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Types of Coworkers you Find in Every Office

Types of Coworkers you Find in Every Office

Types of Coworkers you Find in Every Office. As a matter of fact, Your work colleagues are basically your second family, you spend more time with them than anyone else and like any good family there is always some dysfunctional and interesting characters.

We all like to add to our resume that we are great at working with all types of people but honestly wouldn’t we all just prefer that everyone would have the same working style as us. Variety is definitely the spice of life but that doesn’t mean you have to be office besties with all your colleagues, nor does it mean you even have to like them all the time. Whether you like them or not, you’re stuck with them 8 hours a day/ 5 days a week.

Go into any office and I’ll guarantee you’ll come across at least one person who falls into each of these categories, so the big question is, which are you?

The Office Gossip 

How do they even know that? Your colleague who seems to know everything about everyone within seconds of something happening. They usually start sentences by declaring “I don’t want to gossip but


If you want to know what happened on the work night out or who’s on thin ice with the boss then they’re your go to guy. Often found walking around the office with a cup of tea, involving themselves in any conversation, the kitchen is more of their office than their actual desk.
TOP TIP: Never tell them anything you don’t want the whole team to know.

The Know It All 

In any office there is always that colleague who seems to come with the furniture, their knowledge of the company is unquestionably better than anyone else’s. They are basically the office directory.

Want to know that client’s name from 10 years ago or where an unused HR form would be, then they’re jumping out their sit to offer assistance.
Their desk is always surrounded by people asking for help and it seems like they have self-promoted themselves to some sort of office manager.

Problem Area: Whether you asked for their advice or not they’re going to give it.

The Foodie 

On the weekend you manage to survive the day eating your two or three meals, but when it comes to work for some unknown reason you need to eat your second breakfast, your morning snack, your lunch, your after lunch snack and a pack of biscuits in an eight hour period. Where does all that food come from? The office foodie that’s where, the person who has a draw filled with treats, only problem they lock their draws and guard that key with their life.

If you’re on a diet you need to be avoiding them like the plague because whether it’s cake in the kitchen or requesting that cheeky lunch time takeaway they are on board. Your bank balance and your waist line is telling you not to sit near them but everyone loves some comfort food when you’re having a bad day at work.

The Over Worker

They come in early and leave late and you’re never quite sure if they ever went home. Work comes above all else and there is never enough time in the day so don’t distract them with you ideal chit chat.


Don’t slack in front of them as they will definitely call you out, they won’t let you have a moment off when you’re on company time. Sometimes you wonder if they are just busy for busy stake and let’s be honest they might moan they have to do everything themselves but they don’t real want your help.

They love consuming their life with work and you imagine they spend their weekend waiting to get back into the office.

The Entertainer 

At school they were called the class clown and they haven’t really grown up since but when it comes to a stressful office, they are a breath of fresh air. When you need a break from those reports you know they can help you get in a whole lot of mischief.

They are the first to announce office Olympics or to start Friday drinks early. You’re relying on them to bring life to the party or in this case some fun to a boring meeting.

TOP TIP: If you have a deadline they are you’re worst enemy, they are doing anything to distract you from getting your work done.


The One Who Does Nothing

Secretly we all want to be them and we are pretty impressed by how they manage to keep their job despite the fact they seem to do absolutely nothing. They spend their time making tea, online shopping and plan their next holiday.

Also, They do the bare minimum but never seem to get called out.

They leave the office at 5 pm on the dot and make sure they have timed all their breaks to the second, not that they really need a break as work is one long break to them.




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