Over 400 Shortlisted Candidate at 2017/2018 Total ALVAN IKOKU DIRECT ENTRY

Over 400 Shortlisted Candidate at 2017/2018 Total ALVAN IKOKU DIRECT ENTRY

Over 400 Shortlisted Candidate at 2017/2018 Total ALVAN IKOKU DIRECT ENTRY. We wish to Congratulate all Candidate who applied for Direct Entry courses at ALVAN IKOKU College of Education, Owerri.
As a matter of facts,  this article was written for free to all participant who seat for the Post UTME JAMB Exams and also for the general public to see. This Guide  contains Over 400 Shortlisted Candidate at 2017/2018 Total ALVAN IKOKU DIRECT ENTRY.
Over 400 Shortlisted Candidate at 2017/2018 Total ALVAN IKOKU DIRECT ENTRY
As a matter of direction, we write this list on Over 400 Shortlisted Candidate at 2017/2018 Total ALVAN IKOKU DIRECT ENTRY for everyone in fact.

In like manner, there are several related topics on Over 400 Shortlisted Candidate at 2017/2018 Total ALVAN IKOKU DIRECT ENTRY, among others are;

Similarly, the total list on Over 400 Shortlisted Candidate at 2017/2018 Total ALVAN IKOKU DIRECT ENTRY is below for all to see;


  1. 79182138IH Ihekwuaba Marylynda EDU AGRIC SCIENCE
  2. 79183374GF Nwankwo Deborah EDU AGRIC SCIENCE
  3. 79188226FJ Ndukwu Peace EDU AGRIC SCIENCE
  4. 79200438IJ Okereke Bright EDU AGRIC SCIENCE
  5. 79217299ED Nwosu Joy EDU AGRIC SCIENCE
  6. 79217338CD Afube Chidimma EDU AGRIC SCIENCE
  7. 79219417JB Dominic Victor EDU AGRIC SCIENCE
  8. 79221632EC Kalu Uka EDU AGRIC SCIENCE
  9. 79230469BC Umoeyen Ememobong EDU AGRIC SCIENCE
  10. 79233609AB Akpan Edikan EDU AGRIC SCIENCE
  11. 79240273II Ogu Miriam EDU AGRIC SCIENCE
  12. 79245178CA Onyenwere Destny EDU AGRIC SCIENCE
  13. 79245290HC Sandy Ekaette EDU AGRIC SCIENCE
  14. 79252773DA Callistus Princessmerit EDU AGRIC SCIENCE
  15. 79130690AH Ebong Etimbono EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
  16. 79170868EE Osekwu Oluebube EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
  17. 79175938GD Ezike Miriam EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
  18. 79189603AC Ezuike Chinonye EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
  19. 79202013CA Emewusim Paschaline EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
  20. 79207552IH Ogaraku Assumpta EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
  21. 79208603DI Diala Prisca EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
  22. 79208817HF Ukagba Amarachi EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
  23. 79209031BF Dike Abigail EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
  24. 79210683AG Williams Juliana EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
  25. 79217159HF Ugwu Promise EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
  26. 79220035IA Ogbu Florence EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
  27. 79224607EB Amaechi Confidence EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
  28. 79221017EE Ekezie Kelechi EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
  29. 79224834DJ Onwunali Goodluck EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
  30. 79227062EI Ezebuike Mary EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
  31. 79227141AF Ohanogu Janet EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
  32. 79231099GC Nwogu Janefrances EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
  33. 79231158HJ Onyeije Linda EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
  34. 79231814FB Ukonu Mercy EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
  35. 79232905HG Udeh Rubby EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
  36. 79233450JA Ogbonna Amarachi EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
  37. 79236236HE Ogaraku Ifunanya EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
  38. 79240354DJ Obika Chidimma EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
  39. 79243071DG Nwokorie Magdalene EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
  40. 79243528CD Osahon Lorine EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
  41. 79244157HG Nwannadi Ukamaka EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
  42. 79246440BH Nweke Lynda EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
  43. 79247535DA Umeagudosi Chinonso EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
  44. 79249630FA Agumanu Ngozi EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
  45. 79250039IE Mbata Bibian EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
  46. 79250640CH Ihetu Goziechi EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
  47. 79250996CG Alakwe Ifunanya EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
  48. 79257321GD Okezie Patience EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
  49. 79258822CC Odili Nzubechukwu EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
  50. 79230124HH Ndulaka Emmanuel EDUCATION AND BIOLOGY
  51. 79130613EE Okafor Chigozie BUSINESS EDUCATION
  52. 79146891AB Ewa Nwamaka BUSINESS EDUCATION
  53. 79147340BC Nwankwo Ugonna BUSINESS EDUCATION
  54. 79151704BF Anozie Goodness BUSINESS EDUCATION
  55. 79152585II Aluma Oluchi BUSINESS EDUCATION
  56. 79156213GI Iheme Chioma BUSINESS EDUCATION
  57. 79156313FJ Jacob Joy BUSINESS EDUCATION
  58. 79170195CG Okasi Ezinwanne BUSINESS EDUCATION
  59. 79170511EI Asobia Chiamaka BUSINESS EDUCATION
  60. 79172558BI Chukwudi Catherine BUSINESS EDUCATION
  61. 79172643FE Onwukamike Panteleon BUSINESS EDUCATION
  62. 79188671IC Ogbuu Cathrine BUSINESS EDUCATION
  63. 79189456FF Opara Violet BUSINESS EDUCATION
  64. 79192767BG Ogundu Favour BUSINESS EDUCATION
  65. 79193788FH Okoro Chinyere BUSINESS EDUCATION
  66. 79193796DD Okoro Chidera BUSINESS EDUCATION
  67. 79195455AD Ndu Mercy BUSINESS EDUCATION
  68. 79199781CD Anyamaghiobi Desire BUSINESS EDUCATION
  69. 79199891IB Chieke Cynthia BUSINESS EDUCATION
  70. 79202062GH Oguguo Maureen BUSINESS EDUCATION
  71. 79202792BB Atima Abigail BUSINESS EDUCATION
  72. 79203863JG Ilogu Ekpereamaka BUSINESS EDUCATION
  73. 79204248AI Agbasiere Peace BUSINESS EDUCATION
  74. 79206743IJ Udem Joy BUSINESS EDUCATION
  75. 79206942HE Fedrick Festus BUSINESS EDUCATION
  76. 79212370IG Iwuji Stephanie BUSINESS EDUCATION
  77. 79215127GA Michael Chioma BUSINESS EDUCATION
  78. 79215650ED Udeze Chinemerem BUSINESS EDUCATION
  79. 79218862BA Okike Beauty BUSINESS EDUCATION
  80. 79219849FG Ikechi Chinenye BUSINESS EDUCATION
  81. 79219893CB Iheme Janet BUSINESS EDUCATION
  82. 79220738AI Alfred Roseline BUSINESS EDUCATION
  83. 79221280DB Emmanuel Hadassah BUSINESS EDUCATION
  84. 79221318BE Eze Augustine BUSINESS EDUCATION
  85. 79222123CE Ogunjiofor Agatha BUSINESS EDUCATION
  86. 79223366HI John Ben Miracle BUSINESS EDUCATION
  87. 79224530HI Ibeabuchi Joy BUSINESS EDUCATION
  88. 79227393CF Innocent Okoli BUSINESS EDUCATION
  89. 79227766HA Chukwuma Uzoamaka BUSINESS EDUCATION
  90. 79230753DD Ifi Oby BUSINESS EDUCATION
  91. 79231097GI Egbe Emmanuel BUSINESS EDUCATION
  92. 79231375BA Nwanarado Grace BUSINESS EDUCATION
  93. 79232757DF Tommy Ekaette BUSINESS EDUCATION
  94. 79238388CA Okere Ifeoma BUSINESS EDUCATION
  95. 79238509EF Ihezue Sandra BUSINESS EDUCATION
  96. 79238560IG Okagbue Chinenye BUSINESS EDUCATION
  97. 79244964IA Obiajunwa Ifeanyi BUSINESS EDUCATION
  98. 79247241DJ Nwariwe Joy BUSINESS EDUCATION
  99. 79251904BI Nwagboso Anne BUSINESS EDUCATION
  100. 79250011HB Ebere Rosemary BUSINESS EDUCATION
  101. 79257681FA Ezeh Naureen BUSINESS EDUCATION
  102. 79258880EC Akajiaku Eugenia BUSINESS EDUCATION
  103. 79259002GE Onukaogu Ogechi BUSINESS EDUCATION
  104. 79259236EB Ejiama Chioma BUSINESS EDUCATION
  105. 79106866IH Ubani Francisca BUSINESS EDUCATION
  106. 79135235EJ Ogaziechi Amarachi BUSINESS EDUCATION
  107. 79187923JF Emeremuo Gift BUSINESS EDUCATION
  108. 79207429GI Ikpegbu Chiamaka BUSINESS EDUCATION
  109. 79210029CI Samuel Goodluck BUSINESS EDUCATION
  110. 79202364DE Udemba Bruno BUSINESS EDUCATION
  111. 79218180BJ Abuwa Blessing BUSINESS EDUCATION
  112. 79224855HD Orjinta Glory BUSINESS EDUCATION
  113. 79226455CG Ohaneje Oluchi BUSINESS EDUCATION
  114. 79231499CG Nwokolo Nwakaego BUSINESS EDUCATION
  115. 79227109AE Maduabughichi Chinonso BUSINESS EDUCATION
  116. 79231016CA Anunihu Chinaza BUSINESS EDUCATION
  117. 79231124IE Nwaiwu Chioma BUSINESS EDUCATION
  118. 79231449HJ Azuka Chiamaka BUSINESS EDUCATION
  119. 79231464DE Iroka Akudo BUSINESS EDUCATION
  120. 79233087BF Ndukwu Azeakachukwu BUSINESS EDUCATION
  121. 79235937AB Nwankwo Jennifer BUSINESS EDUCATION
  122. 79238779BB Obi Eucharia BUSINESS EDUCATION
  123. 79252177HC Ikpeoha Gladys BUSINESS EDUCATION
  124. 79253541FE Unawunwa Catherine BUSINESS EDUCATION
  125. 79258860AF Diala Favour BUSINESS EDUCATION
  126. 79189827AJ Ozor Paskalin BUSINESS EDUCATION
  127. 79168024EA Francis Chinenye EDUCATION CHEMISTRY
  128. 79169692IA Nwazue Chika EDUCATION CHEMISTRY
  129. 79188740GJ Nwaiwu Chinwendu EDUCATION CHEMISTRY
  130. 79188974EG Okorie Onyinyechi EDUCATION CHEMISTRY
  131. 79192590GC Ukpai Ngozi EDUCATION CHEMISTRY
  132. 79201449GD Simon Emmanuel EDUCATION CHEMISTRY
  133. 79209663FJ Blackman Chibuenyim EDUCATION CHEMISTRY
  134. 79253514DI Odinaka Ijeoma EDUCATION CHEMISTRY
  135. 79104438JG Ibezimako Samuel COMPUTER EDUCATION
  136. 79156982IJ Obasi Mary COMPUTER EDUCATION
  138. 79177708II Ukoha Obinna COMPUTER EDUCATION
  139. 79185941CH Ezeigbo Maryjane COMPUTER EDUCATION
  140. 79191596DH Amuneke Ezinne COMPUTER EDUCATION
  141. 79193444CC Ihim Edith COMPUTER EDUCATION
  142. 79195476DH Ebenezer Obioma COMPUTER EDUCATION
  143. 79201408IJ Mejuru Nkechi COMPUTER EDUCATION
  144. 79202475IJ Ajuzieogu Kingsley COMPUTER EDUCATION
  145. 79203467CD Ugbor Onyinyechi COMPUTER EDUCATION
  146. 79210023EG ukanwoke david COMPUTER EDUCATION
  147. 79218603BB Orisakwe Chibuike COMPUTER EDUCATION
  148. 79219453IA Amah Felix COMPUTER EDUCATION
  149. 79223100AD Pindar Gideon COMPUTER EDUCATION
  150. 79224890GF Okorie Chijioke COMPUTER EDUCATION
  151. 79224918HI Eke Ogechi COMPUTER EDUCATION
  152. 79225461AB Ekweribe Chidinma COMPUTER EDUCATION
  153. 79227386EG Nwosu Chioma COMPUTER EDUCATION
  154. 79231474AE Agbutufie Thomas COMPUTER EDUCATION
  155. 79237750JB Emeto Esther COMPUTER EDUCATION
  156. 79232994AD Peter Peculiar COMPUTER EDUCATION
  157. 79240385ED Akuwuogu Rutherford COMPUTER EDUCATION
  158. 79241836FF Ukaegbu Jennifer COMPUTER EDUCATION
  159. 79242466AI Okeke Daniel COMPUTER EDUCATION
  160. 79248055CC Ozobulu Elizabeth COMPUTER EDUCATION
  161. 79250639DA Diode Samson COMPUTER EDUCATION
  162. 79253153FE Obi Chetachi COMPUTER EDUCATION
  163. 79258193GG Amadi Blessing COMPUTER EDUCATION
  164. 79260116CA Ogbogu Ihudiya COMPUTER EDUCATION
  165. 79132622DB Egbule Kelechi EDUCATION ECONOMICS
  166. 79150228HI Iroh Ogechukwu EDUCATION ECONOMICS
  167. 79166202HE Iheanetu Chiamaka EDUCATION ECONOMICS
  168. 79170538GE Njoku Ogechi EDUCATION ECONOMICS
  169. 79170705EI Imocha Chinenye EDUCATION ECONOMICS
  170. 79171366AF Ekechi Cynthia EDUCATION ECONOMICS
  171. 79176326GD Kalu Dorcas EDUCATION ECONOMICS
  172. 79177485HI Ihim Chioma EDUCATION ECONOMICS
  173. 79177635BG Anokam Doris EDUCATION ECONOMICS
  174. 79177884EF Asoegwu Chidimma EDUCATION ECONOMICS
  175. 79178537CG Ihegboro Vivian EDUCATION ECONOMICS
  176. 79184106AD Iruka Obumneke EDUCATION ECONOMICS
  177. 79184121FF Kanu Joy EDUCATION ECONOMICS
  178. 79185079JB Elisha Ugonwanyi EDUCATION ECONOMICS
  179. 79187811ED Emeruwa Ijeoma EDUCATION ECONOMICS
  180. 79188497CC Ngirigwa Doreen EDUCATION ECONOMICS
  181. 79188878ED Esimbe Maureen EDUCATION ECONOMICS
  182. 79189578HH Issac Godsmind EDUCATION ECONOMICS
  183. 79190348JF Aligwe Mercy EDUCATION ECONOMICS
  184. 79190910FI Babayanju David EDUCATION ECONOMICS
  185. 79193781HI Ibe Felicia EDUCATION ECONOMICS
  186. 79194090CE Obiaraije Queeneth EDUCATION ECONOMICS
  187. 79195280ED Nwosu Esther EDUCATION ECONOMICS
  188. 79200461CA Obi Promise EDUCATION ECONOMICS
  189. 79200805FF Dike Amarachi EDUCATION ECONOMICS
  190. 79203955BE Metu Janefrances EDUCATION ECONOMICS
  191. 79204104FC Metu Valetina EDUCATION ECONOMICS
  192. 79204614HE Edward Love EDUCATION ECONOMICS
  193. 79206220AJ Azuatalam Godson EDUCATION ECONOMICS
  194. 79206795DA Anthony Vivian EDUCATION ECONOMICS
  195. 79207290JH Njoku Rita EDUCATION ECONOMICS
  196. 79207523HH John Dora EDUCATION ECONOMICS
  197. 79207583JB Igwe Chiamaka EDUCATION ECONOMICS
  198. 79211828GD Mbagwu Stanley EDUCATION ECONOMICS
  199. 79218735AD Johnson Amarachi EDUCATION ECONOMICS
  200. 79218821DG Emmanuel Goodness EDUCATION ECONOMICS
  201. 79219079DI Ifeanyi Chikamma EDUCATION ECONOMICS
  202. 79219158JC Obi Immaculeta EDUCATION ECONOMICS
  203. 79219436DE Ibeneme Anaturuchi EDUCATION ECONOMICS
  204. 79219463FA Anyanwu Chinyere EDUCATION ECONOMICS
  205. 79219495FB Obijuru Maxwell EDUCATION ECONOMICS
  206. 79220111EG Nwosu Victory EDUCATION ECONOMICS
  207. 79220288JH Ndu Chioma EDUCATION ECONOMICS
  208. 79221187BJ Adebowale Samson EDUCATION ECONOMICS
  209. 79222600EI Kalu Florence EDUCATION ECONOMICS
  210. 79227219GC Agnes Udezi EDUCATION ECONOMICS
  211. 79227526BE Chukwueke Godwin EDUCATION ECONOMICS
  212. 79229024HJ Hil-obisike Jennifer EDUCATION ECONOMICS
  213. 79229212JH Ikpeahurudike Peace EDUCATION ECONOMICS
  214. 79230913DI Ibezute Chinwendu EDUCATION ECONOMICS
  215. 79231500CD Ebisike Hillary EDUCATION ECONOMICS
  216. 79232798AJ Ileke Mary EDUCATION ECONOMICS
  217. 79237134JG Ibe Emmanuella EDUCATION ECONOMICS
  218. 79241705GA Eze-ibekwe Ngozi EDUCATION ECONOMICS
  219. 79247555GH Muoegbunam Mercy EDUCATION ECONOMICS
  220. 79251811AG Akpan Monday EDUCATION ECONOMICS
  221. 79255689BC Amaonyeze Mercy EDUCATION ECONOMICS
  222. 79259240CJ Nzenwata Chukwuebuka EDUCATION ECONOMICS
  223. 79253446EI Nnodi Precious Iheoma EDUCATION ECONOMICS
  224. 79230299DH Matthew Sharon EDU FINE & APPLIED ARTS
  225. 79153029BH Opara Ogochukwu EDUCATION FRENCH
  226. 79193629EJ Anajemba Callista EDUCATION FRENCH
  227. 79208336GD Isaac-martin Ibidiumo EDUCATION FRENCH
  228. 79220011FF Godspower Cynthia EDUCATION FRENCH
  229. 79241865GF Alalama Anthonia EDUCATION FRENCH
  230. 79253168AJ Igwe Amarachi EDUCATION FRENCH
  231. 79245912EJ Onuogba Olivia EDU GEOGRAPHY
  232. 79254509GA Asiegbu Oluchi EDU GEOGRAPHY
  233. 79144593AI Eke Blessing HEALTH EDUCATION
  234. 79140930DG Michael Philomina HEALTH EDUCATION
  235. 79185668HA Nwanojuo Chioma HEALTH EDUCATION
  236. 79187014AJ Anaba Prince HEALTH EDUCATION
  237. 79189660CF Ahaneku Cynthia HEALTH EDUCATION
  238. 79195754HG Onyeme Precious HEALTH EDUCATION
  239. 79200267CA Agbim Stella HEALTH EDUCATION
  240. 79200714DH Nwamaraihe Christiana HEALTH EDUCATION
  241. 79217079CE Egbula Janefrancis HEALTH EDUCATION
  242. 79223786HJ Obi Ugochi HEALTH EDUCATION
  243. 79224679BJ Anyanwu Patrick HEALTH EDUCATION
  244. 79224937CB Sunday Happiness HEALTH EDUCATION
  245. 79227458CE Ogunka Collet HEALTH EDUCATION
  246. 79226428BA Okoro Victoria HEALTH EDUCATION
  247. 79226953IE Eguzo Ucheoma HEALTH EDUCATION
  248. 79231402CG Onyebuchi Nkechinyere HEALTH EDUCATION
  249. 79233210DE Iwu Georgenia HEALTH EDUCATION
  250. 79233266GA Obiagwu Vivian HEALTH EDUCATION
  251. 79233421IA Nwokoro Eberechukwu HEALTH EDUCATION
  252. 79237714AF Onwuzuruike Assumpta HEALTH EDUCATION
  253. 79243889AH Dim Chidinma HEALTH EDUCATION
  254. 79246823DC Ukaegbu Lucy HEALTH EDUCATION
  255. 79249320BA Israel John HEALTH EDUCATION
  256. 79249625GF Opara Chizoba HEALTH EDUCATION
  257. 79251994DJ Ahaneku Vivian HEALTH EDUCATION
  258. 79252904CF Ewunonu Kelechi HEALTH EDUCATION
  259. 79256137CG Dikemba Chika HEALTH EDUCATION
  260. 79256336BB Luke Irobinso HEALTH EDUCATION
  261. 79259051BE Okudo Christian HEALTH EDUCATION
  262. 79260123JG Egwuom Rebecca HEALTH EDUCATION
  263. 79133289GH Okoro Amarachi EDUCATION HISTORY
  264. 79208417BE Nzeduba Ijeamaka EDUCATION HISTORY
  265. 79138846IA Samuel Olive EDUCATION HISTORY
  266. 79219307DD Samuel Olive EDUCATION HISTORY
  267. 79247453IC Okoro Oluchukwu EDUCATION HISTORY
  268. 79222725GB Alakwem Cynthia EDUCATION HISTORY
  269. 79227453DJ Madu Chinazor EDUCATION HISTORY
  270. 79248444BJ Chukuigwe Chika EDUCATION HISTORY
  271. 79258664BB Ibeto Doris EDUCATION HISTORY
  272. 79163564DE Aniobi Oluchi EDU HOME ECONOMICS
  273. 79204086AJ Emengaha` Anayochi EDU HOME ECONOMICS
  274. 79227518DI Chibueze Ogechukwu EDU HOME ECONOMICS
  275. 79231486GF Uzosike Goodness EDU HOME ECONOMICS
  276. 79240177IF Ogbonna Esther EDU HOME ECONOMICS
  277. 79246103FI Onuoha Deborah EDU HOME ECONOMICS
  278. 79255121GH Ofoha Beauty EDU HOME ECONOMICS
  279. 79257830II Emerole Oluchukwu EDU HOME ECONOMICS
  280. 79122338DH Nwachukwu Onyekachi EDUCATION IGBO 
  281. 79146930HI Udefi Martha EDUCATION IGBO 
  282. 79187002EF Nwaogwugwu Uchenna EDUCATION IGBO 
  283. 79188484GB Iwunna Gift EDUCATION IGBO 
  284. 79194235HE Duru Chinwendu EDUCATION IGBO 
  285. 79198402IG Melete Peter EDUCATION IGBO 
  286. 79204262GD Ohaudgha Prisca EDUCATION IGBO 
  287. 79223173HF Akasike Chidera EDUCATION IGBO 
  288. 79224470GE Nnadozie Chioma EDUCATION IGBO 
  289. 79227223FA Ihemawulatuc@naij.com Prisca EDUCATION IGBO 
  290. 79227290ED Ndudim Amarachi EDUCATION IGBO 
  291. 79238050GE Anyadioha Samuel EDUCATION IGBO 
  292. 79232509AD Ibeabuchi Rejoice EDUCATION IGBO 
  293. 79233530EE Duruji Judith EDUCATION IGBO 
  294. 79233575AG Azubogu Chinenye EDUCATION IGBO 
  295. 79239636FJ Egbule Udochi EDUCATION IGBO 
  296. 79240428BB Munaonye Chinonyerem EDUCATION IGBO 
  297. 79246477AD Ogbennaya Marvellous EDUCATION IGBO 
  298. 79248432FF Osim Immanuella EDUCATION IGBO 
  299. 79258788CH Obigwe Okwukwechukwu EDUCATION IGBO 
  300. 79221354AD Ahamadu Yahaya EDU INTEGRATED SCIENCE
  301. 79140774BJ Ngwuruakor Akudo EDUCATION MATHEMATICS
  302. 79144010BB Nwairo Uloma EDUCATION MATHEMATICS
  303. 79205396FG Okere Adrian EDUCATION MATHEMATICS
  304. 79224450CH Aguoru Grace EDUCATION MATHEMATICS
  305. 79224498HH Oriaku Precious EDUCATION MATHEMATICS
  306. 79224653JH Okwuka Chidera EDUCATION MATHEMATICS
  307. 79227490CF David Oluchi EDUCATION MATHEMATICS
  308. 79239162CG Ebowusim Chioma EDUCATION MATHEMATICS
  309. 79244683FA Ajaero Jovita EDUCATION MATHEMATICS
  310. 79247660ED Anozie Chibuike EDUCATION MATHEMATICS
  311. 79168029CF Eze Peace EDUCATION MATHEMATICS
  312. 79167436FI Gotom Nancwat EDUCATION MUSIC
  313. 79218240DD Opara John EDUCATION MUSIC
  314. 79244425EI Eboh Samuel EDUCATION MUSIC
  315. 79244515GJ Chukwuemeka Lucy EDUCATION MUSIC
  316. 79187715EA Amarachi Chigozie EDUCATION P. E. R.
  317. 79197965DJ Ejizu Chiamaka EDUCATION P. E. R.
  318. 79221046FE Nnodim Anthonia EDUCATION P. E. R.
  319. 79221231IB Eke Wisdom EDUCATION P. E. R.
  320. 79257901GJ Awugosi Chinyere EDUCATION P. E. R.
  321. 79172887AB Uzoagba Confidence EDUCATION PHYSICS
  322. 79207364GJ Dike Testimony EDUCATION PHYSICS
  323. 79212009AF Chikwe Richardson EDUCATION PHYSICS
  324. 79223577CH Iloka Sandra EDUCATION PHYSICS
  325. 79233499EA Ikeri Tochukwu EDUCATION PHYSICS
  326. 79237235IE Ukeje Ijeoma EDUCATION PHYSICS
  327. 79240411GC Chikwe Richardson EDUCATION PHYSICS
  328. 79246083CB Obi Chisom EDUCATION PHYSICS
  329. 79247848GB Ukpeme-obong Peter EDUCATION PHYSICS
  330. 79258009DG Nmekaoha Chinonso EDUCATION PHYSICS
  331. 79258742GI Uwakwe Faith EDUCATION PHYSICS
  332. 79141073JC Israel Esther EDUCATION POLITICAL SC
  333. 79162576II Ogbuzuru Timothy EDUCATION POLITICAL SC
  334. 79169900DI Onukaogu Vivian EDUCATION POLITICAL SC
  335. 79172158FE Uche Clinton EDUCATION POLITICAL SC
  336. 79185281GH Odi Chinelo EDUCATION POLITICAL SC
  337. 79187348HE Onuoha Ruth EDUCATION POLITICAL SC
  338. 79188414HH Osuji Emeka EDUCATION POLITICAL SC
  339. 79189717EI Osogho Esther EDUCATION POLITICAL SC
  340. 79196242GH Ukpong Fidelis EDUCATION POLITICAL SC
  341. 79202487FD Anuebunwa Rowland EDUCATION POLITICAL SC
  342. 79202960IJ Mfonobong Sunday EDUCATION POLITICAL SC
  343. 79210380EC Onyeagu Okwudiri EDUCATION POLITICAL SC
  344. 79220509BG Nwakuna Chinwendu EDUCATION POLITICAL SC
  345. 79221035IH Nwokoji Akudo EDUCATION POLITICAL SC
  346. 79221134IB Arusiokwu Nwakamma EDUCATION POLITICAL SC
  347. 79221204GF Onyebo Rita EDUCATION POLITICAL SC
  348. 79224954GH Diala Prisca EDUCATION POLITICAL SC
  349. 79227249GJ John Alwell EDUCATION POLITICAL SC
  350. 79229289GA Okoro Emmanuella EDUCATION POLITICAL SC
  351. 79230345JD Chinaemerem Opara EDUCATION POLITICAL SC
  352. 79230538JG Ugochukwu Nderibe EDUCATION POLITICAL SC
  353. 79230617FD Nwaneri Prosper EDUCATION POLITICAL SC
  354. 79230954BC Umoh Emem EDUCATION POLITICAL SC
  355. 79233911GF Ezekwueme Chekwebe EDUCATION POLITICAL SC
  356. 79234044FE Anyanwu Jacinta EDUCATION POLITICAL SC
  357. 79235756FJ Amam Chinyere EDUCATION POLITICAL SC
  358. 79237096BG Edom Chioma EDUCATION POLITICAL SC
  359. 79242034ED Oparaocha Chinyere EDUCATION POLITICAL SC
  360. 79242173BE Odubugwo Amarachi EDUCATION POLITICAL SC
  361. 79242711EJ Ugonna Gracelyn EDUCATION POLITICAL SC
  362. 79242869GA Nwokeafor Cfhikodi EDUCATION POLITICAL SC
  363. 79244716EI Nwaoku Joshua EDUCATION POLITICAL SC
  364. 79244965HH Eleonu Favour EDUCATION POLITICAL SC
  365. 79245263FG Ugochukwu Chidimma EDUCATION POLITICAL SC
  366. 79245974FH Ajaegbu Elizabeth EDUCATION POLITICAL SC
  367. 79248213DD Ojinkeya James EDUCATION POLITICAL SC
  368. 79258816EA Ismaku Sani EDUCATION POLITICAL SC
  369. 79177387IB Okoye Ngozi EDUCATION RELIGION
  370. 79177711HJ Amadi Adimchinobi EDUCATION RELIGION
  371. 79181243FG Opara Linda EDUCATION RELIGION
  372. 79136081DD Okeke Emmanuel EDUCATION RELIGION
  373. 79220930BE Madu Izuchukwu EDUCATION RELIGION
  374. 79230160GG Mgboji Ephraim EDUCATION RELIGION
  375. 79230494DE Ajaegbu George EDUCATION RELIGION
  376. 79231302DF Obiajunwa Josephine EDUCATION RELIGION
  377. 79238193CD Iheme Chinaza EDUCATION RELIGION
  378. 79243057HI Ngobidi Lilian EDUCATION RELIGION
  379. 79244654EA Eze Evelyn EDUCATION RELIGION
  380. 79254118GJ Nwankwo Emmanuel EDUCATION RELIGION
  381. 79258747FD Chima Anurika EDUCATION RELIGION
  382. 79107519GI Obi Maryann EDU SOCIAL STUDIES
  383. 79111634EC Nnachi Chidimma EDU SOCIAL STUDIES
  384. 79156992FJ Obasi Grace EDU SOCIAL STUDIES
  385. 79171582DG Onyechere Amarachi EDU SOCIAL STUDIES
  386. 79176962JF Nyako Yakubu EDU SOCIAL STUDIES
  387. 79180336GB Udoh Mfonobong EDU SOCIAL STUDIES
  388. 79180525HG Onyenegbukwu Emmanuel EDU SOCIAL STUDIES
  389. 79187216IC Nwafor Stella EDU SOCIAL STUDIES
  390. 79191057AF Nwoke Charity EDU SOCIAL STUDIES
  391. 79195652JB Owerekwe Doris EDU SOCIAL STUDIES
  392. 79196079HB Onunka Shine EDU SOCIAL STUDIES
  393. 79202619EF Onyenweaku Lilian EDU SOCIAL STUDIES
  394. 79202825AJ Ikeji Rita EDU SOCIAL STUDIES
  395. 79206608AJ uzoigwe Charity EDU SOCIAL STUDIES
  396. 79213241JC Nwachukwu Chinyere EDU SOCIAL STUDIES
  397. 79220319AE Enyite Goodluck EDU SOCIAL STUDIES
  398. 79221070HJ Madu Margaret EDU SOCIAL STUDIES
  399. 79224873BJ Adibe Chioma EDU SOCIAL STUDIES
  400. 79226724JC Nwogu Imelda EDU SOCIAL STUDIES
  401. 79229439JF Eno Joseph EDU SOCIAL STUDIES
  402. 79231213BB Nelson Nsisuk EDU SOCIAL STUDIES
  403. 79242689BI Robertson Agomuonso EDU SOCIAL STUDIES
  404. 79245217JH Uzoho Chinaecherem EDU SOCIAL STUDIES
  405. 79248363GI Opara Kingsley EDU SOCIAL STUDIES
  406. 79258811FF Mbagwu Pauline EDU SOCIAL STUDIES

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