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4 Myths about Signing up to a Recruitment Agency

4 Myths about Signing up to a Recruitment Agency

4 Myths about Signing up to a Recruitment Agency. As a matter of fact, Recruitment agencies are everywhere and you’ll be hard pushed to complete your job search without crossing paths with a recruiter. It’s a billion pound industry with new agencies popping up every day. On one hand that should mean more choice and support for job seekers, but like any industry there are the good, the bad and the ugly. These are 4 Myths about Signing up to a Recruitment Agency.

4 Myths about Signing up to a Recruitment Agency

More On 4 Myths about Signing up to a Recruitment Agency

As a recruiter, my Linkedin is filled with posts about recruiters who go radio silent on their candidates and the nuisance calls about irrelevant jobs.So here are some of the most common myths about recruitment agencies that might not be quiet what they seem.



They take a cut of your wages

Recruiters obviously don’t work for free. And neither do recruitment agencies but that doesn’t mean they take a cut of your earnings. As a candidate any help you receive from a recruiter to find employment should be absolutely free.

So how do these agencies turn a profit? Well simply put the employer pays them, which is completely separate from you being paid your wages.

They are just for temporary jobs

This is a common misconception, recruitment agencies will usually support applicants find either temporary or permanent positions. So don’t rule them out if you’re only considering perm vacancies.

Occasionally, even temporary positions themselves will have a temp to perm arrangement. Be sure to ask the question before dismissing roles. Review the jobs available within an agencies, they maybe only involved in recruitment or they could also be your employer if you’re successful in the recruitment process.

They aren’t specialists 

Recruiters definitely do specialise and that’s not just in terms of employment contracts. Agencies offer specialist teams that will only focus on recruitment for specific industries. Research agencies online and pick the one that suits your skills set and the sector you’re applying to.

For example, as a recruiter I specialised in engineering positions, meaning I would support applicants interested in these types of roles. This gives a recruiter an insight into the industry and means they’ll be more aware of available roles.

There is plenty of choice – recruiters specialising in call centre work, construction, teaching or law enforcement and even recruiters who only recruit recruiters (there really is a recruiter for everything.)

They can’t help me 

If you’re searching on job boards you’re bound to come across a lot of roles that are only advertised by agencies. So why wouldn’t they be able to help? You might prefer the DIY approach but this could mean losing out on some fantastic vacancies. If you’re applying online don’t discount the recruitment agencies roles. You don’t necessarily have to register to get your CV seen by the employer.

Not only do recruiter’s promote vacancies, they could provide you valuable tips and advice on CV writing or interview techniques.


The elephant in the room

Now I couldn’t write a post about recruitment agencies without covering the subject of radio silence. I hear so often about poor service from recruiters. But whilst I sympathies, one bad recruiter doesn’t represents the entire industry.

Before working with any recruiter I’d suggest you investigate a little bit. Look at company reviews or testimonials and be open with the recruiter. Ask about how they will communicate throughout the process.



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