(ABU) Remedial & Basic Studies (IJMB) Admission Lists for 2018/2019 2nd Batch

 (ABU) Remedial & Basic Studies (IJMB) Admission Lists for 2018/2019 2nd Batch

 (ABU) Remedial & Basic Studies (IJMB) Admission Lists for 2018/2019 2nd Batch. The first batch, second batch and third batch lists of candidates offered provisional admission into the Ahmadu Bello University (ABU)


The management of the School of Basic and Remedial Studies of Ahmadu Bello University, Funtua wishes to inform all the candidates that applied for its 2018/2019 admission exercise that they can now confirm their admission status.


Check ABU Remedial & Basic Studies Admission List.

Second Batch.




A0001    A0497    A1168    A1823    A2349    A2975    A3574    A4047    B1192    B2196    B3229

A0002    A0503    A1169    A1827    A2371    A2999    A3585    A4048    B1204    B2233    B3238

A0003    A0505    A1200    A1840    A2391    A3023    A3586    A4049    B1212    B2241    B3254

A0016    A0506    A1203    A1842    A2418    A3024    A3589    B0017    B1220    B2249    B3264

A0023    A0512    A1221    A1844    A2421    A3026    A3592    B0027    B1232    B2316    B3266

A0026    A0513    A1234    A1871    A2450    A3031    A3617    B0093    B1233    B2332    B3303

A0035    A0547    A1240    A1878    A2452    A3033    A3623    B0198    B1237    B2354    B3309

A0055    A0553    A1241    A1893    A2490    A3038    A3629    B0200    B1238    B2373    B3310

A0056    A0556    A1245    A1920    A2496    A3066    A3631    B0215    B1284    B2375    B3323

A0060    A0560    A1249    A1923    A2497    A3067    A3637    B0226    B1286    B2380    B3354

A0068    A0612    A1258    A1940    A2509    A3076    A3655    B0271    B1308    B2399    B3391

A0075    A0626    A1285    A1961    A2513    A3179    A3659    B0272    B1314    B2411    B3404

A0109    A0663    A1292    A1969    A2532    A3205    A3664    B0353    B1329    B2431    B3406

A0117    A0695    A1324    A2008    A2566    A3215    A3678    B0355    B1344    B2449    B3417

A0119    A0698    A1325    A2047    A2579    A3219    A3685    B0387    B1359    B2506    B3536

A0136    A0701    A1332    A2052    A2580    A3228    A3695    B0392    B1429    B2539    B3539

A0137    A0702    A1333    A2062    A2581    A3231    A3701    B0423    B1458    B2559    B3546

A0176    A0704    A1342    A2075    A2583    A3249    A3732    B0424    B1460    B2562    B3619

A0192    A0723    A1346    A2076    A2587    A3259    A3749    B0452    B1462    B2565    B3639

A0197    A0727    A1400    A2081    A2593    A3275    A3750    B0458    B1465    B2584    B3670

A0207    A0733    A1412    A2083    A2600    A3285    A3776    B0472    B1523    B2588    B3672

A0208    A0751    A1433    A2100    A2651    A3292    A3785    B0478    B1528    B2605    B3704

A0222    A0754    A1450    A2101    A2660    A3301    A3787    B0484    B1582    B2616    B3715

A0240    A0763    A1451    A2113    A2661    A3373    A3801    B0501    B1598    B2618    B3726

A0266    A0773    A1452    A2129    A2665    A3386    A3804    B0610    B1612    B2629    B3736

A0268    A0797    A1470    A2148    A2666    A3394    A3817    B0611    B1615    B2646    B3895

A0277    A0830    A1479    A2150    A2670    A3395    A3830    B0630    B1629    B2662    B3933

A0295    A0891    A1510    A2151    A2676    A3397    A3872    B0640    B1663    B2677    B3948

A0301    A0897    A1514    A2159    A2680    A3400    A3876    B0712    B1667    B2679    B4008

A0325    A0900    A1533    A2160    A2695    A3401    A3878    B0724    B1751    B2771    B4058

A0335    A0912    A1557    A2164    A2708    A3422    A3879    B0737    B1752    B2853    C0067

A0342    A0927    A1558    A2165    A2713    A3431    A3893    B0744    B1776    B2860    C0282

A0357    A0957    A1563    A2166    A2714    A3432    A3908    B0774    B1786    B2863    C0309

A0362    A0985    A1568    A2178    A2715    A3454    A3912    B0801    B1811    B2868    C0463

A0376    A0990    A1588    A2179    A2717    A3465    A3947    B0885    B1894    B2890    C0594

A0390    A1005    A1607    A2188    A2719    A3471    A3961    B0954    B1903    B2896    C0654

A0406    A1038    A1609    A2207    A2726    A3477    A3972    B0972    B1948    B2917    C0739

A0420    A1093    A1656    A2216    A2727    A3483    A3987    B0977    B1954    B2919    C0881

A0422    A1094    A1730    A2260    A2775    A3496    A3996    B1011    B1997    B3583    C0884

A0430    A1100    A1760    A2267    A2822    A3507    A4011    B1039    B2068    B3006    C1328

A0436    A1103    A1764    A2336    A2837    A3513    A4012    B1046    B2087    B3063    C1388

A0451    A1108    A1765    A2340    A2856    A3518    A4019    B1054    B2090    B3102    C1676

A0482    A1116    A1793    A2342    A2872    A3560    A4022    B1076    B2136    B3125    C1681

A0489    A1117    A1802    A2344    A2883    A3571    A4028    B1136    B2186    B3178    C1736

A0493    A1121    A1816    A2347    A2889    A3572    A4041    B1180    B2189    B3199    C1888

C2019    D0792    D2552    D3835

C2253    D0804    D2573    D3905

C2310    D0847    D2575    D3929

C2388    D0852    D2617    D3980

C2474    D0861    D2623    D4051

C2556    D0952    D2664    D4080

C2558    D0998    D2696    D4121

C2576    D1008    D2776    D4132

C2711    D1019    D2794    F0352

C2766    D1043    D2852    F0469

C2810    D1060    D2897    F0668

C2905    D1109    D2903    F0803

C2909    D1138    D2969    F0817

C2922    D1225    D2984    F2351

C2953    D1296    D2993    F2612

C2974    D1320    D2994    F2748

C3003    D1370    D2995    F2769

C3145    D1426    D2998    F2838

C3538    D1484    D3001    F2839

C3551    D1494    D3034    F3276

C3656    D1496    D3047    F3315

C3689    D1518    D3056    F3937

C3756    D1542    D3120    F4026

C3807    D1567    D3162    F4055

C3869    D1657    D3180    F4113

C4020    D1673    D3262    F4142

C4034    D1685    D3277    F4161

D0031    D1707    D3288    F4166

D0045    D1748    D3294    G0337

D0116    D1766    D3307    G0759

D0133    D1795    D3325    G1015

D0154    D1880    D3381    G1355

D0155    D1926    D3420    G2511

D0230    D1936    D3460    G4072

D0236    D1975    D3468    G4135

D0257    D2000    D3495    G4171

D0290    D2018    D3532    G4174

D0296    D2060    D3534    G4175

D0304    D2069    D3573    G4176

D0379    D2126    D3576    G4181

D0446    D2197    D3632    G4182

D0465    D2201    D3648    G4185

D0504    D2205    D3666    G4187

D0537    D2369    D3673    G4501

D0552    D2408    D3682    G4503

D0584    D2435    D3691    G4504

D0617    D2455    D3784    G4505

D0653    D2481    D3790    A0971

D0685    D2503    D3826    A3611




E0113    E0850    E1831    E2520    E3209    E3934    G4082

E0220    E0999    E2061    E2648    E3447    E3967    G4167

E0350    E1004    E2257    E2703    E3492    E4005    G4178

E0377    E1112    E2262    E2707    E3512    E4016    G4179

E0541    E1248    E2290    E2738    E3555    E4092    G4180

E0597    E1265    E2398    E2760    E3594    E4131    G4506

E0767    E1287    E2456    E2765    E3599    E4158

E0777    E1422    E2463    E2992    E3630    E837

E0807    E1532    E2489    E3078    E3649    G0024

E0845    E1780    E2519    E3096    E3783    G3769

ABU Remedial & Basic Studies Newly Admitted Candidates Registration Procedure.

Stage 1
All admitted students are expected to present their downloaded application forms/ examination cards for verification at the School gate.

Stage 2
When verified, you are then to proceed to C15 for Bio Data Screening. At this point, you will be required to present the originals and atleast three (3) photocopies of the following:

  • Downloaded Application form.
  • Primary School Leaving Certificate
  • Local Government Indigene Certificate
  • O/Level Result(s)
  • Birth Certificate (Declaration of age is only accepted in the absence of birth certificate)

Stage 3
Proceed to Geography Laboratory for Academic Screening. You will be expected to present the original and endorsed copies of your documents. After screening you will be issued with an endorsed bank teller.

Stage 4
Proceed to the School Multimedia Centre and collect your Admission Letter.

Stage 5
You should then proceed to Zenith Bank Plc along Zaria Road, Funtua with your endorsed teller and pay the registration fees.
NOTE: Remedial: 70, 400.00 Naira
Basic (IJMB): 65, 200.00 Naira

Stage 6
Return to Geography Laboratory and collect your school official receipt and then Proceed to the academic registration desk in the same venue to complete the Academic Registration. You are to submit a photocopy of your admission letter at this point and you will be given an SBRS Registration Number.

Stage 7
Proceed to Security office, with two recent passport size photographs (in white background), for ID card processing.

Stage 8
Finally, proceed to the Student Affairs Unit for accommodation.

Furthermore, Congratulations to all the successfully admitted candidates.

(ACEONDO) Post UTME Screening Form for 2018/2019 

Also, see University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) 48th Convocation Ceremony 

Also, see 48th Convocation: University of Nigeria, Nsukka

Finally, (UNILAG) Registration & Screening Procedure for 2018/2019 Direct Entry & UTME 


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