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How a Job Club can get you Hired

How a Job Club can get you Hired

How a Job Club can get you Hired. What was the last club you were a member of? You’re probably thinking back to high school where you were the football captain, a debating team wiz or theatre could have been more your bag. But as an adult, clubs aren’t the norm, maybe you’ve heard of a local book club or if you’re a high earner a country club could be more your speed.

But the club I am going to be referring to is a little different, there’s no join fee and all are welcome … a job club.

What’s included in the membership?

Job clubs are usually run by local councils, training providers or potentially non-profit organisations. They offer weekly or monthly sessions that cover a range of topics including advice sessions, interactive discussions and even services such as CV writing and interview techniques.
They’re really a one stop shop for all your recruitment needs (I’m fully aware that sentence sounds like a television ad campaign but I couldn’t resist the cheese!)
Whilst the advice is much needed and being proactive in your job search is essential, I promote job clubs more for the moral support and community they offer. Your friends and family are a great source of encouragement but nothing bets being able to discuss your job hunt worries, stresses or queries with someone who is in the exact same boat as you. Also, it’s another great way to build your network that could refer you to the right job.

Why should you sign up?

First reason, there is definitely more than one way to find a job so expand you search, but secondly and more importantly, it will give you the support system to keep going in your job search.
Let’s face it, finding a job is hard work! Why wouldn’t you want more people around you to help, give advice and generally just listen to you vent after another rejection.

Top 5 Tip to Stand Out

If you have never attended a job club previously there is some advice for a newbie to get the most out of the experience. Making it a positive addition to your job search. Employers, recruiters and career advisers may attend these groups. So although it’s about getting you interview equipped, you will need to be ready to impress at a moment’s notice.

Don’t just join the club, join the conversation

Be vocal in group discussions and interactive with the host and other members. Think “nobody puts baby in the corner” and get out there.

Ask Questions

There is never a stupid question. Just because you’re in a group setting doesn’t mean that you can’t get your question answered.

Be Prepared

Make sure you always have a CV to hand. An employer could be showcasing their vacancies so be prepared to apply.


Meeting new people can be beneficial when looking for that next career. So have a personality and make it like the first day of school and make some friends.

Be Proactive

There is a lot of expert help out there but I hate to break it to you, it’s only you that can get you hired so be proactive. Keep the end goal in mind – finding a job.

Where do I sign! 

Now that you’re ready to join the team, where do you sign up?

Job clubs are run in major cities to small villages so first stop is to check your local council website. You can also use everyone’s favourite source of knowledge … google. Simply type in “work clubs in ..” and a list of events, training providers and organisations will appear.
Job clubs are drop in events so you don’t have to commit yourself to regular attendance.

Become a member of your first productivity club … no cheap shots or dancing all night here!

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