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Career Coach really find you your Dream Job?

 Career Coach really find you your Dream Job?

 Career Coach really find you your Dream Job? If you’re struggling to get to the next stage of a recruitment process, then it could be time to get some additional career advice to kick start your job search. You don’t have to go through the process alone but weighing up the benefits of using a career coaches services can be a difficult balancing act.

These are the advantages and some of the disadvantages of using a career coach.

Can Career Coach really find you your Dream Job?


Expert Advice

Most career advisers will have a background in either recruitment or HR meaning that they’ve experienced hundreds of interviews, reviewed thousands of CVs and understand what employers are looking for in a candidate.

1-1 Support

There are several places to research interview techniques, CV writing tips and general career advice online but customising these methods to your individual requirements is a little harder.

A career coach will be able to adapt their support to match the jobs you’re want to pursue.

Providing tutorials on what skills are applicable to the industry of work you’re looking to apply to,

how to present your experiences and answering any of your career related questions.



Job searching can have an impact on your overall well-being and the longer it takes to find employment makes remaining positive a more difficult feet. A career coach can provide that extra encouragement you need to remain focused on finding work and help you overcome any rejection you may face.

Exploring your own strengths and presenting your most marketable skills can be challenging but having a third party review your experiences can help you recognise what traits will help you get employed.

You don’t need to blow your own trumpets with someone on your side who can let you know which skills to showcase.



The fees for career coaches can vary dependant on the types of sessions they offer and can potentially be in line with the level of experience the coach has. When you’re looking for work, have disposal income is normally not a luxury so is the cost really worth the outcome.

Always review prices of a variety of coaches to make sure you have been given a fair price and reflect whether this outgoing is worth the benefits of the service.

No career coach will guarantee employment at the end so there is an element of risk.

Ask if they offer a free first session,

this will give you an insight to if the coaching will be constructive to your job search needs.


Finding the Right Person for the Job

To get the most from a career coach, there needs to be a good rapport and connection between you and the coach. Everyone learns differently and coaches will have a variety of styles to support job seekers back into employment.

There is no assurances you will be the right fit for one another but this is where a trial run or consultation could assist you in finding the right person.

Just because a coach has all the relevant experiences or qualifications doesn’t necessarily mean they’re right for you, so shop around.



Like anything online there is an element of not knowing who it is you’re actually connecting with and when it comes to hand over your cash, you need to know that you’re talking to the real deal.

Look for any testimonials or reviews a coach has and be sure to do your research,

checking their LinkedIn, social media or even just googling them to see if they look genuine.

Whenever you’re handing over money, make sure it’s secure so look for the padlock just before the website to see if it has a SSL certificate. Also, don’t just hand over personal details freely,

consider using third parties such as Paypal to avoid the coach having access to your bank details and remove all personal information off your CV before sending across.






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