Project Manager at Tongyi Group

Project Manager at Tongyi Group

Project Manager at Tongyi Group. As a matter of fact, Tongyi – One of the group was established in 1997, since the establishment of the company, has been “good faith compliance, quality assurance, safety first” principle, the company’s main business areas including roads, bridges, tunnels, traffic engineering, municipal engineering construction, housing construction, Large-scale shopping malls, thermal power stations and technology development and consulting, testing and testing and other related auxiliary industries.

We are recruiting to fill the position below:

Job Title: Project Manager



Job Responsibilities

  • First of all, Organize and implement production plans as required.

  • Also, Supervise and inspect the implementation of the duties of each department, coordinate and handle the relationship between the teams and departments.

  • Also, According to the contract requirements and the instructions of the higher authorities, organize construction personnel and equipment to enter the market on time, and do a good job in the supply of materials and materials.

  • In-depth problem solving, handling quality and safety problems and other problems in construction, and achieving effective cost control.

  • Also,Responsible for the management, maintenance and deployment of mechanical equipment, and the full use of mechanical equipment should be effective.

  • Also, Do a good job in safe production and civilized construction.

  • Also, Responsible for coordinating and organizing the settlement of temporary incidents of the project.

  • Obey the unified leadership of the group company and follow other work arrangements and matters of the superior leadership.

  • Finally, The working place is in the territory of Nigeria, and the specific working place is subject to company arrangement.

Job Requirements

  • College degree or above, with engineering-related municipal engineering, highway engineering, civil engineering and other related majors;

  • Priority is given to the intermediate or above titles of the road bridge or the municipal or highway construction engineer qualification certificate;

  • 6 years of experience in municipal, road and bridge engineering management, at least 2 foreign construction projects and work experience in the same position.

  • Have a strong sense of professionalism and responsibility, and have a good team spirit and professional ethics.

  • Strong learning ability, good leadership ability, good communication and coordination of all parties involved in the project, and strong resistance to stress;

  • Strong communication and coordination skills, team spirit, strong execution, hard work and adaptability to frequent business trips.

  • with basic engineering site construction English communication skills, Nigerian project site engineering experience or skilled oral English, written ability is preferred.

Salary Treatment

  • Negotiable, according to the individual’s actual experience, ability and education; work 11 months a year, enjoy a paid holiday for 1 month.

  • After two years of work, the company provides domestic demand for five insurance and one gold.

  • The company is responsible for basic accommodation and food; the company is responsible for medical expenses due to public injury, except for diseases due to its own body.

  • if the outstanding person has other requirements, can be interviewed.

Application Closing Date
Not SPecified.

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should send their Applications to: using the Job Title as subject of the email.

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