2018/2019 Sule Lamido University Admission List  

2018/2019 Sule Lamido University Admission List

2018/2019 Sule Lamido University Admission List. Sule Lamido University Admission List 2018/2019. The list of UTME and Direct Entry candidates offered provisional admission into the Sule Lamido University.


First of all, Sule Lamido University admission lists contain the names UTME and Direct Entry candidates offered provisional admission into the university various degree programmes.

Sule Lamido University Admission List.

Also, The under-listed candidates have been offered Provisional Admission for Degree Programmes into Sule Lamido University (SLU) for the 2018/2019 Academic Session.



SLU Direct Entry Admission List.


1.0 Faculty of Education

1.1 B.A. (ED) English


1 85526620HI Abdullahi Abdulhamid Jigawa B.A. (ED) English

2 85527609CB Abdullahi Fatima Jigawa B.A. (ED) English

3 85527676BE Adam Muhammad Mubarak Jigawa B.A. (ED) English

4 85639029CD Ahmad Safiyyah Sani Jigawa B.A. (ED) English

5 85527956EH Auwalu Sabo Jigawa B.A. (ED) English

6 86488338JC Garba Sabo Jigawa B.A. (ED) English

7 86489315HB Hudu Muhammad Jigawa B.A. (ED) English

8 85614748BJ Jubril Iyamah Abdulrazak Edo B.A. (ED) English

9 85527434GB Saratu Ali Bunawa Jigawa B.A. (ED) English

10 85528159CA Suleiman Hadiza Jigawa B.A. (ED) English

11 85621142ED Tijjani Salisu Datti Kano B.A. (ED) English

12 85526511BH Usman Garba Jigawa B.A. (ED) English

13 85652356AG Yusuf Khadija Muhammad Jigawa B.A. (ED) English

14 86489310IG Zainab Alhaji Idris Jigawa B.A. (ED) English

15 85066477AD Abdulkarim Isa Adamawa B.A. (ED) English

16 85530435HJ Abdullahi Abbas Jigawa B.A. (ED) English

17 85522262FH Abdullahi Hafizu Jigawa B.A. (ED) English

18 85526473DE Abubakar Auwalu Jigawa B.A. (ED) English

19 86489073CB Abubakar Danyaya Abubakar Jigawa B.A. (ED) English

20 85654028DE Adamu Aisha Muhammad Jigawa B.A. (ED) English

21 85526676AH Adamu Muhammad Jigawa B.A. (ED) English

22 85531863GD Adamu Safiyya Maigoro Jigawa B.A. (ED) English

23 86489400BA Aisha Abubakar Jigawa B.A. (ED) English

24 85521022JB Auwalu Lawan Jigawa B.A. (ED) English

25 85530164BJ Bala Hussaini Jigawa B.A. (ED) English

26 85527948HB Dahiru Hashimu Jigawa B.A. (ED) English

27 86486522BB Danazumi Hassana Jigawa B.A. (ED) English

28 85524982EF Dauda Auwalu Jigawa B.A. (ED) English

29 86490034EI Fatima Aliyu Yau Jigawa B.A. (ED) English


PMB 048, Kafin Hausa, Jigawa State, Nigeria

(Office of the Registrar)



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30 85529142HI Fatima Muhammad Jigawa B.A. (ED) English

31 85523237EC Haruna Yunusa Yusuf Kano B.A. (ED) English

32 85531845CA Husaini Abdu Jigawa B.A. (ED) English

33 85526977HE Ibrahim Aminu Jigawa B.A. (ED) English

34 85431023EA Ibrahim Hauwa Jigawa B.A. (ED) English

35 85526549JH Ibrahim Inuwa Jigawa B.A. (ED) English

36 86945671GB Idiris Suleman Jigawa B.A. (ED) English

17 85529086FC Muhammad Umar Abubakar Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Biology

18 86516529AG Muhd Ghali Kano B.Sc. (ED) Biology

19 85529936CE Musa Asiya Muhammad Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Biology

20 85527020EC Musa Mubarak Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Biology

21 85526299HB Suleiman Maryam Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Biology

22 86487592AC Umar Usman Maidashi Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Biology

23 85530223DG Yahaya Ismaila Shaaibu Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Biology

24 86512322BH Yusuf Hauwa’U Dalhat Kaduna B.Sc. (ED) Biology

25 85419206IG Abba A Zakar Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Biology

26 85527457IJ Abbas Zaharaddeen Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Biology

27 85520705HC Abdullahi Naima Aliyu Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Biology

28 85525815GI Abdullahi Saadatu Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Biology

29 85526691FJ Abdulwahab Muhammad Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Biology

30 86486873CF Abubakar Al-Mustapha Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Biology

31 85526763DH Abubakar Fatima Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Biology

32 86489523CJ Abubakar Haruna Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Biology

33 85632803HH Abubakar Zainab Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Biology

34 85634816FC Adam Sadiya Muhammad Kano B.Sc. (ED) Biology

35 85528405FI Adamu Shafiu Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Biology

36 86489441IB Ahmad Muhammad Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Biology

37 85528827FD Ahmed Salahu Danzomo Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Biology

38 85526505DF Aisha Abdul’Aziz Kaila Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Biology

39 85528451BH Aisha Saleh Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Biology

40 86486561II Aminu Tijjani Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Biology

41 85525535DF Asma’U Munkaila Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Biology

42 85624287BH Atiku Asmau Nuhu Kano B.Sc. (ED) Biology

43 86945881BD Auwalu Tijjani Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Biology

44 85631962HI Bala Hannatu Hassan Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Biology

45 86488688BC Gomari Fatima Abdullahi Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Biology

46 85657266CA Gosen Beji Bitrus Plateau B.Sc. (ED) Biology

47 86486885IG Hafsat Shuaibu Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Biology

48 85530405HC Hassan Hussaini Hussaina Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Biology

49 85529419CD Hauwa’U Idris Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Biology

50 85525285AJ Hauwa’U Kamil Ibrahim Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Biology

51 85529282EG Hussaina Dauda Yusuf Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Biology

52 85527730EG Ibrahim Amina Olan Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Biology

53 86487536HD Ibrahim Hannatu Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Biology

54 85526247DD Ibrahim Maryam Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Biology

55 86487290DF Isah Abubakar Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Biology

56 86486518CD Isyaku Umar Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Biology

57 85528731FA Jibrin Hassan Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Biology

58 85638991EA Lawal Abubakar Mansur Kano B.Sc. (ED) Biology

59 85530262BG Muhammad Basiru Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Biology

60 85522947DJ Muhammad Hassan Dikko Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Biology

61 85527640CF Muhammad Hussaini G Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Biology

62 85530665GI Muhammad Nuhu Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Biology

63 85524280BH Muhammad Ummusalma Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Biology

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64 86946392DC Muhammad Zakar Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Biology

65 85526385AH Muhammad Zakiyya Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Biology

66 85530678CJ Mukhtar Maryam Nuhu Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Biology

67 86489219GI Munkaila Lawan Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Biology

68 85521026HJ Musa Aminu Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Biology

69 85528734EB Musa Muhammad Amiru Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Biology

70 85528821HB Musa Suleman Bello Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Biology

71 85523923CB Mustapha Hassan Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Biology

72 85527663FD Nababa Abba A Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Biology

73 85530652BA Nafisat Hassan Lamin Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Biology

74 85523344BC Rahama Haruna Idris Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Biology

75 85527898CH Sani Ahmad Muhammad Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Biology

76 85526273FC Sani Maryam Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Biology

77 86487224DJ Saudat Alhaji Yusuf Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Biology

78 86526098BB Shehu Hassana Kano B.Sc. (ED) Biology

79 86488982AD Shu’Aibu Aliyu Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Biology

80 86489427CG Sulaiman Amadu Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Biology

81 85522412JC Suleiman Haruna Baffa Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Biology

82 85525826DF Uba Sadiku Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Biology

83 85525648IE Ubali Sulaiman Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Biology

84 86490515GA Umar Hassan Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Biology

85 86522190JF Usman Binta Ahmad Kano B.Sc. (ED) Biology

86 85522265EI Usman Ibrahim Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Biology

87 86487263BJ Waziri Abba Zandam Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Biology

88 85530228CB Yakubu Hussaina Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Biology

89 85527098AC Zubair Maryam Abdulkadir Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Biology

1.3 B.Sc. (Ed) Chemistry


1 85643763IA Ahmad Adamu Abubakar Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Chemistry

2 85529720JA Ahmad Usman Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Chemistry

3 85526603DC Haruna Zainab Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Chemistry

4 85527167IG Ibrahim Umar Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Chemistry

5 85527468FG Kabiru Usman Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Chemistry

6 85527860EE Mansur Fatima Lawan Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Chemistry

7 85530006AI Muhammad Garba Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Chemistry

8 85527505EC Musa Ibrahim Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Chemistry

9 86489391DH Saidu Safiyanu Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Chemistry

10 85531672FE Sunusi Rufa’I Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Chemistry

11 85532683CI Tijjani Abubakar Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Chemistry

12 85532081II Umar A Umar Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Chemistry

13 86489616EB Yusuf Garba Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Chemistry

14 85529199AE Abdul’Aziz Mustapha A Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Chemistry

15 86486599HB Abdulrahman Garba Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Chemistry

16 85523884EB Abdulwahab Hafsat Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Chemistry

17 85530514DG Abubakar Salisu Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Chemistry

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18 86966656FJ Adam Aminu Jafar Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Chemistry

19 86488834FJ Adamu Abdussalam Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Chemistry

20 85522297EJ Ado Aminu Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Chemistry

21 85532115ID Aliyu Sani Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Chemistry

22 86489292ED Buhari Ayuba Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Chemistry

23 85527816HJ Fatima Adamu Musa Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Chemistry

24 86519875FG Haruna Hashim Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Chemistry

25 85528565GD Hauwa Abubakar Suleiman Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Chemistry

26 85523106EH Kassim Abba Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Chemistry

27 85965209BJ Muhammad Aisha Gambo Kano B.Sc. (ED) Chemistry

28 85964959JA Muhammad Rabi Gambo Niger B.Sc. (ED) Chemistry

29 85527818HD Muhd Ahmad Mansur Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Chemistry

30 85526409DC Musa Hassan Ahmed Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Chemistry

31 85527254BJ Musa Suleman Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Chemistry

32 85650002IE Nuhu Amina Atiku Kano B.Sc. (ED) Chemistry

33 85520845EA Rukayya Kani Abdullahi Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Chemistry

34 85524674JG Sa’Idu Abdullahi Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Chemistry

35 85527597FH Sadiq Usman Abubakar Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Chemistry

36 86486951IC Salisu Kamal Ubale Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Chemistry

37 85527127BC Salisu Nasir Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Chemistry

38 85528837CD Umar Auwal Aliyu Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Chemistry

39 86489635IB Yunusa Muhammad Sarawa Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Chemistry

1.4 B.Sc. (Ed) Mathematics


1 85530447ED Muhammad Sadik Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Mathematics

2 85528471FE Salisu Garba Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Mathematics

3 86489186HA Ya’U Sulaiman Zakar Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Mathematics

4 86946162ED Yahaya Alhassan Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Mathematics

5 85525040GF Ibrahim Jabiru Jigawa B.Sc. (ED) Mathematics

1.5 B.Sc. (ED) Physics


1 85138753GH Abdullahi Ahmad Yusuf Bauchi B.Sc (ED) Physics

2 85523260HA Abubakar Abdullahi Jigawa B.Sc (ED) Physics

3 85529526JA Malam Safiyanu Bala Jigawa B.Sc (ED) Physics

4 85524892CE Rabbilu Husna Jigawa B.Sc (ED) Physics

5 86489041CA Usman Haruna Jigawa B.Sc (ED) Physics

6 85527100JD Yakubu Abba Ahmed Jigawa B.Sc (ED) Physics

7 85532134CG Hamza Hamza Ahmad Jigawa B.Sc (ED) Physics

8 85526754GE Khadija Abubakar Yaya Jigawa B.Sc (ED) Physics

9 86488435JC Muhammad Muhammad A Jigawa B.Sc (ED) Physics

10 85528494IC Usman Musa Jigawa B.Sc (ED) Physics

11 86357492HB Yakubu Idris Bauchi B.Sc (ED) Physics

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2.0 Faculty of Humanities

2.1 B.A. Arabic


1 85528418BJ Abba Maryam Muhammad Jigawa B.A. Arabic

2 85526538DD Abubakar Maryam Sadiq Jigawa B.A. Arabic

3 85526344DD Aliyu Salma Haruna Jigawa B.A. Arabic

4 85527190BH Bin Muhammad Usman Jigawa B.A. Arabic

5 85523039FE Gambo Ayatullahi Jigawa B.A. Arabic

6 86488783BI Ginsau Hadiza Usman Jigawa B.A. Arabic

7 85523021BB Hassan Ahmad Jigawa B.A. Arabic

8 85531032DE Hassan Sadiya Jigawa B.A. Arabic

9 86946879CG Hudu Magama Lawan Jigawa B.A. Arabic

10 86515804EH Ibrahim Aisha Jigawa B.A. Arabic

11 85529920HC Idris Fiddausi Jigawa B.A. Arabic

12 85526679JF Khadija Muhammad Sabo Jigawa B.A. Arabic

13 85527097AF Muhammad Aliyu Jigawa B.A. Arabic

14 85528540EB Muhammad Haruna Abubakar Jigawa B.A. Arabic

15 86487390CG Muhammad Muhammad Rabi’a Jigawa B.A. Arabic

16 86490311JA Muhammad Sani Jigawa B.A. Arabic

17 86489433AI Musa Adamu Jigawa B.A. Arabic

18 85530593JA Sa’Idu Zainab Jigawa B.A. Arabic

19 85529284EA Saleh Fatima Muhammad Jigawa B.A. Arabic

20 86490330DD Salisu Habibu Jigawa B.A. Arabic

21 86489300BJ Sani Fatima Muhammad Jigawa B.A. Arabic

22 85525538CG Sani Yusuf Jigawa B.A. Arabic

23 85526734CH Tijjani Usman Jigawa B.A. Arabic

24 85524430FC Umar Sani Jigawa B.A. Arabic

25 85527506DJ Usman Anas Amar Jigawa B.A. Arabic

26 85530168AH Usman Maryam Turaki Jigawa B.A. Arabic

27 85524436DE Yahai Danladi Jigawa B.A. Arabic

28 85522114BG Yusuf Abba Jigawa B.A. Arabic

29 86946138BI Yusuf Saadatu Hakimi Jigawa B.A. Arabic

30 86489815CG Abba Muhammad Jigawa B.A. Arabic

31 85532021HE Abdul’Aziz First Auwalu Jigawa B.A. Arabic

32 85532444GG Abdullahi Abubakar Jigawa B.A. Arabic

33 85530626II Abubakar Wakili Jigawa B.A. Arabic

34 86946643FF Adamu Abubakar Jigawa B.A. Arabic

35 85531687AJ Ahmad Halima Jigawa B.A. Arabic

36 85526910IB Aliyu Adama Jigawa B.A. Arabic

37 85525855EF Aliyu Zainab Jigawa B.A. Arabic

38 85525545AF Aminu Rabi’Atu Jigawa B.A. Arabic

39 85532591BD Arma Rabiu Jigawa B.A. Arabic

40 85521641HH Bala Suraka Jigawa B.A. Arabic

41 85525198HG Barau Naziru Jigawa B.A. Arabic

42 85521483GG Binyaminu Saleh Jigawa B.A. Arabic

43 85528026DB Bunya Aminu Jigawa B.A. Arabic

44 85528758GG Habeeb Maryam Saleh Jigawa B.A. Arabic

45 85522024JC Habibu Maryam Jigawa B.A. Arabic

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46 85528670DJ Haruna Fatima Muhammad Jigawa B.A. Arabic

47 85528114FI Hassan Hussaina Ahmad Jigawa B.A. Arabic

48 85521178BB Hauwau Idris Ahmad Jigawa B.A. Arabic

49 85525733CD Ibrahim Abdurrahman Jigawa B.A. Arabic

50 85532036CJ Ibrahim Aliyu Jigawa B.A. Arabic

51 86946397BH Ibrahim Aliyu Jigawa B.A. Arabic

52 85530097CG Ibrahim Fatima Usman Jigawa B.A. Arabic

53 86489337AF Ibrahim Sagiru Jigawa B.A. Arabic

54 85526517JG Idris Kattime Jigawa B.A. Arabic

55 85527226AG Ismail Zainab Sulaiman Jigawa B.A. Arabic

56 85528477DG Jibrin Hassan Jigawa B.A. Arabic

57 85531406HG Lawan Mujahid Jigawa B.A. Arabic

58 85521961IH Minkaila Sadiya Jigawa B.A. Arabic

59 85634438CC Muhammad Fatima Garba Jigawa B.A. Arabic

60 85526898CA Muhammad Musa Rahama Jigawa B.A. Arabic

61 85522490FC Muhd Nasiru Ahmad Jigawa B.A. Arabic

62 85522779FI Mujittapha Umar Jigawa B.A. Arabic

63 85527502FB Mukhtar Hassana Jigawa B.A. Arabic

64 85526451AD Rabiu Musa Jigawa B.A. Arabic

65 85526178EG Safiya Muhammad Sabo Jigawa B.A. Arabic

66 85532578FC Salisu Sabiu Jigawa B.A. Arabic

67 86945394BJ Sani Muhammad Igda Jigawa B.A. Arabic

68 85523936HJ Sani Ya’U Abdullahi Jigawa B.A. Arabic

69 85527484AI Sulaiman Amina Jigawa B.A. Arabic

70 85523938HD Umar Aliyu Jigawa B.A. Arabic

71 85529652AD Ummi Idris Barau Jigawa B.A. Arabic

72 86487353EA Usman Abdullahi Jigawa B.A. Arabic

73 85524271EE Usman Abubakar Jigawa B.A. Arabic

74 85527087DF Usman Basiru Jigawa B.A. Arabic

75 86489452EI Usman Hafsat Jigawa B.A. Arabic

76 85527910II Wada Maimuna Jigawa B.A. Arabic

77 85531262CD Yahaya Aliyu Jigawa B.A. Arabic

78 86490217IB Yahaya Ibrahim Idris Jigawa B.A. Arabic

79 85531763HC Yakubu Rabiu Jigawa B.A. Arabic

80 85527451BA Yau Khamisu Jigawa B.A. Arabic

81 85528995DE Yunusa Jabir Jigawa B.A. Arabic

2.2 B.A. English


1 85640080HB Abdulkareem Fatima Idris Jigawa B.A. English

2 85529656II Ahmed Mustapha Alhaji Jigawa B.A. English

3 86488180IB Ibrahim Hamisu Jigawa B.A. English

4 86489825JD Ismail Sadiya Jigawa B.A. English

5 86489515FD Lawan Rufa’I Jigawa B.A. English

6 85628959GG Mansur Abdullahi Adam Kano B.A. English

7 85528919GI Muhammad Umar Jigawa B.A. English

8 86488612EG Musa Mhammad Jigawa B.A. English

9 85526530FH Rabiu Muhammad Nabayi Jigawa B.A. English


10 85528054EE Yakubu Musa Jigawa B.A. English

11 85724452CI Abdulkareem Robiu Kehinde Kwara B.A. English

12 85528193BF Abdullahi Auwal Zero Jigawa B.A. English

13 85527400GG Abdullahi Ibrahim Jigawa B.A. English

14 85529139IH Abubakar Fauziyya Jigawa B.A. English

15 85527014GA Abubakar Suleman Jigawa B.A. English

16 86945380GB Abubakar Ya’U Jigawa B.A. English

17 85528341FG Adam Dausiyya Muhammad Jigawa B.A. English

18 85616605HE Adam Isah Aliyu Jigawa B.A. English

19 85520791AI Adamu Haladu Jigawa B.A. English

20 86486764GB Aliyu Adamu Jigawa B.A. English

21 86489826JA Auwalu Hamusu Jigawa B.A. English

22 86711796IF Azi Agness Samuel Plateau B.A. English

23 85527359JC Basiru Haruna Jigawa B.A. English

24 85530448EA Garba Musa Muhammad Jigawa B.A. English

25 85532442HC Habu Kamisu Jigawa B.A. English

26 85523465DH Hamza Badamasi Jigawa B.A. English

27 85647021AG Hussaini Mustapha Magaji Jigawa B.A. English

28 85526826EC Ibrahim Fatima Jigawa B.A. English

29 85644298CH Iliyas Rahma Ibrahim Jigawa B.A. English

30 85526056CE Isah Muhd Bashir Jigawa B.A. English

31 85527861EB Liman Nuhu M Jigawa B.A. English

32 85523475AH Mahmud Mustapha Jigawa B.A. English

33 85658468AD Muhammad Anas Abdu Kano B.A. English

34 85525352AC Muhammad Tasi’U Ubali Jigawa B.A. English

35 85646270CI Muhammed Kabiru Bello Kano B.A. English

36 86490149JB Muhammed Saddam Jigawa B.A. English

37 85527460IA Muhmud Muhammad Jigawa B.A. English

38 85551576JE Musa Ali Dundubus Jigawa B.A. English

39 85529928EI Nasir Zainab Jigawa B.A. English

40 86628003EA Saidu Salisu Jigawa B.A. English

41 86490372AE Salisu Lawan Jigawa B.A. English

42 86971876BG Shemau Umar Jigawa B.A. English

43 86487473GI Suleiman Anas Jigawa B.A. English

44 86211950AD Umar Yunus Abdullahi Jigawa B.A. English

45 86488216HA Umar Yusuf Jigawa B.A. English

46 85907674GB Unekwuojo Noah Kogi B.A. English

47 86488362CA Usman Abbas Abubakar Jigawa B.A. English

48 85528288CB Usman Hassana Umar Jigawa B.A. English

49 85655453CH Yahaya Musa Jigawa B.A. English

50 85524383JG Yakubu Mustapha Jigawa B.A. English

51 86490014BB Yusuf Maimunatu Jigawa B.A. English

52 86532875FA Yusuf Muhammad Jigawa B.A. English

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2.3 B.A. Hausa


1 85528006JB Abdullahi Hafsat Jigawa B.A. Hausa

2 86488633IA Abdullahi Hauwa Aliyu Jigawa B.A. Hausa

3 85528531GI Abubakar Hajara Sadiq Jigawa B.A. Hausa

4 85925516HJ Abubakar Ismail Aliy’U Jigawa B.A. Hausa

5 85524353IJ Adamu Sulaiman Kano B.A. Hausa

6 85529871CF Ado Kamisu Jigawa B.A. Hausa

7 85653714AG Ahmad Tijjani Ibrahim Jigawa B.A. Hausa

8 85528815IJ Aliyu Sulaiman Jigawa B.A. Hausa

9 85527201IB Barau Haruna Maryam Jigawa B.A. Hausa

10 85528705DB Gambo Haruna Jigawa B.A. Hausa

11 85526490IA Haruna Abdullahi Jigawa B.A. Hausa

12 86488322ED Hassan Badamasi A Jigawa B.A. Hausa

13 85521020JH Inuwa Fatuma Yusuf Jigawa B.A. Hausa

14 86524233HH Muhammad Abdullahi Ibrahim Jigawa B.A. Hausa

15 85528372GA Muhammad Isah Jigawa B.A. Hausa

16 85525380BF Muhammad Sani Sani Jigawa B.A. Hausa

17 86489711EH Muhammad Umar Dan’Asabe Jigawa B.A. Hausa

18 85530163CC Mukhtar Maimuna Ibrahim Jigawa B.A. Hausa

19 85532755AG Mukhtar Yusif Jigawa B.A. Hausa

20 86488883AJ Rabi Rabiu Isah Jigawa B.A. Hausa

21 86489177JH Sani Usman Jigawa B.A. Hausa

22 85529930EC Shuaibu Okasha Jigawa B.A. Hausa

23 85531806EA Tijjani Zainab Jigawa B.A. Hausa

24 85530343GE Umar Abubakar Jigawa B.A. Hausa

25 86488686BI Umar Muhammad Majema Jigawa B.A. Hausa

26 85640016GJ Zakari Muhammad Haruna Jigawa B.A. Hausa

27 85527986FE Zubairu Abdulhamid Jigawa B.A. Hausa

28 85528038JC Abdallah Zak Adamu Jigawa B.A. Hausa

29 85526136HF Abdulkadir Maimuna Jigawa B.A. Hausa

30 86488491CB Abdullahi Amina Garba Jigawa B.A. Hausa

31 85527949GI Abdullahi Hassan Maryam Jigawa B.A. Hausa

32 85526708AI Abdullahi Usman Jigawa B.A. Hausa

33 85523099GI Abubakar Habiba Ibrahim Jigawa B.A. Hausa

34 85527126BF Abubakar Isah Jigawa B.A. Hausa

35 86489425DC Abubakar Malam Yahaya Jigawa B.A. Hausa

36 85532439IB Abubakar Musa Jigawa B.A. Hausa

37 85634046DE Adam Auwal Usman Jigawa B.A. Hausa

38 85527399GJ Adamu Amadu A Jigawa B.A. Hausa

39 86487157EG Adamu Kabiru Jigawa B.A. Hausa

40 85529397IJ Adamu Musa Jigawa B.A. Hausa

41 85521469BB Ado Aminu Usman Jigawa B.A. Hausa

42 86488107AJ Ahmad Sulaiman Sulaiman Jigawa B.A. Hausa

43 85526997BE Ahmad Umar Jigawa B.A. Hausa

44 85642047IH Ahmad Yasir Usman Jigawa B.A. Hausa

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45 85527132JE Ahmed Shu’Aibu Jigawa B.A. Hausa

46 85622224JF Aisha Aliyu Muhammad Jigawa B.A. Hausa

47 86946906EC Aliyu Fatima Jigawa B.A. Hausa

48 86488360CG Aliyu Khadija Adam Jigawa B.A. Hausa

49 85528998CF Aliyu Sadisu Jigawa B.A. Hausa

50 86489428CD Aliyu Umar Jigawa B.A. Hausa

51 85642451DJ Amina Magaji Jigawa B.A. Hausa

52 85526809JD Bala Yusuf Jigawa B.A. Hausa

53 85522768JB Basiru Babangida Jigawa B.A. Hausa

54 86488665IB Basiru Sabo Babale Jigawa B.A. Hausa

55 86946882BH Dahiru Maimuna Jigawa B.A. Hausa

56 85529796FG Dauda A Suleiman Jigawa B.A. Hausa

57 85524938IA Dutse Bilkisu Muhammad Jigawa B.A. Hausa

58 85530794GJ Hafsat Lawan Tambari Jigawa B.A. Hausa

59 85521872GD Hassan Nasiru Jigawa B.A. Hausa

60 86487330BC Hudu Ibrahim Idris Jigawa B.A. Hausa

61 86506716FE Ibrahim Ashiru Kaduna B.A. Hausa

62 85531092EI Ibrahim Bahijja Adamu Jigawa B.A. Hausa

63 85656971DC Ibrahim Muhammad Jigawa B.A. Hausa

64 85526868BD Idris Aminu Jigawa B.A. Hausa

65 85521738HH Idris Yusif Jigawa B.A. Hausa

66 85520837GE Isa Maimuna Jigawa B.A. Hausa

67 85525765CE Jibrin Adamu Jigawa B.A. Hausa

68 86488911CC Kabiru Aisha Dankaura Jigawa B.A. Hausa

69 85527877JA M Rabiatu Auwal Jigawa B.A. Hausa

70 85529849JB Mahd Idris Hauwa Jigawa B.A. Hausa

71 85528091DA Mahd Idris Salima Jigawa B.A. Hausa

72 85527237HA Mamuda Idris Jigawa B.A. Hausa

73 86487031DG Mansur Zainab Jigawa B.A. Hausa

74 86462500AG Muhammad Bala Gombe B.A. Hausa

75 85529228BE Muhammad Fatima Isah Jigawa B.A. Hausa

76 85528953GD Muhd Bello Jigawa B.A. Hausa

77 85686737HB Mukhtar Tawakkaliyya Jigawa B.A. Hausa

78 85530707DJ Murtala Kamaye Jigawa B.A. Hausa

79 85521311JH Saifullahi Ado Jigawa B.A. Hausa

80 85530351EA Sani Abubakar Jigawa B.A. Hausa

81 86946928HD Sani Amina Jigawa B.A. Hausa

82 86489785BJ Sani Tijjani M Jigawa B.A. Hausa

83 85531027EJ Shitu Maryam Shehu Jigawa B.A. Hausa

84 85529157DD Shuaibu Abbati Jigawa B.A. Hausa

85 85528975JE Sulaiman Rabiatu Jigawa B.A. Hausa

86 85522402CF Sunusi Adamu Jigawa B.A. Hausa

87 86519114BB Umar Usaini Isah Jigawa B.A. Hausa

88 85526439DJ Usman Aliyu Maryam Jigawa B.A. Hausa

89 85528207HA Wakili Bilyaminu Jigawa B.A. Hausa

90 85529243GG Wasi’U Yakubu Jigawa B.A. Hausa

91 85527149ED Yahaya Ibrahim A Jigawa B.A. Hausa

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92 86488401JH Yunusa Auwal Jigawa B.A. Hausa

93 85523659DH Yusuf Garzali Jigawa B.A. Hausa

94 85527106HF Zaharaddini Adamu Jigawa B.A. Hausa

95 85528678BF Zakar Rukayya Abdulkadir Jigawa B.A. Hausa

2.4 B.A. History


1 85528223CC Abdulkadir Abdullahi Jigawa B.A. History

2 85556696GA Abdullahi Ummar Bala Jigawa B.A. History

3 86490297DF Abubakar Salisu Jigawa B.A. History

4 85523384IG Adamu Abbas Jigawa B.A. History

5 85529483CF Adamu Ibrahim Jigawa B.A. History

6 85651775AD Adamu Ibrahim Murtala Jigawa B.A. History

7 85637143FF Ali Hamza Ibrahim Kano B.A. History

8 85522682FI Bako Nura Jigawa B.A. History

9 85626299JC Bala Abdulkhadir Yahya Kano B.A. History

10 85526565EJ Garba Adamu B Jigawa B.A. History

11 86488995GB Ghali Mahmud Muhammad Jigawa B.A. History

12 86488887JE Hassan Umar Babiye Jigawa B.A. History

13 85527133JB Muhammad Haruna Jigawa B.A. History

14 86488827IA Muhammad Ibrahim Isah Jigawa B.A. History

15 85528320CC Mukhtar Umar Tal Jigawa B.A. History

16 86487525AJ Sagir Isyaku Jigawa B.A. History

17 85526521IE Saidu Muhammad Jawara Jigawa B.A. History

18 86529237AD Salihu Mansur Saidu Jigawa B.A. History

19 85526713JA Shehu Umar Jigawa B.A. History

20 85528252DC Shuaibu Hamza Jigawa B.A. History

21 85523552GH Tahir Khadija A. Jigawa B.A. History

22 85624242FF Umar Abubakar Lawan Jigawa B.A. History

23 85532635HF Umar Rabi’U Jigawa B.A. History

24 85529338HC Abdullahi Garba Jigawa B.A. History

25 85524343CC Abdullahi Sani Jigawa B.A. History

26 85523990BE Abubakar Yahaya Jigawa B.A. History

27 86489799HE Aminu Idris Jigawa B.A. History

28 85629426CD Ashiru Garba Hassan Jigawa B.A. History

29 85527407EF Datti Suleiman Jigawa B.A. History

30 85653276FJ Geoffrey Allen Adamawa B.A. History

31 85659770HE Haladu Nura Jigawa B.A. History

32 85530813BC Harizu Hamza Jigawa B.A. History

33 86526325AJ Ibrahim Abdullah Kano B.A. History

34 86488489CH Ibrahim Mika’Il Jigawa B.A. History

35 85530886IE Isma’Il Danjuma Jigawa B.A. History

36 86527590JE Kabir Aminu Yaro Kano B.A. History

37 85658189GE M Said Ahmad Kano B.A. History

38 85521577HF Mubarak Bala Jigawa B.A. History

39 86945430AI Muhammad Abdulkadir Jigawa B.A. History

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40 85646454FI Muhammad Fatima Bako Jigawa B.A. History

41 86638477EG Muhammed Abdullahi Giwa Niger B.A. History

42 85624329IF Said Zayyad Abdulkadir Jigawa B.A. History

43 85651771BF Shehu Naziru Abdullahi Kano B.A. History

44 85528273GG Sule Babangida Jigawa B.A. History

45 86487782BE Yusuf Badamasi Jigawa B.A. History

2.5 B.A. Islamic Studies


1 85656828HD Abdullahi Mustapha Adamu Jigawa B.A. Islamic Studies

2 86487730HD Abdullahi Usman Jigawa B.A. Islamic Studies

3 86488825IG Abubakar Amina Kawaki Jigawa B.A. Islamic Studies

4 86969638DH Adamu Amina Muhammad Jigawa B.A. Islamic Studies

5 85526654HD Ahmad Maryam Zakar Jigawa B.A. Islamic Studies

6 85529451CE Babangida Garba Jigawa B.A. Islamic Studies

7 85530500HI Dauda Haruna Jigawa B.A. Islamic Studies

8 85528144GF Garba Isah Jigawa B.A. Islamic Studies

9 85521075CJ Hamisu Khadija Jigawa B.A. Islamic Studies

10 86488271AC Ibrahim Nasiru Jigawa B.A. Islamic Studies

11 85532434JG Ibrahim Sadiya Jigawa B.A. Islamic Studies

12 85645644GD Ibrahim Sulaiman Jigawa B.A. Islamic Studies

13 85523795BH Isyaku Muhammad Nura Jigawa B.A. Islamic Studies

14 85526289AE Jibrin Adamu Jigawa B.A. Islamic Studies

15 86488119HA Lawan Ummussalma Jigawa B.A. Islamic Studies

16 85532188FI M Abdu Yau Jigawa B.A. Islamic Studies

17 85523899JD Muhammad Isma’Ila Jigawa B.A. Islamic Studies

18 85526748IC Muhammad Sadiya Abdullahi Jigawa B.A. Islamic Studies

19 85530898EI Sadisu Sani Jigawa B.A. Islamic Studies

20 86520211BI Sale Sulaiman Jigawa B.A. Islamic Studies

21 85531935EB Sani Usamatu Imam Jigawa B.A. Islamic Studies

22 85525871JE Shuaibu Musa Baba Jigawa B.A. Islamic Studies

23 85526443CH Sulaiman Muhd Abba Jigawa B.A. Islamic Studies

24 85524990CB Tukur Suleman Jigawa B.A. Islamic Studies

25 85521303CE Wasulu Umar Jigawa B.A. Islamic Studies

26 86526938BD Yahaya Auwalu Salihu Jigawa B.A. Islamic Studies

27 85521522EG Yakubu Jibril Sani Jigawa B.A. Islamic Studies

28 85522384HJ Abdullahi Muhammad Jigawa B.A. Islamic Studies

29 85526350BF Abubakar Ismail Adam Jigawa B.A. Islamic Studies

30 85525990CI Abubakar Salmanu Jigawa B.A. Islamic Studies

31 85527199IH Aliyu Hauwa Abubakar Jigawa B.A. Islamic Studies

32 85522540JG Aminu Mutari Jigawa B.A. Islamic Studies

33 85526405EE Bala Safiya Hussaini Jigawa B.A. Islamic Studies

34 85528506EG Bashir Ubali Hadejia Jigawa B.A. Islamic Studies

35 86519445IF Dahiru Jallo Asma’U Jigawa B.A. Islamic Studies

36 85525184CB Habu Yusuf Jigawa B.A. Islamic Studies

37 85526597FA Haladu Kaltume Jigawa B.A. Islamic Studies

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38 85526862DB Mikailu Abubakar Jigawa B.A. Islamic Studies

39 85522685EJ Muhammad Abbas Yunusa Jigawa B.A. Islamic Studies

40 86489042BH Muhammad Muhammad Hadi Jigawa B.A. Islamic Studies

41 85530242HG Muhammad Salahuddeen Jigawa B.A. Islamic Studies

42 86945640FH Muhammad Sani Hamza Jigawa B.A. Islamic Studies

43 85530249FF Muhammad Shu’Aibu Musa Jigawa B.A. Islamic Studies

44 86487974CA Musa Muhammad Junaidu Jigawa B.A. Islamic Studies

45 86946141AJ Musa Ya’U Jigawa B.A. Islamic Studies

46 85524013EC Musa Zulaihat Yusuf Jigawa B.A. Islamic Studies

47 86529724JE Nasir Lawan Muhd Kano B.A. Islamic Studies

48 85529100BA Rabiatu Muhammad Jigawa B.A. Islamic Studies

49 85527864DC Rabiu Zainab Jigawa B.A. Islamic Studies

50 85527428HJ Sani Umar Jigawa B.A. Islamic Studies

51 86487011JG Tasiu Nasiru Jigawa B.A. Islamic Studies

52 85531871DJ Waliyu Lukman Najib Jigawa B.A. Islamic Studies

53 85523495EE Yau Abba Jigawa B.A. Islamic Studies

54 85527742BA Zakar Ibrahim Jigawa B.A. Islamic Studies

  1. Faculty of Natural & Applied Sciences

3.1 B.Sc. Biology


1 86490299CJ Abdullahi Anas Musa Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

2 85526658GB Abdullahi Sani Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

3 85528221CI Abubakar Muhammad Wakili Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

4 85522044DC Abubakar Yakubu Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

5 85527178FD Adam Hafsat Mu’Azu Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

6 85525646JA Auwal Shamsiyya Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

7 86488880BI Faruq Said Nyam Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

8 85527075HB Fatima Ibrahim Usman Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

9 85527990EC Garba Mohammed Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

10 85524366FA Hussaini Nura Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

11 86487880BB Iliyasu Salim Muhammad Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

12 85531026FC Isah Dauda Asma’U Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

13 85522821CJ Kabiru Yahaya Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

14 85527985FH Kanta Hassan Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

15 85532689BA Muhammad Abdullahi Babura Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

16 85528198JH Muhammad Faruq Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

17 85655432JA Muhammad Malami Hana Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

18 86490326EF Muhammad Saadatu Ni’Ima Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

19 85527521JB Musa Mashkur Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

20 85521321GH Salisu Dahiru Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

21 85526427HF Sani Abubakar Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

22 85529151FB Sarau Abbati Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

23 86486545DJ Shafi’U Musa Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

24 86489708FG Sulaiman Musa Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

25 85525324IG Tukur Aisha Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

26 86488902EJ Umar Yakubu Injay Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

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27 85527303GG Ummi Musa Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

28 85530718AG Usman Fatima Musa Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

29 86490575HE Yusuf Musa Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

30 85528680AJ Yusuf Zakar Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

31 86489496BD Abdullahi Habiba Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

32 85524525FI Abdullahi Sanusi Wurno Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

33 85525381BC Abdulrazak Fa’Izu Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

34 85531298BC Abubakar Abdulrazaq Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

35 86716712IB Abubakar Saratu Isma’Il Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

36 85527920FI Abubakar Sulaiman Usman Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

37 85523878FJ Adamu Alawiyya Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

38 85523670AE Adamu Hassan Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

39 85530446EG Adamu Ibrahim Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

40 86489115IJ Adamu Musa Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

41 85530393BB Ahmad Muhammad Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

42 85650743JC Aliyu Abba Ibrahim Kano B.Sc. Biology

43 85651823FD Aliyu Ibrahim Fada Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

44 86487286EH Aminu Abdullahi Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

45 85583931CJ Aminu Bashir Bashir Kaduna B.Sc. Biology

46 85526671CC Bashir Haruna Humaira Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

47 86488734GI Bashir Liman Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

48 86489541HC Buhari Saminu Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

49 86490369BD Dahiru Salisu Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

50 85528310FC Danladi Muhammad Auwal Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

51 86489359DG Fahad Salamatu Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

52 85528839BH Garba Ibrahim Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

53 85642158EF Harira Hassan Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

54 85522222IA Haruna Abdulmalik Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

55 85524199GG Haruna Fatima Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

56 85530570GC Hussaini Ibrahim Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

57 85527995CH Hussein Hassan Ibrahim Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

58 85656067CI Ibrahim Abubakar Muhd Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

59 86487668GF Ibrahim Yusuf Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

60 85525503DE Idris Abba Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

61 86486633GG Iliyasu Sani Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

62 85523191ID Inuwa Aliyu Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

63 85522687ED Ismail Abdullahi Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

64 85524428FI Jibril Aisha Isyaku Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

65 85527345DH Joy John Kaduna B.Sc. Biology

66 86945614DI Kamalu Umar Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

67 86947102DG Mamuda Rabi Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

68 86489085IC Muhammad A Kabiru Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

69 85528867DA Muhammad Abba Yusuf Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

70 85526889EH Muhammad Abubakar Kadira Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

71 85527654IA Muhammad Mubarak Gajarma Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

72 86489358DJ Muhammad Zakar Rukayya Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

73 86488240JF Musa Jamilu Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

74 85527250DB Musa Jibrin Umar Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

75 85523031HI Musa Yakubu Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

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76 85532117HH Nasir Rukayya Abdulaziz Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

77 85530859GI Nura Muhammad Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

78 86490105CJ Saidu Abba Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

79 85526070HJ Salisu Abubakar Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

80 85634533CI Samu Maryam Yusuf Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

81 86490289FJ Sha’Aya’U Sani Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

82 85524088BB Shehu Bashari Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

83 85532877CI Shuaibu Gaddafi Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

84 85521104DJ Sulaiman Abubakar Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

85 85524778HF Sule Abbas Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

86 86488016II Sunusi Halima Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

87 85524760DC Sunusi Zaharaddeen Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

88 86487625JH Umar Ahmad A Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

89 85529488BA Usman Yakubu Abubakar Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

90 85526900BE Yahaya Ahmad Jallo Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

91 85528501GB Yahaya Ma’Aruf M Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

92 85523254II Yahaya Mahmud Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

93 86489157GA Yakubu Usman Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

94 85531152GC Yusuf Sani Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

95 85521927JC Zulahat Jafar Jigawa B.Sc. Biology

96 85143825IA Muhammad Bilyaminu Bauchi B.Sc. Biology

3.2 B.Sc. Chemistry


1 85527198JA Abubakar Isyaku Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

2 85525025BD Abubakar Usman Abdullahi Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

3 85526631EF Ahmad Adamu Musa Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

4 85609138GI Ahmad Muhammad Tal Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

5 85529289CF Aliyu Isyaku Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

6 85526935AG Aminu Abdullahi Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

7 85526180EA Aminu Maryam Ibrahim Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

8 85525598EA Dahiru Yusuf Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

9 86487211HI Fatima Lawan Isah Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

10 85532566II Habibu Salisu Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

11 86489869FI Haruana Abubakar Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

12 85530313FH Haruna Aliyu Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

13 85523881FA Haruna Karibu Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

14 85525420IJ Hussaini Aliyu Duku Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

15 85642420DF Ibrahim Ibrahim Sadiq Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

16 85526313CJ Isah Ismail Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

17 85526885FJ Jabir Abdullahi Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

18 85525927CD Magaji Umar Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

19 86488904ED Muazu Ibrahim Aliyu Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

20 85562557DE Mudansir Kasim Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

21 85531841DC Muhammad Kabir Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

22 85527528HA Muhammad Mamuda Sani Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

23 86488317FI Muhammad Saleh Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

24 85520951BD Mukhtar Aliyu Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

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25 85527781IH Musa Abdullahi Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

26 86489886AH Nafiu Lawan Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

27 85522147BE Nasiru Khalifa Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

28 85523806IB Sa’Idu Amina Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

29 86525458II Sabitu Abdullahi Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

30 85648402DE Sani Munnir Abdullahi Kano B.Sc. Chemistry

31 85532154GD Sani Naziru Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

32 85530468HH Shuaibu Musa Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

33 85531554CA Ubale Usman Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

34 85528269HI Umar Aminu Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

35 85524004GJ Yusuf Abba Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

36 85524724ED Yusuf Naibi Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

37 86486678CI Abba Nura Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

38 85525042FJ Abdullahi Ahmad Tijjani Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

39 85528001AJ Abdullahi Musa Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

40 85523016CG Abdullahi Usman Usman Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

41 85527111GA Abdulmumini Usman Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

42 86487097DC Abdulwahab Yahaya Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

43 85647865JD Abubakar M Basiru Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

44 85529113GI Abubakar Sulaiman Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

45 85560866GD Abubakar Yunus Kano B.Sc. Chemistry

46 86711406JB Adam Hafsat Yakubu Kano B.Sc. Chemistry

47 86487140JH Adamu Abubakar Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

48 85532157FE Ahmed Lawan Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

49 86517545GC Ali Isah Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

50 85523937HG Aminu Hassan Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

51 85525832BH Auwal Bashir Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

52 85530380FA Auwal Muhammad J Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

53 85529551BF Auwalu Hassan Mannir Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

54 85525921EB Baba Kabiru Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

55 85527069IJ Babandi Abdulmutallib Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

56 85530385DF Baffa Abdullahi Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

57 86488527BA Bala Khadija Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

58 85526555HJ Dahiru Kaila Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

59 85531088GA Dahiru Muktar Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

60 85529711CA Dalha Ibrahim Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

61 86266010AH Haruna Yakubu Muhammad Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

62 85531551CJ Hussaini Musa Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

63 85527542CI Ibrahim Abba Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

64 86489617DI Ibrahim Rabi’U Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

65 85521650FA Ibrahim Saleh Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

66 85528658HF Ibrahim Zara’U Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

67 85528271HC Idris Ahmed Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

68 85529454BF Idris Isah Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

69 86487228CH Inuwa Mubarak Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

70 85525863CB Isah Basiru Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

71 85522101FF Ismail Umar Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

72 85525996BA Ismail Yahuza Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

73 85526053DD Kamal Saad Musa Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

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74 86489375IF Lawan Isyaku Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

75 85613229BH Mohammed Yahaya Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

76 86488671GD Mohd Umar Basiru Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

77 85522909FG Muh’D Umar Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

78 86528628IE Muhammad Amina Danyaro Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

79 85532619CG Mukhtar Salisu Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

80 85526678AB Musa Ibrahim Ibrahim Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

81 85530365JF Musa Isah Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

82 85526993CG Musa Muhammad Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

83 85663112DJ Musa Rabi’U Mahmoud Katsina B.Sc. Chemistry

84 85520908EF Mustapha Hanisu Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

85 85526404EH Nazifi Yahaya Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

86 85521038ED Rejoice S. Sokfah Kaduna B.Sc. Chemistry

87 86488277IB Salisu Abdullahi Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

88 86487885JD Samaila Abdu Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

89 85523381JF Sani Ahmad Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

90 85532114IG Sani Bashir Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

91 86487978AI Saratu Alhaji Yusuf Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

92 85528536FD Sunusi Isah Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

93 85531054GF Ubale Aisha Babura Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

94 85526903AF Yahaya Muhammad Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

95 85530156ED Yahaya Usman Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

96 85530476FD Yakubu Abdullahi Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

97 85531608FC Yusif Musa Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

98 85528138ID Yusuf Rabi Jigawa B.Sc. Chemistry

3.3 B.Sc. Computer Science


1 86526660HB Abbas Ahmad Kano B.Sc. Computer Science

2 86488801GB Abdallah Babikir Jigawa B.Sc. Computer Science

3 86708594II Abdulkabir Shukurat Abdulrahim Kwara B.Sc. Computer Science

4 85621756EE Abdullahi Maryam Ali Kano B.Sc. Computer Science

5 86357967AE Abdulmalik Yahaya Abdullahi Kaduna B.Sc. Computer Science

6 86487955HH Abubakar Sadiq Jigawa B.Sc. Computer Science

7 85521655DF Aminu Sadik Jigawa B.Sc. Computer Science

8 85525365GA Bala Ibrahim Yau Jigawa B.Sc. Computer Science

9 85521912EA Dayyabu Abdulrazak Jigawa B.Sc. Computer Science

10 85522823CD Faisal Muhammad Jigawa B.Sc. Computer Science

11 85532259DJ Gambo Khalifa Musa Jigawa B.Sc. Computer Science

12 85527422JH Garba Rabiu Jigawa B.Sc. Computer Science

13 85522888CC Halliru Isyaku Jigawa B.Sc. Computer Science

14 85645577HA Hamisu Salisu Jigawa B.Sc. Computer Science

15 85531107AD Hayatu Ya’U Jigawa B.Sc. Computer Science

16 85526520IH Hussaini Zahra’U Maikarfe Jigawa B.Sc. Computer Science

17 85521013CB Isah Lawan Musa Jigawa B.Sc. Computer Science

18 85527953FG Isyaku Usman Jigawa B.Sc. Computer Science

19 85850936EA Mohammed Bala Nasir Nasarawa B.Sc. Computer Science

20 85621705AD Muhammad Adamu Mahi Jigawa B.Sc. Computer Science

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21 86283796JG Muhammad Aminu Nuhu Taraba B.Sc. Computer Science

22 85524777HI Muhammad Faisal Mukhtar Jigawa B.Sc. Computer Science

23 86489620CJ Muhammad Ibrahim Jigawa B.Sc. Computer Science

24 85522846FB Muhd Faisal Kabir Jigawa B.Sc. Computer Science

25 85526300GI Muhd Ibrahim Ahmad Jigawa B.Sc. Computer Science

26 86214791BG Nuhu Sadiya Bikkos Jigawa B.Sc. Computer Science

27 86487987HI Rabi’U Isah Togai Jigawa B.Sc. Computer Science

28 85526947GH Salisu Aliyu Jigawa B.Sc. Computer Science

29 86486583CC Salisu Mustapha Jigawa B.Sc. Computer Science

30 86488447FG Shitu Muhammad Lawan Jigawa B.Sc. Computer Science

31 86487738EJ Shuaibu Sani Jigawa B.Sc. Computer Science

32 85527909JB Sulaiman Ummi Jigawa B.Sc. Computer Science

33 85568065JH Suleiman Ja’Afar Jigawa B.Sc. Computer Science

34 85528089DG Tall Muhammad Muhammad Jigawa B.Sc. Computer Science

35 85525603CF Yusuf Usman Yusuf Kano B.Sc. Computer Science

36 86488613ED Zakar Suleiman Jigawa B.Sc. Computer Science

37 85148542JB Abdullahi Adamu Bauchi B.Sc. Computer Science

38 86362228CF Abdullahi Bashir Bauchi B.Sc. Computer Science

39 85521531BJ Abubakar Adamu Jigawa B.Sc. Computer Science

40 85061790JG Abubakar Mohammed Abba Adamawa B.Sc. Computer Science

41 85545863GE Abubakar Sadiq Muhammad Jigawa B.Sc. Computer Science

42 85521902HA Adamu Maryam Nda Jigawa B.Sc. Computer Science

43 85528828FA Adamu Mustapha Alkasim Jigawa B.Sc. Computer Science

44 86487594JD Adamu Yarima Jigawa B.Sc. Computer Science

45 86489106BJ Adamu Yusuf Jigawa B.Sc. Computer Science

46 85528709BJ Ahamad Abubakar Jigawa B.Sc. Computer Science

47 85522010DH Ahmad Najib Jigawa B.Sc. Computer Science

48 85527590HI Ahmad Salahuddeen Jigawa B.Sc. Computer Science

49 85531926GI Aminu El-Mustapha Mu’Az Jigawa B.Sc. Computer Science

50 85526030AF Ashiru Usman Muhammed Jigawa B.Sc. Computer Science

51 86606524GJ Babangida Ibrahim Jigawa B.Sc. Computer Science

52 86527839CG Dauda Kabir Adam Kano B.Sc. Computer Science

53 86638808CD Daudu Julius Niger B.Sc. Computer Science

54 85524096IE Garba Abdulsalam Abdullahi Jigawa B.Sc. Computer Science

55 85520770HB Garba Sadiq Abdullahi Jigawa B.Sc. Computer Science

56 85526290AB Haruna Yahya Jigawa B.Sc. Computer Science

57 86488349FJ Hassan Zulaihat Bayi Jigawa B.Sc. Computer Science

58 85524616HG Hussaini Yahaya Jigawa B.Sc. Computer Science

59 85620285JC Hussaini Yusuf Ali Kano B.Sc. Computer Science

60 85528068AC Ibrahim Aminu Jigawa B.Sc. Computer Science

61 86490772GF Idris Abdulaziz Kano B.Sc. Computer Science

62 85526434FE Isah Usman Jigawa B.Sc. Computer Science

63 86520663CA Kasim Summaya Isah Kano B.Sc. Computer Science

64 85523720EI Lawan Aminu Jigawa B.Sc. Computer Science

65 85529885IA Muhammad Aliyu Jigawa B.Sc. Computer Science

66 85521175CA Muhammed Yusuf Sani Jigawa B.Sc. Computer Science

67 85527004JA Musa Umar Jigawa B.Sc. Computer Science

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68 85521907FF Mustapha Sunusi Mairiga Jigawa B.Sc. Computer Science

69 85526417AI Nuhu Isah Jigawa B.Sc. Computer Science

70 85531364AI Rabiu Mustapha Jigawa B.Sc. Computer Science

71 85526022CJ Sagir Muhammad Nayaya Jigawa B.Sc. Computer Science

72 86528598HH Saleh Abdulrahman Jigawa B.Sc. Computer Science

73 86100032EA Sanusi Sodiq Osun B.Sc. Computer Science

74 86530071CD Shehu Abdulhamid Ahmad Kano B.Sc. Computer Science

75 86490539IF Shuaibu Umar Jigawa B.Sc. Computer Science

76 85630199DC Sulaiman Abdulaziz Jigawa B.Sc. Computer Science

77 85521559DC Sulaiman Haruna Jigawa B.Sc. Computer Science

78 86487190EE Ubah Habu Jigawa B.Sc. Computer Science

79 86501782BF Umar Ahmad Kaduna B.Sc. Computer Science

80 85633803IE Umar Mu’Azu Kano B.Sc. Computer Science

81 85528943JD Umar Muhammad Jigawa B.Sc. Computer Science

82 85523104FD Umar Zainab Lawan Jigawa B.Sc. Computer Science

83 85549083AH Unguwar-Jibril Mujahid Jigawa B.Sc. Computer Science

84 85533007CG Usman Hafizu Jigawa B.Sc. Computer Science

85 85525508BJ Usman Ukasha Jigawa B.Sc. Computer Science

86 85530788IH Yahya Abdurrahman Jigawa B.Sc. Computer Science

87 85173079AG Yua Sughnen Peter Benue B.Sc. Computer Science

88 86946385FD Zakar Aliyu Muhammad Jigawa B.Sc. Computer Science

89 85527648AB Zakar Fatima Abdullahi Jigawa B.Sc. Computer Science

90 85541457JA Zubairu Usman Kaduna B.Sc. Computer Science

3.4 B.Sc. Mathematics


1 85527532FI Muhammad Adamu Jigawa B.Sc. Mathematics

2 85525126AB Musa Sani Jigawa B.Sc. Mathematics

3 85530567HB Ado Abba Jigawa B.Sc. Mathematics

4 85528415CI Garba Ibrahim Jigawa B.Sc. Mathematics

5 86486686AE Habeeb Okasha Jigawa B.Sc. Mathematics

6 85530349EG Muhammad Kachallah Jigawa B.Sc. Mathematics

7 85529254DD Sidi Musa Jigawa B.Sc. Mathematics

3.5 B.Sc. Physics


1 85522306CC Abdullahi Adamu Jigawa B.Sc. Physics

2 85526078FF Abdullahi Lawan Jigawa B.Sc. Physics

3 89238065IC Abubakar Shuwa Jigawa B.Sc. Physics

4 85522578HJ Malam Sabo Rufai Jigawa B.Sc. Physics

5 85527366HB Sarkinfawa Mu’Azu Jigawa B.Sc. Physics

6 85522501BJ Tasiu Aminu Jigawa B.Sc. Physics

7 85528446DC Ubali Muhammad Bello Jigawa B.Sc. Physics

8 85527247EA Yusuf Hussaini Jigawa B.Sc. Physics

9 85524904IF Adamu Mansur Jigawa B.Sc. Physics

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10 85532509GF Ibrahim Aminu Jigawa B.Sc. Physics

11 85526423IH Ibrahim Muhammad Abdullahi Jigawa B.Sc. Physics

12 85530033CE Isah Naziru Jigawa B.Sc. Physics

13 85529504FJ Muhammad Lawan Jigawa B.Sc. Physics

14 85679926DH Saeedu Ukshat Umar Kano B.Sc. Physics

15 85525509BG Saleh Ahmad Jigawa B.Sc. Physics

16 85654177HC Tanimu Usman Jigawa B.Sc. Physics

17 85651416BD Hamisu Sumayya Lawan Kano B.Sc. Physics

18 85524407CE Yusuf Adamu Magaji Jigawa B.Sc. Physics

19 86212198DF Ghali Ibrahim Abdulrazaq Jigawa B.Sc. Physics

20 85529783JF Muzammil Ali Ubale Jigawa B.Sc. Physics

21 86522577AB Abdulbasif Maruf Okeshola Kwara B.Sc. Physics

22 86488456CJ Bashari Khamisu Jigawa B.Sc. Physics

23 85527526HG Aliyu Ahmad Gumel Jigawa B.Sc. Physics

Collection of Admission Letter and Registration: 22nd to 26th October, 2018.

For: Registrar

Uba Alhaji Idris

Senior Assistant Registrar I (Academics)

Collection of Letters of Admission and Registration are scheduled to commence on Monday, 22nd

October, 2018 to Friday, 26th October, 2018 at Room A11, Faculty Building, Sule Lamido University,

Kafin Hausa.

Admitted Students are to log into their JAMB Profile to accept their Admissions and print JAMB

Letter of Admission.

Candidates are also requested to come along with their Original Credentials, JAMB Letter of

Admission and pay a non-refundable Acceptance fee of Two Thunsand Naira (₦2,000:00) only in

favour of Sule Lamido University Revenue Account (Account No.: 0021361788), payable at Unity

Bank, Kafin Hausa Branch.


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