(FUDUTSINMA) Resumes Payment & Registration for 2018/2019

(FUDUTSINMA) Resumes Payment & Registration for 2018/2019


Registration Guidelines for FUDUTSINMA Students.

  1. First of all, Go to your department to confirm the approved number/combination of courses for the given semester.
  2. Also, Log in to http://portal.fudutsinma.edu.ng, and do the following:
    1. Next, Click on “My Modules”
    2. Then Click on “Course Outline”
    3. Then Select “View” on the appropriate Semester Registration
    4. You will find a list of Courses to be registered. Ensure that you select the check box next to each course you desire to register.
    5. Click on “Register” below
    6. Finally, click “Confirm” to confirm your registration. (Note that after confirmation, you can no longer make changes to your course selection).
    7. After confirmation, Logout
  3. Also, After Semester Registration, Check back after 24hrs to see if your Registration has been approved.
  4. Finally, Once approved, Go to your department and collect a signed copy of your registration form and preserve a copy for yourself.
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All students are advised to STRICTLY adhere to this schedule.
S.I.W.E.S Students are also expected to register for S.I.W.E.S.

First of all, (FUNAAB) Part-Time Degree Admission Form for 2018/2019 

Also, (ACEONDO) Course Registration Deadline for 2018/2019

Also, see (ACEONDO) Update on Accomadation 2019 

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