Monstrous Hurricane Michael Kills One And Tears Down Florida Now

Monstrous Hurricane Michael Kills One And Tears Down Florida Now

Monstrous Hurricane Michael Kills One And Tears Down Florida Now. At Panama City, Hurricane Michael claimed its first life now. This was after roaring ashore in Florida on Wednesday. As a matter of facts,  flood took over homes, streets, toppling trees, power lines and many more. This event was in the Gulf of Mexico beachfront area where it made landfall as a raging Category 4 storm.

Officials of Florida said that; Michael, packing winds of 155 miles per hour (250 kilometers per hour), was the most powerful storm. Which has finally hit the state’s northern Panhandle area in more than a century.

Monstrous Hurricane Michael Kills One And Tears Down Florida Now

Hurricane Michael

Terrible Hurricane Michael had weakened to a Category 1, with maximum winds of 90 mph as of 8:00 pm Eastern time (0000 GMT). Seeral Pictures and video from Mexico Beach has flooded the internet. A community of about 1,000 people where Michael made landfall around 1:00 pm Eastern time (1700 GMT). Another showed scenes of devastation, with houses floating in flooded streets.  Some ripped from their foundations and missing roofs.


Floating debris of piles filled Roads

Steady three hours of strong winds and heavy rains has finally battered roads in Panama City. In Fact, trees, satellite dishes and traffic lights lay in the streets of Panama City.

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) chief Brock Long said; Michael was the most intense hurricane to strike the Florida Panhandle since 1851. This was the exact Briefing to President Donald Trump at the White House.

Scott said; “Along our coast, communities are going to see unimaginable devastation,”. Furthermore, he said that the storm will surge high, posing the greatest danger.  “Water will come miles in shore and could easily rise over the roofs of houses,” he concluded.


FEMA’s Long Speaking

FEMA’s Long said; “Those who stick around to experience storm surge don’t typically live to tell about it,”. At a rally in Pennsylvania on Wednesday night, Trump offered his “thoughts and prayers”.  To those in the path of the storm and said he would be visiting Florida soon. Trump finally said; “I’ll be traveling to Florida very, very shortly and I just want to wish them all the best. Furthermore, homes of Hundreds of thousands of people are ordered to evacuate. This is for safety reasons. The governor precisely warns residents to live aright away.  Those that refuse to vacant the location are to hunker down and be careful. Ken Graham, the director of the Miami-based National Hurricane Center, said Michael is “unfortunately, a historical and incredibly dangerous and life-threatening situation.”


Smith Added More

Smith, in Gadsden County, said the situation was dangerous even for emergency personnel. She further added more; “We’ve been very cautious with sending our first responders out right now,”. Olivia Smith the public information officer for the Gadsden County Board of County Commissioners said; there was “one hurricane-related fatality,” adding that the incident was “debris-related. There was a tree involved.” Smith could not provide details on the victim.

The death, in an area west of state capital Tallahassee, was the first confirmed since Michael made landfall.


Commander of North American Aerospace Defense Command

The commander of North American Aerospace Defense Command; General Terrence O’Shaughnessy said; Some Florida residents may have been surprised by the rapid growth of the storm. He added; “It really started as a tropical storm, and then it went to Category 1, then it was Category 2 and before you know it, it was Category 4. “Where that becomes a factor is with the evacuation of some of the local populations,” he said. “We haven’t seen as robust of an evacuation response from the civilian population that we have seen in other storms.”



NHC speaking on issue; Several hours after the hurricane made landfall, the eye of the storm had moved out of the Panhandle and was just west of Albany, Georgia. “Michael will weaken as it crosses the southeastern United States through Thursday”. The head of FEMA said; Many Florida buildings were not built to withstand a storm above the strength of a Category 3 hurricane on the five-level Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale. Michael was just shy of a Category 5 defined as a storm packing top sustained wind speeds of 157 mph or above. An estimated 375,000 people in more than 20 counties were ordered or advised to evacuate.


Tallahassee issued a dramatic appeal

The National Weather Service office in Tallahassee issued a dramatic appeal for people to comply with evacuation orders. Hurricane Michael is an unprecedented event and cannot be compared to any of our previous events. Do not risk your life, leave NOW if you were told to do so,” it said. Trump issued an emergency declaration for Florida, freeing up federal funds for relief operations and providing the assistance of FEMA, which has more than 3,000 people on the ground.


State officials

In like manner, The State officials issued disaster declarations in Alabama and Georgia. The storm is also expected to bring heavy rainfall to North and South Carolina.  The Carolinas are still recovering from Hurricane Florence, which left dozens dead and is estimated to have caused billions of dollars in damage last month.

It made landfall on the coast as a Category 1 hurricane on September 14 and drenched some parts of the state with 40 inches (101 centimeters) of rain.


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