Latest Scam Via Social Media

Latest Scam Via Social Media

Latest Scam Via Social Media has scammed millions of their fortune, be wise. Most scammers have succeed through the use of social media. Social media has been proven good for effective communication. These social media has become a successful medium for scammers to scam. Social media users should be wise, because it has serve as a great medium to steal great fortune, money and assets from individuals or even organization.


Zubby Michael, Yul Edochie, Emeka Ihedioha, Odunlade Adekola and many others are now used as a medium to scam people of their hard earned money via the social medium platform. Share as viral as you can to safe your love ones.

Latest Scam Via Social Media

Current Strategy of Scamming People of Money Now is through Impersonations

The current strategy of scamming people of money now is through impersonations via celebrities. They now impersonate celebrities like the movie stars, musicians, politicians and many more. All movie star should put a caution on their social media profile, emphasizing on scam.


This article is a free live chat between people and scammers. These Scammers has been reported to have looted millions from innocent citizens, please, don;’t be a victim.


vulnerable peoples

Most vulnerable peoples to this Latest scam via social media are; “FANS”. Fans of actors or actresses in the movie industries, musicians or pronounced fig heads, either past or present political office holders should take caution. Many comes as awards, wining something, gifts, others comes as job givers all in the names of personnel slots, and many other Channels.


These scammers have seen that phone calls or text messages are not too working nowadays, because many people are now aware of that strategy. Couple with the facts that it is even expensive. They have decided to lurch a cheaper medium using Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, twitter messages and many other medium.


Everyone should be careful, when it comes to sending out friend request to celebrities, actors, actresses, Governors or any one in political power whether present or past. If you make a mistake to enter into their net, they will suck you really dry.


Those of you that like bringing a fan or fans, should be very careful before they sweet talk you into sending your funds to them.


They come with processing fees, clearing fess, claiming fees, flight ticket fess and many more. Some even claim to have the money to do something, but they just want you to support them with a little penny. As soon as you just give in, you keep on paying more, until they suck you dry.


Even If they claim that you won anything. They should do the calling either phone calls or email, not the other way round. For you to start calling or witting to them is an error.


If a person, celebrities, organization or whosoever claims that you won something, or he or she is giving out anything. That person should also have the capacity to send it to you without a charge.


Nevertheless, Don’t be too quick to pay money to anyone online. Always tell a minimum of five persons before you do that transaction. See their reaction and then decide on what to do. Always remember, if you win or won anything, you don’t really need to pay a penny to get it.


Do you know that scams has rendered people unless? Don’t let anyone make you useless, be wise when it comes to social media.


These celebrities that you want to chat with have several Facebook account/ID because, scammers are always hacking their account to scam people of their money. Come to thick of it, how many of these celebrities have time to be chatting with you? Don’t be deceived be wise.


Let’s take a case of Zubby Michael, Yul Edochie, Emeka Ihedioha, Odunlade Adekola and many others. This celebrities have several usernames/ID, so which one is the real person? google any celebrities and see how many ID he or she has on  Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, twitter or any other. It will marvel you that you are just chatting with the wrong person. Don’t be fooled.

So never be deceived, be wise now,  and take caution from today.


Let’s take a look at the case of award, win and job cases. Go through the screenshot messages and say something.

Zubby Michael Scam

Latest Scam Via Social Media


Yul Edochie

Latest Scam Via Social Media


Continuation of the Conversation

Latest Scam Via Social Media



Emeka Ihedioha

Latest Scam Via Social Media


Odunlade Adekola

Latest Scam Via Social Media


Once they notice that you know their games or about to discover their plans, they become skeptical in responding to you. Some will even block you. This is a free article to warn you to take precautions before giving out money online.


Don’t fall a victim, be wise


Share right now to safe a soul from this online fraud stars.

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