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You’ve Got One Chance To Write An Application 

You’ve Got One Chance To Write An Application

You’ve Got One Chance To Write An Application . As a matter of fact,,Sending your application is the first step to land your dream job. While a lot of candidates prefer to practice for their first interview and on how to impress the recruiter or the employer, many often forget how important their digital application is. Your CV and your cover letter are giving you your first chance to stand out and differentiate your profile from the ones of many other applicants. It’s not a matter of sending a standard CV with one click of a mouse and hoping for the best.

You’ve Got One Chance To Write An Application 

Don’t make your first impression the last

Your application is the first touch-point between you and your potential future employer. Does it need saying? The more you care about creating a quality document, the more chances you have of making it to the next recruitment step.

An online portfolio can get your CV further

Get the extra skills that make the difference

Naturally, every job has a set of skill requirements. However, it’s fair to say that additional skills can push your CV in the right direction. Soft skills and basics IT knowledge such as MS Outlook training can make a great deal of difference in an office job. You need to consider that most roles list the skills they need as a baseline that can be used for growth and improvement. Bringing additional knowledge and expertise is not just a way to impress an employer, but it’s about asserting that you are equipped to fit their wider requirements.

Write a cover letter that stands out

More and more candidates don’t send a cover letter because they’re trying to save time. It’s a lot quicker to send a pre-made CV instead of writing a customer letter to the recruiter. However, it would be foolish to believe that the cover letter is dead. Indeed, the letter can convince an employer to explore your profile further, and it’s a differentiator when all CVs are almost the same. Consequently, it’s important to let the employer know why your are interested in working for them and why you are a good fit for the role.

Do you have a portfolio?

When more and more candidates have their own website and share a link to it in their CVs, it is easy to embrace the digital movement and create a simple website that promotes your skills and expertise. As a professional,  you can build your portfolio online to showcase your most successful projects. In fact, a lot of employers prefer to see what you can do instead of just reading about it. So you can be sure that an online portfolio will be beneficial to your application.

Let your personality shine

What else can you put on  your CV to put your personality forward? Ultimately, skills don’t also make the difference between candidates, so you need to be smart when designing your CV. Discussing your volunteering activities can highlight a part of your personality that is positive for the role – you are ready to work hard to make things happen without being motivated by money. Similarly, if you speak foreign languages, it’s a good idea to mention it, as it means you’ve got a better grasp of international cultures and issues.

The bottom line is that you should take the time to tailor both your CV and your cover letter to each employer before clicking to send. You need these documents to convince a recruiter to meet you and take your application further. So make sure they are fit for the job!





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