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How to Deal with Radio Silence

 How to Deal with Radio Silence

 How to Deal with Radio Silence. As a matter of fact, Waiting for interview feedback has to be the worst aspect of any recruitment process. I’ve heard recruitment and dating being compare before and when it comes to the wait for feedback, there are definitely a lot of similarities.

After a first date there is always that awkward wait when you’re stuck in limbo not knowing if your date is ever going call or they just had an excellent poker face that made you think it went well.

Interview feedback is exactly the same. I’ve worked with plenty of recruiters who are impossible to read meaning you never know whether you have impressed enough to get that offer.

So here’s what you should do to avoid radio silence.

Send a thank you note

The interview has ended but the hard work hasn’t. The second the interview is over head home and start writing a thank you note. Time is of the essence when it comes to a post interview note so don’t wait around. Make sure it’s in front of the recruiter within 24 hours.

A thank you note should be a reminder to a recruiter why you’re the right applicable for this role. Demonstrate your passion to work for this employer. Reflect on your interview and display how either the office tour or the description the employer provided has made you decide this is the right role for you.

In terms of dating I’m not sure this section translates. Maybe it’s not a great idea to send your date a letter detailing why your marriage material straight after the first date (that might come across too keen!)

Honestly assess the interview

After the interview you need to assess your performance. Like a footballer after game day review the footage and decide what went well and where you can improve.

Okay, so they is no video recording but think about your answers to each questions and the reaction of the recruiter. Were they engaged, did you build a positive rapport or discuss a future with the company then these are all good signs. Where the recruiter was distant or the interview ended quickly then this could be a sign the interview didn’t go to plan.

Career Side Kick have put together a list of signs the interview didn’t go well.

Send them a reminder

Ideally in an interview you’ll have established clear time frame when feedback can be expected. When it comes to that deadline feel free to check in with the recruiter to see what’s happening in the process.

It’s a balancing act when it comes to communication. You can do too much. A polite reminder by phone or email is completely acceptable, however several calls per day, followed up by emails and texts is just far too overbearing.

Remember you weren’t the only applicant for the job. It will take time for an employer to get back to every person who applied.

Pick up the phone and ask the question

The phone won’t ring just because you stare at it, pick it up and start dialling. Employers will be impressed by a candidate who is proactive and who takes the initiative to progress their career.

No one likes to be made to wait but when calling the employer don’t play the blame game. Yes, they should have called you within the time frame agreed in the interview but do try and give them the benefit of the doubt and remain professional in your tone.

Whether you’re dating or looking for interview feedback, never be afraid to make the first move.

Know when it’s time to walk away

If the weeks are flying by and there is still no response from the recruiter then although frustrating it might be time to walk away. An employer who is eager to have you on board won’t leave you up in the air without any updates.

Really consider if at this point the employer is presenting the behaviour you want to work with long term. If they can’t be bothered to pick up the phone or drop you an email then it’s unlikely they’re going to show commitment to your development and progression within your career.

Like a date who doesn’t call, there is plenty more fish in the sea.

 How to Deal with Radio
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