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How Much Do Looks Matter At Work?

How Much Do Looks Matter At Work?

How Much Do Looks Matter At Work? There’s several factors that play a part in whether you’ll be successful in the job search. You’ve got your CV ready to be scrutinised by the hiring manager, and you’ve worn your Sunday best to come off as professional and capable.

How Much Do Looks Matter At Work?

But does how you look really matter in the job search? We all know they shouldn’t, after all just how well you’ve done your eyebrows that morning doesn’t factor into how capable you are. But humans are humans!

So in order to have the best chance for your next interview, we need to examine the idea that the way you look can be a factor in your job search success.  Interviews are always going to be nerve wracking. But as long as you’re outwardly confident, people will see you as an attractive candidate.

Good Looks Aren’t a Requirement

No matter the kind of job you’re interviewing for, nowhere in the job description will the term ‘good looks’ ever come up. It would be a discriminatory practice otherwise. A lot of flak would come down on the company’s back from both the law and the public. Not to mention you can’t objectively rate how attractive people are!

So don’t worry about whether the spot you woke up with is too visible. There are more ways to impress the interviewer than just how your face changes when you smile at them (but be sure to smile a lot!). Simply give yourself more of an energetic outlook and watch how the interview responds in kind to you.


Does it Depend on the Position You’re Going For

Research shows people who apply for front of house positions, roles as estate agents and anyone else who’s role requires them to present to an audience, tend to have looks factored more into the hiring process. Mainly due to the client or customer front facing aspects of the positions.

Not to mention women tend to get these positions more than men. It’s traditionally considered that the role of makeup can drastically change how ‘attractive’ a woman can be. Men can often wear makeup to work,  news anchors and TV personalities are constantly caked in foundation and concealer to look good in front of the camera.




‘Attractive’ People May in Fact Earn More

Would you consider your wage fair? Have you ever wanted to negotiate a higher price with your boss in the past?

But the issue doesn’t stop at big issues such as the gender pay gap. It’s also been found that those of us considered more “attractive” might just be outperforming in terms of wage –  which you can read up on right here.


Even Just Wearing a Suit Could Tip The Balance in Your Favour

If you’re someone who doesn’t place much stock in your looks, cranking your professional attire for an interview could benefit you in the long run. Having a sharp pressed blazer, will give you a professional appearance.

It’s the same reason defendants in court are always wearing suits. The idea behind the halo effect sums this up. Stating an evaluation about a person (e.g. they’re attractive) converts into judgements about their specific traits (e.g. they’re likeable.)


You Need to Fit the Part

If there’s a mandated uniform or requirement for how your hair is styled, you’re going to need a fresh and clean appearance to come into work with everyday. It’s just like the necessity of wearing aprons for restaurants or a police officer to wear the correct vest to identify themselves.

Fitting the part can only work once you’ve got the job. So why does this idea matter during the hiring process? It’s your skills and talents that make sure you’re ready to take on the position you’re applying for.

And whilst we know this, we still need a professional appearances to be sure we present ourselves in the best possible way. So don’t turn up in a hoodie and some sweatpants.


Looks matter in the workplace, but not as much as believed. Work around this idea!





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