Future assured with Presidential Amnesty Programme

Future assured with Presidential Amnesty Programme

Future assured with Presidential Amnesty Programme by Warefade who resident in Warri, Delta State. As a matter of facts, It is disheartening that we Ijaws and Niger Deltans have learnt nothing from the unfortunate attrition to Dr. Goodluck Jonathan. We connived and collaborated in what had led to the fall of the Dr. Goodluck Jonathan administration. This has invariably, albeit inadvertently, created a banana peel in the affairs of the Presidential Amnesty Programme.

Reprehensible on Presidential Amnesty Programme

Likewise the sundry threats of ill-motivated protests by the Ijaws and Niger Deltans has contributed negative to his fall. In like manner, the ill-advised petition writing has not only become disgraceful, but reprehensible. The question now is, who is beating the drum of this unconscionable misadventure? To what end or purpose? The thought alone, of denigrating the integrity and purposeful leadership of a compatriot is criminal. Especially when it is to sate narrow political objectives and pecuniary avarice.


Warefade shiver to the marrow

Warefade shiver to the marrow of his issues that remains to be worked out our glad race. And clan besmirching itself in such disgrace. Gathering rejects AI’s give an account of Nigeria military’s reaction to IMN Oftentimes. I alert my transitory. That the musings in think about whether the unpalatable insult being executed is the close knit carelessness occasioned by the way that the hesitant Professor hails from the Eastern flank of the locale.

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Central and Western flanks of the Delta

Since at no other time, amid the residencies of those from the Central and Western flanks of the Delta has any been blamed. For nepotism as reason for looking for his expulsion from office. The allegations in the ongoing danger that the Special Adviser to the President on Niger Delta and Coordinator. PAP is populating the Amnesty Program with people of his clan. And granting contracts in support and solely to his Kalabari friends and relatives flies most ludicrously notwithstanding truth, reality and certain reality. The insights on ground unequivocally demonstrates that this depiction. False for what it’s worth from the pit of heck. Is planned to throw together parochial notions and puss the sterling accomplishments of Prof. Charles Dokubo.


Kalabari Ethnic

A quick take a gander at the staff outline. Indicates plainly that his Kalabari ethnic gathering specifically. The Eastern zone by and large are the slightest spoken to in arrangements and contracts granted by him. Until now, this was not the case and there was no shout from these Born-again offspring of treacherousness whose stock in exchange is malicious. This is deplorable, and a slur reprehensible to our solidarity as a people of the Niger Delta.

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Savvy for the individuals

It would be savvy for the individuals who are permitting their heart. The fate of our kin to be induced by money related increases to harken to the dauntlessness of soul. Reverberation of truth in the expressions of Commander Biggy, Chief. Ebi Pinapinawei, himself an ex-instigator, who has forewarned Niger Delta lawmakers over plots against the Special Adviser to the President on Niger Delta and Coordinator. Amnesty Program, Prof. Charles Dokubo, whom he said has done respectably well. And that those clamoring for his sack are being supported by some questionable Niger Delta government officials who had stolen Amnesty reserves.


Clearly, the Professor has unsettled questionable hallowed quills with his purification of the Amnesty Database and hostile to defilement position; his proceeded with remain in office, some deceitful individuals accept, may prompt his uncovering a Pandora box of degenerate practices from which they feed fat to the detriment of the genuine recipients of the Program and the Niger Delta. Little ponder they are so on edge and edgy.

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Osinbajo baffling

Osinbajo baffling N’Delta devt by dumping SWIP-PANDEF True Sons and Daughters of the Niger Delta. Are not willing to bargain their predetermination and the specific future Prof. Charles Dokubo is devoted and tenacious to accomplish for them.

As he advances with his well thoroughly considered arrangements and projects. And God willing, with the political will of the Federal Government to economically restore our adolescents.  Reintegrate and embed them productively into common society. No weapon designed against Dokubo and the tomorrow of our unstoppable young people will thrive. It won’t be wrong right now, in finishing up, to rebuke our growing age straightaway, that what’s to come is theirs to see. Prof. Charles Dokubo is only an apparatus in the hands of God; let every one of us bolster him to accomplish the Niger Delta we had always wanted. Warefade is inhabitant in Warri, Delta State.


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