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 Tools to Keep you Organised at Work

 Tools to Keep you Organised at Work

Tools to Keep you Organised at Work. As a matter of fact, Have you ever needed to get a huge list of tasks completed at work but instead you can’t stop yourself from blankly starring at your computer screen?
You have all the right intentions to get that report completed by 12 but you need to make yourself a tea before you get started and if you’re going to the kitchen it would be rude not to make a round for the entire office and whilst you’re there you must catch up with Sandra, so you can see all her pictures from her holiday in Thailand. When you have done all that you promise you will get onto that report … that is if it isn’t too close to lunch. You might as well start after lunch if you can’t get it done beforehand.

The cycle of being too busy and far too unproductive continues

Being organised is a key skill required in any job; it is that word that goes into everyone’s CV but is rarely put into practise when you actually get the job. I think we can all agree that there is never enough hours in the day and your workload only ever seems to
increase; but can being organised really help you avoid those distractions and get the job done so you don’t have to end up spending your whole life at work?

Before you say you are already organised as you have a “to do list” then this post is all about the tools you need to really stay on top of your work and avoid just copying yesterday list as you never actually managed to get anything done.

Stop spending your time saying what you’re going to do and get it done

Now I’m definitely someone who needs a bit of help to stay organised at work and to be honest in life in general; so any tool that’s going to make that easier for me is something I need. Working from home, everything is a distraction – the telly is the big one, but even a loud car noise can turn me into a nosy neighbour so I need an iron tight organisational scheme if I am going to get anything done.


Keep Your Plan Online

If your current version of a to do list, is writing down anything and everything on a scrap of paper that you usually end up losing half way through the day then you need to get yourself a backed up system (one the dog can’t eat.)

Trello – Trello is a great tool to organise your work, especially if your job requires you to complete projects. If your whole team signs up then you can assign people jobs, check on the progress of the team’s work by using statuses (complete, in progress etc) and archive tasks that you can keep as a record of your work for future reference if needed.

It is great for indicating prioritises and keeping everything in one place so you can logon at work, home or on the go.

Procaster App – This app helps you complete your whole to do list rather than just doing those easier, quicker jobs that you prefer. It figures out why you are procrastinating and sets tasks and time limits for you to get things done. You can even review stats on tasks you have planned or completed.

Toodledo – Similar to Trello this is a tool to help you do more than just write a to do list, but track progress and time spent on individual tasks as well as assign tasks to other colleagues and store all information in one convenient place.

Avoid Those Distractions


If you are anything like me then that blue flash on your phone is the biggest form of distraction. You tell yourself you’ll just look so you can turn it off but already you’ve lost your flow because of an email notification or Facebook message that you weren’t going to read anyway. So these tools will do the self-control for you by blocking you from the distraction.

OFFTIME – This app helps you temporarily disable certain apps or communications so you can focus and spend your time getting the task in hand done. It also provides analytics on your phone usage to help you better manage and potentially reduce the time you spend on your device. You are in control of the restrictions but think what you could do with an hour of no texts, calls or app notifications.

AppDetox – Literally helping you take a digital detox. It can be used as a parental control app but it also enables you to block certain apps, so if you are obsessed with Instagram and can’t go 5 minutes without liking a photo this will help you go cold turkey.


Schedule Your Social Media

You don’t have to be obsessed with social media any more to have a presence online which is great if you want to promote your side hustle, your own business or the company you work for without being up all night tweeting. You can even schedule your Linkedin posts which is great if you are a job seeker.

Social Media tools usually have a limited free version and then after so long or so many posts require payment so if you don’t have the money to schedule take advantage of a freebie.






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