Abia State Polytechnic HND/ND 1st Batch Admission Lists 2018/2019 

Abia State Polytechnic HND/ND 1st Batch Admission Lists 2018/2019











This is to inform all the candidates that applied for admission into the Abia State Polytechnic, Aba, 2018/2019 National Diploma (ND) and Higher National Diploma (HND) programmes that they can now check their admission status.

Abia State Poly ND and HND admission lists have been uploaded online. You can conform your admission status from the documents below.

Abia State Poly Admission List.

AplicationFormNumber PersonId Name FirstChoiceDepartment

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010533 0 KELECHI UCHENDU Accountancy

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010491 0 SOLOMON EBEKE Architecture

ABP/HNDM/2018/0000010379 0 ENOBONG UDOTONG FIDELIS Architecture

ABP/HNDM/2018/0000010429 0 CHIDERA UGOCHUKWU LAWRENCE Architecture

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010505 0 GRACE OKORIE AGWU Banking and Finance

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010544 0 PETER ETIM SYLVESTER Banking and Finance

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010455 0 CHINONSO NWAOSU GLORY Biology / Microbiology

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010484 0 OLUCHI OGBUEHI AUGUSTINA Biology / Microbiology

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010495 0 CHINONYEREM EKELUBA LILIAN Biology / Microbiology

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010540 0 MARY CHIJINDU UGOMMA Biology / Microbiology

ABP/HNDM/2018/0000010346 0 BLESSING STEPHEN ADAOMA Biology / Microbiology

ABP/HNDM/2018/0000010381 0 QUEEN GBARUKO OLUOMACHI Biology / Microbiology

ABP/HNDM/2018/0000010397 0 EUPHEMIA OMEH NKEIRUKA Biology / Microbiology

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010493 0 PROSPER NWOKOGBA Business Administration and Management

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010502 0 CYNTHIA ONUMANWA Business Administration and Management

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010521 0 ANTHONIA EKPAHA MAURICE Business Administration and Management

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010530 0 ONYINYECHI UMUNNA CYNTHIA Business Administration and Management

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010549 0 EMMANUEL BASSEY AKPAN Business Administration and Management

ABP/HNDM/2018/0000010338 0 MAUREEN KALU OGECHI Business Administration and Management

ABP/HNDM/2018/0000010339 0 CHINAZA ONYEMEKWUR PRISCILIA Business Administration and Management

ABP/HNDM/2018/0000010378 0 PEACE EZEIGBO C Business Administration and Management

ABP/HNDM/2018/0000010386 0 BLESSING IBOR ELESI Business Administration and Management

ABP/HNDM/2018/0000010392 0 NNEOMA NWANEKE LORRETTA Business Administration and Management

ABP/HNDM/2018/0000010431 0 EZEKIEL UKO AKPAN Business Administration and Management

ABP/HNDM/2018/0000010451 0 NDIFREKE EKPENYONG DANIEL Business Administration and Management

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010488 0 VICTORY SUNDAY MMERY Chemistry / Biochemistry

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010483 0 FORTUNE AZUBUIKE ODINAKACHI Computer Engineering Technology

ABP/HNDM/2018/0000010354 0 TOBECHUKWU NWANKWO Computer Science

ABP/HNDM/2018/0000010433 0 IFEANYICHUKWU OGUBIO Computer Science

ABP/HNDM/2018/0000010442 0 BEATRICE OBINDA IHUOMA Computer Science

ABP/HNDM/2018/00000684 0 CHINEMEREM DIALA CHARITY Computer Science

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010551 0 CHINEDUM NWASUKA EARNEST Electrical/Electronics Engineering

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010511 0 ONYEKA OKOLIE RAYMOND Estate Management

ABP/HNDM/2018/00000665 0 BABIAN OFFOR CHISOM Estate Management

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010514 0 ANIEBIET AKPAN UDEME Food Technology

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010548 0 GRACEMARY IKENGA STATILIUS Hospitality Management

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010497 0 NANCY EZEALA OGECHI Marketing

ABP/HNDM/2018/0000010410 0 CHINONSO CHIKEZIE ZEAL Marketing

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010515 0 OLUCHI IDIAGBOR Office Technology and Management

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010523 0 OLUEBUBE EKEZIE INNOCENTIA Office Technology and Management

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010531 0 ATONYE EZEKIEL-HART Office Technology and Management

ABP/HNDM/2018/0000010340 0 OGECHI AGHA J. Office Technology and Management

ABP/HNDM/2018/0000010342 0 CHISOM UWAZIE VIVIAN Office Technology and Management

ABP/HNDM/2018/0000010391 0 BEAUTY SAMUEL ADANNE Office Technology and Management

ABP/HNDM/2018/0000010401 0 CHIKA NJOKU URSULA Office Technology and Management

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010459 0 REBACCA NWANKWO UDOKA Public Administration

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010532 0 OKODUM INAKU ANGELA Public Administration

ABP/HNDM/2018/0000010360 0 FRANK BAGADAM BURABARI Public Administration

ABP/HNDM/2018/0000010367 0 CHIZARAM CHINATU Public Administration

ABP/HNDM/2018/0000010399 0 CONSTANCE IROLE EZINNE Public Administration

ABP/HNDM/2018/0000010439 0 ROSELINE OLEDINGWA IHUOMA Public Administration

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010464 0 FRANCISCA ODEKE NNENNA Urban and Regional Planning

ABP/HNDM/2018/0000010444 0 AMUZIE AGBAGHIGBA Urban and Regional Planning

ABP/MST/18/0000010472 0 PRECIOUS EKANEM ANTHONY Marine Engineering

ABP/MST/2018/0000010347 0 KENNEDY ENYINNAYA CHIDIADI Marine Engineering

ABP/NDE/18/0000010496 0 CHRISTIANA SAMUEL EZINNE Business Administration and Management


ABP/NDE/2018/0000010377 0 UKAMAKA EZEONYEOGULU ANGELA Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDE/2018/0000010417 0 CHIZOBA NWOSU FAVOUR Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDE/18/0000010519 0 EBERECHUKWU AMAECHI Computer Science

ABP/NDE/18/0000010471 0 KASIE NWOKOLO DESMOND Public Administration

ABP/NDE/2018/0000010405 0 NWAMAKA MGBEMENA EDITH Public Administration

ABP/NDE/2018/00000662 0 ADASI AMOS ANTHONY Public Administration

ABP/NDM/18/0000010498 0 MBET-OBONG JOHSON UDO Accountancy

ABP/NDM/2018/0000010421 0 JENNIFER ISAAC ORIUWA Accountancy

ABP/NDM/2018/00000679 0 CHIKA UDUMAKALU CELINE Accountancy

ABP/NDM/2018/00000686 0 PAUL JAMES APOLLOS Architecture

ABP/NDM/18/0000010547 0 GLORY UMOH IMEH Banking and Finance

ABP/NDM/18/0000010508 0 CHIAMAKA AGBOHA EKE Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDM/18/0000010516 0 EMMANUEL NWAOGBO EYINNAYA Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDM/18/0000010520 0 CHIDINMA NGEREM VIVIAN Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDM/2018/0000010366 0 ABASIAKAMA OKON SOLOMON Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDM/2018/0000010372 0 CHIAMAKA OYIRIAKU SYLVIA Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDM/2018/0000010450 0 ONYINYECHI UKOHA GIFT Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDM/2018/00000680 0 JUDITH MACLEAN NKORNBARI Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDM/2018/00000685 0 SAMUEL EBINIYI OMONIYI Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDM/18/0000010457 0 INNOCENT IDEM WALTER Computer Science

ABP/NDM/18/0000010473 0 AMARACHI OLELEWE CONSISTA Computer Science

ABP/NDM/18/0000010490 0 FRANKLIN CHUKWU E Computer Science

ABP/NDM/2018/0000010390 0 CHNONYE MADU PRECIOUS Computer Science

ABP/NDM/2018/0000010426 0 DANIEL OBASI NZUBECHUKWU Computer Science

ABP/NDM/2018/0000010447 0 GRACE OKON UDUAK Computer Science

ABP/NDM/18/0000010460 0 EVANS CHIDI UCHE Electrical/Electronics Engineering

ABP/NDM/2018/0000010365 0 KENNETH NWAIGWE CHINAZA Electrical/Electronics Engineering

ABP/NDM/18/0000010522 0 CHIDI KANU NDUBUISI Estate Management

ABP/NDM/2018/0000010398 0 UBONG MONDAY EMMANUEL Estate Management

ABP/NDM/18/0000010537 0 AMARACHI OJU GRACE Hospitality Management

ABP/NDM/2018/0000010443 0 KELVIN ANANABA CHIKERA Mechanical Engineering

ABP/NDM/2018/0000010343 0 PETERDAMIAN ORIOWE SOMADILA Office Technology and Management

ABP/NDM/2018/0000010452 0 CHIOMA UMUNNA Office Technology and Management

ABP/NDM/2018/0000010348 0 ESTHER PEPPLE PROMISE Public Administration

ABP/NDM/2018/0000010355 0 SAMUEL FRANK EFFIONG Public Administration

ABP/NDM/2018/0000010400 0 STELLA UKAEGBU AMARACHI Public Administration

ABP/NDM/2018/0000010445 0 STELLA OKON UDUAK Public Administration

ABP/NDM/2018/00000683 0 GOODLUCK UDOSEN FRIDAY Public Administration

ABP/NDM/18/0000010535 0 LOVINA GEORGE OFFIONG Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDM/2018/0000010430 0 LILIAN OTU ORIEOMA Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010456 0 HENRY OGBONNA Accountancy

ABP/NDP/18/0000010458 0 MARY ONWUZURUIKE CHIAMAKA Accountancy

ABP/NDP/18/0000010468 0 BLESSING ALOZIE IHECHI Accountancy

ABP/NDP/18/0000010479 0 KIZITO ANORUO CHIJIOKE Accountancy

ABP/NDP/18/0000010486 0 QUEEN UKAEGBU OLUEBUBE Accountancy

ABP/NDP/18/0000010509 0 ODOT AKPAN OKON Accountancy

ABP/NDP/18/0000010536 0 CHIDERA ALOZIE UGOCHUKWU Accountancy

ABP/NDP/18/0000010542 0 FINESEED JULIUS AARON Accountancy

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010352 0 BENEDITHA OKEKE CHIMNONSO Accountancy

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010395 0 SIRACH AMAECHI MAHAKWE OLACHI Accountancy

ABP/NDP/18/0000010466 0 DIVINE NWADIKE Architecture

ABP/NDP/18/0000010529 0 MICHEAL CHIKWENDU CHIEMELA Architecture

ABP/NDP/2018/00000677 0 CHIEMELA EZE AUSTIN Architecture

ABP/NDP/18/0000010528 0 CHINGOZIRIM ECHEFULA SOLOMON Banking and Finance

ABP/NDP/18/0000010543 0 CHISOM ONONIWU JORDAN Banking and Finance

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010370 0 DEBORAH ATOTU EBIMOBOERE Banking and Finance

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010435 0 CHINWENDU LOVEDAY A. Banking and Finance

ABP/NDP/2018/00000660 0 IKECHUKWU OGBULEKE DANIEL Building Technology


ABP/NDP/18/0000010504 0 ULOMA OBITE LYDIA Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000010507 0 CHIBUZOR BETTY OBINNA Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000010510 0 IMEFON UDOEKPO AUGUSTINE Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000010545 0 AGNES EKONG EMMANUEL Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010345 0 GODLIVETH ORLU AZIKERU Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010368 0 ONYEKACHI ONUOHA NORBET Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010369 0 BETTER OLOCHA NNE Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010374 0 GLORIA ETUMNU CHIKWADO Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010375 0 CHIDALU UBOZOR LILIAN Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010384 0 DESIRE IBE CHINENYE Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010408 0 BLESSING UDOMA ABEDNEGO Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010412 0 BLESSING CHINEDUM CHINYERE Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010432 0 UKAMAKA ISAAC BEAUTY Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010437 0 SOLOMON CHINWEIKPE Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000668 0 NWAOGU CHIJIOKE LINNET Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000671 0 STANDHOPE JOEL Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000674 0 IBIENE SOLOMON TAMMY Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000675 0 CHIGOZIRIM CHUKWUDIRE BLESSING Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000682 0 ABIDEMI ABUGBEN ONBOWADUN Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000010481 0 INNOCENT EZE OKECHUKWU Civil Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010341 0 IKECHUKWU AWOSLEY OTISI Civil Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010411 0 CHIMAOBI OGU DESTINY Civil Engineering

ABP/NDP/18/0000010453 0 DEPUTY AHUKANNA Computer Engineering Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010461 0 CHRISTIAN CHINAENYE GOODNEWS Computer Engineering Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010538 0 OBINNA KENNETH KAOSISOCHUKWU Computer Engineering Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010422 0 JOSEPH MOMFEM EKPOSHOKOR Computer Engineering Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010438 0 CHIZARAM KALU DAVID Computer Engineering Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010454 0 CHRISTOPHER KALU KALU Computer Science

ABP/NDP/18/0000010463 0 IHUOMA AMAECHI REJOICE Computer Science

ABP/NDP/18/0000010475 0 PRINCE OGBOWU Computer Science

ABP/NDP/18/0000010482 0 VICTOR ECHEGIRI CHIDIEBUBE Computer Science

ABP/NDP/18/0000010501 0 IFEANYI ONWUSIBE Computer Science

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010349 0 JENIFER ECHETA UZOCHUKWU Computer Science

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010361 0 VICTOR MPAMA OSITADINMA Computer Science

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010363 0 MICHEAL GEORGE Computer Science

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010364 0 JOSHUA ATOTU NYENAOWESOURU Computer Science

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010373 0 KELECHI OKECHUKWU ERNEST Computer Science

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010376 0 CALEB AZUBUIKE C. Computer Science

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010382 0 CLINTON BENJAMIN KELECHI Computer Science

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010415 0 STANLEY IBETO CHINONSO Computer Science

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010419 0 IDONGESIT ESSIET UDO Computer Science

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010423 0 NDUBUISI ADINDU CHIMA Computer Science

ABP/NDP/18/0000010467 0 DICKSON ANYANWU AKACHI Electrical/Electronics Engineering

ABP/NDP/18/0000010524 0 BRIGHT NWOKEDI CHIDIOGOR Electrical/Electronics Engineering

ABP/NDP/18/0000010526 0 OKECHUKWU CHINYENWA KELVIN Electrical/Electronics Engineering

ABP/NDP/18/0000010527 0 LEVI AHUCHAOGU IZUCHUKWU Electrical/Electronics Engineering

ABP/NDP/18/0000010550 0 BRIGHT CHUKWUEMEKA UGOCHUKWU Electrical/Electronics Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010385 0 PETER IBIAM OBINNA Electrical/Electronics Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010441 0 DANIEL EDEH PRINCE Electrical/Electronics Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/00000657 0 NNAMDI OBILOR JONATHAN Electrical/Electronics Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/00000667 0 KINGSLEY SAM UDO Electrical/Electronics Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010404 0 ENYERIBE IHEKORONYE CHIKEZIE Estate Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000010512 0 PRECIOUS CHIADIKWE UGOCHI Food Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010414 0 OLUEBUBE NKEMAKONAM GLORY Food Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010427 0 AMARACHI CHUKWUDI Food Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010487 0 CHIMAOBI EZEKWEM CLINTON Marketing


ABP/NDP/2018/0000010440 0 CHIDUBEM LAWRENCE JESSICA Marketing


ABP/NDP/2018/00000672 0 LAURA IBIBIA Marketing

ABP/NDP/18/0000010499 0 EBUKA JONATHAN BLESSING Mechanical Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010353 0 KINGSLEY NNADOZIE UZOMA Mechanical Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010387 0 EKEMINI OKON GODWIN Mechanical Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010388 0 EMMANUEL OKON GODWIN Mechanical Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010394 0 TAMUNONENGIYEOFORI ADUMO Mechanical Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010402 0 KELVIN MGBADIKE Mechanical Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/00000676 0 CHUKWUEBUKA SORONNADI Mechanical Engineering

ABP/NDP/18/0000010477 0 SARAH AYETORO Office Technology and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010403 0 ELIZABETH DUROJAIYE S Office Technology and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000010462 0 RUTH ENWEREMADU OLUEBUBE Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000010469 0 BLESSING AGUBATA IJEOMA Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000010474 0 KENNETH MBA CHINEDU Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000010478 0 KINGSLEY EMERUWA Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000010492 0 OKECHUKWU EMEZIEKE POLYCARP Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000010494 0 IKECHUKWU NWAFOR S Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000010500 0 NKEIRU ONUOHA NWABURU Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000010503 0 UCHECHUKWU JONH Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000010513 0 STANLEY CHIDIEBERE OBINNA Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000010525 0 ABIGAIL BASSEY EFFIOM Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000010534 0 CHIDIEBERE EMEKA BIRA-UE Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000010539 0 JOY NWIGWE CHIAMAKA Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010350 0 CHIEMENAM UMEH MARYJANE Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010351 0 EMMANUELLA CHINKATA CHINONYE Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010358 0 CORNELINUS NWANERI CHIMAOBI Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010359 0 FRANCISCA NZE Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010362 0 MIRIAM OKOSI UGOCHI Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010383 0 CHISOM ORJI JOHNBOSCO Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010393 0 OBUMNEME IGWE JOSHUA Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010406 0 PRISCILIA OKUDO CHIBUZOR Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010407 0 PRISCA NWAKANMA CHIDINMA Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010409 0 EMMANUEL OSIRI NNANNA Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010418 0 URSULA NWANKWO CHIBUZOR Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010424 0 ISAAC AMAH TOYIN Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010446 0 CHIBUZOR UZOMA CLEMENT Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010449 0 CHIDERA KOONYIA BEVERLYNYENEL Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/00000661 0 CHIKWADO NWAUGBO ANTHONY Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/00000664 0 IDIONGO ETUK SAVIOUR Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/00000666 0 EKEMINI JONAH PATRICK Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/00000669 0 LEDOGOH GOODLUCK PRECIOUS Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/00000673 0 JACKSON EDOHOEMA OKON Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/00000681 0 CHIOMA AZUMAH PRECIOUS Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/00000687 0 CHINWENDU OKENNE HART Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000010465 0 ERIKAN CLEMENT ANIEFIOK Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010470 0 WILSON JAMES CHUKWUEBUKA Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010476 0 JULIET ONUNIWU Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010480 0 CHINECHEREM IFEDIORA FAUSTINA Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010485 0 GOODNESS MADU CHIOMA Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010489 0 VICTORIA CHIGBU U Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010506 0 INNOCENT BRIGGS ITEMEDEINTE Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010517 0 BLESSING EZEKIEL NGOZI Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010518 0 MERCY MICHAEL CHIKERENMA Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010541 0 SOLOMON AKAM CHIMOBI Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010546 0 LYNDA OBIOHA CHINENYE Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010344 0 CHIAMAKA STEPHEN REGINA Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010356 0 UCHECHI IZENDU REJOICE Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010357 0 NNAMNSO UDO SUNDAY Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010380 0 EBUBECHUKWU OKECHUKWU DANIEL Science Laboratory Technology


ABP/NDP/2018/0000010389 0 UGOMMA OLUMBA D Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010396 0 CHINAZA IGBO THERESA Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010413 0 BLESSING EFFIONG GODWIN Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010420 0 OGECHI NWANGUMA Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010425 0 EMMANUEL AGU E Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010428 0 CHINONSO MBUKO Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010434 0 MERCY NWOGU EBERE Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010448 0 VICTORIA OKEKE CHINENYE Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/00000658 0 FAVOUR UDOBI Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/00000659 0 OLUCHI UCHEGBU MAUREEN Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/00000663 0 JENNIFER OKAFOR CHIAMAKA Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/00000670 0 CHINEZU EZE JULIET Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/00000678 0 JAACHINMA CHUKWUDIRE PRECIOUS Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010371 0 CHINONSO MICHAEL ISAIAH Surveying and Geo-Informatics

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010416 0 DAVID ORIAKU ONYEBUCHI Urban and Regional Planning



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