Ghana Government Scholarship Fund 

Ghana Government Scholarship Fund

Ghana Government Scholarship Fund . The aim of the Ghana Scholarship Fund is to educate children in the rural part of Ghana and West Africa whose parents or guardians cannot afford to pay the required tuition fees.

As a matter of fact, The scholarships are provided to high school and university and also support local preschool/kindergarten and a girl’s vocational training school.


The Scholarships Secretariat also collaborates with the Commonwealth Scholarships Commission (CSC), Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID), German International Agency (DAAD) and Japanese Government in the administration of various scholarships for Ghanaians which are fully funded by them.

This article will provide you with some tips on how to apply for the Ghana scholarship fund, the procedure for applying for Ghana Commonwealth Scholarships, requirements for applying for Ghana Scholarship, and office locations & contacts.


Tips on How to Apply for Ghana Scholarship Fund

1.First of all,  Apply on time

This is very important, schools have a specific amount of funding available and the earlier you apply, the more you will receive and the easier it will be to get a scholarship.

2. Also, Check university websites for scholarship opportunities

If you know which universities you want to study at, then the institution websites are a good place to start your scholarship search. Normally, the university’s website will give a lot of resources on scholarships, financial aid, and other funding.

3.Also,  Look for other scholarship providers

It is also very important to look beyond universities to find scholarship providers. Research is the key, talk to people and search using various resources, such as libraries, internet or books, for available funding opportunities.

4. Pay close attention to the application essay topic

Once you’ve identified relevant scholarships to apply to, the next stage is to ensure each scholarship application you write is well-targeted for the opportunity in question.

Take the time to analyze the application essay topic, identify all the keywords, take time to understand them and strictly stick to the question when you answer.

5. Get someone else to read your application

As well as helping you identify typos or other errors, constructive feedback can also help you become more aware of your own relevant strengths and achievements. If it’s someone who knows where you’re coming from, they can often think of things that you had not, as well as helping you tighten up the text and check your grammar.

6.Also,  Manage your time well

Time management is especially critical if you’re juggling multiple scholarship applications. Make a calendar of all the deadlines and give yourself plenty of time to work on each application, and ensure you submit all the required documents.

7. Finally, Start Applying

Finally, stop doubting yourself and start applying.

Procedure for Applying for Ghana Commonwealth Scholarships

1. First of all, Obtain Preliminary Application forms from Ghana national Scholarships Secretariat

2. Also, Attach Admission letter from the relevant Universities under commonwealth program.

3.Also,  Attach a well-researched proposal and Study plan

4. Screening interviews for qualified applicants are conducted for purposes of shortlisting.

5.Finally,  Selection and award by relevant Commonwealth Secretariat are done.

Requirements for Applying for the Ghana Scholarship

1. First of all, National Identification Card.

2.Also,  3 Current Passport photos.

3.Also,  Academic transcript and pass slips

4. A well-written Research proposal

5. A Study Plan

6. Also, Admission letter from the relevant University under commonwealth program.

7.Finally,  Application forms from Scholarships Secretariat.

Office Locations & Contacts

– Ghana National Scholarship Secretariat

Scholarships Secretariat

PO Box M75

Accra, Ghana

Tel: +233 030 266 2681

Fax: +233 030 266 2732


– Ghana Scholarship Fund, Inc

1897 Center Fayston Road,

Moretown, VT 05660 USA

– Ministry of Education K Block Ground

Foor P.O.Box M45,

Ministries -Accra Ghana.

Telephone: +233 0 302683627




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