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Are You Ready To Go Independent?

Are You Ready To Go Independent?

Are You Ready To Go Independent? When you decide that working in an office for someone else is not for you, you are only at the beginning of your journey towards independence and self-employment.

However, there is a big difference between feeling fed up with your current job and being mentally and financially ready for a new professional challenge. Ultimately choosing professional independence might sound appealing and liberating – especially if you are stuck in an office that doesn’t fulfil your dreams – but it’s first and foremost a challenge. One you need to tackle effectively if you want to make a living under your brand or name.

The first question you need to ask yourself is whether you’re ready for this new life.

Don’t decide too quickly

The first piece of advice you need to listen to is to take your time to consider your options. Becoming your own boss doesn’t happen overnight, it’s important to make sure that your business idea is viable before you quit.

It’s never a good idea to resign in anger, as you risk burning all your bridge at your place of employment. There might be people who could help you in your future career or if the worse happens, you might want to be able to get back.


Are you planning a slow transition?

Most entrepreneurs and freelancers choose to ease into the independence path by starting their business while they are still employed. If your work contract doesn’t let you have independent professional activities, you might want to switch to a part-time contract that can guarantee a regular income while you build your company.

Look for part-time or temporary positions in your area, such as Pure Staff driving jobs, that are unlikely to require extra hours. This leaves you in charge of your spare time.


Outsource with experts from the start

Your business may require you to complete duties you’ve never performed before, such as managing a budget or filling your taxes, so it might be easier for you to rely on the experts to keep your affairs in order.

Additionally, you might want to find a business adviser to review your plan and strategy. Use expert knowledge to enhance your business experience and even learn a few handy tips. Ultimately, you need to accept that you can’t build a business on your own, take on board the advice of professionals.


Are you ready to handle the responsibilities?

Last, but not least, being your own boss means that you can potentially become someone else’s boss. The position doesn’t come without responsibilities. If you drive the company to bankruptcy, it’s not only your future that is at risk but also your teams. Your decisions affect other people and you need to be ready to handle these extra pressures.

Going independent is a professional adventure that can be extremely profitable. However, it’s an adventure that comes at a cost, namely financial stability. You can’t afford to cut corners to build your business quicker.

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