Npower October/September Payments and 2017 beneficiaries payments

Npower October/September Payments and 2017 beneficiaries payments

Npower October/September Payments and 2017 beneficiaries payments. This article is a guide on the payment of stipends for both the 2016 and 2017 Npower beneficiaries. Qualify candidates of the 2016 and 2017 Npower beneficiaries must note that payment of stipends is on hold for now.

Latest News on Npower October/September Payments and 2017 beneficiaries payments

As we celebrate the country’s 58 independence celebration, 2016 beneficiaries of the npower programme must has be paid. 100,000 beneficiaries from the 2017 beneficiaries of the npower programme must have be paid also. That is to say; all 2017 beneficiaries of the npower programme whose status has been confirmed must have been paid by now.


Further Information on Npower October/September

Candidate who has not yet received their payment, we get it soon as we are working with our vendors to pay you.  Furthermore, all beneficiaries are entitled to an electronic device as stipulated in the scheme guidelines. Those being owed backlogs should have it in mind that; once the NIBBS payment status on their respective bank accounts status is cleared, payments will be sent to them.


In like manner, those in npower build should start winding up. Those on npower creative and npower tech will soon join the scheme.  As we have prepare to roll out the list of candidates selection shortly.

Furthermore, we will start sending text messages to npower teach applicants who were not successful.  These will enable them to get ready to join the Npower tech and Npower creative schemes that will commence training soon. Once you get this message, Endeavour to visit the Npower web page to create a profile with your phone number and a password.


Npower 2017 beneficiaries

For emphasises, only 100,000 Npower 2017 beneficiaries were paid the August and september stipends. For those who are yet to receive their stipend should exercise some patience with us. Do be afraid, You will recieve your own soonest. All Npower 2017 beneficiaries must make sure they visit their npower portal regularly. This will keep you informed when your device will be ready.


Npower 2016 beneficiaries

All the Npower 2016 beneficiaries must start winding up as the scheme will come to an end on November 30, 2018. Candidate that were selected by their state government should get ready to be absorb into the system. They are to visit their state civil service commission to get their employment regularised. If any issue related to seed capital or permanency,you will be informed in due course.

For those who are yet to collect or receive their device, must visit their state focal persons office to make enquiries.

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