Passing WAEC Without Expo or Runs

Passing WAEC Without Expo or Runs

Passing WAEC Without Expo or Runs is very possible. As a matter of facts, many people don’t believe this.  Especially, After hearing so many scaring news about WAEC. Likewise, you are left with a question. Is it possible for me to pass Waec 2019 without expo? As a matter of facts, “Yes”, it is a possibility. Furthermore, If you have ever wondered how to pass WAEC without expo or runs. Then, this article is for you.

Passing WAEC Without Expo or Runs

Strategies Of Passing WAEC Without Expo or Runs

Don’t believe the general saying:

As a matter of facts, there is a general saying that it is not possible to pass waec without expo. This popular saying has limited so many waec candidates that they search for Waec expo questions and answers online.

Furthermore, We are here to boldly tell you that you can pass waec without Expo. All you need to is is believe in yourself. You have the ability, you got all it takes to pass Waec without expo. Look within you.

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Study Harder And Smarter:

Similarly, the second step you must take to pass waec 2019 without expo is to face your studies. You need to read like never before. It is true that you will have one or two distractions. But, try to put them aside. Make your examination your number one priority.


Address Your weakness:

In like manner, It is true that you will have one or more difficult courses and topics. You are not alone. Others have their weakness as well. However, you do not have to avoid the difficult areas. Furthermore, do everything you can to understand the topics that challenge you the most. Even if it takes meeting your tutors or fellow candidates for help, do it.

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The area you did not read must surely come in the exam. The reason why so many candidates fail waec Mathematics is because they avoid particular topics/subjects as a result of their phobia.


Study Along With Past Questions:

More often, past questions are the prophecies of future questions. As a matter of facts, Waec doesn’t have new questions to set. They repeat old questions with simple tweak. However, do not cram past questions. Doing so will harm you.

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The more waec past questions you study, the better prepared you are. The waec past questions gives you the exact format in which the examination questions usually come. Similarly, the English usually carry comprehension passages and summary. It is your ability to analyze the passages that will help you out.


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Test yourself:

Finally, to pass waec Exams without expo, set questions for yourself once in a while. This will help you build confidence and overcome unnecessary fear. Furthermore, make sure you know the correct answer to any question you fail. With this, you will surely pass WAEC Exams without runs.


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