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Social Media Platforms to Boost Job Search

Social Media Platforms to Boost Job Search

Social Media Platforms to Boost Job Search. As a matter of fact, With 84% of employers actively recruiting on social media, it’s essential to boost your online apresence. Becoming more proactive in your job search.

If you’re still just sending off an application and expecting employers to come to you, then you’re definitely behind the times with your job search. Facebook is no longer reserved for stalking old classmates, your online profile can get you one step closer to landing your dream career. But Facebook isn’t the only platform that can enhance your career hunt.

Here are the 5 best social media platforms you need to be using to get yourself hired.


LinkedIn is the place to be if you want to accelerate your job search. With 563 million users, you can connect with like-minded professionals, recruiters, and even hiring managers. Where else can you get direct access to CEOs, directors and decision makers without having to get through those hard faced receptionists.

Be sure to optimise your profile before beginning. In the same way as when producing your CV, your LinkedIn profile should highlight your skills and experience. Reach out to ex or current colleagues and endorse them or provide them with positive testimonials. They’re then more likely to return the favour which will boost your profile.

Networking is a vital part of your job search. Connect with the right people and follow companies within the sector you’re looking to pursue. Put in the effort and research your chosen industry by joining sector specific groups, contributing to the discussion.

If your not a fan of networking then the old fashion method of reviewing job posts is a must. Whether searching directly on companies pages or using the job section function to sign up for alerts.


This is another social media platform with a dedicated job section, taking the fuss out of the application process.

You can now search for roles in-between watching endless short videos and liking your friends comments. I hear more and more that no one is using Facebook anymore but with 2.27 billion users, employers are still seeing the benefits of actively promoting themselves on Facebook.

A word to the wise-remember if you’re going to mix your Facebook profile with your job search, have a spring clean before you get applying. Make private what you wouldn’t want a potential employer to see. Then you’re free to start liking company pages, joining common interest groups and using your current friend list to help you get hired.


Your personal brand is definitely something you need to pay attention to. Social media sites such as Instagram allow you to showcase your skills to employers before you even apply for a role. Instead of just posting pictures of your drunken nights out or evenings in with a Chinese, consider adding pictures or stories that add value to your CV.

For example, if you’re a designer why not upload pictures that support your portfolio or if you’re a gym instructor post videos of a class or workout. Connect with brands/companies by liking or commenting on their posts. Using relevant hashtags to get you noticed. #jobsearch


Twitter isn’t only for Donald Trump’s rants it can be a great social media platform to share advice and guidance. By using hashtags you can freely open up a dialogue with recruiters or career coaches such as myself. Get a almost instant response from employers, showcasing your interest and motivation to pursue a career in their industry.

Consider adding links to your LinkedIn profile allowing recruiters to go to a platform that displays your work experience. Whilst there isn’t a specific section for jobs, search hashtags such as #hiring or #vacancy to find the latest job roles.


Whilst YouTube might not technically be a social media platform it could be a great addition to the career hunt. With hundreds of applications per job who has time to review countless CV’s. YouTube could be the answer to setting yourself apart from the competition. Video CV submissions are becoming more popular. With everyone having access to a smart phone, it’s easier than ever to upload your own content.

Why not upload a elevator pitch, demonstrating the skills and experience that make you the ideal candidate. But, if you’re afraid to get in front of the camera don’t give YouTube a miss. With over a billion users there are plenty videos out there that provide career advice and coaching. So next time you’re on the commute to work, get a bit of education that will excel your application.




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