Abia State Polytechnic HND/ND 2nd Batch Admission Lists 2018/2019

Abia State Polytechnic HND/ND 2nd Batch Admission Lists 2018/2019











First of all, This is to inform all the candidates that applied for admission into the Abia State Polytechnic, Aba, 2018/2019 National Diploma (ND) and Higher National Diploma (HND) programmes that they can now check their admission status.

Abia State Poly ND and HND admission lists have been uploaded online. You can confirm your admission status from the documents below.

AplicationFormNumber Name FirstChoiceDepartment

ABP/HNDE/2018/00000255 CASMIR CHIDOZIE Computer Science

ABP/HNDE/18/0000010619 CHIDINMA EJIOFOR GLORY Public Administration

ABP/HNDE/18/0000011042 VICTOR MBAM NDUBUISI Public Administration

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010533 KELECHI UCHENDU Accountancy

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010563 CHIDINMA ANIEZE Accountancy

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010581 CHIZURUM OKEREKE GIFT Accountancy

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010595 CHIOMA OKONKWO MAUREEN Accountancy

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010808 CHINAZA AKIDI Accountancy

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010826 OJEVWE EROUTOR ELENA Accountancy


ABP/HNDM/18/0000010912 UCHECHUKWU RICHARD Accountancy

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010930 PAUL IWEGBU CHINEDU Accountancy


ABP/HNDM/18/0000011022 DESTINY MICAH CHIDINMA Accountancy

ABP/HNDM/18/0000011059 BARIDUKAKA BEAGE Accountancy

ABP/HNDM/18/0000011112 MATTHEW USORO DAVID Accountancy

ABP/HNDM/2018/00000454 PRECIOUS ONWUKA CHISOM Accountancy

ABP/HNDM/2018/00000487 MERIT OKORO NGOZI Accountancy

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010491 SOLOMON EBEKE Architecture

ABP/HNDM/18/0000011039 LIFE NYOBAA FAITH Architecture

ABP/HNDM/2018/0000010379 ENOBONG UDOTONG FIDELIS Architecture

ABP/HNDM/2018/0000010429 CHIDERA UGOCHUKWU LAWRENCE Architecture

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010505 GRACE OKORIE AGWU Banking and Finance

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010544 PETER ETIM SYLVESTER Banking and Finance

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010566 GODSPOWER UKACHI C. Banking and Finance

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010776 BLESSING MORDI ODILEOJO Banking and Finance

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010917 RUHUONA NYEGE Banking and Finance

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010985 CHIAMAKA OKAFOR ANASTESIA Banking and Finance

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010998 CHISOM RICHARD ALISIGWE Banking and Finance

ABP/HNDM/2018/00000159 EMEKA ORDUH KINGSLEY Banking and Finance

ABP/HNDM/2018/00000365 GEORGINIA IHEKANDU NKECHI Banking and Finance

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010455 CHINONSO NWAOSU GLORY Biology / Microbiology

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010484 OLUCHI OGBUEHI AUGUSTINA Biology / Microbiology

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010495 CHINONYEREM EKELUBA LILIAN Biology / Microbiology

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010540 MARY CHIJINDU UGOMMA Biology / Microbiology

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010571 MAUREEN AKUJOBI CHIZITERE Biology / Microbiology

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010590 TINA ONUOHA CHIDINMA Biology / Microbiology

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010634 FAVOUR OBED EBERECHI Biology / Microbiology

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010648 COMFORT AJAYI Biology / Microbiology

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010658 FRANCIS TALENT ASEI Biology / Microbiology

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010660 GLORY KPOOBARI-ABOR BARIBEFE Biology / Microbiology

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010714 GERALDINE DE-EKE IFENYINWA Biology / Microbiology

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010747 ENOBONG BEN ETUK Biology / Microbiology

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010749 CYNTHIA OKAFOR CHIAMAKA Biology / Microbiology

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010790 BLESSING NWANEKEZI ADAUGO Biology / Microbiology

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010799 DORNUBARI JOSEPH GIFT Biology / Microbiology

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010800 QUEEN ODOYI Biology / Microbiology

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010809 TAMUNODIEPIRIYE TAMUNOTONYE Biology / Microbiology

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010883 JULIA RICHARD Biology / Microbiology

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010894 LOVINDAH AMADIKE OGECHI Biology / Microbiology

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010900 MAUREEN DIKE CHINENYE Biology / Microbiology

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010903 CHINONSO ECHE Biology / Microbiology


ABP/HNDM/18/0000010967 ANNA OKORIE JEROME Biology / Microbiology

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010983 LEDIBABARI KOATE GOSPEL Biology / Microbiology

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010988 ABIEDE OTOIDE GLORY Biology / Microbiology

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010993 CHIDERA EKEZIE CYNTHIA Biology / Microbiology

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010994 GOODSEED OWUNWANNE CHINANU Biology / Microbiology

ABP/HNDM/18/0000011004 MERCY UMUNNA Biology / Microbiology

ABP/HNDM/18/0000011044 LILIAN NWAOKONKO NKWACHI Biology / Microbiology

ABP/HNDM/18/0000011045 IBEABUCHI OBASI GODSTIME Biology / Microbiology

ABP/HNDM/18/0000011053 GLORIA EKEH CHINENYE Biology / Microbiology

ABP/HNDM/18/0000011060 EMEDIONG AKPAN JAMES Biology / Microbiology

ABP/HNDM/18/0000011069 ROSEMARY CHIEDU AMAKA Biology / Microbiology

ABP/HNDM/18/0000011071 BLESSING ABADA OGHENEMINE Biology / Microbiology

ABP/HNDM/18/0000011078 LOVELYN ABONYI CHIOMA Biology / Microbiology

ABP/HNDM/2018/0000010346 BLESSING STEPHEN ADAOMA Biology / Microbiology

ABP/HNDM/2018/0000010381 QUEEN GBARUKO OLUOMACHI Biology / Microbiology

ABP/HNDM/2018/0000010397 EUPHEMIA OMEH NKEIRUKA Biology / Microbiology

ABP/HNDM/2018/00000309 GLORIA EKEANYANWU ONYEMAUCHE Biology / Microbiology

ABP/HNDM/2018/00000373 UCHECHI EJIMOGU SAMPSON Biology / Microbiology

ABP/HNDM/2018/00000446 NDIFREKE OKON ANIEFIOK Biology / Microbiology

ABP/HNDM/2018/00000535 HAPPINESS OSIGBO AKALACHI Biology / Microbiology

ABP/HNDM/2018/00000642 FAVOUR OGBONNA UGOMMA Biology / Microbiology

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010711 AKAM EKPE EYO Building Technology

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010978 JUDE ANANABA CHIMAOBI Building Technology

ABP/HNDM/18/0000011049 DESTINY UKPONG AUGUSTINE Building Technology

ABP/HNDM/18/0000011096 STANLEY UKANWA CHUKWUEBUKA Building Technology

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010493 PROSPER NWOKOGBA Business Administration and Management

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010502 CYNTHIA ONUMANWA Business Administration and Management

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010521 ANTHONIA EKPAHA MAURICE Business Administration and Management

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010530 ONYINYECHI UMUNNA CYNTHIA Business Administration and Management

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010549 EMMANUEL BASSEY AKPAN Business Administration and Management

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010573 KENNEDY NWAUWA CHUKWUEBUKA Business Administration and Management

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010622 SANDRA OBUOHA CHIMUANYA Business Administration and Management

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010643 CHINEMEREN OGBUANU Business Administration and Management

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010644 ROSEMARY AHAMBA OCHEZE Business Administration and Management

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010667 CHRISTIANA ONYEANI DIVINE Business Administration and Management

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010702 EDIDIONG UBAHA ETUKUDO Business Administration and Management

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010733 QUEEN YAAKOO Business Administration and Management

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010753 BONAVENTURE ANONYA CHINAZA Business Administration and Management

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010759 FRANK OKECHUKWU CHIDI Business Administration and Management

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010805 BARIBOR ABE Business Administration and Management

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010807 MIRABEL OKWA ELOHOR Business Administration and Management

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010892 OGOCHUKWU UDEMBA ROSE Business Administration and Management

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010895 ONYINYECHI AGBORLU JOY Business Administration and Management

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010971 CHINENYENWA NWAOBIA GIFT Business Administration and Management

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010975 HELEN AMAH KALU Business Administration and Management

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010997 CHIDINMA ISIGUZO C. Business Administration and Management

ABP/HNDM/18/0000011072 DORIS UGORIE CHINENYENWA Business Administration and Management

ABP/HNDM/18/0000011073 CHINWENDU ONYEKABA GLORY Business Administration and Management

ABP/HNDM/18/0000011074 PRECIOUS GEORGE UWAKWE Business Administration and Management

ABP/HNDM/18/0000011095 CHINENYE EZEH Business Administration and Management

ABP/HNDM/18/0000011108 VICTOR HANOTU CHIDIRIM Business Administration and Management

ABP/HNDM/2018/0000010338 MAUREEN KALU OGECHI Business Administration and Management

ABP/HNDM/2018/0000010339 CHINAZA ONYEMEKWUR PRISCILIA Business Administration and Management

ABP/HNDM/2018/0000010378 PEACE EZEIGBO C Business Administration and Management


ABP/HNDM/2018/0000010386 BLESSING IBOR ELESI Business Administration and Management

ABP/HNDM/2018/0000010392 NNEOMA NWANEKE LORRETTA Business Administration and Management

ABP/HNDM/2018/0000010431 EZEKIEL UKO AKPAN Business Administration and Management

ABP/HNDM/2018/0000010451 NDIFREKE EKPENYONG DANIEL Business Administration and Management

ABP/HNDM/2018/00000172 CLIFFORD OGBONNA IFEANYI Business Administration and Management

ABP/HNDM/2018/00000205 CHINWENDU MADU SANDRA Business Administration and Management

ABP/HNDM/2018/00000300 CHIMAZURU OBIEBORO Business Administration and Management

ABP/HNDM/2018/00000307 BEAUTY ANYASOR CHIOMA Business Administration and Management

ABP/HNDM/2018/00000345 CHIMUANYA AZUONWU PATIENCE Business Administration and Management

ABP/HNDM/2018/00000468 CHRISTIANA JACK SUNDAY Business Administration and Management

ABP/HNDM/2018/00000567 KUFURE NELSON Business Administration and Management

ABP/HNDM/2018/00000625 SAMUEL JONATHAN CHUKWUNYERE Business Administration and Management

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010488 VICTORY SUNDAY MMERY Chemistry / Biochemistry

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010746 MERCY MICHEAL OKON Chemistry / Biochemistry

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010758 DEINMA GEORGE Chemistry / Biochemistry

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010768 LILIAN EDEH CHIDINMA Chemistry / Biochemistry

ABP/HNDM/2018/00000386 TAANADEEBABARI KUNAMON Chemistry / Biochemistry

ABP/HNDM/2018/00000516 GIFT ECHENDU CHIMENWEGHIMGBANWE Chemistry / Biochemistry

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010483 FORTUNE AZUBUIKE ODINAKACHI Computer Engineering Technology

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010594 ODINAKACHI BENSON CLARIBEL Computer Engineering Technology

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010771 MICHEAL IWUAMADI UCHECHUKWU Computer Engineering Technology

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010775 CYNTHIA UZOMBA UCHECHI Computer Engineering Technology

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010777 SHYNE IHUNAEGBO Computer Engineering Technology

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010992 CHINAEMEREM OGBONNAYA D Computer Engineering Technology

ABP/HNDM/18/0000011014 BIMOGHA EREFAGHA JOHNSON Computer Engineering Technology

ABP/HNDM/18/0000011021 IME GEORGE ITORO Computer Engineering Technology

ABP/HNDM/18/0000011089 CHINOMSO OKORONKWO PROGRESS Computer Engineering Technology

ABP/HNDM/18/0000011113 KEVWE WILLIAMS Computer Engineering Technology

ABP/HNDM/2018/00000296 SYLVIA UGANWA CHIDINMA Computer Engineering Technology

ABP/HNDM/2018/00000329 ELIAS NWEKE Computer Engineering Technology

ABP/HNDM/2018/00000543 ELISHA MICHAEL OWOIDOHOABASI Computer Engineering Technology

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010593 IGNATIUS ONUKWUFOR ANOZIE Computer Science


ABP/HNDM/18/0000010890 PATIENCE EREM Computer Science

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010939 UBA NWAIGWE Computer Science

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010956 MIRIAN NKWUCHE IJEOMA Computer Science

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010957 ONYEKACHI NDIUKWU GIFT Computer Science

ABP/HNDM/18/0000011030 DARLINGTON UROM IROABUCHI Computer Science

ABP/HNDM/18/0000011082 ANIEMA AKPAN SUNDAY Computer Science

ABP/HNDM/2018/0000010354 TOBECHUKWU NWANKWO Computer Science

ABP/HNDM/2018/0000010433 IFEANYICHUKWU OGUBIO Computer Science

ABP/HNDM/2018/0000010442 BEATRICE OBINDA IHUOMA Computer Science

ABP/HNDM/2018/00000287 IFEANYICHUKWU ONU Computer Science

ABP/HNDM/2018/00000366 EBERECHI MICHAEL CHINAZA Computer Science

ABP/HNDM/2018/00000420 GLORY MANUME Computer Science


ABP/HNDM/2018/00000630 NIMMONG EDEM ASUQUO Computer Science

ABP/HNDM/2018/00000684 CHINEMEREM DIALA CHARITY Computer Science

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010551 CHINEDUM NWASUKA EARNEST Electrical/Electronics Engineering

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010687 MICHAEL OGBONNA CHINONSO Electrical/Electronics Engineering

ABP/HNDM/18/0000011029 VICTOR AGWU SAMPSON Electrical/Electronics Engineering

ABP/HNDM/18/0000011085 VICTOR OKEZIE AMARACHI Electrical/Electronics Engineering

ABP/HNDM/18/0000011107 OBINNA OLEKANWA JUDE Electrical/Electronics Engineering


ABP/HNDM/2018/00000502 SMART RICHARD ASUKWO Electrical/Electronics Engineering

ABP/HNDM/2018/00000613 IDOPISE OFFIONG PETER Electrical/Electronics Engineering

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010511 ONYEKA OKOLIE RAYMOND Estate Management

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010559 MOSES OBASI CHIDIEBERE Estate Management

ABP/HNDM/2018/00000416 GOODNESS MONDAY IHUOMA Estate Management

ABP/HNDM/2018/00000665 BABIAN OFFOR CHISOM Estate Management

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010514 ANIEBIET AKPAN UDEME Food Technology

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010612 NNENNA ENEOGWE QUEEN Food Technology

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010548 GRACEMARY IKENGA STATILIUS Hospitality Management

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010497 NANCY EZEALA OGECHI Marketing


ABP/HNDM/18/0000011027 EDIFON ETIM BROWN Marketing

ABP/HNDM/2018/0000010410 CHINONSO CHIKEZIE ZEAL Marketing



ABP/HNDM/18/0000010633 HART AKUGBO JUNIOR Mechanical Engineering

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010743 TESTIMONY OYEWO KEHINDE Mechanical Engineering

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010812 COMFORT UDUMA ORJI Mechanical Engineering

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010916 CHIGOZIRIM GODWIN Mechanical Engineering

ABP/HNDM/18/0000011079 BASSEY AGWU OBO Mechanical Engineering

ABP/HNDM/18/0000011102 AKANINYENE IDUNGAFA IME Mechanical Engineering

ABP/HNDM/2018/00000301 UCHECHUKWU JOHN HOLYTEMPLE Mechanical Engineering

ABP/HNDM/2018/00000328 GOTE AKOWA HENRY Mechanical Engineering

ABP/HNDM/2018/00000558 LIVINGSTONE BEN TOCHI Mechanical Engineering

ABP/HNDM/2018/00000563 SAMUEL ETUKUDO BLESSING Mechanical Engineering

ABP/HNDM/2018/00000602 KAAGEBARI OBE HOPE Mechanical Engineering

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010515 OLUCHI IDIAGBOR Office Technology and Management

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010523 OLUEBUBE EKEZIE INNOCENTIA Office Technology and Management

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010531 ATONYE EZEKIEL-HART Office Technology and Management

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010567 ESTHER OGBA DIANA Office Technology and Management

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010578 TOCHUKWU ANI PRECIOUS Office Technology and Management

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010624 CHINEDU NWEKE Office Technology and Management

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010662 LINDA IGWENOU IFUNANYA Office Technology and Management

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010679 KASIEMOBI EZE KENNTH Office Technology and Management

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010683 CHRISANTUS MBAOGU CHIBUZOR Office Technology and Management

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010737 CONSTANCE MADUME NKESI Office Technology and Management

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010995 TOCHI WALI VIVIAN Office Technology and Management

ABP/HNDM/18/0000011041 OCHANYA AKOGWU PEACE Office Technology and Management

ABP/HNDM/18/0000011099 OBIAMAKA UZOMA CHIDIMMA Office Technology and Management

ABP/HNDM/2018/0000010340 OGECHI AGHA J. Office Technology and Management

ABP/HNDM/2018/0000010342 CHISOM UWAZIE VIVIAN Office Technology and Management

ABP/HNDM/2018/0000010391 BEAUTY SAMUEL ADANNE Office Technology and Management

ABP/HNDM/2018/0000010401 CHIKA NJOKU URSULA Office Technology and Management

ABP/HNDM/2018/00000375 JOY EMELOGU CHINENYE Office Technology and Management

ABP/HNDM/18/0000011011 TOCHUKWU ANAEKWE ANTHONY Physics with Electronics

ABP/HNDM/2018/00000450 CHRISTIAN NWEBENYI CHIMA Physics with Electronics

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010459 REBACCA NWANKWO UDOKA Public Administration

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010532 OKODUM INAKU ANGELA Public Administration

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010558 UDEME MICAH FRIDAY Public Administration

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010561 OGECHUKWU OBASI ESTHER Public Administration

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010670 ONYEMACHI MBIBI P Public Administration

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010689 AMARACHI OKEREKE CONSTANCE Public Administration

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010738 DEBORAH DONATUS CHIOMA Public Administration

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010739 ANITA IKE SAMPSON CHIZARAM Public Administration


ABP/HNDM/18/0000010756 NDUKWE NGELE UDUMA Public Administration

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010760 IJEOMA OKORIE ANYI Public Administration

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010764 ROSEMARY MBAKAOGU AWAH Public Administration



Public Administration

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010772 EMMANUELLA OSSAI CHINWENDU Public Administration

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010778 SAVIOUR DANSON MICHAEL Public Administration

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010822 BLESSING UGWUOKE ONYINYECHI Public Administration

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010827 TIMOTHY OGBONNAYA Public Administration

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010876 GIFT MONDAY DANIELS Public Administration

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010893 CYNTHIA OYOH IFUNANYA Public Administration

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010908 PRISCA OKORIE UGOCHI Public Administration

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010919 RONALD AGU OLUCHUKWU Public Administration

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010920 IMO KALU KALU Public Administration

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010938 MARYANN OKAFOR OLUCHI Public Administration

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010940 KINGSLEY OGOH EMEKA Public Administration

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010942 NGOZI OKORIE Public Administration

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010944 KALU OKORIE Public Administration

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010953 FRANCA AKAYA NDIRICHINOBI Public Administration

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010954 BLESSING OBONO UBI Public Administration

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010963 DANIEL EDET DUKE Public Administration

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010966 ADINDU IHERIZIE GABRIEL Public Administration

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010984 IFEANYI ABARA ANTHONY Public Administration

ABP/HNDM/18/0000011003 PEACE MICHAEL NWADIBIA Public Administration

ABP/HNDM/18/0000011031 STELLA UWANDU ONYINYECHI Public Administration

ABP/HNDM/18/0000011040 NDUKWE NDUKWE CHINEDU Public Administration

ABP/HNDM/18/0000011081 ROSEMARY CHINENYE O. Public Administration

ABP/HNDM/18/0000011086 RACHAEL EGEDE EGBAJI Public Administration

ABP/HNDM/18/0000011093 CONSTANCE OKOROCHI Public Administration

ABP/HNDM/2018/0000010360 FRANK BAGADAM BURABARI Public Administration

ABP/HNDM/2018/0000010367 CHIZARAM CHINATU Public Administration

ABP/HNDM/2018/0000010399 CONSTANCE IROLE EZINNE Public Administration

ABP/HNDM/2018/0000010439 ROSELINE OLEDINGWA IHUOMA Public Administration

ABP/HNDM/2018/00000167 EZINNE NJIKONYE JOY Public Administration

ABP/HNDM/2018/00000198 RUTH ITIRI CHINONYEREM Public Administration

ABP/HNDM/2018/00000208 CLARA MICHAEL CHIDINMA Public Administration

ABP/HNDM/2018/00000250 GODSPOWER NGIANGIA IGBIGIOYIBO Public Administration

ABP/HNDM/2018/00000266 CHINYERE UCHEJI GRACE Public Administration

ABP/HNDM/2018/00000270 WISDOM UDO ELIJAH Public Administration

ABP/HNDM/2018/00000338 ELIZABETH EMENIKE Public Administration

ABP/HNDM/2018/00000341 INI-OBONG EKEREKE FRANCIS Public Administration

ABP/HNDM/2018/00000371 BLESSING GEDION ONYEDIKACHI Public Administration

ABP/HNDM/2018/00000374 RUTH OGBONNA CHINYERE Public Administration

ABP/HNDM/2018/00000417 PRINCESS NWADIMMA CHINENYE Public Administration

ABP/HNDM/2018/00000473 JULIANA NWOGWUGWU AMARACHI Public Administration

ABP/HNDM/2018/00000534 CHRISTIAN UDO SUNDAY Public Administration

ABP/HNDM/2018/00000598 JOY ERIC NJIDEKA Public Administration

ABP/HNDM/2018/00000601 JAMES UZOANYA JAMES Public Administration

ABP/HNDM/2018/00000603 CHISOM OHAECHESI CYNTHIA Public Administration

ABP/HNDM/2018/00000608 KINGSLEY OKPOAGU UGOCHUKWU Public Administration

ABP/HNDM/2018/00000645 PRECIOUS ONYEMA NKEIRU Public Administration

ABP/HNDM/2018/00000651 CHIBUZOR EJIMONYEKWU Public Administration

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010572 NSIKAN-ABASI PHILIP UDOUDO Quantity Surveying

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010962 ROSELINE OJI CHIMEZIE Statistics


ABP/HNDM/18/0000010973 JANE BASSEY CHRISTOPHER Surveying and Geo-Informatics

ABP/HNDM/2018/00000515 HELENAH SAMPSON ENOBONG Surveying and Geo-Informatics

ABP/HNDM/18/0000010464 FRANCISCA ODEKE NNENNA Urban and Regional Planning

ABP/HNDM/2018/0000010444 AMUZIE AGBAGHIGBA Urban and Regional Planning

ABP/MST/18/0000010472 PRECIOUS EKANEM ANTHONY Marine Engineering

ABP/MST/18/0000010721 CHRISTOPHER UDO FELIX Marine Engineering

ABP/MST/2018/0000010347 KENNEDY ENYINNAYA CHIDIADI Marine Engineering

ABP/MST/18/0000010769 IKECHUKWU IKEWETE VALENTINO Shipping Management Technology

ABP/NDE/18/0000010921 FAITH CHINKATA Accountancy


ABP/NDE/2018/00000378 LORRIETTA OKORIE ANURIKA Accountancy

ABP/NDE/2018/00000508 OLUCHI CHINYERE MARYANN Accountancy


ABP/NDE/2018/00000580 BRIGHT OKORO CHINONSO Accountancy

ABP/NDE/2018/00000532 ANITA NELSON CHIDINMA Banking and Finance

ABP/NDE/18/0000010496 CHRISTIANA SAMUEL EZINNE Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDE/18/0000010909 GIFT FRIDAY NDIDI Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDE/18/0000010976 CHISOM NWACHUKWU Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDE/18/0000011063 GENEVIVE EMEONYE BLESSING Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDE/2018/0000010377 UKAMAKA EZEONYEOGULU ANGELA Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDE/2018/0000010417 CHIZOBA NWOSU FAVOUR Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDE/2018/00000226 CONFIDENCE OKECHUKWU CHIZARAM Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDE/2018/00000265 KELECHI IBEANUSI VICTOR Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDE/2018/00000269 IKENNA EJIM FERDINAND Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDE/2018/00000314 BLESSIING JOHN CHIDINMA Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDE/2018/00000409 PEACE ENYINNAYA NWAMAKA Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDE/2018/00000483 CHIBUIKE NWAIMO MAXWELL Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDE/2018/00000497 GLORY ELECHI CHIDINMA Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDE/2018/00000546 JOY ERONDU AKUDO Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDE/2018/00000635 VIVIAN MICHAEL ODINAKACHI Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDE/18/0000010519 EBERECHUKWU AMAECHI Computer Science

ABP/NDE/18/0000011101 GRACE AJAEGBU AMARACHI Computer Science

ABP/NDE/2018/00000239 ANASTASIA NWAODU IFUNANYA Computer Science

ABP/NDE/2018/00000253 KINGSLEY OKALLA ONYEKACHI Computer Science

ABP/NDE/2018/00000533 GODSON NWAFOR ECHEZONA Computer Science

ABP/NDE/2018/00000551 GLORY IKEME NKECHINYERE Computer Science

ABP/NDE/18/0000010471 KASIE NWOKOLO DESMOND Public Administration

ABP/NDE/18/0000010636 IMOH JOHN PATRICK Public Administration

ABP/NDE/18/0000010682 OGECHI UZOUKWA JOSEPH Public Administration

ABP/NDE/18/0000010735 CHIBUEZE ACHONWA CALEB Public Administration

ABP/NDE/18/0000010750 GIFT IROEGBULAM ONYINYECHI Public Administration

ABP/NDE/18/0000010968 STANLEY OKOROAFOR CHIMEZIE Public Administration

ABP/NDE/18/0000011013 YOUNG ONYEKWERE OMELIHU Public Administration

ABP/NDE/18/0000011080 CHINONSO WILLIAMS AMAH Public Administration

ABP/NDE/2018/0000010405 NWAMAKA MGBEMENA EDITH Public Administration

ABP/NDE/2018/00000209 GOLDEN MOSES UCHENNA Public Administration

ABP/NDE/2018/00000247 CHUKWU USIM AGWU Public Administration

ABP/NDE/2018/00000435 UGWUNNA EMMANUEL ANTHONY Public Administration

ABP/NDE/2018/00000521 JOHN OKOYE KENECHUKWU Public Administration

ABP/NDE/2018/00000561 CHINECHEREM EREM MERCY Public Administration


ABP/NDE/2018/00000662 ADASI AMOS ANTHONY Public Administration

ABP/NDE/2018/00000447 FRANKLIN ABAZIE OLUEBUBE Science Laboratory Technology


ABP/NDE/2018/00000570 SAMPSON SAMPSON ENYINNAYA Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDM/18/0000010498 MBET-OBONG JOHSON UDO Accountancy


ABP/NDM/18/0000010885 CHINWENDU NWAEZE EVELYN Accountancy

ABP/NDM/2018/0000010421 JENNIFER ISAAC ORIUWA Accountancy

ABP/NDM/2018/00000262 IFEOMA NWOGU JANE Accountancy

ABP/NDM/2018/00000415 ONYINYECHI IKE ELIZABETH Accountancy

ABP/NDM/2018/00000522 ISRAEL ISE ISAIAH Accountancy


ABP/NDM/2018/00000679 CHIKA UDUMAKALU CELINE Accountancy

ABP/NDM/2018/00000206 IKECHI OGBONNA GODSWILL Architecture

ABP/NDM/2018/00000686 PAUL JAMES APOLLOS Architecture

ABP/NDM/18/0000010547 GLORY UMOH IMEH Banking and Finance

ABP/NDM/2018/00000312 DAVID NDUBUISI JACHIKE Banking and Finance

ABP/NDM/2018/00000427 COMFORT NDUKA OGECHI Banking and Finance

ABP/NDM/18/0000010508 CHIAMAKA AGBOHA EKE Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDM/18/0000010516 EMMANUEL NWAOGBO EYINNAYA Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDM/18/0000010520 CHIDINMA NGEREM VIVIAN Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDM/18/0000010597 UDIM EBIERE UDO Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDM/18/0000010620 CHRISTIAN PETER UGORJI Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDM/18/0000010706 KELECHI ONUOHA KINGSLEY Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDM/18/0000010767 LUCKY ONWUKA SUCCESS Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDM/18/0000010897 ANTHONY NZENWA Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDM/2018/0000010366 ABASIAKAMA OKON SOLOMON Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDM/2018/0000010372 CHIAMAKA OYIRIAKU SYLVIA Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDM/2018/0000010450 ONYINYECHI UKOHA GIFT Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDM/2018/00000257 NWAMAKA OFOEGBU SARAH Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDM/2018/00000258 RUTH OHANKWERE KELECHI Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDM/2018/00000280 IMO-OWO EKPENE EMMANUEL Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDM/2018/00000351 CHIAMAKA IBEZIAKOR ASSUMPTA Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDM/2018/00000431 EMMANUEL OKALI NJOKU Business Administration and Management



ADAOLISA Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDM/2018/00000510 PETER PATRICK CHIDI Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDM/2018/00000512 PRINCE UGBOR IKECHUKWU Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDM/2018/00000520 UDOCHUKWU LEONARD OKEKE Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDM/2018/00000646 EUPHEMIA IDOKO OGECHI Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDM/2018/00000655 EBERECHI OKIKE GOODNESS Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDM/2018/00000680 JUDITH MACLEAN NKORNBARI Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDM/2018/00000685 SAMUEL EBINIYI OMONIYI Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDM/18/0000010913 BENJAMIN AGU SUNDAY Civil Engineering

ABP/NDM/2018/00000295 GABRIEL UWAKWE KWESI Civil Engineering

ABP/NDM/2018/00000573 EMMANUEL DIKE PROSPER Civil Engineering

ABP/NDM/2018/00000397 HOPE WEBSTER WEBBER Computer Engineering Technology

ABP/NDM/2018/00000457 NSIKANABASI UMANAH ANIEFIOK Computer Engineering Technology

ABP/NDM/2018/00000572 OKECHUKWU UBANI MICHAEL Computer Engineering Technology

ABP/NDM/18/0000010457 INNOCENT IDEM WALTER Computer Science

ABP/NDM/18/0000010473 AMARACHI OLELEWE CONSISTA Computer Science

ABP/NDM/18/0000010490 FRANKLIN CHUKWU E Computer Science

ABP/NDM/18/0000010655 CHIDINMA EBEREONWU MERCY Computer Science

ABP/NDM/18/0000010669 IFEANYI ANIEKWE Computer Science

ABP/NDM/2018/0000010390 CHNONYE MADU PRECIOUS Computer Science

ABP/NDM/2018/0000010426 DANIEL OBASI NZUBECHUKWU Computer Science

ABP/NDM/2018/0000010447 GRACE OKON UDUAK Computer Science


ABP/NDM/2018/00000252 JOSHUA OGBONNAYA Computer Science


ABP/NDM/2018/00000455 OBINNA DONATUS STEPHEN Computer Science

ABP/NDM/2018/00000471 OBINNA ODIDIKA FRANKLIN Computer Science

ABP/NDM/2018/00000481 OTO-OBONG IKWOT DAVID Computer Science

ABP/NDM/2018/00000654 EMMANUEL KALU CHISOM Computer Science

ABP/NDM/18/0000010460 EVANS CHIDI UCHE Electrical/Electronics Engineering

ABP/NDM/18/0000010554 CHRISTOPHER ODILANMA IHECHIMERE Electrical/Electronics Engineering

ABP/NDM/18/0000010627 MAUREEN EGBUNONU UKAMAKA Electrical/Electronics Engineering

ABP/NDM/18/0000010884 GRACE FRANCIS Electrical/Electronics Engineering

ABP/NDM/2018/0000010365 KENNETH NWAIGWE CHINAZA Electrical/Electronics Engineering

ABP/NDM/2018/00000326 DAVID OKON FRIDAY Electrical/Electronics Engineering

ABP/NDM/2018/00000362 SAMUEL NWAKANMA CHINAZA Electrical/Electronics Engineering

ABP/NDM/2018/00000472 ANTHONY EGBULETU U Electrical/Electronics Engineering

ABP/NDM/2018/00000549 JEREMIAH DIKE IKECHUKWU Electrical/Electronics Engineering

ABP/NDM/18/0000010522 CHIDI KANU NDUBUISI Estate Management

ABP/NDM/2018/0000010398 UBONG MONDAY EMMANUEL Estate Management

ABP/NDM/2018/00000220 NGOZI OKOLI BLESSING Food Technology

ABP/NDM/18/0000010537 AMARACHI OJU GRACE Hospitality Management

ABP/NDM/18/0000010925 VICTOR KALU CHIDIEBERE Mechanical Engineering

ABP/NDM/2018/0000010443 KELVIN ANANABA CHIKERA Mechanical Engineering

ABP/NDM/2018/00000190 EZEKIEL IJEOMA GODWIN Mechanical Engineering

ABP/NDM/2018/00000231 JULIAN EKEOCHA CHIGOZIE Mechanical Engineering

ABP/NDM/2018/00000430 GODSPOWER SUNDAY CHRISTOPHER Mechanical Engineering

ABP/NDM/2018/00000489 VICTOR UMANAH JOHN Mechanical Engineering

ABP/NDM/2018/00000575 NASCHE MUSA NASIRU Mechanical Engineering

ABP/NDM/18/0000010717 JOY OKORO Office Technology and Management

ABP/NDM/2018/0000010343 PETERDAMIAN ORIOWE SOMADILA Office Technology and Management

ABP/NDM/2018/0000010452 CHIOMA UMUNNA Office Technology and Management

ABP/NDM/2018/00000347 UDOCHUKWU IBEZIAKOR LUCY Office Technology and Management

ABP/NDM/18/0000010596 CHIBUIKE ANTHONY JUDE Public Administration

ABP/NDM/18/0000010672 ADAUGO EGENTI VIVIAN Public Administration

ABP/NDM/18/0000010734 LILIAN ANIGBATA ONYINYE Public Administration

ABP/NDM/18/0000010774 STEPHEN AKAMNONU UZOMA Public Administration

ABP/NDM/18/0000010878 UGOCHUKWU IBEAKANMA FELIX Public Administration

ABP/NDM/18/0000010972 ONYINYECHI NWOBI BLESSING Public Administration

ABP/NDM/2018/0000010348 ESTHER PEPPLE PROMISE Public Administration

ABP/NDM/2018/0000010355 SAMUEL FRANK EFFIONG Public Administration

ABP/NDM/2018/0000010400 STELLA UKAEGBU AMARACHI Public Administration

ABP/NDM/2018/0000010445 STELLA OKON UDUAK Public Administration

ABP/NDM/2018/00000193 EDEMEKA IDIONG EMMANUEL Public Administration

ABP/NDM/2018/00000219 CHISOM OKPALOR GLORIA Public Administration

ABP/NDM/2018/00000297 EMMANUEL AMAKOR OSINACHI Public Administration

ABP/NDM/2018/00000306 MIRACLE OGUTA CHINAGOROM Public Administration

ABP/NDM/2018/00000394 FRANKLINE ELECHI AZUBUIKE Public Administration

ABP/NDM/2018/00000429 ISAAC AMAH EMEKA Public Administration

ABP/NDM/2018/00000432 AUGUSTINA NWEKE IHECHI Public Administration

ABP/NDM/2018/00000504 ONYINYECHI OGUAMANAM SONIA Public Administration

ABP/NDM/2018/00000523 CHIZARAM OKORIE Public Administration

ABP/NDM/2018/00000560 ISIOMA NNEBECHUKWU PROMISE Public Administration

ABP/NDM/2018/00000566 ESTHER GODWIN AMARACHI Public Administration

ABP/NDM/2018/00000683 GOODLUCK UDOSEN FRIDAY Public Administration

ABP/NDM/18/0000010535 LOVINA GEORGE OFFIONG Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDM/18/0000010650 MAKUOCHUKWU ENEJE PRECIOUS Science Laboratory Technology


ABP/NDM/18/0000010720 GIFT NWAORJI ONYINYECHI Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDM/18/0000010726 IDARA AKPAN BASIL Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDM/18/0000010731 RITA LEORNARD ONYESO Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDM/18/0000010927 NGOZI OKOROMA MIRACLE Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDM/18/0000011023 ROSEMARY ODINAKA CHIOMA Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDM/2018/0000010430 LILIAN OTU ORIEOMA Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDM/2018/00000221 CHIBUEZE OTUONYE IBEKWE Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDM/2018/00000222 VICTORIA EKANEM ITA Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDM/2018/00000315 EYOAWAN ESSIEN OKON Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDM/2018/00000324 FRANKLIN OGAZI Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDM/2018/00000401 MIRACLE OKWULEHIE IKECHUKWU Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDM/2018/00000402 OLUEBUBE OKEKE HOPE Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDM/2018/00000439 BLESSING NWAOBILOR OGECHI Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDM/2018/00000448 NYAKNO ASUQUO UDO Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDM/2018/00000456 CYNTHIA ANEKE CHINONYE Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDM/2018/00000480 CAROLINE EYOH ASUKWO Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDM/2018/00000485 EMEDIONG TOMMY KINGSLEY Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDM/2018/00000496 GRACE IMONTE TITUS Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDM/2018/00000503 OGECHI MGBECHI RACHEAL Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDM/2018/00000559 OLUEBUBE AMAH VICTORY Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDM/2018/00000562 CHINENYE NWAOZIRI SLYVERLINE Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDM/2018/00000574 BLESSING PETER Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDM/2018/00000617 IDONGESIT JOHN DANIEL Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDM/2018/00000624 IDIKIET ABIJAH ESEME Science Laboratory Technology


ABP/NDM/18/0000010817 CLINTON CHUKWUOCHA UGOCHUKWU Surveying and Geo-Informatics

ABP/NDM/2018/00000330 JOHN UKPE FRIDAY Surveying and Geo-Informatics

ABP/NDM/2018/00000339 MARY EGWU CHIOMA Surveying and Geo-Informatics

ABP/NDP/18/0000010456 HENRY OGBONNA Accountancy


ABP/NDP/18/0000010468 BLESSING ALOZIE IHECHI Accountancy

ABP/NDP/18/0000010479 KIZITO ANORUO CHIJIOKE Accountancy

ABP/NDP/18/0000010486 QUEEN UKAEGBU OLUEBUBE Accountancy

ABP/NDP/18/0000010509 ODOT AKPAN OKON Accountancy

ABP/NDP/18/0000010536 CHIDERA ALOZIE UGOCHUKWU Accountancy

ABP/NDP/18/0000010542 FINESEED JULIUS AARON Accountancy

ABP/NDP/18/0000010553 FAVOUR DANIEL CHINEYE Accountancy

ABP/NDP/18/0000010606 NDUKAKU OGIDI Accountancy

ABP/NDP/18/0000010611 JAMES EKE AGU Accountancy




ABP/NDP/18/0000010696 IJEOMA IKEOKWU QUEEN Accountancy

ABP/NDP/18/0000010697 JUDITH UGWUNERI CHINYERE Accountancy

ABP/NDP/18/0000010798 GLORIA ADDAH Accountancy

ABP/NDP/18/0000010818 FAVOUR CHIKEZIE OLUCHI Accountancy

ABP/NDP/18/0000010819 OLUCHI IHEAGWARAM MERCY Accountancy

ABP/NDP/18/0000010821 ABIGAIL SAMUEL KELECHI Accountancy

ABP/NDP/18/0000010881 CHIOMA KALU NNACHI Accountancy

ABP/NDP/18/0000010958 VICTORY NWENE Accountancy


ABP/NDP/18/0000011012 ESTHER BOMA IGONI Accountancy

ABP/NDP/18/0000011062 BRIDGET TEMPLE AMARACHI Accountancy

ABP/NDP/18/0000011092 MIRACLE CHUKWU OLUEBUBE Accountancy


ABP/NDP/18/0000011114 JOY ETUK ANIETIE Accountancy

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010352 BENEDITHA OKEKE CHIMNONSO Accountancy


ABP/NDP/2018/00000168 EMEM UDOSEN MONDAY Accountancy

ABP/NDP/2018/00000178 IFESINACHI NWODO GABRIEL Accountancy

ABP/NDP/2018/00000200 BLESSING ADIELE OLUCHI Accountancy

ABP/NDP/2018/00000218 AMUCHE NWALEKE ESTHER Accountancy

ABP/NDP/2018/00000268 SUNDAY JAMES BASSEY Accountancy

ABP/NDP/2018/00000320 RUTH FESTUS BLESSING Accountancy


ABP/NDP/2018/00000325 CHIJINDU CHIMEZIE LIONEL Accountancy

ABP/NDP/2018/00000342 VICTOR NWOKE CHIBUISI Accountancy

ABP/NDP/2018/00000360 GIFT OGAZI CHIDINMA Accountancy

ABP/NDP/2018/00000383 PEACE IKERIONWU OLUCHI Accountancy

ABP/NDP/2018/00000424 CHINWENDU IKECHUKWU JOHN Accountancy


ABP/NDP/2018/00000442 UGONMA ANYAOGU AMARACHI Accountancy

ABP/NDP/2018/00000461 LUCKY ALBERT SOTONYE Accountancy

ABP/NDP/2018/00000490 DIVINE AKAM ONYEDIKACHI Accountancy

ABP/NDP/2018/00000495 LOVETH CHIBUIKE Accountancy

ABP/NDP/2018/00000513 PURPOSE CHARLES Accountancy

ABP/NDP/2018/00000517 HENRIETTA EZONG FABIAN Accountancy

ABP/NDP/2018/00000600 CHIOMA OKEOMA PRECIOUS Accountancy

ABP/NDP/2018/00000621 SUNNY ENUKUK AYO Accountancy

ABP/NDP/2018/00000626 NANCY EZEAMANAMBU ADAIHE Accountancy

ABP/NDP/2018/00000652 MERCY ISAAC NLE-OKPORI Accountancy

ABP/NDP/18/0000010466 DIVINE NWADIKE Architecture


ABP/NDP/18/0000010580 ELOCHUKWU SOLU VICTOR Architecture



NMESOMACHI Architecture

ABP/NDP/18/0000010732 MIRACLE JOHNSON NKEOMA Architecture

ABP/NDP/18/0000010762 IKECHI OGBONNA GODSWILL Architecture

ABP/NDP/18/0000010806 CHIMDI BENJAMIN DIVINE Architecture

ABP/NDP/18/0000010910 REGINALD SOLOMON CHIJINDU Architecture

ABP/NDP/18/0000011001 INATIMI IYALLA BOKOLO Architecture



ABP/NDP/2018/00000332 PETRI JOSEPH NMESOMACHI Architecture

ABP/NDP/2018/00000393 EZE JIM FRIDAY Architecture

ABP/NDP/2018/00000443 CYNTHIA OTI Architecture

ABP/NDP/2018/00000525 SOPIRIYE THEOPHILUS Architecture

ABP/NDP/2018/00000656 BENJAMIN NGOZI CHIDIEBERE Architecture

ABP/NDP/2018/00000677 CHIEMELA EZE AUSTIN Architecture

ABP/NDP/18/0000010528 CHINGOZIRIM ECHEFULA SOLOMON Banking and Finance

ABP/NDP/18/0000010543 CHISOM ONONIWU JORDAN Banking and Finance

ABP/NDP/18/0000010552 VICTORY SYLVANUS CHINWENMERI Banking and Finance

ABP/NDP/18/0000010588 OKWUKWE ASHIEGBU JONAS Banking and Finance

ABP/NDP/18/0000010600 NMESOMACHI EDWARD ESTHER Banking and Finance

ABP/NDP/18/0000010640 IJEOMA NWAOGAZI FAVOUR Banking and Finance

ABP/NDP/18/0000010694 PRISCA ONYEOMA Banking and Finance

ABP/NDP/18/0000010707 FORTUNE OZUMBA NMESOMA Banking and Finance

ABP/NDP/18/0000010902 DIVINE EKE EBUKA Banking and Finance

ABP/NDP/18/0000010936 SALOME AMAH CHIDINMA Banking and Finance



ABP/NDP/18/0000010961 GLORIA EGEONU UCHECHI Banking and Finance

ABP/NDP/18/0000010965 STELLA AUDU AMINU Banking and Finance

ABP/NDP/18/0000011015 EMMANUEL IBEKWE EKENE Banking and Finance

ABP/NDP/18/0000011032 NDUBUISI OKORIE DAVID Banking and Finance

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010435 CHINWENDU LOVEDAY A. Banking and Finance

ABP/NDP/2018/00000166 SARAH EGEDE Banking and Finance

ABP/NDP/2018/00000302 PROMISE FINEFACE Banking and Finance

ABP/NDP/2018/00000308 CHINENYE AMOBI MERCY Banking and Finance

ABP/NDP/2018/00000327 IBINABO TAMUNOTONYE Banking and Finance

ABP/NDP/2018/00000583 CECILIA OTI CHIOMA Banking and Finance

ABP/NDP/2018/00000588 JAMES NSEOBONG JAMES Banking and Finance

ABP/NDP/18/0000010950 CHIBUEZE NMEZI TEMPLE Building Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000011034 JUDE ONUOHA CHUKWUKA Building Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000011088 KINGSLEY AKPAN ASSAM Building Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/00000421 BELIEVE WILLIAMS Building Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/00000437 GODWIN OHIA Building Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/00000518 CHARLES MICHAEL ODILAMMA Building Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/00000660 IKECHUKWU OGBULEKE DANIEL Building Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010504 ULOMA OBITE LYDIA Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000010507 CHIBUZOR BETTY OBINNA Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000010510 IMEFON UDOEKPO AUGUSTINE Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000010545 AGNES EKONG EMMANUEL Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000010556 SHEDRACK UMEZURUIKE Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000010560 QUEEN JOHN UGOCHI Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000010568 EZINNE MICHAEL ANTHONIA Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000010575 FRANKLINE NWANI MONDAY Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000010584 CHIOMA IBEKWE FAVOUR Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000010586 OGOCHUKWU CHUKWUKERE ESTHER Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000010587 AKACHI GAIUS FAITH Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000010601 WISDOM ISAAC BEABARI Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000010607 IDOREYEN WILLIAMS FRIDAY Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000010614 OLUCHI ODOEMELAM SHULAMMITE Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000010616 OGOCHUKWU OBIOMA GLORY Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000010621 CHIDINMA INYAMAH FLORENCE Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000010635 JUDITH NWARIWE ADANNE Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000010638 IKECHUKWU CHIMA RAPHAEL Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000010649 BENEDICTA DUMAKA NKEMDILIM Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000010654 CHINECHEREM ONYENAUCHEYA DESTINY Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000010663 CHIOMA ALAGBA CYNTHIA Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000010675 PRAYER IMO CHIMEREMUCHE Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000010684 STEPHEN ALASIGBEIN Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000010703 AUGUSTINA IBENJI Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000010712 HANNAH AGU CHINAZA Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000010715 CHINAZA NGWOBIA MONICA Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000010718 CELESTINE OKU AKANINYENE Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000010723 JOY OKEREKE CHIAMAKA Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000010728 CHIZURUOKE UDEH GOSPEL Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000010730 CHINWENDU IKECHI SAMUEL Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000010751 GRACE STANFORD SIEPIRIBO Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000010785 ROSEMARY ELENDU NNEOMA Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000010786 CHINEMEREM UKACHI PRECIOUS Business Administration and Management


ABP/NDP/18/0000010788 KINGSLEY CHINAKA JUNIOR Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000010789 PRECIOUS AKPAETTE NSE Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000010792 SALIM EJOR ALALEY K. O. Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000010794 PECULIAR ONUOHA EZIUCHE Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000010795 FAVOUR ODIMA NJONG Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000010803 EMMANUEL OKALI NJOKU Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000010814 MARYAM SHUAIB ATUMEYI Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000010825 LOVELINE IFEANYI ADAOBI Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000010829 AMEH BENSON SIMEON Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000010835 QUEEN NDIMELE OGECHI Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000010837 NKECHI ANAYO GIFT Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000010879 JOY UMEH CHIBUZO Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000010887 DANIEL CHICHEBEM CHUKWUEMEKA Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000010891 VICTORY CHRISTOPHER EBUBE Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000010899 HABIBA HUSENI Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000010911 MARGRET DEMBEN ENEN Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000010914 OGECHI EWA OLUGHU Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000010922 CHIAMAKA DIKE ONYINYECHI Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000010928 WISDOM COLLINS Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000010932 CHINEMEREM OSUJI PERPETUA Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000010933 SOLOMON IKECHI SOPURUCHI Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000010949 OBIORA IGWE VICTOR Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000010951 FRIDAY OKWERIBE EZIEFULA Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000010960 PERPETUAL DIM CHIDINMA Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000010986 PRECIOUS OKECHUKWU ADAEZE Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000010989 MELODY UZOZIE IHECHI Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000011000 AMARACHI IBIAM JOY Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000011008 AMARACHI NGAH GRACE Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000011016 EBERECHI OKEUGO MERCY Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000011033 OLUCHI OKORIE Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000011037 AZUKA NWICHI JUSTICE Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000011038 VICTORY AMAH Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000011058 CHINWEKELE ORJI GIFT Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000011064 CONFIDENCE AHAMEFULE CHIMUANYA Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000011065 CHIOMA IKENGA MARTHA Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000011066 GRACE MBADIUGHA Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000011076 NGOZIKA CHIKWENDU CASSANDRA Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000011084 GRACE OKEOMA CHIDIMMA Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000011087 UZOAMAKA OKPARAKU Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000011100 MODESTER NDUKWE C. Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000011105 ONYINYECHI CHIOMA ROSEMARY Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000011110 HAPPINESS JONATHAN Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010345 GODLIVETH ORLU AZIKERU Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010368 ONYEKACHI ONUOHA NORBET Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010369 BETTER OLOCHA NNE Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010374 GLORIA ETUMNU CHIKWADO Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010375 CHIDALU UBOZOR LILIAN Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010384 DESIRE IBE CHINENYE Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010408 BLESSING UDOMA ABEDNEGO Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010412 BLESSING CHINEDUM CHINYERE Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010432 UKAMAKA ISAAC BEAUTY Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010437 SOLOMON CHINWEIKPE Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000174 UCHECHI MBAHAOTU Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000180 OKWUKWE EMEHIGE MARY-CYNTHIA Business Administration and Management


ABP/NDP/2018/00000183 OGECHUKWU IBEH CHINAZA Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000188 NYENEOBONG ALEXANDER SUNDAY Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000191 LIBERTY DENNIS JOY Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000194 OFONIME DICK AKPAN Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000197 JENNIFER GODSWILL EZINNE Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000203 INNOCENT NATHANIEL CHINONYEREM Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000204 EZICHI OKEOMA JOY Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000210 EJEGBU ARUA OKO Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000211 CHINONSO JAMES CHARLES Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000215 FAVOUR ELUOZO Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000223 EMMANUEL MOMOH Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000225 PRECIOUS EZEALA DABERECHI Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000238 HANS OWUSEMEYE NOBLE Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000244 CHINEDU NWAKANMA ANTHONY Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000260 OLUEBUBE NWOGU MIRACLE Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000264 VICTORIA IZUCHE Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000273 CHIDERA OGBUJI CONFIDENCE Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000281 CHIMEZIE BENSON IFEANYI Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000305 SUCCESS NDUKWE N. Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000313 CYNTHIA AHANONU CHINYERE Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000343 PRINCEWILL AGUWAMBA Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000372 DEBORAH SUNDAY Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000382 BEATRICE EJIRE AMEMOBARI Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000390 PRECIOUS OGBONNA CHINECHEREM Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000392 IFEOMA RUFUS Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000405 MARY UWALAKA CHINENYENWA Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000413 BENJAMIN OWEI BOMA Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000426 IJEOMA ISREAL MERCY Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000436 EMMANUEL NWOSU CHIBUZOR Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000453 ONYEKACHI AKUMA UKAHA Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000459 CHIEMERIEM AGWU LUCY Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000464 NIMIYE DOMO GBASEI Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000465 SUNDAY GOODLUCK CHUKWUDI Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000467 CHRISTIAN OFEM MBANG Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000475 ELIYAHU UMOREN GODWIN Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000486 KATE ISAAC Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000491 CHUKWUEBUKA ONWUNJIOGU PETER Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000493 OMELEBELE ALAGU ANGELA Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000500 MAUREEN IBEH TOCHI Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000507 SAMUEL NDUKA KALU Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000538 WARIBOKO NELSON Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000550 IHUOMA NWOSU BENEDICTA Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000556 EDWARD CHUKWUDIKE Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000564 EDIDIONG UDO JOSHUA Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000576 EMMANUELLA UZOEKWE CHIWEMERI Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000577 ONYINYECHI ONWUBIKO GRACE Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000579 ONYENATURUCHI OKEACHA LOVELINE Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000584 MARY ONYECHERE AMAKA Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000590 IHEANYI ABRAHAM KELVIN Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000595 CHISOM OHA MOSES Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000596 OLUCHI IMEZE MARTHA Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000604 SOLOMON CHINYERE Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000612 CLINTON LEONARD NMESOMA Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000614 MAUREEN OKEREKE NDIDI Business Administration and Management


ABP/NDP/2018/00000619 SOPHIA EZENWANKWO SYLVESTER Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000620 BLESSING JAMES BASSEY Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000623 CHIZARAM EZIAHA CHIOMA Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000628 FRANCIS LEMII LEELANUBARI Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000629 TOCHUKWU MONDAY CHUKWUEMEKA Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000634 NIME EDWIN Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000637 OKORIE ENI KALU Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000639 OGECHUKWU AGOMUOH NICHOLAS Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000648 MICHAEL ENYINNAYA CHIDERA Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000653 DEBORAH JOHN ONUNGWA Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000668 NWAOGU CHIJIOKE LINNET Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000671 STANDHOPE JOEL Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000674 IBIENE SOLOMON TAMMY Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000675 CHIGOZIRIM CHUKWUDIRE BLESSING Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000682 ABIDEMI ABUGBEN ONBOWADUN Business Administration and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000010481 INNOCENT EZE OKECHUKWU Civil Engineering

ABP/NDP/18/0000010647 CHIDUBEM AMARIKWA DELIGHT Civil Engineering

ABP/NDP/18/0000010651 CHIBUZO OKORONKWO EMEKA Civil Engineering

ABP/NDP/18/0000010685 ODINAKA ODOWA Civil Engineering

ABP/NDP/18/0000010699 PEACE ASSOR NWOKA Civil Engineering

ABP/NDP/18/0000010898 CHUKWUDI JAMES GODWIN Civil Engineering

ABP/NDP/18/0000010929 BEST NWEKEALA CHINWENDU Civil Engineering

ABP/NDP/18/0000011024 PRINCE EMMANUEL OLUEBUBE Civil Engineering

ABP/NDP/18/0000011026 FAVOUR KALU EZINNE Civil Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010341 IKECHUKWU AWOSLEY OTISI Civil Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010411 CHIMAOBI OGU DESTINY Civil Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/00000224 IFEANYI OHAEGBULAM CHARLES Civil Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/00000289 EMMANUEL SALOO Civil Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/00000292 STANLEY EKEAMADI CHIBUZOR Civil Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/00000304 LEWIS OKWET WELLINGTON Civil Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/00000322 STEPHEN OBASI Civil Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/00000334 CHIZI ADIBE FREEDOM Civil Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/00000364 CLEVER EDIE DAYO Civil Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/00000367 EMEKA AKARA BRIGHT Civil Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/00000406 CHIMEZIRIM KALU OLUGU Civil Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/00000526 KELECHI MBAKWE DANIEL Civil Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/00000539 HILARY UBAH SYLVESTER Civil Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/00000571 BRIGHT EKEKE E Civil Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/00000582 IBEREDEM RAPHAEL EPHRAIM Civil Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/00000593 DEBORAH AZUNDA MENUCHIMEZI Civil Engineering

ABP/NDP/18/0000010453 DEPUTY AHUKANNA Computer Engineering Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010461 CHRISTIAN CHINAENYE GOODNEWS Computer Engineering Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010538 OBINNA KENNETH KAOSISOCHUKWU Computer Engineering Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010582 PRINCE JOEL EZECHINYEREM Computer Engineering Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010698 MARVELLOUS BONIFACE CHINEDU Computer Engineering Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010742 ADUGO JOSEPH ISAIAH Computer Engineering Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010941 CHINONSO EGBIKWE SAMUEL Computer Engineering Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000011056 ELIJAH ELIJAH CHIBUEZE Computer Engineering Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000011077 NSIKANABASI UMANAH ANIEFIOK Computer Engineering Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000011106 RAPHAEL ENEREMADU CHIKADEBIA Computer Engineering Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010422 JOSEPH MOMFEM EKPOSHOKOR Computer Engineering Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010438 CHIZARAM KALU DAVID Computer Engineering Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/00000171 WISDOM SOLOMON Computer Engineering Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/00000237 PRUDENTIUS NWANERI PRECIOUS Computer Engineering Technology


ABP/NDP/2018/00000316 EMMANUEL OBEWU Computer Engineering Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/00000350 REXMORGAN OLIVERS Computer Engineering Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/00000478 ANIEBIET NNANA NICHOLAS Computer Engineering Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010454 CHRISTOPHER KALU KALU Computer Science

ABP/NDP/18/0000010463 IHUOMA AMAECHI REJOICE Computer Science

ABP/NDP/18/0000010475 PRINCE OGBOWU Computer Science

ABP/NDP/18/0000010482 VICTOR ECHEGIRI CHIDIEBUBE Computer Science

ABP/NDP/18/0000010501 IFEANYI ONWUSIBE Computer Science

ABP/NDP/18/0000010562 EMMANUEL OGBU KALU Computer Science

ABP/NDP/18/0000010576 GODSPOWER WABI-NDE O. Computer Science


ABP/NDP/18/0000010585 LIFE UKE OBUBA Computer Science

ABP/NDP/18/0000010589 THANKGOD NWAORGWU Computer Science

ABP/NDP/18/0000010591 INNOCENTSIA STEPHEN CHIOMA Computer Science

ABP/NDP/18/0000010604 MERCY WILLIAMS Computer Science

ABP/NDP/18/0000010609 CHARLES IZEOGU Computer Science

ABP/NDP/18/0000010613 PEREMOBERE KEBBI FIRSTLADY Computer Science

ABP/NDP/18/0000010617 VICTOR NWABUOBI CHEKWUBE Computer Science

ABP/NDP/18/0000010623 EBUKA CHINEMEREM PETER Computer Science




ABP/NDP/18/0000010637 CHUKWUEBUKA NWANERI Computer Science

ABP/NDP/18/0000010639 DIVINE JOAB DAVID Computer Science

ABP/NDP/18/0000010657 MARY IZEBU PAUL Computer Science

ABP/NDP/18/0000010676 IKEDI UGBOR-EKWUEME Computer Science

ABP/NDP/18/0000010708 PEREMINI MOSES Computer Science

ABP/NDP/18/0000010740 REMIGIUS ALAEFULE CHIGOZIE Computer Science

ABP/NDP/18/0000010755 THANKGOD OPURUM EKENE Computer Science

ABP/NDP/18/0000010802 EMMANUEL OGONNA CHUKWUEMEKA Computer Science

ABP/NDP/18/0000010811 CHIDERA EZEUGO MICHAEL Computer Science

ABP/NDP/18/0000010830 PRECIOUS OBIOHA CHIGOZIE Computer Science


ABP/NDP/18/0000010836 CHIOMA MONDAY SUCCESS Computer Science

ABP/NDP/18/0000010877 CHINOMSO IROHA CONFIDENCE Computer Science

ABP/NDP/18/0000010880 CHUKWUDI ENOCH GEORGE Computer Science

ABP/NDP/18/0000010901 DESTINY LUWIS NOVETH Computer Science

ABP/NDP/18/0000010905 GODSON NWAOGU IZUCHUKWU Computer Science

ABP/NDP/18/0000010943 MIKE AGWULONU Computer Science

ABP/NDP/18/0000010996 CHIMA UGWO PAUL Computer Science

ABP/NDP/18/0000011036 OGECHI NWACHUKWU Computer Science

ABP/NDP/18/0000011057 OLUCHI AZUMA SARAH Computer Science

ABP/NDP/18/0000011067 UCHECHUKWU EKE Computer Science

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010349 JENIFER ECHETA UZOCHUKWU Computer Science

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010361 VICTOR MPAMA OSITADINMA Computer Science

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010363 MICHEAL GEORGE Computer Science

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010364 JOSHUA ATOTU NYENAOWESOURU Computer Science

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010373 KELECHI OKECHUKWU ERNEST Computer Science

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010376 CALEB AZUBUIKE C. Computer Science

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010382 CLINTON BENJAMIN KELECHI Computer Science

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010415 STANLEY IBETO CHINONSO Computer Science

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010419 IDONGESIT ESSIET UDO Computer Science

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010423 NDUBUISI ADINDU CHIMA Computer Science

ABP/NDP/2018/00000162 EDITH ONYEJI C Computer Science




CHRISTOPHER Computer Science

ABP/NDP/2018/00000185 NNEOMA EZIKE GOODNESS Computer Science

ABP/NDP/2018/00000187 MICHAEL ENYINNAYA CHINEDU Computer Science

ABP/NDP/2018/00000207 ETIFIOK UDOH XAVIER Computer Science

ABP/NDP/2018/00000235 VICTOR ADIBE CHIEMELA Computer Science

ABP/NDP/2018/00000251 CHRISTIAN AGU OGBONNA Computer Science

ABP/NDP/2018/00000259 EMMANUEL IROEGBU NNANNA Computer Science

ABP/NDP/2018/00000271 EBERECHI EMERUO CYNTHIA Computer Science

ABP/NDP/2018/00000276 VICTOR ONUKWUE EZENWA Computer Science

ABP/NDP/2018/00000283 JOHN NTA USANG Computer Science

ABP/NDP/2018/00000303 IHUNANYACHI ONYEMA VICTORIA Computer Science

ABP/NDP/2018/00000344 EMMANUEL ADE SODICK Computer Science

ABP/NDP/2018/00000356 SHEDRACK EDEH CHUKWUNYERE Computer Science

ABP/NDP/2018/00000385 MIRACLE OKUDO EKPEREAMAKA Computer Science

ABP/NDP/2018/00000428 ANTHONY UDOTA CHARLES Computer Science

ABP/NDP/2018/00000449 JOHN NWAKA AKACHUKWU Computer Science

ABP/NDP/2018/00000452 VIVIAN CHIDI UCHECHI Computer Science

ABP/NDP/2018/00000463 FAITH ONYEKACHI CHIGOZIRIM Computer Science


ABP/NDP/2018/00000484 PETER NWICHI CHIDERA Computer Science


ABP/NDP/2018/00000509 KATE UGBOAJA AKUCHINYERE Computer Science

ABP/NDP/2018/00000511 CHINAZAEPERE NWANKWERE JOEL Computer Science

ABP/NDP/2018/00000544 EGBUI IKEAGWU KALU Computer Science

ABP/NDP/2018/00000553 JEFFREY GEOFFREY EMEKA Computer Science

ABP/NDP/2018/00000592 CHINENYE AKAJIOFOR MARYANN Computer Science

ABP/NDP/2018/00000606 BRIGHT BARNABAS CHIMEZIE Computer Science

ABP/NDP/2018/00000610 REX EMMANUEL OZOEMENAM Computer Science

ABP/NDP/2018/00000650 JUSTICE OKEREKE NKEMDIRIM Computer Science

ABP/NDP/18/0000010467 DICKSON ANYANWU AKACHI Electrical/Electronics Engineering

ABP/NDP/18/0000010524 BRIGHT NWOKEDI CHIDIOGOR Electrical/Electronics Engineering

ABP/NDP/18/0000010526 OKECHUKWU CHINYENWA KELVIN Electrical/Electronics Engineering

ABP/NDP/18/0000010527 LEVI AHUCHAOGU IZUCHUKWU Electrical/Electronics Engineering

ABP/NDP/18/0000010550 BRIGHT CHUKWUEMEKA UGOCHUKWU Electrical/Electronics Engineering

ABP/NDP/18/0000010674 VICTOR CHIKE AMADI Electrical/Electronics Engineering

ABP/NDP/18/0000010678 PRECIOUS JOSEPH ODINAKA Electrical/Electronics Engineering

ABP/NDP/18/0000010688 LEGBORSI NEEDU Electrical/Electronics Engineering

ABP/NDP/18/0000010713 DESTINY GREG NMESOMACHI Electrical/Electronics Engineering

ABP/NDP/18/0000010744 PADREPIO NLEMADIM CHIMDI Electrical/Electronics Engineering

ABP/NDP/18/0000010745 PROMISE PASCHAL IKEM Electrical/Electronics Engineering

ABP/NDP/18/0000010791 FRANCIS UGBOAJA NKWACHUKWU Electrical/Electronics Engineering

ABP/NDP/18/0000010875 ONWUCHEKWA IBEKWE SAMUEL Electrical/Electronics Engineering

ABP/NDP/18/0000010896 NUUKA DUGBOR VICTOR Electrical/Electronics Engineering

ABP/NDP/18/0000011035 RICHARD ICHEM THANKGOD Electrical/Electronics Engineering

ABP/NDP/18/0000011061 ELIEZER JOHNSON ONYEDIKACHI Electrical/Electronics Engineering



SAMUEL Electrical/Electronics Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010385 PETER IBIAM OBINNA Electrical/Electronics Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010441 DANIEL EDEH PRINCE Electrical/Electronics Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/00000175 PETER DAVID ENYINNAYA Electrical/Electronics Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/00000186 PRINCE JOHNSON EPHRAIM Electrical/Electronics Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/00000217 MONDAY IGWE CYPRIAN Electrical/Electronics Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/00000234 MIRACLE DONATUS IFEANYI Electrical/Electronics Engineering


ABP/NDP/2018/00000243 BLOSSOM UKAHANDY CHUKWUEBUKA Electrical/Electronics Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/00000275 ISREAL OKERE EKENE Electrical/Electronics Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/00000279 SUNDAY SUNDAY VICTOR Electrical/Electronics Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/00000311 EDIOMO AKPAN UTIBEABASI Electrical/Electronics Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/00000346 BRAIN ISAAC PRECIOUS Electrical/Electronics Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/00000349 UGOCHUKWU CHIWENDU PRINCEWILL Electrical/Electronics Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/00000355 CHUKWUEBUKA MOSES Electrical/Electronics Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/00000396 SIXTUS EJIAKU ONYEDIKACHI Electrical/Electronics Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/00000410 PHILIP AMUZIE AMARACHI Electrical/Electronics Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/00000445 SIMEON AMAJU OKECHUKWU Electrical/Electronics Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/00000460 KINGSLEY OGBONNA ABIYE Electrical/Electronics Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/00000482 JOHN PATRICK IFEANYI Electrical/Electronics Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/00000529 CLINTON AMADI Electrical/Electronics Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/00000531 ANIEBIET EKWERE MALACHY Electrical/Electronics Engineering



FAVOUR Electrical/Electronics Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/00000542 ABRAHAM AKPANIKA ENYINA Electrical/Electronics Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/00000554 PRINCE NWANKWO CHIMEZIE Electrical/Electronics Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/00000578 STANLEY ONUOHA Electrical/Electronics Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/00000609 DAVID ELIJAH CHINONSO Electrical/Electronics Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/00000615 BLESSING EBENEZER Electrical/Electronics Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/00000657 NNAMDI OBILOR JONATHAN Electrical/Electronics Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/00000667 KINGSLEY SAM UDO Electrical/Electronics Engineering

ABP/NDP/18/0000010701 IFEANYI OKORO MICHAEL Estate Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000010828 VIVIAN JOSEPH OLUCHI Estate Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000010931 GLAD NWARU EZINNE Estate Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000010982 HAPPINESS JUMBO WARI Estate Management

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010404 ENYERIBE IHEKORONYE CHIKEZIE Estate Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000179 NKEMAKOLAM ISEH Estate Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000182 NWAGBO OKIJAH VICTOR Estate Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000214 CHINEMEREM ATASIE KENNETH Estate Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000581 STANLEY ONYEMA IKECHUKWU Estate Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000010512 PRECIOUS CHIADIKWE UGOCHI Food Technology


ABP/NDP/18/0000010948 URSULA NKEMJIKA UGONMA Food Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010970 PRINCESS ANORUE Food Technology


ABP/NDP/2018/0000010414 OLUEBUBE NKEMAKONAM GLORY Food Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010427 AMARACHI CHUKWUDI Food Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/00000336 LOVINA DAVID Food Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/00000438 NMESOMA ANOZIE FAITH Food Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/00000476 BETHEL NKEMDI IHECHILURU Food Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010693 KELECHI ALICHO KANU Hospitality Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000545 CHIIAMAKA EKPEKOR FAVOUR Hospitality Management


ABP/NDP/18/0000010615 NGOZI ALOZIE BLESSING Marketing

ABP/NDP/18/0000010653 ITOHOWO ISIGHE PIUS Marketing


ABP/NDP/18/0000010681 QUEENETH UDO IJEOMA Marketing

ABP/NDP/18/0000010695 CHIAMAKA EKWURUIBE JOY Marketing



ABP/NDP/18/0000010823 FAVOUR IHUEZE OGECHI Marketing




HEART Marketing





ABP/NDP/2018/00000242 NGOZI UWAMACHAGHI Marketing

ABP/NDP/2018/00000254 IHUOMA UMEANO MMESOMA Marketing

ABP/NDP/2018/00000293 AGBAI NDUKWO COMFORT Marketing

ABP/NDP/2018/00000353 EEBU LEDEE Marketing

ABP/NDP/2018/00000363 COVENANT UMOH FRIDAY Marketing

ABP/NDP/2018/00000377 CHINAZA CHIMEZIE Marketing

ABP/NDP/2018/00000434 IRENE NWAKANMA Marketing

ABP/NDP/2018/00000458 CONFIDENCE MOSES Marketing

ABP/NDP/2018/00000537 PRECIOUS NJERIBE Marketing




ABP/NDP/2018/00000672 LAURA IBIBIA Marketing

ABP/NDP/18/0000010499 EBUKA JONATHAN BLESSING Mechanical Engineering

ABP/NDP/18/0000010564 OGECHI EGBUTA OKORIE Mechanical Engineering

ABP/NDP/18/0000010592 IFEANYI OBI CHURCHILL Mechanical Engineering

ABP/NDP/18/0000010709 LOVEDAY GODWIN ITOHOWO Mechanical Engineering

ABP/NDP/18/0000010722 GOODNEWS UKPONG EDET Mechanical Engineering

ABP/NDP/18/0000010729 TONY CLEMENT UCHE Mechanical Engineering

ABP/NDP/18/0000010780 WILFRED MATHEW STEPHEN Mechanical Engineering

ABP/NDP/18/0000011009 UTIBE FRANCIS LINUS Mechanical Engineering

ABP/NDP/18/0000011010 PINCE OBIAJUNWA IBUCHIM Mechanical Engineering

ABP/NDP/18/0000011052 ELISHA MONDAY ALPHONSUS Mechanical Engineering

ABP/NDP/18/0000011083 EMMANUEL VICTOR Mechanical Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010353 KINGSLEY NNADOZIE UZOMA Mechanical Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010387 EKEMINI OKON GODWIN Mechanical Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010388 EMMANUEL OKON GODWIN Mechanical Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010394 TAMUNONENGIYEOFORI ADUMO Mechanical Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010402 KELVIN MGBADIKE Mechanical Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/00000160 WISDOM OKECHUKWU IHECHUKWU Mechanical Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/00000195 UDEME UMOH MAURICE Mechanical Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/00000199 GODWIN FRIDAY MFON Mechanical Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/00000227 TEMITAYO AKINBOYO Mechanical Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/00000236 LEVI OBIADUD SUNDAY Mechanical Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/00000246 SAMUEL IMO AJA Mechanical Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/00000278 MICHAEL EYOH OKON Mechanical Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/00000284 CHARLES NJUBIGBO Mechanical Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/00000331 TEKENA NONJU Mechanical Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/00000348 EMEKA AMADI HENRY Mechanical Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/00000361 JASPER NDUKWE UDOCHUKWU Mechanical Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/00000419 DAVID EDET VICTOR Mechanical Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/00000499 PRINCE CHINEDU UGONNA Mechanical Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/00000541 DESTINY EZE OBINNA Mechanical Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/00000616 RESPECT YOUNG BROWN Mechanical Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/00000632 UWAOMA OGBONNAYA VICTOR Mechanical Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/00000676 CHUKWUEBUKA SORONNADI Mechanical Engineering

ABP/NDP/18/0000010477 SARAH AYETORO Office Technology and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000010779 OZIOMA ANABA PENUEL Office Technology and Management


ABP/NDP/18/0000010833 OGECHI AGWU Office Technology and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000010969 UGOCHI ONYEACHUSIM LILIAN Office Technology and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000011006 DANIEL JOHN UDO Office Technology and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000011075 REGINA BAKPO Office Technology and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010403 ELIZABETH DUROJAIYE S Office Technology and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000298 BARIDORBII TORBE Office Technology and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000370 CHINEDU ONYEKWERE MIRACLE Office Technology and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000387 JENNIFER KANDUDI CHIDINMA Office Technology and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000440 JULIANA ESHIET SAMUEL Office Technology and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000528 NKPA KALU MARGRET Office Technology and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000597 MIRACLE NWENE CHIDINMA Office Technology and Management

ABP/NDP/2018/00000599 NSEMEKE EMMANUEL EZEKIEL Office Technology and Management

ABP/NDP/18/0000010462 RUTH ENWEREMADU OLUEBUBE Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000010469 BLESSING AGUBATA IJEOMA Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000010474 KENNETH MBA CHINEDU Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000010478 KINGSLEY EMERUWA Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000010492 OKECHUKWU EMEZIEKE POLYCARP Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000010494 IKECHUKWU NWAFOR S Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000010500 NKEIRU ONUOHA NWABURU Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000010503 UCHECHUKWU JONH Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000010513 STANLEY CHIDIEBERE OBINNA Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000010525 ABIGAIL BASSEY EFFIOM Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000010534 CHIDIEBERE EMEKA BIRA-UE Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000010539 JOY NWIGWE CHIAMAKA Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000010570 JAPHET AMAECHI Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000010583 PRECIOUS IWUNZE CHIDERA Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000010598 CHIOMA OGBUJI GOODNESS Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000010626 UGOCHI OBIA IKWOR Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000010629 ARISE ASUQUO MOSES Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000010632 ROSEMARY OGBONNA AKUDO Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000010641 ROSELYN MADUMERE Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000010656 COLETTE UNACHUKWU UCHECHI Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000010664 DANIEL EZE OGBONANAYA Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000010666 CHIAGOZIE OWUNNA PRECIOUS Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000010671 CHIZOBA EPUECHI BIANCA Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000010680 EVEREST WOKE ONYEKACHI Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000010692 BLESSING KALU FAVOUR Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000010705 UCHENNA ADIELE ERIC Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000010710 CHIGOZIE AJAMEKWE HENRY Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000010724 CHIDINMA MARK REJOICE Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000010725 KINGSLEY EFFIONG EYO Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000010736 ESTHER MICHAEL UJUNWA Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000010748 EMMANUEL ONOCHIE ONYEBUCHI Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000010761 REDEEMED DIKE-WOHA CHIMUYA Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000010763 FELICIA OPARA EZINNE Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000010765 CLINTON OKWUDIRI UCHE Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000010773 NMESOMA EDEH ESTHER Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000010782 AMARACHI KALU ORJI Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000010783 ROSE CHUKWU Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000010784 JANE JOHN Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000010793 CHIOMA IGWE SUCCESS Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000010797 ADAEZE NWABUEZE Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000010804 MIRACLE AKABUEZE EBUBE Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000010813 OSAGIE UWUIGBE CALEB Public Administration


ABP/NDP/18/0000010820 HAPPINESS EZEKIEL AKPAN Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000010824 SMART UMOETUK LUKE Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000010845 GODPOWER CHUKWU IKECHI Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000010886 FRANCISCA JACOB Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000010888 CHINAGOROM NWAKONOBI JOY Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000010889 ANIEKAN PHILIP UKO Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000010907 PRINCE GODWIN Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000010915 REGINA OMINYI CHINAZA Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000010924 CHRISTIAN OKEKE CHIMEZIE Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000010935 FRANK UKOMA WILSON Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000010946 BRIGHT OKATTA CHIMARAEME Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000010955 LUCKY EZEIGBO NLEWEDIM Public Administration



CHUKWUEBUKA Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000010974 CHIBUZO IRONDI DAVID Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000010979 BLESSING ELEANYA EKEGHE Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000010991 TAMUNOENE GOODLUCK Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000011002 HAPPY OKON SIMEON Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000011007 MFON-OBONG SABBATH ABEL Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000011018 CADMUS ROBERTS CHINONSO Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000011019 DANIEL JAMES Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000011020 LYNDA JOSIAH Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000011046 OBUMNEKE ANYANWU GIFT Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000011047 OLUCHI SOLOMON GIFT Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000011050 BLESSING EKANEM UWEM Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000011051 AKUDO FESTUS GLORY Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000011054 NWABUEZE IMO UDE Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000011068 UDUAKOBONG ESSIEN UDO Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000011097 MERCY SUNDAY CHUKWUSA Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000011098 RUTH ONWUKA Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000011104 SOMADILA ORIOWE PETERDAMIAN Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000011109 RUTH IKEOKWU NNE Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010350 CHIEMENAM UMEH MARYJANE Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010351 EMMANUELLA CHINKATA CHINONYE Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010358 CORNELINUS NWANERI CHIMAOBI Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010359 FRANCISCA NZE Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010362 MIRIAM OKOSI UGOCHI Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010370 DEBORAH ATOTU EBIMOBOERE Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010383 CHISOM ORJI JOHNBOSCO Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010393 OBUMNEME IGWE JOSHUA Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010406 PRISCILIA OKUDO CHIBUZOR Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010407 PRISCA NWAKANMA CHIDINMA Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010409 EMMANUEL OSIRI NNANNA Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010418 URSULA NWANKWO CHIBUZOR Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010424 ISAAC AMAH TOYIN Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010446 CHIBUZOR UZOMA CLEMENT Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010449 CHIDERA KOONYIA BEVERLYNYENEL Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/00000163 MIRACLE OKOROAKUMA JASMINE Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/00000164 PENNINAH USUA NSENAM Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/00000165 ABIGAIL FRANK EKPENE Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/00000170 AMARACHI NZEWOMA FAVOUR Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/00000176 ONYEKACHI UGORJI Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/00000181 BONIFACE JACOB FIDELIS Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/00000184 AHAMEFULA CHIMAOBI JASPER Public Administration


ABP/NDP/2018/00000196 CHIDINMA MADU JULIET Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/00000201 SOPURUCHI NWABUEZE DANIEL Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/00000202 EUNICE NWANKWO GINIKACHI Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/00000216 TEMPLE ELUOZO Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/00000230 JESSICA OBED BENEDICT Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/00000240 CHINYERE GODWIN COVENANT Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/00000248 GODGIFT NGIANGIA Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/00000249 BLESSING DONATUS Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/00000263 MERCY IHEUKWUMERE CHIDINMA Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/00000277 SUNDAY EDWIN SUNDAY Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/00000282 FAVOUR CHUKWUEMEKA ONYINYECHI Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/00000286 NNAMDI OKORIE ALEX Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/00000288 UEDUM BAKPO EMMANUEL Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/00000317 OLUEBUBE UGOCHUKWU JEPHTHAH Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/00000319 ROSE UDE CHIDINMA Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/00000323 IFEANYI NWABUEZE GOD’SWILL Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/00000333 PRECIOUS AWALAH Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/00000337 IFESINACHI UDEKA Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/00000340 DIVINE EMERIBE STEPHEN Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/00000359 WISDOM NWOGU UCHECHUKWU Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/00000369 FAVOUR KENNETH CHIZURUM Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/00000376 TOCHI CHIMEZIE FAVOUR Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/00000379 LUCKY ELIJAH ESHIET Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/00000380 GLORY CHRISTIAN CHIDINMA Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/00000381 PRECIOUS KINGSLEY NNENNA Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/00000388 FLORA JACKSON ETTEITA Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/00000389 OGECHI PAUL CONFIDENCE Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/00000391 CHIDINMA ONONIBA AUGUSTINA Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/00000395 CHIMYEKEM CHIKA Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/00000403 EMMANUEL JAMA IYASOBARA Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/00000407 FAVOUR NWAKAJI CHU Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/00000411 FAITH OKORO Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/00000412 MERCY OLAKA Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/00000414 UTIBE ESSIEN IMO Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/00000422 NKECHINYERE ONYEKWERE S Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/00000425 QUEEN JAMES Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/00000441 ENOBONG ATIATA GEORGE Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/00000462 GLORY MBIRIWE NWANYINMA Public Administration



OLUEBUBE Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/00000474 ANIEDIONGO OKON JOSEPH Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/00000477 NNENNA KALU PIUS Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/00000505 CHIOMA KALU MARTHA Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/00000519 ONYEBUCHI AZUBUIKE KINGSLEY Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/00000530 NSISONG UDOKA JAMES Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/00000548 PRINCE ROBERT UKEME Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/00000555 ROSE PETER IBE Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/00000568 FAVOUR ANYAELE NNENNA Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/00000586 GLORY OKORONKWO OGECHI Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/00000605 SOPHIA CLARK Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/00000611 BRIGHT EMMANUEL Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/00000618 CHINAELO EJIAKU LAWREN Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/00000622 GOODNESS MORDI UHEMIYEOJO Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/00000627 AUGUSTINE ALOZIE ENYINNAYA Public Administration


ABP/NDP/2018/00000631 FAVOUR EMMANUEL CHUKWU Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/00000633 OLUCHI NWOKE AMAH Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/00000640 BLESSING NSEABASI SAMPSON Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/00000643 KINGSLEY SUNDAY OKEOMA Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/00000649 CHINAZA EMEKA ABIGAIL Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/00000661 CHIKWADO NWAUGBO ANTHONY Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/00000664 IDIONGO ETUK SAVIOUR Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/00000666 EKEMINI JONAH PATRICK Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/00000669 LEDOGOH GOODLUCK PRECIOUS Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/00000673 JACKSON EDOHOEMA OKON Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/00000681 CHIOMA AZUMAH PRECIOUS Public Administration

ABP/NDP/2018/00000687 CHINWENDU OKENNE HART Public Administration

ABP/NDP/18/0000010618 ESTHER JOHN SOPURUCHI Quantity Surveying

ABP/NDP/2018/00000498 EZE ANUMUDU PRINCE Quantity Surveying

ABP/NDP/2018/00000527 CHIDIEBERE NWANKWO LUCKY Quantity Surveying

ABP/NDP/18/0000010465 ERIKAN CLEMENT ANIEFIOK Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010470 WILSON JAMES CHUKWUEBUKA Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010476 JULIET ONUNIWU Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010480 CHINECHEREM IFEDIORA FAUSTINA Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010485 GOODNESS MADU CHIOMA Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010489 VICTORIA CHIGBU U Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010506 INNOCENT BRIGGS ITEMEDEINTE Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010517 BLESSING EZEKIEL NGOZI Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010518 MERCY MICHAEL CHIKERENMA Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010541 SOLOMON AKAM CHIMOBI Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010546 LYNDA OBIOHA CHINENYE Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010555 HELEN NWAKANMA CHIAMAKA Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010557 JENNIFER PHILIP CHIBUIHE Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010565 FAVOUR ANDREW CHINAZAEKPERE Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010569 NSEMEKE AKPAN EFFIONG Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010574 AMARACHI URASI ELIZABETH Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010579 VICTOR EGBUNE DANIEL Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010599 EZINNE ONUOHA OKPARA Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010602 EZINNE OHUONU BRENDA Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010610 PATRICIA NWANKWO AGBARAGWUO Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010628 AMARACHI OKEREAFOR BLESSING Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010630 UCHECHUKWU NWAOPARA DARLINGTON Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010631 UBOKABASI NYAH EFFIONG Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010642 CHINENYE IBIDA JUDITH Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010645 WISDOM DANIEL Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010646 GIFT OSUIGWE Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010652 IMAOBONG IMEH ISAAC Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010668 EUNICE UCHE CHINOYEREM Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010677 ESTHER NWAOZURU AMARACHI Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010690 GRACE ELIJAH Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010691 LOVETH CHIMA CHETACHI Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010716 GIFT ODEBEGO Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010719 DANIEL MONEKE EBUBECHUKWU Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010727 BEAUTY AMADI Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010741 NGOZI UKOHA ANGEL Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010752 OGECHI AZUKA BERNADETH Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010754 CHARLES OKON EDET Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010757 CHIOMA CHIMEZIE STELLA Science Laboratory Technology


ABP/NDP/18/0000010781 ANGELA UMANAH ENO Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010787 ONYEBUCHI EKENYE RUTH Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010796 CHIBUZOR AGUGUA GODSTIME Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010801 VIVIAN ALEXANDER UCHECHI Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010810 VIVIAN CHINAZA Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010815 ONOME UWUIBE Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010816 DAVID ONWUKA Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010882 UZOCHUKWU IBEABUCHI Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010918 MIRACLE NWANKWO OKECHUKWU Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010923 GRACE IMONTE TITUS Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010934 FAVOUR SOPURUCHI IBUCHIM Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010937 GOODLUCK SUNDAY Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010952 CHIDERA UKPAI MIRACLE Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010964 ABASIAMA AKPAN XAVIER Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010980 CYNTHIA IHIONU CHRISTIAN Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010981 BROWN EZE CHIMMEZURUM Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010987 KAMOSHI JOHN EVANSON Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010990 AKINGBE USIFO ALAIBI Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000010999 LIVINA ADOM EZINNE Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000011005 IHUAKU OLU-AGBAEZE BLESSING Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000011028 SARAH ONUEGBU IJEOMA Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000011048 PRECIOUS OHAERI SOPURUCHI Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000011055 HOPE AZUMA CHINONSO Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000011091 CHISOM NWAUWA CYPRIAN Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000011094 GRACE OGBUAGU IHECHILURU Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/18/0000011103 CHIZARAM OGOKE ANITA Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010344 CHIAMAKA STEPHEN REGINA Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010356 UCHECHI IZENDU REJOICE Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010357 NNAMNSO UDO SUNDAY Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010380 EBUBECHUKWU OKECHUKWU DANIEL Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010389 UGOMMA OLUMBA D Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010396 CHINAZA IGBO THERESA Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010413 BLESSING EFFIONG GODWIN Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010420 OGECHI NWANGUMA Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010425 EMMANUEL AGU E Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010428 CHINONSO MBUKO Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010434 MERCY NWOGU EBERE Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010448 VICTORIA OKEKE CHINENYE Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/00000161 GOODNEWS ANUCHA UMUNNA Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/00000169 ONYEKA EZEH STANLEY Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/00000173 CHARITY IHEMEKWA Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/00000192 DIVINE AMBROSE MIRACLE Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/00000212 CHIBUEYIM CHIBOR FAVOUR Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/00000228 MGBODICHI ORJI UDU Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/00000229 EKEMINI EZEKIEL MONDAY Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/00000232 COMFORT CHUKWUEMEKA CHIMEREMEZE Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/00000233 DANIEL OKPARA ONYEKACHI Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/00000241 IJEOMA KELECHI PRECIOUS Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/00000256 FAVOUR UDUMA EKE Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/00000261 JOY OKEREAFOR OLUCHI Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/00000272 UZOAMAKA NJOKU NJOKU Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/00000274 PEACE BASSEY EDET Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/00000291 CHINASA NJOKU SUCCESS Science Laboratory Technology


ABP/NDP/2018/00000294 LOVETHMARY ODIKETA CHINENYENWA Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/00000299 CHRISTIANA EZEH CHINENYE Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/00000310 UGOCHI IZUKA PRECIOUS Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/00000335 CONFIDENCE AKPARAWA ONYINYECHI Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/00000354 ANIEKAN EDEM RAPHAEL Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/00000357 VERONICA OFOJEBE OBIAMAKA Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/00000368 BLESSING EFFIONG ANIEKAN Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/00000384 AKUBUIRO CHRISTOPHER MARTHA Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/00000399 GLORY OSIGWE Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/00000408 MICHAEL UDO AKACHUKWU Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/00000418 UJUNWA OBIORA BLESSING Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/00000423 JONAH NWOJO CHINEDU Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/00000444 NNEKA NWAGWU SANDRA Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/00000451 FAVOUR UDEH ONYINYECHI Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/00000466 MMERPON BASSEY USEN Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/00000469 MERCY JOHN Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/00000488 NGOZI ONUMAEGBU JOSEPHINE Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/00000494 LAURA OKUKU ISHIOMA Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/00000506 IFEANYI JOHN CHIMEZIE Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/00000524 EBELE AGBOM ESTHER Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/00000536 CHIOMA EDOZIE NANCY Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/00000552 GIFT NWAORJI ONYINYECHI Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/00000557 AKACHI NWANKWO ERNEST Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/00000585 VIVIAN ORJIOCHA CHINYERE Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/00000587 CHARITY OJOBOR Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/00000594 ABASI- IFREKE AKARA MOSES Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/00000607 AZUBUIKE NNAH GODWIN Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/00000636 HANNAH KALU CHINYERE Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/00000641 CHINWENDU UCHE OCHONMA Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/00000647 ANN ONYECHERE NNEOMA Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/00000658 FAVOUR UDOBI Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/00000659 OLUCHI UCHEGBU MAUREEN Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/00000663 JENNIFER OKAFOR CHIAMAKA Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/00000670 CHINEZU EZE JULIET Science Laboratory Technology

ABP/NDP/2018/00000678 JAACHINMA CHUKWUDIRE PRECIOUS Science Laboratory Technology


ABP/NDP/2018/0000010371 CHINONSO MICHAEL ISAIAH Surveying and Geo-Informatics



CHIHURUMNANYA Surveying and Geo-Informatics

ABP/NDP/2018/00000358 IKECHI EKPENDU UZOMA Surveying and Geo-Informatics

ABP/NDP/18/0000010700 VICTOR EMMANUEL AKPAN Urban and Regional Planning

ABP/NDP/18/0000010906 SUCCESS UCHENNA CHINENYE Urban and Regional Planning

ABP/NDP/18/0000011090 OGHENEOCHUKO UGBEYAN FAITH Urban and Regional Planning

ABP/NDP/2018/0000010416 DAVID ORIAKU ONYEBUCHI Urban and Regional Planning

ABP/NDP/2018/00000318 CHARLES EKWENYE CHINWENDU Urban and Regional Planning

ABP/NDP/2018/00000352 PROSPER OBI OLISEMEKA Urban and Regional Planning

ABP/NDP/18/0000010926 UMAJI SUNDAY EZEKIEL Welding and Fabrication Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/00000398 USENMFON IBANGA MFONOBONG Welding and Fabrication Engineering

ABP/NDP/2018/00000400 DANIEL SAMBO FRIDAY Welding and Fabrication Engineering




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