How long, or how do I arrange my resume/ curriculum vitae

How long should my resume/ curriculum vitae be?

There is no defined length for a resume/ curriculum vitae. A resume/ curriculum vitae varies according to your experience and professional qualifications. If you do not have a lot of professional experience, one or two pages are perfect, but if you have a lot of study and work experience, three pages are quite correct. Make sure you don’t pad up your resume/ curriculum vitae, because, if you do, you may end up losing an important job you are qualified for. If your resume/ curriculum vitae is only one or two pages, with precise details, then you are good to go.

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How should I arrange my resume/ curriculum vitae?

Generally, there are no static way to arrange your resume/ curriculum vitae, nevertheless, you can still arrange your resume/ curriculum vitae following this order;

Contact details

Opening statement

List of key skills

List of technical/software skills

Personal attributes/career overview

Educational qualifications

Professional experiences


Please note that your resume/ curriculum vitae should not always follow this same pattern, always prepare your resume/ curriculum vitae according to the opening of the position you wish to apply. That is to say; you should also tailor your resume/ curriculum vitae to show how your work experience specifically meets the needs of the job you’re applying for. Although you do not really need to change much, but you really need to make sure that your preliminary statement, your key skills, your personal attributes and any other that you need to grasp must relate to the job opening you are struggling for.

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