Business Solutions Expo 2018

 Business Solutions Expo 2018

 Business Solutions Expo 2018. The business solution is here again. We help you find ways to take care of your business, grow it, and if you so desire, develop uncommon strategy for you and your business. This is the biggest trade show of its kind with growing businesses in mind.

 Business Solutions Expo 2018

About The Business Solutions Expo 2018

​The Business Solutions Expo 2018 exhibits the most dedicated businesses, eager to make a difference to the people and businesses of Nigeria. From connecting visitors to the right business solutions to various business mentors and adviser, the event boasts a platform suitable for every single decision maker in the business world.

Visitors will attend the event looking to:

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  • Explore and source for cutting edge business solutions
  • Explore sources of business capital and funding
  • Connect with new business partners
  • Seek business mentorship and advice
  • Discover the most innovative business ventures
  • Start up new businesses
  • Growth existing businesses

What to do at the Business Solutions Expo?

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Explore new business solutions including funding sources, ICT products and business services

Workout your business and meet investors, business mentors and government intervention agencies

Meet new business partners: JVs, Suppliers, Resellers and all stakeholders in the business ecosystem

Learn from international speakers on topics that affect the current marketplace.

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Entry fee: FREE

NB:- Space is limited, hurry and register now to get your FREE tickets!

Venue and Time

Venue: Federal Palace Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos

Date: October 31, 2018

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