Buhari Reacts On WAEC Criticisms

Buhari Reacts On WAEC Criticisms

President Muhammadu Buhari reacts on WAEC criticisms.The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, takes Buhari WAEC certificate as a tool to run him down.

Buhari Reacts No WAEC Criticisms

Adesina the Special Adviser to Buhari speaks up

Femi Adesina the Special Adviser to Mr. President on Media and Publicity, says Buhari WAEC criticisms is a dead issue. As a matter of facts, Femi Adesina speaking on Channels TV; says Buhari WAEC certificate criticisms is a dead issue. Critics will always try to poke holes in things even if there is nothing to criticize.  some persons are so contentious, so they would not be satisfied with anything from the presidency. For us in the presidency, the issue of Buhari’s WAEC certificate is dead. For those who do not believe you cannot convince them. If in 2015, 15m people voted for Mr. president despite concocted crisis. You should be rest assured even more will vote him in 2019.


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PDP Describing The Certificate of Buhari

For PDP who describing the certificate as fake and an embarrassment to the nation, does that because they have run out of ideas.  Adesina furthermore described PDP’s statement as; ‘a storm in a teacup’. He stated it categorical as superfluity of naughtiness, a storm in a teacup which is coming from a party that has run out of ideas. The opposition part has nothing to offer Nigerians.

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The Issue Is Dead

As a matter of facts, the issue is dead and we would not contend with anybody on it. The facts is that; there is no issue here with the President certificate. Anyone that wants to beat a dead horse can continue. The Buhari WAEC certificate issue is dead.

Although, PDP on Monday alleged that Mr. President displayed the highest form of corruption, by entangling himself with certificate issue.  Furthermore, the web of corruption by Mr. President on trying to launder his WAEC certificate is a scandal. Instead of being “remorseful and apologizing to Nigerians”, Buhari was trying to deceive them about his ‘forged’ certificate.


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The issue on Mr. President (Muhammadu Buhari) WAEC criticisms, and he’s “reacts” has flooded the internet. We are open to receive your comments, contribution on this site. As a Nigerian, you have the freedom of speak, “speak it out”, the world will hear you. For us, we are ready to share or post your comments immediately.

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