Can’t Understand What is Been Taught In Class Then Do This

Can’t Understand What is Been Taught In Class Then Do This to gain Control

Can’t Understand What is Been Taught In Class Then Do This to gain Control. Often Sometimes, you don’t have an idea of what’s going on in class. In like manner, you hear some set of Students shouting, “it is very clear sir”. Likewise when the teacher asks, “any question?” You just keep quiet because you don’t know where to start asking questions from.

As a matter of facts, you begin to imagine, “am I the dullest student in this class?”  Similarly, You even turn around to see if you are the only one in a state of total confusion.

Can’t Understand What is Been Taught In Class Then Do This

Understanding Challenge in Class

If you have ever been in the situation above, then you are not alone. There are 1001 students out there going through Understanding in class.  As a matter of facts, I was comfortably sitting on this table.

Mine started during WAEC Classes and got worse in my first year at the University of Benin, Nigeria. Likewise, I do feel like an SS2 student in masters class. The good news is that I was able to overcome the issue. I am here to help you win also.


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Reasons Why you didn’t Understand

In like manner, you may be wondering, how come it is very difficult for me to follow in class? There are many reasons you may not be able to understand in class. Some include:


A. Poor Quality Of Teachers:

Some teachers/lecturers are not good at teaching at all. Anyways, that’s what you get when someone who is supposed to be “selling roasted corn” is forced to teach. When the teacher isn’t teaching well, you will be made to forget what you already know. Aa a matter of facts, a good teacher is very good.

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B. Too Much Assumption in Class:

Moreover, this happens mainly in higher institutions, in Jamb lectures or when you change school. As a matter of facts, the lecturer assumes that you already know the topic. Whereas you were not taught in your secondary school. Oftentimes, you may be taught the topic but not very well. Yet, the teacher says, “I assume you already know this by now, so, I’m skipping it”


C. You are Not Serious:

In like manner, the problem can also be from you. If you don’t pay attention in class, how do you expect to understand 100% of what is being taught in class?

Now, the fact that you don’t always understand in class doesn’t mean you are too dull.  Similarly, many persons who claim that they are following in class are pretending. How do I know? Check their results.


Perfect ways to Understand 100% In Class 

The five keys below helped me overcome the inability to understand in class. I am more than sure that you will find them extremely helpful

  • Pay attention and don’t Stop Attending Classes
  • Likewise, Read Before The Class
  • Read After The Class
  • Phone a Friend
  • Join Them


Pay attention and Don’t Stop Attending Classes

As a matter of facts, until you pay attention in class, distractions will overcome you. In like manner, the first step to understanding what you are taught in class is to pay close attention. Try as much as possible to overcome possible sources of distraction so that you can get as many knowledge as possible. Furthermore, distractions can be internal and External

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Internal distractions come as a result of your own drives such as your thoughts, your conflicts, and worries. They come from inside of you. On the other hand, external distractions result from something outside of yourself such as loud noises, other people disturbing you, loud music, smells, heat, cold and so on.

Don’t skip classes because you always don’t understand what’s going on in the lecture hall. Attending classes has a way of making it easier for you to read and understand on your own.


Read Before The Class

Oftentimes, you will be aware of the next topic to be treated. Similarly, Ensure to glance through it before the class actually holds. Finally, you will be able to flow very well and even ask questions when lecture is going on.

Likewise, if you don’t have idea of the next topic to be treated in class. Don’t worry, the teacher/lecturer will certainly not finish the topic he started in one day. Go home and read what has been taught plus the part he could not cover.

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Read After The Class

“These were more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so” (Acts 17:11 KJV).

To properly understand what is taught in class, focus during lectures, take note of everything the lecturer said, go home and search your textbooks and Google for proper knowledge. With this, your “A” is sure in the subject. Do this and thank me later…

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Phone a Friend

Phone a Friend when you are lost in any lecture (it is very important). Now, by phone a friend, I don’t mean you should literality dial his number. What I mean is that you should have someone who you always look up to for explanations. The explanation is sweeter when the person is of the opposite sex.

No matter how private you are, at least you can open up to one person. In this case, let that person be someone who understands very well in class. After class, meet the person, “guy hafa, nothing enter my head today o, abeg put me through”. I am sure the person will be more than happy to teach you (Especially when he understands that he is learning more by teaching you).


Join Them

When you don’t understand a topic, join head with group of students who understand. By Joining them, it will be extremely easy and fast for you to catch up.

In my article on how to remember 90% of everything you read, I pointed out the efficacy of group reading. Group reading is so important that it can change you from an average student to an exceptional one. Learn to meet people…

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Hope you found this helpful? Feel free to share with friends and don’t fail to let me know how you feel using the comment box.