Gateway (ICT) Polytechnic Saapade Newly Approved Mode of Dressing

Gateway (ICT) Polytechnic Saapade Newly Approved Mode of Dressing

Gateway (ICT) Polytechnic Dress Code

This is a directive from the management that all students henceforth must stop all mode of improper dressing such as;

  • First of all, Crazy hairstyles and multi-colored hairdo’s (for  males and females)
  • Also, Ripped/Crazy jeans
  • Also, Crop tops
  • Off shoulders
  • Also, Mini Skirts
  • Also, Saggy jeans
  • Cold Shoulders
  • Also, Lousy /immoral dressing.
  • Also, Leggings or jeggings of different colours.
  • Group/single display or flagging of colours on campus.

Gateway (ICT) Polytechnic General Code of Conduct.

  • First of all, Respect the right of other students
  • Money, sex and any other form of bribery must not be offered to any staff or student in exchange for higher grades.
  • .     Association with all unapproved secret or open societies i.e secret cult societies.
  • You must not engage in all activities capable of tarnishing the image of Gateway (ICT) Polytechnic, Saapade.
  • Also, You must all attend classes promptly; attendance less than 70% automatically disqualifies you from sitting for the semester examinations.
  • You must respect all members of staff (teaching and non-teaching), security personnel’s inclusive.
  • Finally, You must be law abiding both on campus and in your various communities.

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