Simple difference between a resume and a curriculum vitae

Many people have a different view about “a resume and a curriculum vitae”, although, resume and a curriculum vitae can be used interchangeable sometimes, but in some cases is not interchangeable, even if they are used in job applications. Below are some Simple difference between a resume and a curriculum vitae;

A resume is a document containing details about an individual’s educational achievements, work experience, skills and previous accomplishments, while curriculum vitae are document containing information about the past qualifications, experiences, Skills, competencies and achievements of an individual.

A resume is simple and concise while a curriculum vitae is more comprehensive in writing

A resume is a French expression which simply means “summary”, while a curriculum vitae is a Latin expression which simply means “course of life”.

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A resume is shorter in length, like 1 to 2 pages, while a curriculum vitae is longer, like 2 to 20 or more pages.

In writing resumes, references are not included while in writing a curriculum vitae, references are included.

In writing resumes, there are no much emphasizes on academic qualification, but in writing a curriculum vitae, academic qualification are always emphasized.

Resumes are used in applying for job positions, internship or taking part in a job fair, etc. while curriculum vitae are used mostly in the application of academic position, advanced research, fellowship, etc.

Resumes are mostly modified according to job openings, while curriculum vitae is the same for all jobs.

Resumes emphasizes on one’s contribution, that is, how your work made a difference in your previous or present work places, while curriculum vitae emphasizes on expertise, that is; what skills makes you an expert in a particular field of study/work.

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In resumes writing, education is mentioned after all your experience are written down, while in curriculum vitae, education is mentioned at the top to capture your recruiter’s attention.

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