Nigerian Police 2019 List of successful Candidate Under Abia State

Nigerian Police 2019 List of successful Candidate Under Abia State

Nigerian Police 2019 List of successful Candidate Under Abia State is out. Intuitively, this List is a free guide for all successful Candidate in Abia State. Furthermore, peruse to see your names. Similarly, Several Candidates where successful and you are to appear on your selected date at your center. Likewise, further Screening Exercise to empower your services for Nigeria is out. Look at your date.

Nigerian Police 2019 List of successful Candidate Under Abia State

Nigerian Police 2019 List for Further Training

Furthermore, the Nigerian Police 2019 List of successful Candidate has enlisted successful for Further Training. Likewise, this exercise will commence on Monday 1st July, 2019 and ends on Saturday 20th July, 2019. Any Shortlisted Candidate that fail to show up for screening in between the aforementioned period is Automatically Disqualified. Likewise, Shortlisted Candidates are to check their email (submitted during registration) for further details on the screening procedures.

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1 ABS/2019PC/1D00001A fq33hoc Aba North OSUSU ABA M ADIEZE CHIGOZIE 1st July, 2019
2 ABS/2019PC/1D00002B be3udkk Aba North Eziama F Agu Ugochi Juliet 1st July, 2019
3 ABS/2019PC/1D00003A h9cnuxr Aba North Ogbor F Egege Amarachi Ezindu 1st July, 2019
4 ABS/2019PC/1D00004B itqq9bl Aba North EGBELU OGBOR F ELEMBA GIFT 1st July, 2019
5 ABS/2019PC/1D00005A g6qfxf1 Aba North oboro M ibe nkechi oluchi 1st July, 2019
6 ABS/2019PC/1D00006B dfd9t85 Aba North OSUSU ABA F IKONNE ADAEZE PRAISE 1st July, 2019
7 ABS/2019PC/1D00007A d1flgjs Aba North ANYAUMUNNA F JOSEPH BLESSING FAVOUR 1st July, 2019
8 ABS/2019PC/1D00008B d5eoy3m Aba North UMUOLA EGBELU M JUMBO CHIEDOZIE 1st July, 2019
9 ABS/2019PC/1D00009A clplt51 Aba North Osusu Aba M Moses Progress Iroegbu 1st July, 2019
10 ABS/2019PC/1D00010B f6gjsw8 Aba North OSUSU F NELSON MARY UPOH 1st July, 2019
11 ABS/2019PC/1D00011A ccl5quc Aba North Ogborhill M NJOKU LUCKY OLUEBUBE 1st July, 2019
12 ABS/2019PC/1D00012B d3drij0 Aba North umuokenye Ovum M Nwagba Thankgod Gogo 1st July, 2019
13 ABS/2019PC/1D00013A gt7kqze Aba North Obete Nchina M OKEZIE CHUKWUEBUKA HILARY 1st July, 2019
14 ABS/2019PC/1D00014B d29g5fz Aba North osusu M OKONKWO EBUKA SAMUEL 1st July, 2019
15 ABS/2019PC/1D00015A e2znstb Aba North Eziama M ORJI JOEL ONYEKACHI 1st July, 2019
16 ABS/2019PC/1D00016B fvf8iwp Aba North Okpodu Amorji M Ufomba Udonwa Destiny 1st July, 2019
17 ABS/2019PC/1D00017A ghhgaen Aba North UmuoLA M Uzoma Princewill Chinwendu 1st July, 2019
18 ABS/2019PC/1D00018B f3tnqin Aba South Ndiegoro F Alozie Amarachi Chinonyerem 1st July, 2019
19 ABS/2019PC/1D00019A 5l5s3n Aba South UMUHU IKEM M CHINEDUM EMMANUEL 1st July, 2019
20 ABS/2019PC/1D00020B bbdqntr Aba South Umungasi M Dccc Gfff Fggg 1st July, 2019
21 ABS/2019PC/1D00021A bbzvoxz Isuikwuato Uturu F Okechukwu Hope Ukamaka 1st July, 2019
22 ABS/2019PC/1D00022B eru2pmk Aba South Oboda F Edward Roseline 1st July, 2019
23 ABS/2019PC/1D00023A f3izamn Aba South Aba South M EKPENI SUNDAY SUNDAY 1st July, 2019
24 ABS/2019PC/1D00024B hai9mmg Aba South Umuko M Emelogu Peter Martins 1st July, 2019
25 ABS/2019PC/1D00025A gp4x5ea Aba South Ohabiam M Ezike Emmanuel 1st July, 2019
26 ABS/2019PC/1D00026B ic9kgc7 Aba South EZIUKWU F IBEGBULAM ESTHER CHINYERE 1st July, 2019
27 ABS/2019PC/1D00027A cu3ieum Aba South AMASAA M IDEHO JOSHUA 1st July, 2019
28 ABS/2019PC/1D00028B bz398fq Aba South Omuma M IDOKO CHINONSO FRANCIS 1st July, 2019
29 ABS/2019PC/1D00029A bk3u7f3 Aba South UMUOKPOJI M ISDORE KELECHI ARTHUR 1st July, 2019
30 ABS/2019PC/1D00030B flywqg9 Aba South Eziukwu M NWAOKONKO WISDOM CHINEMEREM 1st July, 2019
31 ABS/2019PC/1D00031A gbddrld Aba South NDIEGORO F NWOSU AKUCHI 1st July, 2019
32 ABS/2019PC/1D00032B bbocyas Aba South AMA OGBONNA M OBAJI NJOK HENRY 1st July, 2019
33 ABS/2019PC/1D00033A cmixf6h Aba South OBOHIA M OFOEGBU UGOCHUKWU STANLEY 1st July, 2019
34 ABS/2019PC/1D00034B fgo5pb3 Aba South ABU UKWU F OKEKE GIFT ELISHA 1st July, 2019
35 ABS/2019PC/1D00035A dol92rv Aba South UMUNISII F OKORO HOPE IHECHI 1st July, 2019
36 ABS/2019PC/1D00036B en6cybn Aba South Asaokpo Aja M Ononaku Precious John 1st July, 2019

37 ABS/2019PC/1D00037A hpn49e7 Aba South Akoli M Onyembi Prince Giuseppe 1st July, 2019
38 ABS/2019PC/1D00038B hp379ln Aba South Umuokpoji F Prince Helen 1st July, 2019
39 ABS/2019PC/1D00039A bqtaks9 Aba South UMUAGHOROKU M UZOIGWE DANIEL CHUKWUEMEKA 1st July, 2019
40 ABS/2019PC/1D00040B iel3249 Arochukwu Abam M Agbam Okorie Otah 1st July, 2019
41 ABS/2019PC/1D00041A dj5bvr1 Arochukwu ISIMKPU M ALVAN HARMONY CHIDIEBUBE 1st July, 2019
42 ABS/2019PC/1D00042B dfhzfxw Arochukwu Eziama Ututu M Amah Lucky Obasi 1st July, 2019
43 ABS/2019PC/1D00043A czbp0bg Arochukwu Uguwakuma F Anicho Joy Nkechi 1st July, 2019
44 ABS/2019PC/1D00044B fv46a6e Arochukwu AGBAGWU M ANOZIE CHIDERA ISRAEL 1st July, 2019
45 ABS/2019PC/1D00045A fiyo4w3 Arochukwu Ukwuakwu Ututu M Azuma Emmanuel Okeke 1st July, 2019
46 ABS/2019PC/1D00046B igb5i38 Arochukwu OBINKITA M BENJAMIN PRECIOUS CHIADIKAOBI 1st July, 2019
47 ABS/2019PC/1D00047A dqo01vj Arochukwu Obinkita F Benjamine Eucharia Chinasa 1st July, 2019
48 ABS/2019PC/1D00048B 8dypzl Arochukwu OBINKITA F CHIDI AMARACHI EUNICE 1st July, 2019
49 ABS/2019PC/1D00049A fqdeh6f Arochukwu OBINKITA F CHIMA CHINYERE AMOKWE 1st July, 2019
50 ABS/2019PC/1D00050B e9rmh1b Arochukwu UGWUAVOR F CHIMA EZINNE 1st July, 2019
51 ABS/2019PC/1D00051A hy70te9 Arochukwu Amodu F Clement Agnes Paul 1st July, 2019
52 ABS/2019PC/1D00052B cs72n8y Arochukwu Atan Abam M Dike Dike Kalu 1st July, 2019
53 ABS/2019PC/1D00053A co3d658 Arochukwu Atani F Dike Chidinma Stellamaris 1st July, 2019
54 ABS/2019PC/1D00054B bueen3b Arochukwu Idima Abam M Eke Mark Chikwendu 1st July, 2019
55 ABS/2019PC/1D00055A gflbg7h Arochukwu Ujari Arochukwu M Ekubo Godwin Eni 1st July, 2019
56 ABS/2019PC/1D00056B dzt2zta Arochukwu AROCHUKWU M EKUBOM NDUBUISI NWAGUGO 1st July, 2019
57 ABS/2019PC/1D00057A iaxm3pp Arochukwu Agbagwu M EMMANUEL UCHE EZUMA 1st July, 2019
58 ABS/2019PC/1D00058B ek0cdym Arochukwu UTUGUGWU M ENYINTA DAVID CHUKWUEMEKA 1st July, 2019
59 ABS/2019PC/1D00059A bqu3too Arochukwu ATANI M EZEBUIRO OTUMCHERE 1st July, 2019
60 ABS/2019PC/1D00060B f3p0f45 Arochukwu Ugwuavo M Ezeh Sunday Lawrence 1st July, 2019
61 ABS/2019PC/1D00061A c7d860s Arochukwu Ugwuakuma F Ezuma Mary Emmanuel 1st July, 2019
62 ABS/2019PC/1D00062B hu297fq Arochukwu UGUAKAUMA F EZUMA MIRACLE OBILO 1st July, 2019
63 ABS/2019PC/1D00063A hxo9xly Arochukwu Amuvi M EZUMAH MICHAEL CHUKWUNEYE OKORONKWO 1st July, 2019
64 ABS/2019PC/1D00064B h4yccvo Arochukwu Umuhu Ezechi M FRIDAY IGWE DAVID 1st July, 2019
65 ABS/2019PC/1D00065A b6twmfv Arochukwu Atani Village M Friday Kelechi Chijioke 1st July, 2019
66 ABS/2019PC/1D00066B c5tob06 Arochukwu AMANGWU F IBEKWE DEBORAH CHISOM 1st July, 2019
67 ABS/2019PC/1D00067A egd4axw Arochukwu Idima Abam M Igwe Firday David 1st July, 2019
68 ABS/2019PC/1D00068B hb38n4c Arochukwu UTUTU M IGWE IFEANYICHUKWU OBASI 1st July, 2019
69 ABS/2019PC/1D00069A cwcyety Arochukwu Ibom M Ijoma Ihechukwu Okoro 1st July, 2019
70 ABS/2019PC/1D00070B fvbtele Arochukwu OBINKITA M IJOMA UCHENNA ABRAHAM 1st July, 2019
71 ABS/2019PC/1D00071A dhl7og5 Arochukwu OBINKITA M IJOMA KINGSLEY OKEREKE 1st July, 2019
72 ABS/2019PC/1D00072B ew0mu39 Arochukwu Amangwu M Inyama Matthew Sunday 1st July, 2019
73 ABS/2019PC/1D00073A gq7m100 Arochukwu AMAKOFIA UTUTU F IPIAWILLIAMS CHIDINMA 1st July, 2019
74 ABS/2019PC/1D00074B ddxzej3 Arochukwu Ndi Oji Abam M Iroegbu Daniel Okereke 1st July, 2019
75 ABS/2019PC/1D00075A in3qbju Arochukwu Arochukwu F ISAAC PRECIOUS 1st July, 2019
76 ABS/2019PC/1D00076B c1pyfh1 Arochukwu Arochukwu F Isaac Marita Jessica 1st July, 2019
77 ABS/2019PC/1D00077A f1v2ctu Arochukwu AMAFIA F JACOBS OGECHI SPLENDOUR 1st July, 2019
78 ABS/2019PC/1D00078B fz7owvt Arochukwu Ndi Ebe Abam M James Kalu Dike 1st July, 2019

79 ABS/2019PC/1D00079A bksh8qq Arochukwu Ndi Oji Abam M John Godswill Chizurum 1st July, 2019
80 ABS/2019PC/1D00080B bqv7gyq Arochukwu UTUTU F KALU ESTHER NWACHINEMERE 1st July, 2019
81 ABS/2019PC/1D00081A cpejqse Arochukwu Amankwu Ututu M Kalu Okeke Cletus 1st July, 2019
82 ABS/2019PC/1D00082B blatzlj Arochukwu IHECHIOWA M KALU OBED CHIGOZIE 1st July, 2019
83 ABS/2019PC/1D00083A geax20e Arochukwu Oza Abam F Kalu Pericous Eberechukwu 1st July, 2019
84 ABS/2019PC/1D00084B cm6p8r1 Arochukwu OZU ABAM F KALU PRECIOUS EBERECHUKWU 1st July, 2019
85 ABS/2019PC/1D00085A izpd80x Arochukwu OHAEKE M KALU MICHAEL IFEANYI 1st July, 2019
86 ABS/2019PC/1D00086B cwa9wui Arochukwu OHAEKE M KALU UCHENNA SAMUEL 1st July, 2019
87 ABS/2019PC/1D00087A ik1u0ru Arochukwu Obichie Okpo M Kalu Chibueze Ota 1st July, 2019
88 ABS/2019PC/1D00088B dyd9o33 Arochukwu obinto M KALU STEPHEN OKORO 1st July, 2019
89 ABS/2019PC/1D00089A f4s805e Arochukwu ACHARA M KALU ANAYO KELVIN 1st July, 2019
90 ABS/2019PC/1D00090B fylcl7s Arochukwu AROCHUKWU F KALU RITA EZINNE 1st July, 2019
91 ABS/2019PC/1D00091A h9rda0d Arochukwu NDIOJIABAM M KALU NDEM DIKE 1st July, 2019
92 ABS/2019PC/1D00092B bbm6pfh Arochukwu Amangwu M Kanu Chima Emmanuel 1st July, 2019
93 ABS/2019PC/1D00093A hfosndo Arochukwu Ihechiowa F Lawrence Joy Amara 1st July, 2019
94 ABS/2019PC/1D00094B hmao8u3 Arochukwu OBINKITA F Maduagwu Nwabuaku Okoro 1st July, 2019
95 ABS/2019PC/1D00095A ds5xtx8 Arochukwu AMASU M MADUKA VICTOR OKEREKE 1st July, 2019
96 ABS/2019PC/1D00096B fybuka9 Arochukwu Ndioji Abam M Ndem Success Uchenna 1st July, 2019
97 ABS/2019PC/1D00097A btzkt2h Arochukwu Ozu F Ndukwe Ifeoma Okorie 1st July, 2019
98 ABS/2019PC/1D00098B c750czq Arochukwu UTUTU M NLENANYA KALU EMMANUEL 1st July, 2019
99 ABS/2019PC/1D00099A b6qhkrk Arochukwu obikita M nnanna michael 1st July, 2019
100 ABS/2019PC/1D00100B hc4awxa Arochukwu Amuvi M Nwachukwu Samuel Chinwenwa 1st July, 2019
101 ABS/2019PC/1D00101A b9ik3b3 Arochukwu Amannagwu M Nwafor Henry Oji 1st July, 2019
102 ABS/2019PC/1D00102B fi1dif1 Arochukwu ATANIAGBO M NWANKWO UCHE GODSWIN 1st July, 2019
103 ABS/2019PC/1D00103A cousnor Arochukwu AMUVI M NWOKORO GODSWILL EGEONU 1st July, 2019
104 ABS/2019PC/1D00104B e6d39zr Arochukwu ATANI F NWOSU ESTHER CHINENYE 1st July, 2019
105 ABS/2019PC/2D00105A be51lda Arochukwu ATANI AROCHUKWU F NWOSU ESTHER CHINENYE 2nd July, 2019
106 ABS/2019PC/2D00106B h5ajmk0 Arochukwu Atani M Odoemenam Divine Favour Chinemerem 2nd July, 2019
107 ABS/2019PC/2D00107A h6ooegn Arochukwu Ihechiowa F Ogbonna Ogonna Cynthia 2nd July, 2019
108 ABS/2019PC/2D00108B ibfo98a Arochukwu Amodu Ututu M Ogbonnaya Emmanuel Kalu 2nd July, 2019
109 ABS/2019PC/2D00109A ddql98j Arochukwu Obinkita M Ogbonnaya Wisdom Nnanna 2nd July, 2019
110 ABS/2019PC/2D00110B d4i5p0l Arochukwu Obinkita M Ogbonnaya Chukwudi Stanley 2nd July, 2019
111 ABS/2019PC/2D00111A f7o85xd Arochukwu ACHARAIHECHIOWA F OGBONNAYA NKEIRUKA EMMANUEL 2nd July, 2019
112 ABS/2019PC/2D00112B bt29i7n Arochukwu Asaga F Okafor Chinelo Jennifer 2nd July, 2019
113 ABS/2019PC/2D00113A exq6n2k Arochukwu Ndi Oji Abam M Okamong Agu Kalu 2nd July, 2019
114 ABS/2019PC/2D00114B ijcn9nv Arochukwu ututu M Okeke EMMANUEL EBUBECHUKWU 2nd July, 2019
115 ABS/2019PC/2D00115A 5avxs1 Arochukwu Eziama Ututu M Okeke Uche Stephen 2nd July, 2019
116 ABS/2019PC/2D00116B dimq362 Arochukwu UTUTU F OKEKE CHINENYE JESSE 2nd July, 2019
117 ABS/2019PC/2D00117A dzf9o2i Arochukwu AMAGWU F OKEREKE CHIDINMA PRECIOUS 2nd July, 2019
118 ABS/2019PC/2D00118B eb4a6cv Arochukwu ASSAGA M OKEREKE IFEANYI MARVELLOUS 2nd July, 2019
119 ABS/2019PC/2D00119A brocbc2 Arochukwu ASAGA AROCHUKWU F OKEREKE SUNDAY NKECHINYERE 2nd July, 2019
120 ABS/2019PC/2D00120B e2zk7yd Arochukwu OBINKITA F OKEREKE LILIAN ULOMA 2nd July, 2019

121 ABS/2019PC/2D00121A d4nr9cx Arochukwu OBIENE M OKEREKE ONYEBUCHI OKORIE 2nd July, 2019
122 ABS/2019PC/2D00122B gkdwfde Arochukwu Auvi M Okereke Ugochukwu Augustine 2nd July, 2019
123 ABS/2019PC/2D00123A herut1n Arochukwu NDIOJIABAM M OKO ICHE MICHAEL 2nd July, 2019
124 ABS/2019PC/2D00124B dhezv7w Arochukwu Obinkita F Okorafor Blessing Moses 2nd July, 2019
125 ABS/2019PC/2D00125A g9vfgft Arochukwu Obinen Ututu F Okore Chinenye Itam 2nd July, 2019
126 ABS/2019PC/2D00126B bq21poo Arochukwu AMAKOFIA UTUTU M OKORE WILLIAMAS AZUMA 2nd July, 2019
127 ABS/2019PC/2D00127A bhnbbsj Arochukwu Ukwuakwu Ututu M Okore Archibong Okore 2nd July, 2019
128 ABS/2019PC/2D00128B b6mdncb Arochukwu Obomime F Okorie Ijeoma Favour 2nd July, 2019
129 ABS/2019PC/2D00129A f8s6u4v Arochukwu Obomime F Okorie Favour Ijeoma 2nd July, 2019
130 ABS/2019PC/2D00130B gogzzzq Arochukwu IHEOSU M OKORIE SAMUEL NZOPUTACHI 2nd July, 2019
131 ABS/2019PC/2D00131A ixke84o Arochukwu Ihechiowa M OKORIE OKECHUKWU AMA 2nd July, 2019
132 ABS/2019PC/2D00132B fo5x1rq Arochukwu OBINKITA M OKORO CHUKWUEBUKA 2nd July, 2019
133 ABS/2019PC/2D00133A ivft5dw Arochukwu Isimpku M Okoro Chinemerem Captain 2nd July, 2019
134 ABS/2019PC/2D00134B d4fxrlk Arochukwu Idima Abam M Okoro Toochukwu 2nd July, 2019
135 ABS/2019PC/2D00135A eq1wc8n Arochukwu AROCHUKWU M OKORO CHUKWUEMEKA ISRAEL 2nd July, 2019
136 ABS/2019PC/2D00136B f5r5zbr Arochukwu UTUGHUGWU M OKORO CHARLES 2nd July, 2019
137 ABS/2019PC/2D00137A e22wnrq Arochukwu utughugwu M okoro kingsley ikenna 2nd July, 2019
138 ABS/2019PC/2D00138B e9nttop Arochukwu OBINKITA M OKORO UCHENNA JOSHUA 2nd July, 2019
139 ABS/2019PC/2D00139A fvvuet0 Arochukwu Umuchi F Okoro Mary Peter 2nd July, 2019
140 ABS/2019PC/2D00140B h17hfha Arochukwu Obinkita M Okoro Kelechi 2nd July, 2019
141 ABS/2019PC/2D00141A dqgdsdd Arochukwu Amuvi F Okoro Gladys Ifeoma 2nd July, 2019
142 ABS/2019PC/2D00142B b7e8x1b Arochukwu Ibom F Okoro Moses Divine Lotachukwu Chioma 2nd July, 2019
143 ABS/2019PC/2D00143A d2denqd Arochukwu Atani M Okoroafor Emmanuel Okoro 2nd July, 2019
144 ABS/2019PC/2D00144B dmseqnt Arochukwu Ugwuakuma F Okoroafor Chinonyerem 2nd July, 2019
145 ABS/2019PC/2D00145A euqmyx9 Arochukwu Obinkita M Okoronkwo Emmanuel Sunday 2nd July, 2019
146 ABS/2019PC/2D00146B hpnijpb Arochukwu Ugwuakuma M Okoronkwo Desmond Chukwuemeka 2nd July, 2019
147 ABS/2019PC/2D00147A e1wwi2i Arochukwu Umuzomgbo M Okoronkwo Moses Chinaza 2nd July, 2019
148 ABS/2019PC/2D00148B dahbjhv Arochukwu Obinkita M Okoronkwo Ikechukwu Onyejuruwa 2nd July, 2019
149 ABS/2019PC/2D00149A geampww Arochukwu Amangwu M Olekanma Precious Chukwunonso 2nd July, 2019
150 ABS/2019PC/2D00150B gwz6jte Arochukwu asaga F Onuoha Ogonnaya Favour 2nd July, 2019
151 ABS/2019PC/2D00151A eniv1dn Arochukwu AROCHUKWU M ONWUCHEKWA EMMANUEL 2nd July, 2019
152 ABS/2019PC/2D00152B er7twms Arochukwu UJARI F ONWUZURUIGBO NNENNA 2nd July, 2019
153 ABS/2019PC/2D00153A gzbkfhi Arochukwu Amuvi F Onyeador Joan Eddy 2nd July, 2019
154 ABS/2019PC/2D00154B g966hfy Arochukwu AMUVI M ONYEIKE EBERECHUKWU KENNETH 2nd July, 2019
155 ABS/2019PC/2D00155A dajmq4v Arochukwu Atani Arochukwu M Onyekwere Wilfred Chukwunyere 2nd July, 2019
156 ABS/2019PC/2D00156B hie0uc8 Arochukwu AROCHUKWU M ORJI IFEANYI CHARLES 2nd July, 2019
157 ABS/2019PC/2D00157A b6oqpcw Arochukwu NDIOJI ABAM F OWOH PRISCILLIA UJU 2nd July, 2019
158 ABS/2019PC/2D00158B ffv13xx Arochukwu NDI OKAH ATANI M SAMUEL KELECHI FELIX 2nd July, 2019
159 ABS/2019PC/2D00159A ej48j3o Arochukwu Ujari F Samuel Rose 2nd July, 2019
160 ABS/2019PC/2D00160B if4h3sw Arochukwu Ihechiowa F Temple Beulah Chidera 2nd July, 2019
161 ABS/2019PC/2D00161A b6l25qh Arochukwu IBOM F THOMAS PAULIN CHINYERE 2nd July, 2019
162 ABS/2019PC/2D00162B hoi2p7u Arochukwu IBOM F THOMAS PAULIN CHINYERE 2nd July, 2019

163 ABS/2019PC/2D00163A 5cgh8u Arochukwu Ibom F Thomas Mary Victoria 2nd July, 2019
164 ABS/2019PC/2D00164B dwqhkon Arochukwu Umuchiakuma M THOMAS WISDOM KALU 2nd July, 2019
165 ABS/2019PC/2D00165A fd9f2v2 Arochukwu Idima Abam M Thomas Daniel 2nd July, 2019
166 ABS/2019PC/2D00166B fnzd93m Arochukwu Atani F Uwakwe Precious Chinemerem 2nd July, 2019
167 ABS/2019PC/2D00167A d18w5bg Bende Elugwumba M ABAH JOB 2nd July, 2019
168 ABS/2019PC/2D00168B fcojhw3 Bende Bende M ABEL FELIX JOHN 2nd July, 2019
169 ABS/2019PC/2D00169A dxvl2tu Bende OZUITEM M ADIM NMESOMA CHARLES 2nd July, 2019
170 ABS/2019PC/2D00170B idwfnzq Bende OZUITEM F ADIM GRACE CHIDINMA 2nd July, 2019
171 ABS/2019PC/2D00171A 48r7g3 Bende Igbere F Adule Erinma Gladys 2nd July, 2019
172 ABS/2019PC/2D00172B h8fzy4z Bende amankalu alayi M AGBAI IGWE GEOPHREY BONIFACE 2nd July, 2019
173 ABS/2019PC/2D00173A g9675ln Bende AMANKALU IGBERE M AGU MICHAEL SUNDAY 2nd July, 2019
174 ABS/2019PC/2D00174B gzrnymv Bende AMAEKPU ITEM M AGU DARLINGTON ONYEIKE 2nd July, 2019
175 ABS/2019PC/2D00175A fvhn2gf Bende NKPA UKWA NKPA M AGUBUCHE SAMUEL ABUMCHUKWU 2nd July, 2019
176 ABS/2019PC/2D00176B gnta9e6 Bende Akanu item M ajah sunday emmanuel 2nd July, 2019
177 ABS/2019PC/2D00177A cv1q32j Bende Ndiwo Itumbauzo F Alfred Beatrice 2nd July, 2019
178 ABS/2019PC/2D00178B i0v17pa Bende Igbere M Alioga Chukwunenye Johnson 2nd July, 2019
179 ABS/2019PC/2D00179A e89k0v6 Bende IGBERE M AMADI SAMSON JAMES 2nd July, 2019
180 ABS/2019PC/2D00180B hq3td1g Bende Umuokoro F Amaraejike Chizoba 2nd July, 2019
181 ABS/2019PC/2D00181A b3idj6l Bende Ubibia Amaba F Amos Ewezugachi Vivian 2nd July, 2019
182 ABS/2019PC/2D00182B bq05h8u Bende BENDE F ANARIO BLESSING ONYINYECHI 2nd July, 2019
183 ABS/2019PC/2D00183A c5x1ndd Bende Ntubi Ubiba M Anoh Stephen Ajie 2nd July, 2019
184 ABS/2019PC/2D00184B fd33o96 Bende UGWUEKE F ANTHONY MARY UCHECHUKWU 2nd July, 2019
185 ABS/2019PC/2D00185A bk22bt5 Bende Ozuitem M Anulobi Chukwuemeka Thankgod 2nd July, 2019
186 ABS/2019PC/2D00186B il10s3e Bende AMAOKWE ITEM F ANYASO DEBORAH IJEOMA 2nd July, 2019
187 ABS/2019PC/2D00187A h23kfmb Bende ARO OKPOROENYI M ARUKWE IZUCHUKWU SAMSON 2nd July, 2019
188 ABS/2019PC/2D00188B hjwhxnd Bende ITU MBAUZO M BONIFACE LIVINUS AKPAN 2nd July, 2019
189 ABS/2019PC/2D00189A hsf4uaa Bende ITEM TOWN F CHIBUEZE UGOCHINYERE FAVOUR 2nd July, 2019
190 ABS/2019PC/2D00190B cixfyp3 Bende Item M Chijioke Godswill Uchechukwu 2nd July, 2019
191 ABS/2019PC/2D00191A c1a2q3w Bende AMAEKE ITEM F CHIKEZIE OJIUGO COMFORT 2nd July, 2019
192 ABS/2019PC/2D00192B h4etlfj Bende Uzuakoli M Chinedu Onyekachi 2nd July, 2019
193 ABS/2019PC/2D00193A c7hzpw7 Bende ISIEKE OBILAJI M CHINWE NDUBUISI KENNEDY 2nd July, 2019
194 ABS/2019PC/2D00194B bomdamv Bende Amaokwe Item M CHUKWUBUIKE EMMANUEL ONOH 2nd July, 2019
195 ABS/2019PC/2D00195A fazjj83 Bende NTALAWU F CHUKWUDI HANNAH ADAEZE 2nd July, 2019
196 ABS/2019PC/2D00196B d0vms9a Bende OKOPEDI M CLEMENT OGECHI 2nd July, 2019
197 ABS/2019PC/2D00197A cjk5m8k Bende Ozuitem M Daneil Stephen N 2nd July, 2019
198 ABS/2019PC/2D00198B b97gm7d Bende Amazu M Daniel Barry Chinedu 2nd July, 2019
199 ABS/2019PC/2D00199A ddi7phr Bende OKOPDEI M DANIEL ERNEST NNANA 2nd July, 2019
200 ABS/2019PC/2D00200B ejspbwa Bende OKOPEDI VILLAGE M DANIEL PROMISE KALU 2nd July, 2019
201 ABS/2019PC/2D00201A d7lh7yl Bende Ozuitem M Daniel Stephen N 2nd July, 2019
202 ABS/2019PC/2D00202B dnafm9b Bende ITEM F DICKSON CHIDIMMA MERCY 2nd July, 2019
203 ABS/2019PC/2D00203A fdfnchu Bende ITEM F DICKSON CHIDINMA MERCY 2nd July, 2019
204 ABS/2019PC/2D00204B ele4vo7 Bende ITEM M DICKSON CHIDIEBERE BENJAMIN 2nd July, 2019

205 ABS/2019PC/2D00205A dls9qr8 Bende IGBERE M DIKE DANIEL NWACHUKWU 2nd July, 2019
206 ABS/2019PC/2D00206B dcdpljp Bende IGBERE F DIKE PROMISE NGOZI 2nd July, 2019
207 ABS/2019PC/2D00207A hku9hwc Bende AGBUIYI ANKPA F EBIBILA CHINEDU KENNETH 2nd July, 2019
208 ABS/2019PC/2D00208B dkx0zjq Bende NDIEKEUGO BENDE F EDWARD CHIAMAKA VICTORIA 2nd July, 2019
209 ABS/2019PC/3D00209A c05wln0 Bende OZUITEM M EGBOGAH EJIKEME EMMANUEL 3rd July, 2019
210 ABS/2019PC/3D00210B hmwo3lc Bende AMAUKABI M EGBUTA JONAH UKAEGBU 3rd July, 2019
211 ABS/2019PC/3D00211A d2qu1hi Bende Igbere M Egwuonwu Ukpabi Chidiebere 3rd July, 2019
212 ABS/2019PC/3D00212B gl1vowt Bende ITEM M EKE ONUOHA JOSEPH 3rd July, 2019
213 ABS/2019PC/3D00213A c7cidyr Bende AMAOKWE ITEM M EKE EMMANUEL CHINOYEREM 3rd July, 2019
214 ABS/2019PC/3D00214B cppws0y Bende AMAEKPU ITEM M EKE ONUOHA WILSON 3rd July, 2019
215 ABS/2019PC/3D00215A igs8kho Bende Item M Ekeh Emmanuel Abel 3rd July, 2019
216 ABS/2019PC/3D00216B cguwk86 Bende Agbomiri F Ekejiuba Ijeoma Harret 3rd July, 2019
217 ABS/2019PC/3D00217A cp1nf13 Bende OKPUTUNG M EKEKE CHINEDU MIRACLE 3rd July, 2019
218 ABS/2019PC/3D00218B gxzivxt Bende BENDE F EKEKWE EUNICE 3rd July, 2019
219 ABS/2019PC/3D00219A hf97jqj Bende Uzuakoli M Ekeleme Onyekachi Greatman 3rd July, 2019
220 ABS/2019PC/3D00220B hsj3izg Bende ISIALA BENDE M ELEBUO OKORO INNOCENT 3rd July, 2019
221 ABS/2019PC/3D00221A cfv95ja Bende Amaokwelu Alayi M Elekwa Jonah Onwukwe 3rd July, 2019
222 ABS/2019PC/3D00222B cqcz0z6 Bende Amaduekwu Nkpa M ELUIGWE VICTOR UCHE 3rd July, 2019
223 ABS/2019PC/3D00223A ci5iiao Bende Igbere F EMEH JENNIFER CHINWE 3rd July, 2019
224 ABS/2019PC/3D00224B bq5hlok Bende IGBERE M EMENIKE ANYIM GODSPOWER 3rd July, 2019
225 ABS/2019PC/3D00225A cykbxfd Bende AmabiaUgwuNkpa M Emeruo Chukwuemeka 3rd July, 2019
226 ABS/2019PC/3D00226B gilv13x Bende Akoli Imenyi M Emmanuel Thankgod Okereke 3rd July, 2019
227 ABS/2019PC/3D00227A dv2be1j Bende ITEM F EMOLE COMFORT OYIDIYA 3rd July, 2019
228 ABS/2019PC/3D00228B f7zh9c8 Bende MBUYAT M ESSIEN RAPHAEL GABRIEL 3rd July, 2019
229 ABS/2019PC/3D00229A beho0vm Bende Agbamuzu M Etim Anthony Ikwunze 3rd July, 2019
230 ABS/2019PC/3D00230B fr94nev Bende NTUBI UBIBIA M EUGENE UKACHI FRANK 3rd July, 2019
231 ABS/2019PC/3D00231A h37pev7 Bende Bende M Ewo Hotom Uguru 3rd July, 2019
232 ABS/2019PC/3D00232B etp4ltk Bende IBINANTA IGBERE F EZE EBERECHI AMAZING 3rd July, 2019
233 ABS/2019PC/3D00233A bokg8mu Bende ITEM M EZEIGBO INNOCENT EMMANUEL 3rd July, 2019
234 ABS/2019PC/3D00234B fiipopn Bende BENDE M EZINNA BENJAMIN CHIDIEBERE 3rd July, 2019
235 ABS/2019PC/3D00235A db97usn Bende ITUMBAUZO M FESTUS SAMUEL ONYEBUCHI 3rd July, 2019
236 ABS/2019PC/3D00236B g5r27u4 Bende NTUBI UBIBIA M FRIDAY IBEABUCHI 3rd July, 2019
237 ABS/2019PC/3D00237A cp1p8af Bende APUANU M GABRIEL JAMES O 3rd July, 2019
238 ABS/2019PC/3D00238B flx3huf Bende Umueze Amamba F Ibe Cynthia Oluwanifemi 3rd July, 2019
239 ABS/2019PC/3D00239A bn3dkqn Bende Igbere F Ibekwe Precious Amarachi 3rd July, 2019
240 ABS/2019PC/3D00240B bz6ccpg Bende Akanu Item F Igwe Grace Amarachi 3rd July, 2019
241 ABS/2019PC/3D00241A du5g1dh Bende Akanu M Igwe Chekwubechukwu Paul 3rd July, 2019
242 ABS/2019PC/3D00242B gg9d9c9 Bende Item M Igwe Onyedikachi Kingsley 3rd July, 2019
243 ABS/2019PC/3D00243A ixl12ag Bende Umuenyere F Iheke Mary Onyejieke 3rd July, 2019
244 ABS/2019PC/3D00244B fmnpqkq Bende Lohum Imenyi F Ihekwoaba Joy Uzoma 3rd July, 2019
245 ABS/2019PC/3D00245A gtz3zbr Bende Lodu Imenyi M Iheonunekwu Chukwudi 3rd July, 2019
246 ABS/2019PC/3D00246B decucas Bende Amagbo Ozuitem M Ikechukwu Victor Chiemerie 3rd July, 2019

247 ABS/2019PC/3D00247A camk5xf Bende UMUOKORO BENDE F IKWUAGWU DOMINIC N 3rd July, 2019
248 ABS/2019PC/3D00248B egjcrss Bende Okopedi M Inemkpo Ubon Peter 3rd July, 2019
249 ABS/2019PC/3D00249A imczh9w Bende UGWU NKPA F IROEGBU REJIOCE CHINWEOTITO 3rd July, 2019
250 ABS/2019PC/3D00250B grzxhss Bende Amaba Ubibia M Isaiah Chima 3rd July, 2019
251 ABS/2019PC/3D00251A gkkt93w Bende Ntubi F ISEH ULOMA GIFT 3rd July, 2019
252 ABS/2019PC/3D00252B itkcrvh Bende NDIEKEUGO BENDE M JOB MARTIN OBIOMA 3rd July, 2019
253 ABS/2019PC/3D00253A ikbpzh5 Bende Itubuzor M Joe Effiong Emmanuel 3rd July, 2019
254 ABS/2019PC/3D00254B gkoubxo Bende NKPA F JOHN NKEIRUKA CHARITY 3rd July, 2019
255 ABS/2019PC/3D00255A f44ifni Bende BENDE M john chijioke 3rd July, 2019
256 ABS/2019PC/3D00256B fvbwvpr Bende Umuhu Ezechi M John Ejike 3rd July, 2019
257 ABS/2019PC/3D00257A beq6srx Bende Igbere F Jonah Felicia Chidinma 3rd July, 2019
258 ABS/2019PC/3D00258B eg5nvob Bende AMABA M JOSEPH VICTOR NWANKWO 3rd July, 2019
259 ABS/2019PC/3D00259A ed5wzkn Bende Umuorie Bende M JOSEPH CHIBUIKEM FAVOUR 3rd July, 2019
260 ABS/2019PC/3D00260B bxx0aj3 Bende OKOPEDI BENDE F JOSEPH MARTHA 3rd July, 2019
261 ABS/2019PC/3D00261A ivjo1my Bende IGBERE F JOSEPH MARY CHIDINMA 3rd July, 2019
262 ABS/2019PC/3D00262B imrhztg Bende Igbere M Joseph Nwachukwu Victor 3rd July, 2019
263 ABS/2019PC/3D00263A hgnkq2a Bende IGBERE M JOSHUA AUGUSTINE CHINAEMERE 3rd July, 2019
264 ABS/2019PC/3D00264B idrve8q Bende Mpkoro F Kalu Ruth Ugomma 3rd July, 2019
265 ABS/2019PC/3D00265A invubhn Bende Igbere M Kalu Julius Chinemerem 3rd July, 2019
266 ABS/2019PC/3D00266B hr7s3zq Bende AMAOBA BENDE M KALU EKWUTOLAM 3rd July, 2019
267 ABS/2019PC/3D00267A h7h5zb2 Bende NKPORO UBIBIA F KALU CELINE NGOZICHUKWU 3rd July, 2019
268 ABS/2019PC/3D00268B gufal2v Bende NDIOKORIEUKWU F KALU KASARACHI 3rd July, 2019
269 ABS/2019PC/3D00269A igjedal Bende NDIOKORIE UKWU F KALU CHINYERE SARAH 3rd July, 2019
270 ABS/2019PC/3D00270B dqeylch Bende Achi Umuhu F Kalu Chidinma Mirrian 3rd July, 2019
271 ABS/2019PC/3D00271A h5edote Bende IGBERE F KALU FAITH CHINYERE 3rd July, 2019
272 ABS/2019PC/3D00272B izkwysl Bende ITEM F KALU BLESSING IJEOMA 3rd July, 2019
273 ABS/2019PC/3D00273A b91qcwy Bende AMABA UBIBIA M KALU ULOMA 3rd July, 2019
274 ABS/2019PC/3D00274B f9qtwyx Bende ISIEGBU BENDE M KANU EMMANUEL CHIJIOKE 3rd July, 2019
275 ABS/2019PC/3D00275A gu21x7f Bende ISIEGBU BENDE F KANU CHINYERE CHARITY 3rd July, 2019
276 ABS/2019PC/3D00276B f2d9vkd Bende uZUAKOLI F Kanu Onyenaturuchi 3rd July, 2019
277 ABS/2019PC/3D00277A d37gu3k Bende Ozuitem M Kennedy Nkemakolam Innocent 3rd July, 2019
278 ABS/2019PC/3D00278B ekz887a Bende okwoyi ibeku M lawrence Nnochiri sampson 3rd July, 2019
279 ABS/2019PC/3D00279A dofoovr Bende Imelyi M Maduabuchi David 3rd July, 2019
280 ABS/2019PC/3D00280B iqfvig7 Bende NGWU UZUAKOLI M MADUKA DANIEL CHIDUBE 3rd July, 2019
281 ABS/2019PC/3D00281A hstw4e5 Bende OKOPEDI M MBA KENNETH MAXWELL 3rd July, 2019
282 ABS/2019PC/3D00282B h6twg9i Bende IGBERE F MICAH BLESSING ONYINYECHI 3rd July, 2019
283 ABS/2019PC/3D00283A dxif81t Bende ITEM M MICHEAL IKENNA HENRY 3rd July, 2019
284 ABS/2019PC/3D00284B etkfudo Bende Itumbauzo M Ndom Isaac Theophilus 3rd July, 2019
285 ABS/2019PC/3D00285A cafo2qp Bende UZUAKOLI F NDUBUISI GIFT OKECHUKWU 3rd July, 2019
286 ABS/2019PC/3D00286B h1vlybc Bende UZUAKOLI F NDUDIM BLESSING EZINNE 3rd July, 2019
287 ABS/2019PC/3D00287A gnr6hhi Bende UZUAKOLI M NDUDIM VICTOR 3rd July, 2019
288 ABS/2019PC/3D00288B c7t34my Bende Amaokwe Item M Ndukwe Harrison 3rd July, 2019

289 ABS/2019PC/3D00289A bbsj8yk Bende OKOKO ITEM F NDUKWE UGOCHI CHRISTIANA 3rd July, 2019
290 ABS/2019PC/3D00290B cgpl5gs Bende Uzuakoli M Njoku Maurice Francis 3rd July, 2019
291 ABS/2019PC/3D00291A eqy0lk2 Bende Igbere M Nlewechi Chikezie 3rd July, 2019
292 ABS/2019PC/3D00292B h637njm Bende NTALAKWU M NTEKPERE EYAKENO MICHAEL 3rd July, 2019
293 ABS/2019PC/3D00293A hfk6fj7 Bende ETITI ULO M NWANKWO TOCHUKWU ONYEKWERE 3rd July, 2019
294 ABS/2019PC/3D00294B bes3po6 Bende UMUHU EZECHI F NWANKWO ANN CHIAMAKA 3rd July, 2019
295 ABS/2019PC/3D00295A ga3kx1t Bende Item M Nwokeocha Kelechi Stephen 3rd July, 2019
296 ABS/2019PC/3D00296B f8v8vm2 Bende Okoko Item M Nwokeocha Maxwell Mba 3rd July, 2019
297 ABS/2019PC/3D00297A cc18ff1 Bende AGBOMIRI BENDE F NWOLISA PEACE OKWUCHI 3rd July, 2019
298 ABS/2019PC/3D00298B bw4tpb6 Bende Ubibia M Nyaudo Calistus 3rd July, 2019
299 ABS/2019PC/3D00299A b4bjxtt Bende AMAEKE ITEM M OBASI ONYEKACHI 3rd July, 2019
300 ABS/2019PC/3D00300B iwuzhw5 Bende Isiegbu Ozuitem F Obi Chioma Princes 3rd July, 2019
301 ABS/2019PC/3D00301A ipip2nh Bende Amaokwu item F Obineche Evelyn Okwuchi 3rd July, 2019
302 ABS/2019PC/3D00302B gt4ya1o Bende UmuImenyi F OBIOMA CHISOM VICTORIA 3rd July, 2019
303 ABS/2019PC/3D00303A crxqcvk Bende Nkpa F Ochiabuto Chijindu Precious 3rd July, 2019
304 ABS/2019PC/3D00304B dx511g0 Bende Ndiuwa ubibia M ODINAKACHI PATRICK 3rd July, 2019
305 ABS/2019PC/3D00305A blcfpfr Bende Ozuitem M Ogbonna Elijah Ikechukwu 3rd July, 2019
306 ABS/2019PC/3D00306B fsrvcrq Bende Okputon F Ogbonna Cynthia Chioma 3rd July, 2019
307 ABS/2019PC/3D00307A dw5x4az Bende OZIUITEM M OGBONNA UCHECHUKWU 3rd July, 2019
308 ABS/2019PC/3D00308B cgxj06d Bende NDIOKOROUKWU M OGBONNA MONDAY 3rd July, 2019
309 ABS/2019PC/3D00309A fw955vf Bende Aro Okporoenyi F OGBONNA EZINNE IFEOMA 3rd July, 2019
310 ABS/2019PC/3D00310B cdicgyp Bende ITEM F OGBONNA BLESSING NJIKEONYE 3rd July, 2019
311 ABS/2019PC/3D00311A h3pwj84 Bende Eziama Umuokoro M Ogbonna Paul Chinomso 3rd July, 2019
312 ABS/2019PC/3D00312B ewul426 Bende okopedi F ogbonna chioma abel 3rd July, 2019
313 ABS/2019PC/3D00313A 5qcu2u Bende Amaba M Ogbonna Azubuike Isaac 3rd July, 2019
314 ABS/2019PC/4D00314B bqu6732 Bende AMAOKWE ITEM M OGBONNA ANAYO EMMANUEL 4th July, 2019
315 ABS/2019PC/4D00315A dwdan6y Bende Akanu item F Ogbonnaya Gift Ugochinyere 4th July, 2019
316 ABS/2019PC/4D00316B bemfqxp Bende APUANU ITEM M OGBONNAYA FIDELIS JOHN 4th July, 2019
317 ABS/2019PC/4D00317A ijvovdp Bende Okporoenyi M Ogbonnaya Christian Sinclair 4th July, 2019
318 ABS/2019PC/4D00318B iixoosu Bende Ntalaku F Oka Favour Omini 4th July, 2019
319 ABS/2019PC/4D00319A gu2xj19 Bende Ibere M Okeke Innocent Chukwudi 4th July, 2019
320 ABS/2019PC/4D00320B h2a07oa Bende OKPOROENYI M OKEREKE IFEANYICHUKWU HARMONY 4th July, 2019
321 ABS/2019PC/4D00321A d26cjqr Bende ALAYI M OKEREKE EMMANUEL NKWACHUKWU 4th July, 2019
322 ABS/2019PC/4D00322B d9434eb Bende UBALAKA F OKIGBO PATRICIA UGOCHI 4th July, 2019
323 ABS/2019PC/4D00323A gve258t Bende IGBERE M OKOCHA EMENIKE VICTOR 4th July, 2019
324 ABS/2019PC/4D00324B gwliut9 Bende UZUAKOLI M OKORIE MICHAEL CHIZURUM 4th July, 2019
325 ABS/2019PC/4D00325A dzfjbcx Bende ALAYI M OKORIE EMMANUEL AGIANPUYE 4th July, 2019
326 ABS/2019PC/4D00326B b0z2r3y Bende Akaekwo F Okorie Ijeoma Gift 4th July, 2019
327 ABS/2019PC/4D00327A gnr9rsl Bende ETITIULO BENDE F OKORIE ANNA JEROME 4th July, 2019
328 ABS/2019PC/4D00328B cjhbtlh Bende Bende F okorie favour Amarachi 4th July, 2019
329 ABS/2019PC/4D00329A ftx772z Bende EZEUKWU ALAI M OKORIE IKENNA KALU 4th July, 2019
330 ABS/2019PC/4D00330B c83puiu Bende EZEUKWU M OKORIE SUNDAY 4th July, 2019

331 ABS/2019PC/4D00331A dtj8a9z Bende Igbere F Okorie Amarachi Esther 4th July, 2019
332 ABS/2019PC/4D00332B h7hb466 Bende ITEM M OKORIE EMMANUEL NDUBUEZE 4th July, 2019
333 ABS/2019PC/4D00333A egz5fv5 Bende OKOKO ITEM M OKORO ALPHA 4th July, 2019
334 ABS/2019PC/4D00334B iqgce2u Bende IGBERE M OKORO PAUL 4th July, 2019
335 ABS/2019PC/4D00335A iwzlkmi Bende Ntalakwu F Okoroafor Abigail Esoonu 4th July, 2019
336 ABS/2019PC/4D00336B cvnuj3g Bende Item M Okoroafor Sunday Okechukwu 4th July, 2019
337 ABS/2019PC/4D00337A h6kc462 Bende Awu ugwunkpa M Okoroafor Okechukwu Emmanuel 4th July, 2019
338 ABS/2019PC/4D00338B hjdjopu Bende NTALAKWU F OKOROAFOR HAPPINESS OZIOMA 4th July, 2019
339 ABS/2019PC/4D00339A b3oqap7 Bende Isiegbu Ozuitem M Okoronkwo Chinedu Stanley 4th July, 2019
340 ABS/2019PC/4D00340B dnqtdxz Bende OKOKO ITEM F OKORONKWO AMARACHI 4th July, 2019
341 ABS/2019PC/4D00341A e9rq56l Bende Amaokwe Item M Okpara Joseph Uchechukwu 4th July, 2019
342 ABS/2019PC/4D00342B d3tjbr5 Bende Ndiwo F Okpuu Chetachi Mathew 4th July, 2019
343 ABS/2019PC/4D00343A 5lpk9o Bende Nkpa F OLEKA GLORY 4th July, 2019
344 ABS/2019PC/4D00344B d7sqqyo Bende Ubibia Bende M Oliver Lawrence Uchechukwu 4th July, 2019
345 ABS/2019PC/4D00345A e280ct1 Bende OKOPEDI F OMEJE BLESSING OJALI 4th July, 2019
346 ABS/2019PC/4D00346B e34fnzn Bende Igbere F Onukwube Richfaith Chinanu 4th July, 2019
347 ABS/2019PC/4D00347A b3af86i Bende ITEM VILLAGE M ONUOHA JEREMIAH 4th July, 2019
348 ABS/2019PC/4D00348B fduashn Bende igbere F Onuoha Ezinne Margaret 4th July, 2019
349 ABS/2019PC/4D00349A gil2sqv Bende OKPUTONG BENDE M ONUOHA COLLINS OGADIMMA 4th July, 2019
350 ABS/2019PC/4D00350B bq0a9tl Bende UMUHU EZECHI M ONWUCHEKWA OKEIGBO DANIEL 4th July, 2019
351 ABS/2019PC/4D00351A ixpky8q Bende Amaeke Item M Onwuka Chukwuma Agu 4th July, 2019
352 ABS/2019PC/4D00352B itf7u6t Bende AKOLI IMEYI M ONWUMERE HENRY KELECHI 4th July, 2019
353 ABS/2019PC/4D00353A c39qs1q Bende Okosi ntalakwu M Onyeabo Hope Ariba 4th July, 2019
354 ABS/2019PC/4D00354B ixqnddi Bende Uzuakoli F ONYEBUCHI GRACE CHIDINMA 4th July, 2019
355 ABS/2019PC/4D00355A bqxmm7w Bende OZUITEM M ONYEBUCHI EMMANUEL EMENIKE 4th July, 2019
356 ABS/2019PC/4D00356B dnadl2f Bende NDIEKEUGO BENDE M ONYEMACHI CHINEDU CYRIL 4th July, 2019
357 ABS/2019PC/4D00357A b67o2lz Bende AMAOKWE ITEM M ORJI FRANCIS AGBAI 4th July, 2019
358 ABS/2019PC/4D00358B co4ldnx Bende NGWU UZUAKOLI F ORJI MERCY ONYINYECHI 4th July, 2019
359 ABS/2019PC/4D00359A ftir40y Bende Ntalakwu M Osondu Emmanuel 4th July, 2019
360 ABS/2019PC/4D00360B gbc0zv8 Bende AGBOMMIRI M OZURUONYE JOHN CHIBUIKE 4th July, 2019
361 ABS/2019PC/4D00361A d849oxt Bende AMABA UBIBIA M PATRICK DAVID IKPAFERE 4th July, 2019
362 ABS/2019PC/4D00362B cl0o655 Bende IGBERE F SAMPSON FRANCA NMECHA 4th July, 2019
363 ABS/2019PC/4D00363A h5t9urm Bende Aro Okporoenyi F SAMUEL NKEIRUKA FAVOUR 4th July, 2019
364 ABS/2019PC/4D00364B b7fkx36 Bende OKAI ITEM F SOLOMON OSINACHI 4th July, 2019
365 ABS/2019PC/4D00365A bh5t0xz Bende NDIUWA UBIBIA M SUNDAY CHUKWUEBUKA 4th July, 2019
366 ABS/2019PC/4D00366B fs1ohq6 Bende AMABA UBIBIA M SUNDAY STEPHEN 4th July, 2019
367 ABS/2019PC/4D00367A fo9bvyf Bende UGWUEKE M SUNDAY CHIKWENDU OBIAJURU 4th July, 2019
368 ABS/2019PC/4D00368B g8wo9sa Bende Amaba Ubibia M Thomas Chigozie Goodluck 4th July, 2019
369 ABS/2019PC/4D00369A hn0cg25 Bende NDIOKORIEUKWU F UCHE AGNES OLACHI 4th July, 2019
370 ABS/2019PC/4D00370B eqqbgty Bende OKAI ITEM F UCHE EZINNE AGU 4th July, 2019
371 ABS/2019PC/4D00371A id81haq Bende Ozuitem F Uchendu Joy Amarachi 4th July, 2019
372 ABS/2019PC/4D00372B fdx0pa0 Bende Ozuitem M Uchendu Emmanuel Emenike 4th July, 2019

373 ABS/2019PC/4D00373A gm90n4w Bende APUANU ITEM M UDEAGHA PRINCE AKACHUKWU 4th July, 2019
374 ABS/2019PC/4D00374B he7zuo4 Bende Ozuitem F Udensi Chioma 4th July, 2019
375 ABS/2019PC/4D00375A ijvwbno Bende ITUMBAUZO M UDOFIA SAMUEL AKPAN 4th July, 2019
376 ABS/2019PC/4D00376B gwzhkav Bende Agbozu M Ugochukwu Enyichukwu Emmanuel 4th July, 2019
377 ABS/2019PC/4D00377A e96n5mi Bende UMUHU EZECHI F UKAEGBU BLESSING CHINENYE 4th July, 2019
378 ABS/2019PC/4D00378B examupn Bende NKPA M UKANDU TOCHUKWU VICTORY 4th July, 2019
379 ABS/2019PC/4D00379A iktt266 Bende Item M Ukeje Ifeanyi Confidence 4th July, 2019
380 ABS/2019PC/4D00380B gjveuby Bende ITEM M UKO UCHECHUKWU BRIGHT 4th July, 2019
381 ABS/2019PC/4D00381A fwjkt8r Bende IGBERE F UKO OGWO IFEOMA GIFT 4th July, 2019
382 ABS/2019PC/4D00382B ihhqy94 Bende Bende M Ukoji Onyedikachi Precious 4th July, 2019
383 ABS/2019PC/4D00383A ej53qpw Bende Bende F Ukoji Chioma Joy 4th July, 2019
384 ABS/2019PC/4D00384B dbk0lnf Bende AMAOKWE ITEM M UKOMA JOHN CHINOMSO 4th July, 2019
385 ABS/2019PC/4D00385A cfurulr Bende NTUBI UBIBIA M UKPABI IFEANYICHUKWU C 4th July, 2019
386 ABS/2019PC/4D00386B huj8e2w Bende Umuhu Ezechi F Umezurike Chimechefulam Elizabeth 4th July, 2019
387 ABS/2019PC/4D00387A e7pxtel Bende NDIUWA M WILLIAMS IFEANYI 4th July, 2019
388 ABS/2019PC/4D00388B ingi3yu Ikwuano lolo M Adewale Femi huju 4th July, 2019
389 ABS/2019PC/4D00389A coz4q1u Ikwuano Oloko Oboro M Adibe Nnamdi Emmanuel 4th July, 2019
390 ABS/2019PC/4D00390B g6gskk4 Ikwuano Okwe Oboro F ADINDU AMARACHI MARGARET 4th July, 2019
391 ABS/2019PC/4D00391A ioac7kl Ikwuano Ahuwa Oboro F Agbara Gift Chihurumnanya 4th July, 2019
392 ABS/2019PC/4D00392B dgn2o6i Ikwuano ISIALA OBORO M AMAECHI TOCHUKWU EMMANUEL 4th July, 2019
393 ABS/2019PC/4D00393A fyht6r3 Ikwuano Ahuwa M Amos Chukwuemeka Christopher 4th July, 2019
394 ABS/2019PC/4D00394B buh7ion Ikwuano Okwe Oboro M Anyiro Uzochukwu Daniel 4th July, 2019
395 ABS/2019PC/4D00395A fl51dxy Ikwuano ISIALA OBORO M AUGUSTINE GIDEON ONYEDIKACHI 4th July, 2019
396 ABS/2019PC/4D00396B e3mrgav Ikwuano Ekwelu F Augustine Ifechimere 4th July, 2019
397 ABS/2019PC/4D00397A ey5ico4 Ikwuano Ariam Ala Ala F Azuogu Chinwendu Blessing 4th July, 2019
398 ABS/2019PC/4D00398B gjcdmmr Ikwuano itunta ibere M Azuonwu Promise Nkwachukwu 4th July, 2019
399 ABS/2019PC/4D00399A cdof3wd Ikwuano AMAOBA IME F AZUONYE CHIKAODINAKA FAITH 4th July, 2019
400 ABS/2019PC/4D00400B h3zqtlm Ikwuano UMUIGU M BENSON DAVID NDUBUISI 4th July, 2019
401 ABS/2019PC/4D00401A fu5bm28 Ikwuano Ndi Eke Okoro F Chibuzo Happiness Ijeoma 4th July, 2019
402 ABS/2019PC/4D00402B ctfpd44 Ikwuano UMUIGU OBORO M CHILAKA CONFIDENCE CHINEMEREM 4th July, 2019
403 ABS/2019PC/4D00403A 8i1fwf Ikwuano Nkalunta M Chinedu Favour Ifeanyi 4th July, 2019
404 ABS/2019PC/4D00404B ff022lm Ikwuano ISIALAOBORO F CHINKE FINEST OGADINMA 4th July, 2019
405 ABS/2019PC/4D00405A ipvs80m Ikwuano Amizi F Chinyere Golden Ogechukwu 4th July, 2019
406 ABS/2019PC/4D00406B h1cc0hp Ikwuano ISIALA OBORO M CHUKWUEMEKA DAVID ONYEIKE 4th July, 2019
407 ABS/2019PC/4D00407A boknq6a Ikwuano Ogbuebulla M David Henry Chisom 4th July, 2019
408 ABS/2019PC/4D00408B d7scjx2 Ikwuano Obuohia M Dickson Victor Chukwudike 4th July, 2019
409 ABS/2019PC/4D00409A czgg4zr Ikwuano Oloko F Dominic Happiness Chioma 4th July, 2019
410 ABS/2019PC/4D00410B bqu7duh Ikwuano umuozugwo oloko M ELUKA PRINCE CHINAEMEREM 4th July, 2019
411 ABS/2019PC/4D00411A f7lhpsz Ikwuano Umuozugwo M Eluka Emmanuel Chibuike 4th July, 2019
412 ABS/2019PC/4D00412B cfne43g Ikwuano UMUIGU F ELUWA CHINOMSO JUDITH 4th July, 2019
413 ABS/2019PC/4D00413A ecw8lu3 Ikwuano Isiala Oboro M Emeaso Chidiebube Prince 4th July, 2019
414 ABS/2019PC/4D00414B 5noupy Ikwuano Ntalakwu F Emmanuel Precious Chiamaka 4th July, 2019

415 ABS/2019PC/4D00415A dxzdhg9 Ikwuano Ihim Ibere M Emmanuel Johnson Chibuzo 4th July, 2019
416 ABS/2019PC/4D00416B dubzl8k Ikwuano Ndieke okoro M Eugene Peniel Ambrose 4th July, 2019
417 ABS/2019PC/4D00417A fcr19xh Ikwuano Umuozugwo M Ezema Promise Chinonyerem 4th July, 2019
418 ABS/2019PC/5D00418B iv9jr12 Ikwuano Amaoba Oboro M Ezima Nwachukwu 5th July, 2019
419 ABS/2019PC/5D00419A e3kpzd7 Ikwuano NDORO OBORO F EZIMAH QUEEN OGBONNAYA 5th July, 2019
420 ABS/2019PC/5D00420B 8dtrls Ikwuano Oboro M Ezitonye Isreal Ikechukwu 5th July, 2019
421 ABS/2019PC/5D00421A f3qbv8r Ikwuano OBI IBERE F FELIX OZIOMA TAIWO 5th July, 2019
422 ABS/2019PC/5D00422B f7tf51k Ikwuano Itunta M Francis Josiah Favour Chinemerem 5th July, 2019
423 ABS/2019PC/5D00423A ex7rjaa Ikwuano Amawom M Gbufor Ifeanyi Chikwado 5th July, 2019
424 ABS/2019PC/5D00424B cu5fnvo Ikwuano ISIALA IBERE M GODWIN ONYEKACHI VICTOR 5th July, 2019
425 ABS/2019PC/5D00425A f1bwkdr Ikwuano Nkalunta M Godwin Micheal Onyedikachi 5th July, 2019
426 ABS/2019PC/5D00426B drzyyjm Ikwuano Amawom Oboro M Ibe Onyemaechi Henry 5th July, 2019
427 ABS/2019PC/5D00427A b38dcux Ikwuano Itunta Ibere M Ibeabuchi Samson Okezie 5th July, 2019
428 ABS/2019PC/5D00428B e9b4h0m Ikwuano OBEAMA M IBEJI JOEL 5th July, 2019
429 ABS/2019PC/5D00429A ed0b4n4 Ikwuano Nkalunta F Ibelachi Veronica 5th July, 2019
430 ABS/2019PC/5D00430B cscphae Ikwuano AMIZI M IFEMEJE VICTOR 5th July, 2019
431 ABS/2019PC/5D00431A ew91gsd Ikwuano UNUOZIGBO OLOKO F IFENKWE RUTH CHINEYE 5th July, 2019
432 ABS/2019PC/5D00432B glbzxcs Ikwuano umugo oloko M igbe nnaemeka ephraim 5th July, 2019
433 ABS/2019PC/5D00433A d26t6f9 Ikwuano umugo oloko M igbe ebenezer chiemerie 5th July, 2019
434 ABS/2019PC/5D00434B fm9rp89 Ikwuano Ahabaukwu M Iheanyi Chibuike Caleb 5th July, 2019
435 ABS/2019PC/5D00435A bhrjfjz Ikwuano Ariam Ala Ala F IHEJIOFOR CHIAMAKA 5th July, 2019
436 ABS/2019PC/5D00436B cgopiz0 Ikwuano UMUGO OLOKO M IKE SOLOMON OKECHUKWU 5th July, 2019
437 ABS/2019PC/5D00437A bx1wp7h Ikwuano umuezeala M ikechi onyebuchi 5th July, 2019
438 ABS/2019PC/5D00438B hsfqetg Ikwuano UMUOHU M IKWUONWU DANIEL EZENWA 5th July, 2019
439 ABS/2019PC/5D00439A gqsnric Ikwuano INYILA F IMEBUOGU NKEIRUKA IFEOMA 5th July, 2019
440 ABS/2019PC/5D00440B g5l74sa Ikwuano Umusoko F Innocent Nwanyimma Precious 5th July, 2019
441 ABS/2019PC/5D00441A iubhxnh Ikwuano ARIAM F IROHA CHIZARAM BLESSING 5th July, 2019
442 ABS/2019PC/5D00442B e2232i2 Ikwuano Okwe M IROLE UCHENNA JUSTICE 5th July, 2019
443 ABS/2019PC/5D00443A b28dmyp Ikwuano NNONO OBORO M ISINGUZO HOPE MADUKAKU 5th July, 2019
444 ABS/2019PC/5D00444B f42w6hf Ikwuano NNONO OBORO M ISINGUZO NELSON CHIMEREMEZE 5th July, 2019
445 ABS/2019PC/5D00445A fso7x0s Ikwuano NNONO F JOSEPH GIFT ISINGUZO 5th July, 2019
446 ABS/2019PC/5D00446B fef6h79 Ikwuano Okweukwu M Kanu Onyenaturuchi 5th July, 2019
447 ABS/2019PC/5D00447A c7kserw Ikwuano NDORO OBORO M KANU INNOCENT CHUKWUDI 5th July, 2019
448 ABS/2019PC/5D00448B hevrykr Ikwuano Nchara Oloko F Mebirim Imaobong Ejikeme 5th July, 2019
449 ABS/2019PC/5D00449A fprbeg7 Ikwuano Isiala oboro M Mpama Uchechukwu Derick 5th July, 2019
450 ABS/2019PC/5D00450B gnl1n2i Ikwuano Okwe ukwu oboro F Mpamugo Stella Onyinyechi 5th July, 2019
451 ABS/2019PC/5D00451A iq8haac Ikwuano Usaka Ukwa M Nathaniel Sunday Chidiebere 5th July, 2019
452 ABS/2019PC/5D00452B dosxney Ikwuano Oboro F NDUBUISI MARVELLOUS AKACHI 5th July, 2019
453 ABS/2019PC/5D00453A dt248f0 Ikwuano Ahwura Oboro F NDUBUISI CHIDINMA 5th July, 2019
454 ABS/2019PC/5D00454B g2sgb2w Ikwuano UMUEZEALAIKEMBA F NDUKA IHECHI 5th July, 2019
455 ABS/2019PC/5D00455A hs9ehmq Ikwuano Ahuwa M Ndukwe Kingsley Ikechukwu 5th July, 2019
456 ABS/2019PC/5D00456B dsyz9dc Ikwuano Ahabaukwu M Ngadi Chinwendu Rejoice 5th July, 2019

457 ABS/2019PC/5D00457A ekdj87y Ikwuano Umugo Oloko F Nnabueze Esther Ngozi 5th July, 2019
458 ABS/2019PC/5D00458B g2ehzdm Ikwuano Nchara M Nwagboso Uchechi Sunday 5th July, 2019
459 ABS/2019PC/5D00459A e2rkqju Ikwuano IKWUANO M NWAMUO IKECHUKWU HOPE 5th July, 2019
460 ABS/2019PC/5D00460B cdhbjut Ikwuano USAKA UKWU M NWAOZURU CHRISTIAN EKELEDIRICHUKWU 5th July, 2019
461 ABS/2019PC/5D00461A flksl0m Ikwuano Okweukwu M Nwaru Kingsley Ikenna 5th July, 2019
462 ABS/2019PC/5D00462B cdr5r5g Ikwuano Umugo Oloko M Nwaukwa Reuben Ndukaku 5th July, 2019
463 ABS/2019PC/5D00463A hjv8mcm Ikwuano OBUOHIA IBERE F NWOSU STELLA CHIHURUMNAYA 5th July, 2019
464 ABS/2019PC/5D00464B icwnvt2 Ikwuano usaka M NWOSU SUNDAY 5th July, 2019
465 ABS/2019PC/5D00465A b4bioii Ikwuano Okwe ukwu oboro M Obaji Ignatius 5th July, 2019
466 ABS/2019PC/5D00466B eg20jq0 Ikwuano Obugwu F Obi Adaeze 5th July, 2019
467 ABS/2019PC/5D00467A gbzgfae Ikwuano Ogbuugu M Obinwa Great Chinonye 5th July, 2019
468 ABS/2019PC/5D00468B epe1qto Ikwuano Amuzuoloko F Odoemelam Chinomso Mercy 5th July, 2019
469 ABS/2019PC/5D00469A fpsidap Ikwuano NDORO F OGBONNA TOCHI EUNICE 5th July, 2019
470 ABS/2019PC/5D00470B elagz7z Ikwuano Ndoro M Ogbonna Daniel 5th July, 2019
471 ABS/2019PC/5D00471A eodt9t8 Ikwuano Ndoro Oboro M OGBONNA UCHENNA PROMISE 5th July, 2019
472 ABS/2019PC/5D00472B f08zg7p Ikwuano Okweukwu F Okediwe Chinyere Ruth 5th July, 2019
473 ABS/2019PC/5D00473A ihyy5bc Ikwuano UMUDIKE F OKORO AMARACHI 5th July, 2019
474 ABS/2019PC/5D00474B cc4im5t Ikwuano AMAMOW M OKWUM CHIDOZIE LEONARD 5th July, 2019
475 ABS/2019PC/5D00475A gqsu85f Ikwuano OBUGWU F OKWUM NWANYIEZE 5th July, 2019
476 ABS/2019PC/5D00476B eydukgg Ikwuano Nkalunta F Onuoha Precious Chizaram 5th July, 2019
477 ABS/2019PC/5D00477A hr8lihi Ikwuano Ngwugwo Ibere F Onyeije Blessing Akudo 5th July, 2019
478 ABS/2019PC/5D00478B ddp3xti Ikwuano Umuigu Oboro M Onyekwere Joshua Kelvin 5th July, 2019
479 ABS/2019PC/5D00479A hxg84w9 Ikwuano Umuariaga F Onyemachi Eziahia 5th July, 2019
480 ABS/2019PC/5D00480B bxeglij Ikwuano umulu ibere F ONYEMUWA JOSEPHINE NNEDINMA 5th July, 2019
481 ABS/2019PC/5D00481A iegogxc Ikwuano OBORO M SAMUEL DAVID CHIGINDU 5th July, 2019
482 ABS/2019PC/5D00482B bxyzwu2 Ikwuano Ndoro M SIMEON CHIMEZIE 5th July, 2019
483 ABS/2019PC/5D00483A cl4w75f Ikwuano UMUARIGA M SMART UCHECHI 5th July, 2019
484 ABS/2019PC/5D00484B gcza1ra Ikwuano OLOKO PROPER M SUNDAY MIRACLE 5th July, 2019
485 ABS/2019PC/5D00485A hrhqfjf Ikwuano NCHARA M SUNDAY CHUKWUDIKE 5th July, 2019
486 ABS/2019PC/5D00486B begy1gq Ikwuano OBIACHARA M SUNDAY CHINAZOR 5th July, 2019
487 ABS/2019PC/5D00487A dfbuj6n Ikwuano AHABAUKWU M THOMAS UCHE FELIX 5th July, 2019
488 ABS/2019PC/5D00488B f6gama5 Ikwuano Ekebedi Oboro M Uche Chimaobi CM 5th July, 2019
489 ABS/2019PC/5D00489A hsusn85 Ikwuano ISIALA AHABA M UGOANI CHIKA ERIC 5th July, 2019
490 ABS/2019PC/5D00490B f8lcxa2 Ikwuano EKEBEDI M UGOCHUKWU CHIGOZIE 5th July, 2019
491 ABS/2019PC/5D00491A d99k515 Ikwuano Okweukwu M Ujah Justice Chikaodi 5th July, 2019
492 ABS/2019PC/5D00492B buusa0m Ikwuano okwe M Ujah Chikaodi Justice 5th July, 2019
493 ABS/2019PC/5D00493A iaigg6i Ikwuano oboni upah F Ukpabi Angela Amarachi 5th July, 2019
494 ABS/2019PC/5D00494B ijwlohm Ikwuano Umuohu Nnono M Ukpong Linus Nyong 5th July, 2019
495 ABS/2019PC/5D00495A cgve7fy Ikwuano Ariam ala ala F Umeh Chisom Happiness 5th July, 2019
496 ABS/2019PC/5D00496B b0qf21y Ikwuano AMABAIKPUTU M UWABUNKEONYE UGOCHUKWU FAVOUR 5th July, 2019
497 ABS/2019PC/5D00497A d4ef45c Ikwuano Fache M Uyo Chukwu 5th July, 2019
498 ABS/2019PC/5D00498B ej5ii4a Ikwuano Okweukwu M Uzor Ifeanyichukwu Sylvester 5th July, 2019

499 ABS/2019PC/5D00499A e3bfzqb Ikwuano UMUARIAGA M UZOR MAGNUS CHIGOZIE 5th July, 2019
500 ABS/2019PC/5D00500B et5bv80 Isiala Ngwa North Nbawsi M Adiele Stanley Chinweikpe 5th July, 2019
501 ABS/2019PC/5D00501A h6oc4y6 Isiala Ngwa North Umunka M Agomuo Thankgod C 5th July, 2019
502 ABS/2019PC/5D00502B b9dsdte Isiala Ngwa North Umunka M Agomuo Thankgod Chibuisi 5th July, 2019
503 ABS/2019PC/5D00503A cfkhnrq Isiala Ngwa North Umunka M Agomuo Chibuisi Thankgod 5th July, 2019
504 ABS/2019PC/5D00504B e9k05dr Isiala Ngwa North Umunka M Agomuo Chibuisi T 5th July, 2019
505 ABS/2019PC/5D00505A csg2qpb Isiala Ngwa North Umunka M Agomuo Kingsely Zubiro 5th July, 2019
506 ABS/2019PC/5D00506B dv2m49u Isiala Ngwa North Umunka M Agomuo Kingsley Zubiro 5th July, 2019
507 ABS/2019PC/5D00507A hn1k8oe Isiala Ngwa North Umunka F Agomuo Chinonyerem Sandra 5th July, 2019
508 ABS/2019PC/5D00508B ffdw713 Isiala Ngwa North ABAYI M AGWUMBA VINCENT 5th July, 2019
509 ABS/2019PC/5D00509A igw41zp Isiala Ngwa North Eziama Ntigha F Ajuzie Silver Chimaobim 5th July, 2019
510 ABS/2019PC/5D00510B d5gw9rc Isiala Ngwa North nsulu M AKOBUNDU UWALAKA ANTHONY 5th July, 2019
511 ABS/2019PC/5D00511A f1qm8ng Isiala Ngwa North Umugwu Amaorji F Amalaha Blessing Nkeiru 5th July, 2019
512 ABS/2019PC/5D00512B bhp6cog Isiala Ngwa North Amaekpu F Amos Glad Nwanyichi 5th July, 2019
513 ABS/2019PC/5D00513A dgtjbsp Isiala Ngwa North Umuafor F AMUTA UGOCHI CHRISTIANA 5th July, 2019
514 ABS/2019PC/5D00514B hitg04q Isiala Ngwa North EZIALA NSULU M ANABA FELIX UZOMA 5th July, 2019
515 ABS/2019PC/5D00515A ddkn3si Isiala Ngwa North MBUBO NSULU M ANOSIKE IKECHUKWU CHINAZA 5th July, 2019
516 ABS/2019PC/5D00516B ivuv7xw Isiala Ngwa North UMUOSU NSULU M ANYIM GOLD OBIOMA 5th July, 2019
517 ABS/2019PC/5D00517A fsvk4u3 Isiala Ngwa North AHIABA OKPUALA M ARUNGWA OLUCHUKWU EMMANUEL 5th July, 2019
518 ABS/2019PC/5D00518B 8uusuc Isiala Ngwa North OHUHU NSULU M ARUNGWA CHISOM FAVOUR 5th July, 2019
519 ABS/2019PC/5D00519A cwi7z6g Isiala Ngwa North NGWA M AUDU NOAH 5th July, 2019
520 ABS/2019PC/5D00520B hvlfrar Isiala Ngwa North EZIAMA NTIGHA F AZUBUIKE EUCHARIA UCHECHI 5th July, 2019
521 ABS/2019PC/5D00521A g2zaqtc Isiala Ngwa North AHIABA OKPUALA F AZUNNA ANGELA CHINAEMENMA 5th July, 2019
522 ABS/2019PC/5D00522B iwo1526 Isiala Ngwa North Nbawsi F Azuonye Gracious Amarachi 5th July, 2019
523 ABS/2019PC/6D00523A eqh02nu Isiala Ngwa North AHIABA UBI M BEREMEME CHINWEOTITO INNOCENT 6th July, 2019
524 ABS/2019PC/6D00524B dwlhzo8 Isiala Ngwa North URATTA F BONIFACE VIVIAN NNEKA 6th July, 2019
525 ABS/2019PC/6D00525A ficdbhs Isiala Ngwa North EZIAMA OSUSU F CHIBUIKE OLUEBUBE DELIGHT 6th July, 2019
526 ABS/2019PC/6D00526B b0kj2yy Isiala Ngwa North UMUOSONYIKE M CHIBUIKE DANIEL UZOMA 6th July, 2019
527 ABS/2019PC/6D00527A eay8s2u Isiala Ngwa North UMUAWURU OSUSU M CHIDI IKECHUKWU DESTINY 6th July, 2019
528 ABS/2019PC/6D00528B b0ffswu Isiala Ngwa North AHIABA OKPUALA F CHIEMELA VERGINIA C 6th July, 2019
529 ABS/2019PC/6D00529A fi0mpml Isiala Ngwa North Amapu M Chiemezie John Chibuike 6th July, 2019
530 ABS/2019PC/6D00530B c7ihrd4 Isiala Ngwa North OKPUALA M CHIJINDU PRINCE NDUBUEZE 6th July, 2019
531 ABS/2019PC/6D00531A hsyq3s9 Isiala Ngwa North Agburuike M Chikezie Justice Justice 6th July, 2019
532 ABS/2019PC/6D00532B dbzhab5 Isiala Ngwa North isiokporo M CHIKEZIE ONYENATURUCHI 6th July, 2019
533 ABS/2019PC/6D00533A eucunn6 Isiala Ngwa North IHIE AUT COMM M CHIMA MELODY CHIBUZOR 6th July, 2019
534 ABS/2019PC/6D00534B hkidelu Isiala Ngwa North UMUOLIKE M CHINANU NZUBECHI VINCENT 6th July, 2019
535 ABS/2019PC/6D00535A ii6lqaz Isiala Ngwa North Nbawsi M Chinedu Miracle 6th July, 2019
536 ABS/2019PC/6D00536B hmm2s62 Isiala Ngwa North UMUOGELE UMUOSU F CHINEME CHINENYE SUSAN 6th July, 2019
537 ABS/2019PC/6D00537A ikbl127 Isiala Ngwa North NSULU F CHINKERE CAROLINE 6th July, 2019
538 ABS/2019PC/6D00538B g81kw62 Isiala Ngwa North UMUEZEGU NSULU M DANDY UGOCHUKWU 6th July, 2019
539 ABS/2019PC/6D00539A cgu09vf Isiala Ngwa North NGWA NORTH F DAVID MARVELOUS CHIDIEBERE 6th July, 2019
540 ABS/2019PC/6D00540B hkyv651 Isiala Ngwa North Osusu M Dike Kelvin Chijioke 6th July, 2019

541 ABS/2019PC/6D00541A bhu44oz Isiala Ngwa North Amaputa M Dominic Godswill Chibuike 6th July, 2019
542 ABS/2019PC/6D00542B d9mqx57 Isiala Ngwa North Nbawsi F EBERE RUTH CHINENYE 6th July, 2019
543 ABS/2019PC/6D00543A cjxmuig Isiala Ngwa North Ngwa Ukwu M Eberechi Godsgift Chimenka 6th July, 2019
544 ABS/2019PC/6D00544B in9z1t2 Isiala Ngwa North Umuapiti F Egwuatu Iheoma Favour 6th July, 2019
545 ABS/2019PC/6D00545A c79gzcd Isiala Ngwa North Ihie F Eleri Constance Justus 6th July, 2019
546 ABS/2019PC/6D00546B bbmdk06 Isiala Ngwa North UMUNACHI NTIGHA M ELIJAH CHUKWUKA KINGSLEY 6th July, 2019
547 ABS/2019PC/6D00547A f3zor8i Isiala Ngwa North NTIAGHA M ELIJAH VICTOR TONY 6th July, 2019
548 ABS/2019PC/6D00548B f7iuccc Isiala Ngwa North IHIE M ELIKEE ONYEYIRICHI PRINCE 6th July, 2019
549 ABS/2019PC/6D00549A eh60mk9 Isiala Ngwa North UMUAPITI M ELISHA GODSWILL ANECHE 6th July, 2019
550 ABS/2019PC/6D00550B ed4en4w Isiala Ngwa North UBAHA NSULU M ELUWA EZENWA 6th July, 2019
551 ABS/2019PC/6D00551A csbfjt1 Isiala Ngwa North umuala nsulu M EMELOBUM UGOCHUKWU 6th July, 2019
552 ABS/2019PC/6D00552B imefksb Isiala Ngwa North Uratra F Esindu Ogbonna Uchenna Judith 6th July, 2019
553 ABS/2019PC/6D00553A cu03x8d Isiala Ngwa North Avu ntia M ETTA JAMES JUNIOR 6th July, 2019
554 ABS/2019PC/6D00554B cyvhma6 Isiala Ngwa North UBOBO M EZE CHRISTIAN EMMANUEL 6th July, 2019
555 ABS/2019PC/6D00555A e93bckd Isiala Ngwa North UMUNGASI OSUSU M EZENWA GENESIS EZENWA 6th July, 2019
556 ABS/2019PC/6D00556B h5f9cug Isiala Ngwa North Umunkwota M Ezinwa PrinceGaius Chukwuebuka Anyatonwu 6th July, 2019
557 ABS/2019PC/6D00557A iqfrppx Isiala Ngwa North UMUEZE IHEORJI F FRIDAY PRECIOUS CHIZARAM 6th July, 2019
558 ABS/2019PC/6D00558B cp1ivqu Isiala Ngwa North IKPUTU AMAANO M GAD EMMANUEL EZENWA 6th July, 2019
559 ABS/2019PC/6D00559A g03ihoj Isiala Ngwa North Umuakwu M George Stanley Ugochukwu 6th July, 2019
560 ABS/2019PC/6D00560B bro039r Isiala Ngwa North MBUBO NSULU M GODWIN PROMISE CHIDIEBERE 6th July, 2019
561 ABS/2019PC/6D00561A d9eg913 Isiala Ngwa North Umuode Nsulu M Harrison Chinenye Friday 6th July, 2019
562 ABS/2019PC/6D00562B bbzbxs9 Isiala Ngwa North Isiala Amapu M Hycienth Amaechi Stanley 6th July, 2019
563 ABS/2019PC/6D00563A im6hg4i Isiala Ngwa North UMUEZEUKWU F IFEANYICHUKWU HAPPINESS CHIDIEBERE 6th July, 2019
564 ABS/2019PC/6D00564B h65bepk Isiala Ngwa North UMUAKWU F IFEANYICHUKWU ESTHER CHIOMA 6th July, 2019
565 ABS/2019PC/6D00565A gzai2cn Isiala Ngwa North umuawuru osusu M ihuoma stanley chizaram 6th July, 2019
566 ABS/2019PC/6D00566B ffjztjr Isiala Ngwa North umuala nsulu M IKECHUKWU MIRACLE AKACHI 6th July, 2019
567 ABS/2019PC/6D00567A dnytvt9 Isiala Ngwa North ABAYI UMU UGWU M IKEOKWU CHINAECHEREM RICHARD 6th July, 2019
568 ABS/2019PC/6D00568B gm4xmy7 Isiala Ngwa North MBUBO NSULU M IKPEAMA CHIEMELA PRINCE 6th July, 2019
569 ABS/2019PC/6D00569A beixn78 Isiala Ngwa North URATTA UMUOLEKE M INNOCENT CHINAZA NATHANIEL 6th July, 2019
570 ABS/2019PC/6D00570B fc59y29 Isiala Ngwa North UMUOSI EGBELU F INYAMA CLARA OGECHI 6th July, 2019
571 ABS/2019PC/6D00571A e6kyx4d Isiala Ngwa North UMUGO URATTA F ISAAC BLESSING CHETACHI 6th July, 2019
572 ABS/2019PC/6D00572B hcmbbbv Isiala Ngwa North OBIKABIA M ISRAEL CHRISTIAN ONYENKACHI 6th July, 2019
573 ABS/2019PC/6D00573A h1fmxt5 Isiala Ngwa North OBIKABIA M ISRAEL VICTOR ONYEDIKACHI 6th July, 2019
574 ABS/2019PC/6D00574B hpnirlp Isiala Ngwa North AMAORJI F IZUWA GOODNESS CHIOMA 6th July, 2019
575 ABS/2019PC/6D00575A eu7cyo3 Isiala Ngwa North AMAOKA VILLAGE M JAMES IHEANACHO VICTOR 6th July, 2019
576 ABS/2019PC/6D00576B g3bfd8v Isiala Ngwa North UMUOSU NSULU F JEREMIAH ESTHER 6th July, 2019
577 ABS/2019PC/6D00577A g272ov8 Isiala Ngwa North AHIABA OKPUALA F JIAKPONNA CHINONYEREM MELODY 6th July, 2019
578 ABS/2019PC/6D00578B b7da3ba Isiala Ngwa North ABAYI M JIM FELIX 6th July, 2019
579 ABS/2019PC/6D00579A f41qtxy Isiala Ngwa North AMUZU M JOB WISDOM NWACHINEMERE 6th July, 2019
580 ABS/2019PC/6D00580B fr3t8eh Isiala Ngwa North UMUALA M JOHN EMMANUEL UCHECHUKWU 6th July, 2019
581 ABS/2019PC/6D00581A gqheoj4 Isiala Ngwa North Ahabube umuala F John Chikaodi Beauty 6th July, 2019
582 ABS/2019PC/6D00582B d1bee41 Isiala Ngwa North UMUAKWU VILLAGE M JONATHAN VICTOR CHIMEZIE 6th July, 2019

583 ABS/2019PC/6D00583A dai6fc1 Isiala Ngwa North Umudeche F Joshua Janet 6th July, 2019
584 ABS/2019PC/6D00584B brh1amo Isiala Ngwa North Ubaha Nsulu M Leonard Chidi Nnaemeka 6th July, 2019
585 ABS/2019PC/6D00585A gk0akfr Isiala Ngwa North eziudo egbelu M LIVINUS EPHRAIM NZUBECHI 6th July, 2019
586 ABS/2019PC/6D00586B b6l7zgk Isiala Ngwa North Amapu Ntigha M Lukeson Promise Promise 6th July, 2019
587 ABS/2019PC/6D00587A g36og8q Isiala Ngwa North AHIABA UBI M MARCUS UGOCHUKWU 6th July, 2019
588 ABS/2019PC/6D00588B gs4nfbc Isiala Ngwa North Eziama Ntigha M Martin Chimereucheya Bright 6th July, 2019
589 ABS/2019PC/6D00589A edxh678 Isiala Ngwa North Mbubo Nsulu M Mejeh Uchenna Micheal 6th July, 2019
590 ABS/2019PC/6D00590B cwc4uhc Isiala Ngwa North AMAPU UMUBA M MONDAY JOHN CHINWEOTUTO 6th July, 2019
591 ABS/2019PC/6D00591A 8aeqan Isiala Ngwa North Umuakwu nsulu M Mpamah Nnaemeka Kindness 6th July, 2019
592 ABS/2019PC/6D00592B gxjg3p0 Isiala Ngwa North amapu ngwa M NDUKAKU JEREMIAH OLUCHUKWU 6th July, 2019
593 ABS/2019PC/6D00593A bogjb70 Isiala Ngwa North Umuakpiti F Njoku Sharon Ugochi 6th July, 2019
594 ABS/2019PC/6D00594B fiufz87 Isiala Ngwa North Obikabia M Nnabugwu Christopher Omerenma 6th July, 2019
595 ABS/2019PC/6D00595A ixt3cgv Isiala Ngwa North Umuezukwu Nsulu F Nnebuoh Juliana Chikaodinaka 6th July, 2019
596 ABS/2019PC/6D00596B g17almd Isiala Ngwa North ISIALA NGWA M NWACHUKWU CHIEMELA JOSEPH 6th July, 2019
597 ABS/2019PC/6D00597A fuv7lnb Isiala Ngwa North UMUALA NSULU M NWACHUKWU CHINONYEREM 6th July, 2019
598 ABS/2019PC/6D00598B hssmr3i Isiala Ngwa North EZIAMA OSUSU M NWADIKE AUGUSTINE CHIKEZIE 6th July, 2019
599 ABS/2019PC/6D00599A euqce06 Isiala Ngwa North umuode nsulu M Nwaeze kenneth Nwaobilo 6th July, 2019
600 ABS/2019PC/6D00600B itpt5wd Isiala Ngwa North OBIKABIA M NWAOBIA CONFIDENCE INNOCENT 6th July, 2019
601 ABS/2019PC/6D00601A gyucfzn Isiala Ngwa North Ihie M NWAOZURU CHINONYEREM HENRY 6th July, 2019
602 ABS/2019PC/6D00602B gm2q6q5 Isiala Ngwa North OMOBA M NWEKE EZE FRANK 6th July, 2019
603 ABS/2019PC/6D00603A gd3jpeu Isiala Ngwa North UBAHA NSULU F NWOGU STELLA EBUBECHI 6th July, 2019
604 ABS/2019PC/6D00604B dw0ohqi Isiala Ngwa North Umuode Nsulu F Nwogu Blessing 6th July, 2019
605 ABS/2019PC/6D00605A eibltk6 Isiala Ngwa North IHIE M NWOGWUGWU WISDOM CHIDOZIE 6th July, 2019
606 ABS/2019PC/6D00606B dav4wu5 Isiala Ngwa North umuogu nsulu M NWOKO IKPEAMAEZE ISAAC 6th July, 2019
607 ABS/2019PC/6D00607A eo4cdup Isiala Ngwa North Umuogu M Nwoko Ikpeamaeze Isaac 6th July, 2019
608 ABS/2019PC/6D00608B fsgef1y Isiala Ngwa North UMUOLIKE M NWOKO AUGUSTINE NWOKO 6th July, 2019
609 ABS/2019PC/6D00609A haa2g55 Isiala Ngwa North UMUAPITI M NWOKOCHA BRIGHT UCHE 6th July, 2019
610 ABS/2019PC/6D00610B f8k2qxr Isiala Ngwa North Osusu M Nwosu Uchechukwu 6th July, 2019
611 ABS/2019PC/6D00611A d9nym9r Isiala Ngwa North amachi nsulu M NWOSU CHUKWUEBUKA GODSON 6th July, 2019
612 ABS/2019PC/6D00612B bn9wuaj Isiala Ngwa North Ichi Ukwu F Obinna Juliet Chiamaka 6th July, 2019
613 ABS/2019PC/6D00613A ebrvusl Isiala Ngwa North Okpunnme M Obioma Chibuisi Anthony 6th July, 2019
614 ABS/2019PC/6D00614B b0mna7z Isiala Ngwa North MBUBO NSULU M OBIOMA CHICHEBEM JOHN 6th July, 2019
615 ABS/2019PC/6D00615A dszdlow Isiala Ngwa North Umuezegwu F Obioma Chinwendu 6th July, 2019
616 ABS/2019PC/6D00616B fox8lz2 Isiala Ngwa North Ntigha Umukalu M Ochor Nnabueze Joshua 6th July, 2019
617 ABS/2019PC/6D00617A haa3wy8 Isiala Ngwa North Amachi nsulu M Ochulorugo Kingsley Nkwachi 6th July, 2019
618 ABS/2019PC/6D00618B ctd2xz6 Isiala Ngwa North Isiala Nsulu M Odenigbo Charles Emeka 6th July, 2019
619 ABS/2019PC/6D00619A b3szlrh Isiala Ngwa North Amaekpu M Ogadinma Princewill Chiemela 6th July, 2019
620 ABS/2019PC/6D00620B hvmzijc Isiala Ngwa North Amusu F Ogbebe Lydia Sonia 6th July, 2019
621 ABS/2019PC/6D00621A g2urq53 Isiala Ngwa North Umuakwu nsulu F Ogbonna Onyinyechi Blessing 6th July, 2019
622 ABS/2019PC/6D00622B cqacn38 Isiala Ngwa North UMUODE NSULU M OGBONNA PRECIOUS UCHECHI 6th July, 2019
623 ABS/2019PC/6D00623A dp94elm Isiala Ngwa North Isiala Ngwa M Ogunnaya Chukwudi Lawrence 6th July, 2019
624 ABS/2019PC/6D00624B exrp5i0 Isiala Ngwa North AHIABA OKPUALA M OGUOBI RICHARD CHIEMELA 6th July, 2019

625 ABS/2019PC/6D00625A cfwbfwg Isiala Ngwa North AHIABA OKPUANA F OGUOBI GRACE UCHECHI 6th July, 2019
626 ABS/2019PC/6D00626B ee210fl Isiala Ngwa North AHIABA OKPUALA M OGUOBI SAMUEL ENYERIBE 6th July, 2019
627 ABS/2019PC/7D00627A iy91s2t Isiala Ngwa North OBIKABIA M okezie chinonso sunday 8th July, 2019
628 ABS/2019PC/7D00628B fvli84s Isiala Ngwa North umuigwe village M okezie nkasiobi isaac 8th July, 2019
629 ABS/2019PC/7D00629A ebnpggs Isiala Ngwa North AMAKPU NTIGHA M OKORIE SOLOMON 8th July, 2019
630 ABS/2019PC/7D00630B ilekrjx Isiala Ngwa North Ihieorji F Okpara Chidera Favour 8th July, 2019
631 ABS/2019PC/7D00631A hmv411f Isiala Ngwa North UMUNGASI M ONWUGHARA CHINONSO EMMANUEL 8th July, 2019
632 ABS/2019PC/7D00632B flwgei9 Isiala Ngwa North Avor Ntigha M Onwukaeze Donatus 8th July, 2019
633 ABS/2019PC/7D00633A caklxwy Isiala Ngwa North Agburuke M Onwunali John Peter 8th July, 2019
634 ABS/2019PC/7D00634B h8gwuf9 Isiala Ngwa North UMUALATA M ONWUNALI CHINWEOKE CHIMEREUCHEYA 8th July, 2019
635 ABS/2019PC/7D00635A fpea56m Isiala Ngwa North EZIAMA OSUSU M ONWUTEBE NZUBECHI 8th July, 2019
636 ABS/2019PC/7D00636B 5aav6b Isiala Ngwa North Eziama Osusu M Onwutebe Nzubechi Grant 8th July, 2019
637 ABS/2019PC/7D00637A e574uue Isiala Ngwa North Umuode Nsulu M Onyeamaechi Jensen Sunday 8th July, 2019
638 ABS/2019PC/7D00638B fo4cuoe Isiala Ngwa North Ihie F Onyedinefu Oluchi 8th July, 2019
639 ABS/2019PC/7D00639A b3agblv Isiala Ngwa North AMORJI F ONYEKWERE TINA EZINNE 8th July, 2019
640 ABS/2019PC/7D00640B ex7w5je Isiala Ngwa North NGWA UKWU M ONYEMA UGOCHUKWU AUSTIN 8th July, 2019
641 ABS/2019PC/7D00641A h3qg5kg Isiala Ngwa North UMUODECHE NSULU M ONYENACHI GOSPEL NWOKEOMA 8th July, 2019
642 ABS/2019PC/7D00642B enu839a Isiala Ngwa North URATTA UMUOBIRI M ORIRI GENESIS 8th July, 2019
643 ABS/2019PC/7D00643A h07l9qo Isiala Ngwa North UMUOSU NSULU M ORJI JOSEPH CHINATU 8th July, 2019
644 ABS/2019PC/7D00644B f1hl3kj Isiala Ngwa North Ubaha M Paul Chika Franklin 8th July, 2019
645 ABS/2019PC/7D00645A bhnaxkt Isiala Ngwa North AHIABAUBI F PETER CHIOMA FAVOUR 8th July, 2019
646 ABS/2019PC/7D00646B 4653xs Isiala Ngwa North AHIABAUBI F PETER AMARACHI PRECIOUS 8th July, 2019
647 ABS/2019PC/7D00647A e57p3j2 Isiala Ngwa North AHIABA OKPUALA M PETER BENNETH CHIDERA 8th July, 2019
648 ABS/2019PC/7D00648B emkr1bo Isiala Ngwa North UMUOBIRI M PHILIP OBINNA OSCAR 8th July, 2019
649 ABS/2019PC/7D00649A ixbjv3z Isiala Ngwa North UMUCHIMA F PROMISE JULIET GINIKACHI 8th July, 2019
650 ABS/2019PC/7D00650B gdpdej0 Isiala Ngwa North Umuakwu M Samuel Chiemela 8th July, 2019
651 ABS/2019PC/7D00651A brldrfa Isiala Ngwa North Amapunta F Stephen Chikanma Onyenweaku 8th July, 2019
652 ABS/2019PC/7D00652B 5onv5s Isiala Ngwa North OKPUALA NGWA F THOMAS AUGUSTINA ULOAKU 8th July, 2019
653 ABS/2019PC/7D00653A e0mqbkm Isiala Ngwa North AMUZU M TIMOTHY GODDAY CHINKEMKANMA 8th July, 2019
654 ABS/2019PC/7D00654B hthq70j Isiala Ngwa North ISIALANGWA M UCHE NNAEMEKA JOSHUA 8th July, 2019
655 ABS/2019PC/7D00655A ed0m6dw Isiala Ngwa North Okpodu Amorji M Ufomba Udonwa Destiny 8th July, 2019
656 ABS/2019PC/7D00656B gby5g7m Isiala Ngwa North AMACHI NSULU F UGORJI GIFT CHINONSO 8th July, 2019
657 ABS/2019PC/7D00657A glezxim Isiala Ngwa North Mbubo Nsulu F UGWUMADU IHUNANYA GLORY 8th July, 2019
658 ABS/2019PC/7D00658B d1ftkze Isiala Ngwa North AHIABA OKPUALA F UMUNNAKWE ONYINYECHUKWU FAVOUR 8th July, 2019
659 ABS/2019PC/7D00659A d0buw6j Isiala Ngwa North Ohuhu Nsulu F Uwasomba Mercy Ogechi 8th July, 2019
660 ABS/2019PC/7D00660B hm98jhv Isiala Ngwa North Ubaha Nsulu M Uzoigwe Chimezie Martins 8th July, 2019
661 ABS/2019PC/7D00661A b3qsy32 Isiala Ngwa North Umumiaukwu M Vincent Gospel Chinaza 8th July, 2019
662 ABS/2019PC/7D00662B bh48txu Isiala Ngwa North Umugasi osusu F Williams Nnenna Peace 8th July, 2019
663 ABS/2019PC/7D00663A gkdlwqo Isiala Ngwa North UMUNACHI IHIE M WOKOMA CHIBUZOR SAMROSE 8th July, 2019
664 ABS/2019PC/7D00664B egvwd8s Isiala Ngwa North UMUNACHI IHIE M WOKOMA UCHECHUKWU JUDE 8th July, 2019
665 ABS/2019PC/7D00665A cr2cq3s Isiala Ngwa South AGBARAGWU M ABEL LUCKY LUCKY 8th July, 2019
666 ABS/2019PC/7D00666B c7xb41r Isiala Ngwa South UMUOLE M ABEL LUCKY 8th July, 2019

667 ABS/2019PC/7D00667A cl9beh8 Isiala Ngwa South Umunkpeyi nvosi F Achumba Catherine Chinonso 8th July, 2019
668 ABS/2019PC/7D00668B ixly8i0 Isiala Ngwa South Ovungwo M Adindu Kingsley Udochukwu 8th July, 2019
669 ABS/2019PC/7D00669A doqsjsa Isiala Ngwa South NNEOYI M AGOMUO MUHAMMAD OBINNA 8th July, 2019
670 ABS/2019PC/7D00670B hiwf40z Isiala Ngwa South UMUOKIRI NVOSI M AGONMUO BENJAMIN CHUKWUDUMEBI 8th July, 2019
671 ABS/2019PC/7D00671A h1r9oqs Isiala Ngwa South Umuenere F AHUEKWE ODOCHI 8th July, 2019
672 ABS/2019PC/7D00672B hbx6szz Isiala Ngwa South UMUACHA M AJAEGBU CHIZURU GEORGE 8th July, 2019
673 ABS/2019PC/7D00673A c4k836z Isiala Ngwa South Umuihie F Ajiwe Onyinyechi Patricia 8th July, 2019
674 ABS/2019PC/7D00674B gp4p2uk Isiala Ngwa South Mbutu Ngwa M Akokwu Gospel Chiedoziem 8th July, 2019
675 ABS/2019PC/7D00675A gq2wwi3 Isiala Ngwa South MKPUKA M AKWARANDU JOACHIM CHIEMEZUE 8th July, 2019
676 ABS/2019PC/7D00676B hx3u6ce Isiala Ngwa South UMUEME F ALBERT UCHECHI JOY 8th July, 2019
677 ABS/2019PC/7D00677A dx501rj Isiala Ngwa South AMAIYI NVOSI M ALOZIE MELODY IKENNA 8th July, 2019
678 ABS/2019PC/7D00678B gvlvecb Isiala Ngwa South UMULE AMAKU M ANUCHA ISAAC IHUOMA 8th July, 2019
679 ABS/2019PC/7D00679A f1jj1uf Isiala Ngwa South UMUOSI M ANUCHA IKECHUKWU CHRISTIAN 8th July, 2019
680 ABS/2019PC/7D00680B g0alx41 Isiala Ngwa South UMOBA M APPOLOS BRIGHT UZOMA 8th July, 2019
681 ABS/2019PC/7D00681A igxcr9u Isiala Ngwa South Umuajuju F Azubuike Rita Uloaku 8th July, 2019
682 ABS/2019PC/7D00682B b69s84n Isiala Ngwa South Umuezeoche M Chibueze Michael Chibuzo 8th July, 2019
683 ABS/2019PC/7D00683A ej5kqxo Isiala Ngwa South UMUAPU F CHIDI BEAUTY SOPURUCHI 8th July, 2019
684 ABS/2019PC/7D00684B gqfviiw Isiala Ngwa South UMUAPU M CHIDI GREAT SOROCHI 8th July, 2019
685 ABS/2019PC/7D00685A dsy4qe8 Isiala Ngwa South UMUOJIMA MBUTU M CHIGBUNDU CHRISTOPHER SOMTO 8th July, 2019
686 ABS/2019PC/7D00686B c77u7r7 Isiala Ngwa South UMUEJEA VILLAGE M CHIJIOKE EMMANUEL KELECHI 8th July, 2019
687 ABS/2019PC/7D00687A f8eedyq Isiala Ngwa South Mbutu Ngwa F Chijioke Chioma C 8th July, 2019
688 ABS/2019PC/7D00688B g4iibej Isiala Ngwa South Umuokegbe M Chikwendu Faith Chinemenma 8th July, 2019
689 ABS/2019PC/7D00689A dkuxn0b Isiala Ngwa South Umuokegbe M Chikwendu Faith Chinemenma 8th July, 2019
690 ABS/2019PC/7D00690B b0yzmju Isiala Ngwa South Umuocheala M Chinasa Kevinson Chisom 8th July, 2019
691 ABS/2019PC/7D00691A hjcibml Isiala Ngwa South umugba F Chindu Angela Chinemeri 8th July, 2019
692 ABS/2019PC/7D00692B iwvbb3b Isiala Ngwa South UMUNKPEYI F CHUKWUEMEKA FAVOUR NGOZIKA 8th July, 2019
693 ABS/2019PC/7D00693A hb9k364 Isiala Ngwa South UMUNKPEYI M CHUKWUEMEKA PRECIOUS CHIEMERIA 8th July, 2019
694 ABS/2019PC/7D00694B g85ccd5 Isiala Ngwa South UMUNKPEYI M CHUKWUEMEKA JUSTICE CHIDERAH 8th July, 2019
695 ABS/2019PC/7D00695A gpomg2a Isiala Ngwa South Umuire Village F DANIEL JENNIFER IFUNANYACHI 8th July, 2019
696 ABS/2019PC/7D00696B declpq7 Isiala Ngwa South OBUBA NVOSI M DANIEL UGOCHUKWU BENJAMIN 8th July, 2019
697 ABS/2019PC/7D00697A i0rizis Isiala Ngwa South UMEKA M DANIEL DAVID UGOCHUKWU 8th July, 2019
698 ABS/2019PC/7D00698B gxdgzer Isiala Ngwa South AMAKU NVOSI F DICK NGOZI GOLD 8th July, 2019
699 ABS/2019PC/7D00699A g6s16gh Isiala Ngwa South AMAKU NVOSI M DICK ONWERECHI DAVID 8th July, 2019
700 ABS/2019PC/7D00700B e34s344 Isiala Ngwa South UMUETEGHIA F DOMINIC IHUOMA 8th July, 2019
701 ABS/2019PC/7D00701A bh37zl4 Isiala Ngwa South AMAOKPU M EBUBECHUKWU MOSES COLLINS 8th July, 2019
702 ABS/2019PC/7D00702B drx9o54 Isiala Ngwa South Umuogba M EHIEMERE SOLOMON CHIGOZIE 8th July, 2019
703 ABS/2019PC/7D00703A 48a9yb Isiala Ngwa South UMUOHIM M EKPE MOSES 8th July, 2019
704 ABS/2019PC/7D00704B h8w4efb Isiala Ngwa South Umuojima M Emelogu Goodluck Chiagozielam 8th July, 2019
705 ABS/2019PC/7D00705A f4d0lsi Isiala Ngwa South Umuekene M Emmanuel Chinyereugo Charles 8th July, 2019
706 ABS/2019PC/7D00706B ietnz7a Isiala Ngwa South NDIOLUMBE M EMMANUEL UCHEOMA 8th July, 2019
707 ABS/2019PC/7D00707A g26xu7q Isiala Ngwa South AMAIYI NVOSI M ENEOGWE EMMANUEL 8th July, 2019
708 ABS/2019PC/7D00708B edvnmlf Isiala Ngwa South UMUOSI M EPELLE LOVEDAY CHINMUANYA 8th July, 2019

709 ABS/2019PC/7D00709A g33myij Isiala Ngwa South UMUICHI M ERONWU CHRISTOPHER 8th July, 2019
710 ABS/2019PC/7D00710B djpe3w5 Isiala Ngwa South Mgbedeala M Esiaba Chinemerem Loveday 8th July, 2019
711 ABS/2019PC/7D00711A dn6se8y Isiala Ngwa South Isiala Ngwa F Eze Chinazor Josephine 8th July, 2019
712 ABS/2019PC/7D00712B h1wv6f5 Isiala Ngwa South MBA M EZE MACLORD CHINEMENMA 8th July, 2019
713 ABS/2019PC/7D00713A d2zxnry Isiala Ngwa South AMAIRI M FRIDAY CHISOM EMMANUEL 8th July, 2019
714 ABS/2019PC/7D00714B e5psf8x Isiala Ngwa South UMUAWA M GAD CHIGOZIE WISDOM 8th July, 2019
715 ABS/2019PC/7D00715A iw5afju Isiala Ngwa South mbah village F Goodluck Goodseed Ogechi 8th July, 2019
716 ABS/2019PC/7D00716B hexbcp1 Isiala Ngwa South Umuakuma ukwu M Iheanacho Chinemerem 8th July, 2019
717 ABS/2019PC/7D00717A ij09x6f Isiala Ngwa South EGBELU MBUTU M IHEMANMA OBINWA NATHAN 8th July, 2019
718 ABS/2019PC/7D00718B h5eli1y Isiala Ngwa South UMUACHA M IHEONUNEKWU VERABARTON OBINNA 8th July, 2019
719 ABS/2019PC/7D00719A dy5nejo Isiala Ngwa South AMUKE VILLAGE M IKE DANIEL IGNATIUS 8th July, 2019
720 ABS/2019PC/7D00720B h2tqi4p Isiala Ngwa South ISIALA NGWA M IKPEAMA IKENNA WILSON 8th July, 2019
721 ABS/2019PC/7D00721A gu6rojt Isiala Ngwa South ISIALA NGWA M IKPEAMA SMITH OBINNA 8th July, 2019
722 ABS/2019PC/7D00722B io7q3et Isiala Ngwa South EZIAMA NVOSI M ILOZOR MIKE EKENE 8th July, 2019
723 ABS/2019PC/7D00723A f5vpg8k Isiala Ngwa South Umuejia F Innocent Nmerichi Victory 8th July, 2019
724 ABS/2019PC/7D00724B h1dr7kz Isiala Ngwa South Umuvo M James Nelson Chinwendu 8th July, 2019
725 ABS/2019PC/7D00725A etsvjem Isiala Ngwa South Umuene M Johnson Chiemezuo ThankGod 8th July, 2019
726 ABS/2019PC/7D00726B gf03hcj Isiala Ngwa South AKPURUTA F JOSEPH CHIDINMA MARY 8th July, 2019
727 ABS/2019PC/7D00727A cakynul Isiala Ngwa South UMUIKAA M JOSEPH CHIBUEZE JOSEPH 8th July, 2019
728 ABS/2019PC/7D00728B fub7b53 Isiala Ngwa South OMOBA F KANU JANE JOHN 8th July, 2019
729 ABS/2019PC/7D00729A dj8drsf Isiala Ngwa South Mba F Lazarus Silver Omanicha 8th July, 2019
730 ABS/2019PC/7D00730B evh937o Isiala Ngwa South Mba Village M Madukoma Victor Chiedozie 8th July, 2019
731 ABS/2019PC/7D00731A dwwwbpp Isiala Ngwa South UMUHIE VILLAGE M MARK ONYENKACHI 8th July, 2019
732 ABS/2019PC/8D00732B dd88i9w Isiala Ngwa South UMUAPU UMUGO M MARK STANLEY CHIMEREMEZE 9th July, 2019
733 ABS/2019PC/8D00733A bkosgtw Isiala Ngwa South Umuibe Village M Mgbeahuruike EMMANUEL Ikechukwu 9th July, 2019
734 ABS/2019PC/8D00734B c487zfy Isiala Ngwa South UMUEME NGWAOBI M MICO WINNER IFEANYI 9th July, 2019
735 ABS/2019PC/8D00735A ei505t3 Isiala Ngwa South Amaokpu M Moses Chukwuebuka Junior 9th July, 2019
736 ABS/2019PC/8D00736B hvg69el Isiala Ngwa South Obekwesu M Ndubueze Promise 9th July, 2019
737 ABS/2019PC/8D00737A gtsmx2w Isiala Ngwa South Amuha Village M Ndubuisi Joshua Chinagorom 9th July, 2019
738 ABS/2019PC/8D00738B idudv7i Isiala Ngwa South Obuba Nvosi F Nduburuoke Blessing 9th July, 2019
739 ABS/2019PC/8D00739A hr7znwi Isiala Ngwa South Umuocheala F Ngozi Nzubechi Joy 9th July, 2019
740 ABS/2019PC/8D00740B bepqv7z Isiala Ngwa South Ngwama M Ngozi Eberechi Nnaemeka 9th July, 2019
741 ABS/2019PC/8D00741A hzbenv5 Isiala Ngwa South Umunwangwa M Njoku James Uchechukwu 9th July, 2019
742 ABS/2019PC/8D00742B ixefzc3 Isiala Ngwa South UMUOLIHIE F NJOKU CHIZARAM STELLA 9th July, 2019
743 ABS/2019PC/8D00743A e14o1u0 Isiala Ngwa South Umuosi Amuke F Nwachukwu Nzubechi Better 9th July, 2019
744 ABS/2019PC/8D00744B eofh2hc Isiala Ngwa South Umuejije M Nwachukwu Frank Chimuaya 9th July, 2019
745 ABS/2019PC/8D00745A h1eka03 Isiala Ngwa South Nneoyi M Nwachukwu Success Chinanu 9th July, 2019
746 ABS/2019PC/8D00746B cjxf40f Isiala Ngwa South umunkwo Ikem M NWADIKE NWOKOMA 9th July, 2019
747 ABS/2019PC/8D00747A e0jdqab Isiala Ngwa South NDIOLUMBE M NWAGBOSO CHIUDO TEMPLE 9th July, 2019
748 ABS/2019PC/8D00748B cpaet8m Isiala Ngwa South Aga M Nwala Ikenna Emmanuel 9th July, 2019
749 ABS/2019PC/8D00749A imkgbwd Isiala Ngwa South Umuokoromiri F Nwala Oluchi Lucy 9th July, 2019
750 ABS/2019PC/8D00750B iaslk1k Isiala Ngwa South MBUTU UMUOKO M NWANKWO EBERECHI EBUKA 9th July, 2019

751 ABS/2019PC/8D00751A d8qqsp8 Isiala Ngwa South Mbutu Ngwa F Nwaogu Nancy Yadirichi 9th July, 2019
752 ABS/2019PC/8D00752B ghlamnf Isiala Ngwa South OKPUALA EKERE M NWAOGWUGWU NICHOLAS CHINAEMEREM 9th July, 2019
753 ABS/2019PC/8D00753A e3ne1y9 Isiala Ngwa South UMUACHAOBIAHABA M NWAOHA NNAMDI THOMAS 9th July, 2019
754 ABS/2019PC/8D00754B h70mffu Isiala Ngwa South EBEYI NVOSI F NWAOKIKE IHECHI 9th July, 2019
755 ABS/2019PC/8D00755A d6kdf4p Isiala Ngwa South Amaiyi M NWARU CHIBUISI JOHN 9th July, 2019
756 ABS/2019PC/8D00756B bkv72f2 Isiala Ngwa South Amaiyi Nvosi F NWARU CHINWEKELE PRECIOUS 9th July, 2019
757 ABS/2019PC/8D00757A fo20o46 Isiala Ngwa South NGWAMA M NWELE OKEOMA EMMANUEL 9th July, 2019
758 ABS/2019PC/8D00758B czqy8eq Isiala Ngwa South NDI OLUMBE M NWOGU GODSWILL CHUKWUEBUKA 9th July, 2019
759 ABS/2019PC/8D00759A eapvxn8 Isiala Ngwa South Amuzu M Nwokocha Everestus Chibuike 9th July, 2019
760 ABS/2019PC/8D00760B hvpbq52 Isiala Ngwa South UMUOBA F NWORGU STELLA NWANYIOMA 9th July, 2019
761 ABS/2019PC/8D00761A h6tvrw6 Isiala Ngwa South Ngwa F Nwosu Rosin Chinonso 9th July, 2019
762 ABS/2019PC/8D00762B brq55c2 Isiala Ngwa South Umuduru F Nwosu Agatha Aturuchi 9th July, 2019
763 ABS/2019PC/8D00763A be44xib Isiala Ngwa South Umuapu M OBIOMA EZEUGO 9th July, 2019
764 ABS/2019PC/8D00764B enao1bh Isiala Ngwa South UMUNKPEYI NVOSI M OCHOMMA CHIMANKPAM AUGUSTINE 9th July, 2019
765 ABS/2019PC/8D00765A be02uxl Isiala Ngwa South AMAISE OVUNGWU F OCHOR GOODLUCK ACHIBATAKU 9th July, 2019
766 ABS/2019PC/8D00766B gm55sdd Isiala Ngwa South OBUBA NOVSI M ODOZIE UCHECHI DANIEL 9th July, 2019
767 ABS/2019PC/8D00767A hub15k9 Isiala Ngwa South umuacha M ogbonna bright chinedu 9th July, 2019
768 ABS/2019PC/8D00768B f46lk5s Isiala Ngwa South ohukwu M ogbonna Solomon Chidindu 9th July, 2019
769 ABS/2019PC/8D00769A etqc11y Isiala Ngwa South UMUAJUJU M OKECHI KINGSLEY UCHENNA 9th July, 2019
770 ABS/2019PC/8D00770B gqzw46r Isiala Ngwa South Isiala Ngwa F Okechukwu Adaugo Blessing 9th July, 2019
771 ABS/2019PC/8D00771A dm2hzh6 Isiala Ngwa South AMAKU NVOSI M OKEH EZEIBE SOLOMON 9th July, 2019
772 ABS/2019PC/8D00772B dahnsld Isiala Ngwa South AMAKU NVOSI F OKEH JEMIMAH NWAKAEGO 9th July, 2019
773 ABS/2019PC/8D00773A eihat2e Isiala Ngwa South umunkpeyi nvosi M OKWUNGOZI PRECIOUS 9th July, 2019
774 ABS/2019PC/8D00774B d3a6t8u Isiala Ngwa South Umuhu Nvosi M Omemgboji John Hope 9th July, 2019
775 ABS/2019PC/8D00775A hjdgnyk Isiala Ngwa South UMUIKA M ONWUGHARA VICTOR 9th July, 2019
776 ABS/2019PC/8D00776B bbiri2u Isiala Ngwa South Umuguru Nvosi M Onwuka Christian Chibuzor 9th July, 2019
777 ABS/2019PC/8D00777A f417v4f Isiala Ngwa South Umuokoro F Onyebuchi Nwamaka Ruth 9th July, 2019
778 ABS/2019PC/8D00778B 8uvcnf Isiala Ngwa South MGBOKONTA F ONYEDIABA UCHECHI HAPPINESS 9th July, 2019
779 ABS/2019PC/8D00779A foivn5i Isiala Ngwa South Umuojima M Onyekperem Brain Chukwubuikem 9th July, 2019
780 ABS/2019PC/8D00780B g9mvv5s Isiala Ngwa South Ikem Nvosi F ONYENDI ANGELA OBIAGERI 9th July, 2019
781 ABS/2019PC/8D00781A gwwy2xp Isiala Ngwa South UMUAPU M ONYENMA IZUCHUKWU EVERLASTING 9th July, 2019
782 ABS/2019PC/8D00782B bhosvpo Isiala Ngwa South okpuala ikem M onyenma kingsley 9th July, 2019
783 ABS/2019PC/8D00783A c8fzi33 Isiala Ngwa South AMUKE F ONYEZE ADAUGO ANGELA 9th July, 2019
784 ABS/2019PC/8D00784B cf5czey Isiala Ngwa South nbamosi F Osondu Chidinma Glory 9th July, 2019
785 ABS/2019PC/8D00785A cvpvs2y Isiala Ngwa South Umuetegha Nvosi F Osondu Ifeoma Precious 9th July, 2019
786 ABS/2019PC/8D00786B b9l7vz5 Isiala Ngwa South UMUOSI VILLAGE F Patrick Rejoice 9th July, 2019
787 ABS/2019PC/8D00787A ihzpllw Isiala Ngwa South Mbutu umuoke M Paul Darlington Chimezie 9th July, 2019
788 ABS/2019PC/8D00788B gvqiifg Isiala Ngwa South Umuhu Ikem M Rufus Ernest C 9th July, 2019
789 ABS/2019PC/8D00789A hxpty21 Isiala Ngwa South Umuokoroukwu M Samuel Victor U 9th July, 2019
790 ABS/2019PC/8D00790B d3q5db8 Isiala Ngwa South Umuawa Village M Stephen Ebenezer Blessed 9th July, 2019
791 ABS/2019PC/8D00791A db6thl4 Isiala Ngwa South UMUOKWOR M STEPHEN CHINANU FABIAN 9th July, 2019
792 ABS/2019PC/8D00792B hzyfr5m Isiala Ngwa South Umuokoroukwu F Ubani Augustina Eberechi 9th July, 2019

793 ABS/2019PC/8D00793A c053gdn Isiala Ngwa South NVOSI M UBANI CHINEMEREM 9th July, 2019
794 ABS/2019PC/8D00794B b9hs4vb Isiala Ngwa South Mgwa Ama M Ubani Ndukwe 9th July, 2019
795 ABS/2019PC/8D00795A cr7whey Isiala Ngwa South NGWAMA VILLAGE M UBANI BRIGHT 9th July, 2019
796 ABS/2019PC/8D00796B dd44ajf Isiala Ngwa South Ngwa Ama F Ubani Light N 9th July, 2019
797 ABS/2019PC/8D00797A bt6rcwe Isiala Ngwa South Umuajuju M Ugwuezi Maduabuchi Rowland 9th July, 2019
798 ABS/2019PC/8D00798B eaxkftn Isiala Ngwa South UMUMBAGHI M UKAEGBU LOVEDAY CHISOM 9th July, 2019
799 ABS/2019PC/8D00799A b9k41n4 Isiala Ngwa South UMUMBAHIA M UKAEGBU ISAAC 9th July, 2019
800 ABS/2019PC/8D00800B f7wybza Isiala Ngwa South Umuguru F Ukaegbu Vera Uloma 9th July, 2019
801 ABS/2019PC/8D00801A idemp8l Isiala Ngwa South Ngwama Village M Umunnakwe Chinonyerem Paul 9th July, 2019
802 ABS/2019PC/8D00802B b26r10b Isiala Ngwa South Aga M Uzoma Chika Kenneth 9th July, 2019
803 ABS/2019PC/8D00803A cjyq0d9 Isiala Ngwa South Aga Isiiyi M Uzoma Kenneth Chika 9th July, 2019
804 ABS/2019PC/8D00804B ezxiivq Isiala Ngwa South umuawa M young kingsley hope 9th July, 2019
805 ABS/2019PC/8D00805A gm1oic5 Isuikwuato Umuokogbuo F Adiele Chineleobi 9th July, 2019
806 ABS/2019PC/8D00806B cakj77f Isuikwuato OBU EBERE NKUMA F AHUNANYA HANETU 9th July, 2019
807 ABS/2019PC/8D00807A ho9kx02 Isuikwuato Ndundu M Amakwe Ositadinma Johnpaul 9th July, 2019
808 ABS/2019PC/8D00808B c07vxn2 Isuikwuato OTAMPA M ASONYE CHINYERE 9th July, 2019
809 ABS/2019PC/8D00809A hmv1931 Isuikwuato Umukwe Amune M Chigbu Uchechukwu Emmanuel 9th July, 2019
810 ABS/2019PC/8D00810B cczn50t Isuikwuato OVIM M CHIGBU DARLINGTON CHIMEZIE 9th July, 2019
811 ABS/2019PC/8D00811A 5pxi9s Isuikwuato ugwunta F Chigbu Faith 9th July, 2019
812 ABS/2019PC/8D00812B ih42689 Isuikwuato ISUIKWUATO F CHINWE OKAH HOPE 9th July, 2019
813 ABS/2019PC/8D00813A cpeen0o Isuikwuato Abiri Amaba F CHUKWUEMEKA CHIAMAKA 9th July, 2019
814 ABS/2019PC/8D00814B eft7nd5 Isuikwuato umunnekwa agbor M Ebere Favour Chukwuebuka 9th July, 2019
815 ABS/2019PC/8D00815A dbo93w6 Isuikwuato amiyiobilohia M EDWARD EMENIKE NIL 9th July, 2019
816 ABS/2019PC/8D00816B c2cm1ry Isuikwuato amiyiobilohia M EDWARD EMENIKE NIL 9th July, 2019
817 ABS/2019PC/8D00817A ew5viv2 Isuikwuato Umuobiala M Ekechukwu Raphael 9th July, 2019
818 ABS/2019PC/8D00818B ha0u96f Isuikwuato NNUYA M ELISHA CHIBUIKE VICTOR 9th July, 2019
819 ABS/2019PC/8D00819A bbdof0w Isuikwuato Amawo M Emmanuel Henry 9th July, 2019
820 ABS/2019PC/8D00820B dar8y45 Isuikwuato AHABA IMENYI M EZEIKPE CHINOMSO SOLOMON 9th July, 2019
821 ABS/2019PC/8D00821A e45uj92 Isuikwuato AMAUZU F EZEKWEM CHIJIOKE MARY 9th July, 2019
822 ABS/2019PC/8D00822B hczny78 Isuikwuato OVIM F IBEH OGECHI VIVIAN 9th July, 2019
823 ABS/2019PC/8D00823A bkpb5c8 Isuikwuato ELUAMA F IGBOKWE AKUABATA MARYANN 9th July, 2019
824 ABS/2019PC/8D00824B e0jenru Isuikwuato Ovim F Ihedigbo Oluchi Jane 9th July, 2019
825 ABS/2019PC/8D00825A cr118tu Isuikwuato Ovim F Ihedigbo Nneoma Elizabeth 9th July, 2019
826 ABS/2019PC/8D00826B h4h7itz Isuikwuato ACHA F IHEME BLESSING CHIKAMSO 9th July, 2019
827 ABS/2019PC/8D00827A coyjfzv Isuikwuato Ugwuntu F Ihesie Ogechi 9th July, 2019
828 ABS/2019PC/8D00828B c840fwz Isuikwuato UTURU M IKEMBA DANIEL IFEANYI 9th July, 2019
829 ABS/2019PC/8D00829A ikbb7p0 Isuikwuato OVIM F IKWUAGWU VIVIAN CHIGOZIRIM 9th July, 2019
830 ABS/2019PC/8D00830B fz0vnrx Isuikwuato Umunnekwuagbo M IRO OGARANYA VICTOR IFEANYI 9th July, 2019
831 ABS/2019PC/8D00831A dcaxdz8 Isuikwuato Odinakachukwu M Isaac Victor Odinakachukwu 9th July, 2019
832 ABS/2019PC/8D00832B h5745u9 Isuikwuato IGIDINYIM M ISAAC GENESIS CHINEDU 9th July, 2019
833 ABS/2019PC/8D00833A c8dhfmg Isuikwuato UMUOKOGBUO M ISAIAH MICHAEL MUNACHIMSO 9th July, 2019
834 ABS/2019PC/8D00834B euyomdp Isuikwuato Ihenzu Ahaba F Iwembah Janet Ihechi 9th July, 2019

835 ABS/2019PC/8D00835A b7fkv7t Isuikwuato UTURU F IZUEGBULAM CHIAMAKA FAVOUR 9th July, 2019
836 ABS/2019PC/9D00836B ey2hqw0 Isuikwuato Ahaba Imenyi M Kanu Chukwudike Timothy 10th July, 2019
837 ABS/2019PC/9D00837A drx9g0i Isuikwuato ULONNA NORTH M NDU CHUKWUNYERE 10th July, 2019
838 ABS/2019PC/9D00838B dqicu6k Isuikwuato umuerem F NDUBUISI CHINYERE JOHN 10th July, 2019
839 ABS/2019PC/9D00839A ejnrl1h Isuikwuato NKWONTA F NGINIKAMMA LOVETH SWEET NNENNA 10th July, 2019
840 ABS/2019PC/9D00840B elutz5z Isuikwuato Acha F Njoku Rachael Onyinyechi 10th July, 2019
841 ABS/2019PC/9D00841A fm3wcd6 Isuikwuato Amiyi Ahaba F Nkemakolam Ngozi Anayo 10th July, 2019
842 ABS/2019PC/9D00842B c40nxte Isuikwuato Umuerem Eluama F Nkemka Joy Chinaza 10th July, 2019
843 ABS/2019PC/9D00843A ciq005q Isuikwuato Isuikwuato F Nwachukwu Joy Kasarachi 10th July, 2019
844 ABS/2019PC/9D00844B cmb0xfd Isuikwuato UMUMARA F NWANKWO NKIRUKA PATIENCE 10th July, 2019
845 ABS/2019PC/9D00845A db8osx7 Isuikwuato Nunya F Nwanwa Victoria Ogechi 10th July, 2019
846 ABS/2019PC/9D00846B iftvj8m Isuikwuato IHENZU AHABA M NWOKOCHA EMMANUEL UCHE 10th July, 2019
847 ABS/2019PC/9D00847A gjyu6bl Isuikwuato Acha F Nwokocha Scholarstica 10th July, 2019
848 ABS/2019PC/9D00848B hbkwszt Isuikwuato Umuasua M Obi Joseph Ifecinachi 10th July, 2019
849 ABS/2019PC/9D00849A gust4dw Isuikwuato Ovim M Obisike Ejike Godwin 10th July, 2019
850 ABS/2019PC/9D00850B hxo5apw Isuikwuato UMUAKWUA M OBISIKE PAUL CHIDIEBERE 10th July, 2019
851 ABS/2019PC/9D00851A ezwykpz Isuikwuato ISUIKWUTO F OGBO GLORIA EZINNE 10th July, 2019
852 ABS/2019PC/9D00852B db77tj7 Isuikwuato Amune Ovim M Ogbonna Ndubuisi 10th July, 2019
853 ABS/2019PC/9D00853A b0bjz9p Isuikwuato UMUANYA OBAYI M OGBONNA CHIBUIKE VICTOR 10th July, 2019
854 ABS/2019PC/9D00854B czpx7ym Isuikwuato AGBO OHOROHO M OGBONNA EMMANUEL CHINAECHEREM 10th July, 2019
855 ABS/2019PC/9D00855A ez2reww Isuikwuato AHABA IMENYI F OGBONNA NGOZI MIRACLE 10th July, 2019
856 ABS/2019PC/9D00856B it4151c Isuikwuato ovim M ogbonna prince chukwuemeka 10th July, 2019
857 ABS/2019PC/9D00857A cm7vyz2 Isuikwuato ISUNABO UTURU M OGBUGO JOEL 10th July, 2019
858 ABS/2019PC/9D00858B ccin6x9 Isuikwuato UMUNNEKWUAGBO M OGBUGO CHUKWUMA EMMANUEL 10th July, 2019
859 ABS/2019PC/9D00859A gjnxnrt Isuikwuato Amaibo F Ogwuegbulam Onyekaozuru Victory 10th July, 2019
860 ABS/2019PC/9D00860B ek0g4fx Isuikwuato Nunya M Ojukwu Kingsley Chinedu 10th July, 2019
861 ABS/2019PC/9D00861A gqrrexm Isuikwuato ACHA M OKECHUKWU KENNETH 10th July, 2019
862 ABS/2019PC/9D00862B bx1fmyf Isuikwuato AMAUZU F OKEREKE MARY EZINNE 10th July, 2019
863 ABS/2019PC/9D00863A h9rn109 Isuikwuato Umuobiala M Okorie Chimechefulam 10th July, 2019
864 ABS/2019PC/9D00864B h8tprms Isuikwuato Ahaba Imenyi M Okoroafor Chukwuemeka 10th July, 2019
865 ABS/2019PC/9D00865A h7vo9f1 Isuikwuato UTURU M OKORONKWO UCHECHI FRIDAY 10th July, 2019
866 ABS/2019PC/9D00866B 8ptxi1 Isuikwuato Amuyi uhu M Okorougo Joseph Anele 10th July, 2019
867 ABS/2019PC/9D00867A ewvvyok Isuikwuato ECHIELE OTAMPA M OKOTAH CHIDIEBERE SOLOMON 10th July, 2019
868 ABS/2019PC/9D00868B ebi8wun Isuikwuato Umuobiala M Omenihu Ozioma Ephriam 10th July, 2019
869 ABS/2019PC/9D00869A co4m6q4 Isuikwuato UMUEBERE AJA F ONUKE AMARACHI PRECIOUS 10th July, 2019
870 ABS/2019PC/9D00870B b6k0jd3 Isuikwuato AMANGWU ACHA M ONUOHA LORDSHALOM CHUKWUEMEKA 10th July, 2019
871 ABS/2019PC/9D00871A bbrxebl Isuikwuato OVIM UGWUNTA M ONWUKA CHRISTIAN CHUKWUMA 10th July, 2019
872 ABS/2019PC/9D00872B gtvr26h Isuikwuato AHABA IMENYI M ONWUKWE JAMES NDUBUISI 10th July, 2019
873 ABS/2019PC/9D00873A g8ufsv5 Isuikwuato Otampa F Onyekachi Augustina 10th July, 2019
874 ABS/2019PC/9D00874B hmjw7og Isuikwuato AMATU UTURU M ORIEJI NICHOLAS IFEANYI 10th July, 2019
875 ABS/2019PC/9D00875A c4oh7wx Isuikwuato Acha M Orji Samuel Chukwudike 10th July, 2019
876 ABS/2019PC/9D00876B eusp7jr Isuikwuato AMACHARA F ORJI CHIDINMA MERCY 10th July, 2019

877 ABS/2019PC/9D00877A dqsny7k Isuikwuato UTURU M SUNDAY OLUEBUBE MIRACLE 10th July, 2019
878 ABS/2019PC/9D00878B hvyssb5 Isuikwuato Eluama M Timothy Henry Chukwunonso 10th July, 2019
879 ABS/2019PC/9D00879A czstfre Isuikwuato NGWA UMUASUA M UBAUDO NKEM CHARLES 10th July, 2019
880 ABS/2019PC/9D00880B brpwkrb Isuikwuato UTURU F UCHEAGA OGADIMMA JOSEPHINE 10th July, 2019
881 ABS/2019PC/9D00881A hu7eq9o Isuikwuato UMUARARU M UDECHUKWU DAVID EKENE 10th July, 2019
882 ABS/2019PC/9D00882B c4k04ca Isuikwuato UTURU M URENWOKE EKENE ISRAEL 10th July, 2019
883 ABS/2019PC/9D00883A eolzm5p Isuikwuato Amaokwechara F Uwaezuoke Chidimma Victoria 10th July, 2019
884 ABS/2019PC/9D00884B b3f65lm Isuikwuato umunnekwu F Uzoani Gladys Clara 10th July, 2019
885 ABS/2019PC/9D00885A ds67v7a Isuikwuato NKWONTA F UZOANI UDOKA DORIS 10th July, 2019
886 ABS/2019PC/9D00886B f12zvrr Obi Ngwa Obutu M Adendu Enyanaamobi Samuel 10th July, 2019
887 ABS/2019PC/9D00887A bkszj42 Obi Ngwa AMAPU UMUWULU F ADIELE PRUDENT GODWIN C 10th July, 2019
888 ABS/2019PC/9D00888B hio61xs Obi Ngwa Umuobiakwa M Agbagharauka Ifeanyi Uche 10th July, 2019
889 ABS/2019PC/9D00889A d3fl8fo Obi Ngwa MBUTU ICHI F AKOBUNDU CHIKODI ESTHER 10th July, 2019
890 ABS/2019PC/9D00890B fsap8z1 Obi Ngwa ABALA IBEME M AKOMA CHIMANKPAM JAMES 10th July, 2019
891 ABS/2019PC/9D00891A edxpkod Obi Ngwa Itungwa M Akwarandu Chukwudi Tega 10th July, 2019
892 ABS/2019PC/9D00892B cgon6ay Obi Ngwa OBEAMA ONICHA M ALOZIE CHIBUISI STANDHOPE 10th July, 2019
893 ABS/2019PC/9D00893A b34w7ht Obi Ngwa MGBOKO OKPULOR F ALOZIE STELLA OLUCHI 10th July, 2019
894 ABS/2019PC/9D00894B hq9p2dv Obi Ngwa Ikala M Alozie Chidi Godswill 10th July, 2019
895 ABS/2019PC/9D00895A i0qq8g4 Obi Ngwa ITUNGWA M AMADI AKACHI PRAISE 10th July, 2019
896 ABS/2019PC/9D00896B d4h9vxz Obi Ngwa Abala Aut Comm M AMADI KELECHI 10th July, 2019
897 ABS/2019PC/9D00897A ftomw8z Obi Ngwa UMUOKPO M AMAECHI OBUMNEKE 10th July, 2019
898 ABS/2019PC/9D00898B hqcwymo Obi Ngwa Osusu F Amaechi Ugochi 10th July, 2019
899 ABS/2019PC/9D00899A itgqdbc Obi Ngwa AMAPU F AMAEFULE MIRACLE CHIZARAM 10th July, 2019
900 ABS/2019PC/9D00900B hg8mvxl Obi Ngwa ALAOJI M AMARAIZU FESTUS IKEM 10th July, 2019
901 ABS/2019PC/9D00901A dnegmzn Obi Ngwa Umuobiakwa F Amos Ugochinyere Chidiebere 10th July, 2019
902 ABS/2019PC/9D00902B ccf7k4g Obi Ngwa Umuibe Ohanze M Anucha Lucky 10th July, 2019
903 ABS/2019PC/9D00903A crwhdtq Obi Ngwa UMUIBE OHANZE M ANUCHA LUCKY 10th July, 2019
904 ABS/2019PC/9D00904B is09pkv Obi Ngwa Itukpa M Anyaharaigwe Witness Chiadikaobi 10th July, 2019
905 ABS/2019PC/9D00905A bn4wql8 Obi Ngwa Onicha Ngwa M ANYANWU CHRISTOPHER 10th July, 2019
906 ABS/2019PC/9D00906B eq9edv1 Obi Ngwa OVOM M AZUBUIKE CHUKWUMA RAYMOND 10th July, 2019
907 ABS/2019PC/9D00907A hcegvtp Obi Ngwa OVOM F AZUBUIKE JENNIFER IJEOMA 10th July, 2019
908 ABS/2019PC/9D00908B cp2xq4m Obi Ngwa Agburuike M CHIBUIKE ENYINNAYA GODSPOWER 10th July, 2019
909 ABS/2019PC/9D00909A fd3urfv Obi Ngwa Akpaa Mbato M Chibuike Ugochukwu Franklin 10th July, 2019
910 ABS/2019PC/9D00910B iazv7pc Obi Ngwa Obikabia M Chidi Prince Chukwunyere 10th July, 2019
911 ABS/2019PC/9D00911A iqda4j6 Obi Ngwa UMUARO M CHIDIEBERE KINGSLEY CHINONSO 10th July, 2019
912 ABS/2019PC/9D00912B it90tsy Obi Ngwa Mgboko M Chiemela Chiedozie Thankgod 10th July, 2019
913 ABS/2019PC/9D00913A exobsk8 Obi Ngwa Osaa F Chigbu Cynosure Ijechukwumere 10th July, 2019
914 ABS/2019PC/9D00914B fpaypyn Obi Ngwa OHANZE F CHIGOZIE ROSEMARY NNEBUIHE 10th July, 2019
915 ABS/2019PC/9D00915A eooouzg Obi Ngwa Umuobiakwa M Chikere Kingsley Iheanyichi 10th July, 2019
916 ABS/2019PC/9D00916B e7j8dmy Obi Ngwa Osaa Okea M Chikere Kingsley Iheanyichi 10th July, 2019
917 ABS/2019PC/9D00917A fx3gp33 Obi Ngwa ISHIAHA M CHINWEUBA UCHE SOLOMON 10th July, 2019
918 ABS/2019PC/9D00918B ccpuuyb Obi Ngwa Umuokpo M Chukwudi Nathan Chidiebube 10th July, 2019

919 ABS/2019PC/9D00919A hjru72o Obi Ngwa Osaa Ukwu M Chukwuma Chidera Prince 10th July, 2019
920 ABS/2019PC/9D00920B f7bs911 Obi Ngwa OBETE NCHINA M COLLINS IFEANYI SILAS 10th July, 2019
921 ABS/2019PC/9D00921A cgagdvc Obi Ngwa OWO ELU M DAVID EMEKA PRINCEWILL 10th July, 2019
922 ABS/2019PC/9D00922B cdsb0pr Obi Ngwa Umuokatawom M David Chisom Prosper 10th July, 2019
923 ABS/2019PC/9D00923A c4a08bb Obi Ngwa AVOR M DIKE CHIBUIKE MICHAEL 10th July, 2019
924 ABS/2019PC/9D00924B hja11jw Obi Ngwa Amuzu Ohanze F Dominic Chinecherem Gift 10th July, 2019
925 ABS/2019PC/9D00925A d4o89m8 Obi Ngwa Amuzu Ohanze F Dominic Grace Chinyere 10th July, 2019
926 ABS/2019PC/9D00926B e9jlfg8 Obi Ngwa Amuzu Ohanze F Dominic Grace Chinyere 10th July, 2019
927 ABS/2019PC/9D00927A cctmy1q Obi Ngwa MGBOKO UMUOCHA F EHIEMERE VICTORIA CHIDINMA 10th July, 2019
928 ABS/2019PC/9D00928B fdi0zp7 Obi Ngwa UMUOCHA F EHIEMERE VICTORIA 10th July, 2019
929 ABS/2019PC/9D00929A fx8lbye Obi Ngwa UMUEKE OHANZE M EJIMADU CHIGOZIE 10th July, 2019
930 ABS/2019PC/9D00930B hx85tzx Obi Ngwa IBEME M EKE DAVID FRIDAY 10th July, 2019
931 ABS/2019PC/9D00931A efaazqn Obi Ngwa Mbutu ichi F Ekpendu Akudo Favour 10th July, 2019
932 ABS/2019PC/9D00932B eiq8suy Obi Ngwa ABAYI OHANZE F ELEMARIBE ADAURE GOLD 10th July, 2019
933 ABS/2019PC/9D00933A co5svdu Obi Ngwa UMUOKATAWOM M EMEKA IKENNA 10th July, 2019
934 ABS/2019PC/9D00934B ek5l5mt Obi Ngwa Umuneke M Emmanuel Uche Onukagha 10th July, 2019
935 ABS/2019PC/9D00935A h4noinr Obi Ngwa Ovom amassa F Emmanuel Lilian Chidinma 10th July, 2019
936 ABS/2019PC/9D00936B g321183 Obi Ngwa Abala M Eneogwe Kingsley Fortune 10th July, 2019
937 ABS/2019PC/9D00937A f1jchm1 Obi Ngwa Ohanze M Enyeribe Wisdom Onyedikachi 10th July, 2019
938 ABS/2019PC/9D00938B fsy5qsi Obi Ngwa OBI NWGA F ENYINNAYA JOY NWANKEGO 10th July, 2019
939 ABS/2019PC/9D00939A d9e940t Obi Ngwa AKPAA MBATO M EYINNNAIH JEREMIAH UCHE 10th July, 2019
940 ABS/2019PC/10D00940B eqhplbh Obi Ngwa ABAYI OHANZE M EZE CHISOM PRINCEWELL 11th July, 2019

941 ABS/2019PC/10D00941A eolqyrz Obi Ngwa Umuobiakwa F Eze Goodhope Adaeze 11th July, 2019
942 ABS/2019PC/10D00942B hy5or3b Obi Ngwa OWOAHIAFOR M EZEAMA CHIBUEZE DAVID 11th July, 2019
943 ABS/2019PC/10D00943A ihllga3 Obi Ngwa Umuobikwa F EZEKIEL FINEDAUGHTER GINIKANWA 11th July, 2019
944 ABS/2019PC/10D00944B 8fj6xq Obi Ngwa OSUSU F EZEKIEL MARY EZINNE 11th July, 2019
945 ABS/2019PC/10D00945A bbfhlzb Obi Ngwa AGBURUKE M FRIDAY BRIGHT NNADOZIE 11th July, 2019
946 ABS/2019PC/10D00946B eyv3izn Obi Ngwa ezwachi F GABRIEL AMARACHI JENIFER 11th July, 2019
947 ABS/2019PC/10D00947A belogt0 Obi Ngwa UMUANUNU F GABRIEL EZINNE FLORENCE 11th July, 2019
948 ABS/2019PC/10D00948B fw3gt7w Obi Ngwa Umuopara amuzu M Gideon Wisdom Chinwendu 11th July, 2019
949 ABS/2019PC/10D00949A emagafc Obi Ngwa Akpaambato F Godwin Chinyere Covenant 11th July, 2019
950 ABS/2019PC/10D00950B gkhhmm6 Obi Ngwa UMULELU F GODWIN PROMISE EZIONYINYE 11th July, 2019
951 ABS/2019PC/10D00951A hfjoae2 Obi Ngwa OSAA UKWU F GOODLUCK PRINCESS UGOEZE 11th July, 2019
952 ABS/2019PC/10D00952B czmmrpj Obi Ngwa Umuobiakwa M Harrison Prince Ogechi 11th July, 2019
953 ABS/2019PC/10D00953A cqacbji Obi Ngwa Umuobiakwa M Hezekiah Ronald Ndubueze 11th July, 2019
954 ABS/2019PC/10D00954B bz27nrv Obi Ngwa UMUOBIAKWA F HEZEKIAH NANCY CHINONSO 11th July, 2019
955 ABS/2019PC/10D00955A g43qn3o Obi Ngwa OBETE M IHEANACHO GOODLUCK OKWUDIRI 11th July, 2019
956 ABS/2019PC/10D00956B d24abst Obi Ngwa UMUEZIGBE F IHESIULO JOY NKEIRU 11th July, 2019
957 ABS/2019PC/10D00957A ikt72er Obi Ngwa OBETE M IKONNETA PROSPER CHIMEREMEZE 11th July, 2019
958 ABS/2019PC/10D00958B c4dzll8 Obi Ngwa AKPAA M INNOCENT OSITA 11th July, 2019
959 ABS/2019PC/10D00959A drzx7ok Obi Ngwa NNANNA M ISAAC MICHAEL 11th July, 2019
960 ABS/2019PC/10D00960B hq6id9x Obi Ngwa Isugwu achara M Isaac Ikechukwu 11th July, 2019

961 ABS/2019PC/10D00961A ishe489 Obi Ngwa Alaoji Abayi M Iwara Iferi Ibiang 11th July, 2019
962 ABS/2019PC/10D00962B cth95et Obi Ngwa MGBOKO UMUNKIRI M JACOB GODSWILL CHINONYEREM 11th July, 2019
963 ABS/2019PC/10D00963A covohjg Obi Ngwa Obete Umuodu M Jim Nnaemeka Goodluck 11th July, 2019
964 ABS/2019PC/10D00964B flw2pev Obi Ngwa Umuko F John Peace Onyedikachi 11th July, 2019
965 ABS/2019PC/10D00965A hh35yp2 Obi Ngwa UMUAGBAKWURU F JOHNSON TREASURE EZINWANYI 11th July, 2019
966 ABS/2019PC/10D00966B 5athjz Obi Ngwa Umuakotawom F JOMBO GOODLUCK ENYINNA 11th July, 2019
967 ABS/2019PC/10D00967A ew5gxkc Obi Ngwa Akpaa Mbato M Joseph Olileanya 11th July, 2019
968 ABS/2019PC/10D00968B c2n7t7t Obi Ngwa Okuenyi F Maraizu Glory Akuoma 11th July, 2019
969 ABS/2019PC/10D00969A gxrvzjq Obi Ngwa ABALA NKAMIRI M MATHEW BERNARD NIL 11th July, 2019
970 ABS/2019PC/10D00970B b9og8gq Obi Ngwa Umuobiakwa F Mcheal Ada Ijeoma 11th July, 2019
971 ABS/2019PC/10D00971A fjj55tg Obi Ngwa UMUNKIRI F MICHAEL KELECHI VERA 11th July, 2019
972 ABS/2019PC/10D00972B dwa4k5m Obi Ngwa Umuobiakwa F Michael Ijeoma Ada 11th July, 2019
973 ABS/2019PC/10D00973A iwovyjk Obi Ngwa Umuobiakwa F Micheal Ijeoma Ada 11th July, 2019
974 ABS/2019PC/10D00974B crv6snw Obi Ngwa OSUSUAMUKWA F MONDAY CHIAGOZIE REGAL 11th July, 2019
975 ABS/2019PC/10D00975A itrdo5n Obi Ngwa Ntigha Umuaro F Monday Hope 11th July, 2019
976 ABS/2019PC/10D00976B hcvv73o Obi Ngwa Ohuru Amayi M Ngelearochi Ndubuisi Sunday 11th July, 2019
977 ABS/2019PC/10D00977A gtww0vw Obi Ngwa Mgboko Anya F Ngozi Grace Adinchinaobi 11th July, 2019
978 ABS/2019PC/10D00978B hrmsx1r Obi Ngwa Umuobiakwa F Njike Chinenye Gladys 11th July, 2019
979 ABS/2019PC/10D00979A hfk4wnl Obi Ngwa OBERETE IBEM M NNA OGBONNA HOPE 11th July, 2019
980 ABS/2019PC/10D00980B bz8fdtr Obi Ngwa UMUODU M NNAH FRIDAY CHIDERA 11th July, 2019
981 ABS/2019PC/10D00981A dkoto9j Obi Ngwa Akpuga F Nnamdi Joy Akudo 11th July, 2019
982 ABS/2019PC/10D00982B fncx95u Obi Ngwa UMUOKPO AMAISI M NNAMDI VICTOR 11th July, 2019
983 ABS/2019PC/10D00983A h3y0u91 Obi Ngwa UMUOGE M NWACHUKWU UGOCHUKWU 11th July, 2019
984 ABS/2019PC/10D00984B cmddjxt Obi Ngwa Mgboko Itungwa F NWANGUMA STELLA URUEGO 11th July, 2019
985 ABS/2019PC/10D00985A cx7pfn9 Obi Ngwa Ovom Ama Asaa M Nwanguma Ndubueze C 11th July, 2019
986 ABS/2019PC/10D00986B f74xybn Obi Ngwa UMUOGE M NWANKPA GODSWILL LAWRENCE 11th July, 2019
987 ABS/2019PC/10D00987A bld2fxd Obi Ngwa Umuaro F Nwankpa Munachi Miracle 11th July, 2019
988 ABS/2019PC/10D00988B b044mfr Obi Ngwa Amuzu M Nwankpa Daniel Chima 11th July, 2019
989 ABS/2019PC/10D00989A dj5ag1a Obi Ngwa akpaa mbato M Nwankuba Chimaobi Thankgod 11th July, 2019
990 ABS/2019PC/10D00990B cydvfx4 Obi Ngwa Umulelu Village F Nwankwo Promise Ulunma 11th July, 2019
991 ABS/2019PC/10D00991A cdm4wqv Obi Ngwa OWERRI NGWA F NWAOBILOR NWABUEZE CALISTAR 11th July, 2019
992 ABS/2019PC/10D00992B fso5w7j Obi Ngwa Umuobiakwa F Nwogu Chigaemecha Goodness 11th July, 2019
993 ABS/2019PC/10D00993A gxar0sf Obi Ngwa Abayi Okoroato M Nwokoji Nnanyereugo Lucky 11th July, 2019
994 ABS/2019PC/10D00994B g7a46sh Obi Ngwa ITU NGWA M NWOSU JOHNNY CHINONYEREM 11th July, 2019
995 ABS/2019PC/10D00995A c7orlsj Obi Ngwa OBERETE IBEM M NWULU CHUKWUEMEKA 11th July, 2019
996 ABS/2019PC/10D00996B hyo9db0 Obi Ngwa Mbano Ntighauzo M Obia David Enyinnaya 11th July, 2019
997 ABS/2019PC/10D00997A bktp44b Obi Ngwa Nenu F OBIOMA NMESOMA HAPPINESS 11th July, 2019
998 ABS/2019PC/10D00998B ewsrxwy Obi Ngwa Owoahiafor M Obioma Godswill Chinemerem 11th July, 2019
999 ABS/2019PC/10D00999A b0kkjc1 Obi Ngwa NKPUKPU OKONO F OGBONNA MMESOMA GIFT 11th July, 2019
1000 ABS/2019PC/10D01000B ik4d2gb Obi Ngwa Ohanze M Ogbonna Kelechi Kenneth 11th July, 2019
1001 ABS/2019PC/10D01001A e3htw0r Obi Ngwa Itukpa F Ogbonna Oluebube Blessing 11th July, 2019
1002 ABS/2019PC/10D01002B hfk7ow8 Obi Ngwa Umuorukwu F Ogbonna Miriam Ezinne 11th July, 2019

1003 ABS/2019PC/10D01003A g26k70u Obi Ngwa Umuorukwu M Ogbonna Kennedy Chukwuebuka 11th July, 2019
1004 ABS/2019PC/10D01004B cl45npj Obi Ngwa Itu Ngwa F Ogbonna Florence Chigozie 11th July, 2019
1005 ABS/2019PC/10D01005A edoaz0o Obi Ngwa Akpa Mbaato M Ohuoba Chisom Chijioke 11th July, 2019
1006 ABS/2019PC/10D01006B f4282be Obi Ngwa Umunkiri M Okata Samuel Ikenna 11th July, 2019
1007 ABS/2019PC/10D01007A cr9l94j Obi Ngwa ISIKOR M OKEBUGWU CHINAGOROM VICTOR 11th July, 2019
1008 ABS/2019PC/10D01008B 8udskf Obi Ngwa Eziama Ohanzia F OKECHUKWU QUEEN MKPURUOMA 11th July, 2019
1009 ABS/2019PC/10D01009A h65alxh Obi Ngwa Obuda Akoli F Okezie Florence Chioma 11th July, 2019
1010 ABS/2019PC/10D01010B hf0u5fu Obi Ngwa AGBURUIKE M OKORO KENNETH CHIZARAM 11th July, 2019
1011 ABS/2019PC/10D01011A eke0jgy Obi Ngwa AGBURIKE M OKOROAFOR OBINNA GODSPOWER 11th July, 2019
1012 ABS/2019PC/10D01012B d2xk43f Obi Ngwa Ohanze M OKWUDIRE IKECHUKWU 11th July, 2019
1013 ABS/2019PC/10D01013A ipyakrm Obi Ngwa Agburuike M Okwuonu Chibuike Chibuike 11th July, 2019
1014 ABS/2019PC/10D01014B f7zmabo Obi Ngwa Owuahia M Ololo Akachi Akachi 11th July, 2019
1015 ABS/2019PC/10D01015A gt7xmvk Obi Ngwa Isikor village M Olua Daniel C 11th July, 2019
1016 ABS/2019PC/10D01016B db07ghz Obi Ngwa Umodize M Omulefu Joel Orji 11th July, 2019
1017 ABS/2019PC/10D01017A hcvkv5c Obi Ngwa UMUOBIAKWA M ONWUKWE COLLINS CHINWEUDO 11th July, 2019
1018 ABS/2019PC/10D01018B cyzz2rs Obi Ngwa MBUTU ICHE M ONWUTUEBE OLILEANYA 11th July, 2019
1019 ABS/2019PC/10D01019A c8j6wqk Obi Ngwa Nenu F Onyebuchi Leticia Amarachi 11th July, 2019
1020 ABS/2019PC/10D01020B cmaez8b Obi Ngwa Ossa Ukwu F Onyebuchi Gold Izuchi 11th July, 2019
1021 ABS/2019PC/10D01021A iwqaozr Obi Ngwa Nenu F Onyebuchi Nkechinyere Goodluck 11th July, 2019
1022 ABS/2019PC/10D01022B be074ti Obi Ngwa Ntigha uzo M Onyeije Chidi 11th July, 2019
1023 ABS/2019PC/10D01023A elcajlq Obi Ngwa Osaa Ukwu M Onyekachi Chiadighikaobi Oluchukwu 11th July, 2019
1024 ABS/2019PC/10D01024B hcusqfa Obi Ngwa Oberete F Onyekaozuru Ugoeze 11th July, 2019
1025 ABS/2019PC/10D01025A cioipml Obi Ngwa Akanu umuorie M onyemaechi kingsley odilanma 11th July, 2019
1026 ABS/2019PC/10D01026B dimyttq Obi Ngwa OSA OKEA F ONYEMAECHI AUGUSTINA CHIOMA 11th July, 2019
1027 ABS/2019PC/10D01027A ezbcb41 Obi Ngwa OSEA F ONYEMAECHI VIVIAN CHINWENDU 11th July, 2019
1028 ABS/2019PC/10D01028B ekfnm0o Obi Ngwa ITUNGWA F ONYENWEUWA VICTORIA UCHECHI 11th July, 2019
1029 ABS/2019PC/10D01029A h0b8qwj Obi Ngwa Itungwa M Orji Ihemriorochi Laura 11th July, 2019
1030 ABS/2019PC/10D01030B fmqzip2 Obi Ngwa Mbutuichi M Osondu Lordson Chidera 11th July, 2019
1031 ABS/2019PC/10D01031A e65x7u6 Obi Ngwa MBUTUICHI M OWUNNA CHRISTIAN NCHEKWUBE 11th July, 2019
1032 ABS/2019PC/10D01032B ftosa0p Obi Ngwa UMUOKPO F PAUL GIFT ONYINYECHI 11th July, 2019
1033 ABS/2019PC/10D01033A dcce06m Obi Ngwa Umuobiakwa F Promise Hellen Chigozie 11th July, 2019
1034 ABS/2019PC/10D01034B d94q6ji Obi Ngwa OSSA UKWU F ROBERTS CYNTHIA UZOAMAKA 11th July, 2019
1035 ABS/2019PC/10D01035A czrjeqa Obi Ngwa Owoahiafor M Sampson Tony Onyinyechi 11th July, 2019
1036 ABS/2019PC/10D01036B cu0x48q Obi Ngwa NENU M SAMPSON CHIBUEZE CHINATU 11th July, 2019
1037 ABS/2019PC/10D01037A fqd9rx1 Obi Ngwa Abayi Ohanze F Silas Ogechi Goodness 11th July, 2019
1038 ABS/2019PC/10D01038B en8ug6a Obi Ngwa obikabia M SOLOMON DAVID 11th July, 2019
1039 ABS/2019PC/10D01039A f7wn6s0 Obi Ngwa UMUOKATAWOM F SOPURUCHI FAVOUR IJEOMA 11th July, 2019
1040 ABS/2019PC/10D01040B ew7v9tq Obi Ngwa Mgboko Obete M Sunday Nmesoronye Justice 11th July, 2019
1041 ABS/2019PC/10D01041A hflf6cp Obi Ngwa Abayi Ohanze M Sunday Wisdom Enyinnaya 11th July, 2019
1042 ABS/2019PC/10D01042B hf7a93f Obi Ngwa Umuopara Egbelu M Sunday Stanley Ugochukwu 11th July, 2019
1043 ABS/2019PC/10D01043A hpd653m Obi Ngwa Itungwa M Ubani Victor 11th July, 2019
1044 ABS/2019PC/10D01044B g9puqq8 Obi Ngwa Isikor M Ubani Lucky Nnamdi 11th July, 2019

1045 ABS/2019PC/11D01045A g3f5uh9 Obi Ngwa AMAORJI UKWU M UBANI CHINWENDU STANLEY 12th July, 2019
1046 ABS/2019PC/11D01046B gia7m8z Obi Ngwa NENU M Uche Mgbeomachi 12th July, 2019
1047 ABS/2019PC/11D01047A hru9oev Obi Ngwa UMUNNEOMA F UGOALA FANNY IHUOMA 12th July, 2019
1048 ABS/2019PC/11D01048B g2ovneh Obi Ngwa Isikor M Ukaibe Nancy C 12th July, 2019
1049 ABS/2019PC/11D01049A hz2kdn9 Obi Ngwa OBI NGWA M ukomadu emmanuel oluwaseun 12th July, 2019
1050 ABS/2019PC/11D01050B ep7er2y Obi Ngwa Amapu M Uzoma Victor Oluebube 12th July, 2019
1051 ABS/2019PC/11D01051A fv2rebx Obi Ngwa OSAA M UZOMA OKEOMA KINGSLEY 12th July, 2019
1052 ABS/2019PC/11D01052B g7i8aa7 Obi Ngwa Umuenere M Vincent Samuel 12th July, 2019
1053 ABS/2019PC/11D01053A hh26afw Ohafia Asaga F Agwu Glory Stephen 12th July, 2019
1054 ABS/2019PC/11D01054B garipia Ohafia Okon Aku M Agwu Ukpai Eke 12th July, 2019
1055 ABS/2019PC/11D01055A bxeirdz Ohafia NKPORO OHAFIA M AGWU ORJI EGWU 12th July, 2019
1056 ABS/2019PC/11D01056B cwbfput Ohafia Akanu F Agwu Celina Ezinne 12th July, 2019
1057 ABS/2019PC/11D01057A itf4r9y Ohafia ELU OHAFIA F ANYA VICTORIA MBA 12th July, 2019
1058 ABS/2019PC/11D01058B ccw1l0j Ohafia Elu Ohafia LGA M ARUA OKOROAFOR 12th July, 2019
1059 ABS/2019PC/11D01059A hclevkh Ohafia Amaekpu M Awa Nnaoke Agbai 12th July, 2019
1060 ABS/2019PC/11D01060B h3vpeva Ohafia Akanu Ohafia F AwaEmele Uchechi Nnenna 12th July, 2019
1061 ABS/2019PC/11D01061A hi4bl17 Ohafia NDI IBE M CHRISTOPHER SHEDRACK NSI 12th July, 2019
1062 ABS/2019PC/11D01062B h5kh1r0 Ohafia Elu F Chukwuma Peace Awa 12th July, 2019
1063 ABS/2019PC/11D01063A igxi0f8 Ohafia Abiriba M Chukwuma Endurance Victor 12th July, 2019
1064 ABS/2019PC/11D01064B b33zxta Ohafia Nkporo M Clement Obinna Michael 12th July, 2019
1065 ABS/2019PC/11D01065A b9y7bkp Ohafia Agbaja Nkporo M David Maduabuchi Ejem 12th July, 2019
1066 ABS/2019PC/11D01066B eq5qj99 Ohafia ABIRIBA F DEDE BLESSING OYEDIYA 12th July, 2019
1067 ABS/2019PC/11D01067A idya6eb Ohafia NKPORO F EBEI AMARACHI KALU 12th July, 2019
1068 ABS/2019PC/11D01068B f05f3rq Ohafia ASAGA M EJITURU AWA EKEA 12th July, 2019
1069 ABS/2019PC/11D01069A hl1i9wu Ohafia Amaekpu F Eke Glory Chibuzor 12th July, 2019
1070 ABS/2019PC/11D01070B dnkswbh Ohafia Amaekpu F Eke mark Amarachi 12th July, 2019
1071 ABS/2019PC/11D01071A bhuc1pq Ohafia Amaekpu F Ekpu Chikodi Idika 12th July, 2019
1072 ABS/2019PC/11D01072B b3g90jk Ohafia Okagwe M Emeh Bright 12th July, 2019
1073 ABS/2019PC/11D01073A f8vd68c Ohafia AKANU M EMELE CHUKWUDI CHRISTIAN 12th July, 2019
1074 ABS/2019PC/11D01074B eci3s7w Ohafia AMAEKPU F EMETU EZINNE UGBAGA 12th July, 2019
1075 ABS/2019PC/11D01075A b6bx7cj Ohafia Okagwe M Emmanuel Obinna Onwuka 12th July, 2019
1076 ABS/2019PC/11D01076B du9wbvz Ohafia ABIA OHAFIA M EMMANUEL STEPHEN NDU 12th July, 2019
1077 ABS/2019PC/11D01077A ihu0mce Ohafia Nkporo M Emmanuel Nkereumen Edet 12th July, 2019
1078 ABS/2019PC/11D01078B h95yhvn Ohafia OHAFIA F ENI QUEEN UKPAI 12th July, 2019
1079 ABS/2019PC/11D01079A 5qc8r4 Ohafia NDI NDUMA UKWU M ESOWE SOLOMON DIMGBA 12th July, 2019
1080 ABS/2019PC/11D01080B bxx8vb7 Ohafia Asaga M Ezera Kalu Oka 12th July, 2019
1081 ABS/2019PC/11D01081A b0bcx2y Ohafia Abia ohafia F Francis Ada Deborah 12th July, 2019
1082 ABS/2019PC/11D01082B g89p736 Ohafia agbaja nkoporo M ibe isaac kalu 12th July, 2019
1083 ABS/2019PC/11D01083A b2677pu Ohafia ASAGA M IBE IDIKA UDO 12th July, 2019
1084 ABS/2019PC/11D01084B c75088f Ohafia Akanu Village M Ibenjoku Ikenna Ikechukwu 12th July, 2019
1085 ABS/2019PC/11D01085A izuuu78 Ohafia Ebem ohafia M IDIKA JUSTUS CHIKA 12th July, 2019
1086 ABS/2019PC/11D01086B c512ngp Ohafia Ebem ohafia F Idika Ezinne Uduma 12th July, 2019

1087 ABS/2019PC/11D01087A b27d3c3 Ohafia ASAGA F IDIKA BLESSING ULOMA 12th July, 2019
1088 ABS/2019PC/11D01088B d7glyzq Ohafia EBEM OHAFIA M IFEKWE CHIMAOBI 12th July, 2019
1089 ABS/2019PC/11D01089A itpnm48 Ohafia Ebem Ohafia M Ikechukwu Okereke Aso 12th July, 2019
1090 ABS/2019PC/11D01090B cqbw7it Ohafia Okagwe Ohafia F Ikenga Agodichinma Uche 12th July, 2019
1091 ABS/2019PC/11D01091A h3g3ux1 Ohafia Abiriba M Inah Okorie Okorie 12th July, 2019
1092 ABS/2019PC/11D01092B eufsxqd Ohafia Akanu Ohafia M Iroh Prince Ifeanyi Izoukumor 12th July, 2019
1093 ABS/2019PC/11D01093A ijf7jaw Ohafia Nkporo F Irouka Chinyere Gift 12th July, 2019
1094 ABS/2019PC/11D01094B gnqafg2 Ohafia Amuma F John Chinasa 12th July, 2019
1095 ABS/2019PC/11D01095A c1koz3z Ohafia Nkporo M John Chikodiri Samuel 12th July, 2019
1096 ABS/2019PC/11D01096B f7srwfr Ohafia Amaekpu M JOHNSON CHINAZA OMEH 12th July, 2019
1097 ABS/2019PC/11D01097A d6azd0x Ohafia AMUMA F KALU OLANMA PRINCESS 12th July, 2019
1098 ABS/2019PC/11D01098B f76vab0 Ohafia Nkwebi M Kalu Godswill Nkwebi 12th July, 2019
1099 ABS/2019PC/11D01099A er8hau2 Ohafia OKAGWE OHAFIA F KALU JESSY CHINECHEREM 12th July, 2019
1100 ABS/2019PC/11D01100B ebzbjc1 Ohafia AMUKE OHAFIA F KALU NNEKA OBUMA 12th July, 2019
1101 ABS/2019PC/11D01101A ddryazl Ohafia OKAGBUA M KALU UCHE ABBA 12th July, 2019
1102 ABS/2019PC/11D01102B cfv5fz5 Ohafia ELU OHAFIA M KALU IFEANYI IRO 12th July, 2019
1103 ABS/2019PC/11D01103A c772igv Ohafia Asaga M Kalu Emmanuel Uguru 12th July, 2019
1104 ABS/2019PC/11D01104B dcc1uht Ohafia Ohafia F Kalu Chinyere Constance 12th July, 2019
1105 ABS/2019PC/11D01105A d7nwry3 Ohafia AMUKE F KALU CHIBUZOR DIANAH 12th July, 2019
1106 ABS/2019PC/11D01106B fc6fcs4 Ohafia Amuma M Kalu Uduma Ume 12th July, 2019
1107 ABS/2019PC/11D01107A hlburhj Ohafia Amurie Nkporo M Kalu Cherechi Orji 12th July, 2019
1108 ABS/2019PC/11D01108B cfxdbm3 Ohafia asaga ohafia M kalu iro ibem 12th July, 2019
1109 ABS/2019PC/11D01109A exgta6d Ohafia ASAGA OHAFIA M KALU EMEKA NDUKWE 12th July, 2019
1110 ABS/2019PC/11D01110B bxejn06 Ohafia EBEM F KALU VICTORIA IFEOMA 12th July, 2019
1111 ABS/2019PC/11D01111A ffvkkt4 Ohafia Ebem F MBA BLESSING UME 12th July, 2019
1112 ABS/2019PC/11D01112B g9hx1w0 Ohafia EBEM M MONG EBENEZER NDUKWE 12th July, 2019
1113 ABS/2019PC/11D01113A ijwndpo Ohafia Okagwe F Nkwa Mary Eze 12th July, 2019
1114 ABS/2019PC/11D01114B e1ketwv Ohafia Abiriba M Nmaju Daniel Orji 12th July, 2019
1115 ABS/2019PC/11D01115A h3zhn72 Ohafia eziafor F Nwankwo Chibuzor Helen 12th July, 2019
1116 ABS/2019PC/11D01116B hsyvu0u Ohafia OKAGWE F NWANKWO IFEOMA GRACE 12th July, 2019
1117 ABS/2019PC/11D01117A du41nue Ohafia NKPORO F NWOKEOCHA ADAEZE HOPE 12th July, 2019
1118 ABS/2019PC/11D01118B iiwofvq Ohafia AMEKPU F OBASI NNENNA GRACE 12th July, 2019
1119 ABS/2019PC/11D01119A cx4d3oy Ohafia ELU OHAFIA M OBASI OKECHUKWU OKWUN 12th July, 2019
1120 ABS/2019PC/11D01120B ekuvqxz Ohafia Abiriba F Ogba Grace 12th July, 2019
1121 ABS/2019PC/11D01121A gdouh4d Ohafia ELU OHAFIA F OGBA OLUCHI JANE 12th July, 2019
1122 ABS/2019PC/11D01122B bem6wqp Ohafia Abia F Ogbusua Joy Ukoha 12th July, 2019
1123 ABS/2019PC/11D01123A evtn9b4 Ohafia amaekpu F ogele nnenna chukwuka gold 12th July, 2019
1124 ABS/2019PC/11D01124B ej5hd8i Ohafia Nkporo M Ojii Onwuka Joseph Ogbuagu 12th July, 2019
1125 ABS/2019PC/11D01125A eh6h4d8 Ohafia Elu Ohafia M Ojo Ikechukwu Kalu 12th July, 2019
1126 ABS/2019PC/11D01126B f86f2o8 Ohafia Asaga F Okeh Ugenyi Okorie Rossmary 12th July, 2019
1127 ABS/2019PC/11D01127A iaklnzg Ohafia Uduma Awoke F Okemini Esther Paul 12th July, 2019
1128 ABS/2019PC/11D01128B ctd4pw6 Ohafia Ohaofia M Okereke Chinemerem Gideon 12th July, 2019

1129 ABS/2019PC/11D01129A efazmx0 Ohafia AMAEKPU M OKOWU ADIBE MBA 12th July, 2019
1130 ABS/2019PC/11D01130B hyquaqk Ohafia Amaekpu F Okwara Ukachi Eni 12th July, 2019
1131 ABS/2019PC/11D01131A bxyy2vx Ohafia Ebem F Okwara Amarachi Ibem 12th July, 2019
1132 ABS/2019PC/11D01132B eo4c55a Ohafia Nkwebi F Okwu Christabel Nkuachukwu 12th July, 2019
1133 ABS/2019PC/11D01133A fvfu635 Ohafia Amaekpu F Onwuka Mary Bamidele 12th July, 2019
1134 ABS/2019PC/11D01134B cwkqyxk Ohafia Amaekpu M Onwuka Godwin Uduma 12th July, 2019
1135 ABS/2019PC/11D01135A dg4z0fz Ohafia Etitiama Nkporo M Onwuka Eze Chimaobi 12th July, 2019
1136 ABS/2019PC/11D01136B imp16ds Ohafia ELU OHAFIA M ONWUKA CHUKWUMA OFFIA 12th July, 2019
1137 ABS/2019PC/11D01137A fc0mgdk Ohafia EBEM M ONYIRIUKA VICTOR IKECHUKWU 12th July, 2019
1138 ABS/2019PC/11D01138B d2qrz75 Ohafia Eitiama Nkporo M ORJI OKOR OGBUAGU 12th July, 2019
1139 ABS/2019PC/11D01139A im51aus Ohafia Amaekpu M Osu Uche Ibe 12th July, 2019
1140 ABS/2019PC/11D01140B gtstxi5 Ohafia Nkwebi M SAMUEL ONYEMAECHI EMEA 12th July, 2019
1141 ABS/2019PC/11D01141A hnrxyir Ohafia Ebem F Ubaka Chinenye Rejoice 12th July, 2019
1142 ABS/2019PC/11D01142B d5grnmy Ohafia OKAGWE M UCHE EMEKA SUNDAY 12th July, 2019
1143 ABS/2019PC/11D01143A bewfyhy Ohafia Elu F Udensi Martha Uzodinma 12th July, 2019
1144 ABS/2019PC/11D01144B iockiyh Ohafia Okagwe Ohafia M Udonsi Ogbonnaya Ndubuisi 12th July, 2019
1145 ABS/2019PC/11D01145A hez4rdy Ohafia Akanu Ohafia M UDUMA CHIDI KALU 12th July, 2019
1146 ABS/2019PC/11D01146B e5mzhdr Ohafia AMAEKPU M UDUMA SUNDAY CHIMEREMUEZE 12th July, 2019
1147 ABS/2019PC/11D01147A dp2bn4a Ohafia NDI AMA F UKO GRACE OKORO 12th July, 2019
1148 ABS/2019PC/11D01148B bntfiwu Ohafia Amaekpu M Ukoh Samuel Ugochukwu 12th July, 2019
1149 ABS/2019PC/12D01149A fy3arf4 Ohafia AMANGWU OHAFIA M UKOHA UKOHA OKORO 13th July, 2019
1150 ABS/2019PC/12D01150B bbmcfqx Ohafia AKANU M UKOHA EMMANUEL NWANKWO 13th July, 2019
1151 ABS/2019PC/12D01151A gd2ajry Ohafia Nkporo M Ukpabi Agwu Akpala 13th July, 2019
1152 ABS/2019PC/12D01152B dr219p2 Ohafia AMAEKPU M UKPAHI CHIKA AGU 13th July, 2019
1153 ABS/2019PC/12D01153A gfedhwh Ohafia EZIAFOR M UKPAI UMA OZI 13th July, 2019
1154 ABS/2019PC/12D01154B b9c53sg Ohafia Ndi Orieke M Umah James Joseph 13th July, 2019
1155 ABS/2019PC/12D01155A c5z5r97 Ohafia OKAGWE F UME BLESSING KALU 13th July, 2019
1156 ABS/2019PC/12D01156B gl2jahj Ohafia AMAEKPU M UMEH FAVOUR EKE 13th July, 2019
1157 ABS/2019PC/12D01157A ftxwrbf Ohafia EBEM M UZOMA CHUKWUEMEKA JOHN 13th July, 2019
1158 ABS/2019PC/12D01158B deparoy Osisioma Umuawafor M Abraham Chikezie 13th July, 2019
1159 ABS/2019PC/12D01159A h7rg4uz Osisioma UMUADIELE M AGU ESOROCHI CHIMEZIE 13th July, 2019
1160 ABS/2019PC/12D01160B dqu51vb Osisioma Umuagwu M Ahuchaogu JOSEPH onyedikachi 13th July, 2019
1161 ABS/2019PC/12D01161A cc3clzr Osisioma AKPAA OSOKWA M AHURUONYE CHRISTIAN ONOZIE 13th July, 2019
1162 ABS/2019PC/12D01162B hcy06y7 Osisioma AMAVO UKWU F AJAFUE UCHECHI VICTORY 13th July, 2019
1163 ABS/2019PC/12D01163A e92yukc Osisioma Umumba M Alozie Wisdom Oluebube 13th July, 2019
1164 ABS/2019PC/12D01164B czoc3da Osisioma OBUZOR F ATEM ELILE MARGRET 13th July, 2019
1165 ABS/2019PC/12D01165A 8fjzyx Osisioma AMAVO UKWU M CHIGBUNDU LUCKY CHINONSO 13th July, 2019
1166 ABS/2019PC/12D01166B einzyxa Osisioma IBEKU M CHINYERE NOBLE 13th July, 2019
1167 ABS/2019PC/12D01167A f7v7dza Osisioma Akpaa F Chizuoke Queen C 13th July, 2019
1168 ABS/2019PC/12D01168B ii77685 Osisioma Obuzor M Clement Ifeanyichukwu 13th July, 2019
1169 ABS/2019PC/12D01169A g2frl2d Osisioma UMULE M CYPRIAN SOLOMON CHINAEMEZU 13th July, 2019
1170 ABS/2019PC/12D01170B cmw4p0d Osisioma AMAPU VILLAGE F DEEKE BENEDINE ANGELA 13th July, 2019

1171 ABS/2019PC/12D01171A fl7hzs4 Osisioma Amapuife M Egbulefu Uchechukwu 13th July, 2019
1172 ABS/2019PC/12D01172B b0pk9fm Osisioma Umuode F Egege Queen Sopuruchi 13th July, 2019
1173 ABS/2019PC/12D01173A g3fr35z Osisioma Umumba village F Egwuchukwu Pleasure Chidera 13th July, 2019
1174 ABS/2019PC/12D01174B bezyo0y Osisioma MBUTU NTA F EKE CHIDINMA BLESSING 13th July, 2019
1175 ABS/2019PC/12D01175A h5empqr Osisioma UMUOYORO NGWA M ELUWA CHUKWUEBUKA MARK 13th July, 2019
1176 ABS/2019PC/12D01176B eov1ol1 Osisioma OKPU UMUOBO M EMEREOLE MICHAEL EZIAHA 13th July, 2019
1177 ABS/2019PC/12D01177A b9vxnso Osisioma Umuigwe M Emmanuel Daniel 13th July, 2019
1178 ABS/2019PC/12D01178B ik3xyw0 Osisioma Umuobiwaraoha M Emmanuel James Chiemela 13th July, 2019
1179 ABS/2019PC/12D01179A bbzhrny Osisioma Ekeakpara F EMMANUEL ABIGAIL 13th July, 2019
1180 ABS/2019PC/12D01180B fo1f5iy Osisioma Umuimo M Eneogwe Abraham 13th July, 2019
1181 ABS/2019PC/12D01181A h7ql1yk Osisioma UMUOJIMA M ESINNA CHINEDU JOHN 13th July, 2019
1182 ABS/2019PC/12D01182B fu8exvs Osisioma Umuihuoma F Ezekiel Gift Amarachi 13th July, 2019
1183 ABS/2019PC/12D01183A 5apore Osisioma Ahiaba Umueze F FRIDAY GIFT CHINELO 13th July, 2019
1184 ABS/2019PC/12D01184B cf2waca Osisioma Iheumuduru M Gabriel MackLord Udoka 13th July, 2019
1185 ABS/2019PC/12D01185A dqcn0q1 Osisioma MBUTU NTA M HEART GODSPOWER CHISOM 13th July, 2019
1186 ABS/2019PC/12D01186B d6asg3o Osisioma OKPUALA UMUGWOR F IHEANYI FAVOUR NGOZI 13th July, 2019
1187 ABS/2019PC/12D01187A gy2dhzf Osisioma ASAMOKA M IHEANYI GODSON CHIGOZIRIM 13th July, 2019
1188 ABS/2019PC/12D01188B e03q5ky Osisioma AMAPU UMUAVO M IHEJIENE MICHEAL UCHENNA 13th July, 2019
1189 ABS/2019PC/12D01189A e4o775b Osisioma Obuzor M Ihesiaba Onyekachukwu Great 13th July, 2019
1190 ABS/2019PC/12D01190B fiusa50 Osisioma Umueze III M Ikechi Godswill Chiemezuo 13th July, 2019
1191 ABS/2019PC/12D01191A erj7m6k Osisioma Aro Umuonyeukwu F Ikechukwu Deborah Chinonyelum 13th July, 2019
1192 ABS/2019PC/12D01192B 8ua7kp Osisioma Arongwa F John Miracle Chiamaka 13th July, 2019
1193 ABS/2019PC/12D01193A b9ld2p8 Osisioma Umuejeocha M John Humphrey Kelechi 13th July, 2019
1194 ABS/2019PC/12D01194B itwtg0a Osisioma EGBEDE TOWN F KANU ONYINYECHI GIFT 13th July, 2019
1195 ABS/2019PC/12D01195A cyfbhft Osisioma UMUAGBAI M MARK VICTORY CHINYERE 13th July, 2019
1196 ABS/2019PC/12D01196B h3vt8hi Osisioma UMUEVO M MBANU CHINONSO BENJAMIN 13th July, 2019
1197 ABS/2019PC/12D01197A cr9ml5b Osisioma Umuaduru F Michael Aladi Christiana 13th July, 2019
1198 ABS/2019PC/12D01198B hh77ase Osisioma AMAKNWO M NJOKU AKACHI CHRISTIAN 13th July, 2019
1199 ABS/2019PC/12D01199A imbkhsk Osisioma Ibibi Uratta M Njoku Goodluck Jonathan 13th July, 2019
1200 ABS/2019PC/12D01200B dq2tqg4 Osisioma AMUZU UMUNJARA M NMELU GODSWILL NNAMDI 13th July, 2019
1201 ABS/2019PC/12D01201A dka76w6 Osisioma ABA F NWAIGWE CHIZARAM ESTHER 13th July, 2019
1202 ABS/2019PC/12D01202B dzm3v7n Osisioma Obuzor M Nwala Cypril Ebuka 13th July, 2019
1203 ABS/2019PC/12D01203A c5wkuv7 Osisioma UMUATAKO F NWALA VICTORIA IHUOMACHI 13th July, 2019
1204 ABS/2019PC/12D01204B b9fams0 Osisioma UMUGALA VILLAGE F NWAOBASI CHINASA 13th July, 2019
1205 ABS/2019PC/12D01205A h409fee Osisioma Umuozuo M Nwaobilor Prince Chiedozie 13th July, 2019
1206 ABS/2019PC/12D01206B g80u8zk Osisioma Aro Ngwa F Nwosu Ogechi Augustina 13th July, 2019
1207 ABS/2019PC/12D01207A eis3b7w Osisioma ABA F NWOSU PERPETUAL CHIGOZIRIM 13th July, 2019
1208 ABS/2019PC/12D01208B b9abmh1 Osisioma ABAYI AMASATO M OBED UGOCHUKWU COLLINS 13th July, 2019
1209 ABS/2019PC/12D01209A gajul04 Osisioma ASA UMUDII OKA F OGBONNA ADAKU FAITH 13th July, 2019
1210 ABS/2019PC/12D01210B ec1xius Osisioma AMAPU UMUAVOVO M OGBONNA CHIKA KINGSLEY 13th July, 2019
1211 ABS/2019PC/12D01211A ihpqd6p Osisioma Amavo Ukwu F Omenihu Precious 13th July, 2019
1212 ABS/2019PC/12D01212B f1o0omx Osisioma OKPUALA UMUGWOR F ONUNKA GLORY NKEIRUKA 13th July, 2019

1213 ABS/2019PC/12D01213A itgv7br Osisioma Okpuala Aro F ONUOHA FRANCISCA UGOCHI 13th July, 2019
1214 ABS/2019PC/12D01214B c4cupwl Osisioma UMUOZUO F ONYEMA QUEEN OLUEBUBE 13th July, 2019
1215 ABS/2019PC/12D01215A dj600li Osisioma MBUTU NTA F OREM MERCY ENEH 13th July, 2019
1216 ABS/2019PC/12D01216B bw0oxi6 Osisioma Obuzor M Peter Chukwuemeka 13th July, 2019
1217 ABS/2019PC/12D01217A hkcrs6r Osisioma ARONGWA UMUEVO F TEMPLE CHIGOZIRIM GLADDEN 13th July, 2019
1218 ABS/2019PC/12D01218B b6rl2du Osisioma Umudaba M Tobiah Okwukwe Sunday 13th July, 2019
1219 ABS/2019PC/12D01219A doqiqnx Osisioma Umuagbai M Ubanji Benjamin 13th July, 2019
1220 ABS/2019PC/12D01220B hsly4c5 Osisioma Umumgbede M Uchegbu Ezesinachi 13th July, 2019
1221 ABS/2019PC/12D01221A ihj3o0a Osisioma UMUOCHOR M UZOIJE CHIMEZIE GODSWILL 13th July, 2019
1222 ABS/2019PC/12D01222B bt5xt33 Ugwunagbo AMUZU VILLAGE F ABBA GLADYS NANCY 13th July, 2019
1223 ABS/2019PC/12D01223A f1emvqv Ugwunagbo Umugo M Abraham Promise Akachi 13th July, 2019
1224 ABS/2019PC/12D01224B fhnfeqz Ugwunagbo Akanu M Achibiri Ifeanyi Junior 13th July, 2019
1225 ABS/2019PC/12D01225A doits8k Ugwunagbo Umugwu Umuodo M Agharandu Ugochukwu Fedlix 13th July, 2019
1226 ABS/2019PC/12D01226B dokxhgk Ugwunagbo OBEGU M AGUWAMBA PROMISE CHIGAEMEZU 13th July, 2019
1227 ABS/2019PC/12D01227A buvnhba Ugwunagbo Umugwu Umuodo M Alozie Victor Chinedu 13th July, 2019
1228 ABS/2019PC/12D01228B hm417ah Ugwunagbo Umugo F Amaefula Chinyere 13th July, 2019
1229 ABS/2019PC/12D01229A htmiqso Ugwunagbo AKANU NGWA F ANYAMELE CONFIDENCE EZIAHA 13th July, 2019
1230 ABS/2019PC/12D01230B euwd2ha Ugwunagbo ukebe ngwa M Anyanso Victor Oluebube 13th July, 2019
1231 ABS/2019PC/12D01231A cwmkqmw Ugwunagbo Amapu M Azunna Chijioke Clinton 13th July, 2019
1232 ABS/2019PC/12D01232B exqvp5b Ugwunagbo UMUAGARA F BOB GLORY ONYEKACHI 13th July, 2019
1233 ABS/2019PC/12D01233A f4ltrnf Ugwunagbo Ngwayikwe M Chima Chibuike Samuel 13th July, 2019
1234 ABS/2019PC/12D01234B en5psk8 Ugwunagbo Obeaja M Ebere Collins Enyeribe 13th July, 2019
1235 ABS/2019PC/12D01235A fcqu0dv Ugwunagbo Amapu M Ebereonwu Jephter Chizurum 13th July, 2019
1236 ABS/2019PC/12D01236B g3nabbz Ugwunagbo UMUNKAMA M EJEM NNACHI JOHN 13th July, 2019
1237 ABS/2019PC/12D01237A b6xbgkf Ugwunagbo Amapu Umuodo M Friday Wisdom Chikwado 13th July, 2019
1238 ABS/2019PC/12D01238B dumkqqm Ugwunagbo OBEGU M FRIDAY CHUKWUEMEKA OKWUCHUKWU 13th July, 2019
1239 ABS/2019PC/12D01239A dp9211b Ugwunagbo Amapu Umuodo M Innocent Osinachi Joshua 13th July, 2019
1240 ABS/2019PC/12D01240B gtwo8zs Ugwunagbo Amapu F Isinka Regina Odochi 13th July, 2019
1241 ABS/2019PC/12D01241A d1ibjf6 Ugwunagbo Amapu M Izuwa Emeka 13th July, 2019
1242 ABS/2019PC/12D01242B h7p41y7 Ugwunagbo Umugwu Umuodo M James Wisdom Chimere 13th July, 2019
1243 ABS/2019PC/12D01243A 5ee300 Ugwunagbo Umugwu Umuodo M James Emmanuel Nnaemeka 13th July, 2019
1244 ABS/2019PC/12D01244B hye5wzx Ugwunagbo UMUOJIMA ISIALA M JOHNSON CHUKWUDI 13th July, 2019
1245 ABS/2019PC/12D01245A fsrxzdr Ugwunagbo Obegu M Joseph Michael Nwachukwu 13th July, 2019
1246 ABS/2019PC/12D01246B gdzw9mh Ugwunagbo Umuadikwu M kanu Nkwachukwu Promise 13th July, 2019
1247 ABS/2019PC/12D01247A eusuagq Ugwunagbo Osusu Aku M MADUCHOM JONATHAN CHIJIOKE 13th July, 2019
1248 ABS/2019PC/12D01248B 8b3t23 Ugwunagbo Mbaso Ihie M Mark Ndubuisi Goodluck 13th July, 2019
1249 ABS/2019PC/12D01249A dy7xklw Ugwunagbo Osusu Umuelendu M MONDAY TOCHUKWU CHUKWUEMEKA 13th July, 2019
1250 ABS/2019PC/12D01250B dwn5bms Ugwunagbo Ngwa Iyiekwe M NWACHI CHINWEIKPE 13th July, 2019
1251 ABS/2019PC/12D01251A cp95s0z Ugwunagbo Ihie Ukwu F Nwadi Kate Chiamaka 13th July, 2019
1252 ABS/2019PC/12D01252B ekay3kt Ugwunagbo Ihie Ukwu F Nwadi Chiamaka Kate 13th July, 2019
1253 ABS/2019PC/12D01253A d2vzrpf Ugwunagbo AKANU NGWA M NWAKANMA OBINNA CHRISTOPHER 13th July, 2019
1254 ABS/2019PC/13D01254B fw9gdq8 Ugwunagbo Ngwaiyiekwe M Nwankudu Nnamdi Innocent 15th July, 2019

1255 ABS/2019PC/13D01255A fwm13qh Ugwunagbo Umuobasiukwu M Nwankwo ThankGod Chiemela 15th July, 2019
1256 ABS/2019PC/13D01256B eo15yvo Ugwunagbo Umuobasiukwu M Nwankwo Chiedozie Saviour 15th July, 2019
1257 ABS/2019PC/13D01257A des3kkv Ugwunagbo UMUDIKE VILLAGE M NWANKWO VICTOR 15th July, 2019
1258 ABS/2019PC/13D01258B fvrtuf1 Ugwunagbo Umugwu Umuodo M Nwaobilor Stanley Chimaobi 15th July, 2019
1259 ABS/2019PC/13D01259A ho7i477 Ugwunagbo AKANU NGWA F NWOGU EZINWANYI TINA 15th July, 2019
1260 ABS/2019PC/13D01260B d8v1mpk Ugwunagbo Umunwaji F NWOGU GIFT M 15th July, 2019
1261 ABS/2019PC/13D01261A 5o9qg6 Ugwunagbo UMUARUKWU M OBULEZI KWERENACHI CLEMENT 15th July, 2019
1262 ABS/2019PC/13D01262B h33i2w9 Ugwunagbo OGBORIA F OGBONNA QUEEN VICTOR 15th July, 2019
1263 ABS/2019PC/13D01263A e0012ks Ugwunagbo Aokli Akanu F OGBONNA UCHECHI CHINYERE 15th July, 2019
1264 ABS/2019PC/13D01264B h705rck Ugwunagbo Osusuaku F Oguikpe Elizabeth Nkiru 15th July, 2019
1265 ABS/2019PC/13D01265A dy93zen Ugwunagbo Umugo F Ojiegbe Queen Ijeoma 15th July, 2019
1266 ABS/2019PC/13D01266B g7wmhan Ugwunagbo AKANU M OKAMGBA KINGSLEY CHINASA 15th July, 2019
1267 ABS/2019PC/13D01267A fcq9yfm Ugwunagbo AKANU NGWA M OKORO OKECHUKWU CHIEMALE 15th July, 2019
1268 ABS/2019PC/13D01268B brkja44 Ugwunagbo UMUAKU F OKOROJI BLESSING CHOOCHI 15th July, 2019
1269 ABS/2019PC/13D01269A 8flgc7 Ugwunagbo Umunneato Ihie M Onwere Godfirst Amachi 15th July, 2019
1270 ABS/2019PC/13D01270B cwnuy4a Ugwunagbo Ihie Obeaku M Onwuma Ndudirim Victor 15th July, 2019
1271 ABS/2019PC/13D01271A d3thz8s Ugwunagbo Asa Umunka M Onyelowe Emmanuel Godswill 15th July, 2019
1272 ABS/2019PC/13D01272B fy24qlz Ugwunagbo Amaorji Amano M Owuala Anyadike Anyadike 15th July, 2019
1273 ABS/2019PC/13D01273A hjv2g0n Ugwunagbo Obegu M Sunday Oliver Nwanjiuba 15th July, 2019
1274 ABS/2019PC/13D01274B bletaun Ugwunagbo ASA UMUNKA F TEMPLE DARLING CHIDINMA 15th July, 2019
1275 ABS/2019PC/13D01275A hn06y4a Ugwunagbo Umugo F Ubani Rosemary Nnenna 15th July, 2019
1276 ABS/2019PC/13D01276B f70r5aq Ugwunagbo AKANU NGWA F UFOMBA ONYINYECHI 15th July, 2019
1277 ABS/2019PC/13D01277A cjismjf Ugwunagbo AKANU NGWA M UFOMBA UGOCHUKWU GODSPOWER 15th July, 2019
1278 ABS/2019PC/13D01278B 5fiijp Ukwa East Mkporobe F Adiele Nmeri Justice 15th July, 2019
1279 ABS/2019PC/13D01279A ixuup39 Ukwa East Ohanku F Adiele Onyekachi Nwamma 15th July, 2019
1280 ABS/2019PC/13D01280B buwp73i Ukwa East Obeaku Ndoki M Akoma Godswill Nnamdi 15th July, 2019
1281 ABS/2019PC/13D01281A in07jfm Ukwa East AKWETE M AKPARANTA CHINONSO MICHAEL 15th July, 2019
1282 ABS/2019PC/13D01282B iixicw6 Ukwa East OBOHIA NDOKI M CHIGBU IKECHUKWU 15th July, 2019
1283 ABS/2019PC/13D01283A buiuatp Ukwa East OBEAKU M CHIMA HARRISON 15th July, 2019
1284 ABS/2019PC/13D01284B dg3i3z8 Ukwa East Ohambele Ndoki M Chukwuma Clinton Chukwuma 15th July, 2019
1285 ABS/2019PC/13D01285A eb7oo8z Ukwa East Abake Ndoki M EKEKE MAYOR IKECHUKWU 15th July, 2019
1286 ABS/2019PC/13D01286B eaybo97 Ukwa East Akirika M Ekeke Ejike Ejike 15th July, 2019
1287 ABS/2019PC/13D01287A ex7256o Ukwa East umuiku isi asa F emmanuel oluebube 15th July, 2019
1288 ABS/2019PC/13D01288B icz9ic1 Ukwa East Ohambele F Emmanuel Goodness Chijindu 15th July, 2019
1289 ABS/2019PC/13D01289A ercm0p4 Ukwa East Azumini Ndoki M Emuchay Ikechukwu Enoch 15th July, 2019
1290 ABS/2019PC/13D01290B hxpbuee Ukwa East MKPOROBE M EZEKIEL CHIADIKAOBI GODSWILL 15th July, 2019
1291 ABS/2019PC/13D01291A gvuxuoj Ukwa East OBEAKU NDOKI F IDOKO RHODA UCHIAYA 15th July, 2019
1292 ABS/2019PC/13D01292B edxs0v0 Ukwa East AKWETE NDOKI M JOHNSON CHUKWUEMEKA PROSPER 15th July, 2019
1293 ABS/2019PC/13D01293A exrz7hh Ukwa East MKPOROBE M NDUKA CHIMEREUCHE RICHARD 15th July, 2019
1294 ABS/2019PC/13D01294B h7mali0 Ukwa East Akirika M Nnah Prince Chibuzor 15th July, 2019
1295 ABS/2019PC/13D01295A ek47ow7 Ukwa East Obohia Ndoki M Nnah Ernest Onyenaturuchi 15th July, 2019
1296 ABS/2019PC/13D01296B cguo8mb Ukwa East Obeaku F Nnanna Blessing Chinemerem 15th July, 2019

1297 ABS/2019PC/13D01297A hl49h08 Ukwa East AKIRIKA UKU M NWAIGWE IKENNA MOSES 15th July, 2019
1298 ABS/2019PC/13D01298B fch1cre Ukwa East AKWETE F NWANKWO HAPPINESS NNEOMA 15th July, 2019
1299 ABS/2019PC/13D01299A ghmmuul Ukwa East AZUMINI NDOKI F NZENZE GODFREY EVELYN 15th July, 2019
1300 ABS/2019PC/13D01300B gieu2hh Ukwa East UKWA EAST F ODICHI UCHECHI FAVOUR 15th July, 2019
1301 ABS/2019PC/13D01301A h3mj2d1 Ukwa East Akwete F Ogbulu Loveth Chinyere 15th July, 2019
1302 ABS/2019PC/13D01302B ej5m8vj Ukwa East OHURU M OKECHUKWU CHUKWUEMEKA VICTOR 15th July, 2019
1303 ABS/2019PC/13D01303A blgr3yu Ukwa East OBEAKU M OKERE CHIBUEZE 15th July, 2019
1304 ABS/2019PC/13D01304B h00p97d Ukwa East MKPOROBE M OKERE OBINNA LIBERTY 15th July, 2019
1305 ABS/2019PC/13D01305A ek5d430 Ukwa East Ohanso Ndoki M Okere Secondus I 15th July, 2019
1306 ABS/2019PC/13D01306B est857f Ukwa East MKPOROBE F OKERE ONYEKACHI CONFIDENCE 15th July, 2019
1307 ABS/2019PC/13D01307A ebqvjx4 Ukwa East Mkporobe M Okundu Bethel 15th July, 2019
1308 ABS/2019PC/13D01308B igg6ixt Ukwa East AZUMINI NDOKI M ONYEUKWU AMOS AMAECHI 15th July, 2019
1309 ABS/2019PC/13D01309A ga5q8ov Ukwa East Ohanso Ndoki M Silas Godbless Chigozie 15th July, 2019
1310 ABS/2019PC/13D01310B hfp2yff Ukwa East Ndoki F Solomon Chidinma Eucharia 15th July, 2019
1311 ABS/2019PC/13D01311A hr5dffk Ukwa East AKIRIKA UKU F SUNDAY GOODLUCK CHINEDU 15th July, 2019
1312 ABS/2019PC/13D01312B g3ippda Ukwa East Ohambele M SUNDAY MICHAEL 15th July, 2019
1313 ABS/2019PC/13D01313A hpemvf9 Ukwa East Azumini M Ukatta Samuel Eze 15th July, 2019
1314 ABS/2019PC/13D01314B fr7ojbd Ukwa East AKWETE F VICTOR GLORY AMARACHI 15th July, 2019
1315 ABS/2019PC/13D01315A dk18fxi Ukwa West OWAZA M ADIELE STEPHEN AKAHAOBI 15th July, 2019
1316 ABS/2019PC/13D01316B c2ghfv9 Ukwa West Umuekechi F Ahukannah Victoria Chizoba 15th July, 2019
1317 ABS/2019PC/13D01317A d2olg40 Ukwa West Obehie asa M Amadi Micheal Ugochukwu 15th July, 2019
1318 ABS/2019PC/13D01318B e343kce Ukwa West Uzuaku M Benneth Uchenna Godswill 15th July, 2019
1319 ABS/2019PC/13D01319A efphmiq Ukwa West Umuiku Asa M Chidi Kingsley Chinaza 15th July, 2019
1320 ABS/2019PC/13D01320B bx1zxlo Ukwa West OBIBOR ASA M CHINAKA PROMISE CHIBUDO 15th July, 2019
1321 ABS/2019PC/13D01321A g06umz0 Ukwa West umuaka F CHINASA VIVIAN JOSEPH 15th July, 2019
1322 ABS/2019PC/13D01322B buah8gw Ukwa West Ozatta F Chinwendu Chiamaka Victory 15th July, 2019
1323 ABS/2019PC/13D01323A h680fej Ukwa West Owo Asa M Chinyere Oluebube Miracle 15th July, 2019
1324 ABS/2019PC/13D01324B b4ck1jw Ukwa West UMUAKA F ENWEREJI PAULINA 15th July, 2019
1325 ABS/2019PC/13D01325A dxzbuet Ukwa West OGWE M Iheme Ejike 15th July, 2019
1326 ABS/2019PC/13D01326B f3mavde Ukwa West OGWE M IHEME JOSHUA FINEFACE 15th July, 2019
1327 ABS/2019PC/13D01327A f5y1gdv Ukwa West OBINGWA F IKEOKWU PRINCESS OBIAGERI 15th July, 2019
1328 ABS/2019PC/13D01328B hcm6oxg Ukwa West Umuiku Asa F Innocent Eudora Chinaza 15th July, 2019
1329 ABS/2019PC/13D01329A e2e4vq7 Ukwa West obokwe M jite Benjamin Uba 15th July, 2019
1330 ABS/2019PC/13D01330B f3y02du Ukwa West obokwe M jite kingsely nnadozi 15th July, 2019
1331 ABS/2019PC/13D01331A fc9poqg Ukwa West Umuelechi M Joel Divine Chukwumaraobim 15th July, 2019
1332 ABS/2019PC/13D01332B h4ikhb9 Ukwa West UMULU IKPOKWU F JOHNSON PRECIOUS IFEYINWA 15th July, 2019
1333 ABS/2019PC/13D01333A ek97ted Ukwa West AD M KAS POP HIG 15th July, 2019
1334 ABS/2019PC/13D01334B gw6ywan Ukwa West ASA F MBAGWU CHIAMAKA ROSEMARY 15th July, 2019
1335 ABS/2019PC/13D01335A ds1jih1 Ukwa West Ogwe Asa M Monday Chinonso Bright 15th July, 2019
1336 ABS/2019PC/13D01336B e6obt4t Ukwa West Obuzor Asa M Monday Chigozie Samuel 15th July, 2019
1337 ABS/2019PC/13D01337A gkq4r2x Ukwa West OBIOHIA NDOKI F NNADEDE VIVIAN 15th July, 2019
1338 ABS/2019PC/13D01338B inbggur Ukwa West Ogwe M NWACHUKWU IKECHUKWU KESANDU 15th July, 2019

1339 ABS/2019PC/13D01339A e54nbnj Ukwa West OBUZOR ASA M NWACHUKWU OSINACHI THANKGOD 15th July, 2019
1340 ABS/2019PC/13D01340B dfb4l0u Ukwa West OWAZA M NWAKANMA VINCENT CHIMANKPA 15th July, 2019
1341 ABS/2019PC/13D01341A hae37hz Ukwa West Obokwe M Nwankwoji Emeka Samuel 15th July, 2019
1342 ABS/2019PC/13D01342B deehua8 Ukwa West Obehe Asa F Nwogu Chidera Jane 15th July, 2019
1343 ABS/2019PC/13D01343A gm2nbrt Ukwa West Umuokwo M Nwola Samuel Ogbonnaya 15th July, 2019
1344 ABS/2019PC/13D01344B g0aisu9 Ukwa West UMUIKU UKOR F NWUJU ESTHER UTUTUOMA 15th July, 2019
1345 ABS/2019PC/13D01345A g0icw3b Ukwa West UMUORIE M OFORJI NWOKOMA SAMUEL 15th July, 2019
1346 ABS/2019PC/13D01346B iegco3v Ukwa West UMUIKU UKOR F OKECHUKWU ESTHER IFEOMACHI 15th July, 2019
1347 ABS/2019PC/13D01347A h5aqt0g Ukwa West Umuiku Isiasa F Okechukwu Gift Ugochi 15th July, 2019
1348 ABS/2019PC/13D01348B ecgi7ba Ukwa West ISI MKPOROBE M OKERE OZIOMA PRECIOUS 15th July, 2019
1349 ABS/2019PC/13D01349A ieu11h0 Ukwa West OBEHIE ASA M OKORIE RAPHEAL EBUKA 15th July, 2019
1350 ABS/2019PC/13D01350B cve2mpn Ukwa West UMUALA F OKORIE HAPPINESS C 15th July, 2019
1351 ABS/2019PC/13D01351A e0kksxk Ukwa West Ezebudele Asa M OKOROATOR CHINATU FRANCIS 15th July, 2019
1352 ABS/2019PC/13D01352B ejxmi71 Ukwa West OGWE M OLUAKA OKECHUKWU 15th July, 2019
1353 ABS/2019PC/13D01353A hm9laya Ukwa West Obuzor M Onyekwere Divine Chidera 15th July, 2019
1354 ABS/2019PC/13D01354B ib7clkm Ukwa West Obuzor M Onyekwere Destiny Ebuka 15th July, 2019
1355 ABS/2019PC/13D01355A iaqsx6z Ukwa West Umuituru M Onyemaechi Joseph 15th July, 2019
1356 ABS/2019PC/13D01356B gzaipmb Ukwa West umuitor M OSONDU GOODLUCK ENWEREMCHI 15th July, 2019
1357 ABS/2019PC/13D01357A elddkhy Ukwa West OGWE TOWN M UCHECHI ISAAC CHUKWUDI 15th July, 2019
1358 ABS/2019PC/14D01358B gjvjahd Ukwa West Omumauzor M UFOMBA CYRIL OSONDU 16th July, 2019
1359 ABS/2019PC/14D01359A b3nrdm0 Umu Nneochi MBALA M AGBADOGO CHARLES CHIJOKE 16th July, 2019
1360 ABS/2019PC/14D01360B b6906v0 Umu Nneochi LERU M AWURU CHUKWUEBUKA 16th July, 2019
1361 ABS/2019PC/14D01361A fjdx573 Umu Nneochi NGODO ISUOCHI F CHIBOO AUGUSTINA 16th July, 2019
1362 ABS/2019PC/14D01362B gnhxtyd Umu Nneochi AMAOGBU UMUAKU M CHIBOO CHRIS IKENNA 16th July, 2019
1363 ABS/2019PC/14D01363A if4dqzn Umu Nneochi Achara Isuochi F Chukwu Mercy 16th July, 2019
1364 ABS/2019PC/14D01364B em21eek Umu Nneochi Amuda Isuochi M Chukwu Chidiebube K Wisdom 16th July, 2019
1365 ABS/2019PC/14D01365A geg4j9e Umu Nneochi UMUEJE F CHUKWUEMEKA ESTHER CHISOM 16th July, 2019
1366 ABS/2019PC/14D01366B cjjyii4 Umu Nneochi NDIAWA F DAVID BLESSING 16th July, 2019
1367 ABS/2019PC/14D01367A ghhgq5d Umu Nneochi MBALA ISUOCHI F EJIM GOODLUCK CHIDIEBERE 16th July, 2019
1368 ABS/2019PC/14D01368B gij17ev Umu Nneochi mbala F ekwu Chioma stella 16th July, 2019
1369 ABS/2019PC/14D01369A cpugbaw Umu Nneochi mbala isuochi M EKWU NNAMDI FRANK 16th July, 2019
1370 ABS/2019PC/14D01370B 8rgy87 Umu Nneochi Umuelem F Elekwa Nwakaego Edith 16th July, 2019
1371 ABS/2019PC/14D01371A bbr2crj Umu Nneochi Akawa M Enwerem Theophilus Amarachukwu 16th July, 2019
1372 ABS/2019PC/14D01372B c83p47f Umu Nneochi Nneto M Esi Victor Chukwuebuka 16th July, 2019
1373 ABS/2019PC/14D01373A ff9qu39 Umu Nneochi Ngodo M Eze Joseph Prince 16th July, 2019
1374 ABS/2019PC/14D01374B gkgj2e5 Umu Nneochi Isouchi F EZEALA LOVETH ODINKEMARA 16th July, 2019
1375 ABS/2019PC/14D01375A euljmyh Umu Nneochi ISUOCHI M EZEKWERE CHINEDU MICHAEL 16th July, 2019
1376 ABS/2019PC/14D01376B gia8d41 Umu Nneochi MBALA F IBE CHISOM 16th July, 2019
1377 ABS/2019PC/14D01377A fjzumc5 Umu Nneochi MBAEZI MBALLA F IBE KOSIMASICHI PEACE 16th July, 2019
1378 ABS/2019PC/14D01378B hy2tyhw Umu Nneochi Leru F Ibeh Chioma Lilian 16th July, 2019
1379 ABS/2019PC/14D01379A f1ty3nw Umu Nneochi Amuda M Igbo Monday Anthony 16th July, 2019
1380 ABS/2019PC/14D01380B fsrky5l Umu Nneochi Amuda F Igwe Chinecherem 16th July, 2019

1381 ABS/2019PC/14D01381A drg9r80 Umu Nneochi Amaeke Uru M Igwe Onyekachi 16th July, 2019
1382 ABS/2019PC/14D01382B dz90zbt Umu Nneochi Ngodo Isuochi F Igwe Chioma Grace 16th July, 2019
1383 ABS/2019PC/14D01383A d2j854j Umu Nneochi Amuda M Igwe Tochukwu 16th July, 2019
1384 ABS/2019PC/14D01384B hsvpom8 Umu Nneochi Umuaku isuochi F Ike Chisom E 16th July, 2019
1385 ABS/2019PC/14D01385A d4h7qo0 Umu Nneochi UMUAKU ISUOCHI F IMAH GOODNESS OKWUDIRICHI 16th July, 2019
1386 ABS/2019PC/14D01386B cqc4py2 Umu Nneochi Umunneochi M Innocent Obi Emmanuel 16th July, 2019
1387 ABS/2019PC/14D01387A d37ctcy Umu Nneochi AMUDA ISUOCHI F IREORJI JULIET OLUCHI 16th July, 2019
1388 ABS/2019PC/14D01388B ewzx55x Umu Nneochi Nneato M Iroegbu Chukwujekwu Lucky 16th July, 2019
1389 ABS/2019PC/14D01389A cp3bhm7 Umu Nneochi Obulo F IYIEGBU THERESA NKEMAKONAM 16th July, 2019
1390 ABS/2019PC/14D01390B 5jj0hx Umu Nneochi LERU M MADU IFEANYI JOHN 16th July, 2019
1391 ABS/2019PC/14D01391A buszcch Umu Nneochi UMUEZILOGBA F MADU DEBORAH PETER 16th July, 2019
1392 ABS/2019PC/14D01392B bbnnqvl Umu Nneochi mbala M madu miracle chukwuemeka 16th July, 2019
1393 ABS/2019PC/14D01393A c39h81j Umu Nneochi AMUDA M MADU CHIMEZIE PRECIOUS 16th July, 2019
1394 ABS/2019PC/14D01394B dd42hfi Umu Nneochi Isuochi M Madu Ugochukwu 16th July, 2019
1395 ABS/2019PC/14D01395A f25nbdr Umu Nneochi Obiagu F Nnabuisi Chidinma Grace 16th July, 2019
1396 ABS/2019PC/14D01396B ddqeqef Umu Nneochi AROIKPA NNEATO F NWACHUKWU RITA IJEOMA 16th July, 2019
1397 ABS/2019PC/14D01397A ctiduk3 Umu Nneochi Aroikpa F Nwafor Amarachi Precious 16th July, 2019
1398 ABS/2019PC/14D01398B hmv4i5h Umu Nneochi Lekwesi F Nwafor Esther C 16th July, 2019
1399 ABS/2019PC/14D01399A cdek4xy Umu Nneochi LERU M NWANKWO IKENNA JOSHUA 16th July, 2019
1400 ABS/2019PC/14D01400B exr2w23 Umu Nneochi Lokpanta M Nwankwo Solomon Chukwudi 16th July, 2019
1401 ABS/2019PC/14D01401A hjnolo9 Umu Nneochi Lokpaukwu F Nwankwo Chiemela Gloria 16th July, 2019
1402 ABS/2019PC/14D01402B cpadtiz Umu Nneochi LOPKANTA M NWANKWO VALENTINE CHINONSO 16th July, 2019
1403 ABS/2019PC/14D01403A gk281sn Umu Nneochi Lekwesi M Nwankwo Chika Henry 16th July, 2019
1404 ABS/2019PC/14D01404B fe1vcv0 Umu Nneochi MBAEZI UMUIGWE M NWAOZUZU ISRAEL NWOKEDI 16th July, 2019
1405 ABS/2019PC/14D01405A e7v8qvi Umu Nneochi Leru F Nweke Chidinma Favour 16th July, 2019
1406 ABS/2019PC/14D01406B f8978z0 Umu Nneochi Obinagu Ngodo M Nwoke Onyekachi Paul 16th July, 2019
1407 ABS/2019PC/14D01407A gho2v8u Umu Nneochi UMUDIM F NZE BLESSING CHIDERA 16th July, 2019
1408 ABS/2019PC/14D01408B c1jczbr Umu Nneochi Eziama Nneato F Obi Mercy Ijeoma 16th July, 2019
1409 ABS/2019PC/14D01409A dmwted9 Umu Nneochi ISUOCHI F OBI CELESTINA CHIDINMA 16th July, 2019
1410 ABS/2019PC/14D01410B eaz3whx Umu Nneochi Umuobasi M Obi Nelson Chukwuemeka 16th July, 2019
1411 ABS/2019PC/14D01411A h44n86o Umu Nneochi Nneato Eziama M OBIDINSO IFEANYI SOLOMON 16th July, 2019
1412 ABS/2019PC/14D01412B ixkei7o Umu Nneochi Lokpaukwu F Ochiogu Precious Chidimma 16th July, 2019
1413 ABS/2019PC/14D01413A c4w3qpe Umu Nneochi ISUOCHI F OFOMA CHIDERA PRECIOUS 16th July, 2019
1414 ABS/2019PC/14D01414B cjw6c4d Umu Nneochi LOKPANTA M OGU NELSON UCHENNA 16th July, 2019
1415 ABS/2019PC/14D01415A ioxubsc Umu Nneochi ISUOCHI F OHAERI CHINYERE SUCCESS 16th July, 2019
1416 ABS/2019PC/14D01416B igsz3xx Umu Nneochi Lokpaukwu F Okafor Vivian Chiamaka 16th July, 2019
1417 ABS/2019PC/14D01417A gdeawwk Umu Nneochi AKPU LERU M OKAFOR SUNDAY ONYEBUCHUKWU 16th July, 2019
1418 ABS/2019PC/14D01418B da60bxj Umu Nneochi Ugwuleru F Okafor Anurika Joy 16th July, 2019
1419 ABS/2019PC/14D01419A fm64p56 Umu Nneochi MBALA F OKECHUKWU BLESSING 16th July, 2019
1420 ABS/2019PC/14D01420B cgtk1t7 Umu Nneochi Lomara F Okereke Ogechi Ann 16th July, 2019
1421 ABS/2019PC/14D01421A edgr3jx Umu Nneochi Isuochi M Okereke Ignatius Chukwuka 16th July, 2019
1422 ABS/2019PC/14D01422B doy7jug Umu Nneochi Ozulobu M Okezie Emmanuel Obiora 16th July, 2019

1423 ABS/2019PC/14D01423A e1eo3ng Umu Nneochi OBIAGU LEKWSI M OKORO SUNDAY ONYEKA 16th July, 2019
1424 ABS/2019PC/14D01424B gell1d2 Umu Nneochi AKAWA F OKORO CHIKA ELIZABETH 16th July, 2019
1425 ABS/2019PC/14D01425A efkbspe Umu Nneochi AMAEKE M OKOROAFOR IFESINACHI 16th July, 2019
1426 ABS/2019PC/14D01426B hkszfuj Umu Nneochi AMAOGBU UMUAKU F OKORONKWO PRECIOUS CHISOM 16th July, 2019
1427 ABS/2019PC/14D01427A f7v493o Umu Nneochi Ugwawuru F Omenyuru Esther Esther 16th July, 2019
1428 ABS/2019PC/14D01428B dqyn8jv Umu Nneochi Uru Lokpanta F Onu Oluchi Perpetual 16th July, 2019
1429 ABS/2019PC/14D01429A cm3k38v Umu Nneochi ISUOCHI F ONUEGBU JOY 16th July, 2019
1430 ABS/2019PC/14D01430B fe7s2tb Umu Nneochi AMUDA ISUOCHI F ONUEGBU OGECHI UNIQUE 16th July, 2019
1431 ABS/2019PC/14D01431A bek7kec Umu Nneochi NNAETO M ONYEMA PROMISE IFEANYI 16th July, 2019
1432 ABS/2019PC/14D01432B hai9n14 Umu Nneochi MBALA F Orih Ukamaka Peace 16th July, 2019
1433 ABS/2019PC/14D01433A b6t46pm Umu Nneochi lokpanta F ORJI GOODNESS AGATHA 16th July, 2019
1434 ABS/2019PC/14D01434B c1srpxy Umu Nneochi Ikpabo M Orji Chukwuebuka Divine 16th July, 2019
1435 ABS/2019PC/14D01435A gw4451d Umu Nneochi Leru F Sunday Amarachi Beatrice 16th July, 2019
1436 ABS/2019PC/14D01436B dgvrvst Umu Nneochi UHUOLUGHO M UAB AUGUSTINE NNAEMEKA 16th July, 2019
1437 ABS/2019PC/14D01437A d5sd7dn Umu Nneochi UHUOLUGHO M UBA AUGUSTINE NNAEMEKA 16th July, 2019
1438 ABS/2019PC/14D01438B besip87 Umu Nneochi LEKWESI F UCHE MIRACLE CHISOM 16th July, 2019
1439 ABS/2019PC/14D01439A cgxaxgi Umu Nneochi Leru M Uche Osita Gideon 16th July, 2019
1440 ABS/2019PC/14D01440B ezxvjiw Umu Nneochi EZIAMA NNEATO M UKO MIRACLE OLUEBUBE 16th July, 2019
1441 ABS/2019PC/14D01441A gdvoodf Umu Nneochi Umueze F Umeh Ezinne Mary 16th July, 2019
1442 ABS/2019PC/14D01442B eoye8kt Umu Nneochi Mbala F Umeh Chioma Rosemary Promise 16th July, 2019
1443 ABS/2019PC/14D01443A e219tfe Umuahia North UMUCHI NKATA F ABBA MERCY INARI 16th July, 2019
1444 ABS/2019PC/14D01444B btxegwn Umuahia North Umuagom Ugba M Achugo Godspower 16th July, 2019
1445 ABS/2019PC/14D01445A c2s6cbp Umuahia North AFARA IBEKU M AGBANYIM ONYEDIKACHI MICHAEL 16th July, 2019
1446 ABS/2019PC/14D01446B iixcui8 Umuahia North Umuokehi F Aguwa Precious Chiemela 16th July, 2019
1447 ABS/2019PC/14D01447A dp5t5fn Umuahia North UMUOHU OKPULA F AKAIGWE FLORENCE ONYINYECHI 16th July, 2019
1448 ABS/2019PC/14D01448B bn2jmi6 Umuahia North Ohokobe Ndume F Akomas Chiamaka Marvelous 16th July, 2019
1449 ABS/2019PC/14D01449A iq48kio Umuahia North IBEKU F AKOMAS IFEOMA DIVINE 16th July, 2019
1450 ABS/2019PC/14D01450B bbdu7sz Umuahia North Ugba M Alfred Daniel Ogbonna 16th July, 2019
1451 ABS/2019PC/14D01451A g8xqed8 Umuahia North AHIAEKE M AMADI WISDOM CHIAGOZIE 16th July, 2019
1452 ABS/2019PC/14D01452B bqzekyn Umuahia North AHIAEKE M AMADI WISDOM CHIAGOZIEM 16th July, 2019
1453 ABS/2019PC/14D01453A iz987pb Umuahia North UGBA IBEKU F AMAJOR CHINYERE ROSEMARY 16th July, 2019
1454 ABS/2019PC/14D01454B fcojk3s Umuahia North AFARATA F ANICHUKWU CHINEDU 16th July, 2019
1455 ABS/2019PC/14D01455A eudg8k1 Umuahia North IKENGA M ANOMIE LIVINGSTONE CHINAZA 16th July, 2019
1456 ABS/2019PC/14D01456B hbdfse5 Umuahia North Isieke F Anoshie Ugochi Immaculeta 16th July, 2019
1457 ABS/2019PC/14D01457A hh74tq4 Umuahia North UMURUM EKEOBA M ANOSIKE VICTOR KELECHI 16th July, 2019
1458 ABS/2019PC/14D01458B eles90b Umuahia North Uhuokwu Oriendu M ANOSIKE CHIGOZIE 16th July, 2019
1459 ABS/2019PC/14D01459A fjg7lf2 Umuahia North Amaeke F Apugo Martha Nwachinemere 16th July, 2019
1460 ABS/2019PC/14D01460B bw7bbhc Umuahia North AFARAUKWU IBEKU M ASIEGBU IFEANYICHUKWU SIMON 16th July, 2019
1461 ABS/2019PC/14D01461A dafmkh6 Umuahia North UMUAFAI NDUME F AWAZIE CYNTHIA OLACHI 16th July, 2019
1462 ABS/2019PC/14D01462B eh9erhd Umuahia North OFEME F AYOZIE JOYCE CHIMEZIRIM 16th July, 2019
1463 ABS/2019PC/15D01463A coypbn6 Umuahia North OFEME M AYOZIE ONYEDIKACHI MICHAEL 17th July, 2019
1464 ABS/2019PC/15D01464B d5h0lpq Umuahia North Utali Mbato M Ayozie Chibuogwu Emmanuel 17th July, 2019

1465 ABS/2019PC/15D01465A g6mclyu Umuahia North OFEME M AYOZIE DAVID CHIDERA 17th July, 2019
1466 ABS/2019PC/15D01466B 8eawam Umuahia North Isieke Ibeku M Azubuike Uchenna James 17th July, 2019
1467 ABS/2019PC/15D01467A h4hijq5 Umuahia North umuchime ossah M Azubuike Okezie Donatus 17th July, 2019
1468 ABS/2019PC/15D01468B g0jkxl0 Umuahia North Okwulaga F Benjamin Chidinma Edith 17th July, 2019
1469 ABS/2019PC/15D01469A gubjg45 Umuahia North Ossah Mgbaja F Charles Ezinne Success 17th July, 2019
1470 ABS/2019PC/15D01470B fs1ky8y Umuahia North Uzziossah Ibeku M Charles Duncan Kamalu 17th July, 2019
1471 ABS/2019PC/15D01471A cu5xlos Umuahia North ISIAMA AFARA M CHIBOR SHEDRACK SAMUEL 17th July, 2019
1472 ABS/2019PC/15D01472B b4aa268 Umuahia North UBANI M CHIBUNDU UCHECHUKWU GABRIEL 17th July, 2019
1473 ABS/2019PC/15D01473A ddkridq Umuahia North UMUAFAI M CHIJIOKE IFEANYI HUMPHREY 17th July, 2019
1474 ABS/2019PC/15D01474B e9k3gjq Umuahia North ndume ibeku F CHIKEZIE BLESSING CHIZOBAM 17th July, 2019
1475 ABS/2019PC/15D01475A bq7748v Umuahia North UMUAJIJI M CHIKEZIE CHIDOZIE EMMANUEL 17th July, 2019
1476 ABS/2019PC/15D01476B cj0c4by Umuahia North ISINGWU F CHIMA SUCCESS IFEOMA 17th July, 2019
1477 ABS/2019PC/15D01477A drrhv7e Umuahia North ISIEKE F CHIMEZIE CHIZUREM SUCCESS 17th July, 2019
1478 ABS/2019PC/15D01478B e3gxq2t Umuahia North AFARA IBEKU M chimezie wisdom chibuenyim 17th July, 2019
1479 ABS/2019PC/15D01479A hulyk6t Umuahia North Okpuala M Chimezie Okezie Bright 17th July, 2019
1480 ABS/2019PC/15D01480B f79erpr Umuahia North Amapo M Chintuwa Kenneth Chidiebere 17th July, 2019
1481 ABS/2019PC/15D01481A b024rtv Umuahia North Ologu F CHIZUE OLUCHI 17th July, 2019
1482 ABS/2019PC/15D01482B ee8b03a Umuahia North OSSAH M CHRISTOPHER PRINCE NDUBUISI 17th July, 2019
1483 ABS/2019PC/15D01483A 8lv68h Umuahia North Ossah Ibeku M CHUKWU CHUKWUEMEKA FRANKLIN 17th July, 2019
1484 ABS/2019PC/15D01484B g6ak1w2 Umuahia North AMAOKWE M CHUKWU KELECHI GOODLUCK 17th July, 2019
1485 ABS/2019PC/15D01485A h761u2g Umuahia North Ugba Ibeku M Chukwuemeka Prince Maduabuchi 17th July, 2019
1486 ABS/2019PC/15D01486B brq5oke Umuahia North NDUME IBEKU M CHUKWUEMEKE VICTOR TOBECHUKWU 17th July, 2019
1487 ABS/2019PC/15D01487A f9u580m Umuahia North Umuana Ndume F Dick Chimuanya Esther 17th July, 2019
1488 ABS/2019PC/15D01488B itg0rj7 Umuahia North Umuana Ndume M Dick Chibuzo 17th July, 2019
1489 ABS/2019PC/15D01489A hf78xre Umuahia North Okpuala F Didia Sarah Obumneke 17th July, 2019
1490 ABS/2019PC/15D01490B enk87wu Umuahia North Ugba F Donatus Grace Amarachi 17th July, 2019
1491 ABS/2019PC/15D01491A bbhib3e Umuahia North UKOME M DURU FAITH OSIM 17th July, 2019
1492 ABS/2019PC/15D01492B euk6b8o Umuahia North Umuda Ofeme M Ebeniro Eberechi Solomon 17th July, 2019
1493 ABS/2019PC/15D01493A buf0qu4 Umuahia North UMUANA IBEKU M ECHEFU ECHEFU IKECHUKWU 17th July, 2019
1494 ABS/2019PC/15D01494B h4ize90 Umuahia North Ubani M Echereobia Madueke Fred 17th July, 2019
1495 ABS/2019PC/15D01495A his04j5 Umuahia North Okwuta Ibeku M Egbeogu Onyinyechi Promise 17th July, 2019
1496 ABS/2019PC/15D01496B ek0c9it Umuahia North AMUZUKWU F EGWU JOHNSON UCHENNA 17th July, 2019
1497 ABS/2019PC/15D01497A ddqnymg Umuahia North UMUBAA M EGWU JOHNSON UCHENNA 17th July, 2019
1498 ABS/2019PC/15D01498B hrmqv1o Umuahia North UMUBAA F EGWU GRACE AMARACHI 17th July, 2019
1499 ABS/2019PC/15D01499A b06ir19 Umuahia North UMUDIAWA M EHIOGU IHEANYICHUKWU LAWRENCE 17th July, 2019
1500 ABS/2019PC/15D01500B djvm9ho Umuahia North Isieke Ibeku F Ehiogu Chinomso Felicia 17th July, 2019
1501 ABS/2019PC/15D01501A ep43n59 Umuahia North Umule F Ejiogu Chidinma Ann 17th July, 2019
1502 ABS/2019PC/15D01502B cadnoj6 Umuahia North Umule Ohuhu F Ejiogu Chidinma Ann 17th July, 2019
1503 ABS/2019PC/15D01503A fq68xiz Umuahia North Ohokobe Ndume F Ejizie Akudo Mercy 17th July, 2019
1504 ABS/2019PC/15D01504B bky5wu2 Umuahia North AFUGIRI M EKELECHUKWU GOODLUCK CHUKWUKA 17th July, 2019
1505 ABS/2019PC/15D01505A elhr7oa Umuahia North Umuokoo M EKO ANDY AKWA 17th July, 2019
1506 ABS/2019PC/15D01506B g0as2ct Umuahia North UMUAJIJI F ELUWA AZUANUKA 17th July, 2019

1507 ABS/2019PC/15D01507A gxevo30 Umuahia North OHOKOBE NDUME M EMEAHARA CHINONSO JOHN 17th July, 2019
1508 ABS/2019PC/15D01508B d9l7edt Umuahia North Umunkaru F Emekaibe Oluchi Cele 17th July, 2019
1509 ABS/2019PC/15D01509A ixep33x Umuahia North Okwuta Ibeku M Emenike Chukwudi David 17th July, 2019
1510 ABS/2019PC/15D01510B in776ex Umuahia North Ndume Ibeku M Emezi Chidozie Godfrey 17th July, 2019
1511 ABS/2019PC/15D01511A fzxa0cn Umuahia North Ndagbo Isiama M Enwere Chukwuemeka 17th July, 2019
1512 ABS/2019PC/15D01512B h4dlc5e Umuahia North Omoba M Enwerekowe Chinonso Logan 17th July, 2019
1513 ABS/2019PC/15D01513A f5do3js Umuahia North Amafor Isingwu M Eze Samson Chinedu 17th July, 2019
1514 ABS/2019PC/15D01514B fruqlc8 Umuahia North Okwe Oboro F EZE QUEEN CHINENYE 17th July, 2019
1515 ABS/2019PC/15D01515A beg1324 Umuahia North umuihi umuogba M ezeh obinna emmanuel 17th July, 2019
1516 ABS/2019PC/15D01516B cs0pyv6 Umuahia North Ohobo Afaraukwu F Ezeleonu Ijeoma Perpetual 17th July, 2019
1517 ABS/2019PC/15D01517A bksbunl Umuahia North NDUME IBEKU M FRIDAY EMMANUEL NGOZI 17th July, 2019
1518 ABS/2019PC/15D01518B gdn3c4k Umuahia North Umuana M GABRIEL KINGSLEY 17th July, 2019
1519 ABS/2019PC/15D01519A b9dz1gz Umuahia North Ndagbo F Ibe Daina Amaka 17th July, 2019
1520 ABS/2019PC/15D01520B gb2pfyr Umuahia North UMUKABIA M IBE EDEN UKAOBASI 17th July, 2019
1521 ABS/2019PC/15D01521A ixfiq13 Umuahia North umulenso M IBEGBU DENNIS ALOZIE 17th July, 2019
1522 ABS/2019PC/15D01522B e9ej20t Umuahia North Amaokwe F IHEANACHO FAITH CHILEZIE 17th July, 2019
1523 ABS/2019PC/15D01523A im9sap0 Umuahia North UMUKABIA F IHEDIRINWOKE CHINYERE GIFT 17th July, 2019
1524 ABS/2019PC/15D01524B frrisjk Umuahia North AMAOKWE IBEKU F IHEJIRIKA CHIAMAKA MARY 17th July, 2019
1525 ABS/2019PC/15D01525A de78klm Umuahia North ugba ibeku M IHEJIRIKA DARLINTON CHIDIEBERE 17th July, 2019
1526 ABS/2019PC/15D01526B g8k5by1 Umuahia North AFARAUKWU F IHEKA FORTUNATE AMAKA 17th July, 2019
1527 ABS/2019PC/15D01527A ik3wtki Umuahia North Umuagungolori M Ihekwereme Chibuike Joseph 17th July, 2019
1528 ABS/2019PC/15D01528B c7jku2t Umuahia North IYIENYI AMOFORO F IHUEZE BEATRICE NNENNA 17th July, 2019
1529 ABS/2019PC/15D01529A ik5n1gc Umuahia North UMUOSUAFUGIRI F IKEEGEKWU OLACHI CHIDIEBUBE 17th July, 2019
1530 ABS/2019PC/15D01530B fhbu6si Umuahia North OFEME M IKEMBA SUNDAY CHRISTIAN 17th July, 2019
1531 ABS/2019PC/15D01531A dikv9cj Umuahia North AMAFOR M IMOH UGOCHUKWU GODWIN 17th July, 2019
1532 ABS/2019PC/15D01532B c2k54y6 Umuahia North UMUEZEALA NDUME M IROHAM CHIDUBEM PATRICK 17th July, 2019
1533 ABS/2019PC/15D01533A e0x016z Umuahia North Umuyota M James Friday Chibuzo 17th July, 2019
1534 ABS/2019PC/15D01534B c4w8erg Umuahia North Umuobasi Ibek F Jeremiah Happy Ibrahim 17th July, 2019
1535 ABS/2019PC/15D01535A d3xwghj Umuahia North Ofeme F John Helen Uzochi 17th July, 2019
1536 ABS/2019PC/15D01536B e30753w Umuahia North AHIAEKE F JOHN CHIOMA JENNIFER 17th July, 2019
1537 ABS/2019PC/15D01537A h8i10i7 Umuahia North umuobasi F JOSEPH DEBORAH ESSIEN 17th July, 2019
1538 ABS/2019PC/15D01538B blaqddn Umuahia North ELUGU NKATA F JOSEPH VICTORIA ONYECHE 17th July, 2019
1539 ABS/2019PC/15D01539A f2vaej7 Umuahia North OHOBO AFARA F JOSHUA VICTORIA NKECHI 17th July, 2019
1540 ABS/2019PC/15D01540B b6s05me Umuahia North Ohokobe Ndume F JOSHUA IHUNANYA EMMANUEL 17th July, 2019
1541 ABS/2019PC/15D01541A btxo29y Umuahia North Ohobo Afaraukwu M Jude Martins Chidiebere 17th July, 2019
1542 ABS/2019PC/15D01542B doxct2j Umuahia North UMUELEDI F KANU MAJESTY ADA 17th July, 2019
1543 ABS/2019PC/15D01543A brle3ve Umuahia North UMUNGBOKWO M KANU CHINAZOM OGBONNAYA 17th July, 2019
1544 ABS/2019PC/15D01544B hy1dyc6 Umuahia North Elugu Isieke F Lawrence Ijeoma Miracle 17th July, 2019
1545 ABS/2019PC/15D01545A dhgsop1 Umuahia North UMUDA ISINGWU M MADUBUIKE DANIEL CHUKWUMA 17th July, 2019
1546 ABS/2019PC/15D01546B ccjzn6r Umuahia North Okwuta Isieke M Maduenye Calistus Tochukwu 17th July, 2019
1547 ABS/2019PC/15D01547A i0rugjf Umuahia North Nkata Ibeku F MADUKA CHIOMA 17th July, 2019
1548 ABS/2019PC/15D01548B igcn8aj Umuahia North Umuezerola M Madumere Francis Emeka 17th July, 2019

1549 ABS/2019PC/15D01549A b6c45td Umuahia North UMUOKEHI F MAJOR SHARON O 17th July, 2019
1550 ABS/2019PC/15D01550B emnxsau Umuahia North Ossah M Mark David Chibueze 17th July, 2019
1551 ABS/2019PC/15D01551A howon5e Umuahia North UMUYOTA UMUAWA M MATTHEW COLLINS ONYEKACHI 17th July, 2019
1552 ABS/2019PC/15D01552B ig2hrzh Umuahia North Nkata Ibeku M Mbanaso Victor Chukwuebuka 17th July, 2019
1553 ABS/2019PC/15D01553A eidygh3 Umuahia North Isieke Ibeku M MEREGINI GODWIN CHIMEZIE 17th July, 2019
1554 ABS/2019PC/15D01554B ciroica Umuahia North Afara F Mgbeahuru Chimaraeme Sonia 17th July, 2019
1555 ABS/2019PC/15D01555A fy4vszo Umuahia North NKATA IBEKU F MONYE LILIAN IFEOMA 17th July, 2019
1556 ABS/2019PC/15D01556B fgltrrq Umuahia North NKATA IBEKU F MONYE IFEOMA LILIAN 17th July, 2019
1557 ABS/2019PC/15D01557A c5wk1xs Umuahia North Okwuta Isieke M NDUBUISI DANIEL CHIBUIKE 17th July, 2019
1558 ABS/2019PC/15D01558B dlh3nns Umuahia North UMUOBASI UGBA F NDUBUISI CHIZOBAM PROMISE 17th July, 2019
1559 ABS/2019PC/15D01559A dcd7kcw Umuahia North NDUME IBEKU F NDUBUISI BLESSING CHINEMEREM 17th July, 2019
1560 ABS/2019PC/15D01560B bbhibj7 Umuahia North UHABIRI OSSAH F NDUDIM CHINWENDU CHRISTIANA 17th July, 2019
1561 ABS/2019PC/15D01561A b65dau6 Umuahia North IKENGA OFEME F NDUKA FELICIA AMARACHI 17th July, 2019
1562 ABS/2019PC/15D01562B ci6uc73 Umuahia North NDAGBO AFARA M NDULAKA CHIEDOZIE GODPRESERVE 17th July, 2019
1563 ABS/2019PC/15D01563A c743mu5 Umuahia North UMUCHOKO NKATA M NEJI BRIGHT 17th July, 2019
1564 ABS/2019PC/15D01564B frndplm Umuahia North NKATA IBEKU F NWABUEZE SHALOM OGECHI 17th July, 2019
1565 ABS/2019PC/15D01565A e9oc5cf Umuahia North UMUDA ISINGWU M NWACHUKWU LOUIS UGOCHUKWU 17th July, 2019
1566 ABS/2019PC/15D01566B bk1imwo Umuahia North Ameke ibeku M Nwagbara Paul 17th July, 2019
1567 ABS/2019PC/16D01567A gll7gac Umuahia North UMUAFAI NDUME M NWAGBOSO OSITA SAMUEL 18th July, 2019
1568 ABS/2019PC/16D01568B fuvsm0z Umuahia North Ohuhu F Nwakanma Mary Chigekwu 18th July, 2019
1569 ABS/2019PC/16D01569A bnrsrin Umuahia North UMUAFIKA F NWAKANMA HAPPINESS CHINECHEREM 18th July, 2019
1570 ABS/2019PC/16D01570B dox3inw Umuahia North UBAKALA F NWALA JOY ATURUCHI 18th July, 2019
1571 ABS/2019PC/16D01571A fhw1y91 Umuahia North Umuda Isingwu F Nwamara Chidiebere Henrieta 18th July, 2019
1572 ABS/2019PC/16D01572B fl72fu5 Umuahia North ISINGWU M NWAMARA JUSTICE CHINAZA 18th July, 2019
1573 ABS/2019PC/16D01573A cdppjr9 Umuahia North UMUAWALAOCHA F NWAOSU ADANMA PEACE 18th July, 2019
1574 ABS/2019PC/16D01574B im5q69c Umuahia North UMUOKWUENUTA M NWAUBANI STEPHEN ONYEBUCHI 18th July, 2019
1575 ABS/2019PC/16D01575A ibw9jyh Umuahia North AHIAEKENDUME F NWOKO JULIET OBIAGERI 18th July, 2019
1576 ABS/2019PC/16D01576B bol8pvm Umuahia North Umuagu Ohuhu F Nwokocha Chinwenwa 18th July, 2019
1577 ABS/2019PC/16D01577A ccf3n6l Umuahia North umuokehi M Nwokocha Patriot Eberechi 18th July, 2019
1578 ABS/2019PC/16D01578B d5wulw5 Umuahia North Afugiri M NWOSU UGOCHUKWU VICTOR 18th July, 2019
1579 ABS/2019PC/16D01579A hsfcezg Umuahia North UMULE OHUHU M NWOSU NNAMDI SIMON 18th July, 2019
1580 ABS/2019PC/16D01580B hxmhhuj Umuahia North Umuezike Ofeme M Obediah Chukwuebuka Success 18th July, 2019 

1581 ABS/2019PC/16D01581A dcdcxvu Umuahia North okwuta ibeku F OBI ADANNE ADANNE 18th July, 2019
1582 ABS/2019PC/16D01582B ik474i8 Umuahia North ubaha M OBIOMA CHIEMEZIEM GODWILL 18th July, 2019
1583 ABS/2019PC/16D01583A coz12jh Umuahia North Isiadu Ibeku M Obisike Kingsley Uchechukwu 18th July, 2019
1584 ABS/2019PC/16D01584B et7hfta Umuahia North Ofeme M Ofoegbu Ikenna Samson 18th July, 2019
1585 ABS/2019PC/16D01585A eagucx6 Umuahia North OFEME OHUHU M OFOEGBU GOODNEWS OZIOMA 18th July, 2019
1586 ABS/2019PC/16D01586B fv5ik9z Umuahia North OHUHU OFEME M OFOEGBU INNOCENT CHINASA 18th July, 2019
1587 ABS/2019PC/16D01587A gd17xza Umuahia North Umuezeama M Ogbonna Chinatu Isaac 18th July, 2019
1588 ABS/2019PC/16D01588B eucrg96 Umuahia North UMUYOTA F OGBONNA CHINASA MARY 18th July, 2019
1589 ABS/2019PC/16D01589A bx0d0pe Umuahia North ELUGU NKATA F OGBONNA EDITH 18th July, 2019
1590 ABS/2019PC/16D01590B f7bpxe6 Umuahia North Iyienyi Ibeku F OGBONNA PEACE OGECHI 18th July, 2019

1591 ABS/2019PC/16D01591A fdgdj0x Umuahia North OHUHU M OGUAMALAM AUGUSTINE IKPEDINACHI 18th July, 2019
1592 ABS/2019PC/16D01592B c7evbth Umuahia North ISEKE M OGUCHI THANKGOD CHINAEMEREM 18th July, 2019
1593 ABS/2019PC/16D01593A fzjkdzn Umuahia North Ofeme Umuahia F Ogueri Chikaodinaka Juliana 18th July, 2019
1594 ABS/2019PC/16D01594B h7mtpko Umuahia North Umulenso M OHAERI JOSEPH UGOCHUKWU 18th July, 2019
1595 ABS/2019PC/16D01595A co4ayo9 Umuahia North OHUHU M OHAERI KINGSLEY ALOZIE 18th July, 2019
1596 ABS/2019PC/16D01596B inbwou9 Umuahia North UMUNSO F OHAERI JOY NDIDIAMAKA 18th July, 2019
1597 ABS/2019PC/16D01597A h7sew7w Umuahia North Umuana Ndume M Ohaeri Chukwuemeka Prince 18th July, 2019
1598 ABS/2019PC/16D01598B hajhfmw Umuahia North UMUYOTA ALAIKE F OJOH HAPPINESS IFEOMA 18th July, 2019
1599 ABS/2019PC/16D01599A fqugzn8 Umuahia North ORIENDU OHUHU M OKEBUGWU NZEWUONYE REDEMPTION 18th July, 2019
1600 ABS/2019PC/16D01600B hcttow5 Umuahia North Umuezeama Ude M Okeoma Daniel Dayo 18th July, 2019
1601 ABS/2019PC/16D01601A digzn9k Umuahia North Amaokwe M OKEOMA ONYEMAUCHECHUKWU EMMANUEL 18th July, 2019
1602 ABS/2019PC/16D01602B bropuxa Umuahia North Umuovom Nkata M Okezie Gift OkezieJunior 18th July, 2019
1603 ABS/2019PC/16D01603A enj7ucc Umuahia North Umuda Isingwu F Oko Helen Chima 18th July, 2019
1604 ABS/2019PC/16D01604B bxg47fh Umuahia North UMUAGOM UGBA M OKOH CYRIL KELVIN 18th July, 2019
1605 ABS/2019PC/16D01605A cu5ng46 Umuahia North Okwuta Ibeku M Okorie Moses 18th July, 2019
1606 ABS/2019PC/16D01606B bxyzi4p Umuahia North Itunbeduala M Okoro Ulonna Kalu 18th July, 2019
1607 ABS/2019PC/16D01607A ipsu4mz Umuahia North Umuovom F Okoro Ijeoma U 18th July, 2019
1608 ABS/2019PC/16D01608B g81w4mc Umuahia North Afugri F Okpara Augustina Chiwendu 18th July, 2019
1609 ABS/2019PC/16D01609A e9fakak Umuahia North Ihie Ndume F Okweshine Blessing Isioma 18th July, 2019
1610 ABS/2019PC/16D01610B hcm79ut Umuahia North Ude Ofeme F Omenkechukwu Nmesomachi Divine 18th July, 2019
1611 ABS/2019PC/16D01611A gkdilx0 Umuahia North Umubaa Amuzukwu M Onen Daniel Ibor 18th July, 2019
1612 ABS/2019PC/16D01612B bbhhjjw Umuahia North AFUGIRI M ONU CHIKA EBERE 18th July, 2019
1613 ABS/2019PC/16D01613A eu9mwbk Umuahia North EZIAMA OSSAH F ONUKARIGWE ROSEMARY NKECHI 18th July, 2019
1614 ABS/2019PC/16D01614B htgvmn5 Umuahia North Ameke ibeku F Onuoha Happiness Oluomachi 18th July, 2019
1615 ABS/2019PC/16D01615A ienck10 Umuahia North Ofeke Ndume M Onuoha Precious Chukwudike 18th July, 2019
1616 ABS/2019PC/16D01616B gdzvpqf Umuahia North Amauhie F Onweagba Chioma 18th July, 2019
1617 ABS/2019PC/16D01617A iw40r2t Umuahia North Ameke ibeku F Onwuekweikpe Esther Chigozie 18th July, 2019
1618 ABS/2019PC/16D01618B iho4wbt Umuahia North AKPAHIA M ONWUKWE DESIRE CHUKWUEBUKA 18th July, 2019
1619 ABS/2019PC/16D01619A gy9u2jf Umuahia North Umuawa Alaocha M ONWUSONYE GODSPOWER OKWUCHUKWU 18th July, 2019
1620 ABS/2019PC/16D01620B gz99us6 Umuahia North AMUZUKWU F ONYEGBULA ELIZABETH UGONNA 18th July, 2019
1621 ABS/2019PC/16D01621A cfnorl2 Umuahia North Okwuta F Onyeji Ihunanyachi Catherine 18th July, 2019
1622 ABS/2019PC/16D01622B c4ltnum Umuahia North Umuagom Ugba F ONYEMACHI EUNICE 18th July, 2019
1623 ABS/2019PC/16D01623A cyej5oa Umuahia North Umuagom Ugba F ONYEMACHI CHIBUZO RUTH 18th July, 2019
1624 ABS/2019PC/16D01624B c1hraau Umuahia North Umuosu M Onyemachi Ikenna Kingsley 18th July, 2019
1625 ABS/2019PC/16D01625A hc0cdqx Umuahia North UMUIRE OHUHU M ONYEMAOBI ALEX 18th July, 2019
1626 ABS/2019PC/16D01626B ds5xyhi Umuahia North UMUOKOO F ONYEMAUCHE CHINAZA RUTH 18th July, 2019
1627 ABS/2019PC/16D01627A iklpta9 Umuahia North UMUNGASI M ONYENATURUCHI WISDOM UCHE 18th July, 2019
1628 ABS/2019PC/16D01628B gmxw537 Umuahia North AFUGIRI F ONYENATURUCHI IHUNANYACHI BLESSING 18th July, 2019
1629 ABS/2019PC/16D01629A f7zxmj4 Umuahia North Ohokobe Ndume F Onyiro Miracle Rosemary 18th July, 2019
1630 ABS/2019PC/16D01630B bqt44jj Umuahia North Amuzukwu M Oraekwute Obinna Kinglsey 18th July, 2019
1631 ABS/2019PC/16D01631A 8lphpb Umuahia North UMULENSO M ORJI MIRACLE OBINNA 18th July, 2019
1632 ABS/2019PC/16D01632B iwlbm4w Umuahia North UMUAFAI F OSISIOGU CYNTHIA OLUCHI 18th July, 2019

1633 ABS/2019PC/16D01633A c7f4qym Umuahia North UMUAGOM UGBA F OSONDU CHINAZA PROMISE 18th July, 2019
1634 ABS/2019PC/16D01634B cflpj1m Umuahia North Nkata Ibeku F Osondu Chinyere Grace 18th July, 2019
1635 ABS/2019PC/16D01635A bh6s7he Umuahia North UMUMBA NSIRIMO F OTEH CHINYERE GLORY 18th July, 2019
1636 ABS/2019PC/16D01636B fixo8vd Umuahia North Umundere Okwuta F OZOANI AMARACHI SUCCESS 18th July, 2019
1637 ABS/2019PC/16D01637A ihuqhip Umuahia North Avonkwu M Ozurumba Pascal Chikadibia 18th July, 2019
1638 ABS/2019PC/16D01638B bbewlg4 Umuahia North Umueze F Peter Dorcas Kole 18th July, 2019
1639 ABS/2019PC/16D01639A b0a91vx Umuahia North OKWUTA IBEKU M SAMUEL IKENNA GIDEON 18th July, 2019
1640 ABS/2019PC/16D01640B ivl61jy Umuahia North umuosu M Simeon Temple Chimaobi 18th July, 2019
1641 ABS/2019PC/16D01641A hxj0j9n Umuahia North Nkata M Solomon Emmanuel 18th July, 2019
1642 ABS/2019PC/16D01642B ipn3isw Umuahia North OFEME M SUNDAY FRANCIS CHUKWUYERE 18th July, 2019
1643 ABS/2019PC/16D01643A hrrew46 Umuahia North UHUOKWU M SUNDAY KINGSLEY 18th July, 2019
1644 ABS/2019PC/16D01644B bbc9nbh Umuahia North UMUOSU AFUGIRI F SUNDAY NJIDEKA CATHERINE 18th July, 2019
1645 ABS/2019PC/16D01645A igrjrxf Umuahia North Amaogwugwu M Thomas Chijioke 18th July, 2019
1646 ABS/2019PC/16D01646B hhzbqq9 Umuahia North Umuakam Afugiri M UBA CHUKWUEMEKA 18th July, 2019
1647 ABS/2019PC/16D01647A ezj093g Umuahia North OHOKOBE NDUME F UCHE UGOMMA JANE 18th July, 2019
1648 ABS/2019PC/16D01648B f6t9nl1 Umuahia North Isieke Ibeku M Uche Collins Ikechukwu 18th July, 2019
1649 ABS/2019PC/16D01649A gnrsrnm Umuahia North UMUORIE F UCHE AMANDA MARY 18th July, 2019
1650 ABS/2019PC/16D01650B czf8k0a Umuahia North OHOKOBE AFARA F UCHEAGA CHINYERE 18th July, 2019
1651 ABS/2019PC/16D01651A b03gicg Umuahia North Amuzukwu M Ufomadu Ugochukwu Emmanuel 18th July, 2019
1652 ABS/2019PC/16D01652B ikmwsxe Umuahia North Amuzukwu M Ufomadu Okechukwu David 18th July, 2019
1653 ABS/2019PC/16D01653A igrboli Umuahia North Umuezeala Ndume F Ufomadu Ogechi Nnennaya 18th July, 2019
1654 ABS/2019PC/16D01654B eauqoa7 Umuahia North UMUOBASI UGBA M UFOMADU KELECHI DAVID 18th July, 2019
1655 ABS/2019PC/16D01655A gzfefzy Umuahia North UMUNEMEZE F UKAEGBU CHIDINMA JOY 18th July, 2019
1656 ABS/2019PC/16D01656B ibnbash Umuahia North Ubaha Oriendu M Ukandu Bright Onyekachi 18th July, 2019
1657 ABS/2019PC/16D01657A gqt6xt2 Umuahia North afugiri M ukaogo praisegod tochukwu 18th July, 2019
1658 ABS/2019PC/16D01658B ir1ing3 Umuahia North UHUOKWU ORIENDU F UKEAGU VICTORIA NWAKAEGO 18th July, 2019
1659 ABS/2019PC/16D01659A dg1jeqz Umuahia North UMUDA M UMEZURUIKE UCHENNA IYKE 18th July, 2019
1660 ABS/2019PC/16D01660B 8jjfyz Umuahia North UMUMUKWU NKATA F UMEZURUIKE GOODNESS CHINWENDU 18th July, 2019
1661 ABS/2019PC/16D01661A eke20oj Umuahia North NKATA IBEKU F UWAJIMGBA GOLD C 18th July, 2019
1662 ABS/2019PC/16D01662B eat6gu5 Umuahia North Umuire M Uzondu Chibueze Emmanuel 18th July, 2019
1663 ABS/2019PC/16D01663A hlwswo7 Umuahia North UMUAJIJI M WILLIAM GODWIN 18th July, 2019
1664 ABS/2019PC/16D01664B fx021kz Umuahia South Umueledi M ABRAHAM VICTOR CHIBUEZE 18th July, 2019
1665 ABS/2019PC/16D01665A fi4ps3b Umuahia South Umubioko M Achilike David Nosike 18th July, 2019
1666 ABS/2019PC/16D01666B elcrkt1 Umuahia South Umudere M Achilike David Nosike 18th July, 2019
1667 ABS/2019PC/16D01667A cve3f91 Umuahia South Obuoha M Adeaze Maduka Dickson 18th July, 2019
1668 ABS/2019PC/16D01668B fb2rjma Umuahia South Umuda Amuzu M Adieze Chibuzor 18th July, 2019
1669 ABS/2019PC/16D01669A gag16aj Umuahia South Amuzu F Adieze Nwadiuto Gift 18th July, 2019
1670 ABS/2019PC/16D01670B fykytxq Umuahia South ubakala M adieze izuchukwu matthew 18th July, 2019
1671 ABS/2019PC/16D01671A cj2s1v0 Umuahia South AZUAHIA M ADINDU EMMANUEL 18th July, 2019
1672 ABS/2019PC/17D01672B hlkdbcr Umuahia South Ogbodiukwu M Adindu chukwuebuka john 19th July, 2019
1673 ABS/2019PC/17D01673A ciw67z0 Umuahia South Ogbodiukwu M Adindu chukwuebuka john 19th July, 2019
1674 ABS/2019PC/17D01674B cp7mj9e Umuahia South OBIZI AMAKAMA M AGBAROJI ENYINNAYA PRINCE 19th July, 2019

1675 ABS/2019PC/17D01675A e5742fh Umuahia South Umuosu Ubakala F Ahiaraumunna Chiamaka Faith 19th July, 2019
1676 ABS/2019PC/17D01676B ie0ixg3 Umuahia South UMUAKO ISIRIMO F AJERO OGECHI DEBORAH 19th July, 2019
1677 ABS/2019PC/17D01677A 8al5ar Umuahia South Amibo Community M Ajuonu Emmanuel 19th July, 2019
1678 ABS/2019PC/17D01678B dj8wt46 Umuahia South OLOKORO M AJUZIE CHINEMENMA GEORGE 19th July, 2019
1679 ABS/2019PC/17D01679A eelylyg Umuahia South Okwu F Akandu Edith Ngozi 19th July, 2019
1680 ABS/2019PC/17D01680B gawxbfj Umuahia South NSUKWE M Akomas Samuel Ikechukwu 19th July, 2019
1681 ABS/2019PC/17D01681A e0son07 Umuahia South Elugwu Umuoram F Alioha Favour Odinakachi 19th July, 2019
1682 ABS/2019PC/17D01682B dv4pfi9 Umuahia South OLOKORO F ALOZIE CHIOMA CHRISTABEL 19th July, 2019
1683 ABS/2019PC/17D01683A cgedlau Umuahia South LAGURU F AMADI CHIDERA PROMISE 19th July, 2019
1684 ABS/2019PC/17D01684B f2uzf1n Umuahia South EKENOBIZI M AMADIEGWU MORDECAI CHIMAOBI 19th July, 2019
1685 ABS/2019PC/17D01685A emadtjm Umuahia South Abam M Amaefule Innocent Chimezie 19th July, 2019
1686 ABS/2019PC/17D01686B gnwstc9 Umuahia South Umusoro Amibo M Amos Bright Odinakachi 19th July, 2019
1687 ABS/2019PC/17D01687A fib991k Umuahia South Abam Ubakala F Andrew Chidera Ijeoma 19th July, 2019
1688 ABS/2019PC/17D01688B gpsxznz Umuahia South Nsirimo F Anozie Chioma Blessing 19th July, 2019
1689 ABS/2019PC/17D01689A h0iqo0q Umuahia South UMUMBA M ANOZIE VICTOR CHISOM 19th July, 2019
1690 ABS/2019PC/17D01690B b0z5xmj Umuahia South Amibo M Anthony Ugochukwu Christian 19th July, 2019
1691 ABS/2019PC/17D01691A emxffzj Umuahia South AMIBO F ANTHONY OGECHI FLORENCE 19th July, 2019
1692 ABS/2019PC/17D01692B fgh5glu Umuahia South UMUADKWU M ANYANWU CHUKWUEMEKA 19th July, 2019
1693 ABS/2019PC/17D01693A ixehdtd Umuahia South Umuovo M Ariwodo Chimuanya Emmanuel 19th July, 2019
1694 ABS/2019PC/17D01694B gw1kbdp Umuahia South Umuajata F Asuquo Jennifer Iniobong 19th July, 2019
1695 ABS/2019PC/17D01695A dlpuksu Umuahia South AMAKAMA OLOKORO M ATASIE EMMANUEL 19th July, 2019
1696 ABS/2019PC/17D01696B ijwy7ue Umuahia South Ogbodiukwu M Azunna Chukwuebuka Jamesmith 19th July, 2019
1697 ABS/2019PC/17D01697A htpud4t Umuahia South Umuajata M Bekeyi Uchechukwu 19th July, 2019
1698 ABS/2019PC/17D01698B h5fwz87 Umuahia South UMUOVO F BENJAMIN LOVE CHIOMA 19th July, 2019
1699 ABS/2019PC/17D01699A f7wi04k Umuahia South laguru M Benjamin john ezinwa 19th July, 2019
1700 ABS/2019PC/17D01700B bbyu70d Umuahia South OLOKORO M CHIABUOTU PRINCE CHISOM 19th July, 2019
1701 ABS/2019PC/17D01701A ian8poi Umuahia South Mgbarakuma F Chibuike Ugochinyere Lovina 19th July, 2019
1702 ABS/2019PC/17D01702B el5r1ue Umuahia South UBAKALA F CHIBUZO OLUOMACHI 19th July, 2019
1703 ABS/2019PC/17D01703A hoj6oxy Umuahia South MUCHIA M CHIGBU MARTINS 19th July, 2019
1704 ABS/2019PC/17D01704B cc3fxdc Umuahia South Amachara M Chikezie Jahspower Ikechukwu 19th July, 2019
1705 ABS/2019PC/17D01705A bemfig6 Umuahia South Itaja Obuohia M Chikezie Fovour Chizigam 19th July, 2019
1706 ABS/2019PC/17D01706B cmeoubv Umuahia South NSIRIMO M CHIKWENDU ONYEKACHI 19th July, 2019
1707 ABS/2019PC/17D01707A gtzypj1 Umuahia South Amizi Olokoro M Chile Kelechi Emmanuel 19th July, 2019
1708 ABS/2019PC/17D01708B bt0fzwi Umuahia South Mgbarakuma F Chimdi Precious Chizoba 19th July, 2019
1709 ABS/2019PC/17D01709A f09ffcg Umuahia South EZIAMA F CHUKWUDERA OGOCHUKWU GRACE 19th July, 2019
1710 ABS/2019PC/17D01710B b9bitrs Umuahia South Amizi Olokor F Cletus Hope 19th July, 2019
1711 ABS/2019PC/17D01711A 79brlt Umuahia South Amizi Olokor F Cletus Ruth 19th July, 2019
1712 ABS/2019PC/17D01712B bojvq1s Umuahia South UMUORIGWE F DARLNGHTON MERIT CHIZARAM 19th July, 2019
1713 ABS/2019PC/17D01713A dg1bd4m Umuahia South Umuosu M Ebere Darlington Chetachi 19th July, 2019
1714 ABS/2019PC/17D01714B ep937bx Umuahia South Olokoro M Echeburu Emmanuel 19th July, 2019
1715 ABS/2019PC/17D01715A g3gxvyx Umuahia South Umuogba Ipupe M Edward Chukwuemeka 19th July, 2019
1716 ABS/2019PC/17D01716B hhg5c2u Umuahia South AMIBO M EGUZORO UDOMEZIE VICTOR 19th July, 2019

1717 ABS/2019PC/17D01717A eivwe5i Umuahia South Umuako Nsirimo M Ekechukwu Chukwudi Kingsley 19th July, 2019
1718 ABS/2019PC/17D01718B ega9z7b Umuahia South ITAJA OLOKORO M EKELEME ABUOMA HYCENT 19th July, 2019
1719 ABS/2019PC/17D01719A gdd378q Umuahia South UBAKALA M EKERE EZEUGO 19th July, 2019
1720 ABS/2019PC/17D01720B cu2gdbc Umuahia South Awom Ipupe M EKEUKWU JAMES CHIKAODI 19th July, 2019
1721 ABS/2019PC/17D01721A hlod2gx Umuahia South Umuecheokwu M Ekpo Chijindu Frank 19th July, 2019
1722 ABS/2019PC/17D01722B dqoxua5 Umuahia South Olokoro F Ekwueme Happiness Chikadibia 19th July, 2019
1723 ABS/2019PC/17D01723A e4fsm8b Umuahia South Amizi Olokoro M Eleonu Arinze Johnson 19th July, 2019
1724 ABS/2019PC/17D01724B hshddv9 Umuahia South Eziama Ubakala M Eluwa Paul Ihekweaba 19th July, 2019
1725 ABS/2019PC/17D01725A doi4cch Umuahia South EZIAMA M ELUWA IHEKWEABA PAUL 19th July, 2019
1726 ABS/2019PC/17D01726B g0e83lb Umuahia South Amuzu Obilubi M Emeretoma Douglas Ugwumba 19th July, 2019
1727 ABS/2019PC/17D01727A day8h2o Umuahia South Obinubi Amuzu M Emeretoma Douglas Ugwumba 19th July, 2019
1728 ABS/2019PC/17D01728B cgu4hzn Umuahia South AMIBO UBAKALA F EMMANUEL GIFT 19th July, 2019
1729 ABS/2019PC/17D01729A bbegj38 Umuahia South Umudere M Enyidededya Nkwachukwu Promise 19th July, 2019
1730 ABS/2019PC/17D01730B h6kg4ad Umuahia South Amibo Ubakala M Enyioko Chinwendu Godwin 19th July, 2019
1731 ABS/2019PC/17D01731A bxfgtbm Umuahia South Avodim F Erugo Christiana Chidinma 19th July, 2019
1732 ABS/2019PC/17D01732B d8v8l4p Umuahia South AMACHARA F ERULO IHUOMA FAVOUR 19th July, 2019
1733 ABS/2019PC/17D01733A fxj6ldg Umuahia South Amuzu F Ezeigbo Chidera Jennifer 19th July, 2019
1734 ABS/2019PC/17D01734B eb13ia6 Umuahia South Ubakala M Ezekwe Divine Obinna 19th July, 2019
1735 ABS/2019PC/17D01735A clzfb6u Umuahia South LAGURU UBAKALA M EZEUGO MICHAEL IKPEAMAEZE 19th July, 2019
1736 ABS/2019PC/17D01736B fauj071 Umuahia South Nsukwe Ubakala F Fidelis Miracle Chigozie 19th July, 2019
1737 ABS/2019PC/17D01737A des2pwu Umuahia South LAGURU UBAKALA F GBARUKO DEBORAH CHIDERA 19th July, 2019
1738 ABS/2019PC/17D01738B b0hxcof Umuahia South UMUIGWE AMAKAMA M GEORGE GABRIEL ONYEBUCHI 19th July, 2019
1739 ABS/2019PC/17D01739A f0xy6ml Umuahia South Umuokwum ohiya F Godwin Esther Onyenonachi 19th July, 2019
1740 ABS/2019PC/17D01740B i0t01ho Umuahia South UMUOSU UBAKALA M GODWIN VICTOR 19th July, 2019
1741 ABS/2019PC/17D01741A fvgszix Umuahia South Umunwanwa F IBE AKUOMA GIFT 19th July, 2019
1742 ABS/2019PC/17D01742B b3fuur4 Umuahia South OGBODIUKWU F IBE AUGUSTINA CHIAMAKA 19th July, 2019
1743 ABS/2019PC/17D01743A feium9k Umuahia South Laguru M ibeh Prosper Emmanuel 19th July, 2019
1744 ABS/2019PC/17D01744B edz7txr Umuahia South Umuajameze M Ibekwe Chidubem Godfrey 19th July, 2019
1745 ABS/2019PC/17D01745A hev55wd Umuahia South Avodim F Ibenye Chiamaka Gift 19th July, 2019
1746 ABS/2019PC/17D01746B irgm0dn Umuahia South amuzu ubakala M Ibenye Emenike Johnson 19th July, 2019
1747 ABS/2019PC/17D01747A bey5jl7 Umuahia South Amibo M Ibezim Armstrong Chukwubuike 19th July, 2019
1748 ABS/2019PC/17D01748B fhq0c7b Umuahia South Amizi Olokoro M Ibezim Uchechi Godswill 19th July, 2019
1749 ABS/2019PC/17D01749A b9thdw3 Umuahia South Umuntu M Idika Chima Okah 19th July, 2019
1750 ABS/2019PC/17D01750B dqge7c9 Umuahia South Umuanya F IHEDIGBO EZINWANYI CHRISTIANA 19th July, 2019
1751 ABS/2019PC/17D01751A bntbj46 Umuahia South UMUOPARA F IHEDIGBO NWADIUTO PEACE 19th July, 2019
1752 ABS/2019PC/17D01752B dy3hcll Umuahia South Umuako Nsirimo F Ihuoma Nnenna Ann 19th July, 2019
1753 ABS/2019PC/17D01753A cztfxkt Umuahia South Nsirimo M IJEOMA PROMISE CHIMEZIE 19th July, 2019
1754 ABS/2019PC/17D01754B ike26oz Umuahia South Obinubi Amuzu M Ikechukwu Okechukwu Richard 19th July, 2019
1755 ABS/2019PC/17D01755A b9vq68o Umuahia South Umuobutu M Ikwuagwu Ihunanyachi Felix 19th July, 2019
1756 ABS/2019PC/17D01756B fmx6svk Umuahia South Amibo M Ikwunze Congrat Kelechi 19th July, 2019
1757 ABS/2019PC/17D01757A ew737ww Umuahia South UBAKALA M INNOCENT PRECIOUS KIENABERE 19th July, 2019
1758 ABS/2019PC/17D01758B fwpv5rc Umuahia South NSIRIMO M INNOCENT ELIJAH CHUKWUDI 19th July, 2019

1759 ABS/2019PC/17D01759A dahprgq Umuahia South Amuzu Obinubi M Iroabuchi Emmanuel Ezenwa 19th July, 2019
1760 ABS/2019PC/17D01760B b931s9p Umuahia South OLOKORO M IROBUNDA CHINEMEREM NELSON 19th July, 2019
1761 ABS/2019PC/17D01761A bnwt3zq Umuahia South UMUOPARA M IROEGBU PRECIOUS CHIBUEZE 19th July, 2019
1762 ABS/2019PC/17D01762B cjipe65 Umuahia South ITU OLOKORO M IROEGBU INNOCENT CHINONYEREM 19th July, 2019
1763 ABS/2019PC/17D01763A imqs16i Umuahia South Umudere M Irokwe John 19th July, 2019
1764 ABS/2019PC/17D01764B h0z6wg9 Umuahia South Umudara Laguru M Irozuru Chima Joseph 19th July, 2019
1765 ABS/2019PC/17D01765A douvtzb Umuahia South MGBARAKUMA M IRUKA MICHEAL CHIGOZIE 19th July, 2019
1766 ABS/2019PC/17D01766B igv7qhf Umuahia South Mgbarakuma M Iruka Ekene Bright 19th July, 2019
1767 ABS/2019PC/17D01767A hjmy4qs Umuahia South UBAKALA M ISAAC MARTINS IKENNA 19th July, 2019
1768 ABS/2019PC/17D01768B gvqqx9i Umuahia South UMUOKA AMIBO M ISAAC CHIKODI GODSGIFT 19th July, 2019
1769 ABS/2019PC/17D01769A h0c2tym Umuahia South UMUOKA AMIBO M ISAAC CHINAZA GODSWILL 19th July, 2019
1770 ABS/2019PC/17D01770B eupzkk6 Umuahia South OGBODIUKWU F IWUNDU IHUOMA CHIOMA 19th July, 2019
1771 ABS/2019PC/17D01771A ikl6zrb Umuahia South Eziama M Joel Kelechi 19th July, 2019
1772 ABS/2019PC/17D01772B dp50piv Umuahia South Umuala Ipupe M John David Sunday 19th July, 2019
1773 ABS/2019PC/17D01773A e28nugf Umuahia South Mgbarakuma M John Anthony Chibuike 19th July, 2019
1774 ABS/2019PC/17D01774B bbfprip Umuahia South Eziama Ubakala M Jonah Promise Chiemela 19th July, 2019
1775 ABS/2019PC/17D01775A ecbsqxz Umuahia South Umuosu M Kanu John Oguguo 19th July, 2019
1776 ABS/2019PC/18D01776B if3drkb Umuahia South Uturu Isiala M Kanu Ugochukwu Samuel 20th July, 2019
1777 ABS/2019PC/18D01777A ccsbfs3 Umuahia South Uturu Isiala F Kanu Amarachi Sarah 20th July, 2019
1778 ABS/2019PC/18D01778B dimx7ut Umuahia South NGIRIMO F Keke Assumpta Chinazor 20th July, 2019
1779 ABS/2019PC/18D01779A fgvi161 Umuahia South Umunwanwa M Lazarus Victor Arinze 20th July, 2019
1780 ABS/2019PC/18D01780B cthbpbn Umuahia South Umuntu M Levi Victory Onyedikachi 20th July, 2019
1781 ABS/2019PC/18D01781A elms24t Umuahia South Ipupe Ubakala F Madubuko Justina 20th July, 2019
1782 ABS/2019PC/18D01782B h2bs7m4 Umuahia South Umuezeala M Madubuko Ezenwa Obinna 20th July, 2019
1783 ABS/2019PC/18D01783A huzf5q2 Umuahia South Obizi F Maduekwe Gloria Tochi 20th July, 2019
1784 ABS/2019PC/18D01784B benvdky Umuahia South Ubakala F Martin Blessing Nkeiru 20th July, 2019
1785 ABS/2019PC/18D01785A dd3ka86 Umuahia South Ubakala F Martin Precious Akunna 20th July, 2019
1786 ABS/2019PC/18D01786B e8vrn6u Umuahia South UMUKPO M MICHEAL OSONDU NIL 20th July, 2019
1787 ABS/2019PC/18D01787A gnbh9vy Umuahia South Laguru M Ndubuisi Wisdom Chidera 20th July, 2019
1788 ABS/2019PC/18D01788B ep2oiad Umuahia South Itaja olokoro M Ndudim Chibueze Emmanuel 20th July, 2019
1789 ABS/2019PC/18D01789A cv8i3yt Umuahia South Old Umuahia F Ndukwe Ngozika Elizabeth 20th July, 2019
1790 ABS/2019PC/18D01790B dm0clwe Umuahia South Olokoro Amagwu F Ndukwe Chinwendu Nancy 20th July, 2019
1791 ABS/2019PC/18D01791A encx0qv Umuahia South Umuecheokwu M Ndukwe Anthony Igbote 20th July, 2019
1792 ABS/2019PC/18D01792B en0g6e9 Umuahia South Eluama Umuosu M Nelson Ebuka Emberson 20th July, 2019
1793 ABS/2019PC/18D01793A fzvfijd Umuahia South Amibo ubakala F Njikonye Chizaram 20th July, 2019
1794 ABS/2019PC/18D01794B c2mrwon Umuahia South UMUAKO NSIRIMO M NJOKU JOSEPH CHUKWUEBUKA 20th July, 2019
1795 ABS/2019PC/18D01795A ftl1qw6 Umuahia South UMUOKWUIKE M NNADI CHRISTIAN OGBONNA 20th July, 2019
1796 ABS/2019PC/18D01796B iqsxf18 Umuahia South AMANKWO M NNAJI VICTOR UZOMA 20th July, 2019
1797 ABS/2019PC/18D01797A f3casp5 Umuahia South Umulu Umuosu M Nnorom Ifeanyichukwu 20th July, 2019
1798 ABS/2019PC/18D01798B h7rxk13 Umuahia South UMUOKOROUKWU M NTIANYA NKWACHI CHRISTIAN 20th July, 2019
1799 ABS/2019PC/18D01799A gz3tv8d Umuahia South Avodim F Nwachukwu Happiness Kasarachi 20th July, 2019
1800 ABS/2019PC/18D01800B g5j36xy Umuahia South Avodim Ubakala M Nwachukwu Divine 20th July, 2019

1801 ABS/2019PC/18D01801A bkok6jq Umuahia South Avodim M Nwachukwu Chinomso Kingsley 20th July, 2019
1802 ABS/2019PC/18D01802B eus37ps Umuahia South UMUAJATA M NWACHUKWU WISDOM CHUKWUEMEKA 20th July, 2019
1803 ABS/2019PC/18D01803A f4byn5c Umuahia South Ogbodi Ohuru M Nwachukwu Daniel Chinaza 20th July, 2019
1804 ABS/2019PC/18D01804B c88obil Umuahia South Umuajata F Nwaeze Onyinye Anthonia 20th July, 2019
1805 ABS/2019PC/18D01805A b67h0z6 Umuahia South Umuabali M Nwafor Chimaroke Samuel 20th July, 2019
1806 ABS/2019PC/18D01806B hfap136 Umuahia South Umuabali F Nwafor Nneoma Helen 20th July, 2019
1807 ABS/2019PC/18D01807A gspw1xt Umuahia South EZIAMA F NWAKANMA TOCHI PRAISE 20th July, 2019
1808 ABS/2019PC/18D01808B ivgkhun Umuahia South UMUOBUTU M NWAKPUDA UGOCHUKWU FAVOUR 20th July, 2019
1809 ABS/2019PC/18D01809A iwfmsyd Umuahia South Itaja Umuelile F Nwandu Chiamaka Eucharia 20th July, 2019
1810 ABS/2019PC/18D01810B bhpgk1r Umuahia South Itaja Umuelile F Nwandu Victoria Oluchi 20th July, 2019
1811 ABS/2019PC/18D01811A drr2o8e Umuahia South UMUAWOLI F NWAOGU BLESSING CHIAMAKA 20th July, 2019
1812 ABS/2019PC/18D01812B c8pjoor Umuahia South Umuwanwa M Nwauzo Chijioke Martins 20th July, 2019
1813 ABS/2019PC/18D01813A itfyfoz Umuahia South AMUZU OLOKORO F NWOKOCHA CHIMA ELIZABETH 20th July, 2019
1814 ABS/2019PC/18D01814B e9i7o6e Umuahia South LAGURU UBAKALA M NWOKOCHA FRANCIS CHUKWUEMEKA 20th July, 2019
1815 ABS/2019PC/18D01815A dhd0ed0 Umuahia South Amuzu M Nwokocha Emmanuel Osinachi 20th July, 2019
1816 ABS/2019PC/18D01816B bn2m7lb Umuahia South Umumba M Nwori Friday Kingsley 20th July, 2019
1817 ABS/2019PC/18D01817A fsy6yg1 Umuahia South OLOKORO F NZEAKO JOY 20th July, 2019
1818 ABS/2019PC/18D01818B bz244wb Umuahia South OLOKORO M OBASI CHIGOZIE VINCENT 20th July, 2019
1819 ABS/2019PC/18D01819A dcd4p7i Umuahia South Nsukwe M Obinna Chimaroke Wisdom 20th July, 2019
1820 ABS/2019PC/18D01820B g9y3mpn Umuahia South UMUOPARAOZARA F OCHE MARYJANE NNEKA 20th July, 2019
1821 ABS/2019PC/18D01821A eaej4ni Umuahia South Umuogo M OCHONMA PASCAL CHIDIEBERE 20th July, 2019
1822 ABS/2019PC/18D01822B fwsw6kf Umuahia South Umuogo Ubakala F Ochonma Oluchi Edith 20th July, 2019
1823 ABS/2019PC/18D01823A isryulc Umuahia South OBIZI AMAKAMA F OCHUBA KASARACHI CHOICE 20th July, 2019
1824 ABS/2019PC/18D01824B ctcmyu8 Umuahia South Okwu Olokoro M Ogbonna Promise Nnadinma 20th July, 2019
1825 ABS/2019PC/18D01825A ilrjl5x Umuahia South Umunwanwa M OGBONNA CLEMENT ONYEDIKACHI 20th July, 2019
1826 ABS/2019PC/18D01826B d8nbok3 Umuahia South OGBODIUKWU M OGBONNA FELIX 20th July, 2019
1827 ABS/2019PC/18D01827A d0wtzdf Umuahia South Umuako Nsirimo M Ogbonna Onyedikachi Anthony 20th July, 2019
1828 ABS/2019PC/18D01828B b27iy9p Umuahia South UMOPARA M OGBONNA INNOCENT CHIBUEZE 20th July, 2019
1829 ABS/2019PC/18D01829A fa6g8zo Umuahia South UMUOPARA M OGBONNAYA DANIEL CHIDIEBERE 20th July, 2019
1830 ABS/2019PC/18D01830B d0du3o8 Umuahia South umuokpara M ogbonnaya Stephen chukwudubem 20th July, 2019
1831 ABS/2019PC/18D01831A f42tj25 Umuahia South AMUZU M OGBUEHI BRIGHT CHIEDOZIE 20th July, 2019
1832 ABS/2019PC/18D01832B cdeszzz Umuahia South Amangwo M Ogu Peter Ugochukwu 20th July, 2019
1833 ABS/2019PC/18D01833A ctfl0af Umuahia South UMUANGA AMAKAMA M OHABUGHIRO NDUBUISI UWAOMA 20th July, 2019
1834 ABS/2019PC/18D01834B fjnjkrb Umuahia South Amizi Okahia M Ohuocha Tochukwu 20th July, 2019
1835 ABS/2019PC/18D01835A iazl5fk Umuahia South UBAKALA M OKEZIE GOODLUCK CHUKWUKA 20th July, 2019
1836 ABS/2019PC/18D01836B csy7zkb Umuahia South UBALAKA F OKIGBO PATRICIA UGOCHI 20th July, 2019
1837 ABS/2019PC/18D01837A hh73pfg Umuahia South AMUZU F OKOROCHA MONICA CHIDINMA 20th July, 2019
1838 ABS/2019PC/18D01838B e9i5ol9 Umuahia South Umuosu M Okpe Chibuike 20th July, 2019
1839 ABS/2019PC/18D01839A cdjk7ax Umuahia South OLD UMUAHIA F OMEREONYE NNEBUIHE GENEVIEVE 20th July, 2019
1840 ABS/2019PC/18D01840B bbuxw22 Umuahia South Umuajameze F Onumaegbu Ogechukwu Valentina 20th July, 2019
1841 ABS/2019PC/18D01841A cjitcoi Umuahia South Umuoparata M Onuoha Uchechukwu Godson 20th July, 2019
1842 ABS/2019PC/18D01842B ed5a9gw Umuahia South Umahia M Onwubiko Paul C 20th July, 2019

1843 ABS/2019PC/18D01843A cy5dhju Umuahia South Olokoro F Onwuegbuchulam Akachi 20th July, 2019
1844 ABS/2019PC/18D01844B h4jljtd Umuahia South Amizi Olokoro M Onwuka Udochukwu Sunny 20th July, 2019
1845 ABS/2019PC/18D01845A fv2addd Umuahia South Umuogo M Onwukwe Ahamefula Bright 20th July, 2019
1846 ABS/2019PC/18D01846B dnqwf2h Umuahia South Umuogo M Onwumere Ugochukwu David 20th July, 2019
1847 ABS/2019PC/18D01847A doyt4qs Umuahia South Agbama Olokoro F Onyeanula Ugonma Linda 20th July, 2019
1848 ABS/2019PC/18D01848B g9l78x1 Umuahia South UMUIHE M ONYEKWERE FRANKLIN CHUKWUEBUKA 20th July, 2019
1849 ABS/2019PC/18D01849A d7lef1i Umuahia South UBAKALA F ONYEKWERE CHIAMAKA UGOCHI 20th July, 2019
1850 ABS/2019PC/18D01850B d7posy8 Umuahia South LAGURU F ONYEMAUWA RUTH ONYEKACHI 20th July, 2019
1851 ABS/2019PC/18D01851A b28hl8f Umuahia South Ubakala F ONYEMUWA MARY NGOZI 20th July, 2019
1852 ABS/2019PC/18D01852B f4ns0lo Umuahia South Old Umuahia F Orji Oluomachi Precious 20th July, 2019
1853 ABS/2019PC/18D01853A ig1ivv4 Umuahia South UMUECHEKWU F ORJI MIRACLE OKWUCHI 20th July, 2019
1854 ABS/2019PC/18D01854B b0qvtvn Umuahia South UMUOGIDI M ORJI OLIVER VICTOR 20th July, 2019
1855 ABS/2019PC/18D01855A ccp8ehy Umuahia South OLOKORO M ORJI EMEKA DAVID 20th July, 2019
1856 ABS/2019PC/18D01856B g8xi0hp Umuahia South Dikenta M OTUECHERE CHUKWUDI JOHN 20th July, 2019
1857 ABS/2019PC/18D01857A fiozf5r Umuahia South AMAIZI OLOKORO F OTUH BLESSING FAVOUR 20th July, 2019
1858 ABS/2019PC/18D01858B dhkata6 Umuahia South Umuosu Ubakala M Owor Emmanuel Ekpeni 20th July, 2019
1859 ABS/2019PC/18D01859A ita8fp4 Umuahia South AMUZU M OYIBO SAMUEL ONUCHE 20th July, 2019
1860 ABS/2019PC/18D01860B b9neg7t Umuahia South Obinubi Amuzu M Peter Kingsley Chukwudi 20th July, 2019
1861 ABS/2019PC/18D01861A bntea0k Umuahia South Egbeada Village F Sunday Josephine Chinonye 20th July, 2019
1862 ABS/2019PC/18D01862B guvjwm6 Umuahia South Umuogo F Theophilus Blessing Chiamaka 20th July, 2019
1863 ABS/2019PC/18D01863A fwpy14b Umuahia South ITAJA M UDAH NDUBUISI CHIGOZIE 20th July, 2019
1864 ABS/2019PC/18D01864B bhh70kp Umuahia South NSIRIMO M UDO MADUABUCHI ALVIN 20th July, 2019
1865 ABS/2019PC/18D01865A g5ua8t0 Umuahia South ITAJA UMUELILE M UGAORU AUGUSTINE IKECHUKWU 20th July, 2019
1866 ABS/2019PC/18D01866B dlpdala Umuahia South Eziala Nsukwe F Ugbaja Goodluck Eberechi 20th July, 2019
1867 ABS/2019PC/18D01867A f8k119u Umuahia South OLOKORO M UGORJI JOEL IKECHUKWU 20th July, 2019
1868 ABS/2019PC/18D01868B hsfgm44 Umuahia South Umueleke F Ukachukwu Charity Nwakaego 20th July, 2019
1869 ABS/2019PC/18D01869A 5cf9hs Umuahia South Mgbarakuma M Ukandu Ekene Collins 20th July, 2019
1870 ABS/2019PC/18D01870B elh6k1t Umuahia South Olokoro M ukandu uzochukwu uzochukwu 20th July, 2019
1871 ABS/2019PC/18D01871A e0jweqt Umuahia South Umuosu M Ukasanya Ikenna Wisdom 20th July, 2019
1872 ABS/2019PC/18D01872B gw64d12 Umuahia South ITAJA UMUELILE M Ukelere Darlington 20th July, 2019
1873 ABS/2019PC/18D01873A cmvdjsh Umuahia South AMUZUTA VILLAGE F UKOH NKECHINYERE ROSELINE 20th July, 2019
1874 ABS/2019PC/18D01874B f4ssbkd Umuahia South OLD UMUAHIA M UWAECHI CHIMEZIE BENJAMIN 20th July, 2019
1875 ABS/2019PC/18D01875A e9uqjbn Umuahia South Olokoro M Uwaezuoke Chidiebube Daniel 20th July, 2019
1876 ABS/2019PC/18D01876B dqqp44t Umuahia South Amizi M Uwaga Princewill Tochukwu 20th July, 2019
1877 ABS/2019PC/18D01877A hx6xdk5 Umuahia South Umudere F uzoaru obinna favour 20th July, 2019
1878 ABS/2019PC/18D01878B cjrz5e0 Umuahia South Nsirimo M Uzoije Nathan Chukwuemeka 20th July, 2019
1879 ABS/2019PC/18D01879A beohge2 Umuahia South Umuako M Uzomba Joseph Uwaoma 20th July, 2019
1880 ABS/2019PC/18D01880B e9ny7iv Umuahia South Umuako Nsirimo M Vincent Udochukwu Calystus 20th July, 2019
1881 ABS/2019PC/18D01881A fu1xQdp Umuahia North EZIAMA OSSAH F NWACHUKWU NGOZI BLESSING 20th July, 2019
1882 ABS/2019PC/18D01882B PSCAN Arochukwu Ikpendu Henry 20th July, 2019
1883 ABS/2019PC/18D01883B PSCAN Umuahia North M Jude Martins 20th July, 2019
1884 ABS/2019PC/18D01884B PSCAN F Chidinma Ipiawilliams 20th July, 2019

1885 ABS/2019PC/18D01885B PSCAN M Martins Jude 20th July, 2019
1886 ABS/2019PC/18D01886B PSCAN M Nwafor Henry Oji 20th July, 2019
1887 ABS/2019PC/18D01887B PSCAN F Vikky Joshua 20th July, 2019
1888 ABS/2019PC/18D01888B PSCAN M Williams Okore 20th July, 2019

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