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Career Driving You Around The Bend?

Career Driving You Around The Bend?

Career Driving You Around The Bend? If you’re someone that loves interacting with people, hates being stuck behind a desk all day, and wants to breaks out of the traditional corporate 9-5. Then lift share driving might just be the opportunity you have been searching for.

Before you can go through with such a significant decision such as changing your career. You need to familiarise yourself with the pros and cons.

Pro – The Money

A positive to working as a ride share driver is that you can make a decent amount of money for doing something that is essentially pretty simple once your set up. The actual take-home rate you get paid will differ depending on the location you work at, and the provider who you are operating under.

That is why it’s important to investigate things like how much money do Uber drivers make. After all, you will want to maximise your earnings.


Con – Car Wear and Tear

One of the big issues with this career is the wear and tear that your car can go through. It makes sense too because it will be driven all day, rather than sitting in the drive at home or in a company parking lot.

However, many people find they can earn enough to offset this cost. But this will depend on the hours and locations you choose to work.



Pro – Flexibility

Another aspect that draws people to a career as a lift share driver is the flexibility that it offers.  You get to decide your own hours and you can fit them around any other priorities you have.

Something that makes this type of career fantastic for those that have dependants or that have creative passions that they wish to dedicate time to. After all, in what other jobs could you get time off to go to your children’s school play, or go to the latest art exhibition without having to go through lots of red tape and negotiation.


Con – Insurance Increase

Before you quit your 9-5, it’s crucial that you consider the impact ride sharing will have on the cost of your car insurance. The reason being that your current cover probably won’t count for this type of work or so much driving.

You will have to take out more comprehensive and business insurance, which can cost you more. Something that will need to be factored into your take-home wage calculations.




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