. NNR29/2019/RIV/3390/0113623 Ajuru Godgift Chibuzor Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4323. NNR29/2019/RIV/3406/0114012 Amadi Thankgod Chimeka Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4324. NNR29/2019/RIV/3429/0114817 Ofurum Daniel Chinedu Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4325. NNR29/2019/RIV/3432/0114911 Okenwo Kingsley Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4326. NNR29/2019/RIV/3506/0117704 Chinedu Thankgod Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  4327. NNR29/2019/RIV/3617/0120711 Ofurum Victor Onyegbula Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4328. NNR29/2019/RIV/3626/0120970 Omuruka Cynthia Chiamaka Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4329. NNR29/2019/RIV/3631/0121011 Michael Chioma Rivers F1 NNBTS ONNE

  4330. NNR29/2019/RIV/3748/0125205 Okpara Chile Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4331. NNR29/2019/RIV/3801/0127309 Monday Chimenim Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4332. NNR29/2019/RIV/3807/0127560 Worji Endurance Thankgod Rivers E5 NNBTS ONNE

  4333. NNR29/2019/RIV/3845/0129837 Orlu Peace Eberechi Rivers C1 NNBTS ONNE

  4334. NNR29/2019/RIV/385/0015630 Amadi Osokanidu Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4335. NNR29/2019/RIV/387/0015662 James Victor Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4336. NNR29/2019/RIV/3892/0132458 Amadi Miracle Anthony Rivers H NNBTS ONNE

  4337. NNR29/2019/RIV/399/0016041 Elechi-Amadi Memerukini Bright Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4338. NNR29/2019/RIV/404/0016233 Amadi Dickson Richard Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4339. NNR29/2019/RIV/455/0017990 Nnorum Destiny Amos Rivers N NNBTS ONNE

  4340. NNR29/2019/RIV/502/0019501 Ezendah Precious Chimeze Rivers D4 NNBTS ONNE

  4341. NNR29/2019/RIV/553/0021843 Odochukwu Godwin Rivers H NNBTS ONNE

  4342. NNR29/2019/RIV/579/0022634 Amadi Lilian Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  4343. NNR29/2019/RIV/593/0023209 Ikechi Justice Onyebuchi Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4344. NNR29/2019/RIV/633/0024676 Wanwusor Lucky Chibundu Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4345. NNR29/2019/RIV/650/0025158 Godwin Okabam Rivers H NNBTS ONNE

  4346. NNR29/2019/RIV/655/0025343 Okparanma Charles Onyemaechi Rivers H NNBTS ONNE

  4347. NNR29/2019/RIV/675/0025920 Okwu Confidence Elechi Rivers G NNBTS ONNE

  4348. NNR29/2019/RIV/679/0025991 Sonye Goodluck Ogechi Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4349. NNR29/2019/RIV/71/0002387 Wejinya Royal Chinonye Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4350. NNR29/2019/RIV/765/0029756 Nnah Promise Rivers D4 NNBTS ONNE

  4351. NNR29/2019/RIV/788/0030399 Ucheanwu Goodluck Lucky Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4352. NNR29/2019/RIV/790/0030442 Amadi Godslove Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4353. NNR29/2019/RIV/793/0030664 Nelson Temple Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4354. NNR29/2019/RIV/799/0030706 Ezendah Precious Chimeze Rivers D4 NNBTS ONNE

  4355. NNR29/2019/RIV/806/0030830 Sunday Promise Soronnadi Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  4356. NNR29/2019/RIV/808/0030943 Amadi Donatus Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4357. NNR29/2019/RIV/813/0031076 Owhorji Samuel Chinumezie Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4358. NNR29/2019/RIV/823/0031335 Orduah Anthonia Chinonso Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4359. NNR29/2019/RIV/833/0031472 Amadi Chukwuemeka Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4360. NNR29/2019/RIV/839/0031595 Owhorji Samuel Chinumezie Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4361. NNR29/2019/RIV/847/0031762 Ikechi Justice Onyebuchi Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4362. NNR29/2019/RIV/9/0000443 Chinnah Maxwell Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4363. NNR29/2019/RIV/916/0033618 Olocha Juliet Nkesi Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  4364. NNR29/2019/RIV/924/0033879 Echefu Prince Chinedu Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4365. NNR29/2019/RIV/951/0035627 Wizor Goodnews Chigozim Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4366. NNR29/2019/RIV/987/0036936 Kinika Johnson Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  4367. NNR29/2019/RIV/10/0000458 Mmeabe Tony Rivers C2 NNBTS ONNE

  4368. NNR29/2019/RIV/1007/0037649 Nagbara Blessing Guamene Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  4369. NNR29/2019/RIV/1011/0037749 Monday Epsibari Rivers F3 NNBTS ONNE

  4370. NNR29/2019/RIV/1013/0037778 Gbenewini B. Peace Choice Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  4371. NNR29/2019/RIV/1031/0038248 Samuel Beabu Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  4372. NNR29/2019/RIV/1037/0038400 Doctor Lebeabubari Neemene Rivers D3 NNBTS ONNE

  4373. NNR29/2019/RIV/1039/0038487 Deemua Godknows Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4374. NNR29/2019/RIV/1043/0038576 Nanee Yirakpoa Justice Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4375. NNR29/2019/RIV/1057/0039051 Barinuaka Precious Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4376. NNR29/2019/RIV/1084/0039954 Brownson Dumlesi Stella Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4377. NNR29/2019/RIV/1098/0040718 Nwinee Peter Lebari Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4378. NNR29/2019/RIV/1135/0043363 Neebara Loveth Tambari Rivers J NNBTS ONNE

  4379. NNR29/2019/RIV/116/0004171 Sunday Emmanuel Isaac Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4380. NNR29/2019/RIV/1177/0044438 Meebip Patience Rivers E1 NNBTS ONNE

  4381. NNR29/2019/RIV/1180/0044532 Gbogbara Dormene Lucky Rivers B3 NNBTS ONNE

  4382. NNR29/2019/RIV/1183/0044634 Deezua Niabari Goodluck Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4383. NNR29/2019/RIV/1192/0044861 Geoffrey Bariya Brain Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4384. NNR29/2019/RIV/1205/0045186 Maeba Barikwa Rivers B1 NNBTS ONNE

  4385. NNR29/2019/RIV/1221/0045573 Nyagaba Lekara Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4386. NNR29/2019/RIV/1222/0045599 Tekii Victor Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4387. NNR29/2019/RIV/1223/0045605 David Barisua Rivers E1 NNBTS ONNE

  4388. NNR29/2019/RIV/1242/0046245 Ilogah Friday Barisere Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4389. NNR29/2019/RIV/1252/0046397 Didi Anthony Dumnamene Rivers G NNBTS ONNE

  4390. NNR29/2019/RIV/1266/0046750 Deekor Dennis Barineeba Rivers C1 NNBTS ONNE

  4391. NNR29/2019/RIV/1268/0046798 Kinanwi Moses Kebarile Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4392. NNR29/2019/RIV/1277/0047182 Barinua David Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4393. NNR29/2019/RIV/1280/0047264 Gboto Felix Gote Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4394. NNR29/2019/RIV/1292/0047555 Timothy Bridget Npia Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4395. NNR29/2019/RIV/1300/0047824 Barikpe Precious Barimuuna Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4396. NNR29/2019/RIV/1306/0047939 Monday Prosper Kaananwi Rivers E1 NNBTS ONNE

  4397. NNR29/2019/RIV/1307/0047940 Baridor Michael Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4398. NNR29/2019/RIV/1327/0048307 Tigiri Paul Nanee Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4399. NNR29/2019/RIV/1334/0048518 Nwiluka Mishael Charles Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4400. NNR29/2019/RIV/1336/0048557 Lebari Deedum Promise Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4401. NNR29/2019/RIV/1366/0049253 Sunday Nekabari Precious Rivers A2 NNBTS ONNE

  4402. NNR29/2019/RIV/1367/0049311 Barieenee Wisdom Barifodum Rivers F1 NNBTS ONNE

  4403. NNR29/2019/RIV/1377/0049725 Sunday Nekabari Precious Rivers A2 NNBTS ONNE

  4404. NNR29/2019/RIV/1379/0049782 Jolly Barikpe Godwin Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4405. NNR29/2019/RIV/1386/0049990 Monday Barry Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4406. NNR29/2019/RIV/1396/0050563 Dumle Humble Mbaradum Rivers C3 NNBTS ONNE

  4407. NNR29/2019/RIV/1405/0051013 Gbobara Bright Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4408. NNR29/2019/RIV/1412/0051296 Soor Legborsi Goodluck Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4409. NNR29/2019/RIV/1420/0051383 Deeyor Austine Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4410. NNR29/2019/RIV/1423/0051426 Basege Handsome Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4411. NNR29/2019/RIV/1438/0051928 Karako Vivian Momka Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  4412. NNR29/2019/RIV/1439/0051933 Emmanuel Matthew Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4413. NNR29/2019/RIV/1444/0052043 Saro Lucky Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4414. NNR29/2019/RIV/1498/0053479 Kombee Baribefii Goteh Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4415. NNR29/2019/RIV/1527/0054272 John Prince N Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4416. NNR29/2019/RIV/1530/0054323 Barinua Thankgod Clement Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4417. NNR29/2019/RIV/155/0005662 Barika Simeon Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4418. NNR29/2019/RIV/156/0005682 Asua Titus Mbanadam Rivers G NNBTS ONNE

  4419. NNR29/2019/RIV/1566/0055264 Egerebu Wisdom Barisua Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4420. NNR29/2019/RIV/1573/0055474 Leyie Endurance Burabari Rivers H NNBTS ONNE

  4421. NNR29/2019/RIV/1575/0055490 Akue Kalubabari Excel Rivers F3 NNBTS ONNE

  4422. NNR29/2019/RIV/1581/0055621 Saturday Councillor Aziaka Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4423. NNR29/2019/RIV/1593/0056133 Napoleon Daniel Baridor Rivers D3 NNBTS ONNE

  4424. NNR29/2019/RIV/160/0005887 Meadee Bariereekpo Rivers H NNBTS ONNE

  4425. NNR29/2019/RIV/1613/0057446 Douglas Helen Bariyaa Rivers C3 NNBTS ONNE

  4426. NNR29/2019/RIV/1618/0057752 Bariledum Birght Nadum Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4427. NNR29/2019/RIV/1620/0057832 Nwiporo Johnson Samuel Rivers B4 NNBTS ONNE

  4428. NNR29/2019/RIV/163/0006078 Sunday Wisdom Bariweremeloo Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4429. NNR29/2019/RIV/1642/0058282 Ibakpo Nornubari John Rivers A2 NNBTS ONNE

  4430. NNR29/2019/RIV/1656/0058614 Legbara Lubabari Success Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4431. NNR29/2019/RIV/1658/0058625 Konwil Neebeke Needum Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4432. NNR29/2019/RIV/1677/0059397 Naatah Saaro Sunday Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  4433. NNR29/2019/RIV/1688/0059708 Ledogo Lucky Anderson Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4434. NNR29/2019/RIV/1690/0059723 Koteh Samuel Loolo Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4435. NNR29/2019/RIV/1694/0059867 Nwibaedee Zuadum Smart Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4436. NNR29/2019/RIV/1711/0060240 Akayoogo Jesse Nwineekedu Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4437. NNR29/2019/RIV/1719/0060462 Aaron Goodluck Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4438. NNR29/2019/RIV/1720/0060487 Basi Suanu Barilee Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4439. NNR29/2019/RIV/1731/0060694 Kogbo Emmanuel Barigbonyie Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4440. NNR29/2019/RIV/1748/0061036 Nwigune Hope Wabebu Rivers F1 NNBTS ONNE

  4441. NNR29/2019/RIV/1750/0061059 Couple Kaborloobari E Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4442. NNR29/2019/RIV/1752/0061167 Marcus Precious Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4443. NNR29/2019/RIV/1753/0061193 Lenyie Bariture Nil Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4444. NNR29/2019/RIV/1754/0061214 Gbaranee Yigah Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4445. NNR29/2019/RIV/1761/0061316 Muesi Nadum Mike Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4446. NNR29/2019/RIV/1781/0061701 Eegbara Barisi Benita Rivers F1 NNBTS ONNE

  4447. NNR29/2019/RIV/1783/0061725 Barawii Thankgod Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4448. NNR29/2019/RIV/1801/0062553 Nego Yaabari Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4449. NNR29/2019/RIV/1813/0063297 Gbebee Legbosi David Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4450. NNR29/2019/RIV/1828/0064024 Charles Kaboloobari Smart Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  4451. NNR29/2019/RIV/1831/0064136 Gbaramana Yiinu Sulenu Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  4452. NNR29/2019/RIV/1836/0064270 Monday God’Spower Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4453. NNR29/2019/RIV/1853/0064619 Benkor Koote Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4454. NNR29/2019/RIV/1882/0065296 08105592159 Samuel Nyiadoo Anthony Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4455. NNR29/2019/RIV/1902/0065678 Nkirika Lesere Kingsley Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4456. NNR29/2019/RIV/1913/0066070 Deekae Eebu Nesta Rivers D2 NNBTS ONNE

  4457. NNR29/2019/RIV/1921/0066346 Thankgod Miracle Nwibugorbari Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4458. NNR29/2019/RIV/1922/0066388 Doobie Niabari Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4459. NNR29/2019/RIV/1936/0066661 Biabu Temple Menea-Lu Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4460. NNR29/2019/RIV/1948/0067040 Ikukunee Samuel Barisudor Rivers D3 NNBTS ONNE

  4461. NNR29/2019/RIV/195/0007080 Joseph Sorbarinor Liberty Rivers G NNBTS ONNE

  4462. NNR29/2019/RIV/1950/0067149 Kiri Nadum Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4463. NNR29/2019/RIV/1954/0067250 Bekee Victor Rivers C1 NNBTS ONNE

  4464. NNR29/2019/RIV/1959/0067340 Tanee Brain Torbubari Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4465. NNR29/2019/RIV/1968/0067627 Job Emmanuel Rivers H NNBTS ONNE

  4466. NNR29/2019/RIV/1969/0067678 Nwidag Jorbari Saateh Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4467. NNR29/2019/RIV/198/0007204 Zukue Bariledum Andy Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4468. NNR29/2019/RIV/20/0000283 Kpadee Nuka Nwinua Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4469. NNR29/2019/RIV/2001/0068618 Dumerenee Victor Winner Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4470. NNR29/2019/RIV/2025/0069903 Nuka Tony Rivers E1 NNBTS ONNE

  4471. NNR29/2019/RIV/2026/0069935 Lekia Prince Burabari Rivers G NNBTS ONNE

  4472. NNR29/2019/RIV/2041/0070393 Epsi Mission Goodluck Rivers G NNBTS ONNE

  4473. NNR29/2019/RIV/2068/0071179 Rufus Emmanuel Lezor Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  4474. NNR29/2019/RIV/2079/0071396 Doba Mercy Barieeba Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  4475. NNR29/2019/RIV/208/0007713 Emmanuel Baribe-Eeba King Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4476. NNR29/2019/RIV/2110/0072437 Nanwinee Patrick Leelee Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4477. NNR29/2019/RIV/2140/0073252 Micah Godslove Suanu Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4478. NNR29/2019/RIV/2143/0073303 Stephen Legborsi Goodluck Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4479. NNR29/2019/RIV/2158/0073711 Abalubu Samuel Nnah Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4480. NNR29/2019/RIV/216/0008307 Barine Barinordum Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4481. NNR29/2019/RIV/2165/0074273 Sunday Bari-Agara Marvelous Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4482. NNR29/2019/RIV/2171/0074559 Deekae Joshua Kebarisi Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4483. NNR29/2019/RIV/219/0008371 Kpakue Bari-Agara Felix Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4484. NNR29/2019/RIV/2197/0075554 Basi Tuale Ernest Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4485. NNR29/2019/RIV/2199/0075596 Solomon Bariledum Nsukpugi Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4486. NNR29/2019/RIV/2232/0076707 Victor Governor Barinaa-Ibere Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4487. NNR29/2019/RIV/2237/0076931 Joseph Sorbarinor Liberty Rivers G NNBTS ONNE

  4488. NNR29/2019/RIV/2239/0077024 Gbeayie Saaka Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4489. NNR29/2019/RIV/2245/0077140 Nwikposi Suabari Godstime Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4490. NNR29/2019/RIV/2247/0077352 Mdaagbara Lucky Legborsi Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4491. NNR29/2019/RIV/2248/0077414 Legborsi Msudum Life Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4492. NNR29/2019/RIV/2255/0077564 Gbarakue Barida Destiny Rivers E5 NNBTS ONNE

  4493. NNR29/2019/RIV/2262/0077787 Nwiwabie Gospel Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  4494. NNR29/2019/RIV/2269/0078007 Ikana Victor Ndanebari Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4495. NNR29/2019/RIV/2306/0079970 Jack Promise Bariledum Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4496. NNR29/2019/RIV/2317/0080485 Williams Samuel Barisua Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4497. NNR29/2019/RIV/2321/0080632 Gbarayeghe Bariyira Freedom Rivers H NNBTS ONNE

  4498. NNR29/2019/RIV/2324/0080828 Dumle Godson Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  4499. NNR29/2019/RIV/2346/0081360 Friday Zorle Rivers H NNBTS ONNE

  4500. NNR29/2019/RIV/2362/0081709 Diginee Gift Dornu Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4501. NNR29/2019/RIV/2368/0081840 Yorbe Godspower Kiasira Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4502. NNR29/2019/RIV/2369/0081846 David Barile Gift Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4503. NNR29/2019/RIV/2380/0082350 Deele Bright Sorkpugi Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4504. NNR29/2019/RIV/2418/0083469 Nkuesi Lekia Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  4505. NNR29/2019/RIV/2444/0084057 Nwikanee Lebari Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4506. NNR29/2019/RIV/2452/0084233 Suanu Precious Bariledum Rivers D3 NNBTS ONNE

  4507. NNR29/2019/RIV/2461/0084538 Gregory Mtamakara Emmanuel Rivers H NNBTS ONNE

  4508. NNR29/2019/RIV/2468/0084638 Adak Wisdom Deeka Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4509. NNR29/2019/RIV/2473/0084885 Alfred Denis Gbara Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4510. NNR29/2019/RIV/250/0009642 Lenee Gogorobari Precious Rivers D3 NNBTS ONNE

  4511. NNR29/2019/RIV/2509/0086482 Nwigbarato Lawrence Leyira Debee Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4512. NNR29/2019/RIV/2525/0087390 Firima Gbenedor Meebip Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4513. NNR29/2019/RIV/2528/0087489 Nwako Lekedor Wisdom Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4514. NNR29/2019/RIV/2533/0087722 Barika Nwigbenete Michealle Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4515. NNR29/2019/RIV/2542/0087852 Lucky Barine Prince Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4516. NNR29/2019/RIV/2543/0087877 Nwizuguru Faith Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4517. NNR29/2019/RIV/2551/0087970 Saaro Emmanuel Gbaranwi Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4518. NNR29/2019/RIV/258/0010074 Meshack Barineka Lenyie Rivers D3 NNBTS ONNE

  4519. NNR29/2019/RIV/2584/0088896 Baekpo Rejoice Patience Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  4520. NNR29/2019/RIV/2614/0089684 Uebari Bright Michael Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4521. NNR29/2019/RIV/2615/0089707 Minah Temple Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4522. NNR29/2019/RIV/2621/0089808 Yiinu Faith Bariture Rivers E1 NNBTS ONNE

  4523. NNR29/2019/RIV/2626/0089874 Nzidee Lucky Kingston Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4524. NNR29/2019/RIV/2630/0090040 Baebae Sormene Kingsley Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4525. NNR29/2019/RIV/2645/0090297 Festus Namene Wisdom Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4526. NNR29/2019/RIV/2650/0090449 Teeranee Israel Perseverance Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4527. NNR29/2019/RIV/2676/0091221 Kombe Barimue A. Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  4528. NNR29/2019/RIV/2677/0091261 Benjamin Emmanuel Lerabari Rivers D3 NNBTS ONNE

  4529. NNR29/2019/RIV/2683/0091418 Torbari John Lenee Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4530. NNR29/2019/RIV/2693/0091782 Nwilegbara Dumnamene Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4531. NNR29/2019/RIV/271/0010391 Nkiri Benneth Legbara Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4532. NNR29/2019/RIV/2726/0093146 Nadum Godfrey Mina Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4533. NNR29/2019/RIV/2729/0093303 Nego Akpobari Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4534. NNR29/2019/RIV/2746/0093689 Idag Saro-Needum Trusted Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4535. NNR29/2019/RIV/2760/0094281 Nwileba Barika Abel Rivers F2 NNBTS ONNE

  4536. NNR29/2019/RIV/2764/0094343 Ika Godpower Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4537. NNR29/2019/RIV/277/0010534 Nwlkarinee Nelson Emmanuel Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  4538. NNR29/2019/RIV/2779/0094864 Nbukpo Prince Dormene Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  4539. NNR29/2019/RIV/2788/0095039 Friday Meebeebari Rivers F1 NNBTS ONNE

  4540. NNR29/2019/RIV/2793/0095121 Nwiyira Felix Baridakara Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4541. NNR29/2019/RIV/2795/0095201 Isaac Leton Barisua Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4542. NNR29/2019/RIV/280/0010655 Kpazoo Joseph Rivers D3 NNBTS ONNE

  4543. NNR29/2019/RIV/2807/0095549 Neebiralo Favour Lesiwa Rivers F1 NNBTS ONNE

  4544. NNR29/2019/RIV/2814/0095734 Amanyie Waamene Nusuah Rivers C1 NNBTS ONNE

  4545. NNR29/2019/RIV/2824/0096075 Ibakpo Dumlugbene Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4546. NNR29/2019/RIV/2826/0096124 Samuel Goodluck Tuawuga Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4547. NNR29/2019/RIV/2833/0096312 Yaghanee Samuel Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4548. NNR29/2019/RIV/2873/0097330 Kwenesor Emmanuel Frank Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4549. NNR29/2019/RIV/2894/0098361 Zegenee Batam Caleb Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4550. NNR29/2019/RIV/2898/0098392 Dekii Fahmene Dementary Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4551. NNR29/2019/RIV/2899/0098414 Biiranee Victor Destiny Rivers H NNBTS ONNE

  4552. NNR29/2019/RIV/2901/0098480 Lucky Suanu Rivers D3 NNBTS ONNE

  4553. NNR29/2019/RIV/2905/0098533 Neebiralo Gift Sordum Rivers C1 NNBTS ONNE

  4554. NNR29/2019/RIV/2908/0098605 Wiranyie Peter Tambari Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4555. NNR29/2019/RIV/2912/0098670 Peter Lekia Emmanuella Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4556. NNR29/2019/RIV/2922/0098917 Leemeloo Precious Nanu Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  4557. NNR29/2019/RIV/2937/0099489 Boomue Barieeba Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4558. NNR29/2019/RIV/2951/0099895 Eebeh Emmanuel Babari Rivers D4 NNBTS ONNE

  4559. NNR29/2019/RIV/2956/0099987 Loolo Baribefii Lekia Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4560. NNR29/2019/RIV/297/0011244 Emmanuel Barieenee David Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4561. NNR29/2019/RIV/2981/0100608 Sunday Felix Bale Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4562. NNR29/2019/RIV/3016/0101566 Peter Lesor Nkporsor Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  4563. NNR29/2019/RIV/3018/0101642 Dike Goodluck Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4564. NNR29/2019/RIV/3029/0101961 Robert Goodfather Lezorgia Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4565. NNR29/2019/RIV/3039/0102331 Afanso Lelebabari Smart Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4566. NNR29/2019/RIV/3042/0102448 Gonee Pretty Lebabari Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  4567. NNR29/2019/RIV/3076/0103624 Basi Yirabari Nelson Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  4568. NNR29/2019/RIV/3081/0103754 Nornubari Sunny Barinordum Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4569. NNR29/2019/RIV/3089/0103889 Barine Peace Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4570. NNR29/2019/RIV/3099/0104038 Lucky Pedro Bariledum Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4571. NNR29/2019/RIV/3101/0104057 Libari Kenneth Bariagara Rivers B2 NNBTS ONNE

  4572. NNR29/2019/RIV/3105/0104189 Beewo Prince Dumnianee Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4573. NNR29/2019/RIV/3109/0104304 Julius Babarinyo Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4574. NNR29/2019/RIV/3114/0104421 Osaro Gideon Bariwerome Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  4575. NNR29/2019/RIV/3125/0104611 Nwinanghi Meelubari Felix Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4576. NNR29/2019/RIV/3160/0105536 Gbenekanu Friday Rufus Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4577. NNR29/2019/RIV/3167/0105698 Loveday Fidelis Lebatombari Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4578. NNR29/2019/RIV/3174/0105880 Thomas Esther Legbo Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4579. NNR29/2019/RIV/3187/0106166 Emmanuel Barileera Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4580. NNR29/2019/RIV/3195/0106377 Meabe Vincent Barisiletam Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4581. NNR29/2019/RIV/3207/0106862 Opu Felix Zorlesi Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4582. NNR29/2019/RIV/3213/0107196 Akpan Idanstan Joseph Rivers H NNBTS ONNE

  4583. NNR29/2019/RIV/3231/0107781 Princekaykpogha Kingsley Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4584. NNR29/2019/RIV/3250/0108390 Kobani Baridakara Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  4585. NNR29/2019/RIV/3255/0108561 Famaa Felix Deemua Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4586. NNR29/2019/RIV/3256/0108593 Goteh Paul Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4587. NNR29/2019/RIV/3260/0108672 Faade Precious Barikui Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  4588. NNR29/2019/RIV/3272/0108981 Pius Precious Rivers B1 NNBTS ONNE

  4589. NNR29/2019/RIV/331/0013339 Nwigoa Authority Bariyere Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4590. NNR29/2019/RIV/3345/0112222 Letam Dornubari Gift Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4591. NNR29/2019/RIV/3355/0112626 Kinanee Nubaridoo Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4592. NNR29/2019/RIV/3362/0112852 Oyor Michael Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4593. NNR29/2019/RIV/3366/0112952 Nwiyee Promise Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4594. NNR29/2019/RIV/3373/0113138 Nwipenu Dumale Bestman Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4595. NNR29/2019/RIV/3382/0113456 Nlenee Dumle Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  4596. NNR29/2019/RIV/3395/0113749 Dickson Reuben Bakor Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4597. NNR29/2019/RIV/3408/0114120 Kude Abel Tor-Ue Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4598. NNR29/2019/RIV/3415/0114301 Le-Ue Confidence Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4599. NNR29/2019/RIV/3418/0114371 Boogbara Wisdom Bariledum Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4600. NNR29/2019/RIV/3424/0114501 Doobeh Favour Nnaah Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4601. NNR29/2019/RIV/3427/0114705 Jaja Godwill Bariyirasi Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  4602. NNR29/2019/RIV/3433/0114913 Kanee Ledogo Prince Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4603. NNR29/2019/RIV/3463/0116154 John Barikpua Godsave Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4604. NNR29/2019/RIV/3466/0116233 Nkpo Zina Rivers H NNBTS ONNE

  4605. NNR29/2019/RIV/348/0013987 Monday Buabee Peter Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4606. NNR29/2019/RIV/3482/0117067 M-Ere Alex Barineka Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4607. NNR29/2019/RIV/3483/0117080 Benjamine Felix Godwin Rivers E1 NNBTS ONNE

  4608. NNR29/2019/RIV/3485/0117158 Edamkue Barika Togokpan Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4609. NNR29/2019/RIV/3487/0117193 Nwile Precious Jonathan Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4610. NNR29/2019/RIV/3493/0117335 Sudana Promise Rivers F1 NNBTS ONNE

  4611. NNR29/2019/RIV/3510/0117850 Amos Lekaa Goodluck Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4612. NNR29/2019/RIV/353/0014210 Deele Victor Rivers D3 NNBTS ONNE

  4613. NNR29/2019/RIV/3537/0118522 James Prince Bariereka Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4614. NNR29/2019/RIV/3545/0118695 Meelubari Temple Bariyereba Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4615. NNR29/2019/RIV/3550/0118871 Nubari Emmanuel Metoubari Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  4616. NNR29/2019/RIV/3555/0118998 Menenu Justinah Bariborloo Rivers D3 NNBTS ONNE

  4617. NNR29/2019/RIV/3562/0119199 Naleh Saviour Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4618. NNR29/2019/RIV/3566/0119254 Saaro Emmanuel Gbaranwi Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4619. NNR29/2019/RIV/3572/0119472 Nwiador Lesuanu Rivers H NNBTS ONNE

  4620. NNR29/2019/RIV/3579/0119710 Nuka Kenneth Barileyeloo Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4621. NNR29/2019/RIV/3616/0120703 Biira Suanu Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4622. NNR29/2019/RIV/3627/0120978 Zite Goddy Liberty Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4623. NNR29/2019/RIV/3630/0121003 Mbaza Thankgod John Rivers B1 NNBTS ONNE

  4624. NNR29/2019/RIV/3663/0121814 Jolly Blessed Bariluyegia Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4625. NNR29/2019/RIV/3688/0122494 Ndogho Frank Nwilubabari Rivers C2 NNBTS ONNE

  4626. NNR29/2019/RIV/370/0015255 Barikpe Godspower Yorkina Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4627. NNR29/2019/RIV/3745/0125110 Nwidum Alex Nule Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4628. NNR29/2019/RIV/3758/0125415 Mina Saturday Barikui Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4629. NNR29/2019/RIV/376/0015408 Nwibea Mbaradum Simeon Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4630. NNR29/2019/RIV/3766/0125673 Sibii Dumbari Joseph Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  4631. NNR29/2019/RIV/3809/0127769 Mark Prince Lenubaridoo Rivers C1 NNBTS ONNE

  4632. NNR29/2019/RIV/3820/0128275 Deeyor Abayira Appolos Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4633. NNR29/2019/RIV/3835/0129446 Yarakor Joseph Hope Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  4634. NNR29/2019/RIV/384/0015628 Emmanuel Michael Oyor Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4635. NNR29/2019/RIV/3840/0129736 Anthony Bariture Nancy Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4636. NNR29/2019/RIV/3856/0130599 Noryaa Gideon Dumbarilee Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4637. NNR29/2019/RIV/3899/0132690 Diigbo Thankgod Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4638. NNR29/2019/RIV/3907/0132904 Needam Nwialeera Nicholas Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4639. NNR29/2019/RIV/412/0016568 Akinah Gift Neekpoah Rivers A5 NNBTS ONNE

  4640. NNR29/2019/RIV/433/0017399 Deeyaa Temple Israel Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4641. NNR29/2019/RIV/44/0001575 Mmeabe Harrison M Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4642. NNR29/2019/RIV/454/0017967 Nwidum Prince Lekia Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4643. NNR29/2019/RIV/465/0018144 Bakpea Gift Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4644. NNR29/2019/RIV/482/0018718 Nwisaanee Prince Member Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4645. NNR29/2019/RIV/49/0001736 Ue-Bari Wisdom Barida Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4646. NNR29/2019/RIV/50/0001765 Neeh Wisdom Rivers B2 NNBTS ONNE

  4647. NNR29/2019/RIV/534/0021060 Kala Esther Ledum Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  4648. NNR29/2019/RIV/576/0022604 Elornu Gobari Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4649. NNR29/2019/RIV/589/0023096 Nwidebu Kiisi Progress Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4650. NNR29/2019/RIV/607/0023675 Kwuanyorghor Methuselah Baritoesaa Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  4651. NNR29/2019/RIV/612/0023803 Theophilus Theonald Tambari Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4652. NNR29/2019/RIV/63/0002122 M-Epnu Rogers Barieeba Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4653. NNR29/2019/RIV/637/0024738 Egah Paul Rivers B2 NNBTS ONNE

  4654. NNR29/2019/RIV/663/0025643 Napoleon Victor Biibari Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4655. NNR29/2019/RIV/67/0002175 Aaron Timothy Ibaamaa Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4656. NNR29/2019/RIV/677/0025958 Fred Numenegbi Yaakara Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4657. NNR29/2019/RIV/690/0026108 Dennis Miracle Nadum Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  4658. NNR29/2019/RIV/704/0026715 Akah Philemon Goteh Rivers B5 NNBTS ONNE

  4659. NNR29/2019/RIV/739/0028944 Sornaatee Barine Rivers E1 NNBTS ONNE

  4660. NNR29/2019/RIV/740/0028945 Africa Precious Barieeba Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4661. NNR29/2019/RIV/75/0002480 Matthew Godwin Barimue Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4662. NNR29/2019/RIV/756/0029513 Tordee Kpoalebubari Rivers C2 NNBTS ONNE

  4663. NNR29/2019/RIV/759/0029547 Deebari Kialee Godbless Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4664. NNR29/2019/RIV/76/0002493 Thursday Gogorobari Felix Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4665. NNR29/2019/RIV/766/0029771 Mmeabe Victor Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4666. NNR29/2019/RIV/781/0030225 Friday Golden Uebari Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4667. NNR29/2019/RIV/794/0030672 Nunumaa Wisdom B Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4668. NNR29/2019/RIV/804/0030806 Francis Barineka Beke Rivers H NNBTS ONNE

  4669. NNR29/2019/RIV/810/0030970 Lucky Samuel Baribefii Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4670. NNR29/2019/RIV/824/0031357 Aanwi Victoria Baribe Rivers D3 NNBTS ONNE

  4671. NNR29/2019/RIV/83/0002694 Saaro Baribee Best Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4672. NNR29/2019/RIV/84/0002698 Nwisaanee Baribiae George Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4673. NNR29/2019/RIV/848/0031783 Barinua Burabari P Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4674. NNR29/2019/RIV/875/0032481 Mtamabari Dumkpa Karasira Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4675. NNR29/2019/RIV/883/0032633 Lubue Epsibari Goodluck Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  4676. NNR29/2019/RIV/884/0032689 Emmanuel Faith Waaka Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  4677. NNR29/2019/RIV/888/0032787 Akarika Barinuaka Promise Rivers G NNBTS ONNE

  4678. NNR29/2019/RIV/899/0033122 Zorbari Innocent Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4679. NNR29/2019/RIV/900/0033137 Neebee Jaemes Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4680. NNR29/2019/RIV/921/0033720 Tigiri Zion Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4681. NNR29/2019/RIV/925/0033909 Dick Babbe Prince Rivers E1 NNBTS ONNE

  4682. NNR29/2019/RIV/936/0035070 Goodluck Joshua Baritorrmeloo Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4683. NNR29/2019/RIV/950/0035618 Godwin Victor Barieenee Rivers C2 NNBTS ONNE

  4684. NNR29/2019/RIV/977/0036603 Nwiwagbo Kiaka Benjamin Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  4685. NNR29/2019/RIV/983/0036696 Ndanaadoowo Bright Lenu Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4686. NNR29/2019/RIV/986/0036912 Emmanuel Gideon Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4687. NNR29/2019/RIV/988/0036949 Koori Dornubari Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4688. NNR29/2019/RIV/995/0037273 Solomon Michael Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4689. NNR29/2019/RIV/1041/0038506 Amadi Macaulay Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4690. NNR29/2019/RIV/11/0000459 Dike Chukwuebuka Timothy Rivers G NNBTS ONNE

  4691. NNR29/2019/RIV/111/0003700 Chukwu Stephen Nkesi Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  4692. NNR29/2019/RIV/1140/0043516 Erim Victor Justice Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4693. NNR29/2019/RIV/1147/0043639 Ejekwu Desmond Otutozinuchim Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4694. NNR29/2019/RIV/1230/0045838 Kemka Gift Chituru Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4695. NNR29/2019/RIV/1272/0046948 Waka Kingsley Ifeanyi Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4696. NNR29/2019/RIV/1304/0047931 Ogbonda Igwechi Gift Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4697. NNR29/2019/RIV/1394/0050534 Mmanam Delight Charles Rivers E1 NNBTS ONNE

  4698. NNR29/2019/RIV/1432/0051643 Gabriel Chimchezulem Samuel Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4699. NNR29/2019/RIV/1473/0052731 Nmelisi Sopuruchi Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4700. NNR29/2019/RIV/148/0005490 Nyege Confidence David Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4701. NNR29/2019/RIV/1567/0055268 Wokeh Great Eze Rivers B1 NNBTS ONNE

  4702. NNR29/2019/RIV/1571/0055389 Woko King-David C. Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4703. NNR29/2019/RIV/1725/0060606 Amadi Golden Nwenenda Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4704. NNR29/2019/RIV/1826/0063936 Nnadi Caleb Chinecherem Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4705. NNR29/2019/RIV/1848/0064574 Worlu Gashon Uche Rivers E1 NNBTS ONNE

  4706. NNR29/2019/RIV/1963/0067493 Njika Thankgod Peter Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4707. NNR29/2019/RIV/1976/0067804 Amadi Prosper Chile Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4708. NNR29/2019/RIV/1999/0068454 Igein Tony Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4709. NNR29/2019/RIV/2124/0072761 Eke Jennifer Homa Rivers C1 NNBTS ONNE

  4710. NNR29/2019/RIV/218/0008361 Joseph Chinweoke Rivers A1 NNBTS ONNE

  4711. NNR29/2019/RIV/2200/0075631 Daniel Larry Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4712. NNR29/2019/RIV/2213/0075999 Nyege Buduka Lucky Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4713. NNR29/2019/RIV/2238/0076971 Jim Godknows Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4714. NNR29/2019/RIV/224/0008531 Ibiem Raphael Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4715. NNR29/2019/RIV/2289/0078800 Onwuchekwa Favour Chukwuemeka Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4716. NNR29/2019/RIV/2295/0078905 Nyema Bright Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4717. NNR29/2019/RIV/247/0009395 Chukwu Miracle Emmanuel Rivers G NNBTS ONNE

  4718. NNR29/2019/RIV/2491/0085332 Chibuzor Samuel Chidiegwu Rivers B1 NNBTS ONNE

  4719. NNR29/2019/RIV/2497/0085695 Wokeh Great Eze Rivers E1 NNBTS ONNE

  4720. NNR29/2019/RIV/2549/0087943 Enwenemati Confidence Gift Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4721. NNR29/2019/RIV/2916/0098798 Amadi Chioma Jessica Rivers E1 NNBTS ONNE

  4722. NNR29/2019/RIV/2944/0099751 Moshe Ithiel Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4723. NNR29/2019/RIV/3054/0103127 Israel Emmanuel Chimerucha Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4724. NNR29/2019/RIV/3102/0104139 Promise Prince Goodluck Rivers A1 NNBTS ONNE

  4725. NNR29/2019/RIV/3135/0104799 Igwe Timothy Chika Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4726. NNR29/2019/RIV/3182/0106082 Oru Lilian Chike Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4727. NNR29/2019/RIV/3184/0106110 Dike Solomon Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4728. NNR29/2019/RIV/3223/0107426 Aronsi Clement Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4729. NNR29/2019/RIV/329/0013252 Chinda Rizichi Arnold Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4730. NNR29/2019/RIV/3326/0111552 Ejekwu Samuel Chimenem Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4731. NNR29/2019/RIV/3434/0114988 Boniface Samuel Atichi Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4732. NNR29/2019/RIV/3449/0115364 Ogbondah Mission Nyema Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4733. NNR29/2019/RIV/3588/0120032 Elenwo Ogechi Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  4734. NNR29/2019/RIV/3793/0126919 Okeke Solomon Onyeka Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4735. NNR29/2019/RIV/3808/0127594 Gabriel Princewill Chinagorom Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4736. NNR29/2019/RIV/3871/0131885 Wosu Favour Ohumasurga Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4737. NNR29/2019/RIV/3898/0132639 Ovunda Stephen Ahamefula Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4738. NNR29/2019/RIV/390/0015785 Otto Peace Amarachi Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  4739. NNR29/2019/RIV/394/0015910 Jackson James Emenike Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  4740. NNR29/2019/RIV/42/0001526 Akani Samson Silver Rivers B1 NNBTS ONNE

  4741. NNR29/2019/RIV/426/0017012 Thompson Bright Chimezie Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4742. NNR29/2019/RIV/500/0019443 Ovunda Chioma Precious Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  4743. NNR29/2019/RIV/539/0021381 John Stephen Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4744. NNR29/2019/RIV/582/0022803 Sampson Elechi Samuel Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4745. NNR29/2019/RIV/609/0023751 Ogboji Ifunanya Eunice Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  4746. NNR29/2019/RIV/638/0024788 Wobo Courage Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4747. NNR29/2019/RIV/667/0025719 Chinda Onyebuchi Samuel Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  4748. NNR29/2019/RIV/680/0025996 Ezekiel Precious Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4749. NNR29/2019/RIV/820/0031293 Godwin Nyema Charles Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4750. NNR29/2019/RIV/846/0031730 Weli Evidence Chigemezu Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  4751. NNR29/2019/RIV/859/0031976 Dede Chima Risika Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4752. NNR29/2019/RIV/1010/0037718 Odoyi Lucky Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4753. NNR29/2019/RIV/1088/0040110 Isirima Igwe Gospel Rivers E5 NNBTS ONNE

  4754. NNR29/2019/RIV/1101/0040834 Allen Lucky Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4755. NNR29/2019/RIV/1151/0043710 Owah Chiuike Elisha Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4756. NNR29/2019/RIV/1184/0044643 Okoroma Justice Ini Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4757. NNR29/2019/RIV/1235/0046115 Elijah Praise Tochukwu Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4758. NNR29/2019/RIV/1236/0046148 Joseph Victor Joe Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4759. NNR29/2019/RIV/1294/0047620 Osakwe Fluorescent Ogu Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4760. NNR29/2019/RIV/1459/0052379 Elemele Benjamin Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4761. NNR29/2019/RIV/1534/0054377 Offor Godstime Obiora Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4762. NNR29/2019/RIV/1607/0056977 Ugada John Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4763. NNR29/2019/RIV/1610/0057297 Dickson Chinedu Chukwunonye Rivers B2 NNBTS ONNE

  4764. NNR29/2019/RIV/1628/0057996 Zik Dorcas Rivers B3 NNBTS ONNE

  4765. NNR29/2019/RIV/1631/0058053 Eke Thankgod Chukwuladi Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4766. NNR29/2019/RIV/1668/0059117 Ebi Thankgod Nathaniel Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4767. NNR29/2019/RIV/1726/0060608 Imegi Gift Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4768. NNR29/2019/RIV/1844/0064492 Ogbuagha Believe Kelechi Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4769. NNR29/2019/RIV/1856/0064701 Lawson Richman E Rivers C1 NNBTS ONNE

  4770. NNR29/2019/RIV/1887/0065413 Olisa Rose O Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4771. NNR29/2019/RIV/1992/0068318 Gabriel, God’Swill Anario Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4772. NNR29/2019/RIV/2016/0069490 Ikoro Prince Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  4773. NNR29/2019/RIV/2045/0070448 Oburu Samuel Martins Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4774. NNR29/2019/RIV/2050/0070592 Oshilonya Godwin Ifeanyi Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4775. NNR29/2019/RIV/2102/0072078 Okirie Chukwuka Godwin Rivers N NNBTS ONNE

  4776. NNR29/2019/RIV/2217/0076112 Okeye Samuel Azuka Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4777. NNR29/2019/RIV/225/0008538 Nne Magsy Joe Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4778. NNR29/2019/RIV/2257/0077623 Olugbata Bright Chidiukwu Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4779. NNR29/2019/RIV/2279/0078515 Umesi Bright Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  4780. NNR29/2019/RIV/2302/0079514 Uche Justice Chukwuanigam Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  4781. NNR29/2019/RIV/2343/0081315 Odu Anderson Dimkpa Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4782. NNR29/2019/RIV/2383/0082526 Ozuruoke Hellen Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  4783. NNR29/2019/RIV/2408/0083226 Mark Christian Smith Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  4784. NNR29/2019/RIV/2432/0083697 Abali Ndubueze God’Stime Rivers N NNBTS ONNE

  4785. NNR29/2019/RIV/2455/0084354 Paul Emmanuel Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4786. NNR29/2019/RIV/2529/0087509 Ukwosah Nwachukwu Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4787. NNR29/2019/RIV/2596/0089209 Ozegbe Stella C Rivers E1 NNBTS ONNE

  4788. NNR29/2019/RIV/263/0010133 Eke Wisdom Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4789. NNR29/2019/RIV/2652/0090473 Obienebeli Grace Ifunanya Rivers E1 NNBTS ONNE

  4790. NNR29/2019/RIV/2664/0090944 Ahia Winner Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4791. NNR29/2019/RIV/2684/0091442 Okoro Nnaji Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4792. NNR29/2019/RIV/2688/0091529 Eluozo Chukwumela Gospel Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  4793. NNR29/2019/RIV/2704/0092156 Amos Felix Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4794. NNR29/2019/RIV/2731/0093349 Ikwuadi Raphael Ifechukwu Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4795. NNR29/2019/RIV/2742/0093616 Ijeoma Chimuanya Justice Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4796. NNR29/2019/RIV/2747/0093700 Dimgba Clifford Senator Rivers B1 NNBTS ONNE

  4797. NNR29/2019/RIV/2750/0093765 Didi Gentle Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4798. NNR29/2019/RIV/2755/0093972 Okwu Happiness Ifeanyi Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4799. NNR29/2019/RIV/2763/0094333 Ben Samuel Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4800. NNR29/2019/RIV/2817/0095820 Ugwoha Sylvanus Big-Joe Rivers B4 NNBTS ONNE

  4801. NNR29/2019/RIV/2828/0096166 Pyne Okwudili Harrison Rivers G NNBTS ONNE

  4802. NNR29/2019/RIV/2841/0096489 Eze Godlead George Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4803. NNR29/2019/RIV/2864/0097080 Azunnia Victor Uche Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4804. NNR29/2019/RIV/2877/0097438 Agwari Justice Udochukwu Rivers G NNBTS ONNE

  4805. NNR29/2019/RIV/2882/0097630 Clifford Happy Elenya Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4806. NNR29/2019/RIV/2885/0098015 Samuel Ihechukwuturu Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4807. NNR29/2019/RIV/2890/0098158 Akor Godstime Oge Rivers N NNBTS ONNE

  4808. NNR29/2019/RIV/2929/0099154 Mbama-Chris Franklyn Uzochukwu Rivers E5 NNBTS ONNE

  4809. NNR29/2019/RIV/3064/0103372 Igwe Loveth Ifeoma Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4810. NNR29/2019/RIV/3115/0104446 Nwaoka Japhet Rivers A2 NNBTS ONNE

  4811. NNR29/2019/RIV/313/0012107 Usutu Kenneth Onyekachi Rivers N NNBTS ONNE

  4812. NNR29/2019/RIV/3157/0105358 Francis Hopeson Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4813. NNR29/2019/RIV/3169/0105710 Nwokoji Tina Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  4814. NNR29/2019/RIV/3177/0105922 Orukwowu Isioma Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4815. NNR29/2019/RIV/3300/0109756 Jumbo Steve Okechukwu Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4816. NNR29/2019/RIV/3320/0111345 Ohaji Innocent Innocent Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4817. NNR29/2019/RIV/3400/0113836 Okoroma Deborah Ugonma Rivers F3 NNBTS ONNE

  4818. NNR29/2019/RIV/3446/0115295 Nwaonyeocha Vincent Ozioma Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4819. NNR29/2019/RIV/3519/0118057 Nwagwe Clinton Ikenna Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4820. NNR29/2019/RIV/3558/0119113 Adah Godspower Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4821. NNR29/2019/RIV/3569/0119367 Bella Wisdom Chimezie Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4822. NNR29/2019/RIV/3586/0119948 Bella Wisdom Chimezie Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4823. NNR29/2019/RIV/3621/0120875 Nwibara Celestine Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4824. NNR29/2019/RIV/3622/0120903 Oru Obulor Daniel Rivers N NNBTS ONNE

  4825. NNR29/2019/RIV/3632/0121015 Amalizu Michael Ozoemela Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4826. NNR29/2019/RIV/3648/0121363 Okara Ugochukwu Benedict Rivers F3 NNBTS ONNE

  4827. NNR29/2019/RIV/3839/0129699 Jacob Mishael Eddy Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4828. NNR29/2019/RIV/3849/0130220 Izeogu Abraham Kcee Rivers B2 NNBTS ONNE

  4829. NNR29/2019/RIV/3851/0130452 Adube Chamberlin Chukwuka Rivers C2 NNBTS ONNE

  4830. NNR29/2019/RIV/3860/0130996 Moses Chibuzor Onyedinma Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4831. NNR29/2019/RIV/3863/0131185 Nwaigwe Bennett Rivers E1 NNBTS ONNE

  4832. NNR29/2019/RIV/3879/0132031 Emelia Daniel Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  4833. NNR29/2019/RIV/422/0016892 Okah Ifeanyichukwu Kelvin Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4834. NNR29/2019/RIV/471/0018323 Tomson-Ad Ferdinard Onyebuchi Rivers B1 NNBTS ONNE

  4835. NNR29/2019/RIV/490/0018946 Ugorji Gospel Kelechi Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4836. NNR29/2019/RIV/537/0021234 Emmanuel Chinasa Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4837. NNR29/2019/RIV/623/0024215 London Nwokoma Azubuike Rivers N NNBTS ONNE

  4838. NNR29/2019/RIV/785/0030353 Lawyer Allswell D. Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4839. NNR29/2019/RIV/828/0031407 Ahiakwo Nkemakola Rivers N NNBTS ONNE

  4840. NNR29/2019/RIV/878/0032541 Nwokocha Oscar John Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4841. NNR29/2019/RIV/932/0034443 Obua Bestman Marshal Rivers C1 NNBTS ONNE

  4842. NNR29/2019/RIV/940/0035216 Dibia Chukwudi Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4843. NNR29/2019/RIV/941/0035262 Ossai Chinonso Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4844. NNR29/2019/RIV/966/0036094 Wabara Precious Onyekachi Rivers N NNBTS ONNE

  4845. NNR29/2019/RIV/968/0036106 Sampson Greatman Osilachi Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4846. NNR29/2019/RIV/1024/0038085 Nyanange Eunice Rivers D3 NNBTS ONNE

  4847. NNR29/2019/RIV/1035/0038348 David Francis Rivers D4 NNBTS ONNE

  4848. NNR29/2019/RIV/1126/0043097 Abelemakbo Watson Tamunopekerebia Rivers C2 NNBTS ONNE

  4849. NNR29/2019/RIV/1226/0045683 Obikalama Emmanuel Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4850. NNR29/2019/RIV/1552/0054885 Iruene Monday Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4851. NNR29/2019/RIV/1624/0057926 Tamunoiduabia Godwill Abereniboye Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  4852. NNR29/2019/RIV/1738/0060853 Johnson Elisha Rivers A2 NNBTS ONNE

  4853. NNR29/2019/RIV/1898/0065556 Josiah Israel Selema Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4854. NNR29/2019/RIV/1906/0065769 Golden Uriel Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4855. NNR29/2019/RIV/2009/0069240 Johnbull Mathias Nkemjika Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4856. NNR29/2019/RIV/2180/0074854 Oliver Loveday Maxwell Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4857. NNR29/2019/RIV/2218/0076223 Lucky Collins Keremu Rivers B3 NNBTS ONNE

  4858. NNR29/2019/RIV/254/0009866 Sunday Prince Udoh Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4859. NNR29/2019/RIV/2781/0094926 Sampson Jonah Rivers A1 NNBTS ONNE

  4860. NNR29/2019/RIV/2810/0095617 Sampson Joshua Rivers F1 NNBTS ONNE

  4861. NNR29/2019/RIV/2854/0096729 Abiye Aaron Dakiri Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4862. NNR29/2019/RIV/2862/0097028 Francis Ibinabo Oba Rivers B1 NNBTS ONNE

  4863. NNR29/2019/RIV/2870/0097258 Alex Charles Amadi Rivers B4 NNBTS ONNE

  4864. NNR29/2019/RIV/2968/0100276 Oliver Stanley Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4865. NNR29/2019/RIV/3124/0104601 Joe Kelvin Wakama Rivers A1 NNBTS ONNE

  4866. NNR29/2019/RIV/3142/0104978 Maduforo Chukwuebuka Victory Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  4867. NNR29/2019/RIV/3227/0107574 Siere Progress Thompson Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4868. NNR29/2019/RIV/3511/0117900 Minadiki Faith Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4869. NNR29/2019/RIV/3710/0123554 Abraham Sugu Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4870. NNR29/2019/RIV/3732/0124623 Aiyekare Elijah Oluwatosin Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4871. NNR29/2019/RIV/3734/0124654 Isaiah Clement Adie Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4872. NNR29/2019/RIV/3908/0132907 Ibisiki Spencer Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4873. NNR29/2019/RIV/472/0018386 Sunday Paul Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4874. NNR29/2019/RIV/54/0001837 Innocent Temple Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4875. NNR29/2019/RIV/717/0027322 Arukulo Emmanuel Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4876. NNR29/2019/RIV/801/0030724 Ibisiki Provide Enock Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4877. NNR29/2019/RIV/832/0031470 Kalio Godspower Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4878. NNR29/2019/RIV/838/0031585 Ned Mark Oba Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4879. NNR29/2019/RIV/858/0031964 Abipikienka Sunny Junior Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4880. NNR29/2019/RIV/880/0032599 Ayanayeomie Emmanuel Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4881. NNR29/2019/RIV/95/0003096 Innocent Moses Ifuro Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4882. NNR29/2019/RIV/112/0003836 Salami Oluwashola Edric Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4883. NNR29/2019/RIV/1122/0042859 Ilombo Abiye Sunday Rivers B1 NNBTS ONNE

  4884. NNR29/2019/RIV/1132/0043305 Nlemibe Ibiso Joel Rivers A5 NNBTS ONNE

  4885. NNR29/2019/RIV/1136/0043451 Didia Allwell Chinenye Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4886. NNR29/2019/RIV/1210/0045334 Ibunemisa Emmanuel Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4887. NNR29/2019/RIV/1351/0048958 Abere Emmanuel Rivers D3 NNBTS ONNE

  4888. NNR29/2019/RIV/1511/0053860 Dabipi Emily Clinton Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4889. NNR29/2019/RIV/1590/0056048 Okito Wisdom Rivers D4 NNBTS ONNE

  4890. NNR29/2019/RIV/1594/0056231 Okitoh Emmanuel Tamunoibuomi Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4891. NNR29/2019/RIV/1619/0057754 Ogali Dandeson S.B Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4892. NNR29/2019/RIV/1671/0059264 Orokwein Quinton Oraye Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4893. NNR29/2019/RIV/1689/0059714 Emmanuel Tamunodiepriye Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4894. NNR29/2019/RIV/1732/0060783 Inengibo-Osi Clinton Dagogo Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4895. NNR29/2019/RIV/1840/0064420 David Charles Godknows Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4896. NNR29/2019/RIV/1858/0064764 Solomon Tamunotonye Gilbert Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4897. NNR29/2019/RIV/1861/0064901 Samuel Emmanuel Godspower Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4898. NNR29/2019/RIV/1876/0065218 Hassan Douglas Hassan Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4899. NNR29/2019/RIV/1877/0065243 Abbey-Kalio Tamunoene Williams Rivers F1 NNBTS ONNE

  4900. NNR29/2019/RIV/1923/0066402 Salako Tunde Matthew Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4901. NNR29/2019/RIV/1924/0066418 Diepiriye Frank George Rivers A1 NNBTS ONNE

  4902. NNR29/2019/RIV/1961/0067401 Thompson Tamuno Bubelebara Rivers F3 NNBTS ONNE

  4903. NNR29/2019/RIV/2053/0070646 Okitoh Emmanuel Tamunoibuomi Rivers E1 NNBTS ONNE

  4904. NNR29/2019/RIV/2120/0072631 Kenneth Kenneth George Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4905. NNR29/2019/RIV/2179/0074836 Okonmah Victor Uchechukwu Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4906. NNR29/2019/RIV/2186/0075139 Patrick Chiamaka Ibitamuno Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4907. NNR29/2019/RIV/2243/0077082 Sekibo Erewari Matilda Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  4908. NNR29/2019/RIV/2261/0077752 Okonmah Victor Uchechukwu Rivers A2 NNBTS ONNE

  4909. NNR29/2019/RIV/2429/0083629 Brown Margaret Rivers C1 NNBTS ONNE

  4910. NNR29/2019/RIV/2471/0084814 Dede Emmanuel Minaye-Kobiri Rivers N NNBTS ONNE

  4911. NNR29/2019/RIV/2488/0085254 Elijah John Miebaka Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4912. NNR29/2019/RIV/2493/0085407 Belema Clinton Dabipi Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  4913. NNR29/2019/RIV/2499/0085813 Inumama Tamunokubie Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4914. NNR29/2019/RIV/2512/0086632 Pinah Ifeanyi Moses Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4915. NNR29/2019/RIV/2514/0086746 Pinah Chika Moses Rivers D4 NNBTS ONNE

  4916. NNR29/2019/RIV/2559/0088152 Moses Habakkuk Tamuno Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4917. NNR29/2019/RIV/2634/0090105 Kalio David Tamunokonbia Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4918. NNR29/2019/RIV/2662/0090894 Stanley Friday Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4919. NNR29/2019/RIV/2687/0091487 Obianime Michael Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4920. NNR29/2019/RIV/2845/0096571 Thankgod Timothy Ilabiriayemomie Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4921. NNR29/2019/RIV/2863/0097053 Tokunengiyeofori Josephine Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4922. NNR29/2019/RIV/2868/0097159 Okitor Abuchi Chamberlyn Rivers C3 NNBTS ONNE

  4923. NNR29/2019/RIV/2947/0099828 Tamuno Belema Prince Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4924. NNR29/2019/RIV/3/0000172 Godknows Victoria Ogan Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4925. NNR29/2019/RIV/3079/0103719 Iwari Victor John Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4926. NNR29/2019/RIV/3088/0103878 Sunny Enuvi Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4927. NNR29/2019/RIV/3145/0105021 Emmanuel Nelson Israel Rivers E1 NNBTS ONNE

  4928. NNR29/2019/RIV/3178/0105960 Israel Ibinabo Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4929. NNR29/2019/RIV/3289/0109428 Abam-Ado Miebaka Tamunokuro Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  4930. NNR29/2019/RIV/3313/0110962 Igbikiowubo Tammy Aminadoki Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4931. NNR29/2019/RIV/3361/0112820 Iyaye Helen Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4932. NNR29/2019/RIV/3364/0112901 Bapakaye Faka Victoria Rivers F1 NNBTS ONNE

  4933. NNR29/2019/RIV/3389/0113621 Prince Goodlife Tamunopekerebia Rivers F1 NNBTS ONNE

  4934. NNR29/2019/RIV/3423/0114481 Promise Wisdom Rivers E1 NNBTS ONNE

  4935. NNR29/2019/RIV/3425/0114532 Kalaiyo Sonari Harrison Rivers D3 NNBTS ONNE

  4936. NNR29/2019/RIV/3444/0115282 Sylvanus James Rivers D3 NNBTS ONNE

  4937. NNR29/2019/RIV/3516/0117998 Boms Prince Boma Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4938. NNR29/2019/RIV/356/0014561 Ogan Sunny Clifford Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4939. NNR29/2019/RIV/357/0014566 Adoki Emmanuel Rivers E1 NNBTS ONNE

  4940. NNR29/2019/RIV/3641/0121269 Aberepikima Tamunoiminabo Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4941. NNR29/2019/RIV/3646/0121340 Windar Iyaye Emmanuel Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4942. NNR29/2019/RIV/3653/0121546 Bereiweriso Samuel Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4943. NNR29/2019/RIV/3660/0121778 Lazarus Tamunotonye Godswill Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4944. NNR29/2019/RIV/3670/0121926 Salako Tunde Matthew Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4945. NNR29/2019/RIV/3675/0122076 Joseph Gift Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  4946. NNR29/2019/RIV/37/0001366 Wakama Simeon Obonna Rivers C1 NNBTS ONNE

  4947. NNR29/2019/RIV/3703/0123095 Dasimeoku Tamuno-Omie Rivers N NNBTS ONNE

  4948. NNR29/2019/RIV/3772/0125824 Brown Tamunosetima Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4949. NNR29/2019/RIV/3796/0126925 Omoniwari Godswill Apollos Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4950. NNR29/2019/RIV/3813/0127900 Tamunobelema Hezekiah Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4951. NNR29/2019/RIV/3831/0129346 Omoniwari Tamno-Omie Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4952. NNR29/2019/RIV/3838/0129557 Simon Marvellous Ibibia Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4953. NNR29/2019/RIV/3853/0130583 Afiesimama Faith Princewill Rivers C2 NNBTS ONNE

  4954. NNR29/2019/RIV/3877/0132011 Abekabipi Sampson Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4955. NNR29/2019/RIV/3887/0132302 Francis Tamunokubie Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4956. NNR29/2019/RIV/439/0017453 Michael Blessing Okpaku Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4957. NNR29/2019/RIV/445/0017601 Bestman Emmanuel Rivers B1 NNBTS ONNE

  4958. NNR29/2019/RIV/486/0018811 Iyaye Helen Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4959. NNR29/2019/RIV/497/0019320 Adiki Ibibia Hamilton Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4960. NNR29/2019/RIV/509/0019684 Clarence Godswill Abiye Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4961. NNR29/2019/RIV/516/0020050 Clarence Godswill Abiye Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4962. NNR29/2019/RIV/52/0001806 Okujagu Tamunosaki John Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4963. NNR29/2019/RIV/571/0022447 Joshua Richman Alabo Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4964. NNR29/2019/RIV/578/0022611 George Rossannah Rivers F1 NNBTS ONNE

  4965. NNR29/2019/RIV/585/0022905 John Tonye Ogan Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4966. NNR29/2019/RIV/640/0024807 Emmanuel Elizabeth Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  4967. NNR29/2019/RIV/644/0024933 Abraham Awoala Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4968. NNR29/2019/RIV/698/0026374 Akaluogbo Paul Johnwill Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4969. NNR29/2019/RIV/701/0026566 Omubo Harrison Adiki Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4970. NNR29/2019/RIV/719/0027419 Nnana Jackson Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4971. NNR29/2019/RIV/857/0031943 Nonju Tamunobelema Sunday-Jackson Rivers A1 NNBTS ONNE

  4972. NNR29/2019/RIV/861/0032013 Tamuno Igbikiowubo Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4973. NNR29/2019/RIV/866/0032065 Fayeofori Blessing Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  4974. NNR29/2019/RIV/947/0035401 Keruo George Chinekwu Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4975. NNR29/2019/RIV/994/0037264 Promise Ibimina Confidence Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  4976. NNR29/2019/RIV/1044/0038671 Nwaoboko Gabriel Ugochukwu Rivers H NNBTS ONNE

  4977. NNR29/2019/RIV/1047/0038707 Nwanyanwu Victoria Amaka Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  4978. NNR29/2019/RIV/1093/0040434 Nweke Goodname Rivers E1 NNBTS ONNE

  4979. NNR29/2019/RIV/1232/0046002 Lebechi Chidozie Miracle Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4980. NNR29/2019/RIV/1348/0048840 Amadi Faith Uchechi Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  4981. NNR29/2019/RIV/1376/0049647 John Felix Nduka Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  4982. NNR29/2019/RIV/1588/0056023 John Hope Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4983. NNR29/2019/RIV/1723/0060564 Nwamadi Francis Ugochukwu Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4984. NNR29/2019/RIV/1758/0061274 Azuogu Chizoba Clinton Rivers B2 NNBTS ONNE

  4985. NNR29/2019/RIV/2065/0071064 Nwankwo Kelvin Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4986. NNR29/2019/RIV/2151/0073533 Oguzie Vincent Chimankpa Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4987. NNR29/2019/RIV/2196/0075515 Nwabuisi Blessing Osinachi Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4988. NNR29/2019/RIV/2260/0077666 Nwokogba Hope Iwuoha Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4989. NNR29/2019/RIV/2276/0078210 Okere Uzochukwu Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4990. NNR29/2019/RIV/234/0008967 Osuagwu Kingsley Rivers B3 NNBTS ONNE

  4991. NNR29/2019/RIV/2388/0082605 Ihemem Rosemary Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  4992. NNR29/2019/RIV/2412/0083295 Nwankwo Charles Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  4993. NNR29/2019/RIV/2446/0084083 Nweke Joseph Rivers C3 NNBTS ONNE

  4994. NNR29/2019/RIV/2555/0088029 Monday Prince Chukwuemeka Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  4995. NNR29/2019/RIV/2577/0088812 Nwuche Mbuchi Wisdom Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  4996. NNR29/2019/RIV/2609/0089573 Anero Chukwudi Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  4997. NNR29/2019/RIV/2934/0099435 Onyenma Joy Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  4998. NNR29/2019/RIV/2961/0100189 Ahunanya Monday Rivers D3 NNBTS ONNE

  4999. NNR29/2019/RIV/3245/0108193 Alozie Confidence Ugonma Rivers D3 NNBTS ONNE

  5000. NNR29/2019/RIV/3339/0112003 Nnanta Lawrence Chinedum Rivers B5 NNBTS ONNE

  5001. NNR29/2019/RIV/3398/0113797 Chinaka Ugochi Rivers D3 NNBTS ONNE

  5002. NNR29/2019/RIV/3460/0115938 Nwokocha Prosper Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5003. NNR29/2019/RIV/3520/0118066 Ubani Ndudirim Obed Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  5004. NNR29/2019/RIV/3576/0119634 Sunday Promise Nkwachi Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5005. NNR29/2019/RIV/3629/0120994 Sunday Cynthia Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5006. NNR29/2019/RIV/3718/0123872 Nweke David Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5007. NNR29/2019/RIV/3730/0124554 Omengbeoji Ndudirim Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5008. NNR29/2019/RIV/3735/0124671 Ihemefor Linus Obioma Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5009. NNR29/2019/RIV/3781/0126376 Sunday Daniel Chiemela Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  5010. NNR29/2019/RIV/3872/0131899 Nwankwo Justice Uchechukwu Rivers G NNBTS ONNE

  5011. NNR29/2019/RIV/450/0017768 Okere Kingdom Chinonyerem Rivers B1 NNBTS ONNE

  5012. NNR29/2019/RIV/508/0019655 Nwokogba Chukwudi Rivers H NNBTS ONNE

  5013. NNR29/2019/RIV/510/0019793 Ubani Blessing David Rivers H NNBTS ONNE

  5014. NNR29/2019/RIV/572/0022493 Ejimaga Promise Chetachi Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5015. NNR29/2019/RIV/581/0022778 Nweke Ambassador Onyekachi Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  5016. NNR29/2019/RIV/591/0023156 Obasi Queen Chinazam Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  5017. NNR29/2019/RIV/645/0024970 Amadi Onyedikachi Wisdom Rivers E1 NNBTS ONNE

  5018. NNR29/2019/RIV/688/0026093 Nwankwo Raphael Nnamdi Rivers H NNBTS ONNE

  5019. NNR29/2019/RIV/742/0028996 Ahamefula David Onyekachi Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5020. NNR29/2019/RIV/779/0030185 Onwuegbuta Maxwell Rivers F1 NNBTS ONNE

  5021. NNR29/2019/RIV/862/0032018 Nwakacha Godstime Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5022. NNR29/2019/RIV/945/0035295 Nwanyanwu Saviour Onyebuchi Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5023. NNR29/2019/RIV/1185/0044715 Epelle Michael William Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5024. NNR29/2019/RIV/1256/0046482 Pepple Donald Ebenezer Rivers F3 NNBTS ONNE

  5025. NNR29/2019/RIV/1318/0048140 Jaja Kenneth Boma Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5026. NNR29/2019/RIV/1428/0051599 Rowland Magnus Robort Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5027. NNR29/2019/RIV/1551/0054836 Diri Blessing Moses Rivers D4 NNBTS ONNE

  5028. NNR29/2019/RIV/1664/0058754 Legg-Jack Saturday Samson Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5029. NNR29/2019/RIV/1684/0059593 Legg-Jack Siminialayi Ezekiel Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  5030. NNR29/2019/RIV/1708/0060191 Igbikiyemieari Ambrose Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  5031. NNR29/2019/RIV/1859/0064771 Coker Michael Brown Rivers N NNBTS ONNE

  5032. NNR29/2019/RIV/1881/0065291 Idaminabo Jethro Junior Rivers E5 NNBTS ONNE

  5033. NNR29/2019/RIV/2060/0070817 Emmanuel Emmanuel Atedukobie Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5034. NNR29/2019/RIV/2258/0077628 Kanu Henry Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5035. NNR29/2019/RIV/2333/0081115 Ogolo Michael Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5036. NNR29/2019/RIV/270/0010374 Obomanu Clinton Judah Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5037. NNR29/2019/RIV/2748/0093739 Tamunokuro Sabastine Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5038. NNR29/2019/RIV/2778/0094863 Obomanu Ibiwari Justin Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  5039. NNR29/2019/RIV/288/0010970 Court Recheal Agbadeng Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  5040. NNR29/2019/RIV/3012/0101431 Fubara Cyrus Cyrus Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5041. NNR29/2019/RIV/3028/0101938 Mordeciah Ugwem Agbadeng Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5042. NNR29/2019/RIV/3295/0109567 Diri Abraham Harry Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5043. NNR29/2019/RIV/3301/0109800 Pepple Ezekiel Douglas Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5044. NNR29/2019/RIV/3743/0125031 Otsepa Moses Ogaba Rivers H NNBTS ONNE

  5045. NNR29/2019/RIV/3749/0125219 Peterside Itamunoduma Bethel Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  5046. NNR29/2019/RIV/619/0024090 Isa Haruna Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5047. NNR29/2019/RIV/718/0027375 Gladday Abel Toby Rivers F3 NNBTS ONNE

  5048. NNR29/2019/RIV/768/0029850 Obomanu Peace Chioma Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  5049. NNR29/2019/RIV/904/0033245 Ubani Wisdom Ikechi Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5050. NNR29/2019/RIV/985/0036860 Dappa John Peter Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5051. NNR29/2019/IMO/2329/0098260 Okonkwo Miranzy Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5052. NNR29/2019/RIV/1309/0047989 Christopher Wisdom Rivers D3 NNBTS ONNE

  5053. NNR29/2019/RIV/1495/0053382 Pius Benjamin Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  5054. NNR29/2019/RIV/1796/0062248 Nwagboso Maureen Chisanya Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  5055. NNR29/2019/RIV/1978/0067895 Odinga Promise Chiedoziem Rivers C1 NNBTS ONNE

  5056. NNR29/2019/RIV/2201/0075633 Sunday Ihuoma Wealth Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5057. NNR29/2019/RIV/2622/0089820 Oforji Chiamaka Confidence Rivers A4 NNBTS ONNE

  5058. NNR29/2019/RIV/2670/0091062 Akong Constance Mkpegara Rivers F2 NNBTS ONNE

  5059. NNR29/2019/RIV/3049/0102828 Onyedinma Onyedikachi Joy Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5060. NNR29/2019/RIV/3276/0109060 Okere Treasure Akuchinyere Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  5061. NNR29/2019/RIV/3352/0112468 Mark Daniel Abobo Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5062. NNR29/2019/RIV/3488/0117198 Oyeke Godwin Abah Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5063. NNR29/2019/RIV/3654/0121568 Ogbonna Goodluck Chinedu Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5064. NNR29/2019/RIV/3759/0125500 Nwankwo Kelvin Izuchukwu Rivers E1 NNBTS ONNE

  5065. NNR29/2019/RIV/484/0018751 Ogbonna Bright Cihidozie Rivers B1 NNBTS ONNE

  5066. NNR29/2019/RIV/915/0033559 Ezema Blessing Ogechukwu Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  5067. NNR29/2019/RIV/1027/0038167 Zaccheaus Friday Edward Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5068. NNR29/2019/RIV/103/0003328 Sunday Christy Ebere Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  5069. NNR29/2019/RIV/1346/0048796 Omini Emmanuel John Rivers B3 NNBTS ONNE

  5070. NNR29/2019/RIV/1709/0060223 Thompson Ibifubara Sharon Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5071. NNR29/2019/RIV/1825/0063927 Elaigwu Samuel Ikwulono Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  5072. NNR29/2019/RIV/2234/0076824 Boms Christopher Isaiah Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5073. NNR29/2019/RIV/2428/0083628 Boms Christopher Isaiah Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5074. NNR29/2019/RIV/2445/0084076 Siyeofori Innocent Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5075. NNR29/2019/RIV/2557/0088056 Emenike Eve Nkechi Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5076. NNR29/2019/RIV/2663/0090918 Peter Paul Tamuno-Uche Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  5077. NNR29/2019/RIV/2987/0100798 Ngah Loveday Chukwundah Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  5078. NNR29/2019/RIV/3010/0101363 Chima Chiemele Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5079. NNR29/2019/RIV/3399/0113823 Miebi Fortune Charles Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5080. NNR29/2019/RIV/34/0001339 Fubara Tonye Alabo Rivers E5 NNBTS ONNE

  5081. NNR29/2019/RIV/3672/0121962 Charles Victor Rivers B1 NNBTS ONNE

  5082. NNR29/2019/RIV/3806/0127553 Solomon Gabriel Loveday Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5083. NNR29/2019/RIV/388/0015675 Dule Prince Boms Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5084. NNR29/2019/RIV/461/0018085 Johnson David Tamuno-Ibuomi Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  5085. NNR29/2019/RIV/624/0024218 Elenwo Happiness Thankgod Rivers F3 NNBTS ONNE

  5086. NNR29/2019/RIV/693/0026172 Nnochiri Rachel Ngozi Rivers E1 NNBTS ONNE

  5087. NNR29/2019/RIV/712/0027048 Anyaoha Divine Rivers D3 NNBTS ONNE

  5088. NNR29/2019/RIV/1111/0041703 Aeenu Sincere Sorde Rivers F3 NNBTS ONNE

  5089. NNR29/2019/RIV/1125/0043056 Nkoba Martins Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5090. NNR29/2019/RIV/1263/0046701 Oke Samuel Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  5091. NNR29/2019/RIV/1298/0047745 Kenkpo Barisudor Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5092. NNR29/2019/RIV/1463/0052521 Allison Ndananebari Rivers C1 NNBTS ONNE

  5093. NNR29/2019/RIV/1475/0052743 Otti Faith Leeziga Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  5094. NNR29/2019/RIV/1507/0053781 Mark Ntomabari Christian Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5095. NNR29/2019/RIV/1519/0054062 Nhianwa Barisi Frank Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  5096. NNR29/2019/RIV/1705/0060125 Otti Bright Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5097. NNR29/2019/RIV/174/0006512 Leba David Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5098. NNR29/2019/RIV/1855/0064700 Kumbe Pius Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  5099. NNR29/2019/RIV/2084/0071476 Tambari Clever David Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5100. NNR29/2019/RIV/2184/0075080 Ukaegbu Sunday Francis Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  5101. NNR29/2019/RIV/2195/0075507 Nkpee Clement Gote Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  5102. NNR29/2019/RIV/2203/0075696 Elisha Matthew Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  5103. NNR29/2019/RIV/2209/0075915 Nzide Barisikor Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  5104. NNR29/2019/RIV/2313/0080197 Gad Samuel Abbey Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  5105. NNR29/2019/RIV/2335/0081134 Nkpigine Jeremiah Ndee Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  5106. NNR29/2019/RIV/2370/0081883 Daniel Samuel Adue Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  5107. NNR29/2019/RIV/25/0000935 Sunday Daniel Rivers B4 NNBTS ONNE

  5108. NNR29/2019/RIV/2530/0087669 Orbenyie Princewill Barineka Rivers D3 NNBTS ONNE

  5109. NNR29/2019/RIV/2532/0087712 Baridam Gift Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  5110. NNR29/2019/RIV/2561/0088200 Ntene Tabitha Monday Rivers J NNBTS ONNE

  5111. NNR29/2019/RIV/2562/0088259 Bale James Nka Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5112. NNR29/2019/RIV/2568/0088419 Biira Raphael Sibari Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5113. NNR29/2019/RIV/2619/0089763 Ntene Barisi Monday Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5114. NNR29/2019/RIV/2632/0090077 Nkponkpo Sorle Peaceful Rivers D2 NNBTS ONNE

  5115. NNR29/2019/RIV/2649/0090409 Nsubelo Sunday Bobby Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5116. NNR29/2019/RIV/2656/0090635 Nuka Blessing Nubarido Rivers F1 NNBTS ONNE

  5117. NNR29/2019/RIV/2718/0092961 Ndeebom Peace Lesi Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5118. NNR29/2019/RIV/2736/0093443 Baridam Samuel Rivers D4 NNBTS ONNE

  5119. NNR29/2019/RIV/2751/0093820 Jacob Neyiebari Gbenekanu Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5120. NNR29/2019/RIV/2758/0094234 Yaalo Precious Harvest Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5121. NNR29/2019/RIV/2759/0094253 Isaac Precious Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  5122. NNR29/2019/RIV/2819/0095851 Deebo Fyne Joseph Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  5123. NNR29/2019/RIV/2978/0100547 Yeghe Dennis Rivers D3 NNBTS ONNE

  5124. NNR29/2019/RIV/3091/0103964 Nkeresi Faith Leyira Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  5125. NNR29/2019/RIV/3166/0105688 Warawa Bariayaa Rivers D3 NNBTS ONNE

  5126. NNR29/2019/RIV/3179/0105997 John Blessing Suwabari Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  5127. NNR29/2019/RIV/3192/0106326 Loole Calista Baribor Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  5128. NNR29/2019/RIV/3230/0107753 Jumu Peter Baridanator Rivers E3 NNBTS ONNE

  5129. NNR29/2019/RIV/3246/0108205 Nwiibee Godspower Oluka Rivers F1 NNBTS ONNE

  5130. NNR29/2019/RIV/3443/0115278 Paul Barinedum Sunday Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5131. NNR29/2019/RIV/3531/0118400 Npie Dornubari Rivers E2 NNBTS ONNE

  5132. NNR29/2019/RIV/3636/0121102 Clever Monday Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5133. NNR29/2019/RIV/3659/0121728 Aamue Job Kaborlobari Rivers E1 NNBTS ONNE

  5134. NNR29/2019/RIV/3693/0122694 Charles Baridedum Baabo Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5135. NNR29/2019/RIV/3757/0125414 Agbarator Nkuene Nil Rivers N NNBTS ONNE

  5136. NNR29/2019/RIV/3762/0125558 Nnaamaa Felix Rivers F3 NNBTS ONNE

  5137. NNR29/2019/RIV/3767/0125688 Innocent Godsgift Baridon Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5138. NNR29/2019/RIV/3775/0125964 Kpagane Clever Nwinukoamene Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5139. NNR29/2019/RIV/3786/0126684 Gbanwii Kingsley John Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5140. NNR29/2019/RIV/3790/0126817 Okeri Godbless Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5141. NNR29/2019/RIV/3811/0127844 E-Ene Daniel Bariabina Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5142. NNR29/2019/RIV/3834/0129420 Patrick Barinelesi Clement Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5143. NNR29/2019/RIV/656/0025419 Nkpurube Martha Rivers H NNBTS ONNE

  5144. NNR29/2019/RIV/761/0029622 Nbani Life A Rivers D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5145. NNR29/2019/RIV/772/0029961 Nbenade Nornubari Stephen Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  5146. NNR29/2019/RIV/85/0002704 Nkobaa Barisuka Rivers D6 NNBTS ONNE

  5147. NNR29/2019/SOK/198/0014449 Shuaibu Abdullahi Ibrahim Sokoto D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5148. NNR29/2019/SOK/1243/0090559 Adamu Mustahpa I Sokoto E5 NNBTS ONNE

  5149. NNR29/2019/SOK/1639/0123033 Adamu Mustapha Sokoto D6 NNBTS ONNE

  5150. NNR29/2019/SOK/1088/0077136 Ishaq Abbas Sokoto D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5151. NNR29/2019/TAR/156/0008335 Akara Godwin Joshua Taraba D6 NNBTS ONNE

  5152. NNR29/2019/TAR/2383/0122314 John Andefiki Samuel Taraba A1 NNBTS ONNE

  5153. NNR29/2019/TAR/2518/0130116 Abubakar Kabiru – Taraba D6 NNBTS ONNE

  5154. NNR29/2019/TAR/39/0001729 Johnson Magaji Taraba E1 NNBTS ONNE

  5155. NNR29/2019/TAR/2122/0108986 Sani Ismail Muhammed Taraba C3 NNBTS ONNE

  5156. NNR29/2019/TAR/723/0036894 Isah Umaiya Taraba E2 NNBTS ONNE

  5157. NNR29/2019/TAR/826/0042089 Badamasi Nasiru Taraba D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5158. NNR29/2019/TAR/1063/0053605 Abubakar Amina Yuguda Taraba E3 NNBTS ONNE

  5159. NNR29/2019/TAR/255/0014530 Ahmad Sadiq Fari Taraba D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5160. NNR29/2019/TAR/75/0003639 Aliyu Masud Taraba D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5161. NNR29/2019/TAR/1231/0062042 Anthony Kenneth Danasali Taraba E2 NNBTS ONNE

  5162. NNR29/2019/TAR/1433/0074168 Zubairu Aliyu Sale Taraba D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5163. NNR29/2019/TAR/1436/0074249 Nurudeen Zubairu Muhammed Taraba D6 NNBTS ONNE

  5164. NNR29/2019/TAR/1452/0074766 Ahmed Lawrence Angel Taraba D6 NNBTS ONNE

  5165. NNR29/2019/TAR/202/0011313 Markus Geofrey Taraba D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5166. NNR29/2019/TAR/2241/0113798 Sunday Ayale John Taraba D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5167. NNR29/2019/TAR/2389/0122710 George Pheediiva Taraba D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5168. NNR29/2019/TAR/414/0023157 Matthew Galilee Taraba E2 NNBTS ONNE

  5169. NNR29/2019/TAR/2586/0132840 Dio Isaac Taraba D6 NNBTS ONNE

  5170. NNR29/2019/TAR/2327/0119267 Anthony Gilbert Taraba D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5171. NNR29/2019/TAR/1594/0081964 David John Audu Taraba N NNBTS ONNE

  5172. NNR29/2019/TAR/1709/0087892 Samuel Sabo Tsabubayvon Taraba D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5173. NNR29/2019/TAR/2539/0131288 Usman Sadiq Taraba D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5174. NNR29/2019/TAR/932/0047146 Ogawa Elijah Oteh Taraba F1 NNBTS ONNE

  5175. NNR29/2019/TAR/358/0020730 Haruna Shem Sunday Taraba E5 NNBTS ONNE

  5176. NNR29/2019/YOB/100/0005674 Sale Musa Musa Yobe N NNBTS ONNE

  5177. NNR29/2019/YOB/1150/0065121 Bayero Musa Yobe D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5178. NNR29/2019/YOB/1751/0104320 Mohammed Hussaini Yobe H NNBTS ONNE

  5179. NNR29/2019/YOB/2030/0120734 Mohammed Hussaini Yobe D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5180. NNR29/2019/YOB/1077/0059533 Usman Abubakar Buba Yobe D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5181. NNR29/2019/YOB/1470/0083871 Saidu Zakar Yobe D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5182. NNR29/2019/YOB/1663/0098005 Idi Ibrahim Sarki Yobe N NNBTS ONNE

  5183. NNR29/2019/YOB/960/0050683 Ahmad Ibrahim Yunusa Yobe D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5184. NNR29/2019/YOB/2116/0126615 Aliyu Ibrahim Yobe D5 NNBTS ONNE

  5185. NNR29/2019/ZAM/418/0026381 Abubakar Ii Mubarak Zamfara D1 NNBTS ONNE

  5186. NNR29/2019/ZAM/747/0047106 Abubakar Ii Mubarak Zamfara D1 NNBTS ONNE


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The applicants are to note that the names are listed according to centers.

  1. The Nigerian Navy wishes to inform the general public that the Aptitude Test for the NN 2019 Recruitment Exercise will hold on 13 April 2019 in the 30 Centres across the Nation.
  2. The applicants below have been shortlisted for NN 2019 Recruitment Aptitude Test.
  3. Candidates are to report by 8.00 AM at their chosen centres selected during the online registration as indicated against their names. Furthermore, Candidates will not be allowed to write the Aptitude Test in any centre other than their chosen centre.
  4. Likewise, Candidates are to come along with the following:
  5. HB Pencil and Eraser.
  6. Print out of the Application Form showing particulars of candidate.
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Furthermore; Nigerian Navy 2019 List of successful Candidate Under 302 ARTY REGT ONITSHA


How to search for your name

  1. Click on ‘Click here to DOWNLOAD List’
  2. Press ‘Ctrl + F’ from the keyboard
  3. Type your ‘Application Number’ correctly into the search dialog
  4. Press the ‘Enter’ key on the keyboard
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Similarly, Look through this; Nigerian Navy 2019 List of successful Candidate Under 26 MOTORIZED BN



Click here for All State List 

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