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What Type of Salesperson Are You?

What Type of Salesperson Are You?

What Type of Salesperson Are You? If you work in sales or want to pursue a career in the sector, having a good understanding of the different types of salespeople out there is essential. What type of sales person you are is made up of your personality type and the skills you have obtained and helps you reflect on what skills you might like to develop to become a more desirable employee in the sales sector.

So how can you find out what type of sales person you are?

What Motivates You?

Think about what motivates you when you’re working, for example is the requirement to meet strict targets keeping you on track and driven. On the other hand, it might be incentives or a great bonus that motivates you to achieve, or perhaps you’re just passionate about the product that you’re selling.

What Type of Salesperson Are You?

Are You Active or Passive?

You also need to consider how passive you are in your sales strategy. Do you tend to sit back and wait for the sale to come to you? This might make you more suitable for a retail sales position where you can allow customers to approach you, rather than a sales consultant role where you need to drum up business.

Building Relationships vs. Closing Deals

Some salespeople like to focus on building relationships with their customers, while others are constantly trying to edge them towards closing the deal. The ideal is mixture of the both, a good balance will help you to become a better-rounded salesperson and will most likely attract more sales.


“Sales are contingent upon the attitude of the salesman – not the attitude of the prospect.”W. Clement Stone


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