2017/2018 Total List For Successful N-Power Preselection | Shortlisted Npower Preselected Teach

2017/2018 Total List For Successful N-Power Preselection | Shortlisted Npower Preselected Teach

2017/2018 Total list for Successful N-Power preselection | Shortlisted Npower Preselected Teach. The 2017/2018 Total list for Successful N-Power preselection | Shortlisted Npower Preselected Teach list is out. Several people are finding it difficult in seeing their names. This is a free guide that show all the 2017/2018 Total list for Successful N-Power preselection | Shortlisted Npower Preselected Teach for 2017/2018. In case, you are having network problems or the site is not opening for you, Just go through this total list, to see if you are short listed.

2017/2018 Total List For Successful N-Power Preselection | Shortlisted Npower Preselected TeachFor you to see your personal name “only” IN ANY FIELD YOU APPLIED,  Just Login to the website, by clicking HERE

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Below are the Total List for the 2017/2018 Successful Shortlisted Npower Preselected Teach list;


  1. N-TEACH-2017-00000357128 Pre-selected NWAEGUZORO ONYEKACHI EMMANUEL
  2. N-TEACH-2017-000001948174 Pre-selected Confidence Marazere Nelson
  3. N-TEACH-2017-000001300241 Pre-selected Nwalangwa Nnamdi Evans
  4. N-TEACH-2017-000002310437 Pre-selected IKEANUMBA AKUDO ADANNA
  5. N-TEACH-2017-000002456617 Pre-selected Emily Ijeoma Okoye
  6. N-TEACH-2017-000001655344 Pre-selected Chidinma Confidence Okpara
  7. N-TEACH-2017-000001610827 Pre-selected NGOZI THERESA UKPO
  8. N-TEACH-2017-000001372510 Pre-selected NDUBUISI OKORIE
  9. N-TEACH-2017-000002349418 Pre-selected Prince A. Lucky
  10. N-TEACH-2017-000001000569 Pre-selected Martins Nwankpa
  11. N-TEACH-2017-000002040190 Pre-selected Timothy Chidinma Chiaghalam
  12. N-TEACH-2017-00000428182 Pre-selected ANYIM NKEIRU FAVOUR
  13. N-TEACH-2017-0000079266 Pre-selected Eneogwe Ekeoma
  14. N-TEACH-2017-00000802228 Pre-selected UZUEGBU JENNIFER CHIKA
  15. N-TEACH-2017-000001350846 Pre-selected Nwanganga Prince Blessing
  16. N-TEACH-2017-000001603782 Pre-selected Ugwuala Enyinna Michael
  17. N-TEACH-2017-00000316369 Pre-selected NWOKO MICHAEL OKECHUKWU
  18. N-TEACH-2017-000001138903 Pre-selected UDOKANMA AMADI NWOSU
  19. N-TEACH-2017-000001278434 Pre-selected Elendu Uchechi Genevieve
  20. N-TEACH-2017-000002366957 Pre-selected Chidiebere Enerenwa
  21. N-TEACH-2017-000001617649 Pre-selected Emmanuel Chukwujekwu Okwu
  22. N-TEACH-2017-00000233585 Pre-selected iheanyi harrison iheanyi ubamadu
  23. N-TEACH-2017-000004267 Pre-selected Ihemere Ikechukwu
  24. N-TEACH-2017-00000273715 Pre-selected OKORO DAVID UKPAI
  25. N-TEACH-2017-000001360678 Pre-selected SAMUEL OBASI ONWUKA
  26. N-TEACH-2017-000002091058 Pre-selected ADAKU UTEH
  27. N-TEACH-2017-00000576816 Pre-selected ubani fineface chibuike
  28. N-TEACH-2017-000001715862 Pre-selected Erondu Nneka Jessica. V
  29. N-TEACH-2017-00000460731 Pre-selected GODSTIME HILLARY BASSEY
  30. N-TEACH-2017-000001281270 Pre-selected Igboegbunam Amarachi Lovelin
  31. N-TEACH-2017-000002173187 Pre-selected Emejuru Joy Chidinma
  32. N-TEACH-2017-000002066224 Pre-selected NMASICHI PERPETUA KALAYOR
  33. N-TEACH-2017-000002328559 Pre-selected Nwagbara Ezinwanyi Ugochi
  34. N-TEACH-2017-00000421622 Pre-selected UKA NGOZI OGBUKA
  35. N-TEACH-2017-00000708330 Pre-selected IHEUKO MARTINA CHIJIOKE
  36. N-TEACH-2017-000001037317 Pre-selected chika queen ugorji
  37. N-TEACH-2017-000001355552 Pre-selected Nwanganga Michael Ifeanyi
  38. N-TEACH-2017-000002178402 Pre-selected AMARACHI GRACE WALTER
  39. N-TEACH-2017-00000328606 Pre-selected CHISOM QUEEN MADUGBA
  40. N-TEACH-2017-000001116136 Pre-selected Ogbonna Christian
  41. N-TEACH-2017-000002251251 Pre-selected OGECHUKWU JONATHAN EZEBEKEE
  42. N-TEACH-2017-00000846358 Pre-selected NATHAN GABRIEL CHINEDU
  43. N-TEACH-2017-00000273984 Pre-selected Chinma Egege
  44. N-TEACH-2017-00000692805 Pre-selected Peace chizurum Nduaguibe
  45. N-TEACH-2017-00000668894 Pre-selected OSINACHI ONYEKWERE
  46. N-TEACH-2017-000001484805 Pre-selected UGOCHUKWU O AGBA
  47. N-TEACH-2017-000001262857 Pre-selected Kingsley Ikenna Okoroji
  48. N-TEACH-2017-000001675281 Pre-selected FELICIA OLUOMACHI AGAMMEGWA
  49. N-TEACH-2017-000001130262 Pre-selected precious sinach Sunday
  50. N-TEACH-2017-000001089053 Pre-selected Uhiara Prince Enyinnaya
  51. N-TEACH-2017-000001272869 Pre-selected NWAKEGO JOY ALOZIE
  52. N-TEACH-2017-000001209897 Pre-selected Chukwuemeka Onyekachi Chukwunyere
  53. N-TEACH-2017-000001642316 Pre-selected chidinma onyebuenyi
  54. N-TEACH-2017-000001478480 Pre-selected STELLA KELECHI IKWUEGBU
  55. N-TEACH-2017-000001835861 Pre-selected ibekwe ruth chinoso
  56. N-TEACH-2017-000002067033 Pre-selected OGOCHUKWU DOMINICA CHIBUNDU
  57. N-TEACH-2017-00000542836 Pre-selected SUSSAN NEBECHI EZE
  58. N-TEACH-2017-00000444536 Pre-selected EVOH BRIGHT CHIKEZIE
  59. N-TEACH-2017-000002009728 Pre-selected IFEOMA FLORA ALOZIE
  60. N-TEACH-2017-000001220228 Pre-selected GRACE IJEOMA MBAERI
  61. N-TEACH-2017-000001354373 Pre-selected ONYINYECHI GIFT NNOROM
  62. N-TEACH-2017-000001225353 Pre-selected KELECHI VICTORIA ENYINNA
  63. N-TEACH-2017-000001710746 Pre-selected ibiam gift akunna
  64. N-TEACH-2017-000001032376 Pre-selected JOHNSON CHIDINMA ROSELINE
  65. N-TEACH-2017-000001630406 Pre-selected ECHEMAZU EMMANUEL
  66. N-TEACH-2017-000001148115 Pre-selected SAMUEL CHIDIEBUBE JACKSON
  67. N-TEACH-2017-0000028940 Pre-selected BLESSING UGOCHI APUGO
  68. N-TEACH-2017-00000314406 Pre-selected UGOCHI ANN ONWUDI
  69. N-TEACH-2017-000002559785 Pre-selected nwachukwu hope
  70. N-TEACH-2017-00000741673 Pre-selected ndubuisi jolly ogbonna
  71. N-TEACH-2017-00000924521 Pre-selected MPAMAH LOIS EBERECHI
  72. N-TEACH-2017-00000885610 Pre-selected CHINGOZIRIM GOODNEWS SUNDAY
  73. N-TEACH-2017-00000858526 Pre-selected EMELOGU NNEBUIHE TESSY
  74. N-TEACH-2017-00000301305 Pre-selected OGBUEHI CHISOM OZIOMA
  75. N-TEACH-2017-00000585992 Pre-selected Prince Utadighirachi Agomuo
  76. N-TEACH-2017-000001905959 Pre-selected STELLA KELECHI NWANGWA
  77. N-TEACH-2017-000001569839 Pre-selected CHINYERE SANDRA OJUKWU
  78. N-TEACH-2017-000001341242 Pre-selected CHINONYEREM CHRISTIAN ANUIHE
  79. N-TEACH-2017-000002026832 Pre-selected Samuel Ogbonna Amadi
  80. N-TEACH-2017-000002397778 Pre-selected ikwuagwu nwanne ogbuwa
  81. N-TEACH-2017-000002023010 Pre-selected Judith Uchenna Akogwu
  82. N-TEACH-2017-000002086254 Pre-selected JOSEPH OKECHUKWU IGWE
  83. N-TEACH-2017-000001586850 Pre-selected CHIOMA ANN OKORO
  84. N-TEACH-2017-000002029240 Pre-selected INNOCENT ONYEBUCHI EZERIBE
  85. N-TEACH-2017-000001750980 Pre-selected ANGEL AKUOMA ASONYE
  86. N-TEACH-2017-00000579781 Pre-selected GODSTIME IFEANYI IKPEOHA
  87. N-TEACH-2017-000002442201 Pre-selected KATE ULOMAH AJUZIE
  88. N-TEACH-2017-000001919456 Pre-selected Eze Adaku Peace
  89. N-TEACH-2017-000001361132 Pre-selected ABRAHAM CHIKANMA ONYENACHIYA
  90. N-TEACH-2017-000002093560 Pre-selected NWAKANMA VIOLET CHIOMA
  91. N-TEACH-2017-000002268207 Pre-selected SAMUEL CHIMAOBI
  92. N-TEACH-2017-00000262412 Pre-selected Joshua Chinwendu Jesse
  93. N-TEACH-2017-00000208668 Pre-selected Gladys Ngozi Akaliro
  94. N-TEACH-2017-00000883234 Pre-selected ikechi Godspower Amaefu
  95. N-TEACH-2017-000004658 Pre-selected Joseph Nnaemeka Mbakaogu
  96. N-TEACH-2017-00000182847 Pre-selected Ulogu Chizoba Immaculate
  97. N-TEACH-2017-00000675408 Pre-selected Wayne Chisom Silas
  98. N-TEACH-2017-00000111442 Pre-selected NNAMDI KENNETH NMELU
  99. N-TEACH-2017-00000834654 Pre-selected Nwachukwu Uchenna
  100. N-TEACH-2017-00000274313 Pre-selected Kanu Peace Obioma
  101. N-TEACH-2017-00000960188 Pre-selected ELIZABETH KELECHI UKADILONU
  102. N-TEACH-2017-000001512532 Pre-selected Ezedo Sylvester Ifeanyi
  103. N-TEACH-2017-00000225683 Pre-selected Pascal Chukwuemeka Onwukwe
  104. N-TEACH-2017-00000300750 Pre-selected CHINAZA EMMANUEL ENERENWA
  105. N-TEACH-2017-000001628232 Pre-selected NGOZIKA MARTINA ABUGU
  106. N-TEACH-2017-000002090324 Pre-selected NKECHI HAPPINESS NWACHUKWU
  107. N-TEACH-2017-000001385827 Pre-selected ONYENWEUKA CHIMAOBI CHILEE
  109. N-TEACH-2017-000001813405 Pre-selected JUDITH IHUOMA ONUOHA
  110. N-TEACH-2017-000002437552 Pre-selected Goodluck Ikechukwu Uba
  111. N-TEACH-2017-000001471469 Pre-selected OGBUNAYA AGWU ONU
  112. N-TEACH-2017-00000398648 Pre-selected NGWU NDUBUISI MANSON
  113. N-TEACH-2017-000002492280 Pre-selected JOSEPHINE OLANMA CHUKWU
  114. N-TEACH-2017-00000750304 Pre-selected lois Ogechi Dick
  115. N-TEACH-2017-000001257304 Pre-selected Ikechukwu Amanze
  116. N-TEACH-2017-000002404958 Pre-selected UCHECHI MARVELLOUS ADIELE
  117. N-TEACH-2017-00000585071 Pre-selected Blessed Uchenna Agharanya
  118. N-TEACH-2017-000001849004 Pre-selected uzochukwu Esiaba Chinkereze
  119. N-TEACH-2017-000002153923 Pre-selected onyinyechi princess nwagwu
  120. N-TEACH-2017-000002336730 Pre-selected BLESSING NMESOMA CHRISTOPHER
  121. N-TEACH-2017-000001280755 Pre-selected Gloria Nwakaego Okeke
  122. N-TEACH-2017-00000443901 Pre-selected Uchechukwu Elendu
  123. N-TEACH-2017-000001242094 Pre-selected KINGSLEY ONYEDIKACHI NWAMBU
  124. N-TEACH-2017-00000237314 Pre-selected ogadinma chinyere Nwaelewa
  125. N-TEACH-2017-00000770765 Pre-selected ENWEREJI ECHICHEOMA BARBARA
  126. N-TEACH-2017-000002519758 Pre-selected Ifeanyi Clifford Ogbonna
  127. N-TEACH-2017-000002429188 Pre-selected ANAELE PRECIOUS EBUKA
  128. N-TEACH-2017-000001912103 Pre-selected Odinakachi Rejoice Otuu
  129. N-TEACH-2017-000001347902 Pre-selected OGOMA MARTINA OKIKE
  130. N-TEACH-2017-000002033219 Pre-selected BROWN SAMUEL CHIKA
  131. N-TEACH-2017-000002048351 Pre-selected CHIMA PROMISE UCHECHI
  132. N-TEACH-2017-000001923430 Pre-selected Joseph Wisdom Chigozie
  133. N-TEACH-2017-000002121845 Pre-selected Owunna Chinamerem Stanley
  134. N-TEACH-2017-000001646992 Pre-selected CHINONSO ANIAGOR
  135. N-TEACH-2017-000001692048 Pre-selected Okwu Nnenna
  136. N-TEACH-2017-000001729481 Pre-selected AGHARANDU GIFT UGOCHI
  137. N-TEACH-2017-00000859915 Pre-selected AGBASIERE KINGSLEY OKECHUKWU
  138. N-TEACH-2017-00000314910 Pre-selected Mary Onyinyechi Kalu
  139. N-TEACH-2017-00000767339 Pre-selected Chibueze Victor Otumegwu
  140. N-TEACH-2017-000001544969 Pre-selected HAPPINESS NNEOMA ANODO
  141. N-TEACH-2017-000001647401 Pre-selected Nnanna Eunice Chinecherem
  142. N-TEACH-2017-000002405677 Pre-selected DEAN CHIKA UZOMA
  143. N-TEACH-2017-000002250302 Pre-selected CHIGOZIRI LYNDA EKWOMADU
  144. N-TEACH-2017-000001574723 Pre-selected Ngozi Cordelia Madukwe
  145. N-TEACH-2017-000001243211 Pre-selected CHINEMEREM PRECIOUS CHARLES
  146. N-TEACH-2017-000001806940 Pre-selected OKECHUKWU HANNAH .
  147. N-TEACH-2017-000001066339 Pre-selected EKEKE CHIGOZIE MICHAEL
  148. N-TEACH-2017-000002184552 Pre-selected ELIAS CHIKA MBA
  149. N-TEACH-2017-000001053546 Pre-selected Odinakachi Deborah Nkwo
  150. N-TEACH-2017-000002100612 Pre-selected PEACE EKENE ORAEGBUNNAM
  151. N-TEACH-2017-000001867657 Pre-selected IHUOMA FAVOUR OSIRI
  152. N-TEACH-2017-000001558671 Pre-selected Oleka Esther
  153. N-TEACH-2017-000002214553 Pre-selected Uzoigwe Lilian Anaelechi
  154. N-TEACH-2017-000002059176 Pre-selected CHINONSO MODESTUS ECHEFU
  155. N-TEACH-2017-000002089673 Pre-selected CHIAGOZIE EUGENIA ONYEAGHANA
  156. N-TEACH-2017-000001584594 Pre-selected UGO CATHERINE KALU
  157. N-TEACH-2017-00000475604 Pre-selected JOSELYN IJEOMA UKA
  158. N-TEACH-2017-000001492204 Pre-selected NNENNA HENRIETTA CHIOKE
  159. N-TEACH-2017-000001232890 Pre-selected chigbundu amarachi rose
  160. N-TEACH-2017-00000963863 Pre-selected IJEOMA MMA AGBUGBA
  161. N-TEACH-2017-0000076849 Pre-selected ugboaku chimeremma stephen
  162. N-TEACH-2017-000002549862 Pre-selected NNAJI NGOZI JOY
  163. N-TEACH-2017-00000669288 Pre-selected PATIENCE NDIDIAMAKA ANTHONY
  164. N-TEACH-2017-00000818045 Pre-selected chukwudi chukwudi Nwankpa
  165. N-TEACH-2017-00000875223 Pre-selected ahuama akachi anthony
  166. N-TEACH-2017-00000944599 Pre-selected Uwakwe Onyinyechi Lilian
  167. N-TEACH-2017-00000293106 Pre-selected Chinasa Precious Osoka
  168. N-TEACH-2017-000002544885 Pre-selected CHIOMA JOY NWARIE
  169. N-TEACH-2017-000001735327 Pre-selected Chibuike Joshua Chimgozirim
  170. N-TEACH-2017-000001388327 Pre-selected uhiara Uzoma Godwin
  171. N-TEACH-2017-000002427271 Pre-selected Sylvester Osinachi Iro
  172. N-TEACH-2017-000001788715 Pre-selected Nnenna Chidi Nmecha
  173. N-TEACH-2017-000001060295 Pre-selected Chidi Justina Agaezichi
  174. N-TEACH-2017-000001560489 Pre-selected SMART C IHEDINMA
  175. N-TEACH-2017-000001996940 Pre-selected NWABEKEE VICTOR NNAMDI
  176. N-TEACH-2017-000002472425 Pre-selected ekeleme justice obinna
  177. N-TEACH-2017-000002181380 Pre-selected CHUKWUDI CHRISTIAN OKERE
  178. N-TEACH-2017-000001776138 Pre-selected Nwagboso Stanley Chinenye
  179. N-TEACH-2017-000002350351 Pre-selected Confidence Chimazokam Ekeke
  180. N-TEACH-2017-000002360082 Pre-selected Chinonyerem Christopher Akparanta
  181. N-TEACH-2017-000002358554 Pre-selected Ihemdiacho Odinakachi
  182. N-TEACH-2017-00000693535 Pre-selected Ojunta ugochukwu I
  183. N-TEACH-2017-000002496553 Pre-selected Chioma Peace Maxwell
  184. N-TEACH-2017-000002346027 Pre-selected Ifeanyi Martins Ukatta
  185. N-TEACH-2017-000002352173 Pre-selected Innocent Ihechukwu Akata
  186. N-TEACH-2017-000001966390 Pre-selected Nwoko Ifeoma Blessing
  187. N-TEACH-2017-0000032585 Pre-selected IHEANYI EKEKE
  188. N-TEACH-2017-000002367574 Pre-selected Adaku Christiana Onwuka
  189. N-TEACH-2017-000001704794 Pre-selected Joshua Chimaobi Uwalaka
  190. N-TEACH-2017-000002265948 Pre-selected Ekeke Chisom Felix
  191. N-TEACH-2017-000001202551 Pre-selected ELIZABETH CHRISTIAN
  192. N-TEACH-2017-000002551415 Pre-selected Nwarigbo Goodluck Destiny
  193. N-TEACH-2017-000002348664 Pre-selected Okechukwu Emmanuel Akparanta
  194. N-TEACH-2017-000002358138 Pre-selected Princewill Ihueze Dike
  195. N-TEACH-2017-000002365563 Pre-selected Izuchukwu Glory Kingsley
  196. N-TEACH-2017-000002353020 Pre-selected Roseline Nma Deoke
  197. N-TEACH-2017-000002520704 Pre-selected Abazie Amarachi Daberechi
  198. N-TEACH-2017-000002342024 Pre-selected John Chidiebere Nwogu
  199. N-TEACH-2017-000002352520 Pre-selected Chizurum Ngozi Ekeke
  200. N-TEACH-2017-000002352779 Pre-selected Idorenyin Okon Ekwere
  201. N-TEACH-2017-000002410894 Pre-selected Oluchi Favour Okere
  202. N-TEACH-2017-000002068879 Pre-selected IHUOMA JAMES
  203. N-TEACH-2017-000002440594 Pre-selected frankcharles Uchechukwu joshua
  204. N-TEACH-2017-000002294164 Pre-selected TEMPLE NDUBUISI SUNDAY
  205. N-TEACH-2017-000002365084 Pre-selected Udenta David Ezinna
  206. N-TEACH-2017-000002104247 Pre-selected Ogba Ifeanyi
  207. N-TEACH-2017-000002362297 Pre-selected Emmanuela Ariochi Akparanta
  208. N-TEACH-2017-000002357435 Pre-selected Ndukwo Uko Oji
  209. N-TEACH-2017-000002359743 Pre-selected Tamunoemi Favour Azubuike
  210. N-TEACH-2017-000002515654 Pre-selected Okojo Key Ndionyenma
  211. N-TEACH-2017-000002449608 Pre-selected PIUS O NWAGBARA
  212. N-TEACH-2017-00000294344 Pre-selected ADIELE MABEL CHIDINMA
  213. N-TEACH-2017-00000298959 Pre-selected OYINNAYA KALU
  214. N-TEACH-2017-000002349269 Pre-selected Justice Chinedum David
  215. N-TEACH-2017-00000737238 Pre-selected Ekekeh Maureen Ozioma
  216. N-TEACH-2017-000001750751 Pre-selected Dennar Onwuegbuchulam Samuel
  217. N-TEACH-2017-00000987369 Pre-selected Uzoma Esther Ihunanya
  218. N-TEACH-2017-000002044908 Pre-selected EJIOFOR DICKSON IGWE
  219. N-TEACH-2017-000001113589 Pre-selected Nwaubani Claudius Ogadinma
  220. N-TEACH-2017-000001070334 Pre-selected BLESSING IHUOMA GEORGE
  221. N-TEACH-2017-000001585424 Pre-selected FORTUNE OZICHI NNAH
  222. N-TEACH-2017-00000263912 Pre-selected Ademola Samuel Asaolu
  223. N-TEACH-2017-000001250589 Pre-selected Ordor Julian Uchechi
  224. N-TEACH-2017-000002379520 Pre-selected Maryjane Amauche Okoye
  225. N-TEACH-2017-000001314744 Pre-selected NWANKWO ROSEMARY ONYINYE
  226. N-TEACH-2017-000002041236 Pre-selected Ukaegbu Chinenye C
  227. N-TEACH-2017-000001889609 Pre-selected EMMANUEL ONYEJIUWA ADIELE
  228. N-TEACH-2017-000002080137 Pre-selected Chukwuemeka D.J. Chibuzor
  229. N-TEACH-2017-00000858493 Pre-selected IHECHI FIDEL JOSIAH
  230. N-TEACH-2017-00000158615 Pre-selected NNAH CHINEDU Felix
  231. N-TEACH-2017-000001531340 Pre-selected Nwogu Ikeokwu Emmanuel
  232. N-TEACH-2017-00000304020 Pre-selected EKEKE VICTORIA IMEGWU
  233. N-TEACH-2017-00000966558 Pre-selected Agubata Chiamaka Jennifer
  234. N-TEACH-2017-00000686018 Pre-selected Odochi Ozichi Nwahunanya
  235. N-TEACH-2017-000001916929 Pre-selected ZEREUWA JONATHAN ADINDU
  236. N-TEACH-2017-000001766178 Pre-selected IHUTE AKUNNA ROSE
  237. N-TEACH-2017-000001567024 Pre-selected SAMBO BETHA SUNDAY
  238. N-TEACH-2017-000001368405 Pre-selected ERNEST CHINWENDU GRACE
  239. N-TEACH-2017-000001110974 Pre-selected Dennar Chidinma Esther
  240. N-TEACH-2017-000002384338 Pre-selected UCHECHI LILIAN NNAH
  241. N-TEACH-2017-000001523416 Pre-selected Ojunta Felix Chidozie
  242. N-TEACH-2017-000001516511 Pre-selected Ihechi Ufomba
  243. N-TEACH-2017-00000240709 Pre-selected MIRACLE CHIGOZIRIM UMEZURUIKE
  244. N-TEACH-2017-0000020633 Pre-selected FELIX CHIBUZOR ADIELE
  245. N-TEACH-2017-00000183452 Pre-selected Ogechi Gladys Onyeukwu
  246. N-TEACH-2017-0000076970 Pre-selected catherine chinagorom wabara
  247. N-TEACH-2017-00000690116 Pre-selected Christopher Chukuwunyere Ahunemere
  248. N-TEACH-2017-00000801754 Pre-selected Nnadede Augustine Chigozie
  249. N-TEACH-2017-000002309682 Pre-selected Elvis Chidi Marcus
  250. N-TEACH-2017-000002465349 Pre-selected nnamdi prince nwankwo
  251. N-TEACH-2017-000001390924 Pre-selected Fugbara Uzoma George
  252. N-TEACH-2017-000001140325 Pre-selected MARY NGOZI NWACHUKWU
  253. N-TEACH-2017-000001586362 Pre-selected chukwuebuka remigius obi
  254. N-TEACH-2017-000002039483 Pre-selected Solomon Gift E
  255. N-TEACH-2017-000001403362 Pre-selected Okwudiri Cynthia Chidinma
  256. N-TEACH-2017-000001217013 Pre-selected AMARACHI JONAH
  257. N-TEACH-2017-00000967941 Pre-selected Iroanya Fidelia Ijeoma
  258. N-TEACH-2017-000002525045 Pre-selected Monica Chidinma Ajonuma
  259. N-TEACH-2017-00000306044 Pre-selected NLEWEDIM BLESSING BOMA
  260. N-TEACH-2017-00000150428 Pre-selected Okechukwu Ubani
  261. N-TEACH-2017-000001052841 Pre-selected OLUCHI QUEEN ABONTA
  262. N-TEACH-2017-00000123066 Pre-selected CHIBUZOR PETER NDUKWE
  263. N-TEACH-2017-00000781500 Pre-selected Nwagbara Elizabeth Nkechikara
  264. N-TEACH-2017-000001901336 Pre-selected Jennifer Chidinma Eruba
  265. N-TEACH-2017-000001206057 Pre-selected VICTORIA CHIZURUM OKERE
  266. N-TEACH-2017-000001160011 Pre-selected NWACHUKWU ODINAKACHI KENNETH
  267. N-TEACH-2017-000001603156 Pre-selected Ikechukwu Bright Ogbonna
  268. N-TEACH-2017-000001935968 Pre-selected Iheanacho C. Christian
  269. N-TEACH-2017-000001995170 Pre-selected Ihuoma Onyema
  270. N-TEACH-2017-000002255843 Pre-selected Chigozirim Favour Sylvester
  271. N-TEACH-2017-000001911840 Pre-selected Justina Ihechi Inyama
  272. N-TEACH-2017-0000057913 Pre-selected NWAKAEGO ABIA JAMES
  273. N-TEACH-2017-00000682635 Pre-selected Ozuzu Fortunate Tochukwu
  274. N-TEACH-2017-00000140436 Pre-selected CHUKWUMA MBA OBASI
  275. N-TEACH-2017-00000157854 Pre-selected Muruako Phronesis Ajieren
  276. N-TEACH-2017-00000986053 Pre-selected NKWACHUKWU NWANKWO
  277. N-TEACH-2017-00000986687 Pre-selected chinyere Blessng Nwaji
  278. N-TEACH-2017-000002168643 Pre-selected OSUAGWU AMARACHI VICTORY
  279. N-TEACH-2017-00000419980 Pre-selected Nnabuihe Oluebube Gabriel
  280. N-TEACH-2017-000002349736 Pre-selected Chinenye Florence Nwankwo
  281. N-TEACH-2017-00000441273 Pre-selected COMFORT AJIKE KALU
  282. N-TEACH-2017-000001535057 Pre-selected ENYIA CHIDIEBERE VICTOR
  283. N-TEACH-2017-000001877462 Pre-selected Ekeke Ndubuisi
  284. N-TEACH-2017-000002073420 Pre-selected Blessing Michael Okogbue
  285. N-TEACH-2017-00000476868 Pre-selected Eruba Emmanuel Chisom
  286. N-TEACH-2017-000001067818 Pre-selected LILIAN ADAORA EKENTA
  287. N-TEACH-2017-000002303313 Pre-selected Chibuzor Adiele Okoro
  288. N-TEACH-2017-00000493461 Pre-selected EZEGBUNAM CHIGOZIE
  289. N-TEACH-2017-000001537488 Pre-selected GODSTIME CHERECHI AMAECHI
  290. N-TEACH-2017-00000786158 Pre-selected Ohiri Chinonso Gloria
  291. N-TEACH-2017-000001866783 Pre-selected OKWUKWECHI UZODIKE NWARIE
  292. N-TEACH-2017-000001532782 Pre-selected Asenath David
  293. N-TEACH-2017-000002118686 Pre-selected Ekeke charity chidinma
  294. N-TEACH-2017-00000732207 Pre-selected Justice Inyama
  295. N-TEACH-2017-00000918693 Pre-selected STELLA CHINENYE AMAECHI
  296. N-TEACH-2017-000002339238 Pre-selected Ikenna Ogbu
  297. N-TEACH-2017-00000344506 Pre-selected Vera Onyinyechi George
  298. N-TEACH-2017-00000472004 Pre-selected BENJAMIN KOKO IHUTE
  299. N-TEACH-2017-00000802399 Pre-selected Chinonyerem Akparanta
  300. N-Teach-2017-000002182923 Pre-selected BLESSING TAMUNAKAI NEWTON
  301. N-Teach-2017-000002484055 Pre-selected Nwankwoala Felicity Chioma
  302. N-Teach-2017-000001514904 Pre-selected maimuna Ahmad
  303. N-Teach-2017-000001282206 Pre-selected Yamle Plangnan Ibrahim
  304. N-Teach-2017-0000014574 Pre-selected REJOICE HAMMANDIKO ROBERT
  305. N-Teach-2017-0000026186 Pre-selected ELIZABETH HUNOHASHI WANENOSOM
  306. N-Teach-2017-000001834383 Pre-selected Sikti Richard Abanyi
  307. N-Teach-2017-000001627706 Pre-selected Gibion Pwanzali
  308. N-Teach-2017-000002429048 Pre-selected Rabiu Akila Akama
  309. N-Teach-2017-000001628544 Pre-selected zainab aliyu
  310. N-Teach-2017-00000697960 Pre-selected bode rejoice kingi
  311. N-Teach-2017-00000722160 Pre-selected akilahyel danladi zoaka
  312. N-Teach-2017-000002457461 Pre-selected Helen Shallangwa Paul
  313. N-Teach-2017-000002283769 Pre-selected KPEBALE CEASER GIDEON
  314. N-Teach-2017-00000936719 Pre-selected Emeka Emmanuel Ezedi
  315. N-Teach-2017-00000831335 Pre-selected ADIGI MORRISON
  316. N-Teach-2017-000002228700 Pre-selected Jeremiah Samuel
  317. N-Teach-2017-000001335045 Pre-selected SONAM KYANAKE DUBI
  318. N-Teach-2017-000001797766 Pre-selected Ibrahim Mohammed Tukur
  319. N-Teach-2017-00000950669 Pre-selected Auwal Yusuf Lawan
  320. N-Teach-2017-00000717556 Pre-selected Umar Zakari Yau
  321. N-Teach-2017-000001366972 Pre-selected Janet Adamu
  322. N-Teach-2017-000002540131 Pre-selected MADAKI DANLADI ANDY
  323. N-Teach-2017-00000724084 Pre-selected Jane Camilus Mafos
  324. N-Teach-2017-000001011756 Pre-selected Furo Elam Dong
  325. N-Teach-2017-000001766819 Pre-selected JUMMAI MOHAMMED
  326. N-Teach-2017-00000171872 Pre-selected IDI BONIFACE NJANADI
  327. N-Teach-2017-00000206736 Pre-selected CATHERINE BENJAMIN MATHIAS
  328. N-Teach-2017-00000851365 Pre-selected Ihuoma N.U. Emerole
  329. N-Teach-2017-00000321577 Pre-selected Lynda Thomas Shehu
  330. N-Teach-2017-00000538922 Pre-selected Aliyu Jibril
  331. N-Teach-2017-000001125942 Pre-selected Suleiman Faisal Mohammed
  332. N-Teach-2017-000001122629 Pre-selected Ibrahim Adamu
  333. N-Teach-2017-000001160809 Pre-selected Babangida Mohammed
  334. N-Teach-2017-000001588870 Pre-selected ABDULHAMID USMAN
  335. N-Teach-2017-000001178036 Pre-selected Senam Markus Vitalis
  336. N-Teach-2017-000001876718 Pre-selected BUMBUM CYRUS PUSOBREM
  337. N-Teach-2017-00000833026 Pre-selected NATANAILU SAMAILA
  338. N-Teach-2017-00000991844 Pre-selected JAPHET PWASHIKAI EMCY
  339. N-Teach-2017-00000708718 Pre-selected WALE WOBLAI ANDREW
  340. N-Teach-2017-00000197812 Pre-selected NIDI JOSEPH
  341. N-Teach-2017-0000083445 Pre-selected ubayo markus Bala
  342. N-Teach-2017-000001678869 Pre-selected NUHU BLESSING NDATAM
  343. N-Teach-2017-000001229611 Pre-selected Benjamin Danjuma
  344. N-Teach-2017-000001404207 Pre-selected Altine Ronald
  345. N-Teach-2017-000002395450 Pre-selected Miriam Buzami Leneke
  346. N-Teach-2017-00000361796 Pre-selected Adamu Abubakar Ibrahim
  347. N-Teach-2017-000001642567 Pre-selected laban garba gayus
  348. N-Teach-2017-000001875571 Pre-selected ASMA’U ISA GURAMA
  349. N-Teach-2017-000001700224 Pre-selected Layuza Baccel Bello
  350. N-Teach-2017-00000465564 Pre-selected Abdu Idris
  351. N-Teach-2017-00000582300 Pre-selected Gideon Benedict
  352. N-Teach-2017-000001067692 Pre-selected SALIHU ASHAMI YAKUBU
  353. N-Teach-2017-000001492665 Pre-selected Moses sahabi usman
  354. N-Teach-2017-000001890040 Pre-selected peace unity cletus
  355. N-Teach-2017-00000344570 Pre-selected Ashiru Nasiru
  356. N-Teach-2017-000001401087 Pre-selected Abraham Idumeka Precious
  357. N-Teach-2017-00000756501 Pre-selected Victor Shadrach Daniel
  358. N-Teach-2017-0000016492 Pre-selected ASUTA RAYMOND GAJERE
  359. N-Teach-2017-00000827864 Pre-selected Ennamy Fwa
  360. N-Teach-2017-00000668643 Pre-selected Ismaila Mohammed
  361. N-Teach-2017-00000870891 Pre-selected morrison kanimale jaman
  362. N-Teach-2017-000001930260 Pre-selected abu Ebenezer oluwaseun
  363. N-Teach-2017-00000338463 Pre-selected ZIAMME ANDREW
  364. N-Teach-2017-000001082659 Pre-selected Abah ThankGod
  365. N-Teach-2017-00000487994 Pre-selected Isuwa Dading Favour
  366. N-Teach-2017-000001419066 Pre-selected CHINEYE VALENTINE OJUGBELI
  367. N-Teach-2017-000002266740 Pre-selected JEMIRAH LIVINUS
  368. N-Teach-2017-000002161780 Pre-selected Eunice Nixon
  369. N-Teach-2017-000001987963 Pre-selected Ochia Excel Ekwuitous
  370. N-Teach-2017-000001162117 Pre-selected Levi Raymond
  371. N-Teach-2017-000002211979 Pre-selected ABDULAZEEZ – ABUBAKAR
  372. N-Teach-2017-000001597920 Pre-selected Esther Bitrus
  373. N-Teach-2017-000001605101 Pre-selected PAUL AONDOFA KASE
  374. N-Teach-2017-0000080906 Pre-selected TITUS ADELEKE
  375. N-Teach-2017-0000054546 Pre-selected JAMES JOSEPH IFEANYI
  376. N-Teach-2017-00000850994 Pre-selected James Joshua Yahi
  377. N-Teach-2017-00000991298 Pre-selected Voro Ferdinand Makapito
  378. N-Teach-2017-000006214 Pre-selected IFEOMA ROSELINE OKA
  379. N-Teach-2017-00000896862 Pre-selected Stephen Albita
  380. N-Teach-2017-00000181724 Pre-selected EMMANUELLA HAPPINESS OKORIE
  381. N-Teach-2017-00000733423 Pre-selected Rebecca Inuwa
  382. N-Teach-2017-0000019482 Pre-selected Sarah Ambrose
  383. N-Teach-2017-000002541148 Pre-selected Musa Abubakar
  384. N-Teach-2017-000001124127 Pre-selected Pusari Denham Latbone
  385. N-Teach-2017-000001515263 Pre-selected Pwapadi Bethuel
  386. N-Teach-2017-00000670537 Pre-selected Hungopwa Mbodi Robinson
  387. N-Teach-2017-00000888466 Pre-selected Muniru Aliyu Santuraki
  388. N-Teach-2017-00000978071 Pre-selected Tukur Agabus Rajiu
  389. N-Teach-2017-000001599314 Pre-selected Ubaidullahi Naziru Ibrahim
  390. N-Teach-2017-000002069407 Pre-selected REBECCA AIDAN AIDAN
  391. N-Teach-2017-000001397478 Pre-selected ISODJE OGHENEVWOGAGARAMSEY
  392. N-Teach-2017-00000497908 Pre-selected Javan Bulus
  393. N-Teach-2017-00000652494 Pre-selected ZILPHA PAGUSHI JOEL
  394. N-Teach-2017-00000695901 Pre-selected ELIJAH CHAUGULO SHABA
  395. N-Teach-2017-000001470979 Pre-selected PHILOMINAH JONAH
  396. N-Teach-2017-000001197575 Pre-selected Miracle Chiamaka Uzoeji
  397. N-Teach-2017-000001086738 Pre-selected Chinedu Godguide Onwueringo
  398. N-Teach-2017-000001691670 Pre-selected Catherine Elisha
  399. N-Teach-2017-000001700634 Pre-selected Winner . Luka
  400. N-Teach-2017-000001644329 Pre-selected ILIYA UMAR
  401. N-Teach-2017-000002270518 Pre-selected Victoria nil Julius
  402. N-Teach-2017-000001125445 Pre-selected ADAMA MANAGER
  403. N-Teach-2017-000002082630 Pre-selected Jamila Usman
  404. N-Teach-2017-000001846650 Pre-selected BELIEVE MEDAN
  405. N-Teach-2017-000001837702 Pre-selected Mummy Bitrus
  406. N-Teach-2017-000001394848 Pre-selected Olukoyi Joseph Adekunle
  407. N-Teach-2017-000002464948 Pre-selected Cynthia Chinda
  408. N-Teach-2017-000001455365 Pre-selected Francisca Stanley
  409. N-Teach-2017-000001528208 Pre-selected JUDITH EDWIN CHUKWU
  410. N-Teach-2017-000001486769 Pre-selected OKEKEIBE OGECHUKWU
  411. N-Teach-2017-000001797452 Pre-selected Esther Anderson
  412. N-Teach-2017-000002119199 Pre-selected UNITY ELIHU
  413. N-Teach-2017-0000060707 Pre-selected Andakam Amos Sardauna
  414. N-Teach-2017-000001695837 Pre-selected PEMALE LEONARD
  415. N-Teach-2017-00000994421 Pre-selected lawrence yapaha pwajinteno
  416. N-Teach-2017-00000283816 Pre-selected PETRUS PHILIP
  417. N-Teach-2017-00000706736 Pre-selected Inuwa Javan Bulus
  418. N-Teach-2017-000002361522 Pre-selected wunumma joseph lama
  419. N-Teach-2017-00000985540 Pre-selected APYEWEN KAZONG DAUDA
  420. N-Teach-2017-0000067269 Pre-selected charity kwasu josiah
  421. N-Teach-2017-00000775897 Pre-selected AHMED BASIRU
  422. N-Teach-2017-000002021867 Pre-selected NAOMI PATRICK
  423. N-Teach-2017-00000231660 Pre-selected MARE , STEPHEN
  424. N-Teach-2017-000001904626 Pre-selected Healtha Shino Ishaku
  425. N-Teach-2017-000001314816 Pre-selected FAITH JONATHAN ABALIS
  426. N-Teach-2017-000001434376 Pre-selected Innocent Somtochukwu Nwankwo
  427. N-Teach-2017-000001585677 Pre-selected Bode Alphonse Abiodun
  428. N-Teach-2017-000001880845 Pre-selected Nwosu Uchenna Blessing
  429. N-Teach-2017-00000400723 Pre-selected Gorags Remedy Stephen
  430. N-Teach-2017-000001496448 Pre-selected Grace Onyanji Daniel
  431. N-Teach-2017-000001568652 Pre-selected Egwu Nneka Ada
  432. N-Teach-2017-000002003604 Pre-selected Musa Bulus Garkida
  433. N-Teach-2017-000001361889 Pre-selected Gloria Augustine
  434. N-Teach-2017-000001583593 Pre-selected Seth Stanley Elisha
  435. N-Teach-2017-00000342303 Pre-selected CHEYI DOGO
  436. N-Teach-2017-00000932877 Pre-selected Innocent Vivian Nwankwo
  437. N-Teach-2017-00000992341 Pre-selected Annah Bokido Ishaku
  438. N-Teach-2017-00000986971 Pre-selected Heman Danladi Garnvwa
  439. N-Teach-2017-00000991350 Pre-selected Elizabeth Garba
  440. N-Teach-2017-000002775 Pre-selected SAMUEL NKAMA
  441. N-Teach-2017-00000676323 Pre-selected ROY BOBBIE
  442. N-Teach-2017-000002128295 Pre-selected Precious Dimas Bujums
  443. N-Teach-2017-000002050943 Pre-selected BUKOLA IBRAHIM
  444. N-Teach-2017-000001375750 Pre-selected Faith Amron
  445. N-Teach-2017-000002505478 Pre-selected JULIANA DANLADI
  446. N-Teach-2017-00000438473 Pre-selected UNITY MANASSA FWA
  447. N-Teach-2017-00000956764 Pre-selected PATIENCE OLARAM PATRICK
  448. N-Teach-2017-000002200667 Pre-selected HAUWA SANI
  449. N-Teach-2017-000001262008 Pre-selected Auwal Muhammad Abubakar
  450. N-Teach-2017-00000388825 Pre-selected Joy Magomya
  451. N-Teach-2017-00000862707 Pre-selected TIPANG DENIS
  452. N-Teach-2017-00000470275 Pre-selected RENI SAMUEL
  453. N-Teach-2017-000002017027 Pre-selected Bello Mohammed Hamid
  454. N-Teach-2017-000001717010 Pre-selected ABDULMALIK ADEIZA ISMAILA
  455. N-Teach-2017-00000590355 Pre-selected TIMOTHY SAJO PATRICK
  456. N-Teach-2017-00000727841 Pre-selected MILA HASSAN YANBO
  457. N-Teach-2017-000001414191 Pre-selected Daisy Anthony
  458. N-Teach-2017-000001643343 Pre-selected ABIGEL JOSHUA
  459. N-Teach-2017-000002432340 Pre-selected Zubairu Salihu
  460. N-Teach-2017-000001301342 Pre-selected BECKY CHIOMA ELIKOR
  461. N-Teach-2017-00000581728 Pre-selected REJOICE AHMADU YUSUF
  462. N-Teach-2017-000001732968 Pre-selected AISHATU LAWAN
  463. N-Teach-2017-00000113001 Pre-selected ABISHA ANDREW
  464. N-Teach-2017-000001012885 Pre-selected CHRISTIANA DONATUS GAMBU
  465. N-Teach-2017-000001957792 Pre-selected Sadrine Barnabas
  466. N-Teach-2017-000002049970 Pre-selected Aigoro Adesola Oluwatobi
  467. N-Teach-2017-000001153720 Pre-selected LAMI BUBA
  468. N-Teach-2017-000002215357 Pre-selected LAKAME HEBRON
  469. N-Teach-2017-000001849281 Pre-selected Emerald Noel Joab
  470. N-Teach-2017-000002231522 Pre-selected SAFARATU BINOS
  471. N-Teach-2017-000001807843 Pre-selected Aishatu Hamidu Bamanga
  472. N-Teach-2017-00000737671 Pre-selected JUSTINA NATHAN INNOCENT
  473. N-Teach-2017-000001077691 Pre-selected USMAN TAIYASEDAN MARYAM
  474. N-Teach-2017-00000168732 Pre-selected JAMILU GIDADO
  475. N-Teach-2017-00000774705 Pre-selected ANSYLEM DAGEL BETHUEL
  476. N-Teach-2017-000001265584 Pre-selected Pity Ornan
  477. N-Teach-2017-0000095291 Pre-selected HAYATU AHLAJI KAWU
  478. N-Teach-2017-00000138126 Pre-selected ABUBAKAR YUSUF YUSUF
  479. N-Teach-2017-00000343337 Pre-selected HOLY SAMUEL
  480. N-Teach-2017-000001620815 Pre-selected Janet Joshua
  481. N-Teach-2017-00000165912 Pre-selected Adamu Bello
  482. N-Teach-2017-0000075910 Pre-selected Usman Hammadu
  483. N-Teach-2017-00000840096 Pre-selected Abubakar Ardo
  484. N-Teach-2017-00000640595 Pre-selected HANNATU JOEL JOEL
  485. N-Teach-2017-000001049704 Pre-selected KENAN PWALAKAINO MONICA
  486. N-Teach-2017-000001653121 Pre-selected BELLO BAWA
  487. N-Teach-2017-00000710665 Pre-selected Bello Kawu
  488. N-Teach-2017-00000103977 Pre-selected THERESA OLUCHUKWU OKEKE
  489. N-Teach-2017-00000178299 Pre-selected Mankarabi Edmond
  490. N-Teach-2017-00000965355 Pre-selected GODIYA FRANCIS
  491. N-Teach-2017-000001135662 Pre-selected VICKY NATHAN BENJAMIN
  492. N-Teach-2017-00000460635 Pre-selected Mohammed Hammasali
  493. N-Teach-2017-0000065301 Pre-selected Lessung Goriko Karniliyus
  494. N-Teach-2017-00000323738 Pre-selected Maryam Iya
  495. N-Teach-2017-00000181051 Pre-selected Abubakar Yahya
  496. N-Teach-2017-00000596629 Pre-selected FAITH SOLOMON
  497. N-Teach-2017-000001185276 Pre-selected Rahinatu Babayo
  498. N-Teach-2017-00000834843 Pre-selected Hadiza Auwal
  499. N-Teach-2017-000002176090 Pre-selected Fadimatu Saidu
  500. N-Teach-2017-000001471635 Pre-selected KENAN GODIYA
  501. N-Teach-2017-000001347754 Pre-selected Naati Aftikus
  502. N-Teach-2017-0000038206 Pre-selected Mohammed Abdulrazaq
  503. N-Teach-2017-000007767 Pre-selected Liman NIL Allahyidi
  504. N-Teach-2017-0000081529 Pre-selected Mohammed Tukur
  505. N-Teach-2017-000001499999 Pre-selected FABIAN ANDRAWUS
  506. N-Teach-2017-000001047149 Pre-selected LAWAN IBRAHIM
  507. N-Teach-2017-00000617850 Pre-selected HAPSAT MUHAMMAD ALIYU
  508. N-Teach-2017-00000367499 Pre-selected Pwabelgeno Bilison
  509. N-Teach-2017-000001681086 Pre-selected nammya peace tabilla
  510. N-Teach-2017-00000445424 Pre-selected JAPHET JENNIFER
  511. N-Teach-2017-00000453371 Pre-selected JAPHET JUSTINA SIUTO
  512. N-Teach-2017-00000100360 Pre-selected ROSELINE YOHANNA
  513. N-Teach-2017-0000072973 Pre-selected SUNDAY ZAKARIYA
  514. N-Teach-2017-00000978753 Pre-selected PWAMORI HAJJA FESTUS
  515. N-Teach-2017-00000221331 Pre-selected Musa Yusuf
  516. N-Teach-2017-00000589363 Pre-selected PWAVENO GAD JACOB
  517. N-Teach-2017-00000525884 Pre-selected Suleiman Bakari Bappah
  518. N-Teach-2017-000002105229 Pre-selected Bridget Manasseh
  519. N-Teach-2017-000001495952 Pre-selected SAHEED TEMITOPE BALOGUN
  520. N-Teach-2017-000002074276 Pre-selected AONDOWASE FELIX SOHO
  521. N-Teach-2017-000001069544 Pre-selected Wene Titus
  522. N-Teach-2017-00000942634 Pre-selected ISA RIBADU MODIBBO
  523. N-Teach-2017-00000148294 Pre-selected LIMAN YAHYA
  524. N-Teach-2017-00000862329 Pre-selected BAKARI ABDULRAHMAN
  525. N-Teach-2017-0000015993 Pre-selected Abubakar NIL Umar
  526. N-Teach-2017-0000073677 Pre-selected Fibi Teri Saleh
  527. N-Teach-2017-00000116178 Pre-selected Yusuf Hamma Nuhu
  528. N-Teach-2017-000001456654 Pre-selected Fatima Bint Abdullahi
  529. N-Teach-2017-000002088995 Pre-selected LUCY LINUS
  530. N-Teach-2017-000002030226 Pre-selected ENCELEY SIMAN
  531. N-Teach-2017-000001654511 Pre-selected ELIZABETH GAYUS
  532. N-Teach-2017-000001053175 Pre-selected MARYAM MOHAMMED ARABO
  533. N-Teach-2017-00000933170 Pre-selected Musa Abubakar .
  534. N-Teach-2017-000002125438 Pre-selected LINDA DOMPASEH PHANUEL
  535. N-Teach-2017-00000133898 Pre-selected REJOICE BALA
  536. N-Teach-2017-000002056020 Pre-selected CORDELIA NILL EDISON
  537. N-Teach-2017-000001101660 Pre-selected Saratu Thomas
  538. N-Teach-2017-00000491884 Pre-selected RAKIBA ALIYU SULEIMAN
  539. N-Teach-2017-000002261214 Pre-selected musa gurin iya
  540. N-Teach-2017-00000517380 Pre-selected BILDENE HANIEL ..
  541. N-Teach-2017-000002177602 Pre-selected PEACE CHINWENDU UDOKA
  542. N-Teach-2017-00000520372 Pre-selected ABUBAKAR DAHIRU
  543. N-Teach-2017-000001178093 Pre-selected ADAMA HASSAN
  544. N-Teach-2017-00000241928 Pre-selected IBRAHIM ADAMU
  545. N-Teach-2017-0000078763 Pre-selected Markus Teri Saleh
  546. N-Teach-2017-00000521319 Pre-selected Pwahamokai Mallum Ezra
  547. N-Teach-2017-000002018969 Pre-selected Emmanuel KWAJI ISA
  548. N-Teach-2017-000001305 Pre-selected UMARU YAHYA MODIBBO
  549. N-Teach-2017-00000980769 Pre-selected OPHELIA OMISON
  550. N-Teach-2017-00000918314 Pre-selected LUKMAN BELLO
  551. N-Teach-2017-00000849200 Pre-selected Umar Garba
  552. N-Teach-2017-000001901382 Pre-selected Mahmud Mohammed Ardo
  553. N-Teach-2017-000001796629 Pre-selected Ibrahim Buba Clement
  554. N-Teach-2017-00000653107 Pre-selected SERAH DANIEL
  555. N-Teach-2017-000002427750 Pre-selected Hassan Abubakar
  556. N-Teach-2017-000001406379 Pre-selected PHILIP VINCENT
  557. N-Teach-2017-000001681829 Pre-selected Namuya Purity Pwaveno
  558. N-Teach-2017-0000086017 Pre-selected GLORIA ZACHARIAH
  559. N-Teach-2017-000001026066 Pre-selected Muhammad Auwal Muhammad
  560. N-Teach-2017-000001786165 Pre-selected Ochapa Mark Ogbole
  561. N-Teach-2017-00000662405 Pre-selected FATIMA UMAR
  562. N-Teach-2017-0000086164 Pre-selected Alim Bapullo
  563. N-Teach-2017-00000792014 Pre-selected ASA WAFO DAUDA
  564. N-Teach-2017-0000079838 Pre-selected MENILYE URI ZECHARIAH
  565. N-Teach-2017-00000694496 Pre-selected USMAN MUHAMMAD TUKUR
  566. N-Teach-2017-000001581705 Pre-selected HAMISU MOHAMMED
  567. N-Teach-2017-00000889149 Pre-selected Mohammed Halilu
  568. N-Teach-2017-0000067427 Pre-selected GIDADO BELLO MOHAMMED
  569. N-Teach-2017-000001070312 Pre-selected EKWUEMMUO HYCIENTH
  570. N-Teach-2017-0000069166 Pre-selected MICHAL PWANOLE MOSES
  571. N-Teach-2017-00000719990 Pre-selected SAMUEL YOHANNA
  572. N-Teach-2017-000002181219 Pre-selected SULEIMAN BALA
  573. N-Teach-2017-0000071754 Pre-selected Arabo Alaji Hamman
  574. N-Teach-2017-000001608602 Pre-selected Sufiyanu Isiya
  575. N-Teach-2017-000001440180 Pre-selected ANANU EMMANUEL
  576. N-Teach-2017-000002189288 Pre-selected SALVATION HILSON
  577. N-Teach-2017-0000096629 Pre-selected SOLOMON DANIEL
  578. N-Teach-2017-00000852696 Pre-selected JIBRILLA USMAN USMAN
  579. N-Teach-2017-000002411548 Pre-selected Ismail Sambo Jika
  580. N-Teach-2017-00000351508 Pre-selected Augustine Amos Tumba
  581. N-Teach-2017-00000774435 Pre-selected ISHAYA ANDREW GISILANBE
  582. N-Teach-2017-0000065633 Pre-selected HAUWA IBRAHIM
  583. N-Teach-2017-00000727925 Pre-selected Lagakso Clement Cletus
  584. N-Teach-2017-000001965711 Pre-selected pascalia vowe Vincent
  585. N-Teach-2017-0000059351 Pre-selected ABUBAKAR AHMADU
  586. N-Teach-2017-000002142454 Pre-selected okenrentie .S. Cynthia
  587. N-Teach-2017-000001025121 Pre-selected AUWAL MUHAMMED JADA
  588. N-Teach-2017-00000634858 Pre-selected JAMILU ABUBAKAR
  589. N-Teach-2017-000001211405 Pre-selected Linus Serah
  590. N-Teach-2017-000001287544 Pre-selected Ugwu Chika Irone
  591. N-Teach-2017-000001624971 Pre-selected MADINA VERONICA MOHAMMED
  592. N-Teach-2017-000001656762 Pre-selected HELEN DANIEL
  593. N-Teach-2017-00000366039 Pre-selected Hadiza Hamman Umar
  594. N-Teach-2017-000001494527 Pre-selected Nurudeen Gisilanbe Musa
  595. N-Teach-2017-000001881089 Pre-selected ALBETHA KAIGAMA ALMOND
  596. N-Teach-2017-000001598672 Pre-selected FA’IZA KACHALLA MAHMUD
  597. N-Teach-2017-00000174457 Pre-selected CELESTINA WILSON
  598. N-Teach-2017-00000514345 Pre-selected Suleiman Buba
  599. N-Teach-2017-000001935624 Pre-selected NAFISA ABUBAKAR
  600. N-Teach-2017-00000639262 Pre-selected Sarah Saleu
  601. N-Teach-2017-000001506151 Pre-selected Doris Suleiman
  602. N-Teach-2017-000001333373 Pre-selected Dechi Deborah Anthony
  603. N-Teach-2017-000001158095 Pre-selected Dorathy B Donatus
  604. N-Teach-2017-00000747407 Pre-selected HABIBU TAHIR ALI
  605. N-Teach-2017-00000375868 Pre-selected Longkat Sentang Gideon
  606. N-Teach-2017-000001328711 Pre-selected RAHAB MASOMENE MATHIAS
  607. N-Teach-2017-000001857151 Pre-selected Hurera Yakubu
  608. N-Teach-2017-000002216840 Pre-selected IBRAHIM HAMMANYAJI
  609. N-Teach-2017-000002181793 Pre-selected NANCY MIKAILU
  610. N-Teach-2017-000001688225 Pre-selected SHARIFA BARKINDO HARUNA
  611. N-Teach-2017-00000340916 Pre-selected GEORGINA JUSTINE DAMMORI
  612. N-Teach-2017-00000390341 Pre-selected Meekness Ibrahim
  613. N-Teach-2017-000001995470 Pre-selected Jessica Joseph
  614. N-Teach-2017-00000366310 Pre-selected GISILANBE ESLY KAKBUBUMSO
  615. N-Teach-2017-00000307969 Pre-selected ALIYU UMAR
  616. N-Teach-2017-0000074267 Pre-selected AMIRA AHMED
  617. N-Teach-2017-0000048062 Pre-selected HANIEL GAKSOBSO KUNYIKI
  618. N-Teach-2017-00000101118 Pre-selected PWAFYIGON BITRUS
  619. N-Teach-2017-00000344614 Pre-selected Nyam’imo bila Richard
  620. N-Teach-2017-000002078535 Pre-selected TONGSARI MAPINDI ANDREW
  621. N-Teach-2017-00000488282 Pre-selected ADAMU GIDADO
  622. N-Teach-2017-000001284954 Pre-selected MADINA USMAN
  623. N-Teach-2017-00000511069 Pre-selected HELEN PAUL
  624. N-Teach-2017-00000508769 Pre-selected Catherine Elijah Wafar
  625. N-Teach-2017-000001609572 Pre-selected CELINA IBRAHIM OBADIAH
  626. N-Teach-2017-00000478846 Pre-selected Nancy Suneksiri Ishaku
  627. N-Teach-2017-000002002566 Pre-selected Jared Kanizubi
  628. N-Teach-2017-00000522896 Pre-selected Sakina Mahmud
  629. N-Teach-2017-000001108369 Pre-selected ADO AMOS NIBBASO
  630. N-Teach-2017-000002025652 Pre-selected WAKILI HAMMAN ALI
  631. N-Teach-2017-000001234115 Pre-selected Maureen Habibu MAXWELL
  632. N-Teach-2017-000002206154 Pre-selected zainab umar
  633. N-Teach-2017-00000439762 Pre-selected POKSIRENI WILLIAMS
  634. N-Teach-2017-00000947479 Pre-selected REJOICE GBANTIKUM DANIEL
  635. N-Teach-2017-00000263210 Pre-selected Daminga Peter Boaza
  636. N-Teach-2017-00000158032 Pre-selected EMMANUEL WILSON
  637. N-Teach-2017-00000711263 Pre-selected MARYAM ADAMU
  638. N-Teach-2017-00000679535 Pre-selected JESSE JUSTINA
  639. N-Teach-2017-00000993201 Pre-selected Madina Ahmed Gangkuba
  640. N-Teach-2017-000001828462 Pre-selected JOY NYENUMJUMI PETER
  641. N-Teach-2017-000001025712 Pre-selected MILDRED MATHIAS AJIYA
  642. N-Teach-2017-000001780175 Pre-selected CALISTER OGOCHUKWU EZE
  643. N-Teach-2017-000001256176 Pre-selected Cletus Masi vanye
  644. N-Teach-2017-00000174712 Pre-selected FLORENCE S YOILA
  645. N-Teach-2017-0000078977 Pre-selected FATIMA MARY-ANN ADAMU
  646. N-Teach-2017-0000083118 Pre-selected SUBEWOPE ABEL
  647. N-Teach-2017-00000997605 Pre-selected ANSELINE BONIFACE
  648. N-Teach-2017-00000668391 Pre-selected Ruth Ishaku
  649. N-Teach-2017-000002150435 Pre-selected HUSSEINI GIDADO
  650. N-Teach-2017-00000529304 Pre-selected Felix Nill Reuben
  651. N-Teach-2017-000002151040 Pre-selected labaran mohammed
  652. N-Teach-2017-00000887358 Pre-selected JANET TIMOTHY
  653. N-Teach-2017-000002100760 Pre-selected kashim abubakar
  654. N-Teach-2017-000001524818 Pre-selected BLESSING POLYCARP
  655. N-Teach-2017-00000593338 Pre-selected Abdulrazak Maijama’a
  656. N-Teach-2017-00000874032 Pre-selected HELEN HARUNA LAWRENCE
  657. N-Teach-2017-000001075480 Pre-selected Maryam B Inuwa
  658. N-Teach-2017-000001783185 Pre-selected MAKUMBONORI NYAMWAGANGYIWESLEY
  659. N-Teach-2017-000001303491 Pre-selected BLESSING GODWIN
  660. N-Teach-2017-000002214242 Pre-selected REJOICE BABALE LUGARD
  661. N-Teach-2017-00000993826 Pre-selected Timothy Musa Durkwa
  662. N-Teach-2017-00000750140 Pre-selected NELSON CHRIS SOMPOKENSO
  663. N-Teach-2017-00000769698 Pre-selected Gode Musa
  664. N-Teach-2017-000001597193 Pre-selected nurudeen ahmadu dama
  665. N-Teach-2017-00000504713 Pre-selected Wafar Elijah Wafar
  666. N-Teach-2017-000001161124 Pre-selected IBRAHIM AHMADU LA’AKITTI
  667. N-Teach-2017-000001311620 Pre-selected Abdulmalik Ahmed
  668. N-Teach-2017-00000918794 Pre-selected JAMES LUCAS JOHN
  669. N-Teach-2017-0000033291 Pre-selected Sugabsen Martins
  670. N-Teach-2017-00000899394 Pre-selected FELICIA ABEL
  671. N-Teach-2017-00000306255 Pre-selected YUSUF BENEDICT GARBA
  672. N-Teach-2017-0000049233 Pre-selected GODWIN PETER
  673. N-Teach-2017-00000130190 Pre-selected BASITEMI SUDI NEMUEL
  674. N-Teach-2017-00000110999 Pre-selected TEMWORI JANGLA ERIC
  675. N-Teach-2017-00000122553 Pre-selected MARTIN HAMMAWA STEPHEN
  676. N-Teach-2017-00000362691 Pre-selected Sulisumen Nil Thompson
  677. N-Teach-2017-000002473924 Pre-selected Grace Habila Tarum
  678. N-Teach-2017-00000907731 Pre-selected RABIU HAMMANJODA
  679. N-Teach-2017-00000410884 Pre-selected ABDULHAMID ALIYU
  680. N-Teach-2017-00000636971 Pre-selected AUWAL ABDULLAHI BOBBO
  681. N-Teach-2017-00000621748 Pre-selected Abdulhamid Modibbo Umar
  682. N-Teach-2017-000002147258 Pre-selected Sanusi mohahmmad wambai
  683. N-Teach-2017-000002334926 Pre-selected HAUWA IBRAHIM BAGUDU
  684. N-Teach-2017-00000373459 Pre-selected ABDULMUHAIMINU A. GAMBO
  685. N-Teach-2017-00000614359 Pre-selected Joshua Dangana Rapheal
  686. N-Teach-2017-000001046264 Pre-selected NWOKO ONYENONACHI JOVITA
  687. N-Teach-2017-000001424527 Pre-selected EMMANUEL UMAR RAPHAEL
  688. N-Teach-2017-000001974730 Pre-selected Abubakar Modibbo Sa’ad
  689. N-Teach-2017-00000118304 Pre-selected VICTOR CHRISTOPHER
  690. N-Teach-2017-0000027952 Pre-selected JAMILA UMAR
  691. N-Teach-2017-0000025913 Pre-selected YUSUF GARGA BELLO
  692. N-Teach-2017-00000249659 Pre-selected IBRAHIM UMAR USMAN
  693. N-Teach-2017-00000765006 Pre-selected Adams Yuguda Gbomsari
  694. N-Teach-2017-00000986563 Pre-selected bashir babayola
  695. N-Teach-2017-0000066507 Pre-selected CHARITY ALFRED
  696. N-Teach-2017-00000238808 Pre-selected PETER SULISUMEN NYIBANGS
  697. N-Teach-2017-00000157936 Pre-selected JUSTINE ZAKARI
  698. N-Teach-2017-000002404636 Pre-selected blessing nyenbenso
  699. N-Teach-2017-000001685591 Pre-selected Yiman James Iornenge
  700. N-Teach-2017-00000894863 Pre-selected JAMILU SANI GARBA
  701. N-Teach-2017-00000861072 Pre-selected SULEIMAN HASSAN
  702. N-Teach-2017-00000170659 Pre-selected Subenibumtarenni Wariyaki Kefas
  703. N-Teach-2017-00000605095 Pre-selected Clara Paul
  704. N-Teach-2017-00000447620 Pre-selected CLEMENT WARIBU SATBASO
  705. N-Teach-2017-000002262541 Pre-selected SAAD BELLO MUHAMMAD
  706. N-Teach-2017-000001850739 Pre-selected Dauda Amos
  707. N-Teach-2017-00000645833 Pre-selected Shamsudeen Sani
  708. N-Teach-2017-00000106100 Pre-selected Ibrahim Adamu
  709. N-Teach-2017-00000881914 Pre-selected Rejoice Joshua none
  710. N-Teach-2017-000001551812 Pre-selected Mwamdirga Masal Siyasa
  711. N-Teach-2017-0000019903 Pre-selected ANNA AYUBA
  712. N-Teach-2017-000001913842 Pre-selected BILHA VILSON
  713. N-Teach-2017-00000447497 Pre-selected Douglas Wilson
  714. N-Teach-2017-000001234341 Pre-selected EJIRGE CHRISTOPHER
  715. N-Teach-2017-00000565420 Pre-selected PETER SKANA NUYA
  716. N-Teach-2017-00000417022 Pre-selected DWAWANYA KWANDORA SAMUEL
  717. N-Teach-2017-00000520883 Pre-selected ABREME SIMON
  718. N-Teach-2017-000001154043 Pre-selected Hamadai Nicholas
  719. N-Teach-2017-000001011453 Pre-selected Ayuba Mela Zephaniah
  720. N-Teach-2017-0000054040 Pre-selected kurge Dungulu Kampani
  721. N-Teach-2017-00000229443 Pre-selected Kuyukuyu David David
  722. N-Teach-2017-00000815799 Pre-selected Zagwakau Paul Golfa
  723. N-Teach-2017-000001532673 Pre-selected GIMAI MOSES
  724. N-Teach-2017-00000388627 Pre-selected KUBE BILAMA DIMAS
  725. N-Teach-2017-00000498487 Pre-selected Nakama Godwin
  726. N-Teach-2017-00000719892 Pre-selected Aaron Ambomai
  727. N-Teach-2017-00000994895 Pre-selected WUNAMIR UMARU MIRCHAULUM
  728. N-Teach-2017-00000755545 Pre-selected MARGARET PASCHALIS
  729. N-Teach-2017-00000200813 Pre-selected Wahajir Nasamu
  730. N-Teach-2017-00000794740 Pre-selected Hamira T Kolou
  731. N-Teach-2017-00000297340 Pre-selected LOTHAN ZACHARIA KRAHA
  732. N-Teach-2017-000001109536 Pre-selected AKEEM ALABI
  733. N-Teach-2017-00000492602 Pre-selected FAMAYINA MUSA ZARO
  734. N-Teach-2017-000001714787 Pre-selected Justina Anjili
  735. N-Teach-2017-000001108858 Pre-selected WULGA ENUGU
  736. N-Teach-2017-000002254212 Pre-selected shofela olamide babatunde
  737. N-Teach-2017-00000379556 Pre-selected Motrige Litika Musa
  738. N-Teach-2017-000002092978 Pre-selected NURI NELSON EWEH
  739. N-Teach-2017-000002023882 Pre-selected Ruth Jifi
  740. N-Teach-2017-000001818073 Pre-selected Lami Samuel
  741. N-Teach-2017-000001402844 Pre-selected Afarwi B Ridley
  742. N-Teach-2017-00000725346 Pre-selected Wilfred none Charity
  743. N-Teach-2017-00000211306 Pre-selected SUNDAY JITTI BARDE
  744. N-Teach-2017-00000739450 Pre-selected Cletus Sambo Thamkade
  745. N-Teach-2017-0000081803 Pre-selected ATHAUMA IBRAHIM
  746. N-Teach-2017-00000137715 Pre-selected Ransome Wussah Goro
  747. N-Teach-2017-000001838921 Pre-selected NADUWAMA SARA ALFRED
  748. N-Teach-2017-00000357105 Pre-selected Rebecca Haniel
  749. N-Teach-2017-00000472341 Pre-selected Peninah Philemon
  750. N-Teach-2017-00000315692 Pre-selected David Kiyamu Daujir
  751. N-Teach-2017-00000701782 Pre-selected Luka Murge
  752. N-Teach-2017-00000986976 Pre-selected Joseph Kenneth zakka
  753. N-Teach-2017-00000607729 Pre-selected Glory Nimfas
  754. N-Teach-2017-000002218940 Pre-selected Samuel Elkanah
  755. N-Teach-2017-0000094494 Pre-selected SAMADULAU ISHAKU
  756. N-Teach-2017-000001132592 Pre-selected OYENIYI JOSHUA OMOPARIOLA
  757. N-Teach-2017-00000965865 Pre-selected biyafa koko istakis
  758. N-Teach-2017-000001651237 Pre-selected THAWANDAI GIDADO
  759. N-Teach-2017-000001747776 Pre-selected BLESSING LUCKSON
  760. N-Teach-2017-000001131356 Pre-selected BUKOLA BOLANLE AMUSAYIN
  761. N-Teach-2017-00000483776 Pre-selected Nayiga Bayara Jethro
  762. N-Teach-2017-00000545680 Pre-selected DINGE BITRUS CHWAKABCHWIRANAH
  763. N-Teach-2017-00000202784 Pre-selected DAVID DUBO ASIMAZE
  764. N-Teach-2017-0000041052 Pre-selected HENRY ADAUKWAYAU
  765. N-Teach-2017-00000233670 Pre-selected Mathew Mercy
  766. N-Teach-2017-00000301817 Pre-selected WUNGA LUKA
  767. N-Teach-2017-000001030418 Pre-selected Jibsari Sambo
  768. N-Teach-2017-000001220638 Pre-selected SUSAN CHINYERE OBERE
  769. N-Teach-2017-000001146920 Pre-selected Edison Asa`au Sheba
  770. N-Teach-2017-00000581720 Pre-selected samson laboy
  771. N-Teach-2017-000001944412 Pre-selected OLIVER JOHN
  772. N-Teach-2017-00000596067 Pre-selected BRIGHT YINASIMNA DATHINI
  773. N-Teach-2017-000001679215 Pre-selected ASIMAZE JOSHUA BIYARU
  774. N-Teach-2017-000001579385 Pre-selected THAWANDAI YOILA
  775. N-Teach-2017-00000530833 Pre-selected Nura Aliyu
  776. N-Teach-2017-000002226328 Pre-selected Samuel Gamachirole Wando
  777. N-Teach-2017-000001120954 Pre-selected weji geofrey ayuba
  778. N-Teach-2017-000001786822 Pre-selected FLORA SAMGA
  779. N-Teach-2017-00000611788 Pre-selected SIMKA ANURI
  780. N-Teach-2017-000001340649 Pre-selected BABASHA BIGILA
  781. N-Teach-2017-00000498416 Pre-selected Regina Omafu
  782. N-Teach-2017-000001593847 Pre-selected Wanyine Patience Akila
  783. N-Teach-2017-00000374814 Pre-selected SIDI MWAMDIRGA BWETA
  784. N-Teach-2017-00000517734 Pre-selected Gamawiton Joseph
  785. N-Teach-2017-000002257041 Pre-selected DUNAMA HASSAN
  786. N-Teach-2017-00000665369 Pre-selected NUWAWA JONAH
  787. N-Teach-2017-00000942383 Pre-selected Danjuma Jatau
  788. N-Teach-2017-00000216924 Pre-selected Buma Emmanuel
  789. N-Teach-2017-00000153187 Pre-selected asimaze david
  790. N-Teach-2017-00000834147 Pre-selected OVERALL KURGINAM
  791. N-Teach-2017-00000787081 Pre-selected Handawa Philemon
  792. N-Teach-2017-00000988557 Pre-selected Ashiru Pamzi Elam
  793. N-Teach-2017-000001524625 Pre-selected Barnabas Libya
  794. N-Teach-2017-00000707033 Pre-selected CHIMEZIE OTI
  795. N-Teach-2017-00000208113 Pre-selected JETHRO FRAMA
  796. N-Teach-2017-00000220671 Pre-selected GUMNIJIR KENAN DATHINI
  797. N-Teach-2017-00000348177 Pre-selected JAMES CHIBEGE KULENGI
  798. N-Teach-2017-000001565977 Pre-selected BAKINAMA ENUGU
  799. N-Teach-2017-000001563691 Pre-selected NASIMGA LAGOS
  800. N-Teach-2017-00000331343 Pre-selected Kurge Muka Ramson
  801. N-Teach-2017-000001087086 Pre-selected BONKURI SANSANI WAN
  802. N-Teach-2017-000001501113 Pre-selected Emirga Iliya
  803. N-Teach-2017-000002069435 Pre-selected Rebecca Ayuba
  804. N-Teach-2017-00000426440 Pre-selected EMMANUEL EYINNA AHAM
  805. N-Teach-2017-00000894210 Pre-selected FILEARA TUTA
  806. N-Teach-2017-00000209445 Pre-selected JACOB HAJINE BIYARO
  807. N-Teach-2017-00000676914 Pre-selected Framah Duzen Istifanus
  808. N-Teach-2017-00000690825 Pre-selected Simthe Manasseh Manasseh
  809. N-Teach-2017-00000313510 Pre-selected Nagwam Abalis
  810. N-Teach-2017-00000996029 Pre-selected YINABITHURA SHAMAKI HEBRON
  811. N-Teach-2017-000002091943 Pre-selected Dauba Kelly Banzaka
  812. N-Teach-2017-000001765891 Pre-selected Gumni Beecroft Ena
  813. N-Teach-2017-00000469020 Pre-selected Amajir Gershon
  814. N-Teach-2017-000002517463 Pre-selected Calvin Jangbi
  815. N-Teach-2017-000001825082 Pre-selected Hamira Tanko
  816. N-Teach-2017-00000102972 Pre-selected Freedom Peter
  817. N-Teach-2017-000002217254 Pre-selected NAKAMA ANTHONY
  818. N-Teach-2017-00000770173 Pre-selected LYDIA BENJAMIN
  819. N-Teach-2017-000002196661 Pre-selected Kalison Gunda
  820. N-Teach-2017-000001234991 Pre-selected DISHAN DAUDA MBUTALA
  821. N-Teach-2017-00000527924 Pre-selected DANLADI SALEH
  822. N-Teach-2017-000002404197 Pre-selected nasiru i abdulmumini
  823. N-Teach-2017-000001299893 Pre-selected Mohammed Usman
  824. N-Teach-2017-00000786624 Pre-selected Minkail Bala
  825. N-Teach-2017-000001383876 Pre-selected festus heshama
  826. N-Teach-2017-000001704149 Pre-selected Comfort Isaac Hussaini
  827. N-Teach-2017-00000192226 Pre-selected HABILA MUSA
  828. N-Teach-2017-00000997607 Pre-selected IBRAHIM AHMAD IYAWA
  829. N-Teach-2017-00000148483 Pre-selected ALiyu MOTHAMMED BARKINDO
  830. N-Teach-2017-00000197239 Pre-selected Lawan Yahaya
  831. N-Teach-2017-0000015514 Pre-selected Mbursa Yerima
  832. N-Teach-2017-00000950677 Pre-selected GRACE MAWUNI DOGO
  833. N-Teach-2017-000001631818 Pre-selected TALATU ISA ISA GUDU
  834. N-Teach-2017-00000469839 Pre-selected MBAMBAKA NIMSON SAMSON
  835. N-Teach-2017-000002101483 Pre-selected Shelena Daniel
  836. N-Teach-2017-00000136788 Pre-selected RAYMOND GEOFFREY PACKCHAMA
  837. N-Teach-2017-00000166772 Pre-selected Tagwaye Iliyasu
  838. N-Teach-2017-00000868028 Pre-selected Buhari Adama
  839. N-Teach-2017-00000998972 Pre-selected Yusuf Elijah Garnvwa
  840. N-Teach-2017-000001344544 Pre-selected Noppi Rejoice Abraham
  841. N-Teach-2017-00000481168 Pre-selected SULEIMAN KOJI UMAR
  842. N-Teach-2017-00000653681 Pre-selected ELISHA JOSEPH
  843. N-Teach-2017-00000523976 Pre-selected ADAMU USMAN
  844. N-Teach-2017-000001910511 Pre-selected UMARU ALHAJI HAMIDU
  845. N-Teach-2017-00000763417 Pre-selected Kumdisi Alexander
  846. N-Teach-2017-0000050990 Pre-selected Sylvanus Wasa
  847. N-Teach-2017-000001030056 Pre-selected DORCAS ISHAKU
  848. N-Teach-2017-00000524513 Pre-selected JACKSON NGATTI
  849. N-Teach-2017-000002452 Pre-selected FEMA SHALLANGWA ISA
  850. N-Teach-2017-00000155835 Pre-selected Solomon Flan Newton
  851. N-Teach-2017-00000125436 Pre-selected Hosea Mshelia Duniya
  852. N-Teach-2017-000001027092 Pre-selected IBRAHIM BALA
  853. N-Teach-2017-000001172415 Pre-selected MODIBBO BASHIRU
  854. N-Teach-2017-000002130372 Pre-selected Ramatu Ngulde Ali
  855. N-Teach-2017-00000524287 Pre-selected USMAN ADAMU
  856. N-Teach-2017-00000272570 Pre-selected Adamu Umaru Suleiman
  857. N-Teach-2017-00000234979 Pre-selected ENOCK SIMON
  858. N-Teach-2017-00000462848 Pre-selected WINNIE MSHELMBULA YOHANNA
  859. N-Teach-2017-000001152558 Pre-selected Daniel Mwajim
  860. N-Teach-2017-000002310975 Pre-selected Aaron dimas nill
  861. N-Teach-2017-00000416112 Pre-selected Peter Simon Danladi
  862. N-Teach-2017-000001908450 Pre-selected SIMON AUDU
  863. N-Teach-2017-000001871016 Pre-selected Elkanah Gerison Elkanah
  864. N-Teach-2017-00000312515 Pre-selected Abraham Richard Noppi
  865. N-Teach-2017-00000500897 Pre-selected GIHYA KWADA SINI
  866. N-Teach-2017-000002367301 Pre-selected MIKA’ILU KUBUMUTUWA OBIDAH
  867. N-Teach-2017-00000477279 Pre-selected MUSA HUNIRA
  868. N-Teach-2017-000002105428 Pre-selected Mananchi Philip
  869. N-Teach-2017-000001080344 Pre-selected Rukaiya Nill Usman
  870. N-Teach-2017-00000158749 Pre-selected Linda Apollos
  871. N-Teach-2017-00000268470 Pre-selected Dauda Tagwi Andrew
  872. N-Teach-2017-00000574208 Pre-selected patricia joseph
  873. N-Teach-2017-000001657878 Pre-selected Rukayyah Adamu
  874. N-Teach-2017-000001129286 Pre-selected Lucy Aminami Thlizah
  875. N-Teach-2017-000002405205 Pre-selected RAHAB EZEKIEL
  876. N-Teach-2017-00000492894 Pre-selected Florence Yakubu
  877. N-Teach-2017-000001359230 Pre-selected Godiya Iliya
  878. N-Teach-2017-000002263272 Pre-selected AISHA IDRIS
  879. N-Teach-2017-00000386555 Pre-selected FLORENCE JOSEPH
  880. N-Teach-2017-00000966402 Pre-selected NACHAMADA ALIYUDA
  881. N-Teach-2017-0000083726 Pre-selected PATIENCE TARFA PETER
  882. N-Teach-2017-00000250414 Pre-selected Jessica John
  883. N-Teach-2017-00000305104 Pre-selected JENNIFER ELAM PWANEKAHOMNE
  884. N-Teach-2017-00000691429 Pre-selected Beauty Ahmed
  885. N-Teach-2017-0000023546 Pre-selected HABIBA YALLI
  886. N-Teach-2017-000002346498 Pre-selected NATHAN NELSON LUMBONYI
  887. N-Teach-2017-000001492343 Pre-selected watirwa hassan balami
  888. N-Teach-2017-000001568300 Pre-selected Lydia Moses
  889. N-Teach-2017-00000256519 Pre-selected NURU MSHELIA UMAR
  890. N-Teach-2017-00000187146 Pre-selected RUTH AUGUSTINE
  891. N-Teach-2017-00000263984 Pre-selected ADAMU HANNATU
  892. N-Teach-2017-000007243 Pre-selected DAUDA GEMU
  893. N-Teach-2017-00000673629 Pre-selected DORCAS BENJAMIN
  894. N-Teach-2017-00000149095 Pre-selected Mary Lawan
  895. N-Teach-2017-00000135351 Pre-selected WULHA PETER
  896. N-Teach-2017-00000118471 Pre-selected mohammed jafar GAMBO
  897. N-Teach-2017-00000850396 Pre-selected PRISCILLA HAZIEL
  898. N-Teach-2017-00000992999 Pre-selected Donan Ibrahim
  899. N-Teach-2017-000001090358 Pre-selected USA YOHANNA
  900. N-Teach-2017-000001255529 Pre-selected LAMI GABRIEL
  901. N-Teach-2017-000001172879 Pre-selected Yunusa Naomi
  902. N-Teach-2017-00000525214 Pre-selected RAMATU SALEH
  903. N-Teach-2017-000001289633 Pre-selected MERCY MISITI AMOS
  904. N-Teach-2017-00000466268 Pre-selected Tina Lawan
  905. N-Teach-2017-00000100906 Pre-selected Rahila Bassi Kefas
  906. N-Teach-2017-00000111183 Pre-selected JANET AYUBA
  907. N-Teach-2017-00000226928 Pre-selected NURUDEEN GIDADO
  908. N-Teach-2017-00000188528 Pre-selected SHIKTIRA ALI
  909. N-Teach-2017-00000188028 Pre-selected NOELINE LKAMA PIUS
  910. N-Teach-2017-00000808326 Pre-selected FOSTER DAVID
  911. N-Teach-2017-00000885650 Pre-selected Fansa Andrew
  912. N-Teach-2017-00000160419 Pre-selected Bitrus Bulus Midala
  913. N-Teach-2017-00000231872 Pre-selected TABITHA STEPHEN
  914. N-Teach-2017-0000031460 Pre-selected Lynda Samimchan Johnson
  915. N-Teach-2017-00000163560 Pre-selected MARY JACKSON HAMMAN
  916. N-Teach-2017-00000544447 Pre-selected Zainab Magaji
  917. N-Teach-2017-00000874810 Pre-selected CHRISTIANA H NGABDA
  918. N-Teach-2017-00000167233 Pre-selected Afiniki Lazarus
  919. N-Teach-2017-00000206075 Pre-selected JOANNA MALGWI GANA
  920. N-Teach-2017-00000737021 Pre-selected Hadiza Buba
  921. N-Teach-2017-00000492150 Pre-selected ALIYU ABUBAKAR
  922. N-Teach-2017-00000529746 Pre-selected NUBIYA JACKSON
  923. N-Teach-2017-00000622584 Pre-selected Peter Bulama
  924. N-Teach-2017-000001124694 Pre-selected Augustine Bala Adamu
  925. N-Teach-2017-00000732286 Pre-selected Eli Ahiwa
  926. N-Teach-2017-00000496029 Pre-selected OTU LYNDA HAJIA
  927. N-Teach-2017-00000718777 Pre-selected ibrahim labi muhammed
  928. N-Teach-2017-00000993475 Pre-selected Hussaina Ibrahim
  929. N-Teach-2017-00000577269 Pre-selected FRIDAY DAVID
  930. N-Teach-2017-000002358892 Pre-selected Bala Kasim Yusuf
  931. N-Teach-2017-00000185451 Pre-selected Mark Timon
  932. N-Teach-2017-00000783510 Pre-selected FIDELIS EMMANUEL ODOH
  933. N-Teach-2017-000001142220 Pre-selected Yusuf Umary Mshelia
  934. N-Teach-2017-000001341475 Pre-selected ABBA ALIYU
  935. N-Teach-2017-000001232184 Pre-selected ABBAS YUSUF
  936. N-Teach-2017-00000692013 Pre-selected ALIYU DZARMA BALLA
  937. N-Teach-2017-00000114800 Pre-selected Manasseh Dauda
  938. N-Teach-2017-00000528627 Pre-selected ENOCH DANIEL
  939. N-Teach-2017-000001196189 Pre-selected CHEWUN , JOSEPH
  940. N-Teach-2017-00000733022 Pre-selected TALATU HUSSAINI
  941. N-Teach-2017-000002242328 Pre-selected NACHANUYA GODFREY
  942. N-Teach-2017-00000426825 Pre-selected HURAIRA WESLEY
  943. N-Teach-2017-00000786299 Pre-selected Marybeth Mathias Gayus
  944. N-Teach-2017-00000940351 Pre-selected Ndanaacha Samuel
  945. N-Teach-2017-00000864466 Pre-selected HYELLAIDATI GABRIEL AMOS
  946. N-Teach-2017-00000638034 Pre-selected ISA NAATI
  947. N-Teach-2017-000001084357 Pre-selected Usaku Monday
  948. N-Teach-2017-00000272301 Pre-selected Adati james
  949. N-Teach-2017-00000518230 Pre-selected CHARITY MUSA
  950. N-Teach-2017-00000105739 Pre-selected Helen Fada
  951. N-Teach-2017-00000316479 Pre-selected Elkanah Chalbiyada
  952. N-Teach-2017-00000183157 Pre-selected Ndepana Wasini
  953. N-Teach-2017-00000353430 Pre-selected Janet Mathew
  954. N-Teach-2017-00000417763 Pre-selected Fatima Garba
  955. N-Teach-2017-00000261449 Pre-selected AGNES JOSEPH
  956. N-Teach-2017-00000198642 Pre-selected VIOLA JOHNSON
  957. N-Teach-2017-000002174493 Pre-selected ABIGAIL MATHEW
  958. N-Teach-2017-00000500979 Pre-selected ANAYACHA DAVID
  959. N-Teach-2017-0000010114 Pre-selected Waliya Adamu Esthon
  960. N-Teach-2017-0000082321 Pre-selected HANNATU MICHAEL
  961. N-Teach-2017-000002019365 Pre-selected MANUWA WINSTON
  962. N-Teach-2017-00000639544 Pre-selected Munyal Yusuf
  963. N-Teach-2017-00000201249 Pre-selected AUWAL SAIDU
  964. N-Teach-2017-0000065595 Pre-selected ELISHA DANIEL
  965. N-Teach-2017-00000888385 Pre-selected Bala Jonas Bello
  966. N-Teach-2017-00000158819 Pre-selected JIRNUYA JEDISON
  967. N-Teach-2017-00000769648 Pre-selected SAADU S ZUBAMA
  968. N-Teach-2017-00000173938 Pre-selected mohammed dauda kopdaya
  969. N-Teach-2017-00000105591 Pre-selected Jaafaru Abubakar
  970. N-Teach-2017-00000200597 Pre-selected MELODY GUNDIRI RAYMOND
  971. N-Teach-2017-00000304022 Pre-selected NESTA WAKILI JAPHET
  972. N-Teach-2017-00000318126 Pre-selected JOHN AUDU MAMZA
  973. N-Teach-2017-00000802766 Pre-selected Roseline Salihu
  974. N-Teach-2017-0000069078 Pre-selected Bijida Yakubu
  975. N-Teach-2017-0000014053 Pre-selected FELIX ABU MISHACK
  976. N-Teach-2017-000001154577 Pre-selected Biyama Samuel
  977. N-Teach-2017-00000413202 Pre-selected Abdulbaq Mustapha Nyako
  978. N-Teach-2017-00000482618 Pre-selected Elizabeth Mathias Gayus
  979. N-Teach-2017-000001081917 Pre-selected Dauda Isaac Shingu
  980. N-Teach-2017-00000451982 Pre-selected Aladaticha Benson Wadumbiya
  981. N-Teach-2017-000002029966 Pre-selected REUBEN DABTI NAYAMANDA
  982. N-Teach-2017-00000385955 Pre-selected Yusuf Christopher
  983. N-Teach-2017-000001088750 Pre-selected SHEBA WILSON
  984. N-Teach-2017-000001016830 Pre-selected Eric Kussiy Usaku
  985. N-Teach-2017-00000178693 Pre-selected TUMBA AGWADA
  986. N-Teach-2017-00000256784 Pre-selected Hashimu Dahiru
  987. N-Teach-2017-00000710675 Pre-selected JACKSON GLATI
  988. N-Teach-2017-0000097354 Pre-selected NACHAFIYA HAMIDU
  989. N-Teach-2017-00000717394 Pre-selected Wandiya Naphtali
  990. N-Teach-2017-00000679771 Pre-selected GUZIYA KATSALA MOSES
  991. N-Teach-2017-00000970337 Pre-selected BATHIYA CHRISTOPHER
  992. N-Teach-2017-00000164203 Pre-selected FRANCIS TASHARA VALA
  993. N-Teach-2017-00000135796 Pre-selected Auta Edinya Apollos
  994. N-Teach-2017-0000053627 Pre-selected Remson Bulus
  995. N-Teach-2017-00000738201 Pre-selected Idriss Mohammed
  996. N-Teach-2017-000002477490 Pre-selected Ibrahim asiya bako
  997. N-Teach-2017-00000183039 Pre-selected AKITI GERSHON
  998. N-Teach-2017-00000593183 Pre-selected Nachafiya Moses
  999. N-Teach-2017-00000628020 Pre-selected ISHAKU . MOHAMMED
  1000. N-Teach-2017-000001703882 Pre-selected Thomas Kefas Kwala
  1001. N-Teach-2017-00000361962 Pre-selected Donaldson Thadawus
  1002. N-Teach-2017-000001418735 Pre-selected Peace Samuel Simnawa
  1003. N-Teach-2017-000001833212 Pre-selected Zuwaira Hayatu Abdulkarim
  1004. N-Teach-2017-00000443914 Pre-selected OLUNDIYA WAPANUWARI
  1005. N-Teach-2017-00000293925 Pre-selected JOHN KEFAS
  1006. N-Teach-2017-00000156974 Pre-selected Wasini Amani Yerima
  1007. N-Teach-2017-00000938802 Pre-selected FANARD SALAMI
  1008. N-Teach-2017-00000118322 Pre-selected Usman Yerima Saad
  1009. N-Teach-2017-00000184887 Pre-selected Sani Bitrus
  1010. N-Teach-2017-00000733295 Pre-selected Buba Akiti
  1011. N-Teach-2017-00000782467 Pre-selected Moses Joseph Offah
  1012. N-Teach-2017-00000655238 Pre-selected ABU TAGWI USMAN
  1013. N-Teach-2017-00000776071 Pre-selected Farant Donald
  1014. N-Teach-2017-00000880565 Pre-selected Hyellahubiya – Bernard
  1015. N-Teach-2017-00000706042 Pre-selected Bello Ibrahim Sale
  1016. N-Teach-2017-000001551596 Pre-selected CHABIYA HILARY
  1017. N-Teach-2017-0000029755 Pre-selected Ibrahim Haruna
  1018. N-Teach-2017-00000145496 Pre-selected Dinah Bitrus
  1019. N-Teach-2017-00000753301 Pre-selected Ishaya Atsaktiya
  1020. N-Teach-2017-00000588289 Pre-selected KANU GICHENIA JOSEPH
  1021. N-Teach-2017-000002263683 Pre-selected Musa Royer
  1022. N-Teach-2017-000001375661 Pre-selected chafari kevin
  1023. N-Teach-2017-00000136470 Pre-selected Ndawa Garba
  1024. N-Teach-2017-00000258074 Pre-selected Elkanah Adamu
  1025. N-Teach-2017-00000693671 Pre-selected Pukuma Ibrahim Simeon
  1026. N-Teach-2017-00000348084 Pre-selected ANNA TIMON
  1027. N-Teach-2017-000001647323 Pre-selected David Andrew
  1028. N-Teach-2017-000001303283 Pre-selected Salihu Nemanda Nemanda
  1029. N-Teach-2017-00000267278 Pre-selected SALEH YANUTI
  1030. N-Teach-2017-00000226391 Pre-selected Philemon Reuben
  1031. N-Teach-2017-00000319091 Pre-selected Kefas Muryi Watiwari
  1032. N-Teach-2017-0000018812 Pre-selected GABRIEL ZHETU DANIEL
  1033. N-Teach-2017-00000169616 Pre-selected sunday agbejeje
  1034. N-Teach-2017-000002467737 Pre-selected ISHAKU MAIGIDA YAKUBU
  1035. N-Teach-2017-00000103344 Pre-selected IJADI CHARLES
  1036. N-Teach-2017-000001000115 Pre-selected YERIMA AMANI SAMUEL
  1037. N-Teach-2017-00000117952 Pre-selected Nachaida Naphtali Chidama
  1038. N-Teach-2017-0000057845 Pre-selected Sharon Raphael
  1039. N-Teach-2017-000002158087 Pre-selected Abdulmajeed Aliyu
  1040. N-Teach-2017-00000473882 Pre-selected EMMANUEL TEMAN MARTIN
  1041. N-Teach-2017-000001770530 Pre-selected Jochebed Joshua
  1042. N-Teach-2017-000001216328 Pre-selected SUSUTI EDWARD
  1043. N-Teach-2017-00000531539 Pre-selected chimari penuel lawal
  1044. N-Teach-2017-000001408882 Pre-selected MIVANYI SAMUEL HANANIYA
  1045. N-Teach-2017-00000533147 Pre-selected Ibrahim Momi Bala
  1046. N-Teach-2017-00000253188 Pre-selected Usakutiya Madugu Johnson
  1047. N-Teach-2017-00000262960 Pre-selected Mohammed Lami
  1048. N-Teach-2017-00000149810 Pre-selected Pitiya Peter
  1049. N-Teach-2017-000002469441 Pre-selected Jesse Daniel
  1050. N-Teach-2017-00000165196 Pre-selected Musa Caleb
  1051. N-Teach-2017-00000151377 Pre-selected FELICIA HAMIDU
  1052. N-Teach-2017-00000119141 Pre-selected Jonah Kefas
  1053. N-Teach-2017-0000076396 Pre-selected Haruna Peter
  1054. N-Teach-2017-00000986997 Pre-selected SIKARI WILFRED
  1055. N-Teach-2017-000001926799 Pre-selected Celina Zira Joseph
  1056. N-Teach-2017-00000162968 Pre-selected Wilfred Thomas
  1057. N-Teach-2017-00000112802 Pre-selected Lauratu A. Ibrahim
  1058. N-Teach-2017-00000177578 Pre-selected KETURA JOSEPH
  1059. N-Teach-2017-00000240813 Pre-selected TAGWI JACOB MATHIAS
  1060. N-Teach-2017-00000261042 Pre-selected JIMRE LUKA
  1061. N-Teach-2017-00000960197 Pre-selected Edmond Atsacha Hassan
  1062. N-Teach-2017-000001548622 Pre-selected SAMAILA ROYAL ATIWURCHA
  1063. N-Teach-2017-000001473690 Pre-selected SALAMATU KADALA MOHAMMED
  1064. N-Teach-2017-00000417694 Pre-selected Helda musa
  1065. N-Teach-2017-000001232822 Pre-selected WANDIYA ANTHONY
  1066. N-Teach-2017-00000435916 Pre-selected rejoice eli
  1067. N-Teach-2017-000002311139 Pre-selected Hasshub Ishaku
  1068. N-Teach-2017-000001399920 Pre-selected KAFIYADA ROBINSON
  1069. N-Teach-2017-00000594131 Pre-selected Murhyel Reuben
  1070. N-Teach-2017-00000810286 Pre-selected Florence Hosea
  1071. N-Teach-2017-0000090926 Pre-selected Daniel Wilberforce
  1072. N-Teach-2017-0000073264 Pre-selected HYELLAMA JACKSON
  1073. N-Teach-2017-00000146480 Pre-selected Balthiya – Adamu
  1074. N-Teach-2017-000001395354 Pre-selected IKURNYI SULE
  1075. N-Teach-2017-00000317863 Pre-selected Hassana Elson
  1076. N-Teach-2017-0000090334 Pre-selected MONDAY C. PHILEMON
  1077. N-Teach-2017-00000494394 Pre-selected NURU HASSAN
  1078. N-Teach-2017-00000527150 Pre-selected Nachamada Bitrus
  1079. N-Teach-2017-000004589 Pre-selected jummai nil zira
  1080. N-Teach-2017-0000057485 Pre-selected Adaiti Allen Kadams
  1081. N-Teach-2017-0000085303 Pre-selected Chabiya Wesley
  1082. N-Teach-2017-000001439116 Pre-selected ATUWURSU SIMON
  1083. N-Teach-2017-0000064199 Pre-selected Jamila Aliyu
  1084. N-Teach-2017-00000839161 Pre-selected Haggai Bugari Yakubu
  1085. N-Teach-2017-00000468437 Pre-selected Margret Musa
  1086. N-Teach-2017-000002301700 Pre-selected Julius Joseph
  1087. N-Teach-2017-00000855813 Pre-selected ABDULLAHI NILL MOHAMMED
  1088. N-Teach-2017-00000251674 Pre-selected Rahab John
  1089. N-Teach-2017-000002108219 Pre-selected Mohammed Baba Bello
  1090. N-Teach-2017-000001266754 Pre-selected edna Godwin
  1091. N-Teach-2017-00000325957 Pre-selected PETER OLIVER
  1092. N-Teach-2017-00000762694 Pre-selected Happy Albert
  1093. N-Teach-2017-00000983139 Pre-selected Abdulsalam Kabiru
  1094. N-Teach-2017-00000884866 Pre-selected KAUNA IBRAHIM
  1095. N-Teach-2017-000002469772 Pre-selected Eno Queen Edet
  1096. N-Teach-2017-000001629618 Pre-selected Bello Zainab
  1097. N-Teach-2017-000002228421 Pre-selected AMINA HUSSEINI
  1098. N-Teach-2017-000001271751 Pre-selected Ramatu Bello
  1099. N-Teach-2017-000001890780 Pre-selected LINDA BENSON
  1100. N-Teach-2017-000001039079 Pre-selected Temlari Patience Buba
  1101. N-Teach-2017-00000323827 Pre-selected Richard Pius Kaigama
  1102. N-Teach-2017-000001391608 Pre-selected Aishat Jada Aminu
  1103. N-Teach-2017-000001290596 Pre-selected Felix Bunu Bello
  1104. N-Teach-2017-00000685811 Pre-selected Sajo Ibrahim Jada
  1105. N-Teach-2017-00000386410 Pre-selected ONONIWU GLORIA
  1106. N-Teach-2017-000001601253 Pre-selected Fatima Sanbo Ibrahim
  1107. N-Teach-2017-000001043248 Pre-selected SIMON AUGUSTINE
  1108. N-Teach-2017-000001218702 Pre-selected IDOWU GRACE TOPE
  1109. N-Teach-2017-00000401884 Pre-selected UCHENNA JOHNPAUL EZEUKA
  1110. N-Teach-2017-000001913032 Pre-selected Haniel Momsiri
  1111. N-Teach-2017-000002302644 Pre-selected Abubakar Adamu Garamba
  1112. N-Teach-2017-000001817537 Pre-selected Adamu Gimba Mohammed
  1113. N-Teach-2017-000001831388 Pre-selected Daimatu Yuguda
  1114. N-Teach-2017-000002112187 Pre-selected Farida Nill Aliyu
  1115. N-Teach-2017-000001171423 Pre-selected mustapha mohammed
  1116. N-Teach-2017-000001594348 Pre-selected Kokina Emmanuel Kosa
  1117. N-Teach-2017-00000279434 Pre-selected Talatu Ibrahim
  1118. N-Teach-2017-000001170196 Pre-selected mohammed yusuf abba
  1119. N-Teach-2017-000002308946 Pre-selected Badamasi Mohammed Raji
  1120. N-Teach-2017-000001019489 Pre-selected Solomon Zira Amos
  1121. N-Teach-2017-000001692004 Pre-selected DORCAS LINUS
  1122. N-Teach-2017-00000434800 Pre-selected Zainab Jada Musa
  1123. N-Teach-2017-00000451466 Pre-selected Agnes Declan
  1124. N-Teach-2017-000001594507 Pre-selected Aminat Gangpete Ibrahim
  1125. N-Teach-2017-000001899472 Pre-selected Auwal Alhaji Jingi
  1126. N-Teach-2017-00000969820 Pre-selected Donald Sibutya Daniel
  1127. N-Teach-2017-00000754666 Pre-selected Favour Godwin
  1128. N-Teach-2017-00000806644 Pre-selected Gloria Bello
  1129. N-Teach-2017-000001900575 Pre-selected Fatima Ibrahim Abubakar
  1130. N-Teach-2017-000001384254 Pre-selected Bulus Yohanna Jauro
  1131. N-Teach-2017-000006679 Pre-selected Abubakar Adamu
  1132. N-Teach-2017-0000078134 Pre-selected IDRIS USMAN
  1133. N-Teach-2017-00000926205 Pre-selected Boniface Mary
  1134. N-Teach-2017-000001757734 Pre-selected Daiyiba Yusuf
  1135. N-Teach-2017-000002435882 Pre-selected Mohammed Nill Babangida
  1136. N-Teach-2017-000001755207 Pre-selected Nulamuga Abel
  1137. N-Teach-2017-000001383580 Pre-selected YUSUF A SULEIMAN
  1138. N-Teach-2017-000001838262 Pre-selected Raihanatu Abubakar
  1139. N-Teach-2017-000001933508 Pre-selected YAHAYA MOHAMMED FATIMA
  1140. N-Teach-2017-000001653194 Pre-selected Perpetua Geoffrey
  1141. N-Teach-2017-000001134832 Pre-selected SAFIYA HAMZA ALIYU
  1142. N-Teach-2017-000001324577 Pre-selected YAHAYA MOHAMMED RAMMA
  1143. N-Teach-2017-00000496289 Pre-selected REJOICE DANASABE TAMA
  1144. N-Teach-2017-00000497870 Pre-selected Dugumnari Dishon
  1145. N-Teach-2017-00000360670 Pre-selected UMAR ALHAJI USMAN
  1146. N-Teach-2017-00000308798 Pre-selected Grace Balami Dawi
  1147. N-Teach-2017-00000240201 Pre-selected ROSEMARY ANEGE UDAYA
  1148. N-Teach-2017-00000315084 Pre-selected Ruth Iliya
  1149. N-Teach-2017-0000043447 Pre-selected Adamu A Gambo
  1150. N-Teach-2017-00000508162 Pre-selected Abubakar Sunusi Mohammed
  1151. N-Teach-2017-00000557372 Pre-selected ADAMU SULEIMAN
  1152. N-Teach-2017-000001379723 Pre-selected patience Daniel
  1153. N-Teach-2017-0000046671 Pre-selected MATHIAS BENJAMIN
  1154. N-Teach-2017-00000953438 Pre-selected JAMEELA DAHIRU ABBA
  1155. N-Teach-2017-00000890260 Pre-selected Shawana Suleiman
  1156. N-Teach-2017-0000011987 Pre-selected ALI YUSUF
  1157. N-Teach-2017-00000682206 Pre-selected LAWAL MAAJI
  1158. N-Teach-2017-00000214252 Pre-selected shehu sani
  1159. N-Teach-2017-000001098292 Pre-selected SUNDAY PAUL
  1160. N-Teach-2017-000001547080 Pre-selected AUWAL NILL ABUBAKAR
  1161. N-Teach-2017-00000347730 Pre-selected DENIS SENGTOYANA
  1162. N-Teach-2017-000001337696 Pre-selected ISAAC SEMSUMI SOLOMON
  1163. N-Teach-2017-000001330571 Pre-selected AMOS DAVID
  1164. N-Teach-2017-00000346082 Pre-selected Dahiru Abubakar
  1165. N-Teach-2017-000002048892 Pre-selected ASA PATRICK SUNDAY
  1166. N-Teach-2017-00000686119 Pre-selected MOHAMMED GIDADO
  1167. N-Teach-2017-000002485548 Pre-selected MUHAMMED MURTALA MAHMUD
  1168. N-Teach-2017-00000902728 Pre-selected ABUBAKAR HAMMANJODA
  1169. N-Teach-2017-00000724047 Pre-selected Auwal Shehu
  1170. N-Teach-2017-00000179027 Pre-selected Mahmud Jada Aminu
  1171. N-Teach-2017-00000319917 Pre-selected MODU ALI YAGANA
  1172. N-Teach-2017-0000054719 Pre-selected Anthony Simon
  1173. N-Teach-2017-0000063957 Pre-selected Mohammed B Ahmed
  1174. N-Teach-2017-00000691926 Pre-selected Ahmad Abubakar Adam
  1175. N-Teach-2017-000002503672 Pre-selected ABDULLAHI ADAMU
  1176. N-Teach-2017-000001761837 Pre-selected Abubakar Suleiman Abubakar
  1177. N-Teach-2017-000001792564 Pre-selected YUSUF NILL HUSSAINI
  1178. N-Teach-2017-000001842754 Pre-selected GADDAFI GAINI
  1179. N-Teach-2017-000002150497 Pre-selected Abubakar Mohammed Gidado
  1180. N-Teach-2017-000001365875 Pre-selected Abubakar Usman
  1181. N-Teach-2017-00000397733 Pre-selected ALIYU PANTI USMAN
  1182. N-Teach-2017-00000571302 Pre-selected Musa Yusuf
  1183. N-Teach-2017-000001394599 Pre-selected HASSAN USMAN USMAN
  1184. N-Teach-2017-00000593069 Pre-selected Ahmed Barkindo
  1185. N-Teach-2017-00000365799 Pre-selected Isa Hamidu
  1186. N-Teach-2017-000001545716 Pre-selected BAPPA AHMAD JINGI
  1187. N-Teach-2017-00000553507 Pre-selected ABDULAZIZ ADAMU
  1188. N-Teach-2017-000001998588 Pre-selected Emmanuel Sedje Mathias
  1189. N-Teach-2017-00000896024 Pre-selected ABUBAKAR MOHAMMED
  1190. N-Teach-2017-000001271078 Pre-selected Umar Bello
  1191. N-Teach-2017-000001727867 Pre-selected NAFISA HAYATU ADAMU
  1192. N-Teach-2017-00000181658 Pre-selected JERRY JONATHAN JAMPEO
  1193. N-Teach-2017-00000293857 Pre-selected CHRISTOPHER CELESTINE
  1194. N-Teach-2017-00000940281 Pre-selected SA’AD SHAGARI USMAN
  1195. N-Teach-2017-00000516117 Pre-selected Mohammed Baba Shehu
  1196. N-Teach-2017-00000537410 Pre-selected Mohammed Garba
  1197. N-Teach-2017-000001176181 Pre-selected DANIEL GANUMBENI PIUS
  1198. N-Teach-2017-000002187704 Pre-selected Mahmud Dabo Mohammed
  1199. N-Teach-2017-0000015387 Pre-selected CALEP N. POTIPHER
  1200. N-Teach-2017-00000235841 Pre-selected Amina Mohammed Tukur
  1201. N-Teach-2017-00000331652 Pre-selected ABDULKARIM MOHAMMED
  1202. N-Teach-2017-00000684228 Pre-selected VITALIS VINCENT
  1203. N-Teach-2017-000002115491 Pre-selected BEATRICE JUSTINE
  1204. N-Teach-2017-000001325069 Pre-selected EMMANUEL GWAMMOH ISHAKU
  1205. N-Teach-2017-000001891558 Pre-selected Jerome Cecilia Cecilia
  1206. N-Teach-2017-00000265713 Pre-selected innocent Philemon
  1207. N-Teach-2017-00000198381 Pre-selected Sani Adamu
  1208. N-Teach-2017-000001356603 Pre-selected Saidu Mohammed
  1209. N-Teach-2017-000001457934 Pre-selected Felicia M Francis
  1210. N-Teach-2017-000001152782 Pre-selected Justice Julius
  1211. N-Teach-2017-000002031129 Pre-selected Sapwavi seth
  1212. N-Teach-2017-000001825306 Pre-selected Mercy Lot
  1213. N-Teach-2017-000002204196 Pre-selected Charles Pwaveno Elizabeth
  1214. N-Teach-2017-0000039221 Pre-selected Ozias S Taiya
  1215. N-Teach-2017-00000400715 Pre-selected Ezra Batu Nathan
  1216. N-Teach-2017-000001525333 Pre-selected PURAM ULSONA JONAH
  1217. N-Teach-2017-00000782680 Pre-selected TAGUSHI BINGHAM NZOHULATO
  1218. N-Teach-2017-00000574814 Pre-selected Amadiyu royal tusayi Hassan
  1219. N-Teach-2017-000001354865 Pre-selected THOMAS – TINA
  1220. N-Teach-2017-000001158769 Pre-selected Ruth Peter
  1221. N-Teach-2017-000001174398 Pre-selected QUEEN FERDINAND
  1222. N-Teach-2017-000001832586 Pre-selected Tatimi Abner Stanley
  1223. N-Teach-2017-000001682830 Pre-selected REBECCA SIMON
  1224. N-Teach-2017-000002439845 Pre-selected minister Arama Thambu
  1225. N-Teach-2017-000001895335 Pre-selected Kareen Ambrose Tanyishi
  1226. N-Teach-2017-000001366707 Pre-selected Edith Gregory Murey
  1227. N-Teach-2017-000001963707 Pre-selected mary jacob
  1228. N-Teach-2017-000001153216 Pre-selected Ayuba Boyi
  1229. N-Teach-2017-000001892034 Pre-selected PWAPALDI JOMUSU
  1230. N-Teach-2017-00000298703 Pre-selected subewope Nelson
  1231. N-Teach-2017-000001696467 Pre-selected Mato John
  1232. N-Teach-2017-000001455838 Pre-selected Pwano P J Leasado
  1233. N-Teach-2017-000001877474 Pre-selected STEPHEN TAHAKAI None
  1234. N-Teach-2017-00000713190 Pre-selected Kani Baji James
  1235. N-Teach-2017-00000921974 Pre-selected friday ephraim gaisuwa
  1236. N-Teach-2017-00000297141 Pre-selected Justina Justine
  1237. N-Teach-2017-000002279784 Pre-selected PHILOMINA HASSAN
  1238. N-Teach-2017-00000968674 Pre-selected Jimuruna Yohanna
  1239. N-Teach-2017-00000698044 Pre-selected HANNATU MANZO
  1240. N-Teach-2017-00000564378 Pre-selected BLESSING CHARLES WAZIRI
  1241. N-Teach-2017-00000248064 Pre-selected Kyauta Jerome
  1242. N-Teach-2017-00000802654 Pre-selected Tipto Mana Evans
  1243. N-Teach-2017-0000053901 Pre-selected Moses Patrick
  1244. N-Teach-2017-00000137125 Pre-selected Melody Gerard
  1245. N-Teach-2017-000001992565 Pre-selected ABIGAIL HASSAN
  1246. N-Teach-2017-000002028084 Pre-selected WREFORD ISHAKU MAKSHA
  1247. N-Teach-2017-000001039413 Pre-selected Nicholas Ayuba Smith
  1248. N-Teach-2017-000001539714 Pre-selected Danladi Mohammed
  1249. N-Teach-2017-00000344985 Pre-selected BULUS SIMON SIMON
  1250. N-Teach-2017-00000204080 Pre-selected Kalairo Ahmadu
  1251. N-Teach-2017-0000084609 Pre-selected Luwa Sofeme Napwa
  1252. N-Teach-2017-00000320484 Pre-selected Joseph Nuhu
  1253. N-Teach-2017-00000531069 Pre-selected Nancy Jaba
  1254. N-Teach-2017-000002141077 Pre-selected Esther Benson
  1255. N-Teach-2017-00000632218 Pre-selected mirma Jonah
  1256. N-Teach-2017-000002090465 Pre-selected Sheba Timothy Majos
  1257. N-Teach-2017-00000919827 Pre-selected Samuel Rukaiyatu Joseph
  1258. N-Teach-2017-00000944528 Pre-selected Mwamdirga Gibson
  1259. N-Teach-2017-00000296637 Pre-selected PWANANA BATROBAS VANUS
  1260. N-Teach-2017-000001419558 Pre-selected ZATI CLETUS
  1261. N-Teach-2017-000001466982 Pre-selected Felicia Titus
  1262. N-Teach-2017-000002134641 Pre-selected Umsaudat Saidu
  1263. N-Teach-2017-000001526183 Pre-selected NGOBOSOM KWANISON TAMOH
  1264. N-Teach-2017-00000798750 Pre-selected Donald Habila Maniyo
  1265. N-Teach-2017-00000981125 Pre-selected Emmanuel Dominic Medugu
  1266. N-Teach-2017-00000999384 Pre-selected LEMUEL LOUIS
  1267. N-Teach-2017-00000367374 Pre-selected BULUS ZARO
  1268. N-Teach-2017-000001494817 Pre-selected nancy nedley nyama
  1269. N-Teach-2017-000001587567 Pre-selected Better Kenneth Keeper
  1270. N-Teach-2017-000001765492 Pre-selected PWADADI OMEGA PWANIDI
  1271. N-Teach-2017-000001483921 Pre-selected Milkatu Haruna
  1272. N-Teach-2017-000001923253 Pre-selected Dimin Yakubu
  1273. N-Teach-2017-00000392125 Pre-selected Maureen Victor
  1274. N-Teach-2017-00000531397 Pre-selected Ahaso Madisen Dashibayi
  1275. N-Teach-2017-000001865470 Pre-selected Judith Philip
  1276. N-Teach-2017-00000821167 Pre-selected Joseph Ishaya Abada
  1277. N-Teach-2017-000001058067 Pre-selected Kenneth Emmanuel Eluu
  1278. N-Teach-2017-000001218840 Pre-selected Jibrin Ibrahim Maina
  1279. N-Teach-2017-000002154811 Pre-selected Gloria Istifanus
  1280. N-Teach-2017-00000403075 Pre-selected MARK PWADADI IRMIYA
  1281. N-Teach-2017-000001516750 Pre-selected Aloysius Frederick Wano
  1282. N-Teach-2017-000001263337 Pre-selected Jesse Abawu James
  1283. N-Teach-2017-00000639487 Pre-selected LEVI REUBEN YUNANA
  1284. N-Teach-2017-00000297838 Pre-selected ANTHONY NIL ELI
  1285. N-Teach-2017-0000078979 Pre-selected ABDULLAHI MURTALA
  1286. N-Teach-2017-000002079730 Pre-selected tusayi anita zik
  1287. N-Teach-2017-00000329725 Pre-selected Orpha Ungbede Anthony
  1288. N-Teach-2017-000001668163 Pre-selected THOMAS AGNES
  1289. N-Teach-2017-00000359800 Pre-selected Karlmax Haruna
  1290. N-Teach-2017-00000433890 Pre-selected Benjamin Elon Dangaye
  1291. N-Teach-2017-00000740352 Pre-selected Gudomopwa Philip Pwadeno
  1292. N-Teach-2017-00000413470 Pre-selected Michael Kantu Sylvanus
  1293. N-Teach-2017-000002341159 Pre-selected PENUEL DIGAZI KASANDADI
  1294. N-Teach-2017-00000641099 Pre-selected KULLUMPWA DIMAS
  1295. N-Teach-2017-000002111077 Pre-selected Rita Yusuf Auta
  1296. N-Teach-2017-00000410818 Pre-selected Ayuba Justine
  1297. N-Teach-2017-000001062352 Pre-selected Felicia Yayirus
  1298. N-Teach-2017-00000101905 Pre-selected PWAHOMRI BATROBAS VANUS
  1299. N-Teach-2017-00000906546 Pre-selected Pius zaphania Sunday
  1300. N-Teach-2017-00000134215 Pre-selected ABUBAKAR BABANGIDA
  1301. N-Teach-2017-00000224913 Pre-selected seth lemuel murey
  1302. N-Teach-2017-0000051366 Pre-selected JONIGA EMMANUEL
  1303. N-Teach-2017-00000911552 Pre-selected Augustine Sylvester Hussaini
  1304. N-Teach-2017-000001197079 Pre-selected RIFKATU ZEPHANIAH
  1305. N-Teach-2017-000001124935 Pre-selected Frank Dan’asabe Garba
  1306. N-Teach-2017-000001477977 Pre-selected holiness pwaakari elisha
  1307. N-Teach-2017-000002368869 Pre-selected kelechi peter
  1308. N-Teach-2017-000002302567 Pre-selected KPANLLA JUNG CHRIMON
  1309. N-Teach-2017-000001393264 Pre-selected Daniel Ledasei Godwin
  1310. N-Teach-2017-000001420171 Pre-selected MILETUS PWAVODI PAUL
  1311. N-Teach-2017-000001861776 Pre-selected SIMON TIMOTHY YAKUBU
  1312. N-Teach-2017-000001151398 Pre-selected JANET ENOCH
  1313. N-Teach-2017-000001252786 Pre-selected Amana Jatau
  1314. N-Teach-2017-00000342686 Pre-selected PHANUEL HAKAPWA JEKEKO
  1315. N-Teach-2017-00000875567 Pre-selected Richard Martins
  1316. N-Teach-2017-00000668494 Pre-selected Dumsami Davidson
  1317. N-Teach-2017-00000896353 Pre-selected Jude Buba
  1318. N-Teach-2017-000002543969 Pre-selected NKECHI DANIEL
  1319. N-Teach-2017-00000895864 Pre-selected Abel Simon
  1320. N-Teach-2017-00000134143 Pre-selected Ibrahim Salihu Idris
  1321. N-Teach-2017-000001818401 Pre-selected pwanokurma OBADIAH BONIFACE
  1322. N-Teach-2017-000001339206 Pre-selected ELAM FRIDAY
  1323. N-Teach-2017-000002182006 Pre-selected KONBE PATRICK
  1324. N-Teach-2017-000001491873 Pre-selected Shagnah Vincent Pwatuti
  1325. N-Teach-2017-000001065422 Pre-selected Akanyeroto Zidon
  1326. N-Teach-2017-000001311968 Pre-selected Jerome Maga
  1327. N-Teach-2017-00000610400 Pre-selected Hinapwa Stephen Stanley
  1328. N-Teach-2017-00000200204 Pre-selected Japhet Okwu Anthony
  1329. N-Teach-2017-00000146200 Pre-selected SAMUEL ZARO JELESIN
  1330. N-Teach-2017-00000757337 Pre-selected Patience Tumba Joseph
  1331. N-Teach-2017-00000919010 Pre-selected Precious Raymond
  1332. N-Teach-2017-0000090090 Pre-selected HOSEA IRMIYA
  1333. N-Teach-2017-000002447525 Pre-selected Domi Garba Alford
  1334. N-Teach-2017-00000449696 Pre-selected Clarkson Nemuel
  1335. N-Teach-2017-000001961386 Pre-selected peter victor
  1336. N-Teach-2017-00000238213 Pre-selected Tasubwagi Zidon
  1337. N-Teach-2017-00000579340 Pre-selected BENEDICT MINAKARO
  1338. N-Teach-2017-00000236843 Pre-selected Niyomdoso Jerimonth
  1339. N-Teach-2017-00000207754 Pre-selected JUSTINA FIDELIS
  1340. N-Teach-2017-000002130921 Pre-selected Yusuf Adamu
  1341. N-Teach-2017-00000244622 Pre-selected Danladi Ismaila Musa
  1342. N-Teach-2017-00000737872 Pre-selected Abdulrahman Gadzama Ali
  1343. N-Teach-2017-000002224988 Pre-selected Ezzika Romanus Ejika
  1344. N-Teach-2017-000001391772 Pre-selected GAMBO MEDUGU DANLADI
  1345. N-Teach-2017-000001612981 Pre-selected GADZAMA PETER UJULU
  1346. N-Teach-2017-00000240331 Pre-selected ujulu james
  1347. N-Teach-2017-0000078807 Pre-selected GWADEDA YAKUBU
  1348. N-Teach-2017-000001682649 Pre-selected Maina Abdulkadir Najeeb
  1349. N-Teach-2017-000002454515 Pre-selected Augustine Angelo
  1350. N-Teach-2017-00000940028 Pre-selected Abdulkarim Hynam Yakubu
  1351. N-Teach-2017-000001630669 Pre-selected Abdulkarim Ibrahim Abba
  1352. N-Teach-2017-00000264265 Pre-selected Markus Papka
  1353. N-Teach-2017-000001547345 Pre-selected Ayuba Konchesky Tizhe
  1354. N-Teach-2017-00000388039 Pre-selected LUCY MAMADU
  1355. N-Teach-2017-000002159588 Pre-selected Michael Yillar Dalla
  1356. N-Teach-2017-000002100489 Pre-selected Apagu . Adiju
  1357. N-Teach-2017-00000237892 Pre-selected Hamman umaru
  1358. N-Teach-2017-000002369352 Pre-selected Esther Aiden
  1359. N-Teach-2017-000002131787 Pre-selected PETER CHILE WAZAMDA
  1360. N-Teach-2017-00000553813 Pre-selected JANADA APASS BITRUS
  1361. N-Teach-2017-000002420062 Pre-selected MARTHA MIHIRYU
  1362. N-Teach-2017-000001046903 Pre-selected Musa Michael
  1363. N-Teach-2017-00000821508 Pre-selected AYISA DUNYANARI PAUL
  1364. N-Teach-2017-00000232201 Pre-selected Ussa Emmanuel
  1365. N-Teach-2017-00000181926 Pre-selected ROSE SALABA MAINA
  1366. N-Teach-2017-00000105960 Pre-selected ASABE TITUS
  1367. N-Teach-2017-0000048629 Pre-selected Grace Buba
  1368. N-Teach-2017-00000331023 Pre-selected ABDULAZIZ IBRAHIM
  1369. N-Teach-2017-00000569900 Pre-selected Bukar Paul
  1370. N-Teach-2017-000001315381 Pre-selected victoria bitrus
  1371. N-Teach-2017-00000527420 Pre-selected Angelina Tizhe
  1372. N-Teach-2017-000001158464 Pre-selected Jummai Lagu
  1373. N-Teach-2017-000001505352 Pre-selected Blessing Peter
  1374. N-Teach-2017-000001438113 Pre-selected HASSANA HARUNA
  1375. N-Teach-2017-000001319844 Pre-selected IJAPARI FAITH JAFARU
  1376. N-Teach-2017-00000390356 Pre-selected HAPPY PAUL
  1377. N-Teach-2017-00000257912 Pre-selected EMMANUEL BIRDLING HYARIJU
  1378. N-Teach-2017-00000915120 Pre-selected Habiba Gambo
  1379. N-Teach-2017-00000200142 Pre-selected IJABANI JOHN
  1380. N-Teach-2017-00000915409 Pre-selected IJAPARI YUSUFU
  1381. N-Teach-2017-00000916470 Pre-selected JESSICA SINAMAI MARK
  1382. N-Teach-2017-000001753099 Pre-selected Habiba Musa
  1383. N-Teach-2017-000002318911 Pre-selected Nafisa Abdulhamid
  1384. N-Teach-2017-00000610923 Pre-selected Agnes Jummai Anthony
  1385. N-Teach-2017-000002206378 Pre-selected Queen Thomas
  1386. N-Teach-2017-00000398044 Pre-selected HIMOORE NATHANIEL ADAMU
  1387. N-Teach-2017-000001955318 Pre-selected Nahyani Anita Ijaraya
  1388. N-Teach-2017-00000193800 Pre-selected Ayuba D Gamaraja
  1389. N-Teach-2017-00000843022 Pre-selected Abigail Andrew
  1390. N-Teach-2017-00000177132 Pre-selected REJOICE DAVID
  1391. N-Teach-2017-00000617546 Pre-selected Hauwa Hannatu Thomas
  1392. N-Teach-2017-00000589694 Pre-selected christiana IBRAHIM
  1393. N-Teach-2017-00000141360 Pre-selected RAYMOND TOROMA GADZAMA
  1394. N-Teach-2017-00000250499 Pre-selected Elias Daniel John
  1395. N-Teach-2017-000002137745 Pre-selected Hannatu Daniel
  1396. N-Teach-2017-00000408521 Pre-selected Ibrahim . Yakubu
  1397. N-Teach-2017-00000909913 Pre-selected Janet Peter
  1398. N-Teach-2017-000002210782 Pre-selected TUMBREHYA PHILEMON
  1399. N-Teach-2017-00000403796 Pre-selected APAGU DONALD
  1400. N-Teach-2017-00000719198 Pre-selected Rhoda Philip
  1401. N-Teach-2017-0000046215 Pre-selected NDZARWA WILSON DANLADI
  1402. N-Teach-2017-00000291271 Pre-selected ASABE MUSA
  1403. N-Teach-2017-0000014056 Pre-selected JULIUS DINAHI IDI
  1404. N-Teach-2017-000002203923 Pre-selected Mathias Njidari
  1405. N-Teach-2017-00000489257 Pre-selected Ruth Samson
  1406. N-Teach-2017-00000603702 Pre-selected Thlama Hyariju Birthling
  1407. N-Teach-2017-00000551334 Pre-selected Suguma Samaila
  1408. N-Teach-2017-00000575678 Pre-selected Patricia Finbar
  1409. N-Teach-2017-000001129565 Pre-selected ROSE DAVID
  1410. N-Teach-2017-00000795400 Pre-selected AGNES PATRICK
  1411. N-Teach-2017-00000588586 Pre-selected Godiya Daniel
  1412. N-Teach-2017-00000860220 Pre-selected JUSTINA JAMES MOSES
  1413. N-Teach-2017-00000168515 Pre-selected EMMANUEL DAVID
  1414. N-Teach-2017-000004187 Pre-selected Sunday Burbur
  1415. N-Teach-2017-00000195978 Pre-selected IJAFEDA GADZAMA ANDRAWUS
  1416. N-Teach-2017-00000207803 Pre-selected YAHAYA BELLO
  1417. N-Teach-2017-00000581273 Pre-selected Suzana Ambrose Luka
  1418. N-Teach-2017-00000619719 Pre-selected Racheal Simon
  1419. N-Teach-2017-000001402943 Pre-selected SUNDAY YERWA BENJAMIN
  1420. N-Teach-2017-000001250251 Pre-selected ELIZABETH JOHN
  1421. N-Teach-2017-00000100898 Pre-selected Patrick Ndastada Margi
  1422. N-Teach-2017-00000930141 Pre-selected Bello Garba
  1423. N-Teach-2017-00000286822 Pre-selected GODIYA AMADI JOSHUA
  1424. N-Teach-2017-00000724369 Pre-selected Altine Adamu
  1425. N-Teach-2017-000001667852 Pre-selected Ijai Martin
  1426. N-Teach-2017-00000593934 Pre-selected Roland Achaba John
  1427. N-Teach-2017-000001658130 Pre-selected AUWALU YUGUDA
  1428. N-Teach-2017-00000364564 Pre-selected EDWARD MICHAEL
  1429. N-Teach-2017-000001727277 Pre-selected James Kwaji
  1430. N-Teach-2017-000001999952 Pre-selected Jacob Anthony
  1431. N-Teach-2017-00000414550 Pre-selected Ijafiya Isaac
  1432. N-Teach-2017-00000633690 Pre-selected Ijakirayu Samuel Apagu
  1433. N-Teach-2017-000001180507 Pre-selected Timothy Bitrus
  1434. N-Teach-2017-000001225631 Pre-selected JAPHET ISHAKU
  1435. N-Teach-2017-00000386268 Pre-selected Fidelis Burbur Pius
  1436. N-Teach-2017-000001893373 Pre-selected JOSEPH WANGARI FRANCIS
  1437. N-Teach-2017-00000623378 Pre-selected SAMSON YASHITSI
  1438. N-Teach-2017-00000619551 Pre-selected tanko Ijadi
  1439. N-Teach-2017-00000506192 Pre-selected SAMAILA STEPHEN
  1440. N-Teach-2017-000002480939 Pre-selected Hamatukur Abubakar
  1441. N-Teach-2017-000001657656 Pre-selected Yusuf Achidama Alashau
  1442. N-Teach-2017-00000851060 Pre-selected DEBORAH GARBA
  1443. N-Teach-2017-00000264691 Pre-selected Amos Margimari
  1444. N-Teach-2017-000001077343 Pre-selected malkisadik luka
  1445. N-Teach-2017-000008804 Pre-selected usiju simon
  1446. N-Teach-2017-00000446691 Pre-selected Sharon Ntasiri Emmanuel
  1447. N-Teach-2017-000001768842 Pre-selected ISAAC MELCHIZEDEK SATUMARI
  1448. N-Teach-2017-000001575070 Pre-selected marcel yohanna kaigama
  1449. N-Teach-2017-00000378522 Pre-selected BULUS . VICTORIA
  1450. N-Teach-2017-000001706655 Pre-selected GODWIN PURU STEPHEN
  1451. N-Teach-2017-000001469362 Pre-selected EMMANUEL WADZANI
  1452. N-Teach-2017-00000500786 Pre-selected Vashawa Iliya
  1453. N-Teach-2017-00000545642 Pre-selected Barka Amos Amos
  1454. N-Teach-2017-00000801644 Pre-selected Amos . Emmanuel
  1455. N-Teach-2017-00000530663 Pre-selected KEFAS JOHN
  1456. N-Teach-2017-000009342 Pre-selected Friday Medugu Stephen
  1457. N-Teach-2017-00000157740 Pre-selected Hauwa Antawa
  1458. N-Teach-2017-00000524850 Pre-selected Esther Ishaya
  1459. N-Teach-2017-000001974235 Pre-selected JAMES FEE
  1460. N-Teach-2017-00000838161 Pre-selected Ijai Dzugwariyu
  1461. N-Teach-2017-000001097627 Pre-selected John . Mathias
  1462. N-Teach-2017-000001030339 Pre-selected SHUAIBU ABDULKARIM ABDULKARIM
  1463. N-Teach-2017-00000915872 Pre-selected IBRAHIM ISHAKU
  1464. N-Teach-2017-00000165727 Pre-selected Mathew Augustine
  1465. N-Teach-2017-00000563210 Pre-selected Ismaila Mohammed Dadi
  1466. N-Teach-2017-00000232249 Pre-selected mishai ishaku
  1467. N-Teach-2017-000002363535 Pre-selected Rashida Musa
  1468. N-Teach-2017-00000962207 Pre-selected Godia Hayatu Yerima
  1469. N-Teach-2017-000002444464 Pre-selected Ummulhairi Malam Mohammed
  1470. N-Teach-2017-000001588690 Pre-selected Rashida Isa
  1471. N-Teach-2017-000002394840 Pre-selected ABDULRAHMAN MOHAMMED
  1472. N-Teach-2017-000001567200 Pre-selected MARYAM MUSA
  1473. N-Teach-2017-00000966882 Pre-selected Samaila Hayatu Yerima
  1474. N-Teach-2017-000001811779 Pre-selected Suwaiba Mustapha
  1475. N-Teach-2017-000001719600 Pre-selected JUMMAI YUNANA
  1476. N-Teach-2017-000001395775 Pre-selected MARKUS MARYAMU
  1477. N-Teach-2017-00000680055 Pre-selected Aishatu Umar
  1478. N-Teach-2017-00000844530 Pre-selected Ahmed Belel Mohammed
  1479. N-Teach-2017-000001186231 Pre-selected NAOMI JOEL
  1480. N-Teach-2017-00000500927 Pre-selected Ndafte Charles Masega
  1481. N-Teach-2017-00000682004 Pre-selected Dahiru Mohammed Dadi
  1482. N-Teach-2017-00000943723 Pre-selected Christiana Joseph
  1483. N-Teach-2017-000002286694 Pre-selected umar belel ahmed
  1484. N-Teach-2017-000001389221 Pre-selected LYDIA JAMES
  1485. N-Teach-2017-000001081838 Pre-selected ASABE MOSES
  1486. N-Teach-2017-00000152616 Pre-selected Lydia Ayuba
  1487. N-Teach-2017-0000014719 Pre-selected RAKIBU HAMMAN
  1488. N-Teach-2017-000001015838 Pre-selected LOIS ELISHA
  1489. N-Teach-2017-000001519452 Pre-selected Adamu Jingi
  1490. N-Teach-2017-000001006444 Pre-selected ZIDANI NATHANIEL
  1491. N-Teach-2017-000001151883 Pre-selected CHANUBIYA SAMSON
  1492. N-Teach-2017-000001378963 Pre-selected Khadija Modibbo
  1493. N-Teach-2017-000001784245 Pre-selected Omiteru Kabiru Abiodun
  1494. N-Teach-2017-000001009877 Pre-selected YAWAFITE NATHANIEL
  1495. N-Teach-2017-00000977942 Pre-selected ASABE YAKUBU
  1496. N-Teach-2017-00000846619 Pre-selected RAHIMATU ALIYU
  1497. N-Teach-2017-00000355859 Pre-selected HASSAN AHMADU
  1498. N-Teach-2017-000001848181 Pre-selected Ibrahim Hussiena Adamu
  1499. N-Teach-2017-00000620944 Pre-selected ROSEMARY HUSSEINI
  1500. N-Teach-2017-000001907865 Pre-selected abdulazeez Dauda
  1501. N-Teach-2017-00000530338 Pre-selected Godiya Jonathan
  1502. N-Teach-2017-00000507117 Pre-selected Saratu Daniel
  1503. N-Teach-2017-00000952607 Pre-selected AISHA USMAN
  1504. N-Teach-2017-00000754776 Pre-selected Rejoice Elisha
  1505. N-Teach-2017-00000785514 Pre-selected Ahmed Mohammed
  1506. N-Teach-2017-00000536180 Pre-selected Suleiman Abba Mohammed
  1507. N-Teach-2017-00000194439 Pre-selected funmilayo temitope oladipupo
  1508. N-Teach-2017-0000012962 Pre-selected MONICA ISHAYA
  1509. N-Teach-2017-00000682415 Pre-selected KAULAT AJI MUHAMMAD
  1510. N-Teach-2017-000001833041 Pre-selected EMMY ALPHONSUS
  1511. N-Teach-2017-00000423577 Pre-selected RAFIYATU MUSA
  1512. N-Teach-2017-000001053887 Pre-selected HADIZA YUSUF
  1513. N-Teach-2017-00000267695 Pre-selected ABUBAKAR IBRAHIM
  1514. N-Teach-2017-0000011252 Pre-selected ALIYUDA JONATHAN
  1515. N-Teach-2017-000001699091 Pre-selected MELKA ISHAYA
  1516. N-Teach-2017-000002415901 Pre-selected Sakinatu Saidu
  1517. N-Teach-2017-00000575491 Pre-selected MOHAMMED BABANGIDA SULEIMAN
  1518. N-Teach-2017-00000561415 Pre-selected VICTOR ELISHA OBINNA
  1519. N-Teach-2017-00000404028 Pre-selected Banahan Titus
  1520. N-Teach-2017-00000949765 Pre-selected Yahya A Ibrahim
  1521. N-Teach-2017-00000151368 Pre-selected Umar Sale
  1522. N-Teach-2017-00000764754 Pre-selected Hamza Abdullahi
  1523. N-Teach-2017-00000104283 Pre-selected ABDULRAUF ADAMU
  1524. N-Teach-2017-00000772957 Pre-selected UMARU DAUDA NUHU
  1525. N-Teach-2017-00000536592 Pre-selected PATRICIA VINCENT
  1526. N-Teach-2017-000001271586 Pre-selected AISHATU DADI MOHAMMED
  1527. N-Teach-2017-00000590371 Pre-selected JANET JOSEPH
  1528. N-Teach-2017-000001484841 Pre-selected Adamu Iliyasu
  1529. N-Teach-2017-000001634366 Pre-selected Umaru Ahmadu
  1530. N-Teach-2017-000001605457 Pre-selected Umar Abubakar
  1531. N-Teach-2017-00000593029 Pre-selected USMAN UMARU
  1532. N-Teach-2017-000002005637 Pre-selected Adamu Hamisu Gambo
  1533. N-Teach-2017-000001005973 Pre-selected Mani Danmama Saleh
  1534. N-Teach-2017-00000567012 Pre-selected AHMADU A ALFA
  1535. N-Teach-2017-000002148863 Pre-selected AMOS ISHAYA
  1536. N-Teach-2017-000002006403 Pre-selected Umaru Bello
  1537. N-Teach-2017-000002292477 Pre-selected Farida Yakubu
  1538. N-Teach-2017-00000875554 Pre-selected Sunday Alheri
  1539. N-Teach-2017-00000679745 Pre-selected Abubakar Ndottijo Suleiman
  1540. N-Teach-2017-00000243618 Pre-selected Hyellamada Karniyus
  1541. N-Teach-2017-00000106928 Pre-selected Dauda Sali
  1542. N-Teach-2017-00000640815 Pre-selected Aliyu Modibbo Abdullahi
  1543. N-Teach-2017-00000357273 Pre-selected UMARU DAUDA
  1544. N-Teach-2017-000001563826 Pre-selected Mohammed K. Adamu
  1545. N-Teach-2017-00000240917 Pre-selected Hassan Abubakar
  1546. N-Teach-2017-00000799838 Pre-selected Rogers Wazakari Roland
  1547. N-Teach-2017-00000226242 Pre-selected ISHAKU EZEKIEL
  1548. N-Teach-2017-0000032757 Pre-selected THADDAWUS JONATHAN
  1549. N-Teach-2017-00000319736 Pre-selected Sadiq Alhaji Ahmadu
  1550. N-Teach-2017-000001362224 Pre-selected NDAFTE POLYCARP
  1551. N-Teach-2017-000001167456 Pre-selected Ishaka Modibbo Hammawa
  1552. N-Teach-2017-00000422514 Pre-selected JONATHAN TITUS
  1553. N-Teach-2017-000001132661 Pre-selected REJOICE MUSA
  1554. N-Teach-2017-00000634264 Pre-selected Sali Yakubu
  1555. N-Teach-2017-000002026463 Pre-selected ELIMINA JOEL
  1556. N-Teach-2017-00000839486 Pre-selected ISHAKU YAKUBU
  1557. N-Teach-2017-00000100968 Pre-selected Solomon . Ibrahim
  1558. N-Teach-2017-00000771201 Pre-selected Sa’ad Idi Abdullahi
  1559. N-Teach-2017-00000851594 Pre-selected Jamilu Nuhu
  1560. N-Teach-2017-0000053998 Pre-selected Mustapha Suleiman
  1561. N-Teach-2017-0000096255 Pre-selected Abdulrazak Adamu
  1562. N-Teach-2017-00000747914 Pre-selected JIBRAILU A DANIEL
  1563. N-Teach-2017-00000543131 Pre-selected Dauda Enoch
  1564. N-Teach-2017-00000108298 Pre-selected MUBARAK IBRAHIM
  1565. N-Teach-2017-00000170777 Pre-selected Dimas Mijjah Friday
  1566. N-Teach-2017-000001820951 Pre-selected Hassan Modibbo Saidu
  1567. N-Teach-2017-000001801511 Pre-selected Hajara Umaru
  1568. N-Teach-2017-00000764240 Pre-selected Yahaya Daniel
  1569. N-Teach-2017-00000595058 Pre-selected Mansur Yahya
  1570. N-Teach-2017-00000312317 Pre-selected Nafisa Mohammed Mahmud
  1571. N-Teach-2017-000001869332 Pre-selected Gayus Ezekiel
  1572. N-Teach-2017-00000771609 Pre-selected Aliyu Bashir
  1573. N-Teach-2017-000001846664 Pre-selected Ibrahim Suleiman
  1574. N-Teach-2017-000001408195 Pre-selected Blessing . Hassan
  1575. N-Teach-2017-00000688159 Pre-selected Ibrahim Umar
  1576. N-Teach-2017-00000218949 Pre-selected Abubakar Audu
  1577. N-Teach-2017-00000618587 Pre-selected Abdulrahman Jamilu Abubakar
  1578. N-Teach-2017-000001528947 Pre-selected IBRAHIM MOHAMMED
  1579. N-Teach-2017-000001305494 Pre-selected salomi hajima anthony
  1580. N-Teach-2017-00000378534 Pre-selected Sarah Tansiye Binos
  1581. N-Teach-2017-000001856714 Pre-selected YUSUF PARIYA UMAR
  1582. N-Teach-2017-00000165325 Pre-selected LUNYALUWA RAYMOND
  1583. N-Teach-2017-00000806104 Pre-selected ANYE HOSSANA
  1584. N-Teach-2017-00000591606 Pre-selected Umar Yuguda Umar
  1585. N-Teach-2017-00000645343 Pre-selected ALHASSAN AHMED
  1586. N-Teach-2017-000001818096 Pre-selected Mohammed Balarabe Hassan
  1587. N-Teach-2017-000001982729 Pre-selected bello – usman
  1588. N-Teach-2017-00000633801 Pre-selected Ibrahim Gatugel Usman
  1589. N-Teach-2017-00000276519 Pre-selected YEGOSIBE VOGADIKA
  1590. N-Teach-2017-000001808273 Pre-selected RICHARD BULUS
  1591. N-Teach-2017-000001620908 Pre-selected ABDULRASHEED ABUBAKAR
  1592. N-Teach-2017-00000532731 Pre-selected Deborah Meshack
  1593. N-Teach-2017-0000068317 Pre-selected Yumaba Jitumbe Markus
  1594. N-Teach-2017-000001117295 Pre-selected DAHIRU HAMMAN ADAMA
  1595. N-Teach-2017-00000386133 Pre-selected LOVE KONVIZINTI
  1596. N-Teach-2017-000001917078 Pre-selected rashida aliyu hammanyero
  1597. N-Teach-2017-00000433595 Pre-selected Adamu Abdullahi
  1598. N-Teach-2017-00000671839 Pre-selected KHALID HAMMAN-YERO DAHIRU
  1599. N-Teach-2017-00000589323 Pre-selected FADIMATU MAHMUD
  1600. N-Teach-2017-000001995842 Pre-selected Abubakar Dahiru
  1601. N-Teach-2017-00000644497 Pre-selected Daniel David Waidama
  1602. N-Teach-2017-00000626103 Pre-selected Tambinti Joseph
  1603. N-Teach-2017-00000357852 Pre-selected Kirennubi Judith Yudah
  1604. N-Teach-2017-00000531183 Pre-selected Usman Jingi
  1605. N-Teach-2017-000002500106 Pre-selected REMER RENOS
  1606. N-Teach-2017-0000073753 Pre-selected Glory Anthony
  1607. N-Teach-2017-00000928371 Pre-selected Abigail Godwin
  1608. N-Teach-2017-000001663697 Pre-selected COMFORT BAKARI
  1609. N-Teach-2017-00000576271 Pre-selected PANTAPIRI HASRUNA
  1610. N-Teach-2017-00000584469 Pre-selected Rabecca Markus Hananiya
  1611. N-Teach-2017-000001728316 Pre-selected TALATU ADEBO
  1612. N-Teach-2017-00000613712 Pre-selected HONESTY AMOS JABBARI
  1613. N-Teach-2017-00000519254 Pre-selected lawal osseinat kehinde
  1614. N-Teach-2017-000002055262 Pre-selected Godspower Okhomen
  1615. N-Teach-2017-000001386090 Pre-selected Ilosibe Dennis –
  1616. N-Teach-2017-000001121651 Pre-selected Susuti Yerima Nemuel
  1617. N-Teach-2017-00000558965 Pre-selected MATHIAS GRACE
  1618. N-Teach-2017-00000525179 Pre-selected Christiana Militus
  1619. N-Teach-2017-000001262233 Pre-selected BADARIYA MOHAMMED
  1620. N-Teach-2017-000001652381 Pre-selected Rubiyasima Bethuel
  1621. N-Teach-2017-000001817765 Pre-selected AMINA IBRAHIM BAROS
  1622. N-Teach-2017-00000566971 Pre-selected Farinciki Yunana
  1623. N-Teach-2017-000001615040 Pre-selected FADIMATU ABUBAKAR
  1624. N-Teach-2017-00000467653 Pre-selected SOLOMON JINUSA
  1625. N-Teach-2017-000001297880 Pre-selected Asiya Baba Inuwa
  1626. N-Teach-2017-000001654781 Pre-selected Faith Riddley
  1627. N-Teach-2017-00000106304 Pre-selected Agnes Amos
  1628. N-Teach-2017-00000963661 Pre-selected Hannatu Haruna
  1629. N-Teach-2017-00000736485 Pre-selected YA’U IBRAHIM KILBORI
  1630. N-Teach-2017-00000361562 Pre-selected Astajam Mahmud
  1631. N-Teach-2017-000001367390 Pre-selected TIRIYANG ILIYA
  1632. N-Teach-2017-000001779815 Pre-selected NYANAMMA FRANCIS
  1633. N-Teach-2017-000001124203 Pre-selected DAUDA MARYAM
  1634. N-Teach-2017-000002318016 Pre-selected NATHANIEL – SONKATINAN
  1635. N-Teach-2017-00000363993 Pre-selected MERCY HOSEA
  1636. N-Teach-2017-0000030731 Pre-selected Moses Yunana
  1637. N-Teach-2017-00000676887 Pre-selected Catherine Dimas
  1638. N-Teach-2017-000002492196 Pre-selected Jonah Basurunasi
  1639. N-Teach-2017-00000106872 Pre-selected LENGYAH JOSEPH
  1640. N-Teach-2017-00000189120 Pre-selected Shamsiya Abubakar
  1641. N-Teach-2017-00000148700 Pre-selected Ruth Caleb
  1642. N-Teach-2017-000001322838 Pre-selected Vesurang Magaji
  1643. N-Teach-2017-00000175771 Pre-selected Yusuf Hassan Aliyu
  1644. N-Teach-2017-000002345550 Pre-selected Celestina Ubandoma
  1645. N-Teach-2017-000002144893 Pre-selected Rashida Ahmed Iya
  1646. N-Teach-2017-000001637260 Pre-selected SERAH BOYI DANIEL
  1647. N-Teach-2017-00000631052 Pre-selected Lot Gayus Auta
  1648. N-Teach-2017-000001153868 Pre-selected ISHAKA HAMMANADAMA
  1649. N-Teach-2017-000001142860 Pre-selected AISHATU SAAD
  1650. N-Teach-2017-00000636624 Pre-selected AMOS JAFARU
  1651. N-Teach-2017-00000318251 Pre-selected Itoro Ezekiel Sunday
  1652. N-Teach-2017-00000137906 Pre-selected Florence Ali
  1653. N-Teach-2017-00000852701 Pre-selected DUNAYIWA CALVIN
  1654. N-Teach-2017-00000552711 Pre-selected SULEIMAN SAJO
  1655. N-Teach-2017-000001840403 Pre-selected YUSHAU MUHAMMAD SAAD
  1656. N-Teach-2017-000001270808 Pre-selected Mark Chijioke Nmerenini
  1657. N-Teach-2017-00000529436 Pre-selected BELLO AHMED
  1658. N-Teach-2017-000001524774 Pre-selected JOCTHAN ENOCH JONES
  1659. N-Teach-2017-000001302569 Pre-selected ABDULMUMINI JAURO WADDIN HAMMANJUMBA
  1660. N-Teach-2017-00000528202 Pre-selected VERONICA BONIFACE
  1661. N-Teach-2017-000001291195 Pre-selected NWOSU AUGUSTA CHIDINMA
  1662. N-Teach-2017-000001932752 Pre-selected Aidaticha Sunday
  1663. N-Teach-2017-00000313641 Pre-selected Faiza Ibrahim Audu
  1664. N-Teach-2017-00000876371 Pre-selected RUBIYAYEMA FRANCIS
  1665. N-Teach-2017-00000682359 Pre-selected TENOWANG KEFAS
  1666. N-Teach-2017-00000909727 Pre-selected Jimson Jonathan
  1667. N-Teach-2017-00000209856 Pre-selected JOSEPH FORI
  1668. N-Teach-2017-00000106953 Pre-selected Andrew Stephen Raymond
  1669. N-Teach-2017-00000990166 Pre-selected ISHAKU YUGUDA
  1670. N-Teach-2017-00000729816 Pre-selected Adamu Umar Aliyu
  1671. N-Teach-2017-000001798129 Pre-selected TAMBE EDISON
  1672. N-Teach-2017-000001875762 Pre-selected HABILA SAUL
  1673. N-Teach-2017-000001197632 Pre-selected Wenleng Hasruna
  1674. N-Teach-2017-000001101022 Pre-selected Apolos Samuel
  1675. N-Teach-2017-00000610027 Pre-selected NAOMI BUBA
  1676. N-Teach-2017-000001622265 Pre-selected Satiku Peter
  1677. N-Teach-2017-00000486654 Pre-selected YUSUF AHMED OLAWALE
  1678. N-Teach-2017-00000725612 Pre-selected USMAN ADAM ALLAHYIDI
  1679. N-Teach-2017-00000771956 Pre-selected Emmanuel Abel
  1680. N-Teach-2017-00000993152 Pre-selected HARUNA USMAN
  1681. N-Teach-2017-00000959167 Pre-selected David Eloka Wilfred
  1682. N-Teach-2017-00000684759 Pre-selected MOHAMMED HAMMANJODA
  1683. N-Teach-2017-000001256167 Pre-selected FILIKUS GODWIN LAMU
  1684. N-Teach-2017-000001177693 Pre-selected Gloria Chinonye Odoh
  1685. N-Teach-2017-000001049116 Pre-selected MOHAMMED AISAMA INUWA
  1686. N-Teach-2017-000001490787 Pre-selected SALFULLAHI MUHAMMED SANI
  1687. N-Teach-2017-000002027490 Pre-selected istifanus francis
  1688. N-Teach-2017-00000360795 Pre-selected Mohammed Hassan
  1689. N-Teach-2017-000001748606 Pre-selected RAYMOND JOSEPH
  1690. N-Teach-2017-000002534552 Pre-selected SHAWULU ISMAILA
  1691. N-Teach-2017-00000249763 Pre-selected PADIO ADAMU
  1692. N-Teach-2017-00000436925 Pre-selected KILYOBAS OBADIAH
  1693. N-Teach-2017-000001060240 Pre-selected abubakar ibbare bello
  1694. N-Teach-2017-000001848494 Pre-selected BELLO . RUBIRUKA
  1695. N-Teach-2017-000001003547 Pre-selected Dauda Lanung
  1696. N-Teach-2017-000001579187 Pre-selected EKWOI ISAAC
  1697. N-Teach-2017-000001038187 Pre-selected Joy – John
  1698. N-Teach-2017-000002492757 Pre-selected niya pius
  1699. N-Teach-2017-00000136843 Pre-selected MUNYEL PAMBI SINI
  1700. N-Teach-2017-00000255141 Pre-selected Anih Modester Chinyeaka
  1701. N-Teach-2017-00000158154 Pre-selected Halima Usman
  1702. N-Teach-2017-00000375815 Pre-selected SINI DAUDA GULI
  1703. N-Teach-2017-000002293110 Pre-selected TIZHE KWADA
  1704. N-Teach-2017-000001241410 Pre-selected Ngama Zaphania Kini
  1705. N-Teach-2017-00000460242 Pre-selected Jabani Blarkyar Jabani
  1706. N-Teach-2017-0000010903 Pre-selected NAOMI SAMUEL
  1707. N-Teach-2017-00000352687 Pre-selected SUNDAY BITRUS
  1708. N-Teach-2017-00000504305 Pre-selected paghu yakura bassa
  1709. N-Teach-2017-000001446954 Pre-selected Tari Kwache Dauda
  1710. N-Teach-2017-00000115554 Pre-selected Dauda John
  1711. N-Teach-2017-00000233347 Pre-selected JAMES RAYMOND
  1712. N-Teach-2017-000002259473 Pre-selected Jonah Luka
  1713. N-Teach-2017-000001160379 Pre-selected ABEL ZAKARIA
  1714. N-Teach-2017-000001230881 Pre-selected Patience Philip
  1715. N-Teach-2017-00000207670 Pre-selected YIWUDU WANDAMIHYA
  1716. N-Teach-2017-00000668448 Pre-selected jemimah george
  1717. N-Teach-2017-00000481821 Pre-selected Kwanye Yeri
  1718. N-Teach-2017-000001731111 Pre-selected MARTINS MICHAEL LABAI
  1719. N-Teach-2017-000001304886 Pre-selected Fai Gashau
  1720. N-Teach-2017-00000527763 Pre-selected Leah Bulus
  1721. N-Teach-2017-000001114296 Pre-selected ayuba tizhe
  1722. N-Teach-2017-000001262788 Pre-selected nuhu tumba
  1723. N-Teach-2017-00000392679 Pre-selected Samson Bake
  1724. N-Teach-2017-00000193047 Pre-selected David Adamu
  1725. N-Teach-2017-00000950816 Pre-selected John Innocent
  1726. N-Teach-2017-00000271166 Pre-selected Timothy Joseph
  1727. N-Teach-2017-00000190802 Pre-selected BULUS TUMBA
  1728. N-Teach-2017-0000069244 Pre-selected JAAFAR UMAR
  1729. N-Teach-2017-00000907179 Pre-selected Dlama Kwoji Williams
  1730. N-Teach-2017-00000242676 Pre-selected Vawa Kwada
  1731. N-Teach-2017-00000400758 Pre-selected Hannatu Audu
  1732. N-Teach-2017-00000503522 Pre-selected Wandama Bati Andrew
  1733. N-Teach-2017-00000481514 Pre-selected YUSUF DANIEL TEKWATA
  1734. N-Teach-2017-000002434040 Pre-selected Favandza Dauda
  1735. N-Teach-2017-000001563134 Pre-selected AMINA ALIYU ALIYU
  1736. N-Teach-2017-00000172589 Pre-selected JOSEPHAT CHRISTOPHER
  1737. N-Teach-2017-00000669496 Pre-selected Goji Thomas
  1738. N-Teach-2017-00000933433 Pre-selected JOHN ZAKARIYA
  1739. N-Teach-2017-00000120377 Pre-selected BITRUS SARKA
  1740. N-Teach-2017-0000068192 Pre-selected DLAMA DANDI
  1741. N-Teach-2017-0000030853 Pre-selected MOSES TARI BENJAMIN
  1742. N-Teach-2017-00000186839 Pre-selected Peter Tumba Dadda
  1743. N-Teach-2017-000001293376 Pre-selected JULIUS LINUS
  1744. N-Teach-2017-00000479058 Pre-selected Musa Yeri
  1745. N-Teach-2017-00000478904 Pre-selected Amos Drambi
  1746. N-Teach-2017-00000592826 Pre-selected HUMSHE ZAKAWA PETER
  1747. N-Teach-2017-00000171537 Pre-selected Abraham Yawa
  1748. N-Teach-2017-00000731690 Pre-selected Mercy Molde Ibrahim
  1749. N-Teach-2017-00000116019 Pre-selected SARAH PETER ZAKAWA
  1750. N-Teach-2017-00000647865 Pre-selected Dlama Elijah
  1751. N-Teach-2017-000001593738 Pre-selected Benjamin Nuhu
  1752. N-Teach-2017-00000395988 Pre-selected Joel Tizhe James
  1753. N-Teach-2017-00000433787 Pre-selected Fanazara Lawan Zubairu
  1754. N-Teach-2017-00000559369 Pre-selected JULIUS NIL THOMAS
  1755. N-Teach-2017-000001021204 Pre-selected BITRUS YOHANNA VANDIDIA
  1756. N-Teach-2017-00000238755 Pre-selected FAVE DAUDA
  1757. N-Teach-2017-00000403210 Pre-selected LYDIA ABEL
  1758. N-Teach-2017-00000528942 Pre-selected Kashawa Danka
  1759. N-Teach-2017-00000651067 Pre-selected Solomi Bitrus
  1760. N-Teach-2017-000001224252 Pre-selected Hakuri Luka
  1761. N-Teach-2017-000001348172 Pre-selected BARKA UMAR
  1762. N-Teach-2017-00000532311 Pre-selected Hajaratu Musa
  1763. N-Teach-2017-000001189991 Pre-selected LADI MANASA
  1764. N-Teach-2017-00000497001 Pre-selected JENNIFER A. GOJI
  1765. N-Teach-2017-00000406634 Pre-selected luka Grace
  1766. N-Teach-2017-000001084283 Pre-selected Kauna James
  1767. N-Teach-2017-000002376587 Pre-selected COMFORT MICHAEL
  1768. N-Teach-2017-00000367528 Pre-selected MARY ELIJAH
  1769. N-Teach-2017-000001068218 Pre-selected FAMIWA BANAX
  1770. N-Teach-2017-00000583619 Pre-selected ESTHER TIZHE JAMES
  1771. N-Teach-2017-000002408903 Pre-selected DORIS GREGORY
  1772. N-Teach-2017-00000348111 Pre-selected Kana Hussaini
  1773. N-Teach-2017-000002045665 Pre-selected Hajara Mohammed Bulama
  1774. N-Teach-2017-000001081065 Pre-selected CHRISTIANA ISA
  1775. N-Teach-2017-000001079618 Pre-selected Yakubu Musa
  1776. N-Teach-2017-00000433885 Pre-selected HYELUWA KWAJI
  1777. N-Teach-2017-00000167712 Pre-selected RUTH BITRUS
  1778. N-Teach-2017-00000915496 Pre-selected Allan Linus
  1779. N-Teach-2017-00000865840 Pre-selected MARY POLYCARP
  1780. N-Teach-2017-0000026164 Pre-selected GUWA SINI
  1781. N-Teach-2017-00000894086 Pre-selected Tizhe Kwazhi Ishaya
  1782. N-Teach-2017-00000309660 Pre-selected Laraba Peter
  1783. N-Teach-2017-00000802246 Pre-selected Jummai Tumba
  1784. N-Teach-2017-00000248034 Pre-selected YIBBA TARI
  1785. N-Teach-2017-00000173037 Pre-selected Milly Ibrahim
  1786. N-Teach-2017-000001839251 Pre-selected JANET KWACHE DANIEL
  1787. N-Teach-2017-000001933237 Pre-selected HALITA HENRY JOSEPH
  1788. N-Teach-2017-00000347857 Pre-selected MARY PETER BARKONO
  1789. N-Teach-2017-00000367060 Pre-selected Dorcas Zira
  1790. N-Teach-2017-000001380326 Pre-selected HANNATU Sini John
  1791. N-Teach-2017-000001111356 Pre-selected Rukaiya Abali
  1792. N-Teach-2017-000001202316 Pre-selected CHRISTIANA BITRUS
  1793. N-Teach-2017-00000547290 Pre-selected Abdulkadir Aliyu Ngoba
  1794. N-Teach-2017-00000125202 Pre-selected SARAH JOSEPH
  1795. N-Teach-2017-0000032279 Pre-selected Ladi Tilli Ishaya
  1796. N-Teach-2017-00000115223 Pre-selected BITRUS YIRAU ABEL
  1797. N-Teach-2017-00000879919 Pre-selected MARY RAYMOND
  1798. N-Teach-2017-00000111920 Pre-selected Abigail Emmanuel
  1799. N-Teach-2017-00000955460 Pre-selected Mercy Samuel
  1800. N-Teach-2017-0000017760 Pre-selected SEDI KWAJI ADAMU
  1801. N-Teach-2017-0000036977 Pre-selected Elizabeth Garba
  1802. N-Teach-2017-00000100520 Pre-selected FLORENCE NIL JAMES
  1803. N-Teach-2017-00000148159 Pre-selected samaila joseph dzu
  1804. N-Teach-2017-00000155341 Pre-selected Blessing Theresa Paul
  1805. N-Teach-2017-00000112351 Pre-selected REUBEN VANDU
  1806. N-Teach-2017-00000162277 Pre-selected Annah Tizhe
  1807. N-Teach-2017-00000233467 Pre-selected Larai Naye Stephen
  1808. N-Teach-2017-00000745725 Pre-selected Gimbiya Ibrahim
  1809. N-Teach-2017-00000397074 Pre-selected JACOB STEPHEN
  1810. N-Teach-2017-00000415517 Pre-selected BLESSING BITRUS
  1811. N-Teach-2017-00000515996 Pre-selected Promise Hankali Bitrus
  1812. N-Teach-2017-00000525233 Pre-selected LADI IJAI EMMANUEL
  1813. N-Teach-2017-000001042671 Pre-selected DANIEL DLAMA TEKWATA
  1814. N-Teach-2017-000001605622 Pre-selected DANIEL MONICA KWANYE
  1815. N-Teach-2017-00000262973 Pre-selected Faiva Francisca Tizhe
  1816. N-Teach-2017-0000089927 Pre-selected JIRA YOHANNA
  1817. N-Teach-2017-000003984 Pre-selected Nuhu Vandi Kamale
  1818. N-Teach-2017-0000093874 Pre-selected Murna G Zira
  1819. N-Teach-2017-00000152510 Pre-selected Biyayya Denis
  1820. N-Teach-2017-0000029531 Pre-selected Zira Garba
  1821. N-Teach-2017-00000907995 Pre-selected ISTIFANUS WILLIAM GURAI
  1822. N-Teach-2017-0000063488 Pre-selected David Philip
  1823. N-Teach-2017-00000646294 Pre-selected Kwaji Barka Peter
  1824. N-Teach-2017-00000194739 Pre-selected Tumba Vandi Peter
  1825. N-Teach-2017-000001243222 Pre-selected Tumba Iko Nguda
  1826. N-Teach-2017-000002309612 Pre-selected Jeremiah Wadavi
  1827. N-Teach-2017-00000656531 Pre-selected Agnes Vandi Micheal
  1828. N-Teach-2017-00000333304 Pre-selected Nancy Luka
  1829. N-Teach-2017-000001717258 Pre-selected Jamila Garba
  1830. N-Teach-2017-00000277020 Pre-selected Zakka Joseph
  1831. N-Teach-2017-00000233242 Pre-selected RACHAEL KILLIAN JETHNIEL
  1832. N-Teach-2017-00000170288 Pre-selected Tabitha wutammiya Paul
  1833. N-Teach-2017-000001197638 Pre-selected AMINA AHMADU
  1834. N-Teach-2017-00000559445 Pre-selected HARISHA MOHAMMED
  1835. N-Teach-2017-000002178663 Pre-selected Salamatu Musa
  1836. N-Teach-2017-000001550443 Pre-selected zainab mohammed
  1837. N-Teach-2017-000002128495 Pre-selected Rebecca Tomilola Ogbonnise
  1838. N-Teach-2017-00000506485 Pre-selected Deborah Joseph
  1839. N-Teach-2017-000002112168 Pre-selected FLORENCE CHINYERE EGBOCHUE
  1840. N-Teach-2017-00000819894 Pre-selected Godiya Josiah
  1841. N-Teach-2017-000002076114 Pre-selected GLORIA EMMANUEL
  1842. N-Teach-2017-00000551647 Pre-selected ASABE HELLEN ADAMU
  1843. N-Teach-2017-000006830 Pre-selected Clifford Liki Barnabas
  1844. N-Teach-2017-0000066141 Pre-selected PAMU PETER
  1845. N-Teach-2017-00000441645 Pre-selected RITA FELISHA CYRIL
  1846. N-Teach-2017-000001681743 Pre-selected Madinat Mustapha
  1847. N-Teach-2017-00000358483 Pre-selected DEBORAH Amos
  1848. N-Teach-2017-000001145479 Pre-selected Rahab Malgwi Abdullahi
  1849. N-Teach-2017-000001832167 Pre-selected MONICA ADAMU
  1850. N-Teach-2017-00000245463 Pre-selected Veronica Peter
  1851. N-Teach-2017-00000155609 Pre-selected DORINE PETER
  1852. N-Teach-2017-000001779821 Pre-selected Dolphine Jatong
  1853. N-Teach-2017-000001475277 Pre-selected STEPHEN ROSELYN BLESSING
  1854. N-Teach-2017-00000225045 Pre-selected Jummai Clement
  1855. N-Teach-2017-00000676919 Pre-selected Fiddausi Mohammed
  1856. N-Teach-2017-0000048359 Pre-selected AMOS EMILY
  1857. N-Teach-2017-00000324345 Pre-selected SARATU YOHANNA WAPULDA
  1858. N-Teach-2017-00000131066 Pre-selected KWAJI GODO
  1859. N-Teach-2017-00000524688 Pre-selected UCHECHI UJOH DELIGHT
  1860. N-Teach-2017-0000041897 Pre-selected BENEDICTA JAMES THOMAS
  1861. N-Teach-2017-00000156952 Pre-selected ADAOBI LYDIA IBEH
  1862. N-Teach-2017-000009290 Pre-selected PETER POLYCARP
  1863. N-Teach-2017-00000328015 Pre-selected CECILIA YAKUBU
  1864. N-Teach-2017-00000620125 Pre-selected Akerele Oluwaseun Michael
  1865. N-Teach-2017-000001943442 Pre-selected LYDIA PTILABARI PATRICK
  1866. N-Teach-2017-000001025229 Pre-selected MARY OLAWUMI OLADELE
  1867. N-Teach-2017-00000266242 Pre-selected Bashiru Wahid
  1868. N-Teach-2017-0000046850 Pre-selected JOHN BAIDU MIJINYAWA
  1869. N-Teach-2017-00000973835 Pre-selected LARABA SABASTINE
  1870. N-Teach-2017-0000095252 Pre-selected VICTORIA PAUL
  1871. N-Teach-2017-00000688428 Pre-selected Dabala samuel wandenje
  1872. N-Teach-2017-00000209454 Pre-selected Baba Abubakar Ue
  1873. N-Teach-2017-00000268080 Pre-selected elizabeth danjuma
  1874. N-Teach-2017-00000199824 Pre-selected Abdulkadir Aishatu
  1875. N-Teach-2017-00000808871 Pre-selected RASHEEDA IDRIS
  1876. N-Teach-2017-00000249043 Pre-selected TOYIN JAMES KALEJAIYE
  1877. N-Teach-2017-00000592900 Pre-selected Christiana Dali Wahu
  1878. N-Teach-2017-00000568845 Pre-selected Mahmud Ibrahim
  1879. N-Teach-2017-000001216014 Pre-selected Paul Ibrahim Kogyana
  1880. N-Teach-2017-00000362271 Pre-selected Imelda Pwaleiyo Lokodi
  1881. N-Teach-2017-000001560617 Pre-selected rabiu audu
  1882. N-Teach-2017-00000561050 Pre-selected Vahyala . Kwaji
  1883. N-Teach-2017-000001255613 Pre-selected DAVID BUKKY ISHAKU
  1884. N-Teach-2017-00000192006 Pre-selected MORDECAI ISHAYA
  1885. N-Teach-2017-00000150809 Pre-selected Mivanyi Wazamari Gregory
  1886. N-Teach-2017-00000218164 Pre-selected Salihu Danladi
  1887. N-Teach-2017-0000032329 Pre-selected Sylvester Wasari
  1888. N-Teach-2017-00000940146 Pre-selected JUDE PATRICK
  1889. N-Teach-2017-00000970903 Pre-selected SOLOMON AHARAWA PHILIBUS
  1890. N-Teach-2017-00000814496 Pre-selected Faisal Mohammed
  1891. N-Teach-2017-00000686256 Pre-selected Ramatu Ahuoiza Shuaibu
  1892. N-Teach-2017-00000168912 Pre-selected USMAN ISHAKU ADAMU
  1893. N-Teach-2017-00000871640 Pre-selected mohammed Sani Adamu
  1894. N-Teach-2017-00000250331 Pre-selected ZACHARIAH JOSHUA
  1895. N-Teach-2017-00000367873 Pre-selected DANLADI ISHAKU
  1896. N-Teach-2017-00000389905 Pre-selected Ada Franca Ameh
  1897. N-Teach-2017-00000608877 Pre-selected DEBORAH LUKA
  1898. N-Teach-2017-000001720214 Pre-selected EZEKIEL PETER
  1899. N-Teach-2017-000001382559 Pre-selected HAUWA ISHAYA
  1900. N-Teach-2017-00000587470 Pre-selected ABUBAKAR ALIYU IDRIS
  1901. N-Teach-2017-00000627409 Pre-selected Kingsley Donatus Besso
  1902. N-Teach-2017-00000490746 Pre-selected Patience Raihatu Bala
  1903. N-Teach-2017-00000770842 Pre-selected David Joseph Obochi
  1904. N-Teach-2017-00000314394 Pre-selected Hannatu Abuna Melle
  1905. N-Teach-2017-00000405538 Pre-selected SULEIMAN . MOHAMMED
  1906. N-Teach-2017-00000946481 Pre-selected CHINWE UKAEGBU
  1907. N-Teach-2017-000001083445 Pre-selected TAIBAT MOJISOLA JIMOH
  1908. N-Teach-2017-0000064146 Pre-selected Habibu Abubakar Waniyo
  1909. N-Teach-2017-00000214457 Pre-selected Mohammed Hamidu
  1910. N-Teach-2017-00000847322 Pre-selected SUNDAY AMOS OGUNDEJI
  1911. N-Teach-2017-00000745195 Pre-selected MUSTAPHA ISMAILA SANI
  1912. N-Teach-2017-000001248517 Pre-selected abdulraseed adinoyi shaibu
  1913. N-Teach-2017-00000520975 Pre-selected Titus Fate Zira
  1914. N-Teach-2017-00000180630 Pre-selected Yohanna Jackson Dinge
  1915. N-Teach-2017-000002043603 Pre-selected Nyonlemuga Filgona Joel
  1916. N-Teach-2017-00000217326 Pre-selected Vetty Godfrey Gabriel
  1917. N-Teach-2017-00000354980 Pre-selected Muluwa James
  1918. N-Teach-2017-00000411813 Pre-selected BULUS GEOFREY GOMAM
  1919. N-Teach-2017-00000639640 Pre-selected Japhet Joseph
  1920. N-Teach-2017-00000140071 Pre-selected HASSAN TIJJANI
  1921. N-Teach-2017-00000702568 Pre-selected PULNGWA SAMSON
  1922. N-Teach-2017-00000775587 Pre-selected Mohammed Ahmed
  1923. N-Teach-2017-00000734636 Pre-selected ABDULRAZAK ADAMU
  1924. N-Teach-2017-0000091570 Pre-selected pwanokpeshi Amos
  1925. N-Teach-2017-00000147948 Pre-selected JULIUS ISHAKU
  1926. N-Teach-2017-00000711407 Pre-selected MUSA NIL DANJUMA
  1927. N-Teach-2017-00000199667 Pre-selected Laminu Bakari
  1928. N-Teach-2017-00000454420 Pre-selected Peter Josiah
  1929. N-Teach-2017-00000406587 Pre-selected GABRIEL DONATUS
  1930. N-Teach-2017-000001557572 Pre-selected TOCHUKWU HENRY OKWESILI
  1931. N-Teach-2017-000001414042 Pre-selected FIDELIS HALIDU
  1932. N-Teach-2017-00000530336 Pre-selected Gladys Gabriel George
  1933. N-Teach-2017-00000536239 Pre-selected Success Ijeoma Amechi
  1934. N-Teach-2017-000001343672 Pre-selected Ishaya Vandi
  1935. N-Teach-2017-000001182929 Pre-selected Maryam Musa
  1936. N-Teach-2017-00000549184 Pre-selected ABEL ALEXANDER
  1937. N-Teach-2017-000001397919 Pre-selected Ibrahim Clement
  1938. N-Teach-2017-00000513753 Pre-selected SHUAIBU abdullahi
  1939. N-Teach-2017-000001432691 Pre-selected Ransome John
  1940. N-Teach-2017-00000129797 Pre-selected Hassan – Abubakar
  1941. N-Teach-2017-00000717660 Pre-selected SALIHU UMARU
  1942. N-Teach-2017-0000038279 Pre-selected APAGU LIVITICUS
  1943. N-Teach-2017-00000293517 Pre-selected Jovita Ngozi Anyanwu
  1944. N-Teach-2017-00000104659 Pre-selected Abdulshakur Yushau
  1945. N-Teach-2017-000008411 Pre-selected shola ogunmoyewa titus
  1946. N-Teach-2017-0000099048 Pre-selected Adamu Gaima David
  1947. N-Teach-2017-0000056314 Pre-selected Haruna Yusuf
  1948. N-Teach-2017-000001991965 Pre-selected SARAH YETIYA THOMAS
  1949. N-Teach-2017-00000362013 Pre-selected Cyprian Ahmadu Joseph
  1950. N-Teach-2017-000001103662 Pre-selected Luka Luka Benjamin
  1951. N-Teach-2017-000001468211 Pre-selected EDISON JOY
  1952. N-Teach-2017-00000609592 Pre-selected MOHAMMED ABDULLAHI
  1953. N-Teach-2017-000001504828 Pre-selected Esther Tumba Andrew
  1954. N-Teach-2017-00000420930 Pre-selected UMAR MOHAMMED
  1955. N-Teach-2017-00000344403 Pre-selected Yakubu Shingu Mohammed
  1956. N-Teach-2017-000001281128 Pre-selected RACHAEL BITRUS
  1957. N-Teach-2017-000001291136 Pre-selected Elizabeth William Joseph
  1958. N-Teach-2017-00000513923 Pre-selected Bukar Gana Ismaila
  1959. N-Teach-2017-00000398244 Pre-selected Ekene Vivian Obidike
  1960. N-Teach-2017-000001709261 Pre-selected Alice Emmanuel Emmanuel
  1961. N-Teach-2017-000001556185 Pre-selected OKEY IJEOMA ABUADINMA
  1962. N-Teach-2017-00000391117 Pre-selected alice Philip
  1963. N-Teach-2017-0000013316 Pre-selected Mairo Alipheaus
  1964. N-Teach-2017-0000023813 Pre-selected PETER USMAN MOZIHMA
  1965. N-Teach-2017-00000314636 Pre-selected RAHILA SABABA
  1966. N-Teach-2017-00000807452 Pre-selected Victoria Daniel
  1967. N-Teach-2017-00000200009 Pre-selected Zainab Abdullahi
  1968. N-Teach-2017-0000066897 Pre-selected Adamu Bello
  1969. N-Teach-2017-00000245340 Pre-selected SYLVANUS UMAR JOSEPH
  1970. N-Teach-2017-0000014946 Pre-selected Richard George
  1971. N-Teach-2017-00000241520 Pre-selected SERAH AYUBA
  1972. N-Teach-2017-00000246658 Pre-selected Kulsimi Njidda
  1973. N-Teach-2017-00000896151 Pre-selected WAGGE JOHN
  1974. N-Teach-2017-00000215710 Pre-selected Abubakar Danladi
  1975. N-Teach-2017-000001156781 Pre-selected Mary Jacob
  1976. N-Teach-2017-00000253887 Pre-selected ABDULRAHIM UMAR ABBA
  1977. N-Teach-2017-00000228545 Pre-selected Dangana Tumba
  1978. N-Teach-2017-000002376192 Pre-selected Daniel Thomas
  1979. N-Teach-2017-000001442056 Pre-selected Maria Thomas
  1980. N-Teach-2017-00000535576 Pre-selected Dorcas Yawale
  1981. N-Teach-2017-000001485599 Pre-selected OJONUGWA EMMANUEL
  1982. N-Teach-2017-000002113828 Pre-selected NSIKAK EDET OKON
  1983. N-Teach-2017-000001620545 Pre-selected Blessing Marachi Okoronka
  1984. N-Teach-2017-000002145627 Pre-selected CHANU ISHAYA
  1985. N-Teach-2017-000001894497 Pre-selected Aisha Abdulkadir Gabdo
  1986. N-Teach-2017-000001596043 Pre-selected GODIYA JOSEPH
  1987. N-Teach-2017-00000491726 Pre-selected CELINA ANDREW
  1988. N-Teach-2017-000002188496 Pre-selected ISA HUSSAINI
  1989. N-Teach-2017-000001129688 Pre-selected MAGDALINE PAUL
  1990. N-Teach-2017-00000177973 Pre-selected IDRIS GARBA
  1991. N-Teach-2017-000001073757 Pre-selected Philemon Maryamu
  1992. N-Teach-2017-00000914278 Pre-selected Maryam Ibrahim Adam
  1993. N-Teach-2017-00000723051 Pre-selected Kabiru Maitalata
  1994. N-Teach-2017-00000187285 Pre-selected JOSEPH Adamu
  1995. N-Teach-2017-00000929957 Pre-selected Umaru Ibrahim
  1996. N-Teach-2017-00000227764 Pre-selected Charity Okamaka Ofobulke
  1997. N-Teach-2017-00000700897 Pre-selected ABAYOMI ABDULFATAI AYINLA
  1998. N-Teach-2017-00000279646 Pre-selected Hannatu Bello
  1999. N-Teach-2017-00000212842 Pre-selected Kusanhyel Francis
  2000. N-Teach-2017-00000785079 Pre-selected hadiza adamu
  2001. N-Teach-2017-00000969683 Pre-selected DONATUS USIJU
  2002. N-Teach-2017-000001372703 Pre-selected APAA DOOWUESE EVELYN
  2003. N-Teach-2017-00000550059 Pre-selected MARY JACOB
  2004. N-Teach-2017-000002044410 Pre-selected KAUNA JOSEPH VANCO
  2005. N-Teach-2017-000002238462 Pre-selected Raziel Buba
  2006. N-Teach-2017-00000780090 Pre-selected Noseh Dahiru Janyo
  2007. N-Teach-2017-00000182527 Pre-selected BULUS ALICE SIMON
  2008. N-Teach-2017-0000061242 Pre-selected CECILIA MAINA
  2009. N-Teach-2017-000001605387 Pre-selected PHILIP SHAIBU
  2010. N-Teach-2017-00000321403 Pre-selected YAHAYA MUSA SANI
  2011. N-Teach-2017-0000066533 Pre-selected SULEIMAN HASSAN
  2012. N-Teach-2017-000002238044 Pre-selected FIDELIS HAPPY
  2013. N-Teach-2017-000001472464 Pre-selected RACHEL SA’ADU YAKUBU
  2014. N-Teach-2017-00000481908 Pre-selected tamar bitrus
  2015. N-Teach-2017-00000369842 Pre-selected CHARITY OBINNA NWOLISE
  2016. N-Teach-2017-00000480961 Pre-selected UKAMAKA GERALDINE OKONGWU
  2017. N-Teach-2017-00000901501 Pre-selected EJEFO IFEYINWA BLESSING
  2018. N-Teach-2017-00000916509 Pre-selected IJARAFU DANLADI DOMINIC
  2019. N-Teach-2017-000001176442 Pre-selected EDISON AFRAIMU
  2020. N-Teach-2017-00000478382 Pre-selected Tsamarti Emmanuel
  2021. N-Teach-2017-00000374470 Pre-selected BRISKILA DAVID
  2022. N-Teach-2017-000002410473 Pre-selected DAUDA ADAMU
  2023. N-Teach-2017-0000069943 Pre-selected VICTORIA WATA JONATHAN
  2024. N-Teach-2017-000002018118 Pre-selected SAMAILA DAUDA
  2025. N-Teach-2017-000002230374 Pre-selected Rita Garba Terimbuka
  2026. N-Teach-2017-00000759379 Pre-selected ALIYU DAHIRU
  2027. N-Teach-2017-00000240994 Pre-selected Lovelyn Simon Solomon
  2028. N-Teach-2017-0000080771 Pre-selected Ahmadu Kadir Wasuru
  2029. N-Teach-2017-00000232151 Pre-selected mustapha babagana
  2030. N-Teach-2017-0000096995 Pre-selected GLORY BULAMA GIDEON
  2031. N-Teach-2017-00000857836 Pre-selected Farida Gimba Haruna
  2032. N-Teach-2017-000001080104 Pre-selected CHIVI ALI
  2033. N-Teach-2017-000001709021 Pre-selected BRIGHT KELECHI OBIAJUNWA
  2034. N-Teach-2017-000001506528 Pre-selected Abubakar Modibbo Aliyu
  2035. N-Teach-2017-00000179251 Pre-selected Abdulhamid Dankwara Adamu
  2036. N-Teach-2017-00000155700 Pre-selected Rebecca Lame John
  2037. N-Teach-2017-00000285804 Pre-selected SIMON MUSA
  2038. N-Teach-2017-00000193161 Pre-selected ABUBAKAR IDRIS
  2039. N-Teach-2017-00000695274 Pre-selected Hyelafa Gundiri
  2040. N-Teach-2017-00000368147 Pre-selected SIMON AUTA
  2041. N-Teach-2017-000001805628 Pre-selected NURA MUHAMMAD BASHIR
  2042. N-Teach-2017-00000562258 Pre-selected THOMAS ABISHA
  2043. N-Teach-2017-00000466319 Pre-selected YAU MUSA
  2044. N-Teach-2017-00000452310 Pre-selected IBRAHIM HALIRU ALI
  2045. N-Teach-2017-00000350950 Pre-selected ESUWA STEPHEN
  2046. N-Teach-2017-000001437942 Pre-selected OLUSHEYI ADEBAYO
  2047. N-Teach-2017-00000153620 Pre-selected Mohammed Kabiru Musa
  2048. N-Teach-2017-0000043037 Pre-selected CLEMENT KWADA
  2049. N-Teach-2017-00000749863 Pre-selected ABDULRASHEED – MUSA
  2050. N-Teach-2017-00000753195 Pre-selected KWALLI JOEL
  2051. N-Teach-2017-00000679219 Pre-selected IBRAHIM MAMUDA
  2052. N-Teach-2017-00000696376 Pre-selected Francisca Jude Jude
  2053. N-Teach-2017-0000067403 Pre-selected KALTUME ABBA
  2054. N-Teach-2017-00000102235 Pre-selected Mustapha Adamu Dankwara
  2055. N-Teach-2017-00000268924 Pre-selected ELIZABETH ATINGA REUBEN
  2056. N-Teach-2017-00000277161 Pre-selected AMINU NJIDDA
  2057. N-Teach-2017-00000253137 Pre-selected BENJAMIN JAURO DANIEL
  2058. N-Teach-2017-000001693195 Pre-selected AHMAD ALHAJI HALIDU
  2059. N-Teach-2017-000001175568 Pre-selected IBRAHIM NASIRU
  2060. N-Teach-2017-000001863224 Pre-selected ABIGAIL NATHANIEL
  2061. N-Teach-2017-00000385097 Pre-selected Blessing Albert
  2062. N-Teach-2017-000001525580 Pre-selected BLESS NIL MAXWELL
  2063. N-Teach-2017-000001613402 Pre-selected EZINNE UKA OKORONKWO
  2064. N-Teach-2017-000002020190 Pre-selected ISHAKU PAULINA
  2065. N-Teach-2017-00000515188 Pre-selected Victor Kleewa Emmanuel
  2066. N-Teach-2017-000001377922 Pre-selected HAUWA MAMMADU
  2067. N-Teach-2017-00000399040 Pre-selected ALIYU BALA
  2068. N-Teach-2017-000002036471 Pre-selected MOHAMMED HUSSAINI
  2069. N-Teach-2017-00000121104 Pre-selected Thomas Matthew Mubi
  2070. N-Teach-2017-00000704808 Pre-selected MUSA RAHAB
  2071. N-Teach-2017-00000731193 Pre-selected GAMBO BUBA
  2072. N-Teach-2017-00000279651 Pre-selected JAMES MUSA
  2073. N-Teach-2017-00000193899 Pre-selected AHMED NOAH MOSES
  2074. N-Teach-2017-00000701293 Pre-selected Mariam Ardo Buba
  2075. N-Teach-2017-00000714415 Pre-selected ALIYU MUHAMMED AUWAL
  2076. N-Teach-2017-00000681653 Pre-selected Hanifatu Saleh Al-Hassan
  2077. N-Teach-2017-00000150994 Pre-selected Daniel Musa
  2078. N-Teach-2017-000001755 Pre-selected ALAN BAKARI
  2079. N-Teach-2017-00000986365 Pre-selected GRACE NGABLAI RICHARD
  2080. N-Teach-2017-00000222463 Pre-selected HAUWA AHMED
  2081. N-Teach-2017-000002415362 Pre-selected Bashiru Ahmadu
  2082. N-Teach-2017-000001079843 Pre-selected RASHEED MUSA
  2083. N-Teach-2017-00000485469 Pre-selected Samuel John
  2084. N-Teach-2017-00000447601 Pre-selected HYELLAMADA WILSON
  2085. N-Teach-2017-000002290377 Pre-selected FABILA ABBAS
  2086. N-Teach-2017-00000458246 Pre-selected AUGUSTINE BASILA
  2087. N-Teach-2017-000001301771 Pre-selected Elizabeth Jacob
  2088. N-Teach-2017-00000653622 Pre-selected INNOCENT LORI OMATSEYI
  2089. N-Teach-2017-000001453368 Pre-selected REJOICE AYUBA
  2090. N-Teach-2017-000001071179 Pre-selected RABIU AMINU
  2091. N-Teach-2017-000001814351 Pre-selected BIASCA YAHAYA DZARMA
  2092. N-Teach-2017-000002049895 Pre-selected Comfort Thomas
  2093. N-Teach-2017-000002208366 Pre-selected Yusuf Madu
  2094. N-Teach-2017-000001433484 Pre-selected CHARITY FILIBUS
  2095. N-Teach-2017-000002333338 Pre-selected ASABE GODIYA
  2096. N-Teach-2017-000002084522 Pre-selected gloria dincit daniel
  2097. N-Teach-2017-000001730475 Pre-selected HANNATU ANHENYA JAMES
  2098. N-Teach-2017-00000361956 Pre-selected FELICIA DANIEL
  2099. N-Teach-2017-00000559101 Pre-selected RACHEAL IBRAHIM
  2100. N-Teach-2017-000001751130 Pre-selected ROSEMARY ISHAKU ILINGA
  2101. N-Teach-2017-000001113399 Pre-selected Gloria Jebaki Angelo
  2102. N-Teach-2017-00000744268 Pre-selected Nuru Zubairu
  2103. N-Teach-2017-000002010463 Pre-selected Ayuba Alheri
  2104. N-Teach-2017-00000826294 Pre-selected MARY IBRAHIM
  2105. N-Teach-2017-00000675281 Pre-selected JULIUS CAESAR SOLOMON
  2106. N-Teach-2017-000001308968 Pre-selected PETER STEPHEN
  2107. N-Teach-2017-00000472621 Pre-selected MARYAM ABUBAKAR
  2108. N-Teach-2017-000001128076 Pre-selected Rejoice Njidda
  2109. N-Teach-2017-00000575654 Pre-selected Mohammed Yunusa
  2110. N-Teach-2017-00000637874 Pre-selected NUHU USMAN
  2111. N-Teach-2017-000001291703 Pre-selected REJOICE PETER
  2112. N-Teach-2017-000001985210 Pre-selected Yakubu Joshua
  2113. N-Teach-2017-00000605137 Pre-selected GODIYA BANGO
  2114. N-Teach-2017-00000342999 Pre-selected ELIAS GOJI TUMBA
  2115. N-Teach-2017-00000207109 Pre-selected Dahni Nestor Kulliwannajo
  2116. N-Teach-2017-000002476549 Pre-selected CELESTINA JOHN
  2117. N-Teach-2017-00000161294 Pre-selected JEREMIAH PHILIP
  2118. N-Teach-2017-00000888956 Pre-selected ABIGAIL LINUS
  2119. N-Teach-2017-00000147872 Pre-selected EMMANUEL KEDA GOUR
  2120. N-Teach-2017-00000302285 Pre-selected Mathias A Zubairu
  2121. N-Teach-2017-00000151246 Pre-selected Lare Adamu
  2122. N-Teach-2017-00000287719 Pre-selected ALEX VALADA
  2123. N-Teach-2017-000001129201 Pre-selected Dogara Joshua
  2124. N-Teach-2017-000001720945 Pre-selected JINKAI JAMES
  2125. N-Teach-2017-000001306348 Pre-selected IJADARDA PATRICK
  2126. N-Teach-2017-00000186373 Pre-selected Victor Haruna
  2127. N-Teach-2017-00000661002 Pre-selected Suleiman Musa
  2128. N-Teach-2017-00000273252 Pre-selected ALHERI SALAMA SAJO
  2129. N-Teach-2017-00000292242 Pre-selected Solomon Shuaibu Paul
  2130. N-Teach-2017-00000718230 Pre-selected Marilyn Tizhe Malachy
  2131. N-Teach-2017-00000774850 Pre-selected Beyanau Gimba Eli
  2132. N-Teach-2017-00000671436 Pre-selected Philemon Kikiwa Ndanda
  2133. N-Teach-2017-0000026607 Pre-selected FATIMA SALEH
  2134. N-Teach-2017-00000232702 Pre-selected Sougnabe Patalet Wala
  2135. N-Teach-2017-00000595470 Pre-selected HAPPINESS FRANCIS
  2136. N-Teach-2017-00000501034 Pre-selected ALIKWUOZO ANTHONY ODINACHI
  2137. N-Teach-2017-000001295914 Pre-selected CHINYERE CECILIA NNEBECHI
  2138. N-Teach-2017-00000602458 Pre-selected BATHIYA BALA
  2139. N-Teach-2017-000001097594 Pre-selected Tahir Ahmed Mubi
  2140. N-Teach-2017-000001778323 Pre-selected EVELYN DAUDA SUNDAY
  2141. N-Teach-2017-000001843888 Pre-selected ANAATICHA AARON
  2142. N-Teach-2017-000002355944 Pre-selected JOY OGAR THOMAS
  2143. N-Teach-2017-00000206359 Pre-selected USAKU BATHON ATI
  2144. N-Teach-2017-00000834852 Pre-selected OGOCHUKWU OBIEKEZIE
  2145. N-Teach-2017-00000700840 Pre-selected Usman Yakubu
  2146. N-Teach-2017-00000657838 Pre-selected Suleiman Alhaji Saidu
  2147. N-Teach-2017-00000804026 Pre-selected HEMA SUNDAY
  2148. N-Teach-2017-00000977387 Pre-selected monica yakubu
  2149. N-Teach-2017-0000027130 Pre-selected IDRIS SHEHU
  2150. N-Teach-2017-000002354188 Pre-selected NAOMI NIL SIMON
  2151. N-Teach-2017-00000417383 Pre-selected VICTORIA FALIA MOSES
  2152. N-Teach-2017-00000532002 Pre-selected Ijafiya Danjuma Jijuwa
  2153. N-Teach-2017-000001876877 Pre-selected Samira Ahmed Bata
  2154. N-Teach-2017-00000351872 Pre-selected NAFISATU DAHIRU
  2155. N-Teach-2017-00000387308 Pre-selected LUKA JAMES
  2156. N-Teach-2017-00000518553 Pre-selected Saleh Ibrahim
  2157. N-Teach-2017-000001826859 Pre-selected Hwodipwa Jones
  2158. N-Teach-2017-00000817819 Pre-selected ANGREDO TINA AMEH
  2159. N-Teach-2017-000001742242 Pre-selected ANGELA COLMAN FADAH
  2160. N-Teach-2017-00000795335 Pre-selected Jayeoba Olunike Ruth
  2161. N-Teach-2017-00000410949 Pre-selected Banzemna Aliyuda
  2162. N-Teach-2017-000002331079 Pre-selected Samira Musa
  2163. N-Teach-2017-00000806598 Pre-selected Alonge Ruth Folashade
  2164. N-Teach-2017-00000583951 Pre-selected MARY RANSOM
  2165. N-Teach-2017-000001489439 Pre-selected Suleiman Bala Mohammed
  2166. N-Teach-2017-00000587049 Pre-selected RANSOM YUSTUS YABONO
  2167. N-Teach-2017-000002414669 Pre-selected Martina Napukdi Clarkson
  2168. N-Teach-2017-00000702241 Pre-selected RAMIAH UFUOMA JEREMIAH
  2169. N-Teach-2017-00000866988 Pre-selected Ibrahim Tongo Babaji
  2170. N-Teach-2017-000001634009 Pre-selected JOSHUA RICHARD VRANO
  2171. N-Teach-2017-000001474524 Pre-selected SUZANNA PWAMBODI HYCENTH
  2172. N-Teach-2017-000002057039 Pre-selected Gilama Demison Gayus
  2173. N-Teach-2017-00000380767 Pre-selected VICTOR GLADSTONE KOKO
  2174. N-Teach-2017-0000059114 Pre-selected Bernard Monday BadenBaden
  2175. N-Teach-2017-000001603607 Pre-selected Vrato Hillary Esther
  2176. N-Teach-2017-000001202380 Pre-selected Joy Chizoba Ezeukwu
  2177. N-Teach-2017-000002268895 Pre-selected Usman Idris
  2178. N-Teach-2017-000003591 Pre-selected SAUL BONDIRON HATAMO
  2179. N-Teach-2017-00000189802 Pre-selected Chinonso Precious Chukwuezi
  2180. N-Teach-2017-0000016070 Pre-selected ISREAL OKORIE ANYIM
  2181. N-Teach-2017-00000519714 Pre-selected Ovie Gabriel Richard
  2182. N-Teach-2017-000002447264 Pre-selected Wilfred Kippo Wilberforce
  2183. N-Teach-2017-00000348343 Pre-selected Faiza Mohammed
  2184. N-Teach-2017-00000594881 Pre-selected Nihungu Zadok
  2185. N-Teach-2017-000002446814 Pre-selected Raymond Mboh Donatus
  2186. N-Teach-2017-000001414115 Pre-selected ELAM CLARKSON ELAM CLARKSON
  2187. N-Teach-2017-00000259924 Pre-selected WAYAMDI PWADA
  2188. N-Teach-2017-0000046681 Pre-selected Victoria S Victor
  2189. N-Teach-2017-00000286064 Pre-selected GUNTI FATIMA JAAFAR
  2190. N-Teach-2017-00000912753 Pre-selected PWADORA GAYUS
  2191. N-Teach-2017-00000161683 Pre-selected Wuleino Anthony Bara
  2192. N-Teach-2017-00000901820 Pre-selected USOKO WILLIAMS
  2193. N-Teach-2017-0000019675 Pre-selected Edwin Mawuni Freedom
  2194. N-Teach-2017-000001979418 Pre-selected Muhammad Rilwanu
  2195. N-Teach-2017-00000644638 Pre-selected DAN OKUNAM NATHANIEL
  2196. N-Teach-2017-00000649802 Pre-selected Jason Samari
  2197. N-Teach-2017-00000329369 Pre-selected Abubakar Umar
  2198. N-Teach-2017-000002160035 Pre-selected MAKPANE EMMANUEL RALPH
  2199. N-Teach-2017-000001252020 Pre-selected Dimas Emirga Hassana
  2200. N-Teach-2017-00000379385 Pre-selected Boslam Benjamin Jatau
  2201. N-Teach-2017-00000805127 Pre-selected Felicia Boniface
  2202. N-Teach-2017-00000794492 Pre-selected BLESSING STELLA BELLO
  2203. N-Teach-2017-00000901526 Pre-selected Stanley Alidi
  2204. N-Teach-2017-00000363280 Pre-selected ROEL SUNAKA
  2205. N-Teach-2017-000001805584 Pre-selected Kelechi Benedict Ambrose
  2206. N-Teach-2017-00000566306 Pre-selected Enoch Timothy Ashinamameng
  2207. N-Teach-2017-00000525611 Pre-selected ZION ARIEL SAMSA
  2208. N-Teach-2017-000001580618 Pre-selected Adamu Iro Ibrahim
  2209. N-Teach-2017-00000510055 Pre-selected ORISON GREMA NORI
  2210. N-Teach-2017-000001690984 Pre-selected Sohanungti Jokim Badeson
  2211. N-Teach-2017-000001116789 Pre-selected Linda Nkiru Bernard
  2212. N-Teach-2017-00000578487 Pre-selected PWAMBODI CHRISTOPHER ELNATHAN
  2213. N-Teach-2017-00000623572 Pre-selected Amos Impah
  2214. N-Teach-2017-00000627442 Pre-selected Abubakar Yakubu
  2215. N-Teach-2017-00000351312 Pre-selected Babangida Jibril
  2216. N-Teach-2017-000002339161 Pre-selected Bakani Theman
  2217. N-Teach-2017-00000845826 Pre-selected Loveth Eugene
  2218. N-Teach-2017-00000134664 Pre-selected Jerome Jones Bakamso
  2219. N-Teach-2017-00000126233 Pre-selected Vincent Obeta
  2220. N-Teach-2017-00000765980 Pre-selected Benedict Nagopwa
  2221. N-Teach-2017-00000679614 Pre-selected Derrick Pwa’akadi Allahkyauta
  2222. N-Teach-2017-000001193455 Pre-selected MARYAM ALKALI MUHAMMED
  2223. N-Teach-2017-00000252543 Pre-selected Bernard Chukwuma
  2224. N-Teach-2017-000002294276 Pre-selected PWANIDI REUBEN
  2225. N-Teach-2017-00000526856 Pre-selected Agatha Linus
  2226. N-Teach-2017-00000348173 Pre-selected Ruth Ogudike
  2227. N-Teach-2017-000001004710 Pre-selected PWAYINTI CHARLES
  2228. N-Teach-2017-000001633926 Pre-selected Usakko Mbah Pindo
  2229. N-Teach-2017-000002142272 Pre-selected GRACE NAYINA
  2230. N-Teach-2017-000001196037 Pre-selected IWUALA CAROLINE CHIKA
  2231. N-Teach-2017-00000391943 Pre-selected OMODIAGBOR MONDAY EBHOTEMEN
  2232. N-Teach-2017-00000295455 Pre-selected NAOMI DURMINE WILLIAM
  2233. N-Teach-2017-000007735 Pre-selected Isaac Enan Tada
  2234. N-Teach-2017-00000168823 Pre-selected Abolowotan josephine Adenike
  2235. N-Teach-2017-00000224391 Pre-selected MERCY DALANGBUWAI
  2236. N-Teach-2017-00000840627 Pre-selected DAWESA KWAKUROTO
  2237. N-Teach-2017-00000649732 Pre-selected JENNIFER RICHARD
  2238. N-Teach-2017-00000515593 Pre-selected Adalchi Wilson
  2239. N-Teach-2017-000001500715 Pre-selected Blomopwa Joseph Salama
  2240. N-Teach-2017-00000626491 Pre-selected Milkatu Samuel
  2241. N-Teach-2017-000002202106 Pre-selected Nicholson Lyentapwa
  2242. N-Teach-2017-000002096124 Pre-selected Elizabeth Kaigama Rodani
  2243. N-Teach-2017-000001626706 Pre-selected christy francis
  2244. N-Teach-2017-000001729970 Pre-selected Adamu Danjuma Sirajo
  2245. N-Teach-2017-000002183352 Pre-selected PWANABESHI BIDON
  2246. N-Teach-2017-00000251691 Pre-selected WANENOSOM TITUS
  2247. N-Teach-2017-000001445515 Pre-selected ASSADUGU VIGO MARYAM
  2248. N-Teach-2017-00000110491 Pre-selected NACHAFIYA CALEB
  2249. N-Teach-2017-00000868259 Pre-selected ESTHER LUKA BRISKA
  2250. N-Teach-2017-00000810456 Pre-selected Gallant Tiyu Sarjiyus
  2251. N-Teach-2017-000001469494 Pre-selected Abidon Space Mbullah
  2252. N-Teach-2017-00000326740 Pre-selected VIDA PETER MUSA
  2253. N-Teach-2017-000001897340 Pre-selected Comfort Emmanuel Danjuma
  2254. N-Teach-2017-000001388935 Pre-selected Stella Ifeoma Ugwuonu
  2255. N-Teach-2017-000001200820 Pre-selected Josephine Johnson
  2256. N-Teach-2017-000001927867 Pre-selected Jennifer Destiny Edwin
  2257. N-Teach-2017-000002371781 Pre-selected NATHAN HUNVONRON GAYUS
  2258. N-Teach-2017-000002092261 Pre-selected Zarah Hananiya
  2259. N-Teach-2017-000002062846 Pre-selected Pius Philomina
  2260. N-Teach-2017-000002240403 Pre-selected SAHIDA JIBRILLA
  2261. N-Teach-2017-00000721933 Pre-selected Abdulqadir Al-amin Muhammad
  2262. N-Teach-2017-00000663827 Pre-selected ESTHER JOHN ZARO
  2263. N-Teach-2017-00000890132 Pre-selected Yahuza Garba Rausamu
  2264. N-Teach-2017-0000088222 Pre-selected Monday Hunginokai Dauda
  2265. N-Teach-2017-00000172720 Pre-selected PAUL SAMUEL
  2266. N-Teach-2017-0000024517 Pre-selected JUSTINE ESTHER
  2267. N-Teach-2017-0000039672 Pre-selected MICHAEL OLUSESAN ADEKUNLE
  2268. N-Teach-2017-000001520171 Pre-selected Geoffvilla Geoffrey
  2269. N-Teach-2017-000001166896 Pre-selected Ronald Ethan Nzome
  2270. N-Teach-2017-00000375352 Pre-selected GALADIMA PETER
  2271. N-Teach-2017-000001047896 Pre-selected Tessy Ebere Nwankwo
  2272. N-Teach-2017-000001458780 Pre-selected Samuel Pwanedo
  2273. N-Teach-2017-000001186442 Pre-selected Simon Patricia Gamati
  2274. N-Teach-2017-00000535700 Pre-selected Comfort Ndondo
  2275. N-Teach-2017-000001898391 Pre-selected Angela Doni
  2276. N-Teach-2017-00000618749 Pre-selected Pwahomikeno Raymond
  2277. N-Teach-2017-000001184058 Pre-selected Abubakar Saleh
  2278. N-Teach-2017-000001692357 Pre-selected Milton Zwalatha Roy
  2279. N-Teach-2017-000001032646 Pre-selected grace naka tamtolla
  2280. N-Teach-2017-00000846108 Pre-selected EJIRO SOLOMON ERAS
  2281. N-Teach-2017-00000197196 Pre-selected AGUNBIADE TOSIN
  2282. N-Teach-2017-00000113487 Pre-selected Haruna Jinkai
  2283. N-Teach-2017-00000208515 Pre-selected MARGARET MARK PAUL
  2284. N-Teach-2017-00000913804 Pre-selected EMEKA UZOCHUKWU NWOKAKA
  2285. N-Teach-2017-000001746 Pre-selected Manger Orhungur Matthew
  2286. N-Teach-2017-00000259578 Pre-selected JUSTINE HANNATU DABA
  2287. N-Teach-2017-000001650438 Pre-selected Ukamaka Cecilia Ogbonna
  2288. N-Teach-2017-000001202464 Pre-selected SANCTIFY HIMBO
  2289. N-Teach-2017-0000013405 Pre-selected Tyson Thomas
  2290. N-Teach-2017-00000945785 Pre-selected BULUS EMMANUEL
  2291. N-Teach-2017-00000333382 Pre-selected Mbasiti Nicholson Dauda
  2292. N-Teach-2017-000001155074 Pre-selected Aliyu Hasley Dimas
  2293. N-Teach-2017-000002347069 Pre-selected IWUALA CHINWE PHOEBE
  2294. N-Teach-2017-00000857015 Pre-selected EUGENE GOMA IGHO
  2295. N-Teach-2017-00000754603 Pre-selected MUSTAPHAR JAAFAR GUNTI
  2296. N-Teach-2017-00000701874 Pre-selected RUTH MANNASSAH
  2297. N-Teach-2017-000001484064 Pre-selected DINGOLI DADDY PWAPEDENO
  2298. N-Teach-2017-000001223862 Pre-selected ENNA ERIC
  2299. N-Teach-2017-0000039477 Pre-selected PWA’AMOLA ADIPWETO GEORGE
  2300. N-Teach-2017-00000256341 Pre-selected KWADAMA ISMAILA BOTI
  2301. N-Teach-2017-00000887183 Pre-selected VOPWA TAKUSO
  2302. N-Teach-2017-000001457622 Pre-selected Napwamwa Ayefu
  2303. N-Teach-2017-00000618758 Pre-selected Umaru Kachalla
  2304. N-Teach-2017-000002402068 Pre-selected MUBARAKAT MOHAMMED KANGIWA
  2305. N-Teach-2017-000001481006 Pre-selected MOHAMMED MR ISA
  2306. N-Teach-2017-000001679448 Pre-selected ishaku gapreyam bulus
  2307. N-Teach-2017-000001466483 Pre-selected sarah jeges Joshua
  2308. N-Teach-2017-00000791943 Pre-selected YUNUSA MR USMAN
  2309. N-Teach-2017-00000180616 Pre-selected Glory Kefas
  2310. N-Teach-2017-0000034441 Pre-selected Nahum – Godiya
  2311. N-Teach-2017-00000955040 Pre-selected Mercy Ishaku
  2312. N-Teach-2017-00000564910 Pre-selected Magdaline Musa Musa
  2313. N-Teach-2017-000001385139 Pre-selected DIKKO MR MANU
  2314. N-Teach-2017-000002495166 Pre-selected Gloria Abijah
  2315. N-Teach-2017-000002295264 Pre-selected Esther Ali
  2316. N-Teach-2017-000001547238 Pre-selected Annah Gibson
  2317. N-Teach-2017-00000202285 Pre-selected ALFRED GAYAWAN ALOSA
  2318. N-Teach-2017-000001238046 Pre-selected YUSUF MR MAI ABBA
  2319. N-Teach-2017-000001433678 Pre-selected AISHA MRS MOHAMMED
  2320. N-Teach-2017-000001308069 Pre-selected HAPPINESS JOEL
  2321. N-Teach-2017-00000527907 Pre-selected HUSSAINI Y BUKAR
  2322. N-Teach-2017-00000503639 Pre-selected SAMIRA MRS MOHAMMED
  2323. N-Teach-2017-0000018102 Pre-selected RASHIDA MOHAMMED
  2324. N-Teach-2017-000002195949 Pre-selected Kenneth Apollos Peter
  2325. N-Teach-2017-000001798168 Pre-selected MARY SOLOMON
  2326. N-Teach-2017-00000722000 Pre-selected HABIBA MRS IBRAHIM
  2327. N-Teach-2017-00000505053 Pre-selected Patience Elijah
  2328. N-Teach-2017-000001667839 Pre-selected GAKWASHIN IBRAHIM
  2329. N-Teach-2017-000001992489 Pre-selected HADIZA M ABDULLAHI
  2330. N-Teach-2017-00000741950 Pre-selected Teshi Umaru
  2331. N-Teach-2017-0000089739 Pre-selected ALHERI JACOB
  2332. N-Teach-2017-0000078733 Pre-selected Ezekiel Lydia
  2333. N-Teach-2017-00000257344 Pre-selected ABDULSALAM MR ADAMU
  2334. N-Teach-2017-00000206953 Pre-selected WALAMA ZEKIEL ISTIFANUS
  2335. N-Teach-2017-00000327020 Pre-selected Rahab Benson
  2336. N-Teach-2017-000001244413 Pre-selected SHUAIBU MR FAROUK
  2337. N-Teach-2017-00000991294 Pre-selected ISAH MR SULEIMAN
  2338. N-Teach-2017-000001457769 Pre-selected RUQAYYA NIL ISA
  2339. N-Teach-2017-000001608156 Pre-selected Benesia Linus
  2340. N-Teach-2017-00000112176 Pre-selected HADAIZA MRS USMAN
  2341. N-Teach-2017-00000140633 Pre-selected JOSHUA KUMAI
  2342. N-Teach-2017-0000060215 Pre-selected YINASIM BELLEH YUNANA
  2343. N-Teach-2017-00000684749 Pre-selected Rabo Garba
  2344. N-Teach-2017-00000259677 Pre-selected ANYEMI DAVID
  2345. N-Teach-2017-00000794248 Pre-selected ESTHER , BALA
  2346. N-Teach-2017-00000772083 Pre-selected SALIHU YAKUBU BUKAR
  2347. N-Teach-2017-000001534 Pre-selected Patrick Theman
  2348. N-Teach-2017-000001327200 Pre-selected AUYEMI BENSON
  2349. N-Teach-2017-000001815019 Pre-selected Asibi Mercy Philimon
  2350. N-Teach-2017-00000473328 Pre-selected JOY ISHAKU
  2351. N-Teach-2017-000001393916 Pre-selected Anbomutuniya Titus
  2352. N-Teach-2017-00000729386 Pre-selected Caroline Yahuda
  2353. N-Teach-2017-00000127539 Pre-selected Blessing Moses
  2354. N-Teach-2017-00000839014 Pre-selected Umaru Bello
  2355. N-Teach-2017-000001681263 Pre-selected HAUWA LAWAL BABA
  2356. N-Teach-2017-00000197397 Pre-selected HEBRON ETAMANGRE
  2357. N-Teach-2017-00000158239 Pre-selected Tijani Suleiman
  2358. N-Teach-2017-00000124979 Pre-selected DAVID HIMAHURU BITRUS
  2359. N-Teach-2017-00000948365 Pre-selected MARY DATHAN
  2360. N-Teach-2017-00000658848 Pre-selected MICHAEL EMMANUEL
  2361. N-Teach-2017-00000939007 Pre-selected MOHAMMED MR BALA
  2362. N-Teach-2017-000001340819 Pre-selected YAHUZA BADAMASI
  2363. N-Teach-2017-00000250423 Pre-selected HAPPY MICHAEL OKPODOKO
  2364. N-Teach-2017-00000875081 Pre-selected Nicholas Bamaiyi
  2365. N-Teach-2017-00000184678 Pre-selected MONDAY LAWAN
  2366. N-Teach-2017-00000703694 Pre-selected Johnson Yunana
  2367. N-Teach-2017-000001509113 Pre-selected LAWUNYA LUKA
  2368. N-Teach-2017-000001509012 Pre-selected HANANIYA SAMIDA POLYCARP
  2369. N-Teach-2017-00000398245 Pre-selected Shafaatu Mohammed
  2370. N-Teach-2017-000002183608 Pre-selected Sani Muhammad Gidado
  2371. N-Teach-2017-000002185206 Pre-selected Sanda Abubakar Babani
  2372. N-Teach-2017-00000487475 Pre-selected YUSUF NAOMI
  2373. N-Teach-2017-00000802425 Pre-selected Filibus Himaliura None
  2374. N-Teach-2017-0000040595 Pre-selected AYUBA NILL ISA
  2375. N-Teach-2017-0000051674 Pre-selected IBRAHIM ADLURAWA
  2376. N-Teach-2017-0000037345 Pre-selected Milkatu Anthony Philip
  2377. N-Teach-2017-000001432104 Pre-selected SOLOMON MR ADIEL
  2378. N-Teach-2017-000001765698 Pre-selected WOMBONA EMMANUEL
  2379. N-Teach-2017-000001378943 Pre-selected Faisal Musa
  2380. N-Teach-2017-00000395674 Pre-selected Hussaini Adamu
  2381. N-Teach-2017-000001147033 Pre-selected Micah Solomon
  2382. N-Teach-2017-00000193314 Pre-selected Ampaimani Allen
  2383. N-Teach-2017-0000066887 Pre-selected Theman – Jonathan
  2384. N-Teach-2017-00000675177 Pre-selected Sahura Hamidu
  2385. N-Teach-2017-00000879725 Pre-selected Darius Florence
  2386. N-Teach-2017-00000837009 Pre-selected Zechariah Ishaku
  2387. N-Teach-2017-00000208790 Pre-selected ADAMU IBRAHIM
  2388. N-Teach-2017-000002552239 Pre-selected Daniel Andrawus
  2389. N-Teach-2017-00000209650 Pre-selected IBRAHIM GARBA
  2390. N-Teach-2017-000001452832 Pre-selected Abdulkarim Yakubu
  2391. N-Teach-2017-000001371193 Pre-selected AL-qasim Yusuf Usman
  2392. N-Teach-2017-000001281655 Pre-selected PAUL LIURALEYAUNIU
  2393. N-Teach-2017-00000327078 Pre-selected Iliya Paul Peter
  2394. N-Teach-2017-000001290718 Pre-selected sale Hammaadama
  2395. N-Teach-2017-000001150875 Pre-selected Mohammed Ismaila
  2396. N-Teach-2017-00000135711 Pre-selected Makda Andukoru
  2397. N-Teach-2017-00000998698 Pre-selected MAI ABBA ISHIYAKU
  2398. N-Teach-2017-00000784185 Pre-selected Amtayini Dickson
  2399. N-Teach-2017-00000709457 Pre-selected BABAHAJJA MR HAMMAN
  2400. N-Teach-2017-00000971634 Pre-selected ANDEMA BAREBONI GIDEON
  2401. N-Teach-2017-000001671847 Pre-selected janet jibir
  2402. N-Teach-2017-00000995250 Pre-selected WUNJIR WYCLIFFE
  2403. N-Teach-2017-00000121321 Pre-selected LUKA MULLO
  2404. N-Teach-2017-0000096236 Pre-selected Abdulkarim Shuaibu
  2405. N-Teach-2017-00000179527 Pre-selected Isa Usman
  2406. N-Teach-2017-00000390242 Pre-selected Geoffrey Joseph
  2407. N-Teach-2017-0000018138 Pre-selected ADIS OMEM BAGI
  2408. N-Teach-2017-000001043481 Pre-selected MONDAY ELI
  2409. N-Teach-2017-00000483668 Pre-selected Asheno Abraham
  2410. N-Teach-2017-00000211733 Pre-selected Jibrin Abdullahi Mohammed
  2411. N-Teach-2017-000001959450 Pre-selected KANADI A’ARON ANDEMA
  2412. N-Teach-2017-000001131675 Pre-selected Serah Gwakalda Silas
  2413. N-Teach-2017-00000408656 Pre-selected POLINAH GIMBA
  2414. N-Teach-2017-00000972820 Pre-selected Emmanuel John
  2415. N-Teach-2017-000001699719 Pre-selected GASINAN YUSUFU TELA
  2416. N-Teach-2017-00000294041 Pre-selected GANINAN HARUNA
  2417. N-Teach-2017-0000019386 Pre-selected Sufyan Damenso Hammantola
  2418. N-Teach-2017-00000894436 Pre-selected BITRUS JAMES AKNIDAHE
  2419. N-Teach-2017-000002413552 Pre-selected Kobiu Amahre Philemon
  2420. N-Teach-2017-000001386738 Pre-selected Helen Yetunde Adeyemi
  2421. N-Teach-2017-00000585128 Pre-selected SALAMATU ADAMU HOBON
  2422. N-Teach-2017-00000239774 Pre-selected murtala anakansa abdullahi
  2423. N-Teach-2017-00000293024 Pre-selected Yohanna Vandi Ngarah
  2424. N-Teach-2017-000001401741 Pre-selected WETEMWAN BITRUS
  2425. N-Teach-2017-00000292014 Pre-selected Nemuel Magaji Enock
  2426. N-Teach-2017-000002452450 Pre-selected ALHAJI YUSUF HAMMAD
  2427. N-Teach-2017-000001028929 Pre-selected JOHN AMABUSAN JAURO
  2428. N-Teach-2017-000004740 Pre-selected BRISTONE GYELKUR
  2429. N-Teach-2017-00000470320 Pre-selected AMINU MOHAMMED ABUBAKAR
  2430. N-Teach-2017-00000819769 Pre-selected HANOBEANKARE JOEL
  2431. N-Teach-2017-00000830618 Pre-selected MAKKA SOLOMON
  2432. N-Teach-2017-000001316397 Pre-selected ABDULHAMID BAMANGA ISA
  2433. N-Teach-2017-00000328591 Pre-selected Shuaibu Umaru
  2434. N-Teach-2017-000002458128 Pre-selected Shattu James
  2435. N-Teach-2017-000001814558 Pre-selected Happy Buwatlurubiu Yohanna
  2436. N-Teach-2017-000001025594 Pre-selected JUMMAI TITUS
  2437. N-Teach-2017-00000627863 Pre-selected Grace Sunday Amos
  2438. N-Teach-2017-000001327088 Pre-selected TINA BABAYO
  2439. N-Teach-2017-00000278038 Pre-selected IBRAHIM GIMBARU ADAMU
  2440. N-Teach-2017-00000757019 Pre-selected HANNAH DAVID JOSEPH
  2441. N-Teach-2017-00000934720 Pre-selected ABDULWAHAB AHMED
  2442. N-Teach-2017-00000795716 Pre-selected DEBORAH USMAN
  2443. N-Teach-2017-00000877419 Pre-selected VICTORIA MATHIAS
  2444. N-Teach-2017-0000019318 Pre-selected Peter Donald
  2445. N-Teach-2017-00000754833 Pre-selected EDINAH YUSUF
  2446. N-Teach-2017-00000815583 Pre-selected HALIMA MUSTAPHA
  2447. N-Teach-2017-00000952049 Pre-selected Odega Linus Rachel
  2448. N-Teach-2017-00000576020 Pre-selected AKUCHAHELSU WILSON
  2449. N-Teach-2017-00000376385 Pre-selected Astina Ibrahim
  2450. N-Teach-2017-000002458190 Pre-selected doris dauda
  2451. N-Teach-2017-000001159258 Pre-selected DORIS AYUBA
  2452. N-Teach-2017-000001508477 Pre-selected ESTHON AUGUSTINA
  2453. N-Teach-2017-000002232990 Pre-selected Halima Iya Sahabo
  2454. N-Teach-2017-000001078462 Pre-selected DORATHY THEMAN
  2455. N-Teach-2017-000001599192 Pre-selected MANLIURA WILSON
  2456. N-Teach-2017-00000617440 Pre-selected Comfort Paul
  2457. N-Teach-2017-000001156584 Pre-selected NELSON AJEDE TOM
  2458. N-Teach-2017-000001681175 Pre-selected AFODIA MARKUS
  2459. N-Teach-2017-00000784696 Pre-selected JULIANA SIMEON
  2460. N-Teach-2017-0000047256 Pre-selected gayus mary aminu
  2461. N-Teach-2017-000003064 Pre-selected POLINA YOHANNA ISUWA
  2462. N-Teach-2017-000001027189 Pre-selected CHRISTOPHER ZATA JAURO
  2463. N-Teach-2017-00000166970 Pre-selected Abdulkadir Mohammed Bashita
  2464. N-Teach-2017-00000483147 Pre-selected Mercy Joseph
  2465. N-Teach-2017-00000304414 Pre-selected Atanga Naomi Benson
  2466. N-Teach-2017-00000848866 Pre-selected YAUNAN JOSEPH
  2467. N-Teach-2017-000001706551 Pre-selected HANNAN AYADI
  2468. N-Teach-2017-000001098818 Pre-selected LAWAN SOLOMON RIFKATU
  2469. N-Teach-2017-00000353350 Pre-selected Bege Aminu
  2470. N-Teach-2017-000001102502 Pre-selected Liurarure Ethan
  2471. N-Teach-2017-00000786578 Pre-selected REJOICE KPLANGO IBRAHIM
  2472. N-Teach-2017-00000977570 Pre-selected WATHIYA DANIEL
  2473. N-Teach-2017-000001283505 Pre-selected Aishatu Hamman Audi
  2474. N-Teach-2017-00000134087 Pre-selected REJOICE AYUBA
  2475. N-Teach-2017-000002448446 Pre-selected Hanatu Buba
  2476. N-Teach-2017-00000487809 Pre-selected Patience Joseph
  2477. N-Teach-2017-000001973684 Pre-selected GABISINDE ARABO JOY
  2478. N-Teach-2017-00000603392 Pre-selected THANKGOD JONES
  2479. N-Teach-2017-00000784651 Pre-selected Akayawon Apukudare Kenan
  2480. N-Teach-2017-00000198931 Pre-selected CHINAPI WILSON
  2481. N-Teach-2017-00000712997 Pre-selected MOHAMMED YAHYA
  2482. N-Teach-2017-00000171061 Pre-selected BABANGIDA THOMAS
  2483. N-Teach-2017-00000959584 Pre-selected JOHN BABANGIDA MUSA
  2484. N-Teach-2017-00000250795 Pre-selected solomon kabat nexson
  2485. N-Teach-2017-00000426178 Pre-selected ELSON NIL EBAN
  2486. N-Teach-2017-000001239842 Pre-selected Karbakara Endson Dulun
  2487. N-Teach-2017-000001849427 Pre-selected FINIMOU WILLIAM
  2488. N-Teach-2017-000001753448 Pre-selected NATHANIEL ELBA
  2489. N-Teach-2017-00000470129 Pre-selected BENJAMIN ELSON
  2490. N-Teach-2017-00000473218 Pre-selected JOHN ELSON
  2491. N-Teach-2017-00000499337 Pre-selected JAMES CALVIN
  2492. N-Teach-2017-00000356502 Pre-selected YOHANNA EZEKIEL
  2493. N-Teach-2017-000001714103 Pre-selected Jerry Josiah
  2494. N-Teach-2017-000001371852 Pre-selected BAMAIYI D. MAXWELL
  2495. N-Teach-2017-00000525813 Pre-selected HAMZA AMEEN AHMED
  2496. N-Teach-2017-000002167912 Pre-selected SHEDRACH TOMWURBIU
  2497. N-Teach-2017-00000119571 Pre-selected Etadon Yusuf
  2498. N-Teach-2017-00000161339 Pre-selected Ibrahim Umar Abubakar
  2499. N-Teach-2017-00000712774 Pre-selected DAHIRU MAGAJI
  2500. N-Teach-2017-00000771484 Pre-selected FELIX ELI
  2501. N-Teach-2017-00000709549 Pre-selected YAUNAN MATHIAS
  2502. N-Teach-2017-00000814332 Pre-selected Friday Diggene Danbaki
  2503. N-Teach-2017-00000656638 Pre-selected SULEIMAN MUSA
  2504. N-Teach-2017-00000169177 Pre-selected Gilbert Adamu Boniface
  2505. N-Teach-2017-00000998671 Pre-selected Peter Elson
  2506. N-Teach-2017-000002419296 Pre-selected Daniel Musa
  2507. N-Teach-2017-000002079072 Pre-selected Kamalu Danladi
  2508. N-Teach-2017-000001488562 Pre-selected IDI EMMANUEL
  2509. N-Teach-2017-00000248213 Pre-selected HOLY UBAH
  2510. N-Teach-2017-00000749812 Pre-selected RUYA SAMUEL
  2511. N-Teach-2017-00000338717 Pre-selected Monica C Yibso
  2512. N-Teach-2017-00000865578 Pre-selected AJIMIRWA OZIEL
  2513. N-Teach-2017-00000874043 Pre-selected RAMATU KACHALLAH IBRAHIM
  2514. N-Teach-2017-000001934405 Pre-selected SELI ISA
  2515. N-Teach-2017-000002242150 Pre-selected HASHIMU KALUM MUSA
  2516. N-Teach-2017-000001300839 Pre-selected ABUBAKAR MUKTAR
  2517. N-Teach-2017-000001561217 Pre-selected Yusuf Gambo Mustapha
  2518. N-Teach-2017-000001788142 Pre-selected BITRUS GWARY SHAWULU
  2519. N-Teach-2017-000001858541 Pre-selected JIBRILLA AHMADU
  2520. N-Teach-2017-000001299184 Pre-selected ADU KINGSLEY SIMON
  2521. N-Teach-2017-00000841642 Pre-selected AGATHA DAGAI
  2522. N-Teach-2017-000002188036 Pre-selected ALIYU HARUNA
  2523. N-Teach-2017-000001710533 Pre-selected BULUS SAMUEL CHOMBI
  2524. N-Teach-2017-00000413644 Pre-selected Aiden Yerima Augustine
  2525. N-Teach-2017-000001642615 Pre-selected ESTHER REUBEN
  2526. N-Teach-2017-000002447046 Pre-selected Ahmed Bashiru
  2527. N-Teach-2017-00000513815 Pre-selected Nyikyaa Terfa
  2528. N-Teach-2017-000001375520 Pre-selected Daniel Michael Vyonku
  2529. N-Teach-2017-000001645102 Pre-selected USMAN SALE
  2530. N-Teach-2017-000001594488 Pre-selected Sarah B Inuwa
  2531. N-Teach-2017-00000432839 Pre-selected CHRISTIANA BANSI
  2532. N-Teach-2017-00000350686 Pre-selected Gloria sylvester
  2533. N-Teach-2017-000002524071 Pre-selected Ihebunachi Ezinne Jessica
  2534. N-Teach-2017-00000332101 Pre-selected Simon Christopher Yibso
  2535. N-Teach-2017-000002313878 Pre-selected Umar Hassan usman
  2536. N-Teach-2017-000001083041 Pre-selected MOSES MATHIAS BARDE
  2537. N-Teach-2017-00000136573 Pre-selected Mustapha Halilu
  2538. N-Teach-2017-000002519472 Pre-selected Mary Adeola Olagunju
  2539. N-Teach-2017-000002264885 Pre-selected ISA MUHAMMAD ABDULKADIR
  2540. N-Teach-2017-000001301543 Pre-selected ADAMU JOSEPH AWAJE
  2541. N-Teach-2017-000002209948 Pre-selected PETER PIUS
  2542. N-Teach-2017-000002242673 Pre-selected STEPHEN AYUBA
  2543. N-Teach-2017-00000570060 Pre-selected GANGSIREN BENSON
  2544. N-Teach-2017-00000827140 Pre-selected Veronica Nathaniel Chineye
  2545. N-Teach-2017-000002539579 Pre-selected Gladys Onyemowo Agene
  2546. N-Teach-2017-00000236403 Pre-selected Francis Ola Ekun
  2547. N-Teach-2017-000002014213 Pre-selected MOHAMMED ALIYU
  2548. N-Teach-2017-000002338821 Pre-selected IMAOBONG SABBATH UKO
  2549. N-Teach-2017-000001311494 Pre-selected NTIENSE ERNEST UKPONG
  2550. N-Teach-2017-000001022472 Pre-selected Edu Dianabasi Akpan
  2551. N-Teach-2017-000001168651 Pre-selected Beauty Eyoma Nkanta
  2552. N-Teach-2017-000001556658 Pre-selected Nkoyo Okon Umana
  2553. N-Teach-2017-000001406452 Pre-selected Blessing Marcus Udofia
  2554. N-Teach-2017-0000076557 Pre-selected Nyakno Peter Akwaowo
  2555. N-Teach-2017-00000821282 Pre-selected EDO COLMAN OKON
  2556. N-Teach-2017-00000975696 Pre-selected Blessing Friday Silas
  2557. N-Teach-2017-00000314460 Pre-selected MARIA ALEXANDER OKO
  2558. N-Teach-2017-00000844636 Pre-selected Esther Ezekiel Udo
  2559. N-Teach-2017-00000888158 Pre-selected Mfon Augustine Ideh
  2560. N-Teach-2017-00000714375 Pre-selected stella Chioma Mbagwu
  2561. N-Teach-2017-0000018576 Pre-selected Onofiok Anthony Akpabio
  2562. N-Teach-2017-00000138135 Pre-selected SALAMAT YETUNDE JUBRIL
  2563. N-Teach-2017-0000024479 Pre-selected CHARITY ABASIDO AKPABIO
  2564. N-Teach-2017-00000790475 Pre-selected Blessing Asuquo Etang
  2565. N-Teach-2017-00000223948 Pre-selected EDIDIONG FAVOUR AKAN
  2566. N-Teach-2017-00000787150 Pre-selected Mercy Linus Akpan
  2567. N-Teach-2017-000002525391 Pre-selected VICTORIA IME OKON
  2568. N-Teach-2017-000001892053 Pre-selected Grace Michael Obot
  2569. N-Teach-2017-00000701400 Pre-selected Rose Edet Udo
  2570. N-Teach-2017-00000970973 Pre-selected Nseobong David Sambo
  2571. N-Teach-2017-000002523878 Pre-selected Christiana Ededet Akpan
  2572. N-Teach-2017-00000802283 Pre-selected EDIDIONG PETER AKPAN
  2573. N-Teach-2017-000001251311 Pre-selected Idorenyin Frank Udoudoakpan
  2574. N-Teach-2017-00000945905 Pre-selected ANTILEAN AGBAGBUE
  2575. N-Teach-2017-00000749055 Pre-selected Ekemini Enoh Alexander
  2576. N-Teach-2017-000002116745 Pre-selected ESTHER EDEM ESSIEN
  2577. N-Teach-2017-000002021786 Pre-selected IDONGESIT ETUK ESHIET
  2578. N-Teach-2017-000001161557 Pre-selected Happiness Daniel Umontah
  2579. N-Teach-2017-000002237543 Pre-selected JOY CELESTINE BASSEY
  2580. N-Teach-2017-00000896623 Pre-selected AKPAN HOSSANA JAMES
  2581. N-Teach-2017-00000779130 Pre-selected Idara Idorenyin Udosen
  2582. N-Teach-2017-000001892000 Pre-selected EKAETTE PAUL OKON
  2583. N-Teach-2017-000002543777 Pre-selected Idopise Patrick Edet
  2584. N-Teach-2017-000001226683 Pre-selected Margaret Sunday Abijah
  2585. N-Teach-2017-00000380353 Pre-selected UTITOFON WILLIE IDIONG
  2586. N-Teach-2017-000001976672 Pre-selected EMETI Linus Umoh
  2587. N-Teach-2017-000001554389 Pre-selected Princess Amasi Benson
  2588. N-Teach-2017-00000974878 Pre-selected nseabasi edidiong philips
  2589. N-Teach-2017-00000777761 Pre-selected Sylvester Glory Itorobong
  2590. N-Teach-2017-00000750400 Pre-selected UNYIME GREGORY JOHN
  2591. N-Teach-2017-000002547576 Pre-selected kubiat christopher tom
  2592. N-Teach-2017-000001031579 Pre-selected Blessing Idorenyin Essien
  2593. N-Teach-2017-000002536094 Pre-selected idongesit Ene james
  2594. N-Teach-2017-00000994482 Pre-selected EZIKE CHINAZO BLESSING
  2595. N-Teach-2017-000001683122 Pre-selected UWEM ETIM AKPAN
  2596. N-Teach-2017-00000994290 Pre-selected Augusta Effiong Akpan
  2597. N-Teach-2017-000001153554 Pre-selected Peace Effiong Umana
  2598. N-Teach-2017-000002307607 Pre-selected Keresifon Augustine Mbeh
  2599. N-Teach-2017-000001616960 Pre-selected EROMOSELE ORIA-IKHO CORLETTA
  2600. N-Teach-2017-000001041996 Pre-selected Ekeatte Augustine Obot
  2601. N-Teach-2017-000002319974 Pre-selected IMAOBONG MAURICE BEN
  2602. N-Teach-2017-000001299307 Pre-selected JOY NSE OBONG
  2603. N-Teach-2017-000001083259 Pre-selected Uduakobong Cosmas Udoutun
  2604. N-Teach-2017-000002057866 Pre-selected Edidiong Solomon Akpan
  2605. N-Teach-2017-000002377417 Pre-selected NSEMEKE SATURDAY UNANAM
  2606. N-Teach-2017-000001416137 Pre-selected AMOS DORIS SUNDAY
  2607. N-Teach-2017-00000502217 Pre-selected AKAMOBONG FRIDAY UDOM
  2608. N-Teach-2017-000001825999 Pre-selected JAMES GRACE DABERECHI
  2609. N-Teach-2017-000001565418 Pre-selected PROMISE OBOT IBANGA
  2610. N-Teach-2017-000001628457 Pre-selected Ayama Udo Michael
  2611. N-Teach-2017-000001144398 Pre-selected CLEMENT OKON EFFIONG
  2612. N-Teach-2017-000002339946 Pre-selected Uwah Mbetini Ignatius
  2613. N-Teach-2017-000001420944 Pre-selected UTOMOBONG SAMMY ETIM
  2614. N-Teach-2017-000001803969 Pre-selected Aniediong Sunday Edet
  2615. N-Teach-2017-000001636553 Pre-selected MFONOBONG EKERETTE NSE
  2616. N-Teach-2017-000001050593 Pre-selected UDUAK AKPAN UMANAH
  2617. N-Teach-2017-000002202122 Pre-selected Nfehe-anie maurice Etim
  2618. N-Teach-2017-00000847639 Pre-selected EKAETTE UDOKPAN UDOKANG
  2619. N-Teach-2017-00000291884 Pre-selected ekerette udo jonah
  2620. N-Teach-2017-00000809007 Pre-selected Mfon Sunday Essien
  2621. N-Teach-2017-00000886333 Pre-selected EMMANUEL JOHN AKPAN
  2622. N-Teach-2017-00000897089 Pre-selected MFONOBONG INI OKON
  2623. N-Teach-2017-000001001551 Pre-selected Ini Akpan Akpan
  2624. N-Teach-2017-00000842575 Pre-selected ANIEKPENO FRIDAY IDO
  2625. N-Teach-2017-00000705880 Pre-selected Akanimo Effiong Ukpong
  2626. N-Teach-2017-00000970840 Pre-selected Akaninyene Essien David
  2627. N-Teach-2017-00000110189 Pre-selected Johnson Lilian Amarachi
  2628. N-Teach-2017-000002533236 Pre-selected FLORENCE MONDAY ELIJAH
  2629. N-Teach-2017-000003445 Pre-selected EDIDIONG PAULINUS OKON
  2630. N-Teach-2017-000003202 Pre-selected AKANINYENE WILLIE UDOFIA
  2631. N-Teach-2017-00000111241 Pre-selected ISAAC NSEOBONG UDONANG
  2632. N-Teach-2017-00000699018 Pre-selected Enobong NseAbasi Ufot
  2633. N-Teach-2017-00000197519 Pre-selected Akaninyene John Udotong
  2634. N-Teach-2017-000002519183 Pre-selected Linda Onyinyechi Maduakor
  2635. N-Teach-2017-0000021677 Pre-selected Iboro Esther Isaiah
  2636. N-Teach-2017-00000951225 Pre-selected MFON MONDAY EFFIONG
  2637. N-Teach-2017-00000198332 Pre-selected SUNDAY ESEME SAVIOUR
  2638. N-Teach-2017-00000201149 Pre-selected Sisong Ezekiel Udoaka
  2639. N-Teach-2017-00000946365 Pre-selected IMO BRENDAN IMOWO
  2640. N-Teach-2017-0000017096 Pre-selected EKEMINI JOSEPH OKON
  2641. N-Teach-2017-00000654287 Pre-selected Udoekpo Imo Ime
  2642. N-Teach-2017-00000759771 Pre-selected Joy William Hanson
  2643. N-Teach-2017-00000807913 Pre-selected ANIEBIET MARK UDOMA
  2644. N-Teach-2017-000001010179 Pre-selected UFON ENOBONG SANDY
  2645. N-Teach-2017-000001655813 Pre-selected INIOBONG UDOKANG IKPA
  2646. N-Teach-2017-000001055777 Pre-selected Mbuotidem Daniel Ezekiel
  2647. N-Teach-2017-000001704231 Pre-selected SIFON PATRICK EKPO
  2648. N-Teach-2017-000002071336 Pre-selected Uwem Udo Inyang
  2649. N-Teach-2017-00000370216 Pre-selected DAVID OKON ESSIEN
  2650. N-Teach-2017-00000365865 Pre-selected MERCY MAURICE IDUNG
  2651. N-Teach-2017-000001153577 Pre-selected Godwin Udo Akpan
  2652. N-Teach-2017-000002153003 Pre-selected Uchenna Remigius Onuchukwu
  2653. N-Teach-2017-000001806904 Pre-selected Nnorom Adaobi Lilian
  2654. N-Teach-2017-000001079356 Pre-selected NSEOBONG CHRISTOPHER JAMES
  2655. N-Teach-2017-00000340551 Pre-selected Ginika Jacinta Okechi
  2656. N-Teach-2017-00000630350 Pre-selected INOCK NDUNOBONG UDEME
  2657. N-Teach-2017-000002137948 Pre-selected MFON JOHNSON UDO
  2658. N-Teach-2017-000002013281 Pre-selected ucheawaji ukarejit ebidien
  2659. N-Teach-2017-000002445412 Pre-selected Dominion Joshua Dominic
  2660. N-Teach-2017-000001082724 Pre-selected Kufree Udoh Benson
  2661. N-Teach-2017-000002277992 Pre-selected Idara Uwem Johnson
  2662. N-Teach-2017-000001139306 Pre-selected Alaribe Eberechi Diala
  2663. N-Teach-2017-000001023850 Pre-selected OTOBONG OKON MOSES
  2664. N-Teach-2017-000001561711 Pre-selected LAWRENCE RAPHAEL NNAH
  2665. N-Teach-2017-000001677695 Pre-selected Uwak-mfon Sunday Udoudo
  2666. N-Teach-2017-00000338048 Pre-selected JOY TRICIA UMOH
  2667. N-Teach-2017-000001414028 Pre-selected Wisdom James Udofia
  2668. N-Teach-2017-000001509264 Pre-selected Iniobong Monday Ukpe
  2669. N-Teach-2017-000002055826 Pre-selected NAMKERE DOMINIC AFANGIDE
  2670. N-Teach-2017-000002444186 Pre-selected GLORY EMMANUEL EKARA
  2671. N-Teach-2017-000001262498 Pre-selected eno Patrick okon
  2672. N-Teach-2017-000001702323 Pre-selected Ubong Akpan Sunday
  2673. N-Teach-2017-000001527989 Pre-selected HELEN ISAAC UDOAKA
  2674. N-Teach-2017-000001609662 Pre-selected Thompson Eyakeno Peter
  2675. N-Teach-2017-000001484992 Pre-selected EDIDIONG INIOBONG ARCHIBONG
  2676. N-Teach-2017-00000389319 Pre-selected Kingsley Akpan Monday
  2677. N-Teach-2017-000001149640 Pre-selected Ukeme Sunday Akpan
  2678. N-Teach-2017-000001347529 Pre-selected Ukeme Bassey Edoho
  2679. N-Teach-2017-000001472211 Pre-selected George Nyong Eyo
  2680. N-Teach-2017-000001418963 Pre-selected Michael Nsikan John
  2681. N-Teach-2017-000001944029 Pre-selected Peace Okon Ben
  2682. N-Teach-2017-00000422880 Pre-selected ANIEKAN MONDAY SAM
  2683. N-Teach-2017-000001410277 Pre-selected EMMANUEL MENDIE AKPAN
  2684. N-Teach-2017-000001278438 Pre-selected Pius Pius Ekaidem
  2685. N-Teach-2017-000001623529 Pre-selected Anietie Babatunde Olatujoye
  2686. N-Teach-2017-000002378735 Pre-selected MARGARET EKONG UMANAH
  2687. N-Teach-2017-00000381167 Pre-selected IFIOK FRIDAY AKPAN
  2688. N-Teach-2017-000001697778 Pre-selected Stella Eshiet Akpan
  2689. N-Teach-2017-000001057269 Pre-selected EDIDIONG NSINI IBANGA
  2690. N-Teach-2017-00000580599 Pre-selected NJOKU JOSPHINE CHERECHI
  2691. N-Teach-2017-000002247931 Pre-selected Chika Leonie Uyoatta
  2692. N-Teach-2017-00000479485 Pre-selected Agnes Anietie Benson
  2693. N-Teach-2017-000001594623 Pre-selected CHRISTIANA ETIM EYO
  2694. N-Teach-2017-000001484799 Pre-selected ANIEKEME SAMUEL EKONG
  2695. N-Teach-2017-00000436534 Pre-selected EDIDIONG MICHAEL UDOFIA
  2696. N-Teach-2017-000001040953 Pre-selected Edidiong Sunday Nkanga
  2697. N-Teach-2017-000001222460 Pre-selected Akon Gabriel Adiakpantin
  2698. N-Teach-2017-000001824574 Pre-selected Stephen Oluwasogo Oladimeji
  2699. N-Teach-2017-000001512027 Pre-selected Maokim Cletus Benson
  2700. N-Teach-2017-000001575529 Pre-selected SAMUEL ETIM EFFIONG
  2701. N-Teach-2017-000002281975 Pre-selected Anietie Ime Uko
  2702. N-Teach-2017-000001539168 Pre-selected Eno Edem Bassey
  2703. N-Teach-2017-000001800 Pre-selected GRACE MFON EKPERIKPE
  2704. N-Teach-2017-00000754457 Pre-selected ANIETI WILBERFORCE EKAETTE
  2705. N-Teach-2017-00000777500 Pre-selected OFONEFRE OKON HANSON
  2706. N-Teach-2017-00000766496 Pre-selected Okpe Liveth Eric
  2707. N-Teach-2017-00000834597 Pre-selected NDIFREKE SUNDAY UMOH
  2708. N-Teach-2017-00000886074 Pre-selected JOHN AKPAN SAMBO
  2709. N-Teach-2017-00000744257 Pre-selected Chinomso Victoria Uchendu
  2710. N-Teach-2017-00000311633 Pre-selected Uforobong Okon Edetuko
  2711. N-Teach-2017-00000314450 Pre-selected ROSE SAVIOUR UDOM
  2712. N-Teach-2017-00000805480 Pre-selected Kuyik Sunday Ekpenyong
  2713. N-Teach-2017-000002536552 Pre-selected Emem Ezekiel Etuk
  2714. N-Teach-2017-000002492777 Pre-selected Imeobong Sunday Etim
  2715. N-Teach-2017-00000294019 Pre-selected Uduak Okon Okoji
  2716. N-Teach-2017-000001944 Pre-selected Inemesit Effiong Umoh
  2717. N-Teach-2017-00000288416 Pre-selected EMEM ANIEFIOK SAMUEL
  2718. N-Teach-2017-00000734369 Pre-selected Jidereobi Nduka Chimezie
  2719. N-Teach-2017-0000033444 Pre-selected Etop Friday Udofah
  2720. N-Teach-2017-00000972714 Pre-selected Hannah Peter Eyo
  2721. N-Teach-2017-00000200367 Pre-selected Akaninyene Ime Sunday
  2722. N-Teach-2017-0000031941 Pre-selected Abasiofiok John Jacob
  2723. N-Teach-2017-00000155094 Pre-selected John Blessing Friday
  2724. N-Teach-2017-00000197847 Pre-selected Happiness okon Emenyi
  2725. N-Teach-2017-00000669405 Pre-selected Andinyanga Uwemedimo Inyang
  2726. N-Teach-2017-00000978149 Pre-selected Uduakobong Simon Peter
  2727. N-Teach-2017-00000939752 Pre-selected Grantwill Friday Paul
  2728. N-Teach-2017-000002488814 Pre-selected UDO UDOMA HARRISON
  2729. N-Teach-2017-00000758012 Pre-selected CHARLES AZUKA OKEKE
  2730. N-Teach-2017-00000609805 Pre-selected Nsima Matthew Nkanta
  2731. N-Teach-2017-000002077460 Pre-selected CECILIA SAMPSON AKPAN
  2732. N-Teach-2017-000002225946 Pre-selected Kereka Abia Eshiet
  2733. N-Teach-2017-000001286688 Pre-selected ENOOBONG AKPAN EKPENYONG
  2734. N-Teach-2017-000001027619 Pre-selected Hannah Aderonke Okeya
  2735. N-Teach-2017-000002039597 Pre-selected Anyanime Friday Utin
  2736. N-Teach-2017-000001209901 Pre-selected Glory Okokon Asuquo
  2737. N-Teach-2017-000001239609 Pre-selected IMAIKOP ANIEFIOK EKOP
  2738. N-Teach-2017-00000416831 Pre-selected PETER SUNDAY UKPETTE
  2739. N-Teach-2017-000001249603 Pre-selected joseph cletus asangaeneng
  2740. N-Teach-2017-000001132870 Pre-selected Joseph Edet Akpan
  2741. N-Teach-2017-000002009674 Pre-selected EMEM UDUEHE IMEH
  2742. N-Teach-2017-000002430796 Pre-selected Imaobong Nkaette Udoidang
  2743. N-Teach-2017-000001356108 Pre-selected Calistus Ugochukwu Onwukwe
  2744. N-Teach-2017-000001814872 Pre-selected Enomfon Itorobong Udofia
  2745. N-Teach-2017-000001156697 Pre-selected MFON CYRIL AKPAN
  2746. N-Teach-2017-000002174299 Pre-selected Okonkwo Chidalu Sandra
  2747. N-Teach-2017-000002025053 Pre-selected UYOE GODWIN NATHANIEL
  2748. N-Teach-2017-000001996642 Pre-selected Ubong Eyo Udo
  2749. N-Teach-2017-000001991277 Pre-selected IDARA UWEMEDIMO EFFIONG
  2750. N-Teach-2017-000001923961 Pre-selected Eminimo Etim Udomessien
  2751. N-Teach-2017-000002053757 Pre-selected Uwakmfon Samuel Ekpo
  2752. N-Teach-2017-000001430911 Pre-selected Kufre Aniekan Akpan
  2753. N-Teach-2017-00000472960 Pre-selected Uwem Johnson Udosen
  2754. N-Teach-2017-000001653384 Pre-selected ANWANGABASI NATHAN AKPAN
  2755. N-Teach-2017-000001921674 Pre-selected KING EMMANUEL OBOT
  2756. N-Teach-2017-000001527183 Pre-selected ALBERT EFFIONG ASUQUO
  2757. N-Teach-2017-000001207188 Pre-selected Utibe Udo William
  2758. N-Teach-2017-000001751444 Pre-selected Enouwem Efefiong Jim
  2759. N-Teach-2017-000002049429 Pre-selected Daniel Edet Eyo
  2760. N-Teach-2017-000001025954 Pre-selected Eduwem Ekong Bassey
  2761. N-Teach-2017-000001199016 Pre-selected Richard Williams Eberefe
  2762. N-Teach-2017-000002072488 Pre-selected Etuk Eyakeno Mike
  2763. N-Teach-2017-000001095337 Pre-selected Uwakmfon EssienEtok IbokEte
  2764. N-Teach-2017-000001427891 Pre-selected Edima Johnny Ime
  2765. N-Teach-2017-000001368244 Pre-selected Emem Sunday Amiang
  2766. N-Teach-2017-000002177979 Pre-selected Uyaiobong Monday Inyang
  2767. N-Teach-2017-000002232765 Pre-selected Nwogu Chidiebere OBK
  2768. N-Teach-2017-000002175169 Pre-selected EDIDIONG EDET INYANG
  2769. N-Teach-2017-000002156743 Pre-selected Christiana Bassey Sam
  2770. N-Teach-2017-000002194377 Pre-selected Cyril David Udosen
  2771. N-Teach-2017-000001637337 Pre-selected Happiness Edet Okon
  2772. N-Teach-2017-000001123292 Pre-selected FRANCIS EPHRAIM SAMPSON
  2773. N-Teach-2017-000001367280 Pre-selected Sunday Enobong Udom
  2774. N-Teach-2017-000002155506 Pre-selected MFON ETIM JAMES
  2775. N-Teach-2017-000002245877 Pre-selected AKANIMO MFON ETUK
  2776. N-Teach-2017-000002140663 Pre-selected CHINAZA LYDIA ANIKE
  2777. N-Teach-2017-000002143530 Pre-selected Margaret Joseph Udoh
  2778. N-Teach-2017-000002300330 Pre-selected Mfoniso Francis Ufia
  2779. N-Teach-2017-00000494655 Pre-selected Idongesit Sunday Akpan
  2780. N-Teach-2017-000001341005 Pre-selected OBIO AKPAN UMOREN
  2781. N-Teach-2017-000001094259 Pre-selected Amos Godson Nkim
  2782. N-Teach-2017-00000960781 Pre-selected Monica Danladi Gambo
  2783. N-Teach-2017-00000819215 Pre-selected IDONGESIT EMMANUEL JAMES
  2784. N-Teach-2017-000001041432 Pre-selected ANWANAAKAK DAVID AKPANNTUEN
  2785. N-Teach-2017-00000913945 Pre-selected Blessing Sunday Ido
  2786. N-Teach-2017-00000210714 Pre-selected victor victor Alfred
  2787. N-Teach-2017-000002508071 Pre-selected Peace Reuben Matthew
  2788. N-Teach-2017-000001735218 Pre-selected Edidiong Michael Ebong
  2789. N-Teach-2017-000002511427 Pre-selected IMO FRANCIS DAVIES
  2790. N-Teach-2017-000001003334 Pre-selected Aniekan Samuel Gabriel
  2791. N-Teach-2017-000002450022 Pre-selected udom Obong Uduak
  2792. N-Teach-2017-00000807532 Pre-selected Ediana-abasi Cyril Umoren
  2793. N-Teach-2017-00000689005 Pre-selected Fabian Kennedy Dickson
  2794. N-Teach-2017-00000873328 Pre-selected EMMANUEL ENO ETUK
  2795. N-Teach-2017-00000777614 Pre-selected Nwayen Ekaette Augustine
  2796. N-Teach-2017-00000314523 Pre-selected Mfonobong Paul Ukaps
  2797. N-Teach-2017-00000195511 Pre-selected Akaninyene Friday Mathew
  2798. N-Teach-2017-00000994761 Pre-selected Mkpouto Udia Edoho
  2799. N-Teach-2017-0000035024 Pre-selected Aniekpeno Effiong Umoh
  2800. N-Teach-2017-00000911312 Pre-selected UTIBEIMA DAVID EKANEM
  2801. N-Teach-2017-00000847572 Pre-selected Kenneth Uyiose Momoh
  2802. N-Teach-2017-000002493157 Pre-selected EZEKIEL FRIDAY EYO
  2803. N-Teach-2017-00000956393 Pre-selected Tom Mfoniso Edet
  2804. N-Teach-2017-000001136877 Pre-selected Ikouwem Ufort Usoh
  2805. N-Teach-2017-00000206323 Pre-selected NDUKEABASI ISAAC ESHIET
  2806. N-Teach-2017-000002368348 Pre-selected AKPAN JOHNSON GODWIN
  2807. N-Teach-2017-00000342376 Pre-selected uduak manasseh isong
  2808. N-Teach-2017-000001872241 Pre-selected ESSEN AKANINYENE DOMINIC
  2809. N-Teach-2017-000001561461 Pre-selected Anietie John Matthew
  2810. N-Teach-2017-000001281703 Pre-selected WISDOM JIMMY UNANAM
  2811. N-Teach-2017-000001113801 Pre-selected CAROLINE CHINYERE NWAOBI
  2812. N-Teach-2017-000001583326 Pre-selected magdalene sylvester akpan
  2813. N-Teach-2017-000001057559 Pre-selected UKEME ANIEFIOK EKAIKO
  2814. N-Teach-2017-000001570514 Pre-selected SANDY GLORY JOSEPH
  2815. N-Teach-2017-00000175929 Pre-selected Esther Remigius Umoh
  2816. N-Teach-2017-000002490686 Pre-selected UKPAREHE MONDAY BENSON
  2817. N-Teach-2017-00000516942 Pre-selected Mfon Udoma Inyang
  2818. N-Teach-2017-00000614492 Pre-selected VERONICA DENNIS UDOFIA
  2819. N-Teach-2017-00000178552 Pre-selected IDIHEKERE EMMANUEL UDOKO
  2820. N-Teach-2017-00000419209 Pre-selected okonkwo nkiruka edith
  2821. N-Teach-2017-0000032402 Pre-selected Mberekeabasi Godwin Ekon
  2822. N-Teach-2017-000001113509 Pre-selected emmanuel Donatus Asanga
  2823. N-Teach-2017-00000996262 Pre-selected Chidinma Livinus Egwuonwu
  2824. N-Teach-2017-00000123308 Pre-selected Nyakno Joseph Robinson
  2825. N-Teach-2017-00000754117 Pre-selected iberedem nse ekpoataha
  2826. N-Teach-2017-000001144266 Pre-selected Fatima Anthony Okonofua
  2827. N-Teach-2017-00000879379 Pre-selected AMOS SHADRACH UMOREN
  2828. N-Teach-2017-000002503956 Pre-selected IMO ANTHONG JOHNSON
  2829. N-Teach-2017-00000399450 Pre-selected SOLOMON IME AKPAN
  2830. N-Teach-2017-000001668985 Pre-selected Isaac Samuel Ebong
  2831. N-Teach-2017-00000462804 Pre-selected Victor Malachy Udowo
  2832. N-Teach-2017-000001801180 Pre-selected Ubong Monday Emmanson
  2833. N-Teach-2017-000001592508 Pre-selected Kingsley Essien Umoh
  2834. N-Teach-2017-0000066098 Pre-selected EMMANUEL UDO NTIA
  2835. N-Teach-2017-00000991630 Pre-selected ANIEKAN FRANCIS BASSEY
  2836. N-Teach-2017-0000025939 Pre-selected Akaninyene Peter Nkopuruk
  2837. N-Teach-2017-00000791861 Pre-selected Kufre Joseph Ufia
  2838. N-Teach-2017-00000799992 Pre-selected Iwasanmi Gideon Ayeoyomi
  2839. N-Teach-2017-000001340696 Pre-selected Victoria Usoro Dickson
  2840. N-Teach-2017-000001541666 Pre-selected NSEOBONG ISAAC AKPAN
  2841. N-Teach-2017-000002539877 Pre-selected Gloria Nsikak Udosen
  2842. N-Teach-2017-000001720174 Pre-selected ukpe unyime Stephen
  2843. N-Teach-2017-000002137209 Pre-selected Ekpedeme Ime Paul
  2844. N-Teach-2017-000002138293 Pre-selected Wisdom James Ibanga
  2845. N-Teach-2017-000001900218 Pre-selected Umoh Saturday Umoh
  2846. N-Teach-2017-000002175957 Pre-selected Wills Iniobong Akpan
  2847. N-Teach-2017-000002555134 Pre-selected Ofonime Emmanuel Essien
  2848. N-Teach-2017-000002389870 Pre-selected Eyo Dorathy Friday
  2849. N-Teach-2017-000002092023 Pre-selected ESTHER CHIOMA OGBONNA
  2850. N-Teach-2017-0000019041 Pre-selected SYLVANUS MANASSEH IDIO
  2851. N-Teach-2017-000001484119 Pre-selected OFONASAHA OKON AKPAN
  2852. N-Teach-2017-000001075610 Pre-selected udoh Mmenyene Akpan
  2853. N-Teach-2017-000002038978 Pre-selected COMFORT EDEM EFFIONG
  2854. N-Teach-2017-000001290636 Pre-selected Godswill Ezekiel Sampson
  2855. N-Teach-2017-000002103109 Pre-selected SIMEON MARKSON JAMES
  2856. N-Teach-2017-000002184025 Pre-selected Namnso monday Samuel
  2857. N-Teach-2017-00000143650 Pre-selected Ephraim Anike Udo
  2858. N-Teach-2017-000009281 Pre-selected IFEANYI USOROH IHEKAIRE
  2859. N-Teach-2017-000001579736 Pre-selected Godwin Gregory Udoette
  2860. N-Teach-2017-000002061090 Pre-selected Festus Martin Martin
  2861. N-Teach-2017-000001900322 Pre-selected Charles Charles Uduyok
  2862. N-Teach-2017-000001861185 Pre-selected ENEICHIEK OGORONTE GWUNAWAJI
  2863. N-Teach-2017-000002350169 Pre-selected IYOKASSA SAMUEL REUBEN
  2864. N-Teach-2017-000001774426 Pre-selected JAPHET LEVI UZONO
  2865. N-Teach-2017-000002421093 Pre-selected Awajima Prince Ichen
  2866. N-Teach-2017-000002053238 Pre-selected Dickson Albert Nte
  2867. N-Teach-2017-000002431357 Pre-selected Eunice Augustine
  2868. N-Teach-2017-000002366866 Pre-selected ogbodo odinaka jennifer
  2869. N-Teach-2017-000002060701 Pre-selected Precious Ijente Ojoko
  2870. N-Teach-2017-000002163639 Pre-selected Ebere Peter Handsome
  2871. N-Teach-2017-000001247159 Pre-selected ELIJAH FRANKLIN ISOTUK
  2872. N-Teach-2017-000002511051 Pre-selected Rose Paul Okworo
  2873. N-Teach-2017-000002056143 Pre-selected Comfort Didymus Obosia
  2874. N-Teach-2017-000002247127 Pre-selected JESSEY RICHARD JOE
  2875. N-Teach-2017-000002049753 Pre-selected Essien Godwin Nelson
  2876. N-Teach-2017-000002280928 Pre-selected Rachel Ayituk Ayituk
  2877. N-Teach-2017-000002043105 Pre-selected Harold Sampson Smart
  2878. N-Teach-2017-000002034931 Pre-selected Samuel Gogo Adasi
  2879. N-Teach-2017-00000682486 Pre-selected Hudson Ezekiel Michael
  2880. N-Teach-2017-000001147896 Pre-selected Clifford Sunday Stephen
  2881. N-Teach-2017-00000547863 Pre-selected Omowumi Mary Obe
  2882. N-Teach-2017-00000508674 Pre-selected Ubelejit Aaron Aaron
  2883. N-Teach-2017-00000505653 Pre-selected Salome Johnson Ntegwung
  2884. N-Teach-2017-000001702581 Pre-selected GOODNEWS EZEKIEL AKPAN
  2885. N-Teach-2017-00000892509 Pre-selected Aniedi Ezekiel Ubengama
  2886. N-Teach-2017-000002302217 Pre-selected Ebenezer Gwungawaji Gabriel
  2887. N-Teach-2017-00000608242 Pre-selected Promise Horace Oronubong
  2888. N-Teach-2017-00000159875 Pre-selected Constance Nwuche Friday
  2889. N-Teach-2017-000001899601 Pre-selected NTENTE UYEAWAJI AWAJIOGAK
  2890. N-Teach-2017-000002328168 Pre-selected Emita Julia Zacchaeus
  2891. N-Teach-2017-000001329082 Pre-selected SELINAH WALTER IJENTE
  2892. N-Teach-2017-00000477391 Pre-selected Emily Job Uloyok
  2893. N-Teach-2017-000001066493 Pre-selected CHRISTOPHER DAVIDSON ULOYOK
  2894. N-Teach-2017-00000669099 Pre-selected Itoeminsan Idante Leonard
  2895. N-Teach-2017-00000217540 Pre-selected IKANN OWEN OJOKO
  2896. N-Teach-2017-000001409280 Pre-selected RENNER HEZEKIAH UTILE
  2897. N-Teach-2017-000001983676 Pre-selected migbana john ukpatu
  2898. N-Teach-2017-00000979338 Pre-selected CLARINAH TOBY AGANIN
  2899. N-Teach-2017-0000018940 Pre-selected Joseph Monday Idemesuk
  2900. N-Teach-2017-000001420050 Pre-selected Idongesit Micha Elebe
  2901. N-Teach-2017-000001375347 Pre-selected MONDAY SOLOMON UKO
  2902. N-Teach-2017-000002189260 Pre-selected LILY OGOLO NNAH
  2903. N-Teach-2017-000001597407 Pre-selected BENJAMIN TITUS DAVID
  2904. N-Teach-2017-000001832933 Pre-selected SUSAN LEMECH TIMOTHY
  2905. N-Teach-2017-0000015898 Pre-selected Mary Fortunatus Ikorwa
  2906. N-Teach-2017-00000154408 Pre-selected Eyo Joshua Daniel
  2907. N-Teach-2017-00000996156 Pre-selected EMMANUEL AKPAN NTIA
  2908. N-Teach-2017-000002411738 Pre-selected Clarizar Mathias Mbikan
  2909. N-Teach-2017-00000426931 Pre-selected SUNDAY SUNDAY NTENE
  2910. N-Teach-2017-00000338210 Pre-selected ROWLAND MARCUS PETER
  2911. N-Teach-2017-000002120097 Pre-selected GRACE AARON AARON
  2912. N-Teach-2017-000001780642 Pre-selected GLORY STEPHEN ESSIEN
  2913. N-Teach-2017-000001149729 Pre-selected OWEN PETER UKAFIA
  2914. N-Teach-2017-000001049250 Pre-selected JANET CHARLES UDUYOK
  2915. N-Teach-2017-000001861143 Pre-selected Udeme Elijah Ekpoh
  2916. N-Teach-2017-00000778330 Pre-selected NNAH IKO AKAI
  2917. N-Teach-2017-0000020594 Pre-selected Carolina Robert Isong
  2918. N-Teach-2017-000001052051 Pre-selected Emem Isong Etukudo
  2919. N-Teach-2017-000001582345 Pre-selected EKOT ESTHER UBONG
  2920. N-Teach-2017-000001345571 Pre-selected MFONOBONG EMMANUEL NTUEN
  2921. N-Teach-2017-00000626221 Pre-selected Glory Reuben Bassey
  2922. N-Teach-2017-000001411925 Pre-selected GLORY STEPHEN ENOBONG
  2923. N-Teach-2017-000001536667 Pre-selected Victoria Sunday Akpakpan
  2924. N-Teach-2017-00000643774 Pre-selected Comfort Bassey Ikott
  2925. N-Teach-2017-00000500480 Pre-selected Linda Nkechi Ekeh
  2926. N-Teach-2017-00000440281 Pre-selected BLESSING EMMANUEL UDEME
  2927. N-Teach-2017-00000697903 Pre-selected victor lawrence udobong
  2928. N-Teach-2017-00000319055 Pre-selected UTIBE ESHIET AKPEKONG
  2929. N-Teach-2017-00000800901 Pre-selected ITORO EFFIONG EFENE
  2930. N-Teach-2017-00000957062 Pre-selected INIOBONG BASSEY UTTONG
  2931. N-Teach-2017-000001504164 Pre-selected Brownson Friday Akpan
  2932. N-Teach-2017-000001316814 Pre-selected Francis Willie Bassey
  2933. N-Teach-2017-00000917711 Pre-selected BASSEY BASSEY ENANG
  2934. N-Teach-2017-00000994264 Pre-selected Enobong Michael Imaikop
  2935. N-Teach-2017-00000387595 Pre-selected RITA STEPHEN EKPE
  2936. N-Teach-2017-000001564956 Pre-selected Grace Inyang Bassey
  2937. N-Teach-2017-000001413408 Pre-selected Inyang Udofia Akpan
  2938. N-Teach-2017-00000398116 Pre-selected ENOBNOG ATANG OKON
  2939. N-Teach-2017-00000617258 Pre-selected Akujuobi Felix Nnamdi
  2940. N-Teach-2017-000001681735 Pre-selected Eshiet Esenowo Jack
  2941. N-Teach-2017-000001603661 Pre-selected Alice Daniel Ikobah
  2942. N-Teach-2017-000001082705 Pre-selected NOAMI BENJAMIN ETUKUDO
  2943. N-Teach-2017-00000528744 Pre-selected ENEKWECHI CHINELO EVANGELINE
  2944. N-Teach-2017-000001011857 Pre-selected OLUGBENGA OJO OSUNLUSI
  2945. N-Teach-2017-000001780119 Pre-selected ISRAEL EMMANUEL ISAIAH
  2946. N-Teach-2017-00000365976 Pre-selected DAUDA KAZEEM OJO
  2947. N-Teach-2017-000001865659 Pre-selected Ini Ikpe Ikpe
  2948. N-Teach-2017-000001897924 Pre-selected Grace Morgan Inam
  2949. N-Teach-2017-000001562063 Pre-selected EZEKIEL CAMPBELL UMOH
  2950. N-Teach-2017-000001382103 Pre-selected Uduak-Obong Monday Akpan
  2951. N-Teach-2017-000001801711 Pre-selected Edoho Edoho Bassey
  2952. N-Teach-2017-00000462908 Pre-selected GLORIA NDIFREKE EDOHO
  2953. N-Teach-2017-00000564052 Pre-selected BILLY ABASIFREKE ENOABASI
  2954. N-Teach-2017-000001723527 Pre-selected nyeneime Effiong uwa
  2955. N-Teach-2017-000001342359 Pre-selected EMEM EMMANUEL ASSAM
  2956. N-Teach-2017-00000401145 Pre-selected Emmanuel Effiong Daniel
  2957. N-Teach-2017-00000867587 Pre-selected ITUEN BELLA CLEMENT
  2958. N-Teach-2017-00000978952 Pre-selected Ekanem Nwanaokuo Bassey
  2959. N-Teach-2017-000002519322 Pre-selected IDARESIT BERNARD UDOH
  2960. N-Teach-2017-00000872234 Pre-selected Chioma maureen mbah
  2961. N-Teach-2017-00000228658 Pre-selected OMOTADE ADEBUKOLA BUKUNMI
  2962. N-Teach-2017-000002500933 Pre-selected UDO MARTHA EFFIONG
  2963. N-Teach-2017-00000133481 Pre-selected Daud Yahya Olarewaju
  2964. N-Teach-2017-00000820088 Pre-selected NNADI REGINA ONYINYE
  2965. N-Teach-2017-00000799125 Pre-selected Ekemini Charles Jacob
  2966. N-Teach-2017-00000752576 Pre-selected IME ITA ENYENIHI
  2967. N-Teach-2017-000001474830 Pre-selected CHINYERE BRIDGET KURUMEH
  2968. N-Teach-2017-000001336601 Pre-selected Favour Monday Williams
  2969. N-Teach-2017-00000543806 Pre-selected comfort okon bassey
  2970. N-Teach-2017-000002339911 Pre-selected Chinyere Ezekiel Eke
  2971. N-Teach-2017-000001241159 Pre-selected Edikan Itoro Bassey
  2972. N-Teach-2017-000002191700 Pre-selected Dinah Ekanem Bassey
  2973. N-Teach-2017-000001680469 Pre-selected CHARITY EGO AMAIKE
  2974. N-Teach-2017-000001521510 Pre-selected OWOLABI GBADEBO AKANNI
  2975. N-Teach-2017-00000441446 Pre-selected UDO ELIZABETH EKANEM
  2976. N-Teach-2017-000001214055 Pre-selected BLESSING BASSEY AYA
  2977. N-Teach-2017-00000611691 Pre-selected Idorenyin Obong Umanah
  2978. N-Teach-2017-00000519547 Pre-selected MFON OBONG EME SOLOMON
  2979. N-Teach-2017-000001074815 Pre-selected CHARLES C ONYEOCHA
  2980. N-Teach-2017-000001064611 Pre-selected unyime akpan otoho
  2981. N-Teach-2017-000001476276 Pre-selected OFONBUK PETER MANDOR
  2982. N-Teach-2017-00000500407 Pre-selected IKECHUKWU MARTIN OHADUGHA
  2983. N-Teach-2017-000002410172 Pre-selected SAMUEL CHIDI WALTERS
  2984. N-Teach-2017-000002143180 Pre-selected Emaediong Christian Udo
  2985. N-Teach-2017-000001805778 Pre-selected Emeribe Ifeyinwa Stephanie
  2986. N-Teach-2017-00000632813 Pre-selected OMEH SAMPSON NWABUEZE
  2987. N-Teach-2017-000001510904 Pre-selected UNYIME AKPAN OBOT
  2988. N-Teach-2017-000002250552 Pre-selected Victor Akpan Udom
  2989. N-Teach-2017-000001505875 Pre-selected EDIDIONG JOSEPH JAMES
  2990. N-Teach-2017-000001390531 Pre-selected IKIKE DENNIS EKONG
  2991. N-Teach-2017-00000624172 Pre-selected ASSAM MOSES NYOHO
  2992. N-Teach-2017-000002180813 Pre-selected UDUAK CORLENUS BASSEY
  2993. N-Teach-2017-000002022127 Pre-selected ENOBONG RUFUS BALLANTINE
  2994. N-Teach-2017-000002536194 Pre-selected Umoh Joy Umoh
  2995. N-Teach-2017-00000677642 Pre-selected EMMANUEL JOHN EDOHO
  2996. N-Teach-2017-00000691471 Pre-selected LIBERTY WIMS WILLIAMS
  2997. N-Teach-2017-000001000209 Pre-selected Esther Federin Okokon
  2998. N-Teach-2017-000002548760 Pre-selected Aniefiok Eyakeno Udokim
  2999. N-Teach-2017-000002519330 Pre-selected Joy Friday Samuel
  3000. N-Teach-2017-00000964402 Pre-selected Ubong Francis Etieket
  3001. N-Teach-2017-00000980790 Pre-selected Emmanuel Otu Ekasi-Otu
  3002. N-Teach-2017-00000259640 Pre-selected VICTORIA EFFIONG NTUK
  3003. N-Teach-2017-00000927827 Pre-selected Favour Idongesit Joshua
  3004. N-Teach-2017-000007007 Pre-selected Patience Akpan Harrison
  3005. N-Teach-2017-000002550378 Pre-selected EMMANUEL DAVID AKPAN
  3006. N-Teach-2017-00000151153 Pre-selected MFREKE EKANEM EFFIONG
  3007. N-Teach-2017-00000765820 Pre-selected KATE EKAETTE IBANGA
  3008. N-Teach-2017-00000860034 Pre-selected ENYEKEME OKON JAPHET
  3009. N-Teach-2017-00000747397 Pre-selected Idongesit Monday Effiong
  3010. N-Teach-2017-00000983956 Pre-selected kufre monday nyoho
  3011. N-Teach-2017-00000252832 Pre-selected COMFORT SUNDAY BEN
  3012. N-Teach-2017-00000841900 Pre-selected NSIKAN DANIEL ETEBIA
  3013. N-Teach-2017-000002542772 Pre-selected Iniobong David Ekanem
  3014. N-Teach-2017-00000657343 Pre-selected GLORY SOLOMON ESHIET
  3015. N-Teach-2017-00000777927 Pre-selected blessing sunday etieket
  3016. N-Teach-2017-00000841183 Pre-selected GODWIN BASSEY UDOM
  3017. N-Teach-2017-00000270818 Pre-selected blessing gabriel atang
  3018. N-Teach-2017-00000984809 Pre-selected onyinyechi okechukwu igbokwe
  3019. N-Teach-2017-00000444926 Pre-selected ANIEKAN SUNDAY UDOH
  3020. N-Teach-2017-000001109270 Pre-selected Esther Sunday Etette
  3021. N-Teach-2017-000001330456 Pre-selected MERCY JOSEPH EKANEM
  3022. N-Teach-2017-000001440538 Pre-selected Anthony Imoh Ekong
  3023. N-Teach-2017-000001280545 Pre-selected WISDOM JAMES ESHIET
  3024. N-Teach-2017-00000505392 Pre-selected HOPE EFFIONG BASSEY
  3025. N-Teach-2017-000001885509 Pre-selected JOSEPHINE DANIEL EKONG
  3026. N-Teach-2017-000001561434 Pre-selected Ndianabasi John Ekeke
  3027. N-Teach-2017-000001530716 Pre-selected Collins Joseph kalu
  3028. N-Teach-2017-000001763932 Pre-selected SIFON EMEM EBONG
  3029. N-Teach-2017-000002162782 Pre-selected Eneh Anayo Ernest
  3030. N-Teach-2017-000001628008 Pre-selected Orizu Chinasa Pamella
  3031. N-Teach-2017-00000388202 Pre-selected Itoro Godwin Etukudo
  3032. N-Teach-2017-00000605302 Pre-selected GLORY GORDON ROBERT
  3033. N-Teach-2017-000001326714 Pre-selected Immaculata Francis Udeme
  3034. N-Teach-2017-000001570429 Pre-selected MFON UDO FRIDAY
  3035. N-Teach-2017-000001446785 Pre-selected PATRICK SAMUEL ETTI
  3036. N-Teach-2017-000001427372 Pre-selected Rose Friday Okon
  3037. N-Teach-2017-000002036400 Pre-selected Kufre Asuquo Bassey
  3038. N-Teach-2017-000001556913 Pre-selected samuel etim udoyen
  3039. N-Teach-2017-000001423795 Pre-selected Magdalene Okon Tom
  3040. N-Teach-2017-000001162168 Pre-selected Uboho Okon Akpan
  3041. N-Teach-2017-000001598139 Pre-selected Utibe Amanam Daniel
  3042. N-Teach-2017-000001252801 Pre-selected KINDNESS MONDAY UKPE
  3043. N-Teach-2017-000001291975 Pre-selected UDUAK ROBERT UDO
  3044. N-Teach-2017-000001208268 Pre-selected Deborah Obiageri Iroh
  3045. N-Teach-2017-000001361612 Pre-selected NSIKAN COSMAS UDO
  3046. N-Teach-2017-000001890517 Pre-selected OLUWATOSIN OJAMBODE
  3047. N-Teach-2017-000001160151 Pre-selected DANIEL JOSEPH OKON
  3048. N-Teach-2017-000001043673 Pre-selected Kufre Willie Udo
  3049. N-Teach-2017-000001275866 Pre-selected Ikechukwu Michael Abia
  3050. N-Teach-2017-00000492008 Pre-selected Lovina Sunday Assan
  3051. N-Teach-2017-000002320380 Pre-selected NKOYO UDOFOT UMOH
  3052. N-Teach-2017-00000490236 Pre-selected ROBERT FRIDAY ROBERT
  3053. N-Teach-2017-00000817690 Pre-selected LAWRENCE AZUMARA
  3054. N-Teach-2017-000002518560 Pre-selected Agudiegwu Nkem Emmanuela
  3055. N-Teach-2017-000003123 Pre-selected ETUKAKPAN AKPE UDOENO
  3056. N-Teach-2017-00000875059 Pre-selected GLORY EYO EFFIONG
  3057. N-Teach-2017-00000997716 Pre-selected Lois chinwe Nwabor
  3058. N-Teach-2017-00000799831 Pre-selected GLORIA OKON BASSEY
  3059. N-Teach-2017-000001013088 Pre-selected Uwem Nkamare Tobby
  3060. N-Teach-2017-00000416614 Pre-selected Lotanna Chigozie Arazu
  3061. N-Teach-2017-00000855912 Pre-selected Ini Samuel Ntuen
  3062. N-Teach-2017-00000862884 Pre-selected ANIEFIOK UENOBONG ESSIEN
  3063. N-Teach-2017-00000887460 Pre-selected Samuel Iniko Etuk
  3064. N-Teach-2017-000002532272 Pre-selected PAULINA SAVIOUR INYANG
  3065. N-Teach-2017-00000178370 Pre-selected Eno Okon Thompson
  3066. N-Teach-2017-0000012748 Pre-selected justina joseph walter
  3067. N-Teach-2017-00000778454 Pre-selected NDIFREKE JAPAN INAM
  3068. N-Teach-2017-00000760026 Pre-selected Uduak Udo Ekot
  3069. N-Teach-2017-00000151004 Pre-selected Adedeji Oluwatosin Adetola
  3070. N-Teach-2017-00000959969 Pre-selected Idongesit Friday Oduok
  3071. N-Teach-2017-000002474212 Pre-selected Oji Onyinyechi Esther
  3072. N-Teach-2017-00000956152 Pre-selected ONORI EBIRIGOR AYA
  3073. N-Teach-2017-00000966394 Pre-selected GRACE CHRISTOPHER AKPAN
  3074. N-Teach-2017-00000248317 Pre-selected EMMANUEL UMOETUK PETER
  3075. N-Teach-2017-000001785938 Pre-selected IFEYINWA JULIET OJUKWU
  3076. N-Teach-2017-000001258325 Pre-selected AKANINYENE MICHAEL IKOPBO
  3077. N-Teach-2017-000001564262 Pre-selected Ugbega Godwin Nwife
  3078. N-Teach-2017-000001096170 Pre-selected Chukwuma Emmanuel Ubah
  3079. N-Teach-2017-000001677956 Pre-selected ESENTIA ONUOHA ADA
  3080. N-Teach-2017-000001326598 Pre-selected NDIANA-ABASI GODWIN EDEM
  3081. N-Teach-2017-00000566543 Pre-selected Jude Enyinnaya Oleson
  3082. N-Teach-2017-00000691528 Pre-selected LYNDA UWEM ENO
  3083. N-Teach-2017-00000660098 Pre-selected AKANIMO IBANGA NYOYOH
  3084. N-Teach-2017-00000928143 Pre-selected Victory Friday Akpan
  3085. N-Teach-2017-00000145580 Pre-selected Gabriel Nse Okon
  3086. N-Teach-2017-00000601093 Pre-selected Usenobong Sam Ikpe
  3087. N-Teach-2017-000001005669 Pre-selected Enobong Friday Isaiah
  3088. N-Teach-2017-00000424834 Pre-selected Onyedika Luke Omeje
  3089. N-Teach-2017-000001768937 Pre-selected Idorenyin Joseph David
  3090. N-Teach-2017-000001900837 Pre-selected Francisca Obiageri Nwanyanwu
  3091. N-Teach-2017-000001426489 Pre-selected Nkechinyere Obuma Okwara
  3092. N-Teach-2017-00000794979 Pre-selected INIUBONG EKONG UMOREN
  3093. N-Teach-2017-00000221549 Pre-selected GOLD EMMANUEL UDOEKONG
  3094. N-Teach-2017-00000634010 Pre-selected Godswill Henry Mbre
  3095. N-Teach-2017-00000443293 Pre-selected EKAETTE EDEM UDOYIU
  3096. N-Teach-2017-000001254868 Pre-selected Jasper Iheanyichukwu Eberendu
  3097. N-Teach-2017-000001010526 Pre-selected Chioma Anulika Chukwuka
  3098. N-Teach-2017-000001628348 Pre-selected Hannah Samuel Adiakpan
  3099. N-Teach-2017-00000351994 Pre-selected KUFRE ESHIET AKPEKONG
  3100. N-Teach-2017-0000094453 Pre-selected ABIGAIL GABRIEL DANIEL-EYO
  3101. N-Teach-2017-00000647697 Pre-selected Emmanuel Sunday Jack
  3102. N-Teach-2017-00000744319 Pre-selected Glory lmaikop Ben
  3103. N-Teach-2017-00000592408 Pre-selected Ukanwua Tertor David
  3104. N-Teach-2017-00000821118 Pre-selected Adeyemi Samuel Sunday
  3105. N-Teach-2017-000001884302 Pre-selected ARIT ASUKWO IDUNG
  3106. N-Teach-2017-000001961990 Pre-selected egwavon emmanuel francis
  3107. N-Teach-2017-00000268662 Pre-selected Wisdom Daniel Udom
  3108. N-Teach-2017-000002013103 Pre-selected Imeh Udoh Imeh
  3109. N-Teach-2017-000002290401 Pre-selected Sarah Christopher Eshiet
  3110. N-Teach-2017-00000801093 Pre-selected Samuel Sunday Effiong
  3111. N-Teach-2017-000002452545 Pre-selected Victoria Marshall Ekaette
  3112. N-Teach-2017-000001686487 Pre-selected Grace Victor Uko
  3113. N-Teach-2017-00000702914 Pre-selected Nelly Young Enyenihi
  3114. N-Teach-2017-000001720611 Pre-selected Ezekiel Aniefiok Ekpo
  3115. N-Teach-2017-000001539448 Pre-selected Ekaette Umoh John
  3116. N-Teach-2017-000001912468 Pre-selected FAVOUR ONYINYECHI NWANKWOR
  3117. N-Teach-2017-000001567978 Pre-selected IFIOK JAMES AFAHA
  3118. N-Teach-2017-000002287730 Pre-selected Nkoyo Aniedi Andrew
  3119. N-Teach-2017-000001709834 Pre-selected DAVID EFFIONG UDO
  3120. N-Teach-2017-000001486950 Pre-selected UKPONO EKEFRE ODUNGIDE
  3121. N-Teach-2017-000001655581 Pre-selected INYANG SUNDAY INYANG
  3122. N-Teach-2017-000002162733 Pre-selected Aniefon Ben Frank
  3123. N-Teach-2017-000001651764 Pre-selected ekaette emmamuel okon
  3124. N-Teach-2017-00000106047 Pre-selected Edidiong Ekerette Akwang
  3125. N-Teach-2017-000002408022 Pre-selected ANIEDI ETIM JACKIE
  3126. N-Teach-2017-000002456664 Pre-selected Emem IMO EKPO
  3127. N-Teach-2017-000001617499 Pre-selected Hannah Monday Tom
  3128. N-Teach-2017-000002459762 Pre-selected Victor Sunday Monday
  3129. N-Teach-2017-000002156664 Pre-selected Daniel Brenda Sunday
  3130. N-Teach-2017-00000456842 Pre-selected Peace Eyo Tom
  3131. N-Teach-2017-000001016726 Pre-selected Itoro Alice Essien
  3132. N-Teach-2017-000001379236 Pre-selected Mboutidem Ofon James
  3133. N-Teach-2017-000001107881 Pre-selected BLESSING OKON UMANAH
  3134. N-Teach-2017-000001009331 Pre-selected JEREMIAH UKO AKPE
  3135. N-Teach-2017-000001005523 Pre-selected Abigail Imoh Jacob
  3136. N-Teach-2017-000002371063 Pre-selected GRACE JACOB BASSEY
  3137. N-Teach-2017-000001287675 Pre-selected NSIKAN JOHN ETOKAKPAN
  3138. N-Teach-2017-000002503791 Pre-selected Blessing Friday Abia
  3139. N-Teach-2017-000002542843 Pre-selected Okeke Valentine Ugochukwu
  3140. N-Teach-2017-000002241327 Pre-selected MARTINA FRIDAY UDOH
  3141. N-Teach-2017-000001612592 Pre-selected INYANG OKON FRIDAY
  3142. N-Teach-2017-000001339457 Pre-selected SAMUEL ASUQUO BEN
  3143. N-Teach-2017-000001336128 Pre-selected JOSEPH OKON JOCKEY
  3144. N-Teach-2017-00000622590 Pre-selected EKONG UBONG ENO
  3145. N-Teach-2017-000001424918 Pre-selected DEBORAH AKPAN AKPAN
  3146. N-Teach-2017-000001798761 Pre-selected Daniel Okon Edward
  3147. N-Teach-2017-000002298021 Pre-selected SARAH ETIM MKPOINYENE
  3148. N-Teach-2017-000001436139 Pre-selected FELIX UDO JONAH
  3149. N-Teach-2017-00000119084 Pre-selected Emmanuel Friday Akpe
  3150. N-Teach-2017-000002492897 Pre-selected Mbuotidem Etim Okon
  3151. N-Teach-2017-000001025059 Pre-selected GODWIN AKPAN JOHN
  3152. N-Teach-2017-000001446468 Pre-selected BLESSED IME SAM
  3153. N-Teach-2017-000001187199 Pre-selected GLORY KOFFI BEN
  3154. N-Teach-2017-000001066383 Pre-selected Iboro Koffi Ben
  3155. N-Teach-2017-00000475293 Pre-selected Wisdom Abia Koffi
  3156. N-Teach-2017-000002347507 Pre-selected TOM EZEKIEL ETIM
  3157. N-Teach-2017-000001447682 Pre-selected uranta dandeson rita
  3158. N-Teach-2017-000001038897 Pre-selected EKEMINI OKON PHILIP
  3159. N-Teach-2017-000001525558 Pre-selected SAMPSON OKON ASUQUO
  3160. N-Teach-2017-00000333113 Pre-selected Mfonemana Asuquo Ekong
  3161. N-Teach-2017-000002273694 Pre-selected wilfred monday odungide
  3162. N-Teach-2017-000002223036 Pre-selected ANIETIE SUNDAY BASSEY
  3163. N-Teach-2017-000002379217 Pre-selected GRACE EFFIONG EKONG
  3164. N-Teach-2017-00000633825 Pre-selected DANIEL PETER EYESUAN
  3165. N-Teach-2017-000001605366 Pre-selected JEREMIAH FRIDAY JEREMIAH
  3166. N-Teach-2017-000001772535 Pre-selected godwin john edoho
  3167. N-Teach-2017-00000819738 Pre-selected Uduak Udo Uso
  3168. N-Teach-2017-00000663842 Pre-selected ESTHER EFFIONG UDO
  3169. N-Teach-2017-0000030032 Pre-selected Abia Effiong Abia
  3170. N-Teach-2017-00000316793 Pre-selected EYO FRIDAY EYO
  3171. N-Teach-2017-000002505177 Pre-selected Ndifreke Bills Ene
  3172. N-Teach-2017-000001576449 Pre-selected DANIEL EMMANUEL UDOYO
  3173. N-Teach-2017-000002433549 Pre-selected EDIDIONG EDOHO DICKSON
  3174. N-Teach-2017-000001073165 Pre-selected Glory Sunday Philip
  3175. N-Teach-2017-000002118960 Pre-selected ANIETIE TOM PHILIP
  3176. N-Teach-2017-000001253692 Pre-selected Kingsley Tom Amanam
  3177. N-Teach-2017-000001689153 Pre-selected MFONOBONG IMAENYIN NTUKIDEM
  3178. N-Teach-2017-000001861980 Pre-selected Peter Edohouqua Umah
  3179. N-Teach-2017-000001333634 Pre-selected Glory Okon Udoanwan
  3180. N-Teach-2017-00000623517 Pre-selected Utibe Etim Anyi
  3181. N-Teach-2017-000001263323 Pre-selected Victor Edet Ide
  3182. N-Teach-2017-00000324067 Pre-selected NANCY IKON ASSAM
  3183. N-Teach-2017-000001670636 Pre-selected EMEM FRIDAY ASSAN
  3184. N-Teach-2017-000001538285 Pre-selected INIOBONG ISUKETTE ABIAEKA
  3185. N-Teach-2017-000001077232 Pre-selected Emmanuel Okon Etinwa
  3186. N-Teach-2017-00000671790 Pre-selected SAMUEL DANIEL ETUKUDO
  3187. N-Teach-2017-00000116044 Pre-selected Ubong Okon Sunday
  3188. N-Teach-2017-000002537327 Pre-selected SUNDAY SAMUEL DANIEL
  3189. N-Teach-2017-000001363475 Pre-selected BENJAMIN MONDAY ETITO
  3190. N-Teach-2017-000001806359 Pre-selected VICTORIA FRIDAY ETTE
  3191. N-Teach-2017-000001030424 Pre-selected Eyibo Nse Asuquo
  3192. N-Teach-2017-000001763379 Pre-selected JOHN ESTHER FRIDAY
  3193. N-Teach-2017-00000366415 Pre-selected VICTOR ISUKETTE ABIAEKA
  3194. N-Teach-2017-000001095802 Pre-selected ANNIE ESUK BASSEY
  3195. N-Teach-2017-000001029260 Pre-selected Samuel Edet Bassey
  3196. N-Teach-2017-000002060179 Pre-selected BEN FRANCIS ETIM
  3197. N-Teach-2017-000002013354 Pre-selected Emem okon jack
  3198. N-Teach-2017-000001434030 Pre-selected GABRIEL OKON PETER
  3199. N-Teach-2017-000001306038 Pre-selected Bassey Philip Atanwa
  3200. N-Teach-2017-000001259207 Pre-selected CLEMENT SAM WILLIAMS
  3201. N-Teach-2017-000001788628 Pre-selected Ekaette Samuel Noah
  3202. N-Teach-2017-00000434148 Pre-selected BASSEY SMITH DANIEL
  3203. N-Teach-2017-000001095408 Pre-selected ARIT SUNDAY AKWAOWO
  3204. N-Teach-2017-00000318753 Pre-selected Aniefiok Asuquo Jackson
  3205. N-Teach-2017-00000103846 Pre-selected Enoh Daniel Nssien
  3206. N-Teach-2017-00000747689 Pre-selected WILL FRIDAY ETTE
  3207. N-Teach-2017-00000675541 Pre-selected VICTOR SAMUEL JOHNNY
  3208. N-Teach-2017-000001873954 Pre-selected DOMINION WARRIE EKANWA
  3209. N-Teach-2017-000002563582 Pre-selected Jerome Erieyovwe Irhivwoba
  3210. N-Teach-2017-000001851400 Pre-selected Lawrence Benson Akansi
  3211. N-Teach-2017-000001242485 Pre-selected Abigail Okon Jacob
  3212. N-Teach-2017-00000345470 Pre-selected Oku Ezekiel Etuk
  3213. N-Teach-2017-000001023900 Pre-selected EKPEDEME UBOKUDOM UBOKUDOM
  3214. N-Teach-2017-000001247451 Pre-selected WILLIAMS JOSEPH SAM
  3215. N-Teach-2017-000001234893 Pre-selected Otobong Imo Asuquo
  3216. N-Teach-2017-00000290381 Pre-selected Ntiense Okon Ekpo
  3217. N-Teach-2017-00000199796 Pre-selected Kindness Monday Edet
  3218. N-Teach-2017-000001827970 Pre-selected VICTOR ODORO ASUBOP
  3219. N-Teach-2017-000002377889 Pre-selected GLORIA BEN ESSIEN
  3220. N-Teach-2017-000001507535 Pre-selected Veronica Samuel Okon
  3221. N-Teach-2017-000001178099 Pre-selected SUNDAY EMMANUEL ETTEUDOH
  3222. N-Teach-2017-000002065915 Pre-selected UBONG SUNDAY UDOH
  3223. N-Teach-2017-00000839982 Pre-selected SAMUEL SUNDAY PETER
  3224. N-Teach-2017-000002475698 Pre-selected Joseph Asuquo Ekpo
  3225. N-Teach-2017-00000131297 Pre-selected Kingdom Samuel Inyang
  3226. N-Teach-2017-00000962303 Pre-selected ANITA EDET THOMPSON
  3227. N-Teach-2017-000001350171 Pre-selected Victor Isaac Inyang
  3228. N-Teach-2017-00000207147 Pre-selected Victor Asuquo Inuaesiet
  3229. N-Teach-2017-00000803739 Pre-selected ESIOWU CHIBUZO EMMANUEL
  3230. N-Teach-2017-000002516438 Pre-selected Emmanuel Okon Frank
  3231. N-Teach-2017-000002323695 Pre-selected GRACE ASINDI SAMPSON
  3232. N-Teach-2017-000002385668 Pre-selected kingsley Ubong Edet
  3233. N-Teach-2017-00000278280 Pre-selected Mfon Edet John
  3234. N-Teach-2017-000002403008 Pre-selected Aniekan Inyang Uto
  3235. N-Teach-2017-00000206144 Pre-selected alfred akpan edohoakwa
  3236. N-Teach-2017-00000265476 Pre-selected Aniekpeno Aniekan Etukudo
  3237. N-Teach-2017-000001980949 Pre-selected NYETI ENO EYO
  3238. N-Teach-2017-000001849384 Pre-selected MIKPIDIGE EDIDIONG ABRAHAM
  3239. N-Teach-2017-000002163244 Pre-selected Inemesit Uduak Etukudoh
  3240. N-Teach-2017-000001073759 Pre-selected EMAEYAK IMO UKO
  3241. N-Teach-2017-000001733220 Pre-selected Theresa Joseph Ekpo
  3242. N-Teach-2017-000001107594 Pre-selected Susana Rachael Okorie
  3243. N-Teach-2017-00000959126 Pre-selected IMA-OBONG ENO UBOKUDOM
  3244. N-Teach-2017-00000738989 Pre-selected ANWANGABONG OKON ITU
  3245. N-Teach-2017-000001939679 Pre-selected Ekom John Udotong
  3246. N-Teach-2017-000001051925 Pre-selected otobong usen Akpan
  3247. N-Teach-2017-00000195461 Pre-selected THERESA EFFIONG ENONTUK
  3248. N-Teach-2017-000001011851 Pre-selected IDARESIT TEMPLE BASSEY
  3249. N-Teach-2017-000001658082 Pre-selected UWAKMFON ENO PETER
  3250. N-Teach-2017-00000296049 Pre-selected Mbuotidem Friday Stephen
  3251. N-Teach-2017-000001024598 Pre-selected OTOBONG ISAAC UDIONG
  3252. N-Teach-2017-000001035920 Pre-selected Nsisong Sunday Akpan
  3253. N-Teach-2017-00000452625 Pre-selected Uwakmfon Sunday Emmanson
  3254. N-Teach-2017-000001283109 Pre-selected Enomfon Monday Hanson
  3255. N-Teach-2017-000001035347 Pre-selected UTITOFON EKEKE AKPANUDO
  3256. N-Teach-2017-000001703002 Pre-selected Abraham Ikoama Kunam
  3257. N-Teach-2017-000001246455 Pre-selected Edidiong Emmanuel Stephen
  3258. N-Teach-2017-00000791791 Pre-selected Emem Donatus Hanson
  3259. N-Teach-2017-00000436813 Pre-selected NSISONG GREGORY IKONO
  3260. N-Teach-2017-00000572044 Pre-selected Uboho Amos Wilson
  3261. N-Teach-2017-000001202330 Pre-selected Ekom Sam Okorie
  3262. N-Teach-2017-00000355765 Pre-selected CECILIA JOSEPH UDOH
  3263. N-Teach-2017-000001223353 Pre-selected Aniekpeno Gawain Umoh
  3264. N-Teach-2017-00000943654 Pre-selected Anthonia Ignatius Udo
  3265. N-Teach-2017-000001540114 Pre-selected Edimek Unwana Ekpenyong
  3266. N-Teach-2017-000001042973 Pre-selected Godwin Saturday Sam
  3267. N-Teach-2017-000002225979 Pre-selected UNYIME FRIDAY UDOUBOM
  3268. N-Teach-2017-00000646978 Pre-selected itoro sylvester titus
  3269. N-Teach-2017-00000532575 Pre-selected AKANIMO IMAENYIN NTUKIDEM
  3270. N-Teach-2017-000001641570 Pre-selected VICTOR FRIDAY MARCUS
  3271. N-Teach-2017-00000638828 Pre-selected Etorobong Nseobong Urom
  3272. N-Teach-2017-00000346224 Pre-selected ANIETIE FIDELIS AKPAN
  3273. N-Teach-2017-00000444274 Pre-selected UBONG EFFIONG JAMES
  3274. N-Teach-2017-000001678199 Pre-selected Emmanuel Sylvester Udoaka
  3275. N-Teach-2017-000001338760 Pre-selected AKANINYENE JACOB UMOH
  3276. N-Teach-2017-000001079179 Pre-selected Philomina Ukamaka Ugwu
  3277. N-Teach-2017-000001194653 Pre-selected Inemesit Sunday Afiah
  3278. N-Teach-2017-000001958077 Pre-selected ENOMFON SUNDAY NNAH
  3279. N-Teach-2017-000001430479 Pre-selected SAMPSON EDIDIONG NSEOBONG
  3280. N-Teach-2017-000001231062 Pre-selected EDIDIONG OKON HEZEKIAH
  3281. N-Teach-2017-000002319590 Pre-selected GLORY SAMPSON UDOIDIONG
  3282. N-Teach-2017-00000528632 Pre-selected James Mmenyene Nse
  3283. N-Teach-2017-0000022322 Pre-selected NSIKAK MICHAEL MOSES
  3284. N-Teach-2017-00000902751 Pre-selected AMAH KALU OKAFOR
  3285. N-Teach-2017-00000699045 Pre-selected kubiat sunday Ebekut
  3286. N-Teach-2017-00000658092 Pre-selected MKPONGKE ANIEFIOK JOHNSON
  3287. N-Teach-2017-00000229071 Pre-selected Mmenyene Mfreke Usen
  3288. N-Teach-2017-00000927699 Pre-selected BASSEY INIABASI EZEKIEL
  3289. N-Teach-2017-000002467284 Pre-selected Friday Jackson Umana
  3290. N-Teach-2017-000002122241 Pre-selected Hossana Sunday Thomas
  3291. N-Teach-2017-000001748507 Pre-selected Idihekere Bernard Adaka
  3292. N-Teach-2017-00000370791 Pre-selected Ukeme Monday Titus
  3293. N-Teach-2017-000001208680 Pre-selected EKPO NSISONG SMART
  3294. N-Teach-2017-000002097771 Pre-selected GRACE ISHMAEL GABRIEL
  3295. N-Teach-2017-000001685358 Pre-selected BLESSING ITORO ETIM
  3296. N-Teach-2017-000001568111 Pre-selected ADAMSON UDOETTE SAMPSON
  3297. N-Teach-2017-000002111616 Pre-selected Francisca Midighe Etukudo
  3298. N-Teach-2017-00000534160 Pre-selected VICTOR ANIEOBONG IBANGA
  3299. N-Teach-2017-000001225873 Pre-selected HAPPINESS EMMANUEL OKON
  3300. N-Teach-2017-000001942434 Pre-selected UNWANA SANDY GEORGE
  3301. N-Teach-2017-000001095848 Pre-selected ENOBONG EZEKIEL UDO
  3302. N-Teach-2017-000001826232 Pre-selected Aniebiet Sunday Akpan
  3303. N-Teach-2017-00000526809 Pre-selected Akpan Masifonabasi Sunday
  3304. N-Teach-2017-00000575963 Pre-selected IBORO SUNDAY NTUENIBOK
  3305. N-Teach-2017-00000671307 Pre-selected UDONDON NSIKAN FRIDAY
  3306. N-Teach-2017-00000992089 Pre-selected GODKNOWS EFFIONG JIMMY
  3307. N-Teach-2017-00000228980 Pre-selected Akanimo Sampson Obot
  3308. N-Teach-2017-00000737669 Pre-selected NSIKAK IME ISAIAH
  3309. N-Teach-2017-00000926882 Pre-selected ITEM MOFFAT UMANA
  3310. N-Teach-2017-0000013746 Pre-selected Edidiong Sunday Udo
  3311. N-Teach-2017-00000793598 Pre-selected UDUAK FRIDAY UDOTONG
  3312. N-Teach-2017-000001055037 Pre-selected INEMESIT LINUS UDOM
  3313. N-Teach-2017-000001911767 Pre-selected Emmanson Itoro Famous
  3314. N-Teach-2017-00000598302 Pre-selected Kufre Imoh Udofia
  3315. N-Teach-2017-000002154791 Pre-selected etieno akara udom
  3316. N-Teach-2017-00000381233 Pre-selected MFONOBONG EMMANUEL WILLIAM
  3317. N-Teach-2017-000001455100 Pre-selected MFONISO ESINYANG UDO
  3318. N-Teach-2017-000001874967 Pre-selected Samuel Friday Akpan
  3319. N-Teach-2017-000001741041 Pre-selected Thank-God George Solomon
  3320. N-Teach-2017-00000505933 Pre-selected ENOBONG EZEKIEL UMOH
  3321. N-Teach-2017-00000667146 Pre-selected ISRAEL TIMOTHY MBANG
  3322. N-Teach-2017-0000086407 Pre-selected Charles Uche Akunwa
  3323. N-Teach-2017-00000913378 Pre-selected ITOHOWO MARCUS BROWNSON
  3324. N-Teach-2017-000001642544 Pre-selected anomi monday akpan
  3325. N-Teach-2017-000002094920 Pre-selected Efiokobong Udeme Matthew
  3326. N-Teach-2017-000001616003 Pre-selected EDIDIONG ETIM MICHAEL
  3327. N-Teach-2017-000001185170 Pre-selected NSISONG PHILLIP UKO
  3328. N-Teach-2017-000001029541 Pre-selected Nsongurua Godfrey Mbada
  3329. N-Teach-2017-000001690541 Pre-selected Aniekan Monday Udosen
  3330. N-Teach-2017-000002429377 Pre-selected Nsisong Asuquo Akada
  3331. N-Teach-2017-00000240921 Pre-selected Iduehe Aniesime Udom
  3332. N-Teach-2017-00000677496 Pre-selected Ekikere Isaac Ukanireh
  3333. N-Teach-2017-00000938392 Pre-selected Promise Monday Akpan
  3334. N-Teach-2017-00000951515 Pre-selected ABASIEKEME NKEREKE IDIO
  3335. N-Teach-2017-000001365781 Pre-selected Emmanuel James Ukpong
  3336. N-Teach-2017-00000621435 Pre-selected ANIETIE MACAULEY OSOM
  3337. N-Teach-2017-000001312637 Pre-selected OWOEDINSO OKON FRIDAY
  3338. N-Teach-2017-000001246094 Pre-selected IDONGESIT SUNDAY UDOSI
  3339. N-Teach-2017-000001333643 Pre-selected IMEDIMFON NDARAKE UNWAUSEN
  3340. N-Teach-2017-000002491823 Pre-selected PEACE FRIDAY DANIEL
  3341. N-Teach-2017-00000516317 Pre-selected Nwaulu Augustina chioma
  3342. N-Teach-2017-000001947923 Pre-selected AKPAN UBONG ISRAEL
  3343. N-Teach-2017-000001481599 Pre-selected AKPAN ROSE EMMANSON
  3344. N-Teach-2017-000002540040 Pre-selected OFONIME FAMOUS EMMANSON
  3345. N-Teach-2017-00000442437 Pre-selected Ubong sunday inokon
  3346. N-Teach-2017-00000998045 Pre-selected enobong aniekan amos
  3347. N-Teach-2017-000002039096 Pre-selected Ediomo Bennett Umoh
  3348. N-Teach-2017-000001752124 Pre-selected itoro usoro daniel
  3349. N-Teach-2017-00000532040 Pre-selected Glory Emmanuel Edet
  3350. N-Teach-2017-000002294366 Pre-selected Emilia Emmanuel Peter
  3351. N-Teach-2017-000001511524 Pre-selected EMEH ANIETIE OSCAR
  3352. N-Teach-2017-000001784942 Pre-selected EFIOANWAN NSEOBONG EDEM
  3353. N-Teach-2017-000002409594 Pre-selected emem anietie williams
  3354. N-Teach-2017-00000469043 Pre-selected ITOHOWO SAMUEL IMBU
  3355. N-Teach-2017-000001988343 Pre-selected EMEM ETIM AKPAN
  3356. N-Teach-2017-00000734350 Pre-selected Comfort Joseph Jones
  3357. N-Teach-2017-00000740554 Pre-selected Nyaknobong Obot Obot
  3358. N-Teach-2017-000001304230 Pre-selected UNWANA JOSEPH FYNEFACE
  3359. N-Teach-2017-000001320128 Pre-selected UDUAK OKON ETUKUDO
  3360. N-Teach-2017-00000507944 Pre-selected Friday Magdalene Victoria
  3361. N-Teach-2017-000002410396 Pre-selected EMEM SUNDAY ETUK
  3362. N-Teach-2017-000002178052 Pre-selected HELEN UDEME EKPO
  3363. N-Teach-2017-000001583977 Pre-selected JESSICA PATRICK USORO
  3364. N-Teach-2017-00000734591 Pre-selected Ubong Bassey Ikpe
  3365. N-Teach-2017-000001532702 Pre-selected Uduak Thomas Bob
  3366. N-Teach-2017-000001202229 Pre-selected IFREKE UBONG UDOAKPAN
  3367. N-Teach-2017-000001842500 Pre-selected AKANINYENE LAWSON UDONSA
  3368. N-Teach-2017-00000628829 Pre-selected AKANINYENE OKON INEM
  3369. N-Teach-2017-000001785704 Pre-selected OKON MFONABASI EFFIONG
  3370. N-Teach-2017-000001502118 Pre-selected Idorenyin Samuel Ekwere
  3371. N-Teach-2017-00000632042 Pre-selected NORA EFFIONG BEN
  3372. N-Teach-2017-00000831492 Pre-selected Nsikan Michael Sam
  3373. N-Teach-2017-00000751884 Pre-selected Uwem Ignatius Unak
  3374. N-Teach-2017-0000066842 Pre-selected MFONOBONG JOSEPH AKPABIO
  3375. N-Teach-2017-00000140650 Pre-selected Idongesit Isaac Ibanga
  3376. N-Teach-2017-00000694646 Pre-selected Kelvin Udim Davies
  3377. N-Teach-2017-00000988284 Pre-selected CHIDIEBERE UNYA OMIKO
  3378. N-Teach-2017-00000185728 Pre-selected INIOBONG MONDAY EKANEM
  3379. N-Teach-2017-0000036738 Pre-selected Nkese Emah Ubeh
  3380. N-Teach-2017-000002508971 Pre-selected Ekaette Daniel David
  3381. N-Teach-2017-00000750547 Pre-selected Brideson Udo Josiah
  3382. N-Teach-2017-00000249565 Pre-selected Ufuoma Divine Iboyi
  3383. N-Teach-2017-000001079300 Pre-selected Ofonmbuk Nse Akpan
  3384. N-Teach-2017-000002178320 Pre-selected EKEREOBONG NSIMA BENSON
  3385. N-Teach-2017-00000348709 Pre-selected UDEME INNOCENT ESSIEN
  3386. N-Teach-2017-000001954602 Pre-selected Nsikan Ifiok Gibson
  3387. N-Teach-2017-00000527678 Pre-selected IDARA EFFIONG ETUK
  3388. N-Teach-2017-000001640785 Pre-selected Ndifreke Ikemesit Effeng
  3389. N-Teach-2017-00000637305 Pre-selected AKPABIO ENOBONG SAMUEL
  3390. N-Teach-2017-00000524160 Pre-selected ALICE INEM THOMPSON
  3391. N-Teach-2017-000002083715 Pre-selected MAYEN IDOP EKANEM
  3392. N-Teach-2017-000001739402 Pre-selected Martha Kenneth Akpan
  3393. N-Teach-2017-000001360532 Pre-selected UGONG EFFIONG AKPAN
  3394. N-Teach-2017-000001325720 Pre-selected Enefiok Sunday Isaiah
  3395. N-Teach-2017-000001671853 Pre-selected INYANG UDOM UDO
  3396. N-Teach-2017-000001566643 Pre-selected EKERE MONDAY AKPAN
  3397. N-Teach-2017-000002402005 Pre-selected ENOBONG ESSIEN OBOT
  3398. N-Teach-2017-00000581080 Pre-selected Royalty Eno Sambo
  3399. N-Teach-2017-000001494241 Pre-selected IMAOBONG FRIDAY ETUK
  3400. N-Teach-2017-000001441777 Pre-selected PATIENCE MONDAY ETIM
  3401. N-Teach-2017-000001784563 Pre-selected Beatrice Archibong Ekpo
  3402. N-Teach-2017-00000789761 Pre-selected Christiana Michael Umoh
  3403. N-Teach-2017-00000156211 Pre-selected Ukeme Asuquo Ufot
  3404. N-Teach-2017-00000181824 Pre-selected ANIEKEME AlFRED ATAi
  3405. N-Teach-2017-0000059306 Pre-selected IMOH SUNDAY ETUK
  3406. N-Teach-2017-00000815821 Pre-selected ITORO FRIDAY OBOT
  3407. N-Teach-2017-000002401553 Pre-selected ANIEBIET SUNDAY BASSEY
  3408. N-Teach-2017-00000579658 Pre-selected Etukudo Ufot Uyoatta
  3409. N-Teach-2017-000001500753 Pre-selected UTIBE EFIOK WILLIE
  3410. N-Teach-2017-00000380762 Pre-selected IDOT-ENYIN EDEM SMITH
  3411. N-Teach-2017-000001201271 Pre-selected UTIBE UKPE UKPE
  3412. N-Teach-2017-000002196902 Pre-selected Nsikak Offiong Edem
  3413. N-Teach-2017-000001440177 Pre-selected Helen Gabriel Ekong
  3414. N-Teach-2017-000001204404 Pre-selected Ita Adolphus James
  3415. N-Teach-2017-000001163702 Pre-selected INEMESIT AUGUSTINE ESSIEN
  3416. N-Teach-2017-000002190802 Pre-selected NSIKAN ISHMAEL JOHNSON
  3417. N-Teach-2017-000001479891 Pre-selected UBONG ESSIEN EKAETTE
  3418. N-Teach-2017-000001363941 Pre-selected VICTOR GODWIN SAMUEL
  3419. N-Teach-2017-00000536824 Pre-selected Michael Gabriel Essien
  3420. N-Teach-2017-000001062398 Pre-selected UKEME IDONGESIT USEN
  3421. N-Teach-2017-00000170786 Pre-selected Unyime Effiong EsopAbasi
  3422. N-Teach-2017-000004418 Pre-selected ITORO UDO SOLOMON
  3423. N-Teach-2017-00000231761 Pre-selected DANIEL EMEDIONG ERNEST
  3424. N-Teach-2017-00000211541 Pre-selected nsikak isaac
  3425. N-Teach-2017-00000130902 Pre-selected EMEM OKON IKPE
  3426. N-Teach-2017-0000019054 Pre-selected Imo-obong Ubong Umana
  3427. N-Teach-2017-0000083827 Pre-selected Favour Elijah Ubom
  3428. N-Teach-2017-00000932299 Pre-selected Nsikan Idongesit Ekwere
  3429. N-Teach-2017-00000817640 Pre-selected Eti-inyene Monday Utioh
  3430. N-Teach-2017-000002382001 Pre-selected Ikiwot Brownson Ekong
  3431. N-Teach-2017-000001306211 Pre-selected OFOFON PETER STEPHEN
  3432. N-Teach-2017-000001769837 Pre-selected Kate Eno Akpan
  3433. N-Teach-2017-000001236265 Pre-selected PETER GODWIN PETER
  3434. N-Teach-2017-00000484598 Pre-selected Mbuotidem Effiong Ukpong
  3435. N-Teach-2017-000001105470 Pre-selected Nyeneime Oliver Utin
  3436. N-Teach-2017-000001563011 Pre-selected EDIDIONG UDEME EKWERE
  3437. N-Teach-2017-000001575602 Pre-selected KUFREABASI ISAAC UKO
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  3439. N-Teach-2017-000002207902 Pre-selected Emem Eti Udosen
  3440. N-Teach-2017-00000962465 Pre-selected Florence Enobong Eka
  3441. N-Teach-2017-00000207793 Pre-selected BOKIME SUNDAY GEORGE
  3442. N-Teach-2017-000001889867 Pre-selected Toyoabasi Ime Inyang
  3443. N-Teach-2017-000001657697 Pre-selected Edidiong Ifreke Akpan
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  3445. N-Teach-2017-000001361815 Pre-selected victor abraham uwak
  3446. N-Teach-2017-000001601994 Pre-selected UTIBE SAMUEL UDOH
  3447. N-Teach-2017-000001806945 Pre-selected MKPOMBUK ANIEDI ROBERT
  3448. N-Teach-2017-0000010759 Pre-selected ISRAEL MORGAN MBOHO
  3449. N-Teach-2017-00000747880 Pre-selected Ubong John Etuk
  3450. N-Teach-2017-000001691672 Pre-selected IFREKE EYO UDOH
  3451. N-Teach-2017-000001789721 Pre-selected ifreke sampson charles
  3452. N-Teach-2017-000001500757 Pre-selected Edidiong Joseph Ema
  3453. N-Teach-2017-000001242794 Pre-selected mfon ifiok etuknwa
  3454. N-Teach-2017-000002071752 Pre-selected UDO ISREAL SUNDAY
  3455. N-Teach-2017-00000459766 Pre-selected Iboro Isaiah Akwang
  3456. N-Teach-2017-00000327539 Pre-selected Archibong Ntiense Akpan
  3457. N-Teach-2017-00000197073 Pre-selected Emmanuel Usen Ekanem
  3458. N-Teach-2017-00000949461 Pre-selected BLESSING DOMINIC EKPO
  3459. N-Teach-2017-0000022152 Pre-selected Aniefiok Sylvester Akpan
  3460. N-Teach-2017-000001899438 Pre-selected Mfonobong Ime Akpakpan
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  3465. N-Teach-2017-000002050074 Pre-selected Asukpa Nchini Akpanam
  3466. N-Teach-2017-00000962085 Pre-selected Emmanuel Okon Okon
  3467. N-Teach-2017-000001221932 Pre-selected Umanah Godsgift Edward
  3468. N-Teach-2017-000001867059 Pre-selected ETTEH IKPONG ESHIET
  3469. N-Teach-2017-000001895486 Pre-selected Joy Sunday Jimbo
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  3471. N-Teach-2017-000001630283 Pre-selected Nsidibe Udoh
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  3473. N-Teach-2017-00000382541 Pre-selected Martha samuel Egbo-egbo
  3474. N-Teach-2017-000001853015 Pre-selected PEACE PETER OKON
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  3476. N-Teach-2017-00000605536 Pre-selected Amba Eddet Kingsley
  3477. N-Teach-2017-000002390396 Pre-selected Blessing Abraham Ekanem
  3478. N-Teach-2017-000002360967 Pre-selected Idorenyin Michael John
  3479. N-Teach-2017-000001698440 Pre-selected Aniekan young nnah
  3480. N-Teach-2017-0000056717 Pre-selected Aniebiet Gregory Frank
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  3482. N-Teach-2017-000002505104 Pre-selected Nsopikpo Ema John
  3483. N-Teach-2017-00000393367 Pre-selected Freda Ijeoma Obi
  3484. N-Teach-2017-000001650586 Pre-selected Daniel Wilson Egbo-Egbo
  3485. N-Teach-2017-000001865896 Pre-selected MERCY ANIEDI JIMMY
  3486. N-Teach-2017-000001408684 Pre-selected ATIM ASUQUO ISOKOBO
  3487. N-Teach-2017-000002457022 Pre-selected Victor Okokon Ukpe
  3488. N-Teach-2017-000001456335 Pre-selected APOSTLE ISAAC FRANCIS
  3489. N-Teach-2017-000002138065 Pre-selected OKPO ENYINA ESHIET
  3490. N-Teach-2017-00000779503 Pre-selected Otuekong David Akpan
  3491. N-Teach-2017-000001412081 Pre-selected IDONGESIT NKAETE AKPAN
  3492. N-Teach-2017-00000986712 Pre-selected isokobo bill isokobo
  3493. N-Teach-2017-000001434674 Pre-selected Ubong Michael Ntekop
  3494. N-Teach-2017-000001511820 Pre-selected Sandra Sunday Johnson
  3495. N-Teach-2017-000001134074 Pre-selected SOLOMON JAMES MBIAM
  3496. N-Teach-2017-0000086131 Pre-selected Uduak Howard Offiong
  3497. N-Teach-2017-00000985370 Pre-selected OKOYE CHINWE IMMACULATE
  3498. N-Teach-2017-000002091248 Pre-selected EKEMINI UKPE JOSEPH
  3499. N-Teach-2017-000001638319 Pre-selected Benjamin Godwin Effanga
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  3501. N-Teach-2017-000001884382 Pre-selected Grace Peter Eshiet
  3502. N-Teach-2017-00000167445 Pre-selected UDOFIA OKON UDOFIA
  3503. N-Teach-2017-00000964741 Pre-selected Robert Joshua Mkpat
  3504. N-Teach-2017-000001319447 Pre-selected ukot ruth akpanika
  3505. N-Teach-2017-000002336354 Pre-selected Okon Patience Jerome
  3506. N-Teach-2017-000002281323 Pre-selected Imelda Justine Ettiah
  3507. N-Teach-2017-000001891962 Pre-selected Miriam Ette Simon
  3508. N-Teach-2017-000002155655 Pre-selected janet efanga otu
  3509. N-Teach-2017-000001378298 Pre-selected JUNIOR DANIEL EFFIONG
  3510. N-Teach-2017-00000870214 Pre-selected Okon Joseph Eshett
  3511. N-Teach-2017-000001359913 Pre-selected Victor Okon Asuquo
  3512. N-Teach-2017-000002359120 Pre-selected Mary Peter Ekpo
  3513. N-Teach-2017-00000727044 Pre-selected Maggie Johnny Afia
  3514. N-Teach-2017-00000872626 Pre-selected Utibe Sunday Egbo-Egbo
  3515. N-Teach-2017-000002447888 Pre-selected Aloysius Aloysius Akpan
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  3518. N-Teach-2017-000001403252 Pre-selected JOHN IME MBUK
  3519. N-Teach-2017-00000576890 Pre-selected Oku Lawrence
  3520. N-Teach-2017-000001453508 Pre-selected Ndueso Walter Udo
  3521. N-Teach-2017-00000160536 Pre-selected Mary Okokon Etim
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  3524. N-Teach-2017-00000350242 Pre-selected BLESSING SUNDAY ITA
  3525. N-Teach-2017-000002222117 Pre-selected Nkeneabasi Akpan Thompson
  3526. N-Teach-2017-00000462891 Pre-selected SAMUEL ESSIEN INYANG
  3527. N-Teach-2017-000001603132 Pre-selected EMEM EKANEM THOMAS
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  3537. N-Teach-2017-000001452006 Pre-selected James Nnah Okon
  3538. N-Teach-2017-000002278633 Pre-selected JOSHUA IRENE MFON
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  3541. N-Teach-2017-00000481281 Pre-selected Irene Obioma Obi
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  3543. N-Teach-2017-000002148721 Pre-selected UDEME OKON BEN
  3544. N-Teach-2017-000001327345 Pre-selected Jacob George Ibok
  3545. N-Teach-2017-000001772363 Pre-selected Inemesit Ete Henshaw
  3546. N-Teach-2017-00000470664 Pre-selected EVELYN GEORGE ENYINA
  3547. N-Teach-2017-000001285038 Pre-selected EMEM SUNDAY DAVIS
  3548. N-Teach-2017-000001598283 Pre-selected Happiness Udo David
  3549. N-Teach-2017-00000732461 Pre-selected Mary Paul Nse
  3550. N-Teach-2017-0000048694 Pre-selected GRACE AFIA MKPA
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  3553. N-Teach-2017-0000070353 Pre-selected JANE DANIEL EZEKIEL
  3554. N-Teach-2017-000002168140 Pre-selected Mary Friday Uko
  3555. N-Teach-2017-000001195349 Pre-selected KUFRE VICTOR OBOT
  3556. N-Teach-2017-000001671267 Pre-selected Itoro Akpan David
  3557. N-Teach-2017-000001571583 Pre-selected daniel john sunday
  3558. N-Teach-2017-00000146240 Pre-selected maduakor nonso michael
  3559. N-Teach-2017-0000049824 Pre-selected EBOH BELIEVE CHINOMSO
  3560. N-Teach-2017-000002483896 Pre-selected Noami Asuquo Umoh
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  3568. N-Teach-2017-000001857499 Pre-selected HELEN DAN UTONG
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  3571. N-Teach-2017-00000643969 Pre-selected EUNICE BASSEY OKOKON
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  3574. N-Teach-2017-00000890447 Pre-selected Godiya Peter Haruna
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  3576. N-Teach-2017-000001115098 Pre-selected DODO FRIDAY ADEKUNLE
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  3609. N-Teach-2017-000001002282 Pre-selected NSEMO EDET JAMES
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  3611. N-Teach-2017-00000663101 Pre-selected HANNAH OKON EKPENYONG
  3612. N-Teach-2017-00000118334 Pre-selected Uduakobong John Obot
  3613. N-Teach-2017-00000843605 Pre-selected Christiana Effiong Bassey
  3614. N-Teach-2017-000002551894 Pre-selected IME TOM MONDAY
  3615. N-Teach-2017-00000231519 Pre-selected Emem Edet Sunday
  3616. N-Teach-2017-000002513765 Pre-selected ENOBONG ANIEKAN ADONIS
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  3620. N-Teach-2017-00000847789 Pre-selected Otobong Essien Joshua
  3621. N-Teach-2017-000002488505 Pre-selected DONATUS SUNDAY UDOEYOP
  3622. N-Teach-2017-0000042938 Pre-selected EMA EFFIONG EDET
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  3624. N-Teach-2017-000002476784 Pre-selected MFREKE UKPONG ESSIEN
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  3626. N-Teach-2017-000002270580 Pre-selected inemesit edet ekanem
  3627. N-Teach-2017-000001673156 Pre-selected Mmenyene Sylvester Edet
  3628. N-Teach-2017-000002454835 Pre-selected DANIEL JOSEPH DAVID
  3629. N-Teach-2017-00000972113 Pre-selected VICTOR BASSEY OKPOSI
  3630. N-Teach-2017-000001589895 Pre-selected Eno-obong Felix Umana
  3631. N-Teach-2017-00000478158 Pre-selected EKPEDEME EYO ONYUNG
  3632. N-Teach-2017-00000770695 Pre-selected Anietimfon Okon Asuquo
  3633. N-Teach-2017-000001284609 Pre-selected Sampson Akwaowo Peter
  3634. N-Teach-2017-000001442825 Pre-selected DAUDA OLUMIDE OYEBANJI
  3635. N-Teach-2017-00000413729 Pre-selected EDEM EDEMEKONG EDEMIDIONG
  3636. N-Teach-2017-000001007405 Pre-selected MFON CELESTINE EFFIONG
  3637. N-Teach-2017-00000588337 Pre-selected Anietie Ebene Ufot
  3638. N-Teach-2017-000001613137 Pre-selected Utibe Godwin Jack
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  3642. N-Teach-2017-000001089723 Pre-selected ANIEKAN EDET AKPAN
  3643. N-Teach-2017-000002187469 Pre-selected VICTORIA NSEMBO IKPE
  3644. N-Teach-2017-00000432632 Pre-selected UDEME EFFIONG EKARIKA
  3645. N-Teach-2017-000001830949 Pre-selected Okon Anthony Edem
  3646. N-Teach-2017-000001230120 Pre-selected UBONG UWEMEDIMO ATAKPO
  3647. N-Teach-2017-00000953627 Pre-selected Rachel Emem Okon
  3648. N-Teach-2017-000006458 Pre-selected Idorenyin Okon Etim
  3649. N-Teach-2017-00000256424 Pre-selected Imo Enoidem Ebukanson
  3650. N-Teach-2017-000001717309 Pre-selected Peter Mercy Okon
  3651. N-Teach-2017-000001256291 Pre-selected Ubong Anthony Bernard
  3652. N-Teach-2017-00000480641 Pre-selected EYOH ENWONGO IKOEDEM
  3653. N-Teach-2017-000001543603 Pre-selected MARY ETUK EMMANUEL
  3654. N-Teach-2017-000002337208 Pre-selected Grace Effiong Udoh
  3655. N-Teach-2017-000001178308 Pre-selected Sylvester Emmanuel Edet
  3656. N-Teach-2017-000001772239 Pre-selected Nkanta Isaac Francis
  3657. N-Teach-2017-00000522977 Pre-selected Suberu Joseph Tunde
  3658. N-Teach-2017-000002365948 Pre-selected IDARA ETIM UDOAKA
  3659. N-Teach-2017-000002003986 Pre-selected OKON GODWIN ETIM
  3660. N-Teach-2017-000001773778 Pre-selected Kufre Effiong Ite
  3661. N-Teach-2017-000001116118 Pre-selected PRINCE IBORO EKONG
  3662. N-Teach-2017-000002333493 Pre-selected Itoro Etim John
  3663. N-Teach-2017-000002418894 Pre-selected JAMES SUNDAY INIEKPO
  3664. N-Teach-2017-00000186381 Pre-selected Abasianyanga Monday Ekpenyong
  3665. N-Teach-2017-00000847383 Pre-selected MARY EFFIONG EDEM
  3666. N-Teach-2017-00000133661 Pre-selected Mfoniso Joseph Luke
  3667. N-Teach-2017-00000835132 Pre-selected chineta daniel anude
  3668. N-Teach-2017-00000135742 Pre-selected Ezeako Chinaza Catherine
  3669. N-Teach-2017-00000722763 Pre-selected Aniekan Anthony Okon
  3670. N-Teach-2017-00000674190 Pre-selected ETIM NNAMNSO EKPENYONG
  3671. N-Teach-2017-00000990906 Pre-selected Edidiong Austine Peters
  3672. N-Teach-2017-000002530528 Pre-selected INEMESIT VICTOR UDO
  3673. N-Teach-2017-000001808169 Pre-selected Mfonobong Peter Umoren
  3674. N-Teach-2017-000001869866 Pre-selected Justine Edidiong Offiong
  3675. N-Teach-2017-00000425275 Pre-selected Mary edet Nassiah
  3676. N-Teach-2017-000001271615 Pre-selected Kufre Etim Okon
  3677. N-Teach-2017-000002030659 Pre-selected OTUEKONG VICTOR UKPONG
  3678. N-Teach-2017-00000379208 Pre-selected IDORENYIN EMMANUEL MOSES
  3679. N-Teach-2017-00000329035 Pre-selected Nsisong Offiong Eshiet
  3680. N-Teach-2017-000001053786 Pre-selected Enwongo Ibanga Johnson
  3681. N-Teach-2017-000002139485 Pre-selected ANIETIE WILLIAMS EDET
  3682. N-Teach-2017-000002404456 Pre-selected Blessing Okon Nyong
  3683. N-Teach-2017-000002057085 Pre-selected UDORO USORO DANIEL
  3684. N-Teach-2017-000002259093 Pre-selected GLORIA BEN EKPO
  3685. N-Teach-2017-00000519830 Pre-selected kediong uduak ekong
  3686. N-Teach-2017-000001428915 Pre-selected NAOMI LAWRENCE ETIM
  3687. N-Teach-2017-000002120157 Pre-selected NKECHINYERE FAITH UZOIGWE
  3688. N-Teach-2017-00000538084 Pre-selected Victor Peter Akpan
  3689. N-Teach-2017-000002462954 Pre-selected ENOBONG SAMUEL INYANG
  3690. N-Teach-2017-000001035375 Pre-selected ANTHONY LINUS UMOREN
  3691. N-Teach-2017-000001001740 Pre-selected SUNDAY IBIOK DICKSON
  3692. N-Teach-2017-00000153444 Pre-selected iniobong friday umoette
  3693. N-Teach-2017-000002508680 Pre-selected Stella Gabriel Brown
  3694. N-Teach-2017-00000250541 Pre-selected UBONG DOMINIC AKPAN
  3695. N-Teach-2017-00000202712 Pre-selected Enefiok Asuquo Edet
  3696. N-Teach-2017-000002092435 Pre-selected IMEH SUNDAY UBOM
  3697. N-Teach-2017-00000505037 Pre-selected EMAEYAK EFFIONG UDOFIA
  3698. N-Teach-2017-00000241708 Pre-selected Prince Elijah Ekpenyong
  3699. N-Teach-2017-000002494018 Pre-selected ANIEKERE EDEM NNSEWO
  3700. N-Teach-2017-000002301267 Pre-selected Ekong Asuquo Udosen
  3701. N-Teach-2017-000001306367 Pre-selected Eyaknno John Obot
  3702. N-Teach-2017-00000943920 Pre-selected GLORY HUMPHREY MORGAN
  3703. N-Teach-2017-000001868290 Pre-selected Esther Edet Ikpe
  3704. N-Teach-2017-000001089286 Pre-selected INIOBONG JEROME ITUEN
  3705. N-Teach-2017-00000743688 Pre-selected BERNICE BASSEY JACOB
  3706. N-Teach-2017-000001385488 Pre-selected ESTHER PETER EDEM
  3707. N-Teach-2017-000001396045 Pre-selected Ime William Nsi
  3708. N-Teach-2017-000002474589 Pre-selected PETER BLESSING ESSIEN
  3709. N-Teach-2017-00000180203 Pre-selected Mfoniso Udema Archibong
  3710. N-Teach-2017-000001950028 Pre-selected Mary Udo Umanah
  3711. N-Teach-2017-000001152098 Pre-selected Uduak Innocent Edet
  3712. N-Teach-2017-000001511134 Pre-selected ITOHOWO ASUKWO EKPA
  3713. N-Teach-2017-000002505431 Pre-selected IMAOBONG EDEM UMANA
  3714. N-Teach-2017-00000474230 Pre-selected MARY IME EBONG
  3715. N-Teach-2017-00000623304 Pre-selected ETIMBUK EMMANUEL UDOH
  3716. N-Teach-2017-00000938300 Pre-selected MARGARET ASUQUO EDO
  3717. N-Teach-2017-000002237211 Pre-selected NSINI EDET THOMAS
  3718. N-Teach-2017-000001748309 Pre-selected GRACE EFFIONG DAVID
  3719. N-Teach-2017-000001684612 Pre-selected MARYKATE HALO ETON
  3720. N-Teach-2017-000001685657 Pre-selected EMEM HALO ETON
  3721. N-Teach-2017-000001496996 Pre-selected Edem Emem Asuquo
  3722. N-Teach-2017-000001347324 Pre-selected EDIDIONG KEVIN SABBAS
  3723. N-Teach-2017-000001059355 Pre-selected ABIGAIL BASSEY OKON
  3724. N-Teach-2017-000002397524 Pre-selected Christiana Friday Tom
  3725. N-Teach-2017-00000681281 Pre-selected IDONGESIT DANIEL BEN
  3726. N-Teach-2017-000001349135 Pre-selected ITORO SOLOMON AKPAN
  3727. N-Teach-2017-000002237217 Pre-selected OKOKON EMMANUEL EDOABASI
  3728. N-Teach-2017-000001578284 Pre-selected Veronica Ita Ben
  3729. N-Teach-2017-000001179466 Pre-selected JOSEPH AKPAN OKON
  3730. N-Teach-2017-00000358529 Pre-selected UBONG MOSES WILLIAM
  3731. N-Teach-2017-000002239376 Pre-selected Maria Peter Umofia
  3732. N-Teach-2017-000001669264 Pre-selected Umoren Samuel Ekam
  3733. N-Teach-2017-000001770975 Pre-selected Grace Jacob Essien
  3734. N-Teach-2017-0000033308 Pre-selected EILEEN ETIM BASSEY
  3735. N-Teach-2017-00000178264 Pre-selected CHRISTIAN ANDY ETIM
  3736. N-Teach-2017-00000217448 Pre-selected BLESSING ANDY ETIM
  3737. N-Teach-2017-00000838796 Pre-selected EDIDIONG NSUKHORIDEM BASSEY
  3738. N-Teach-2017-00000956107 Pre-selected mercy essien eyo
  3739. N-Teach-2017-00000333868 Pre-selected MFON EFFIONG UDO
  3740. N-Teach-2017-000002001209 Pre-selected Christian Sunday Asuquo
  3741. N-Teach-2017-000001832797 Pre-selected JUDITH HEPHZIBAH AKPAN
  3742. N-Teach-2017-000001331052 Pre-selected MARTIN PAUL EKONG
  3743. N-Teach-2017-000001356657 Pre-selected Aniekere Sunday Inyang
  3744. N-Teach-2017-00000401023 Pre-selected UBONG EFFIONG UMOREN
  3745. N-Teach-2017-000001889202 Pre-selected OTOBONG PETER PIUS
  3746. N-Teach-2017-000002000053 Pre-selected Aniekan Akpan Otong
  3747. N-Teach-2017-000001516757 Pre-selected INYANGETTE UBONG MARSHALL
  3748. N-Teach-2017-00000395748 Pre-selected Victor Etuk Udoetuk
  3749. N-Teach-2017-000001636587 Pre-selected Udemeobong Edet Akpan
  3750. N-Teach-2017-000001509614 Pre-selected ENO SYLVESTER UDO
  3751. N-Teach-2017-000001051122 Pre-selected IDORENYIN EFFIONG UMOREN
  3752. N-Teach-2017-000002000371 Pre-selected Udeme Effiong Ntia
  3753. N-Teach-2017-00000678670 Pre-selected Edikan Gregory Akpan
  3754. N-Teach-2017-000002492974 Pre-selected LARRY SAMPSON IMEH
  3755. N-Teach-2017-000002474315 Pre-selected Wilson Edet Declan
  3756. N-Teach-2017-00000949326 Pre-selected Racheal James Essien
  3757. N-Teach-2017-00000709208 Pre-selected Blessing Elijah Ukpe
  3758. N-Teach-2017-0000017828 Pre-selected RUTH JOSEPH ANDREW
  3759. N-Teach-2017-0000069296 Pre-selected Imo Okokon Esien
  3760. N-Teach-2017-00000197554 Pre-selected ANIEFIOK CHRISTOPHER EKPE
  3761. N-Teach-2017-00000703684 Pre-selected DANIEL ISAAC OKON
  3762. N-Teach-2017-00000426492 Pre-selected Victor Christopher Udofia
  3763. N-Teach-2017-000001162772 Pre-selected Mercy Anthony Etukudom
  3764. N-Teach-2017-00000384285 Pre-selected Theresa Emmanuel Akpan
  3765. N-Teach-2017-000001539367 Pre-selected Kufre Enefiok Etim
  3766. N-Teach-2017-000002039621 Pre-selected Udeme Peter Akpan
  3767. N-Teach-2017-000001769045 Pre-selected WISDOM EDET HENRY
  3768. N-Teach-2017-000002328919 Pre-selected UBENG JOE KOKOBASSEY
  3769. N-Teach-2017-000001093255 Pre-selected Itohowo Jeremiah George
  3770. N-Teach-2017-000002312090 Pre-selected Unwana-Magima Ime Inyang
  3771. N-Teach-2017-00000623008 Pre-selected Blessing Sylvester Udoh
  3772. N-Teach-2017-000001705124 Pre-selected Bassey Enenwan Esua
  3773. N-Teach-2017-000002323671 Pre-selected MFONOBONG EMMANUEL BASSEY
  3774. N-Teach-2017-000001047772 Pre-selected USEN ETIM UMOH
  3775. N-Teach-2017-000001489129 Pre-selected Mercy Effiong Essien
  3776. N-Teach-2017-0000038914 Pre-selected IRENE IME AKPAN
  3777. N-Teach-2017-00000691475 Pre-selected UBONG ESSIEN UDOSEN
  3778. N-Teach-2017-00000664347 Pre-selected INIOBONG EMMA ANTIA
  3779. N-Teach-2017-00000892561 Pre-selected UDEME ESSIEN INYANG
  3780. N-Teach-2017-00000923569 Pre-selected INIMFON AKPAN UDOFIA
  3781. N-Teach-2017-0000027865 Pre-selected KUFRE BASSEY TOM
  3782. N-Teach-2017-000001082410 Pre-selected HAPPINESS MICHAEL INYANG
  3783. N-Teach-2017-00000592939 Pre-selected Nsikan Ini Adaowo
  3784. N-Teach-2017-000002400107 Pre-selected Godwin James Etuk
  3785. N-Teach-2017-000001780076 Pre-selected ITANGISUKHO MACAULEY UDOH
  3786. N-Teach-2017-00000444072 Pre-selected ANIETIE SUNDAY DAVID
  3787. N-Teach-2017-000002351452 Pre-selected EMMANUEL EFFIONG UDOH
  3788. N-Teach-2017-000001918702 Pre-selected UBONG ASUQUO EKANEM
  3789. N-Teach-2017-000002010896 Pre-selected Anietimfon Sunday Inyang
  3790. N-Teach-2017-000001331778 Pre-selected EMEM ESSIEN INYANG
  3791. N-Teach-2017-000001583830 Pre-selected Joel Malachi John
  3792. N-Teach-2017-000001279991 Pre-selected Mfon Udofia Bassey
  3793. N-Teach-2017-000001582773 Pre-selected INYANG BLESSING GODWIN
  3794. N-Teach-2017-00000271685 Pre-selected EMMANUEL MADUABUCHI NWANKWO
  3795. N-Teach-2017-00000207005 Pre-selected Joseph Okon Etim
  3796. N-Teach-2017-00000832471 Pre-selected KUFREABASI GIDEON OMON
  3797. N-Teach-2017-000001546365 Pre-selected ROSELINE OKOKON OKON
  3798. N-Teach-2017-000001240215 Pre-selected KUFRE STEPHEN AKPAN
  3799. N-Teach-2017-000001537439 Pre-selected OTOOBONG AUGUSTINE ANTHONY
  3800. N-Teach-2017-000001695927 Pre-selected DORATHY EMAH IDIONG
  3801. N-Teach-2017-000001370818 Pre-selected OKON JONAH UWAH
  3802. N-Teach-2017-0000057961 Pre-selected sabina Chioma okeke
  3803. N-Teach-2017-00000817045 Pre-selected IME EDEM UDO
  3804. N-Teach-2017-00000592988 Pre-selected Mfoniso Cletus Ikpong
  3805. N-Teach-2017-00000362397 Pre-selected Habibat Lami Adakeke
  3806. N-Teach-2017-000001543123 Pre-selected DOMINICA ETIM UDOH
  3807. N-Teach-2017-000001657304 Pre-selected Ndianabasi Aniefiok Akpan
  3808. N-Teach-2017-00000145423 Pre-selected ANIETIE ARCHIBONG EKANEM
  3809. N-Teach-2017-000002538072 Pre-selected UNWANA USEN UMANAH
  3810. N-Teach-2017-00000995212 Pre-selected Ema Ogunlade
  3811. N-Teach-2017-00000265379 Pre-selected EKEMINI ESSIEN INYANG
  3812. N-Teach-2017-000001071303 Pre-selected Unyime Edet Eyo
  3813. N-Teach-2017-000001159859 Pre-selected ESSIENUBONG PATRICK OKOKON
  3814. N-Teach-2017-000002911 Pre-selected Emeka Christopher Iloka
  3815. N-Teach-2017-000001487528 Pre-selected Blessing Waribo Maclean
  3816. N-Teach-2017-00000286509 Pre-selected ABASIFREKE ASUQUO UMOREN
  3817. N-Teach-2017-000001486172 Pre-selected IMMANUEL HOGAN USORO
  3818. N-Teach-2017-000002288394 Pre-selected MERCY DAVIES ESSIEN
  3819. N-Teach-2017-000002460099 Pre-selected EMEMOBONG EFFIONG OBOT
  3820. N-Teach-2017-000001002199 Pre-selected UBONG AKAN UDO
  3821. N-Teach-2017-00000352776 Pre-selected NDIANA-ABASI MFON MATTHEW
  3822. N-Teach-2017-000001973686 Pre-selected Grace Mark Peter
  3823. N-Teach-2017-000002395351 Pre-selected Edidiong Puis Aniekop
  3824. N-Teach-2017-00000185832 Pre-selected OWOIDIGHE EMMANUEL UDOMA
  3825. N-Teach-2017-00000931837 Pre-selected MMENYENE TOBY TOBY
  3826. N-Teach-2017-00000835440 Pre-selected UFORO MICHEAL LAZARUS
  3827. N-Teach-2017-00000938414 Pre-selected THERESA FABIAN ESU
  3828. N-Teach-2017-000001273791 Pre-selected ANIETIE SUNDAY EKPOTU
  3829. N-Teach-2017-000002066682 Pre-selected Frank Ikotobong Friday
  3830. N-Teach-2017-00000285468 Pre-selected Edidiong Edet Dan
  3831. N-Teach-2017-000001510770 Pre-selected SUNDAY JOSIAH MENDIE
  3832. N-Teach-2017-000001698217 Pre-selected EMMANUEL CELESTINE ENYIEKERE
  3833. N-Teach-2017-00000606370 Pre-selected IDORENYIN LOUIS EKPERIKPE
  3834. N-Teach-2017-000001029122 Pre-selected ANIETIE BENEDICT ESSIEN
  3835. N-Teach-2017-00000633159 Pre-selected NDIFREKE AUGUSTINE EKEREUKE
  3836. N-Teach-2017-000002442314 Pre-selected UBONG DAVID AKADA
  3837. N-Teach-2017-00000525900 Pre-selected Idorenyin Hillary Eboh
  3838. N-Teach-2017-000002218326 Pre-selected SIFON ETIM AKPAKPAN
  3839. N-Teach-2017-000001216302 Pre-selected Gift Monday Ataekpe
  3840. N-Teach-2017-000001057587 Pre-selected INIOBONG JOSEPH AKPANTUEN
  3841. N-Teach-2017-000001477179 Pre-selected EMMANUEL NELSON UDOATA
  3842. N-Teach-2017-000001272643 Pre-selected Blessing Enoh Eromrevwe
  3843. N-Teach-2017-000001194321 Pre-selected UWEM SIMEON UMOH
  3844. N-Teach-2017-00000530035 Pre-selected INIOBONG ETIM EVANSON
  3845. N-Teach-2017-000001310646 Pre-selected Effiong Maria Paul
  3846. N-Teach-2017-00000363259 Pre-selected UBONG STEPHEN ISONGUYO
  3847. N-Teach-2017-0000016411 Pre-selected Ifiok John Echie
  3848. N-Teach-2017-00000912953 Pre-selected Mfon-Obong Sunday Jumbo
  3849. N-Teach-2017-00000901204 Pre-selected IDARA ANIEKAN UDONTUK
  3850. N-Teach-2017-00000778115 Pre-selected EKOPAKAM SUNDAY UNANAM
  3851. N-Teach-2017-000001700867 Pre-selected ETIENO EMMANUEL UDOMA
  3852. N-Teach-2017-00000420641 Pre-selected IME EZEKIEL JOSHUA
  3853. N-Teach-2017-000001030485 Pre-selected GABRIEL BARTHOLOMEW ECHOI
  3854. N-Teach-2017-000002177878 Pre-selected Edidiong Godwin Titus
  3855. N-Teach-2017-000002002778 Pre-selected Etido Abraham Udoakpan
  3856. N-Teach-2017-00000599387 Pre-selected ANWANGA EYO ANDREW
  3857. N-Teach-2017-000001897310 Pre-selected Inyene Silas Etukudo
  3858. N-Teach-2017-000001619076 Pre-selected JOHNSON NSIKAK GEORGE
  3859. N-Teach-2017-000002202768 Pre-selected VICTOR ANIEKAN THOMAS
  3860. N-Teach-2017-00000483746 Pre-selected Etimbuk Monday Akpan
  3861. N-Teach-2017-000001413542 Pre-selected NDU OKON ETUKUDO
  3862. N-Teach-2017-000001481672 Pre-selected UYOBONG LINUS AKPAN
  3863. N-Teach-2017-000001290698 Pre-selected ABARA DORCAS XAVIER
  3864. N-Teach-2017-000001140699 Pre-selected Anthonia Adolphus maisor
  3865. N-Teach-2017-000002241764 Pre-selected EMMANUEL SUNDAY MARCUS
  3866. N-Teach-2017-000001897899 Pre-selected Etiabasi Joseph Kevin
  3867. N-Teach-2017-00000815913 Pre-selected UDEME MONDAY IKPOTO
  3868. N-Teach-2017-00000183103 Pre-selected Mfon Sam Enyiekere
  3869. N-Teach-2017-0000047695 Pre-selected VICTOR UYOBONG CHARLIE
  3870. N-Teach-2017-000001000528 Pre-selected Nkereuwem Israel Nyeme
  3871. N-Teach-2017-00000858477 Pre-selected Etini Aniefiok Asukwo
  3872. N-Teach-2017-00000825709 Pre-selected SAVIOUR NATHANIEL AMOS
  3873. N-Teach-2017-00000243669 Pre-selected Ifiok Thomas Akaunna
  3874. N-Teach-2017-000001350662 Pre-selected UDEME OKON AKPAN
  3875. N-Teach-2017-000001483917 Pre-selected MANDU GREGORY AKPANUDO
  3876. N-Teach-2017-00000555408 Pre-selected UKPONG EDIDIONG SUNDAY
  3877. N-Teach-2017-000002021305 Pre-selected PETER CHRISTOPHER IDUNGAFA
  3878. N-Teach-2017-000002414012 Pre-selected Veronica Itoro Toby
  3879. N-Teach-2017-000001298623 Pre-selected ESITIME PETER UDONWEN
  3880. N-Teach-2017-000001346528 Pre-selected Kenneth John Iyire
  3881. N-Teach-2017-000001229292 Pre-selected ANTHONY PIUS ANIEKOP
  3882. N-Teach-2017-000002488623 Pre-selected UDOFIA IDARA JOSEPH
  3883. N-Teach-2017-00000820647 Pre-selected ELIJAH FRIDAY UDOEKPO
  3884. N-Teach-2017-0000075475 Pre-selected Tiebet Friday Udo
  3885. N-Teach-2017-00000532021 Pre-selected ANIEKEMEABASI ENO GEORGE
  3886. N-Teach-2017-000001518039 Pre-selected Ndifreke Gregory Akpan
  3887. N-Teach-2017-00000331905 Pre-selected SAVIOUR JOHNSON BONIFACE
  3888. N-Teach-2017-000001185548 Pre-selected OBUFA IME OBOT
  3889. N-Teach-2017-000001116288 Pre-selected FRIDAY WILLIAMS AKANG
  3890. N-Teach-2017-000001910771 Pre-selected AKENANO SILAS ETUKUDO
  3891. N-Teach-2017-000002268678 Pre-selected EYAKNSE ENO IME
  3892. N-Teach-2017-000002031366 Pre-selected GLORIA EDET WILLIE
  3893. N-Teach-2017-00000476171 Pre-selected ESTHER FRIDAY UDO
  3894. N-Teach-2017-00000530216 Pre-selected Augusta John Ikono
  3895. N-Teach-2017-00000418657 Pre-selected EMEM JOSEPH AKPABIO
  3896. N-Teach-2017-00000362393 Pre-selected MBOMOBONG JOHNNIE FRED
  3897. N-Teach-2017-000002036130 Pre-selected EKPO INEMESIT MONDAY
  3898. N-Teach-2017-000001033915 Pre-selected IDONGESIT AUGUSTINE ETIM
  3899. N-Teach-2017-000001304508 Pre-selected GLORY SAVIOUR WILLIE
  3900. N-Teach-2017-000002289861 Pre-selected IBORO EMMANUEL ANIEKOP
  3901. N-Teach-2017-000001814701 Pre-selected GEORGE INEMESIT SYLVANUS
  3902. N-Teach-2017-000002560188 Pre-selected EDIONG EMMANUEL UDOFIA
  3903. N-Teach-2017-00000593923 Pre-selected RITA SABASTIAN IBEKWE
  3904. N-Teach-2017-000001433871 Pre-selected MARY SYLVESTER OFFONG
  3905. N-Teach-2017-000001596220 Pre-selected FAITH RICHARD MONDAY
  3906. N-Teach-2017-00000518987 Pre-selected Patrick Akpakpan Akpakpan
  3907. N-Teach-2017-000001432656 Pre-selected IMO MONDAY UDO
  3908. N-Teach-2017-000001332830 Pre-selected UDOAKPAN ETIMBUK FRIDAY
  3909. N-Teach-2017-000001145955 Pre-selected Udo, Christopher Monday
  3910. N-Teach-2017-000001072013 Pre-selected UFORO JOHNSON NDOK
  3911. N-Teach-2017-000001545366 Pre-selected ERNEST MATTHEW UDOM
  3912. N-Teach-2017-000001017002 Pre-selected Godswill Loveday Dick
  3913. N-Teach-2017-000001267938 Pre-selected ANIEKPENO MFON JACKSON
  3914. N-Teach-2017-00000444141 Pre-selected VICTORIA MARCUS EDEN
  3915. N-Teach-2017-000002250226 Pre-selected ROSELINE ANIEKAN UMOH
  3916. N-Teach-2017-0000069951 Pre-selected Seno Friday Wilson
  3917. N-Teach-2017-0000021902 Pre-selected THERESA JOHN IKONO
  3918. N-Teach-2017-000002274527 Pre-selected UKEME MONDAY THOMPSON
  3919. N-Teach-2017-000001212281 Pre-selected INIOBONG MICHAEL UYOH
  3920. N-Teach-2017-00000847554 Pre-selected Helen Innocent Umahaeyo
  3921. N-Teach-2017-000001689992 Pre-selected NSEOBONG MOSES MARK
  3922. N-Teach-2017-000002342344 Pre-selected UDUAK CHRISTOPHER IDAENYIN
  3923. N-Teach-2017-00000911484 Pre-selected EMEM FRIDAY UDO
  3924. N-Teach-2017-000002050460 Pre-selected EMAIDO AKARIKA BROWN
  3925. N-Teach-2017-00000770824 Pre-selected Uko Mfon Sunday
  3926. N-Teach-2017-000001641243 Pre-selected Anieodiong Okon Daniel
  3927. N-Teach-2017-00000464414 Pre-selected Esther Augustine Isang
  3928. N-Teach-2017-000001187104 Pre-selected eno nyong umoren
  3929. N-Teach-2017-000002258473 Pre-selected Imaobong Udo Udo
  3930. N-Teach-2017-000002506558 Pre-selected Uduakobong Sampson Okon
  3931. N-Teach-2017-000002347597 Pre-selected idongesit sylvanus akpan
  3932. N-Teach-2017-000001997395 Pre-selected EKEMINI PETER AKPAN
  3933. N-Teach-2017-000002097252 Pre-selected ANIEMA JOSHUA UMOREN
  3934. N-Teach-2017-000002208377 Pre-selected Mfon Christopher Akpan
  3935. N-Teach-2017-0000016575 Pre-selected CATHERINE JOSHUA NYAH
  3936. N-Teach-2017-00000831987 Pre-selected Oto-obong Emmanuel Udoh
  3937. N-Teach-2017-000001972593 Pre-selected Daramfon Gregory Akpan
  3938. N-Teach-2017-000001279351 Pre-selected DORCAS OKON UDO
  3939. N-Teach-2017-000001328558 Pre-selected Blessing Asukwo Udo
  3940. N-Teach-2017-00000642658 Pre-selected IME RAPHAEL AKPAN
  3941. N-Teach-2017-0000016433 Pre-selected GLADYS EBONG OKORUEN
  3942. N-Teach-2017-000001280913 Pre-selected UNYIME JOSHUA AKANG
  3943. N-Teach-2017-000001206474 Pre-selected Emem Udofia Udokang
  3944. N-Teach-2017-0000055427 Pre-selected ESTHER ETUKUDO SAMUEL
  3945. N-Teach-2017-00000110776 Pre-selected IDONGESIT MONDAY AKPAN
  3946. N-Teach-2017-00000405310 Pre-selected BLESSING GODWIN EKANEM
  3947. N-Teach-2017-000001914000 Pre-selected Essien Glory Akpan
  3948. N-Teach-2017-000001652130 Pre-selected Paulina Ekanen Etefia
  3949. N-Teach-2017-000001939675 Pre-selected Ahamefula Joy N
  3950. N-Teach-2017-000002265843 Pre-selected Imaobong Thompson Ekerette
  3951. N-Teach-2017-0000015633 Pre-selected GLORY JOSEPH GREGORY
  3952. N-Teach-2017-00000394755 Pre-selected ETOROABASI OKON UDOFIA
  3953. N-Teach-2017-000001198626 Pre-selected IMA EMMANUEL EDET
  3954. N-Teach-2017-00000644305 Pre-selected UDUAK RAPHAEL AKPAN
  3955. N-Teach-2017-00000397796 Pre-selected ELIZABETH JOSEPH UDOM
  3956. N-Teach-2017-000001222213 Pre-selected ANIEKPEFRE EBE OBOP
  3957. N-Teach-2017-00000620970 Pre-selected Itoro Aniefiok Sunday
  3958. N-Teach-2017-000002033586 Pre-selected EMEM UDO AKPANUSONG
  3959. N-Teach-2017-000001179066 Pre-selected UWEM INI EKANEM
  3960. N-Teach-2017-000001355462 Pre-selected ROSE MONDAY ETIM
  3961. N-Teach-2017-00000680192 Pre-selected Matthew Michael Akpan
  3962. N-Teach-2017-000001000714 Pre-selected GRACE UDO EKARIKA
  3963. N-Teach-2017-00000140099 Pre-selected Effiok Martin Obot
  3964. N-Teach-2017-00000829322 Pre-selected JESSICA OBIAGELI EZEANYA
  3965. N-Teach-2017-000001441 Pre-selected IDONGESIT EKWEBE AKPAN
  3966. N-Teach-2017-00000840378 Pre-selected itoro effeuwa umo-otong
  3967. N-Teach-2017-000001362182 Pre-selected UBONG SUNDAY AKPAN
  3968. N-Teach-2017-000002140431 Pre-selected BASSEY KEPAM BASSEY
  3969. N-Teach-2017-000002268447 Pre-selected EKEBODIE PATRICK OFFONG
  3970. N-Teach-2017-000001668920 Pre-selected JESSE NSIFON IKPEME
  3971. N-Teach-2017-000002160449 Pre-selected Emem Akpan Nya
  3972. N-Teach-2017-000001938278 Pre-selected Emem Nsini Iba
  3973. N-Teach-2017-000001244016 Pre-selected George Philip Obot
  3974. N-Teach-2017-00000576635 Pre-selected EMMANUEL EKANEM ETEFIA
  3975. N-Teach-2017-000002123916 Pre-selected Gabriel Michael Frank
  3976. N-Teach-2017-000001038736 Pre-selected BLESSING ISREAL ARCHIBONG
  3977. N-Teach-2017-000002213269 Pre-selected IDONGESIT ASUQUO DANIEL
  3978. N-Teach-2017-00000619690 Pre-selected BOKIME SUNDAY OBOT
  3979. N-Teach-2017-000001529523 Pre-selected NSEWO PETER INIODU
  3980. N-Teach-2017-000001566415 Pre-selected MFON OKON UDOEKANEM
  3981. N-Teach-2017-000001894870 Pre-selected Ndiana-Abasi Akaninyene Mbuk
  3982. N-Teach-2017-000001194980 Pre-selected Inyene Edet Etim
  3983. N-Teach-2017-00000522724 Pre-selected MBETOBONG IBANGA NTA
  3984. N-Teach-2017-000001653243 Pre-selected Gabriel Asukwo David
  3985. N-Teach-2017-00000414139 Pre-selected Timothy Luke Umoh
  3986. N-Teach-2017-000002227711 Pre-selected INI EMMANUEL EKPO
  3987. N-Teach-2017-00000262196 Pre-selected CECILIA ETIM OBOT
  3988. N-Teach-2017-000002539884 Pre-selected Imaobong Etim Williams
  3989. N-Teach-2017-00000660616 Pre-selected Nyakno Innocent utuk
  3990. N-Teach-2017-00000191167 Pre-selected Vincent Israel Etefia
  3991. N-Teach-2017-000001134383 Pre-selected UDO MERCY JOHN
  3992. N-Teach-2017-000001679286 Pre-selected IDONGESIT ETIM AKPAN
  3993. N-Teach-2017-00000348685 Pre-selected Emmanuel Joseph Inua
  3994. N-Teach-2017-00000328291 Pre-selected Udoh Ubong Edet
  3995. N-Teach-2017-000001775409 Pre-selected IDARA EDET IDIONG
  3996. N-Teach-2017-000001732881 Pre-selected ANTHONY MAURICE AKPAN
  3997. N-Teach-2017-00000428862 Pre-selected MATTHEW NYENEIME AKPAN
  3998. N-Teach-2017-000001561253 Pre-selected UTIBE OKON UDOM
  3999. N-Teach-2017-000001071287 Pre-selected UDUAK BASSEY UKPONG
  4000. N-Teach-2017-00000383675 Pre-selected EDIDIONG LINUS UDOH
  4001. N-Teach-2017-00000105225 Pre-selected EMEM MONDAY AKPAN
  4002. N-Teach-2017-00000671660 Pre-selected ODUDUATTA ESSIEN EKANEM
  4003. N-Teach-2017-000001758923 Pre-selected NSEOBONG EDET ANTIA
  4004. N-Teach-2017-000002054220 Pre-selected Anietie Christopher Essien
  4005. N-Teach-2017-00000352857 Pre-selected EMEM EKERETTE AKPABIO
  4006. N-Teach-2017-000001588921 Pre-selected HENRY UDO INYANG
  4007. N-Teach-2017-000001088697 Pre-selected EMEM OKON UKPONG
  4008. N-Teach-2017-000002234848 Pre-selected Udeme Udo Inyang
  4009. N-Teach-2017-000002421472 Pre-selected Uduak Amos Okopedeghe
  4010. N-Teach-2017-000001009645 Pre-selected NSISONG FERDINAND SUNDAY
  4011. N-Teach-2017-000001435041 Pre-selected INYENE LAWRENCE UDO
  4012. N-Teach-2017-0000011797 Pre-selected Nsikak Macpherson Okonna
  4013. N-Teach-2017-000002140451 Pre-selected Akpan Joseph Nnanna
  4014. N-Teach-2017-00000233258 Pre-selected NTA ANIEKPENO IBANGA
  4015. N-Teach-2017-0000064085 Pre-selected Uwem Gregory Okon
  4016. N-Teach-2017-000002401600 Pre-selected INIUBONG EFIONG EBONG
  4017. N-Teach-2017-00000421731 Pre-selected UKPONG UKPONG UMOH
  4018. N-Teach-2017-000001046635 Pre-selected JENNY FRANCIS OBOT
  4019. N-Teach-2017-000001046954 Pre-selected Catherine Nyong Obop
  4020. N-Teach-2017-00000458043 Pre-selected Emmanuel Edet Abang
  4021. N-Teach-2017-00000405057 Pre-selected Bassey Paul Udoh
  4022. N-Teach-2017-000001695958 Pre-selected Peter Etim Udo
  4023. N-Teach-2017-00000488936 Pre-selected LAWRENCIA ASUKWO UMO
  4024. N-Teach-2017-000001284109 Pre-selected FREEDOM NYENEIME USEN
  4025. N-Teach-2017-00000438146 Pre-selected Itoro Effiong Akpan
  4026. N-Teach-2017-00000687873 Pre-selected Esther Ofonasaha Abraham
  4027. N-Teach-2017-00000190263 Pre-selected Ekemini Sunday Umoekah
  4028. N-Teach-2017-0000080190 Pre-selected Okon Anefiok
  4029. N-Teach-2017-00000321088 Pre-selected Archibong Raphael Okon
  4030. N-Teach-2017-000001788242 Pre-selected JOSEPH AKPAN UDONDE
  4031. N-Teach-2017-00000293765 Pre-selected Aniebiet Nathaniel Akpan
  4032. N-Teach-2017-00000823205 Pre-selected Philip Joseph Umoren
  4033. N-Teach-2017-00000264875 Pre-selected ETEKA UKPONG UMOH
  4034. N-Teach-2017-00000948734 Pre-selected UDO EKERETE MATHIAS
  4035. N-Teach-2017-000002060273 Pre-selected Rosemary Ofonime Sunday
  4036. N-Teach-2017-000002517242 Pre-selected Ofonime Celsus Eyop
  4037. N-Teach-2017-00000575648 Pre-selected MFONIDO OKU AKPAN
  4038. N-Teach-2017-00000953749 Pre-selected enamidem uduak usoro
  4039. N-Teach-2017-000002492895 Pre-selected Patrick Peter Inyang
  4040. N-Teach-2017-00000216499 Pre-selected Roseline Monday Akpan
  4041. N-Teach-2017-000001516637 Pre-selected GRACE UMOH EKANEM
  4042. N-Teach-2017-000001138195 Pre-selected Rosemary Daniel Abai
  4043. N-Teach-2017-000002507797 Pre-selected ANIEDI ABRAHAM USEN
  4044. N-Teach-2017-00000342298 Pre-selected CHRISTOPHER PETER ISANGEDIGE
  4045. N-Teach-2017-000001093928 Pre-selected Akpan Esther Luke
  4046. N-Teach-2017-00000533052 Pre-selected Ruth Richard Akpan
  4047. N-Teach-2017-000001171010 Pre-selected Eno Genesis Udoh
  4048. N-Teach-2017-000002033751 Pre-selected FLORENCE CHIAMAKA MMUONEKE
  4049. N-Teach-2017-000001705323 Pre-selected ONYIMADU BLESSING ADA
  4050. N-Teach-2017-00000929397 Pre-selected HOPE JOSEPH AKPAN
  4051. N-Teach-2017-000002544784 Pre-selected ENO MFON AKPAN
  4052. N-Teach-2017-000001344191 Pre-selected NSE SOLOMON INOKON
  4053. N-Teach-2017-00000628671 Pre-selected UDEME UDOFIA UKPE
  4054. N-Teach-2017-00000408870 Pre-selected UDUAK SUNDAY DAN
  4055. N-Teach-2017-000002422345 Pre-selected FELICIA PAULINUS EKANEM
  4056. N-Teach-2017-000001146570 Pre-selected Olanrewaju Bunmi Oladipo
  4057. N-Teach-2017-000001901303 Pre-selected ADAORA BEATRICE OKECHUKWU
  4058. N-Teach-2017-0000031904 Pre-selected ANIEKEME FRIDAY JOHNSON
  4059. N-Teach-2017-000001232384 Pre-selected Ukeme Alfred Ekoi
  4060. N-Teach-2017-00000485808 Pre-selected Joe Essiet kokobassey
  4061. N-Teach-2017-00000565938 Pre-selected BASSEY GLADYS OKON
  4062. N-Teach-2017-000001303815 Pre-selected Blessing Cletus Usen
  4063. N-Teach-2017-000001611541 Pre-selected Lovina Akpabio Tommy
  4064. N-Teach-2017-00000260861 Pre-selected ANTHONY LAWRENCE ASANA
  4065. N-Teach-2017-000002168592 Pre-selected Itoro Williamson Essien
  4066. N-Teach-2017-000001875218 Pre-selected NYAKNO AKPAN SUNDAY
  4067. N-Teach-2017-000002430035 Pre-selected PIUS INYANG UDOH
  4068. N-Teach-2017-000001558961 Pre-selected Ekwere Jack Udo
  4069. N-Teach-2017-000002379482 Pre-selected Usoro Eno David
  4070. N-Teach-2017-0000037262 Pre-selected ENO-BONG AUGUSTINE UDOAKPAN
  4071. N-Teach-2017-00000104120 Pre-selected JOSIAH CHRISTIANA GORDON
  4072. N-Teach-2017-000002529213 Pre-selected Mfreke Benjamin Essiet
  4073. N-Teach-2017-000001260834 Pre-selected GLORY ISAAC UKPE
  4074. N-Teach-2017-000001750078 Pre-selected MARY PRINCE PATRICK
  4075. N-Teach-2017-000002027326 Pre-selected ELIZABETH BLESSING EKANDEM
  4076. N-Teach-2017-000002014889 Pre-selected OBOT ENO UKO
  4077. N-Teach-2017-00000545220 Pre-selected ABIGAIL ESSIET ITUEN
  4078. N-Teach-2017-000001372103 Pre-selected Ofonmbuk Okon Udoma
  4079. N-Teach-2017-000001673948 Pre-selected VICTORIA RUTH OBOTT
  4080. N-Teach-2017-000002085368 Pre-selected BASSEY ASUKPA SAM
  4081. N-Teach-2017-000001772538 Pre-selected AKPAIMO NWED EKPAT
  4082. N-Teach-2017-0000097408 Pre-selected KPONOABASI MANDU OKON
  4083. N-Teach-2017-000001638148 Pre-selected EWEKA ESEOSA BLISS
  4084. N-Teach-2017-000001980174 Pre-selected Udeme Ime Iwatt
  4085. N-Teach-2017-000001573404 Pre-selected Nsikak Nelson udoma
  4086. N-Teach-2017-000001031973 Pre-selected Kufre George Asangausung
  4087. N-Teach-2017-00000487463 Pre-selected Nkopuyo Joe Kokobassey
  4088. N-Teach-2017-000001836588 Pre-selected BLESSING ATTAH NDAH
  4089. N-Teach-2017-000001011275 Pre-selected STEPHEN OKON ETUKEYEN
  4090. N-Teach-2017-00000593242 Pre-selected GODWIN MONDAY UMOH
  4091. N-Teach-2017-00000558177 Pre-selected Ezelagu Jeniffer Adaugo
  4092. N-Teach-2017-000001749370 Pre-selected OTOBONG SUNDAY JACOB
  4093. N-Teach-2017-000001816957 Pre-selected Eno Bob Umoren
  4094. N-Teach-2017-000001406847 Pre-selected UBONG AMOS UDOMA
  4095. N-Teach-2017-000001102733 Pre-selected ESTHER UDO ANDREW
  4096. N-Teach-2017-000001477788 Pre-selected SUNDAY UDO MOSES
  4097. N-Teach-2017-000001192106 Pre-selected ROSE ISOTUK AWAJIOGAK
  4098. N-Teach-2017-000001691313 Pre-selected ETEYEN MONDAY UDOBOT
  4099. N-Teach-2017-000001364444 Pre-selected UDEME KIDDY EMMANSON
  4100. N-Teach-2017-000001249250 Pre-selected Ukeme Akpan Abikpa
  4101. N-Teach-2017-000001790188 Pre-selected IDORENYIN ATTAH JOSHUA
  4102. N-Teach-2017-000001133588 Pre-selected Ukotak Ime Udo
  4103. N-Teach-2017-00000733467 Pre-selected PATIENCE ARCHIBONG AKPAN
  4104. N-Teach-2017-00000803355 Pre-selected PETER EMEM UDOFOT
  4105. N-Teach-2017-00000161855 Pre-selected Henry George Peterside
  4106. N-Teach-2017-0000073089 Pre-selected SAMUEL MICHAEL EBONG
  4107. N-Teach-2017-0000062385 Pre-selected Anthonia Francis Ekpe
  4108. N-Teach-2017-0000088289 Pre-selected ANIEBO AKPAN UDOSEN
  4109. N-Teach-2017-000002007298 Pre-selected ANIEFON SOLOMON UMOREN
  4110. N-Teach-2017-000001482002 Pre-selected Ndifreke Friday Unya
  4111. N-Teach-2017-00000342547 Pre-selected Margaret Daniel Edet
  4112. N-Teach-2017-000001356133 Pre-selected GLORY AKPAN NKANTA
  4113. N-Teach-2017-000002428295 Pre-selected Emem Jacob Inyama
  4114. N-Teach-2017-000001960114 Pre-selected IDORENYIN SOLOMON UDOFIA
  4115. N-Teach-2017-000001827267 Pre-selected Betobong Monday Akpanesen
  4116. N-Teach-2017-000001465810 Pre-selected IMEH UDOH SAMPSON
  4117. N-Teach-2017-000002160381 Pre-selected Paul Inyang Ndah
  4118. N-Teach-2017-000001233723 Pre-selected Ekoi Itoro Alfred
  4119. N-Teach-2017-00000942665 Pre-selected ANIEMA SIMEON NYONG
  4120. N-Teach-2017-00000990858 Pre-selected Uduakobong Francis Umana
  4121. N-Teach-2017-00000144301 Pre-selected ESSIENUBONG LAWRENCE UFOT
  4122. N-Teach-2017-00000308931 Pre-selected GIFT UDE IKE
  4123. N-Teach-2017-00000746995 Pre-selected Pius Nsikan Davies
  4124. N-Teach-2017-000001227810 Pre-selected PATIENCE JEPHTHAH
  4125. N-Teach-2017-000002521622 Pre-selected UDUAKOBONG KINGSLEY AKPAN
  4126. N-Teach-2017-000001425413 Pre-selected UNYIME UFOT SILAS
  4127. N-Teach-2017-000002320013 Pre-selected Uduak Alphonsus George
  4128. N-Teach-2017-000001249493 Pre-selected Magdalene Eno Paul
  4129. N-Teach-2017-000002515798 Pre-selected Idongesit Akpan Sunday
  4130. N-Teach-2017-000001090214 Pre-selected Essien Euphemia Lawrence
  4131. N-Teach-2017-0000040535 Pre-selected UBONG VICTOR ETUK-AKPAN
  4132. N-Teach-2017-00000695928 Pre-selected Victoria Friday Edward-Ekpo
  4133. N-Teach-2017-000001594923 Pre-selected Udo Eme Friday
  4134. N-Teach-2017-00000634530 Pre-selected UKPE IMAEYEN UDOUKPE
  4135. N-Teach-2017-000001407704 Pre-selected FRIDAY MICHAEL JAMES
  4136. N-Teach-2017-00000368871 Pre-selected INIOBONG AKPAN PETER
  4137. N-Teach-2017-000002217964 Pre-selected PATIENCE NKANANG EWE
  4138. N-Teach-2017-00000641649 Pre-selected VICTOR AKPAN WILSON
  4139. N-Teach-2017-000002227371 Pre-selected JIMMY AKPAN SMART
  4140. N-Teach-2017-000002253754 Pre-selected Emmanuel Ndubuisi Ahiwe
  4141. N-Teach-2017-000001309925 Pre-selected NSISONG EKOM MBOHO
  4142. N-Teach-2017-000001863654 Pre-selected ENO LOVEDAY AKPA
  4143. N-Teach-2017-000001141488 Pre-selected Uwem Akpan Smart
  4144. N-Teach-2017-000001209977 Pre-selected NATHANIEL EZEKIEL UDO
  4145. N-Teach-2017-0000016960 Pre-selected Isaac Mandu Okon
  4146. N-Teach-2017-0000053341 Pre-selected BENNETH CHIMAOBI OYINNA
  4147. N-Teach-2017-00000952494 Pre-selected aniedi michael james
  4148. N-Teach-2017-000001370795 Pre-selected Edianabasi Usen Umoh
  4149. N-Teach-2017-0000089728 Pre-selected ENO-OBONG GODWIN MARCUS
  4150. N-Teach-2017-00000607670 Pre-selected MBONU IZUCHUKWU PETER
  4151. N-Teach-2017-000001068640 Pre-selected UBONG ANIETIE EKWERE
  4152. N-Teach-2017-000002474479 Pre-selected SAMPSON INYANG JACKSON
  4153. N-Teach-2017-00000971630 Pre-selected Ofonime Benson Friday
  4154. N-Teach-2017-00000930415 Pre-selected IMEFON TOM ETOKUDO
  4155. N-Teach-2017-00000842608 Pre-selected EDEAMA AUGUSTINE ISONGUYO
  4156. N-Teach-2017-000007796 Pre-selected Emmanuel Emmanuel Etokakpan
  4157. N-Teach-2017-00000283253 Pre-selected PEACE FRANCIS JOSIAH
  4158. N-Teach-2017-000002522235 Pre-selected UTUTOFON DAVID UDO
  4159. N-Teach-2017-00000873341 Pre-selected ENYEAZU CYNTHIA ODINAKACHI
  4160. N-Teach-2017-00000250265 Pre-selected EMEMOBONG JOSEPH GABRIEL
  4161. N-Teach-2017-00000931995 Pre-selected Victoria Victor Inyang
  4162. N-Teach-2017-000001308426 Pre-selected GRACE EDET NYA
  4163. N-Teach-2017-00000546618 Pre-selected Idorenyin Anthony Ekanem
  4164. N-Teach-2017-000001653071 Pre-selected Onome Oreva-Oghene Ekaba
  4165. N-Teach-2017-000001538135 Pre-selected IMAOBONG BASSEY IKINWOT
  4166. N-Teach-2017-000001594752 Pre-selected Nkaiso Anny Asikpo
  4167. N-Teach-2017-00000379265 Pre-selected MFON GEORGE OKODI
  4168. N-Teach-2017-000001521038 Pre-selected IME AKPAN OKON
  4169. N-Teach-2017-000001946782 Pre-selected happiness michael umoren
  4170. N-Teach-2017-00000509617 Pre-selected Ikouwem Effiong Isaiah
  4171. N-Teach-2017-00000616636 Pre-selected IMMACULATA FABIAN NYOYOKO
  4172. N-Teach-2017-000001942685 Pre-selected Unyime Bernard Polycarp
  4173. N-Teach-2017-0000026672 Pre-selected EUNICE ALOYSIUS UMOH
  4174. N-Teach-2017-00000872789 Pre-selected EKA-ETTE ETIM AKANG
  4175. N-Teach-2017-00000929111 Pre-selected Queen Joseph Edem
  4176. N-Teach-2017-00000183779 Pre-selected UDUAKOBONG SUNDAY John
  4177. N-Teach-2017-000001002221 Pre-selected IMAOBONG UDO SAMPSON
  4178. N-Teach-2017-0000056826 Pre-selected Blessing Affiong Umoren
  4179. N-Teach-2017-000002391552 Pre-selected Uduak Gabriel Udoumoh
  4180. N-Teach-2017-000002296854 Pre-selected Sampson Monday Ibanga
  4181. N-Teach-2017-00000366359 Pre-selected OFONIKEME ENOETTE UDOH
  4182. N-Teach-2017-00000419614 Pre-selected ELIJAH ETIM JACOB
  4183. N-Teach-2017-000002256163 Pre-selected Kufre Jacob Ekpenyong
  4184. N-Teach-2017-000001219885 Pre-selected Edidiong Ndarake Ekanem
  4185. N-Teach-2017-000002267450 Pre-selected SARAH NICHOLAS SAM
  4186. N-Teach-2017-00000355133 Pre-selected Ese Blessing Okoduwa
  4187. N-Teach-2017-000001405761 Pre-selected Udeme Okonna Ukpong
  4188. N-Teach-2017-00000372291 Pre-selected GLORY PETER UDOBONG
  4189. N-Teach-2017-000001295980 Pre-selected Nyebuk Payo Ekereke
  4190. N-Teach-2017-000001507955 Pre-selected INIOBONG FESTUS UDONNAH
  4191. N-Teach-2017-000001298552 Pre-selected DIANA IDONGESIT OTONG
  4192. N-Teach-2017-00000476540 Pre-selected Emem Okon Akpan
  4193. N-Teach-2017-000002166399 Pre-selected Ekaette Norbert Ebong
  4194. N-Teach-2017-000001407624 Pre-selected ESTHER NSE EKANEM
  4195. N-Teach-2017-00000514457 Pre-selected Ime Emmanson Umanah
  4196. N-Teach-2017-00000437659 Pre-selected EKAETTE SUNDAY JAMES
  4197. N-Teach-2017-000001839524 Pre-selected UYAI-ABASI DANIEL EKANEM
  4198. N-Teach-2017-000001348016 Pre-selected ANIEFIOK BASSEY INYANG
  4199. N-Teach-2017-00000585665 Pre-selected UKEME JAMES AMAH
  4200. N-Teach-2017-000001437389 Pre-selected Essien Mmenyene Tom
  4201. N-Teach-2017-000001433038 Pre-selected peace okon udo
  4202. N-Teach-2017-000001233616 Pre-selected ENE ENEFIOK MCDANIELS
  4203. N-Teach-2017-000001842387 Pre-selected NSISONG JOSEPH ITUEN
  4204. N-Teach-2017-000001774548 Pre-selected Martha Iboro Akpan
  4205. N-Teach-2017-000001342167 Pre-selected IMA AKPAN ETOK
  4206. N-Teach-2017-000001579225 Pre-selected MFON NSE PHILIP
  4207. N-Teach-2017-00000640730 Pre-selected UDUAKOBONG HENRY UMOH
  4208. N-Teach-2017-000001421024 Pre-selected Umofia Emem Linus
  4209. N-Teach-2017-000001155554 Pre-selected IDONGESIT VICTOR UDOH
  4210. N-Teach-2017-000001875940 Pre-selected mmenyene michael ned
  4211. N-Teach-2017-00000355816 Pre-selected PATIENCE BASSEY NKOPURUK
  4212. N-Teach-2017-000001639658 Pre-selected IFUREUWEM UDO ESSIET
  4213. N-Teach-2017-000001529338 Pre-selected MARY AKPAN EKANEM
  4214. N-Teach-2017-000002283775 Pre-selected Emem Samuel David
  4215. N-Teach-2017-000001781545 Pre-selected AKPABIO ANIEKEME ENO
  4216. N-Teach-2017-000002146364 Pre-selected Nsuaha Edet Essienetuk
  4217. N-Teach-2017-00000530495 Pre-selected Udeme Emmanuel Ebere
  4218. N-Teach-2017-00000432463 Pre-selected MBUOTIDEM SUNDAY UDOKA
  4219. N-Teach-2017-000001795418 Pre-selected UMOREN CAROLINE PIUS
  4220. N-Teach-2017-000001348447 Pre-selected BLESSING EKPENYONG AKPAN
  4221. N-Teach-2017-000001635798 Pre-selected EKEMINI Fabian Osung
  4222. N-Teach-2017-00000471099 Pre-selected OKWO ETIM OKWO
  4223. N-Teach-2017-0000044550 Pre-selected UNYIME MONDAY EKANEM
  4224. N-Teach-2017-000002528522 Pre-selected SUNDAY INNOCENT BENEDICT
  4225. N-Teach-2017-000002488331 Pre-selected Eme Kingsley Ekpo
  4226. N-Teach-2017-0000082445 Pre-selected ENO EDET JIMMY
  4227. N-Teach-2017-00000155669 Pre-selected Brigid Daniel Michael
  4228. N-Teach-2017-00000138282 Pre-selected Emem friday James
  4229. N-Teach-2017-00000184625 Pre-selected Maitem Dominic Inyang
  4230. N-Teach-2017-00000139832 Pre-selected OBONGENYENE EMMANUEL UDOH
  4231. N-Teach-2017-00000147262 Pre-selected Abasiama Ukpong Essien
  4232. N-Teach-2017-00000228424 Pre-selected Jude Godwin Ibanga
  4233. N-Teach-2017-00000980552 Pre-selected OKEREKE INNOCENT BRENDAN
  4234. N-Teach-2017-00000217177 Pre-selected Emmanuel Ifeanyi Agada
  4235. N-Teach-2017-000001326686 Pre-selected IDONGESIT IBANGA UDOAKANG
  4236. N-Teach-2017-00000743781 Pre-selected UBON EMMANUEL OKUO
  4237. N-Teach-2017-00000995686 Pre-selected Abraham Etim Kaizer
  4238. N-Teach-2017-0000025704 Pre-selected Asuquo Ayakpa Bassey
  4239. N-Teach-2017-00000941932 Pre-selected MOSES THOMAS IKINWOT
  4240. N-Teach-2017-00000227442 Pre-selected Onyedika Jonathan Okafor
  4241. N-Teach-2017-00000779131 Pre-selected MBUOTIDEM ANIEFIOK EKANEM
  4242. N-Teach-2017-00000223358 Pre-selected Isong Sunday Thomas
  4243. N-Teach-2017-000001002115 Pre-selected IMO PETER ISAIAH
  4244. N-Teach-2017-000002549124 Pre-selected HELEN OKON OBOT
  4245. N-Teach-2017-000005003 Pre-selected Ediongseyene Emmanuel Ibanga
  4246. N-Teach-2017-0000097934 Pre-selected UNWANA MICHAEL OBOT
  4247. N-Teach-2017-00000253838 Pre-selected NDUESO OKON ARCHIBONG
  4248. N-Teach-2017-00000881816 Pre-selected EDIDIONG OKON EMMANSON
  4249. N-Teach-2017-00000999071 Pre-selected EMEM EDUKERE AMOS
  4250. N-Teach-2017-00000276392 Pre-selected GODSTIME KELECHI NWOBILOR
  4251. N-Teach-2017-0000088502 Pre-selected Princewill George Etim
  4252. N-Teach-2017-00000170180 Pre-selected EMEM NSE UDOFA
  4253. N-Teach-2017-00000135112 Pre-selected IDORENYIN SUNDAY UMOH
  4254. N-Teach-2017-00000214475 Pre-selected KELVIN FRIDAY EGWUENU
  4255. N-Teach-2017-00000948943 Pre-selected IDARA CHRYSANTUS CLEMENT
  4256. N-Teach-2017-0000048098 Pre-selected Glory Eyesu Essien
  4257. N-Teach-2017-00000129256 Pre-selected Victoria Ojochenmi Akodi
  4258. N-Teach-2017-0000035052 Pre-selected Sunny Sunday Jacob
  4259. N-Teach-2017-00000996594 Pre-selected GODWIN SUNDAY JACOB
  4260. N-Teach-2017-00000869374 Pre-selected KEVIN SYLVESTER UMOETTE
  4261. N-Teach-2017-000001331713 Pre-selected ISONG UDO IDUNG
  4262. N-Teach-2017-000002001157 Pre-selected ODUDU JOHNSON EKPO
  4263. N-Teach-2017-000001642502 Pre-selected FELIX PETER MFON
  4264. N-Teach-2017-000001333259 Pre-selected UBONG EDET OKOIBU
  4265. N-Teach-2017-00000384779 Pre-selected Uwem Aniefiok Jonah
  4266. N-Teach-2017-00000473868 Pre-selected Unyime Obot Udonnah
  4267. N-Teach-2017-000002170638 Pre-selected ISAIAH MICHAEL ESSIEN
  4268. N-Teach-2017-000001016594 Pre-selected ubong michael nsimbehe
  4269. N-Teach-2017-00000366616 Pre-selected Uduak James Inyang
  4270. N-Teach-2017-00000328990 Pre-selected UWEM ASIBONG AKANG
  4271. N-Teach-2017-000001682977 Pre-selected THERESA PETER EKPO
  4272. N-Teach-2017-00000373283 Pre-selected Otobong Jesse Effiong
  4273. N-Teach-2017-000001455153 Pre-selected NKPOIKANA AKPAN AKPAOKO
  4274. N-Teach-2017-000001121074 Pre-selected NSISONG ETIM OKON
  4275. N-Teach-2017-000002316867 Pre-selected DANIEL EDET ETIM
  4276. N-Teach-2017-000002100053 Pre-selected AUGUSTINE RAYMOND OFFIONG
  4277. N-Teach-2017-000001979747 Pre-selected Eno Paul Marcel
  4278. N-Teach-2017-000001683556 Pre-selected Austin Udo AUGUSTINE UDO
  4279. N-Teach-2017-000001132135 Pre-selected NELSON EKEOBONG OMEGA
  4280. N-Teach-2017-000001454961 Pre-selected DARA-MFON AKPAN AKPAOKO
  4281. N-Teach-2017-000001689970 Pre-selected ROSE OKON BASSEY
  4282. N-Teach-2017-000001336692 Pre-selected EKAETTE ANIEFIOK SAMUEL
  4283. N-Teach-2017-000001876857 Pre-selected Emaido Ubon Udofia
  4284. N-Teach-2017-000001482626 Pre-selected victory etim esau
  4285. N-Teach-2017-000001076356 Pre-selected IMAOBONG REUBEN UDEME
  4286. N-Teach-2017-00000560517 Pre-selected MERCY DOMINIC ESSIEN
  4287. N-Teach-2017-000001209231 Pre-selected Eberechukwu Marshal-Nwafor
  4288. N-Teach-2017-000002075025 Pre-selected Ebong Emmanuel Raymond
  4289. N-Teach-2017-000001854612 Pre-selected SUNDAY JOSEPH UMOH
  4290. N-Teach-2017-000001587613 Pre-selected UDOH IDONGESIT EMMANUEL
  4291. N-Teach-2017-000001754013 Pre-selected EKPE OTOBONG ETOUFOK
  4292. N-Teach-2017-00000532900 Pre-selected GABRIEL UDO ANWAN
  4293. N-Teach-2017-00000355749 Pre-selected eyesu edet george
  4294. N-Teach-2017-000001153971 Pre-selected IBOSE IME IKOEDEM
  4295. N-Teach-2017-00000585398 Pre-selected NSEOBONG ISONG OWU
  4296. N-Teach-2017-000002421178 Pre-selected etiusen pius obongekpe
  4297. N-Teach-2017-000001944254 Pre-selected MERCY PATRICK UMOFIA
  4298. N-Teach-2017-000001362114 Pre-selected Nsisong Monday Ukpong
  4299. N-Teach-2017-00000636878 Pre-selected JULIET UDO UKUT
  4300. N-Teach-2017-00000474583 Pre-selected Ofonime Francis Umoren
  4301. N-Teach-2017-000002242794 Pre-selected EKEMINI AKPAN OBOT
  4302. N-Teach-2017-000001039854 Pre-selected MAGDALENE CHARLES OBOT
  4303. N-Teach-2017-000001175026 Pre-selected uwem udo udo
  4304. N-Teach-2017-000001636343 Pre-selected Unyime Fabian Osung
  4305. N-Teach-2017-000001745788 Pre-selected IBE EMMANUEL AKPAN
  4306. N-Teach-2017-000001876930 Pre-selected Emefik Udeme Efe
  4307. N-Teach-2017-00000872195 Pre-selected Gideon lugius Ubiah
  4308. N-Teach-2017-00000839197 Pre-selected Elsie Okon Edem
  4309. N-Teach-2017-00000697390 Pre-selected Aniekan Okon Edem
  4310. N-Teach-2017-00000922936 Pre-selected Ekemini Emmanuel Umoh
  4311. N-Teach-2017-00000262975 Pre-selected IMOH EDET AKPAN
  4312. N-Teach-2017-000001223239 Pre-selected Emem Okon Ekpenyong
  4313. N-Teach-2017-00000829004 Pre-selected GODWIN SUNDAY IDUNG
  4314. N-Teach-2017-000009293 Pre-selected GODWIN JOSEPH TOM
  4315. N-Teach-2017-00000148303 Pre-selected Aniebiet Gabriel Nnah
  4316. N-Teach-2017-0000067926 Pre-selected Utibe Raphael Ibanga
  4317. N-Teach-2017-00000801629 Pre-selected Samuel Okon Udoh
  4318. N-Teach-2017-000001567854 Pre-selected PATRICIA PATRICK USORO
  4319. N-Teach-2017-000006768 Pre-selected NSIDIBE JOHN UDOM
  4320. N-Teach-2017-0000067194 Pre-selected FELICITA ATHANASIUS UDOH
  4321. N-Teach-2017-00000916868 Pre-selected PATIENCE TOM UDOH
  4322. N-Teach-2017-00000232862 Pre-selected Udeme John Bassey
  4323. N-Teach-2017-00000318640 Pre-selected Oto-obong Peter Akpan
  4324. N-Teach-2017-00000850097 Pre-selected UDUAK UBONG STANLEY
  4325. N-Teach-2017-0000014517 Pre-selected RITA ANIEFON IBUOT
  4326. N-Teach-2017-00000739014 Pre-selected NSIMA EMMANUEL OKUO
  4327. N-Teach-2017-00000702680 Pre-selected Ekaette Sunday Udoetuk
  4328. N-Teach-2017-0000030953 Pre-selected KUFRE IME UDOHETTE
  4329. N-Teach-2017-0000057833 Pre-selected MARY MICHAEL AKPAN-NNAH
  4330. N-Teach-2017-00000774126 Pre-selected EMEMOBONG UBON IKUTT
  4331. N-Teach-2017-000004861 Pre-selected Kufre Okon Jacob
  4332. N-Teach-2017-00000423704 Pre-selected VICTOR MOSES OMOTOR
  4333. N-Teach-2017-000001324835 Pre-selected BASSEY JOSEPH ASUQUO
  4334. N-Teach-2017-000001444778 Pre-selected UBONG UDOINYANG ESSIEN
  4335. N-Teach-2017-000002439683 Pre-selected MARGARET SUNDAY AKPAMA
  4336. N-Teach-2017-000002416953 Pre-selected OLIVIA ONYEKA EKWUTOSI
  4337. N-Teach-2017-000002080845 Pre-selected ETIDO THOMPSON USUA
  4338. N-Teach-2017-00000588846 Pre-selected DIANABASI EKPON OBOT
  4339. N-Teach-2017-00000696463 Pre-selected Emankop Stanislaus Enang
  4340. N-Teach-2017-00000837286 Pre-selected SOLOMON MONDAY NYAH
  4341. N-Teach-2017-00000320171 Pre-selected Israel Darlington Omaka
  4342. N-Teach-2017-00000963013 Pre-selected Emmanuel Dadiari Braide
  4343. N-Teach-2017-00000979295 Pre-selected Etimbuk Emmanuel Obot
  4344. N-Teach-2017-00000869514 Pre-selected IDARA ASUKWO UKO
  4345. N-Teach-2017-00000126146 Pre-selected EDIOMI ANIEFIOK UDOFIA
  4346. N-Teach-2017-00000521764 Pre-selected Ini George umoh
  4347. N-Teach-2017-000001652404 Pre-selected Akaninyene Godwin Ekarika
  4348. N-Teach-2017-000001120976 Pre-selected ENOBONG THURSDAY DANIEL
  4349. N-Teach-2017-00000111539 Pre-selected Edidiong Udofia Okpon
  4350. N-Teach-2017-00000168893 Pre-selected Nsikak Nathaniel Akpan
  4351. N-Teach-2017-00000553898 Pre-selected IBET-OBONG LAWRENCE USUNGURUA
  4352. N-Teach-2017-000002026291 Pre-selected Amarachi Maria Otutubuike
  4353. N-Teach-2017-00000940582 Pre-selected UBOKOBONG DANIEL UDOUKPONG
  4354. N-Teach-2017-000002478854 Pre-selected AGBAEZE JENNIFER NGOZIKA
  4355. N-Teach-2017-000001589346 Pre-selected Sarah Samuel Onor
  4356. N-Teach-2017-000001013424 Pre-selected Uduakobong Samuel Tom
  4357. N-Teach-2017-000001446403 Pre-selected Queen Godwin Mboh
  4358. N-Teach-2017-00000919043 Pre-selected BLESSING PAUL AKPAN
  4359. N-Teach-2017-000002049355 Pre-selected GODWIN OKON OKONO
  4360. N-Teach-2017-00000367354 Pre-selected MERCY ISIDORE EKPO
  4361. N-Teach-2017-000001021438 Pre-selected Etido Udo Ukpong
  4362. N-Teach-2017-000001649749 Pre-selected Eyakntoro Akpan Ukpong
  4363. N-Teach-2017-000001230502 Pre-selected VICTOR RAYMOND OKURE
  4364. N-Teach-2017-000001932732 Pre-selected CLEMENT UDOFIA UKPAHA
  4365. N-Teach-2017-000001556231 Pre-selected OSAWARU OSATOHANMWENMARTINA
  4366. N-Teach-2017-000001507080 Pre-selected AKANINYENE OWOREKPE UKPAI
  4367. N-Teach-2017-000001597452 Pre-selected UDEMEOBONG FAVOUR SAMPSON
  4368. N-Teach-2017-00000652556 Pre-selected KUFRE UDOH-UDOH PETER
  4369. N-Teach-2017-000001122848 Pre-selected ETIENEABASI PETER OTU
  4370. N-Teach-2017-00000785209 Pre-selected Emmanuel Felix Ekanem
  4371. N-Teach-2017-000002206786 Pre-selected Eme Etim Akpan
  4372. N-Teach-2017-00000670300 Pre-selected CHRISTIANA EKPENYONG ISEH
  4373. N-Teach-2017-000002096507 Pre-selected Uwemedimo Ikamaenyin Udo
  4374. N-Teach-2017-000002183837 Pre-selected NSIKAN MATHEW UDO
  4375. N-Teach-2017-000001653429 Pre-selected Agnes Fabian Udo
  4376. N-Teach-2017-000001395416 Pre-selected MFON EFFIONG DANIEL
  4377. N-Teach-2017-000002137766 Pre-selected Emefre Okon Akpan
  4378. N-Teach-2017-00000825559 Pre-selected Mathias Ndarake Udo
  4379. N-Teach-2017-000001256629 Pre-selected MBUOTIDEM NELSON JAMES
  4380. N-Teach-2017-000001559281 Pre-selected SIMON UDO NDUESO
  4381. N-Teach-2017-000001884853 Pre-selected sunday ubong AKPAN
  4382. N-Teach-2017-00000633805 Pre-selected DANIEL ABBA UKPABIO
  4383. N-Teach-2017-000001203822 Pre-selected OTOBONG ETOP AKPAN
  4384. N-Teach-2017-000001343490 Pre-selected Charles Akpan Anwatim
  4385. N-Teach-2017-000001651494 Pre-selected OKON ANIEKAN BARNABAS
  4386. N-Teach-2017-000001481270 Pre-selected Leelee Elijah Ndaeyo
  4387. N-Teach-2017-000001137117 Pre-selected KENNETH BASSEY NDOM
  4388. N-Teach-2017-000001596879 Pre-selected Daniel Akwaowo Barnabas
  4389. N-Teach-2017-00000617534 Pre-selected ITOHOWO JOSEPH ESSIEN
  4390. N-Teach-2017-00000783444 Pre-selected Ubokudom Ikpeme William
  4391. N-Teach-2017-00000733794 Pre-selected MARGARET EMMA IKPEMBE
  4392. N-Teach-2017-000001116472 Pre-selected KENNETH EFFIONG UDOMKPA
  4393. N-Teach-2017-000001061067 Pre-selected UWEM JACKSON EKPE
  4394. N-Teach-2017-0000033562 Pre-selected ENYENEOKPON EYAKNDUE UDOKA
  4395. N-Teach-2017-000001546828 Pre-selected NYAH NSIMA VICTOR
  4396. N-Teach-2017-000001018000 Pre-selected Umoren Patricia Umoren
  4397. N-Teach-2017-000002403028 Pre-selected BASSEY DAVID UDO
  4398. N-Teach-2017-000001992414 Pre-selected Imabong Inyang Ekpene
  4399. N-Teach-2017-000001880599 Pre-selected IDARA ETIM PETER
  4400. N-Teach-2017-000002025049 Pre-selected ETIMA UDOUDO NYA
  4401. N-Teach-2017-000001720254 Pre-selected GRACE MATTHEW ISAIAH
  4402. N-Teach-2017-00000363455 Pre-selected REGINA JOHN JEREMIAH
  4403. N-Teach-2017-000002154442 Pre-selected Gabriel Jeremiah Udofia
  4404. N-Teach-2017-000001553111 Pre-selected ETIM ISRAEL OKON
  4405. N-Teach-2017-00000480224 Pre-selected IKPEMBE BLESSING MONDAY
  4406. N-Teach-2017-0000084250 Pre-selected UBONG ISAAC UDOM
  4407. N-Teach-2017-000001131562 Pre-selected KOKOMMA EKPENYONG NDOM
  4408. N-Teach-2017-00000127801 Pre-selected Ikwo Ime Nyaudo
  4409. N-Teach-2017-00000945235 Pre-selected GODWIN SUNDAY AKPAN
  4410. N-Teach-2017-000002502764 Pre-selected Blessing Akpan Udo
  4411. N-Teach-2017-00000829317 Pre-selected JAMES NSIDIBE MICHAEL
  4412. N-Teach-2017-00000732320 Pre-selected Blessing Udo Akpan
  4413. N-Teach-2017-00000671910 Pre-selected Efiok David Udofia
  4414. N-Teach-2017-000002531766 Pre-selected GLORY SUNDAY UDOFIA
  4415. N-Teach-2017-00000900793 Pre-selected Aniekan Okon Ekpenyong
  4416. N-Teach-2017-000001269788 Pre-selected joseph edet idiong
  4417. N-Teach-2017-000001586220 Pre-selected Udom Joshua Ukut
  4418. N-Teach-2017-000001997883 Pre-selected GODWIN ETIM UDO
  4419. N-Teach-2017-000001711440 Pre-selected ENO CHARLES EMAH
  4420. N-Teach-2017-000001281619 Pre-selected Aniebiet Sunday Udom
  4421. N-Teach-2017-000002282083 Pre-selected Rose Udo Ekong
  4422. N-Teach-2017-00000357751 Pre-selected JOSEPHINE ESSIEN OKPONGETTE
  4423. N-Teach-2017-000001762939 Pre-selected Ubong Udo Obot
  4424. N-Teach-2017-000002105469 Pre-selected IMEOBONG EMMA UDOFE
  4425. N-Teach-2017-00000615366 Pre-selected EUNICE JONAH
  4426. N-Teach-2017-000001446613 Pre-selected BLESSING ANIEFIOK ETEFIA
  4427. N-Teach-2017-00000590309 Pre-selected Augustine John Udo
  4428. N-Teach-2017-000002025975 Pre-selected ENO-OBONG JEREMIAH PETER
  4429. N-Teach-2017-00000925733 Pre-selected EMEM JOANAH UDO
  4430. N-Teach-2017-00000133482 Pre-selected KUFRE OKON BASSEY
  4431. N-Teach-2017-00000575510 Pre-selected MFON EDET JAMES
  4432. N-Teach-2017-00000880313 Pre-selected UTIP EKPE UDO
  4433. N-Teach-2017-000001032700 Pre-selected AGNES ASUQUO OKON
  4434. N-Teach-2017-00000898090 Pre-selected OFONMBUK EKPE UDO
  4435. N-Teach-2017-000001262608 Pre-selected Mercy Nkereuwem Udoh
  4436. N-Teach-2017-000001802261 Pre-selected Ndianabasi Sunday Udo
  4437. N-Teach-2017-00000380952 Pre-selected ANIEBIET JOHN OBOT
  4438. N-Teach-2017-000001050670 Pre-selected EDIDIONG SUNDAY UDO
  4439. N-Teach-2017-000001278779 Pre-selected NTOKON DANIEL EFFIONG
  4440. N-Teach-2017-00000569427 Pre-selected Amaitem Peter Ekpenyong
  4441. N-Teach-2017-000002101649 Pre-selected CAROLINE ETIM EKPENYONG
  4442. N-Teach-2017-00000562578 Pre-selected INUAEYEN AMASI UDO
  4443. N-Teach-2017-000001689778 Pre-selected UWEM CELESTINE UDONG
  4444. N-Teach-2017-000001541973 Pre-selected Udeme Bassey Ukwa
  4445. N-Teach-2017-000002511236 Pre-selected DIANABASI SUNDAY UDO
  4446. N-Teach-2017-00000529665 Pre-selected Itoro Sunday Usung
  4447. N-Teach-2017-000001438547 Pre-selected JOHNNY JOHN UDO
  4448. N-Teach-2017-000001409638 Pre-selected Chimezie Samuel Uche
  4449. N-Teach-2017-00000644237 Pre-selected UNYIME UDO UDO
  4450. N-Teach-2017-000001963734 Pre-selected Blessing Emmanuel John
  4451. N-Teach-2017-000001883097 Pre-selected Nsinyene Godknows Joshua
  4452. N-Teach-2017-000001161565 Pre-selected ROSEMARY EFFIONG CLETUS
  4453. N-Teach-2017-000002555667 Pre-selected JOSHUA IDARA-OBONG EKONG
  4454. N-Teach-2017-000005675 Pre-selected FRIDAY ETIM UKPABIO
  4455. N-Teach-2017-00000232553 Pre-selected Bernard Titus Ikpai
  4456. N-Teach-2017-000001517323 Pre-selected Emem Edet Ediwe
  4457. N-Teach-2017-000002047271 Pre-selected PHILIP PETER USORO
  4458. N-Teach-2017-000001996115 Pre-selected REBECCA MOSES UDO
  4459. N-Teach-2017-000001064059 Pre-selected Edidiong Aniekan Nnamuko
  4460. N-Teach-2017-00000423291 Pre-selected SAVIOUR FELIX EFFIONG
  4461. N-Teach-2017-000002053252 Pre-selected BLESSING ALFRED UDOH
  4462. N-Teach-2017-00000561553 Pre-selected Patience Samuel Etok
  4463. N-Teach-2017-000001079725 Pre-selected IME ISONG SAM
  4464. N-Teach-2017-000001061323 Pre-selected Ime Aniekan Nnamuko
  4465. N-Teach-2017-00000994866 Pre-selected NYA LINDA AKPAN
  4466. N-Teach-2017-000002527548 Pre-selected BETINI OKON BASSEY
  4467. N-Teach-2017-000001111313 Pre-selected GLORY MATTHEW BASSEY
  4468. N-Teach-2017-00000587635 Pre-selected Namnso Udo Obot
  4469. N-Teach-2017-000001701830 Pre-selected Ekomobong williams udoh
  4470. N-Teach-2017-000001107089 Pre-selected NSIKAK EDET UDO
  4471. N-Teach-2017-000001795 Pre-selected Friday Okon Edem
  4472. N-Teach-2017-00000669195 Pre-selected UDUAK FIDELIS ITA
  4473. N-Teach-2017-00000140044 Pre-selected Aniekpeno John Isaac
  4474. N-Teach-2017-000001079 Pre-selected Aniebiet Okon Bassey
  4475. N-Teach-2017-00000473863 Pre-selected ubong Collins mark
  4476. N-Teach-2017-000001507851 Pre-selected IDORENYIN DONALD UDO
  4477. N-Teach-2017-000001185293 Pre-selected IMA-OBONG UKO STEPHEN
  4478. N-Teach-2017-000001534990 Pre-selected Offiong Pius Offiong
  4479. N-Teach-2017-00000407584 Pre-selected Pretty Alexander Sambo
  4480. N-Teach-2017-000001308708 Pre-selected NENE UMOH WILLIAMS
  4481. N-Teach-2017-000002299179 Pre-selected GLORY BENEDICT EDET
  4482. N-Teach-2017-000002374955 Pre-selected FRANCIS BONIFACE PAUL
  4483. N-Teach-2017-00000353835 Pre-selected UFUOMA TRACY ERUDE
  4484. N-Teach-2017-000002394155 Pre-selected ISRAEL ESSIEN ETIM
  4485. N-Teach-2017-00000530734 Pre-selected Dorathy Aniefiok Edem
  4486. N-Teach-2017-00000507952 Pre-selected Nathaniel Nse Ibanga
  4487. N-Teach-2017-000002058039 Pre-selected EMEM SUNDAY JOHNSON
  4488. N-Teach-2017-000001101370 Pre-selected Blessing Sunday Akpan
  4489. N-Teach-2017-000001454908 Pre-selected Archibong Archibong Effiton
  4490. N-Teach-2017-000001395517 Pre-selected Salome Mark Okon
  4491. N-Teach-2017-00000327750 Pre-selected Ofonime Godwin Ekong
  4492. N-Teach-2017-000002137430 Pre-selected ADEYEMI BUSAYO FATIREGUN
  4493. N-Teach-2017-00000482144 Pre-selected VICTORIA UDO OFFONG
  4494. N-Teach-2017-000002401125 Pre-selected Emem Edet Eton
  4495. N-Teach-2017-000001544559 Pre-selected MERCY EDET EKONG
  4496. N-Teach-2017-000002260085 Pre-selected NWUKO EJIKE STEPHEN
  4497. N-Teach-2017-000001939832 Pre-selected Blessing Efiok Jocab
  4498. N-Teach-2017-00000547962 Pre-selected KUFRE OTU OROK
  4499. N-Teach-2017-000001611649 Pre-selected BABATUNDE EMMANUEL AKINULI
  4500. N-Teach-2017-000001648004 Pre-selected KINGSLEY ESSIEN BASSEY
  4501. N-Teach-2017-00000500651 Pre-selected EKPEDEME ENEFIOK UMOREN
  4502. N-Teach-2017-000001485754 Pre-selected ROSE PETER NSUNGO
  4503. N-Teach-2017-000001322206 Pre-selected AGNES AUGUSTIN ARCHIBONG
  4504. N-Teach-2017-000002369759 Pre-selected ITORO EDEM USUKUMAH
  4505. N-Teach-2017-00000511715 Pre-selected ANIEMA ETIM NYAH
  4506. N-Teach-2017-000001507828 Pre-selected AFFIONG ESIN ANWANA
  4507. N-Teach-2017-000001444852 Pre-selected GENEVIEVE CHIOMA OGBONNAYA
  4508. N-Teach-2017-000001521654 Pre-selected ITORO UFOT AKPAN
  4509. N-Teach-2017-000007685 Pre-selected Uduak Ime Peter
  4510. N-Teach-2017-00000714003 Pre-selected Enobong Archibong Ansa
  4511. N-Teach-2017-00000934694 Pre-selected JOHN JAMES AKPAN
  4512. N-Teach-2017-00000113731 Pre-selected INYENE IME OKON
  4513. N-Teach-2017-00000165189 Pre-selected Imaobong Etim Michael
  4514. N-Teach-2017-00000736092 Pre-selected ANGELA ETIM IWOK
  4515. N-Teach-2017-00000226910 Pre-selected Mfon Ntiense Samuel
  4516. N-Teach-2017-000001459338 Pre-selected Nsikak Mfon Willie
  4517. N-Teach-2017-00000841103 Pre-selected INI CLETUS MFON
  4518. N-Teach-2017-000002545043 Pre-selected Ubong Akpan Akpakpan
  4519. N-Teach-2017-00000161701 Pre-selected Mary Idongesit Ekere
  4520. N-Teach-2017-00000887472 Pre-selected MFON-OBONG AUGUSTINE NYONG
  4521. N-Teach-2017-00000208566 Pre-selected Ojo Godwin Douglas
  4522. N-Teach-2017-00000947397 Pre-selected Heriga Emmanuel Atakpa
  4523. N-Teach-2017-000002478284 Pre-selected Edidiong Linus Ekim
  4524. N-Teach-2017-00000939213 Pre-selected Osamende Stephanie Ogunrobo
  4525. N-Teach-2017-00000681429 Pre-selected Emem Effiong Mkpang
  4526. N-Teach-2017-00000206553 Pre-selected SAMUEL IMEH AKPAN
  4527. N-Teach-2017-000002510059 Pre-selected OGBUCHUKWU PATIENCE ONYINYE
  4528. N-Teach-2017-00000141809 Pre-selected SOLOMON MFON EFFIONG
  4529. N-Teach-2017-00000734197 Pre-selected SUNDAY MICHEAL ASUQUO
  4530. N-Teach-2017-000001513409 Pre-selected MARIA FESTUS EKERE
  4531. N-Teach-2017-000001196481 Pre-selected Etim Idorenyin Edem
  4532. N-Teach-2017-0000028120 Pre-selected Uduakobong Edet Sam
  4533. N-Teach-2017-000001940487 Pre-selected UDEME EDET IMAH
  4534. N-Teach-2017-000001332558 Pre-selected Mabel Godwin Ekong
  4535. N-Teach-2017-000002149238 Pre-selected Onyeke thankgod izuchukwu
  4536. N-Teach-2017-000001254125 Pre-selected IMOH JOSEPH UDOH
  4537. N-Teach-2017-000001505821 Pre-selected MFONOBONG BASSEY ESARA
  4538. N-Teach-2017-00000353830 Pre-selected EMMANUEL ENOCH THOMPSON
  4539. N-Teach-2017-00000532164 Pre-selected JANE ARCHILLEUS NKANGUDEH
  4540. N-Teach-2017-000001818623 Pre-selected UDUAK UDO AKPAN
  4541. N-Teach-2017-0000063802 Pre-selected OBOT EDET UTUK
  4542. N-Teach-2017-000002494278 Pre-selected Edem Godwin Sunday
  4543. N-Teach-2017-00000968584 Pre-selected Nsikanobong Edet Okon
  4544. N-Teach-2017-000001954750 Pre-selected Edidiong John Nkukut
  4545. N-Teach-2017-000001973697 Pre-selected ARIT MICHAEL UMOH
  4546. N-Teach-2017-00000133862 Pre-selected Mfonobong Dominic Edem
  4547. N-Teach-2017-00000708582 Pre-selected Sunday Comfort Akpan
  4548. N-Teach-2017-00000426057 Pre-selected BASSEY BASSEY DANIEL
  4549. N-Teach-2017-00000564359 Pre-selected Ukara-obong Ita Edidem
  4550. N-Teach-2017-00000430270 Pre-selected Miriam Bassey Effiom
  4551. N-Teach-2017-000001478872 Pre-selected UBONG KINGSLEY NSINI
  4552. N-Teach-2017-000002333272 Pre-selected EMEM OFONIME OKON
  4553. N-Teach-2017-00000873476 Pre-selected RUTH SUNDAY AKPAN
  4554. N-Teach-2017-00000656425 Pre-selected Onwghalu Sylvia Chinonso
  4555. N-Teach-2017-00000675961 Pre-selected Mbuotidem Ime Usanga
  4556. N-Teach-2017-00000199060 Pre-selected Itoro Ekanen Eyo
  4557. N-Teach-2017-00000437271 Pre-selected Chinweuba Ugo Onyinyechi
  4558. N-Teach-2017-00000508455 Pre-selected Inyene Daniel Etuk
  4559. N-Teach-2017-000002373987 Pre-selected CHRISTOPHER JOSEPH INWANG
  4560. N-Teach-2017-000001979236 Pre-selected UTIBE DAVID AKPAN
  4561. N-Teach-2017-000001485522 Pre-selected TIMMOABASI OKOKON AKPAN
  4562. N-Teach-2017-000002019544 Pre-selected Esther Jeremiah Eyo
  4563. N-Teach-2017-000001077477 Pre-selected Mercy Ime Sunday
  4564. N-Teach-2017-000001313270 Pre-selected GLORIA NSE EDET
  4565. N-Teach-2017-00000998400 Pre-selected IYTA EFFIONG UDUHO
  4566. N-Teach-2017-00000878942 Pre-selected William Ohuonu Lekwauwa
  4567. N-Teach-2017-0000035257 Pre-selected Richard Anietie
  4568. N-Teach-2017-00000449537 Pre-selected IDONGESIT DUKE OKON
  4569. N-Teach-2017-000001051650 Pre-selected ENO-OBONG BASSEY OKON
  4570. N-Teach-2017-000002144797 Pre-selected IDONGESIT UWEM IKPE
  4571. N-Teach-2017-000001752352 Pre-selected Ifiok Victor Eteudo
  4572. N-Teach-2017-00000376352 Pre-selected KUBIAT EFFIONG USEN
  4573. N-Teach-2017-000001352994 Pre-selected Ishmael Joseph John
  4574. N-Teach-2017-000001790249 Pre-selected SITO-ABASI OKON MBUK
  4575. N-Teach-2017-00000475225 Pre-selected CHRISTIANA BERNARD EFFIONG
  4576. N-Teach-2017-000001530201 Pre-selected UWEM EDEM SUNDAY
  4577. N-Teach-2017-00000446065 Pre-selected IDONGESIT ASUQUO OFFIONG
  4578. N-Teach-2017-000001135987 Pre-selected AGNES GABRIEL BASSEY
  4579. N-Teach-2017-00000389002 Pre-selected Solomon Ibanga Enang
  4580. N-Teach-2017-000001274521 Pre-selected Stephanie Nyen Okoye
  4581. N-Teach-2017-000001251255 Pre-selected MERCY OKON INYANG
  4582. N-Teach-2017-000001239746 Pre-selected EKEMINI IBANGA PETER
  4583. N-Teach-2017-000002293459 Pre-selected Blessing Victor Edem
  4584. N-Teach-2017-000002435546 Pre-selected UWEM CLEMENT EDET
  4585. N-Teach-2017-000001093599 Pre-selected Gideon Okon Effiong
  4586. N-Teach-2017-00000385761 Pre-selected EMEM FRIDAY JOHNNY
  4587. N-Teach-2017-000001128430 Pre-selected Uduakobong Ime Bassey
  4588. N-Teach-2017-000001192752 Pre-selected IDONGESIT OKON EYO
  4589. N-Teach-2017-00000500445 Pre-selected CHIMAEME IKECHI IGBOKWE
  4590. N-Teach-2017-00000705600 Pre-selected Ene Ibanga Udo
  4591. N-Teach-2017-00000868182 Pre-selected IDONGESIT ARCHIBONG ESSIEN
  4592. N-Teach-2017-000001569386 Pre-selected NGOZI GLORIA NWOYE
  4593. N-Teach-2017-00000160110 Pre-selected comfort Etim Michael
  4594. N-Teach-2017-000001971862 Pre-selected MARY ETIM AKPAN
  4595. N-Teach-2017-00000823451 Pre-selected VICTOR UGOCHUKWU EZEONWUMELU
  4596. N-Teach-2017-00000151730 Pre-selected Joseph Bassey Offiong
  4597. N-Teach-2017-00000211185 Pre-selected Aniekan Udeme Udokpoh
  4598. N-Teach-2017-00000820984 Pre-selected Ndiuwem Anietie Moses
  4599. N-Teach-2017-000001291954 Pre-selected Brain Edem Sunday
  4600. N-Teach-2017-00000960546 Pre-selected Martin Ephraim Ekpenyong
  4601. N-Teach-2017-00000197725 Pre-selected Joy Inyang Robinson
  4602. N-Teach-2017-00000221900 Pre-selected GLADDYS BASSEY OKON
  4603. N-Teach-2017-00000222324 Pre-selected Nsikak Enefiok Archibong
  4604. N-Teach-2017-000002203820 Pre-selected Joseph Effiong Uwah
  4605. N-Teach-2017-000002284832 Pre-selected AFFIONG NYONG IBANGA
  4606. N-Teach-2017-000001083494 Pre-selected OFONIME ETIM BASSEY
  4607. N-Teach-2017-000002487807 Pre-selected ANIEFIOK ASUKWO AKPAN
  4608. N-Teach-2017-000001755483 Pre-selected Emmanuel Ukamaka U.
  4609. N-Teach-2017-000001024394 Pre-selected OFONIME ANTHONY IBANGA
  4610. N-Teach-2017-000001687482 Pre-selected Edidiong Akpan Isong
  4611. N-Teach-2017-000001217028 Pre-selected IKWO ASUKWO EFFIONG
  4612. N-Teach-2017-000001305373 Pre-selected Silas Asukwo Etim
  4613. N-Teach-2017-000001882406 Pre-selected ROBERT EDET EFFIONG
  4614. N-Teach-2017-000002048557 Pre-selected OKON BERNARD OKON
  4615. N-Teach-2017-000001027886 Pre-selected OKON ETIM AKADU
  4616. N-Teach-2017-000001650998 Pre-selected GODWIN EFFIONG OBOHO
  4617. N-Teach-2017-00000354870 Pre-selected Onukak Grace Effiong
  4618. N-Teach-2017-000001106233 Pre-selected GODWIN OKON UKAM
  4619. N-Teach-2017-000001166394 Pre-selected ISRAEL EDET ENYONG
  4620. N-Teach-2017-000002530890 Pre-selected ANIEFIOK EDET USU
  4621. N-Teach-2017-000002411599 Pre-selected Okoli Faith Ngozi
  4622. N-Teach-2017-000001470808 Pre-selected Dorcas Asukwo Eyo
  4623. N-Teach-2017-000002200415 Pre-selected Mary Okon Ottong
  4624. N-Teach-2017-000002227821 Pre-selected ENEBIA EKANEM EKUNG
  4625. N-Teach-2017-000001970802 Pre-selected Effiong Sunday Iniekung
  4626. N-Teach-2017-000002474866 Pre-selected Happiness Effiong Nkereuwem
  4627. N-Teach-2017-000001976951 Pre-selected Hogan Etim Esther
  4628. N-Teach-2017-000002555263 Pre-selected KATE OKON SAM
  4629. N-Teach-2017-000001440397 Pre-selected Godwin Sunday Eyo
  4630. N-Teach-2017-000001397138 Pre-selected Etifit Atim Asukwo
  4631. N-Teach-2017-00000959638 Pre-selected Aniekan Etim okon
  4632. N-Teach-2017-000002388127 Pre-selected KINGSLEY ETIM OKPO
  4633. N-Teach-2017-000001934763 Pre-selected HAPPINESS IBOK OKOKON
  4634. N-Teach-2017-000002092971 Pre-selected BLESSING JIMMY UKOH
  4635. N-Teach-2017-000001212333 Pre-selected koko bassey okwong
  4636. N-Teach-2017-000002116014 Pre-selected Benson Okon Benson
  4637. N-Teach-2017-0000057774 Pre-selected Effiong Okon Anwana
  4638. N-Teach-2017-000001608386 Pre-selected ANIEFIOK TOM EKPISANG
  4639. N-Teach-2017-000001183943 Pre-selected EDIDIONG ETIM ROBIN
  4640. N-Teach-2017-000002400969 Pre-selected Ezekiel Effiong Eyo
  4641. N-Teach-2017-000002351818 Pre-selected Edet Etim Okon
  4642. N-Teach-2017-000001623504 Pre-selected Mercy Efiong Benson
  4643. N-Teach-2017-000001061100 Pre-selected christopher sunday okon
  4644. N-Teach-2017-000002032121 Pre-selected Asukwo Okon Otoku
  4645. N-Teach-2017-00000963836 Pre-selected Esther Etim Okon
  4646. N-Teach-2017-00000880788 Pre-selected ANSA OKON EFFIONG
  4647. N-Teach-2017-000002065020 Pre-selected Adesina Sherifat Dolapo
  4648. N-Teach-2017-000001170830 Pre-selected BRIGHT ETIM ANTE
  4649. N-Teach-2017-00000794657 Pre-selected Emmanuel Edet Usoh
  4650. N-Teach-2017-0000012884 Pre-selected ETIMBUK ETIM USOH
  4651. N-Teach-2017-000002209895 Pre-selected Lawrence Ita Oyoh
  4652. N-Teach-2017-00000439745 Pre-selected Nseabasi Edet Ukut
  4653. N-Teach-2017-000001921254 Pre-selected EDET VICTOR DAVID
  4654. N-Teach-2017-000002127245 Pre-selected COMFORT ETIM ISIKONG
  4655. N-Teach-2017-000002274743 Pre-selected SAVIOUR ITA OSOYONG
  4656. N-Teach-2017-000001687296 Pre-selected GODWIN CLARENCE NTEKIM
  4657. N-Teach-2017-000002142514 Pre-selected Joshua Ita Edet
  4658. N-Teach-2017-00000569397 Pre-selected DANIEL EDET ANANGATANG
  4659. N-Teach-2017-000001701472 Pre-selected Emmanuel Okon Effanga
  4660. N-Teach-2017-000001217186 Pre-selected AKON OKOKON ETANGETUK
  4661. N-Teach-2017-00000123914 Pre-selected OKON EDET UKOH
  4662. N-Teach-2017-00000308292 Pre-selected Asukwo Okon Osongodok
  4663. N-Teach-2017-0000062869 Pre-selected NATHANIEL ETIM OKON
  4664. N-Teach-2017-000002126442 Pre-selected THERESA EDET RICHARD
  4665. N-Teach-2017-00000581801 Pre-selected AFFIONG OKON ULOH
  4666. N-Teach-2017-000001941444 Pre-selected ISRAEL EFFIONG MFON
  4667. N-Teach-2017-00000308324 Pre-selected VICTOR BASSEY ESSANG
  4668. N-Teach-2017-00000608778 Pre-selected ATIM EFFIONG OKON
  4669. N-Teach-2017-000001965580 Pre-selected Stephen Okon Paul
  4670. N-Teach-2017-000002357261 Pre-selected MARGARET BASSEY ITA
  4671. N-Teach-2017-000002388261 Pre-selected Archibong Bassey Nyong
  4672. N-Teach-2017-000001771582 Pre-selected SAMUEL ASUQUO TOM
  4673. N-Teach-2017-000002194761 Pre-selected Blessing Okon Uwak
  4674. N-Teach-2017-000002336122 Pre-selected ARIT ASUKWO ETIFIT
  4675. N-Teach-2017-00000530569 Pre-selected Lovina Effiong Ediette
  4676. N-Teach-2017-000001999501 Pre-selected francisca philip eyo
  4677. N-Teach-2017-000001787794 Pre-selected Mariana Adetsuwa Egwakhide
  4678. N-Teach-2017-000002043302 Pre-selected Margaret Okon Umiom
  4679. N-Teach-2017-000001405619 Pre-selected Sunday Etim Tom
  4680. N-Teach-2017-000001343411 Pre-selected LOVE EDET OKON
  4681. N-Teach-2017-000002465741 Pre-selected Augustine Asukwo Nseabasi
  4682. N-Teach-2017-000002214871 Pre-selected EMMANUEL EDET MATHEW
  4683. N-Teach-2017-000002555577 Pre-selected MARY BASSEY MBUBIO
  4684. N-Teach-2017-00000837051 Pre-selected Elizabeth Effiong Aduak
  4685. N-Teach-2017-0000049894 Pre-selected Edet Etim Ebek
  4686. N-Teach-2017-000001678606 Pre-selected EMEM EFFIONG MATTHEW
  4687. N-Teach-2017-000001084744 Pre-selected EMMANUEL GODSON EDET
  4688. N-Teach-2017-000002082171 Pre-selected GODWIN OKON EDET
  4689. N-Teach-2017-000002038456 Pre-selected CHRISTOPHER OKON ULOH
  4690. N-Teach-2017-000001592039 Pre-selected KENNY OKON BASSEY
  4691. N-Teach-2017-000001085435 Pre-selected QUEEN OBONG EKPENYONG
  4692. N-Teach-2017-000002283829 Pre-selected Bassey Sunday Isangedighi
  4693. N-Teach-2017-00000737591 Pre-selected SAMUEL EDET ANWANAOKOH
  4694. N-Teach-2017-00000138808 Pre-selected MERCY GABRIEL EKPO
  4695. N-Teach-2017-0000046412 Pre-selected Godwin Etim Ebek
  4696. N-Teach-2017-000002407266 Pre-selected FLORENCE EFFIONG MFON
  4697. N-Teach-2017-000002184361 Pre-selected VERONICA ETEYEN BASSEY
  4698. N-Teach-2017-00000943449 Pre-selected kingsley itama ekpe
  4699. N-Teach-2017-000002089281 Pre-selected Grace Ekung Jack
  4700. N-Teach-2017-000001212480 Pre-selected EDET ETIM ESIN
  4701. N-Teach-2017-00000595133 Pre-selected NENE HENRY AWAK
  4702. N-Teach-2017-000002168893 Pre-selected EKPENYONG EDET NDUONYI
  4703. N-Teach-2017-00000318629 Pre-selected Iyamore Seun Henry
  4704. N-Teach-2017-000001214759 Pre-selected Victoria Peter Ema
  4705. N-Teach-2017-000001779792 Pre-selected Oladeji Edamisan Lepe
  4706. N-Teach-2017-000001349758 Pre-selected Uloh Joseph Effiong
  4707. N-Teach-2017-000001571502 Pre-selected MARY ASUKWO UNANG
  4708. N-Teach-2017-000001458487 Pre-selected BRIAN JAMES OKON
  4709. N-Teach-2017-00000459855 Pre-selected AFFIONG EFFIONG OKON
  4710. N-Teach-2017-000002120536 Pre-selected BLESSING EKUNG JACK
  4711. N-Teach-2017-000002455402 Pre-selected Effiong Okon Ekpo
  4712. N-Teach-2017-000001419736 Pre-selected EKAETTE ETIM MOSES
  4713. N-Teach-2017-0000019286 Pre-selected EMEM OKON Isemin
  4714. N-Teach-2017-000002552683 Pre-selected Joy Sunday Okon
  4715. N-Teach-2017-000001829546 Pre-selected RACHEL ASUKWO EYO
  4716. N-Teach-2017-0000077137 Pre-selected OKON EFIONG FRANK
  4717. N-Teach-2017-0000071839 Pre-selected HENRY ETIM EYO
  4718. N-Teach-2017-000001743423 Pre-selected INYANG ROSE SUNDAY
  4719. N-Teach-2017-00000514644 Pre-selected UdemeAbasi Udofot Pius
  4720. N-Teach-2017-000001295974 Pre-selected kasarachi henritta nwagwu
  4721. N-Teach-2017-000001658757 Pre-selected JESICA IDONGESIT NKANTA
  4722. N-Teach-2017-000001636229 Pre-selected david owoinamabasi idara
  4723. N-Teach-2017-00000420282 Pre-selected Eno-obong Blaise Akpan
  4724. N-Teach-2017-000002248902 Pre-selected SHARON-ROSE JONATHAN PETERS
  4725. N-Teach-2017-000001346527 Pre-selected Brownson Eno Udo
  4726. N-Teach-2017-000001426419 Pre-selected EMEM ETIM FRANK
  4727. N-Teach-2017-00000893491 Pre-selected kate Ekaete Henshaw
  4728. N-Teach-2017-000001143084 Pre-selected Joy Gregory Sunday
  4729. N-Teach-2017-00000799351 Pre-selected NSIKAN UDO NDAK
  4730. N-Teach-2017-000002182441 Pre-selected Anya Maureen Njideka
  4731. N-Teach-2017-000002402381 Pre-selected Unyime Joseph Akpan
  4732. N-Teach-2017-000001390518 Pre-selected IKPONG FRIDAY WILLIAM
  4733. N-Teach-2017-000001875690 Pre-selected VERA INI-IBEHE UDOFIA
  4734. N-Teach-2017-00000695656 Pre-selected Charity Uwem Gabriel
  4735. N-Teach-2017-0000042363 Pre-selected PATIENCE ABRAHAM UDO
  4736. N-Teach-2017-00000860093 Pre-selected KINGSLEY ELIJAH FRIDAY
  4737. N-Teach-2017-000001659661 Pre-selected SUNDAY UDO UDOM
  4738. N-Teach-2017-000001138733 Pre-selected Udeme Nicholas Akpan
  4739. N-Teach-2017-000001220405 Pre-selected IMOH FRANCIS UDO
  4740. N-Teach-2017-000001060430 Pre-selected Aniekan Inyang John
  4741. N-Teach-2017-000002196046 Pre-selected PEACE UFOT DAVIES
  4742. N-Teach-2017-000001828329 Pre-selected IDORENYIN WILLIAM EKARIKA
  4743. N-Teach-2017-000002383081 Pre-selected Obot Joy Aniedi
  4744. N-Teach-2017-000002555687 Pre-selected MBETOBONG NNAMNSE EKAH
  4745. N-Teach-2017-00000824438 Pre-selected Mercy Udo Jacksonikpe
  4746. N-Teach-2017-000001418137 Pre-selected JOHNSON UDOH JOHNSON
  4747. N-Teach-2017-00000940187 Pre-selected VICTOR EKERETE HARRISON
  4748. N-Teach-2017-000001075768 Pre-selected UBONG IDORENYIN USORO
  4749. N-Teach-2017-0000027553 Pre-selected ETUK EMMANUEL
  4750. N-Teach-2017-000002219021 Pre-selected Lawrence Johnson Udosen
  4751. N-Teach-2017-000001438511 Pre-selected IMOH MICHAEL UKANA
  4752. N-Teach-2017-000001685808 Pre-selected HANNAH ETIM INYANG
  4753. N-Teach-2017-000001101104 Pre-selected NDIANA VICTOR EYEN
  4754. N-Teach-2017-00000389957 Pre-selected NSEOBONG OKON UDOINYANG
  4755. N-Teach-2017-000002144126 Pre-selected PETER BASSEY AUGUSTINE
  4756. N-Teach-2017-000001409161 Pre-selected Davison John
  4757. N-Teach-2017-00000618142 Pre-selected AKANINYENE ESSIEN NYAH
  4758. N-Teach-2017-000001429183 Pre-selected Agbo Helen U.
  4759. N-Teach-2017-00000547540 Pre-selected OBOT OKON UDO
  4760. N-Teach-2017-00000165446 Pre-selected Mfoniso Udobia Udobia
  4761. N-Teach-2017-00000128327 Pre-selected Ahonfoh violet Isi
  4762. N-Teach-2017-00000305014 Pre-selected UBONG EBONG MARK
  4763. N-Teach-2017-00000568648 Pre-selected Amaka Anne Onyemulu
  4764. N-Teach-2017-000001137232 Pre-selected Itohowo Monday Essien
  4765. N-Teach-2017-000002238824 Pre-selected fredrick nseyo usen
  4766. N-Teach-2017-000001529195 Pre-selected MERCY MACAULAY MOSES
  4767. N-Teach-2017-00000431220 Pre-selected Nsidibe Celestine Eyo
  4768. N-Teach-2017-000001327991 Pre-selected NDIFREKE NSESE UKAI
  4769. N-Teach-2017-000002239097 Pre-selected Usoro Mary bASSEY
  4770. N-Teach-2017-000002130051 Pre-selected MOSES NSIKAN INOH
  4771. N-Teach-2017-000002460561 Pre-selected SUNDAY AKPAN IBANGA
  4772. N-Teach-2017-000001216665 Pre-selected INI-OBONG ANTHONY EKPE
  4773. N-Teach-2017-000001081259 Pre-selected Usetu Gertrude Inuk
  4774. N-Teach-2017-000002423239 Pre-selected peter MOSES simon
  4775. N-Teach-2017-00000109063 Pre-selected Christian Inyang John
  4776. N-Teach-2017-00000983853 Pre-selected KUDOMO ALPHONSUS EKPOUDO
  4777. N-Teach-2017-00000206132 Pre-selected INOKON ENOBONG FRIDAY
  4778. N-Teach-2017-00000204384 Pre-selected Sifon Monde .
  4779. N-Teach-2017-00000816796 Pre-selected ANIEKEME ANIETIE EKAETTE
  4780. N-Teach-2017-00000707262 Pre-selected Akpan Idongesit Friday
  4781. N-Teach-2017-0000080593 Pre-selected Mercy Ebong Mark
  4782. N-Teach-2017-000002458373 Pre-selected PETER MAURICE UDO
  4783. N-Teach-2017-000001073670 Pre-selected IDONGESIT UDO NDAK
  4784. N-Teach-2017-00000527629 Pre-selected Augustine Cletus Akpan
  4785. N-Teach-2017-000001428259 Pre-selected Akachukwu Jessica Ugo
  4786. N-Teach-2017-000001455653 Pre-selected Okum Iniobong Udeh
  4787. N-Teach-2017-000002345267 Pre-selected EMEN SATURDAY AKPAN
  4788. N-Teach-2017-000002041971 Pre-selected OTOBONG BASSEY EKONG
  4789. N-Teach-2017-00000525194 Pre-selected ANIEDI USORO PHILIP
  4790. N-Teach-2017-00000534433 Pre-selected VICTOR ITA OKON
  4791. N-Teach-2017-000001035996 Pre-selected PEACE EMMANUEL ENYA
  4792. N-Teach-2017-000002323682 Pre-selected Emem Akpan David
  4793. N-Teach-2017-000002292723 Pre-selected DAVID TITUS EKPO
  4794. N-Teach-2017-000001636091 Pre-selected Hagar Bassey Umoren
  4795. N-Teach-2017-0000054053 Pre-selected NKODO UTOMOBONG EKPA
  4796. N-Teach-2017-00000820622 Pre-selected IDARA UFOT JOHNSON
  4797. N-Teach-2017-00000668346 Pre-selected mmeti cyril umoren
  4798. N-Teach-2017-00000813756 Pre-selected NSIBIET ANIETIE EKAETTE
  4799. N-Teach-2017-00000232190 Pre-selected OGECHI KEREN KONYEGWACHI
  4800. N-Teach-2017-000001602586 Pre-selected OFONIME OKON UKO
  4801. N-Teach-2017-00000203371 Pre-selected Ima-obong Ignatius Dominic
  4802. N-Teach-2017-000001648492 Pre-selected PAUL NATUS CHUKWUDOZIE
  4803. N-Teach-2017-00000524697 Pre-selected PHILIP UDUAK USORO
  4804. N-Teach-2017-00000898053 Pre-selected Cynthia Ojorhomiwa Ideh
  4805. N-Teach-2017-0000033450 Pre-selected HAPPINESS MICHAEL JUMBO
  4806. N-Teach-2017-000002079776 Pre-selected SAMUEL JOSIAH JOHNNY
  4807. N-Teach-2017-000002181984 Pre-selected Mfon Cletus Ememe
  4808. N-Teach-2017-000002113411 Pre-selected Ikpe Inem Ubong
  4809. N-Teach-2017-000001432236 Pre-selected Christiana Ijeoma Okoroji
  4810. N-Teach-2017-000001975750 Pre-selected Peace Christopher Akpan
  4811. N-Teach-2017-000001799891 Pre-selected EKANEM FRIDAY ESTHER
  4812. N-Teach-2017-00000298849 Pre-selected Lydia okon ubom
  4813. N-Teach-2017-000002548158 Pre-selected VICTORY SUNDAY ENO
  4814. N-Teach-2017-00000274923 Pre-selected OFONIME LAWRENCE UDOETUK
  4815. N-Teach-2017-000001681198 Pre-selected SYLVIA ISAAC ISEMIN
  4816. N-Teach-2017-00000437568 Pre-selected PRECIOUS OGHENERO OGHENEDORO
  4817. N-Teach-2017-000002045521 Pre-selected IME MOSES OKON
  4818. N-Teach-2017-000001919086 Pre-selected Praise Abraham John
  4819. N-Teach-2017-000002424459 Pre-selected Itoro Okon Emmanson
  4820. N-Teach-2017-000001229212 Pre-selected EMEMOBONG AKPAN UKANA
  4821. N-Teach-2017-000001433801 Pre-selected GRACE OBOT ZADOK
  4822. N-Teach-2017-000001621755 Pre-selected EKEMINI UFOT ATTAT
  4823. N-Teach-2017-00000942171 Pre-selected NSINI SUNDAY ENO
  4824. N-Teach-2017-000002561641 Pre-selected Nsisong Okon Isonguyo
  4825. N-Teach-2017-00000812698 Pre-selected UBONG GIBSON ESSIEN
  4826. N-Teach-2017-00000256181 Pre-selected Ene Justina Ochai
  4827. N-Teach-2017-000001059769 Pre-selected Elizabeth Samuel Inyang
  4828. N-Teach-2017-000002426615 Pre-selected CHRISTIANA AKPAN SIMON
  4829. N-Teach-2017-000001670850 Pre-selected EMELYN SUNDAY ATUK
  4830. N-Teach-2017-00000643066 Pre-selected UTITOFON MONDAY IKON
  4831. N-Teach-2017-00000258866 Pre-selected Nsisong Patrick Ekong
  4832. N-Teach-2017-00000233826 Pre-selected Itohowo Sam Aniefiok
  4833. N-Teach-2017-00000862836 Pre-selected PETER BEAUTY IME
  4834. N-Teach-2017-000001785841 Pre-selected MAGDALENE PAULINUS AKPAN
  4835. N-Teach-2017-000002430675 Pre-selected Elijah Friday Tim
  4836. N-Teach-2017-000002220037 Pre-selected Josephine John Edet
  4837. N-Teach-2017-000001860624 Pre-selected solomon Ekong okon
  4838. N-Teach-2017-000001301789 Pre-selected Okon Udo Etim
  4839. N-Teach-2017-000002300740 Pre-selected Felix Ekpenyong Akpan
  4840. N-Teach-2017-000001999720 Pre-selected Peters Amarachi Grace
  4841. N-Teach-2017-00000853101 Pre-selected IDARA NKEREUWEM DANIEL
  4842. N-Teach-2017-000001272228 Pre-selected Stella Sunday John
  4843. N-Teach-2017-000001312440 Pre-selected Grace Edem Etim
  4844. N-Teach-2017-000002108874 Pre-selected Nsikan John Etefia
  4845. N-Teach-2017-000001489638 Pre-selected EMEDIONG SUNDAY ETUK
  4846. N-Teach-2017-000001768686 Pre-selected Ndifreke Udo Nteyoho
  4847. N-Teach-2017-000001711343 Pre-selected Victor Okon umoh
  4848. N-Teach-2017-000002411515 Pre-selected Ukeme Ita Williams
  4849. N-Teach-2017-000001587268 Pre-selected EKERETTE UDO WILLIE
  4850. N-Teach-2017-000001086237 Pre-selected EDIDIONG EKONG EKWERE
  4851. N-Teach-2017-000002385894 Pre-selected Edet Umoh Effiong
  4852. N-Teach-2017-000001413916 Pre-selected PETER PRIMUS ARCHIBONG
  4853. N-Teach-2017-000002487467 Pre-selected Sunday Effiong Bassey
  4854. N-Teach-2017-000002085281 Pre-selected ANIEFIOK ITA NELSON
  4855. N-Teach-2017-000001325743 Pre-selected CAROLINE JONATHAN UDO
  4856. N-Teach-2017-000001610781 Pre-selected OFONIME ANIEFIOK EKWERE
  4857. N-Teach-2017-000001646160 Pre-selected Glory Sunny Itigheimo
  4858. N-Teach-2017-000001506705 Pre-selected mbuotidem udoudo okon
  4859. N-Teach-2017-000001010124 Pre-selected Ndifreke Okon Attah
  4860. N-Teach-2017-00000438922 Pre-selected Nfawa Inyang Esua
  4861. N-Teach-2017-00000439885 Pre-selected Idara Nsikak Patrick
  4862. N-Teach-2017-000002064297 Pre-selected Charles Udoma Archibong
  4863. N-Teach-2017-000001349061 Pre-selected Udeme Akpan Osom
  4864. N-Teach-2017-000002181194 Pre-selected WILLIAMS BERNARD MARY
  4865. N-Teach-2017-000001488459 Pre-selected OFONIME NYONG EDET
  4866. N-Teach-2017-000001747056 Pre-selected Iseheidaha Sunday Davis
  4867. N-Teach-2017-00000412859 Pre-selected Solomon David Udofa
  4868. N-Teach-2017-00000847951 Pre-selected ANN ANIEFIOK SUDAY
  4869. N-Teach-2017-000001261359 Pre-selected IME MFON EFFIONG
  4870. N-Teach-2017-000001953608 Pre-selected GLORY ANIEFIOK WILSON
  4871. N-Teach-2017-00000386943 Pre-selected IME ETIM ESSIEN
  4872. N-Teach-2017-000001039302 Pre-selected OKON SUNDAY ETIM
  4873. N-Teach-2017-000001905662 Pre-selected DAN EDEMIKOH ITA
  4874. N-Teach-2017-00000852754 Pre-selected Christian Edet Esset
  4875. N-Teach-2017-00000131627 Pre-selected Uwem Bassey John
  4876. N-Teach-2017-00000821371 Pre-selected Williams Jane William
  4877. N-Teach-2017-00000202142 Pre-selected Theresa John Essien
  4878. N-Teach-2017-000002440359 Pre-selected ESTHER AKPAN OSSOM
  4879. N-Teach-2017-00000965585 Pre-selected Comfort Paul Okon
  4880. N-Teach-2017-000001301504 Pre-selected Ekaette Udofia Jonah
  4881. N-Teach-2017-000001661997 Pre-selected PIUS EDET ETIM
  4882. N-Teach-2017-000001074542 Pre-selected Rosemary Edet Thompson
  4883. N-Teach-2017-000001977722 Pre-selected bassey precious edem
  4884. N-Teach-2017-000001260924 Pre-selected Godwin Udo Inyang
  4885. N-Teach-2017-000002257537 Pre-selected udeme effiong peter
  4886. N-Teach-2017-000001492612 Pre-selected ANIEMA PATRICK OKON
  4887. N-Teach-2017-000001935666 Pre-selected Babayemi precious Tosin
  4888. N-Teach-2017-00000975436 Pre-selected Esther Monday Akpan
  4889. N-Teach-2017-000002520671 Pre-selected Rebecca Essiet Williams
  4890. N-Teach-2017-000001188354 Pre-selected INIBEHE ANIEFIOK DANIEL
  4891. N-Teach-2017-000001697029 Pre-selected NDUKE PATRICK OKON
  4892. N-Teach-2017-000001092925 Pre-selected AKWAOWO EDET EFFIONG
  4893. N-Teach-2017-000002264386 Pre-selected AKWAIFIOK AKPAN SOLOMON
  4894. N-Teach-2017-000001201735 Pre-selected warrie imaobong ekaete
  4895. N-Teach-2017-000002094195 Pre-selected Kenneth Joseph Effiong
  4896. N-Teach-2017-000001816959 Pre-selected EDET EKEFRE AKPAN
  4897. N-Teach-2017-000002293436 Pre-selected IDONGESIT OKON BEN
  4898. N-Teach-2017-000001438932 Pre-selected Arit Etim Sampson
  4899. N-Teach-2017-00000454361 Pre-selected Dominic Lawrence Simon
  4900. N-Teach-2017-000002520877 Pre-selected Richard Elias Ibokson
  4901. N-Teach-2017-00000669926 Pre-selected INIOBONG HANSON UDOH
  4902. N-Teach-2017-000001474162 Pre-selected GERTRUDE AELRED NYONG
  4903. N-Teach-2017-000001778335 Pre-selected EMEM EFFIONG JACKSON
  4904. N-Teach-2017-000001164786 Pre-selected MOSES NSIKAK FELIX
  4905. N-Teach-2017-00000185532 Pre-selected ALICE BASSEY NYONG
  4906. N-Teach-2017-000001714744 Pre-selected Hillary Paul Okon
  4907. N-Teach-2017-000002094178 Pre-selected MBUOTIDEM BASSEY OKON
  4908. N-Teach-2017-000002397584 Pre-selected Kingsley Effiong Akpan
  4909. N-Teach-2017-000001370780 Pre-selected Idorenyin Sylvester Nyong
  4910. N-Teach-2017-00000461504 Pre-selected MFON EPHRAIM EDEM
  4911. N-Teach-2017-000001771243 Pre-selected James Etim Edet
  4912. N-Teach-2017-000002100221 Pre-selected Ikwo Warrie Akpan
  4913. N-Teach-2017-000002332228 Pre-selected itoro patrick nyong
  4914. N-Teach-2017-000002001742 Pre-selected Okechukwu Joy Ozioma
  4915. N-Teach-2017-000002193577 Pre-selected EKERE EKPENYONG NDEM
  4916. N-Teach-2017-000001761151 Pre-selected ROSE MFON EFFIONG
  4917. N-Teach-2017-000002039168 Pre-selected Abigail Ernest Etim
  4918. N-Teach-2017-00000956235 Pre-selected AGHA ELEKWACHI IBIAM
  4919. N-Teach-2017-0000075451 Pre-selected Effiong Michael William
  4920. N-Teach-2017-000001046653 Pre-selected OKON EDEM OKON
  4921. N-Teach-2017-000002154687 Pre-selected JOHN ANTHONY BASSEY
  4922. N-Teach-2017-000002009043 Pre-selected Sunday Iniobong Abraham
  4923. N-Teach-2017-000001234653 Pre-selected IDEM ROBERT EFFIONG
  4924. N-Teach-2017-000001082100 Pre-selected FELIX OKON EFFIONG
  4925. N-Teach-2017-000002278147 Pre-selected Edem Theresa Eyo
  4926. N-Teach-2017-000001226087 Pre-selected Justina Ime Tom
  4927. N-Teach-2017-00000951645 Pre-selected JOSEPH EBONG SUNDAY
  4928. N-Teach-2017-000002486166 Pre-selected Mbuotidem Stephen Andrew
  4929. N-Teach-2017-000002477708 Pre-selected UNYIME ASIAN EFFIONG
  4930. N-Teach-2017-00000296692 Pre-selected PRINCE UNAH JACKSON
  4931. N-Teach-2017-000001319690 Pre-selected ETIM MARGARET BASSEY
  4932. N-Teach-2017-00000880955 Pre-selected Victoria Leo Denis
  4933. N-Teach-2017-000001429078 Pre-selected Victoria Joshua Udoh
  4934. N-Teach-2017-00000575078 Pre-selected Dimplar chika Ugwuoke
  4935. N-Teach-2017-000002421621 Pre-selected IKPE MMADARA EMMANUEL
  4936. N-Teach-2017-000001990778 Pre-selected EKOM-OBONG AKPAN EBONG
  4937. N-Teach-2017-000002542460 Pre-selected Aniefiok George Etukudo
  4938. N-Teach-2017-000002465665 Pre-selected NDIFREKE BLESSING USUAOBOT
  4939. N-Teach-2017-000002328458 Pre-selected GLORY ELIJAH UTOH
  4940. N-Teach-2017-000002212747 Pre-selected EKAETTE JOHNSON EDIDAHA
  4941. N-Teach-2017-000002480544 Pre-selected Nsisong Mbuotidem Nelson
  4942. N-Teach-2017-00000556194 Pre-selected NSE EFFIONG JOHNSON
  4943. N-Teach-2017-00000716210 Pre-selected KOFFI NSIKAK UNWANA
  4944. N-Teach-2017-00000900557 Pre-selected Idaresit Daniel Bob
  4945. N-Teach-2017-000001046348 Pre-selected Abang Dorathy Aweh
  4946. N-Teach-2017-00000372009 Pre-selected Ntiedo Sunday Peter
  4947. N-Teach-2017-000001094306 Pre-selected EKAETTE NSE WILLIAMS
  4948. N-Teach-2017-000001190301 Pre-selected COMFORT FRIDAY ESHIET
  4949. N-Teach-2017-00000794502 Pre-selected NDIANA OKON ASUQUO
  4950. N-Teach-2017-000001122908 Pre-selected Memek Ekpenyong Utuk
  4951. N-Teach-2017-000001221108 Pre-selected EMMANUEL FRIDAY AKPAN
  4952. N-Teach-2017-000001466411 Pre-selected DAVID UBONG UMOREN
  4953. N-Teach-2017-000001452167 Pre-selected Okon Eno Ime
  4954. N-Teach-2017-000001065101 Pre-selected Uwemedimo Akaninyene Umondak
  4955. N-Teach-2017-00000353689 Pre-selected SAMUEL COOKEY EKPO
  4956. N-Teach-2017-00000388259 Pre-selected Nsisong Asuquo Etim
  4957. N-Teach-2017-000001452730 Pre-selected Utibe David Duff
  4958. N-Teach-2017-000002045895 Pre-selected nduno efon emah
  4959. N-Teach-2017-00000433401 Pre-selected UBONG SAMUEL UDOH
  4960. N-Teach-2017-00000846366 Pre-selected MBIATKEABASI FRIDAY UDOETANG
  4961. N-Teach-2017-0000090960 Pre-selected COMFORT COSMAS UDO
  4962. N-Teach-2017-00000246922 Pre-selected OFONIME ANIETIE BASSEY
  4963. N-Teach-2017-000002374918 Pre-selected VICTORIA UYOM UDOFIA
  4964. N-Teach-2017-000001352458 Pre-selected Mary Sunday Udo
  4965. N-Teach-2017-00000344113 Pre-selected EMEM EDET AKPAN
  4966. N-Teach-2017-000001344577 Pre-selected IMAOBONG FRIDAY HARRY
  4967. N-Teach-2017-000002408513 Pre-selected Blessing Imo Asuquo
  4968. N-Teach-2017-00000624979 Pre-selected ABASIFREKE GODWIN ROBERT
  4969. N-Teach-2017-000001356126 Pre-selected ETUKUDO LINUS ASUQUO
  4970. N-Teach-2017-000001198178 Pre-selected EZEKIEL ARCHIBONG EKUKUDO
  4971. N-Teach-2017-00000321656 Pre-selected Emmanuel Effiong Jimmy
  4972. N-Teach-2017-00000493185 Pre-selected Ndifreke Gregory Bassey
  4973. N-Teach-2017-000001030293 Pre-selected MBUOTIDEM ISAAC AKPAN
  4974. N-Teach-2017-000001102518 Pre-selected INIOBONG FRIDAY NDUESO
  4975. N-Teach-2017-000001998264 Pre-selected Ubong Effiong Ekpo
  4976. N-Teach-2017-00000439254 Pre-selected HULDAH GODWIN UMANAH
  4977. N-Teach-2017-000001190884 Pre-selected NSEMEKE ENEFIOK UDOFIA
  4978. N-Teach-2017-00000531433 Pre-selected UDUAK JOSHUA INYANG
  4979. N-Teach-2017-000002095099 Pre-selected BLESSING JOHN EDEM
  4980. N-Teach-2017-00000137233 Pre-selected ENO ETIM
  4981. N-Teach-2017-00000302731 Pre-selected IBORO IME ABAESSIEN
  4982. N-Teach-2017-00000675497 Pre-selected INIBEHE ASUQUO ESSIENETTE
  4983. N-Teach-2017-00000102836 Pre-selected Alewi Joel Imisioluwa
  4984. N-Teach-2017-00000150773 Pre-selected Andino Emmanuel Ubokudom
  4985. N-Teach-2017-000001047340 Pre-selected Esther Effiong Nkop
  4986. N-Teach-2017-000001401167 Pre-selected CHIKAODI VIVIAN ATUEGBU
  4987. N-Teach-2017-000001059928 Pre-selected Mary ime Thomas
  4988. N-Teach-2017-000001997168 Pre-selected IKEMESIT BASSEY EDEM
  4989. N-Teach-2017-000001830526 Pre-selected Ndifreke Charles Udosen
  4990. N-Teach-2017-000002139529 Pre-selected AUGUSTA EFFIONG EKWERE
  4991. N-Teach-2017-000001068948 Pre-selected IFIOK DAVID NKAN
  4992. N-Teach-2017-00000645313 Pre-selected Ubong Joseph Akpan
  4993. N-Teach-2017-000001777346 Pre-selected uwem emmanuel ekanem
  4994. N-Teach-2017-00000511433 Pre-selected BERNARD BASSEY UDO
  4995. N-Teach-2017-00000597708 Pre-selected ITORO SAMUEL ESU
  4996. N-Teach-2017-000001322957 Pre-selected UFOT ASUQUO UDOH
  4997. N-Teach-2017-000001479889 Pre-selected ELSIE UDOH HENRY
  4998. N-Teach-2017-000002103261 Pre-selected EMMANUEL JIMMY OKON
  4999. N-Teach-2017-000001782258 Pre-selected AKPAN PRECIOUS NSE
  5000. N-Teach-2017-00000938267 Pre-selected ENYEKEME OWOUKO IBOK
  5001. N-Teach-2017-00000938014 Pre-selected NDIFREKE MONDAY OBOT
  5002. N-Teach-2017-0000063066 Pre-selected Idorenyin Ime Akpan
  5003. N-Teach-2017-00000135595 Pre-selected NSIKAN EKONG IKPE
  5004. N-Teach-2017-00000771012 Pre-selected SAVIOUR USUA JIMMY
  5005. N-Teach-2017-0000043500 Pre-selected IDO OKON ESSIEN
  5006. N-Teach-2017-00000110072 Pre-selected BEATRICE SAMUEL NICE
  5007. N-Teach-2017-000001623930 Pre-selected Victor Peter Benson
  5008. N-Teach-2017-000001301715 Pre-selected MMETI SUNDAY EFFIONG
  5009. N-Teach-2017-000001333822 Pre-selected Grace Nkpoikanke Udo
  5010. N-Teach-2017-00000936808 Pre-selected MATTHEW EMMANUEL UMANAH
  5011. N-Teach-2017-000001378033 Pre-selected Onuoha Favour Ebere
  5012. N-Teach-2017-000001463081 Pre-selected Elizabeth Bassey David
  5013. N-Teach-2017-00000540331 Pre-selected IDORENYIN JAMES EMAH
  5014. N-Teach-2017-00000446980 Pre-selected PATIENCE GUBEH PATIENCE
  5015. N-Teach-2017-0000025144 Pre-selected Otobong Anietie Udoh
  5016. N-Teach-2017-00000155876 Pre-selected FELIX CHRISTIAN ASUQUO
  5017. N-Teach-2017-000001714241 Pre-selected ALICE DAVID E. NELSON
  5018. N-Teach-2017-000001039455 Pre-selected UDEME IWOK EMMANUEL
  5019. N-Teach-2017-000001110794 Pre-selected Effiong Michael Nkok
  5020. N-Teach-2017-00000881239 Pre-selected Nse Daniel Evans
  5021. N-Teach-2017-00000127320 Pre-selected IFIOK MONDAY UDOFIA
  5022. N-Teach-2017-000001766443 Pre-selected Ubek Eunice Aniekeme
  5023. N-Teach-2017-000001054782 Pre-selected VICTORIA SOLOMON DANIEL
  5024. N-Teach-2017-000001210232 Pre-selected INIOBONG EFFIONG OKON
  5025. N-Teach-2017-00000985869 Pre-selected Isaiah Samuel Tom
  5026. N-Teach-2017-00000733807 Pre-selected BROWN JOY PAULINUS
  5027. N-Teach-2017-00000965525 Pre-selected Itorobong Ezekiel Awakessien
  5028. N-Teach-2017-00000692386 Pre-selected EMMANUEL JOHN ARTHUR
  5029. N-Teach-2017-00000153072 Pre-selected blessing monday joshua
  5030. N-Teach-2017-000001242461 Pre-selected Ifiok Effiong Asukwo
  5031. N-Teach-2017-000001016164 Pre-selected Etim Glory sunday
  5032. N-Teach-2017-00000408170 Pre-selected MFON BROWNSON EKPO
  5033. N-Teach-2017-000001385863 Pre-selected INYENE SOLOMON UMOH
  5034. N-Teach-2017-000002024109 Pre-selected Isaiah Friday Michael
  5035. N-Teach-2017-000001209597 Pre-selected ANIEKEME MONDAY AKPABIO
  5036. N-Teach-2017-0000034849 Pre-selected OBOT KENNETH FRIDAY
  5037. N-Teach-2017-00000842288 Pre-selected Iniobong Jimm Festus
  5038. N-Teach-2017-00000262532 Pre-selected Bassey Peter Bassey
  5039. N-Teach-2017-000002087180 Pre-selected IMEOBONG FRIDAY UDUEHE
  5040. N-Teach-2017-000001557006 Pre-selected Iniodu Emmanuel Ekanem
  5041. N-Teach-2017-000001521454 Pre-selected GLORY ARCHIBONG HANSON
  5042. N-Teach-2017-000001879356 Pre-selected aladum loveline chizoba
  5043. N-Teach-2017-000001434987 Pre-selected JOSEPH SAMUEL OKON
  5044. N-Teach-2017-000001848458 Pre-selected Akpan Ubong Ezekiel
  5045. N-Teach-2017-000001964805 Pre-selected Umontuen Nsikak Udoaka
  5046. N-Teach-2017-000001450496 Pre-selected Enobong Okon Sampson
  5047. N-Teach-2017-000002396165 Pre-selected IMAOBONG JOSHUA EKAETE
  5048. N-Teach-2017-00000883465 Pre-selected Samuel Emmanuel Bassey
  5049. N-Teach-2017-000001438737 Pre-selected INIDO DANIEL EKWERE
  5050. N-Teach-2017-000001019688 Pre-selected Clement Victor Umoh
  5051. N-Teach-2017-000001565774 Pre-selected SAMUEL EKONG IKPE
  5052. N-Teach-2017-000001415270 Pre-selected Racheal Etop Peter
  5053. N-Teach-2017-000002218600 Pre-selected ANIEBIET IBANGA ENOIDEM
  5054. N-Teach-2017-000002519689 Pre-selected Udeme Sampson Jacob
  5055. N-Teach-2017-00000557705 Pre-selected EMEM MICHAEL ESSIEN
  5056. N-Teach-2017-000001376137 Pre-selected UNYIME SUNDAY JAMES
  5057. N-Teach-2017-00000668051 Pre-selected Kufre Imaikop Isong
  5058. N-Teach-2017-000002383508 Pre-selected GODWIN AKPAN ESSIEN
  5059. N-Teach-2017-00000701850 Pre-selected BENJAMIN CHINAGOROM KIRIAN
  5060. N-Teach-2017-00000451487 Pre-selected TAMUNOBELEMABO TEMPLE
  5061. N-Teach-2017-000001000865 Pre-selected IDORENYIN AKPAN ODUND
  5062. N-Teach-2017-000001286308 Pre-selected ENOBONG DAVID BEN
  5063. N-Teach-2017-000002421160 Pre-selected BANKOLE OLUMIDE MORAKINYO MORAKINYO OLUMIDE
  5064. N-Teach-2017-000002095031 Pre-selected Dan Blessing Akpan
  5065. N-Teach-2017-000001533641 Pre-selected UDEME UDO ADAM
  5066. N-Teach-2017-00000141264 Pre-selected NKEREUWEM INYANG EYO
  5067. N-Teach-2017-000001220575 Pre-selected ENOMFON UDO INYANG
  5068. N-Teach-2017-00000728470 Pre-selected AKPAINYANG UDEME GODWIN
  5069. N-Teach-2017-000002394396 Pre-selected Abigail Osom Okono
  5070. N-Teach-2017-000002149687 Pre-selected EKA OKON ISONG
  5071. N-Teach-2017-000001013969 Pre-selected MARTHA ISAIAH AKPAN
  5072. N-Teach-2017-00000838075 Pre-selected JACOB MICHAEL OKON
  5073. N-Teach-2017-00000150161 Pre-selected COMFORT UDO BASSEY
  5074. N-Teach-2017-000002194200 Pre-selected Uyoatta Sunday Udofia
  5075. N-Teach-2017-000001139059 Pre-selected Edidiong Etukudoh Obot
  5076. N-Teach-2017-000001250101 Pre-selected ESSIET GREGORY ESSIET
  5077. N-Teach-2017-000002551235 Pre-selected UNWANA OBOT USORO
  5078. N-Teach-2017-000002460164 Pre-selected INIOBONG UDOETUK EKPUMO
  5079. N-Teach-2017-000001218332 Pre-selected Anwana Idorenyin Bonnie
  5080. N-Teach-2017-000001644198 Pre-selected KUYIK UDOKAN INYANG
  5081. N-Teach-2017-00000167253 Pre-selected Prevailer Utibe-abasi Stephen
  5082. N-Teach-2017-00000619324 Pre-selected itoro etukudo william
  5083. N-Teach-2017-000002134647 Pre-selected uwakwe Tina Anurika
  5084. N-Teach-2017-000001235087 Pre-selected Blessing Friday Johnson
  5085. N-Teach-2017-000001851311 Pre-selected IBANGA FRIDAY BROWNSON
  5086. N-Teach-2017-000001398745 Pre-selected Ikopbo Friday Udoita
  5087. N-Teach-2017-000002489775 Pre-selected IMAOBONG BARTHOLOMEW UDOM
  5088. N-Teach-2017-000001082903 Pre-selected Anietie Aniete Etuk
  5089. N-Teach-2017-000001203278 Pre-selected UDEME SUNDAY AKPAN
  5090. N-Teach-2017-000001019985 Pre-selected ROSE AKAM SUNDAY
  5091. N-Teach-2017-000001855336 Pre-selected INIOBONG PIUS BASSEY
  5092. N-Teach-2017-000001981407 Pre-selected DANIEL ENOIDEM HARRY
  5093. N-Teach-2017-00000706305 Pre-selected Salome Okon Effiong
  5094. N-Teach-2017-000001054040 Pre-selected OKON ETUKUDO NDUESO
  5095. N-Teach-2017-00000190426 Pre-selected Esther Sunday Brownson
  5096. N-Teach-2017-00000568603 Pre-selected Emem Okon Sampson
  5097. N-Teach-2017-000001220694 Pre-selected CHARLES DAVID AKPAN
  5098. N-Teach-2017-000001373049 Pre-selected Mary Martin Peter
  5099. N-Teach-2017-000001210238 Pre-selected GRACE EFFIONG JOHN
  5100. N-Teach-2017-000001523850 Pre-selected AKAI RUTH ESHIET
  5101. N-Teach-2017-00000407984 Pre-selected Stephen Akoh
  5102. N-Teach-2017-000001007282 Pre-selected Abasiama Jacob Udofia
  5103. N-Teach-2017-000002248894 Pre-selected Udom Irene Fabian
  5104. N-Teach-2017-000001692879 Pre-selected EKEREOBONG IME ESSIEN
  5105. N-Teach-2017-000001905386 Pre-selected Grace Obot
  5106. N-Teach-2017-000001017854 Pre-selected PRISCILLA BENJAMIN AGUBE
  5107. N-Teach-2017-00000854549 Pre-selected VERONICA IMAIKOP UDONG
  5108. N-Teach-2017-00000728386 Pre-selected Ubong Itoro Jeremiah
  5109. N-Teach-2017-00000672396 Pre-selected Stephen Enobong Robson
  5110. N-Teach-2017-00000948882 Pre-selected ekpo edikan aniefiok
  5111. N-Teach-2017-00000301980 Pre-selected JOYCE EMAIMO DANIEL
  5112. N-Teach-2017-00000136140 Pre-selected Emmanuel Una Okoko
  5113. N-Teach-2017-00000812031 Pre-selected ekpo anietie aniefiok
  5114. N-Teach-2017-000001822226 Pre-selected Ndorenyin Godwin Akpan
  5115. N-Teach-2017-000002439977 Pre-selected KINDNESS JOHN IBANGA
  5116. N-Teach-2017-00000477748 Pre-selected ANIEKAN PETER KOFFI
  5117. N-Teach-2017-000001859940 Pre-selected NDOPNO JOHN DARBY
  5118. N-Teach-2017-000002323818 Pre-selected EFFANGA PATRICK INWANG
  5119. N-Teach-2017-000001249409 Pre-selected GLORY UDOFIA JOSHUA
  5120. N-Teach-2017-000001156040 Pre-selected ESHIET AKPAN ESHIET
  5121. N-Teach-2017-000002193610 Pre-selected Atim Sunday Udofia
  5122. N-Teach-2017-000002015181 Pre-selected Ifiok Obong Obong
  5123. N-Teach-2017-00000466157 Pre-selected Edidiong Emmanuel Ekpo
  5124. N-Teach-2017-00000408754 Pre-selected Ekwegh Clinton Ebuka
  5125. N-Teach-2017-00000295114 Pre-selected SUNNY SAMUEL EKA
  5126. N-Teach-2017-000002407836 Pre-selected AKPAN NSE ROBERT
  5127. N-Teach-2017-000001130623 Pre-selected EMMANUEL TIM UNAH
  5128. N-Teach-2017-00000694160 Pre-selected Umoh Emmanuel
  5129. N-Teach-2017-000001372556 Pre-selected OTO-OBONG OTOBONG NTUEN
  5130. N-Teach-2017-000001893110 Pre-selected Solomon Eno Effiong
  5131. N-Teach-2017-000002528436 Pre-selected EFFIONG STEPHEN AKPAN
  5132. N-Teach-2017-000001498858 Pre-selected SAMUEL PETER AKPAN
  5133. N-Teach-2017-000001155324 Pre-selected NSIKAK EKANEM ISAAC
  5134. N-Teach-2017-00000700083 Pre-selected ifiok gabriel patrick
  5135. N-Teach-2017-000002007836 Pre-selected ASSUAH HENRY AKPAN
  5136. N-Teach-2017-00000338511 Pre-selected UNYIME GODWIN BASSEY
  5137. N-Teach-2017-000002080854 Pre-selected Mfonobong Udo Oku
  5138. N-Teach-2017-000002407550 Pre-selected CHIBUEZE OBINNA ODUM
  5139. N-Teach-2017-000002437268 Pre-selected Victor Clement Walter
  5140. N-Teach-2017-000001300899 Pre-selected Nsikan Godwin Akpan
  5141. N-Teach-2017-000001296069 Pre-selected UDUAK NDANTI EKANEM
  5142. N-Teach-2017-00000768392 Pre-selected Emediong Eno Udokure
  5143. N-Teach-2017-000001616996 Pre-selected UDEME UDO UDO
  5144. N-Teach-2017-000002305381 Pre-selected Anietie Effiong Bassey
  5145. N-Teach-2017-000001287019 Pre-selected IDONGESIT EMMANUEL UDOFIA
  5146. N-Teach-2017-000001063400 Pre-selected ASOGWA ONYEKACHI DONALD
  5147. N-Teach-2017-000001904382 Pre-selected utibemfon Richard obot
  5148. N-Teach-2017-000001931064 Pre-selected Nsikanabasi Asuquo Udo
  5149. N-Teach-2017-000001930179 Pre-selected Sunday Herald Sampson
  5150. N-Teach-2017-000002515221 Pre-selected Catherine Etim Udofot
  5151. N-Teach-2017-00000180262 Pre-selected AYANAM BASSEY SAM
  5152. N-Teach-2017-000002420263 Pre-selected VICTOR EMMANUEL ROBSON
  5153. N-Teach-2017-00000954507 Pre-selected ESTHER EMMANUEL EKWERE
  5154. N-Teach-2017-00000138136 Pre-selected UBOKOBONG PIUS ASUQUO
  5155. N-Teach-2017-00000602282 Pre-selected uwem peter Solomon
  5156. N-Teach-2017-00000829433 Pre-selected NSIDIBE OKON ITA
  5157. N-Teach-2017-00000622961 Pre-selected COMFORT TIMOTHY OKONKO
  5158. N-Teach-2017-000002349703 Pre-selected MARIA JAMES UDOH
  5159. N-Teach-2017-000002423762 Pre-selected Obot Uduak Dennis
  5160. N-Teach-2017-000001568609 Pre-selected Wenzel Patrick Eyo
  5161. N-Teach-2017-000001186496 Pre-selected UDO SAMUEL MOFFAT
  5162. N-Teach-2017-000002274517 Pre-selected Abasumo Bassey Okon
  5163. N-Teach-2017-000001629903 Pre-selected Gloria Bassey Ekwere
  5164. N-Teach-2017-000001118301 Pre-selected Bassey Uduak Jacob
  5165. N-Teach-2017-000002311954 Pre-selected Peace Jonah Afangideh
  5166. N-Teach-2017-000001569334 Pre-selected Nnyaknno Ekpenyong Ekonoh
  5167. N-Teach-2017-000002169700 Pre-selected ITORO MERCY PHILIP
  5168. N-Teach-2017-00000481172 Pre-selected NSIFIOK PATRICK UDOUDOH
  5169. N-Teach-2017-00000368276 Pre-selected UDUAK IME AKPAN
  5170. N-Teach-2017-000002364322 Pre-selected Mfon Sunday ABIA
  5171. N-Teach-2017-000001720558 Pre-selected Ini Isaiah Umanah
  5172. N-Teach-2017-000001525645 Pre-selected samuel asuquo ekpenyong
  5173. N-Teach-2017-000001777583 Pre-selected AKANINYENE MICHEAL AKPAN
  5174. N-Teach-2017-00000668080 Pre-selected Edidiong John Umoren
  5175. N-Teach-2017-0000060821 Pre-selected Etinyene Okuma Usua
  5176. N-Teach-2017-000001377496 Pre-selected EMAEDIONG SUNDAY ROBERT
  5177. N-Teach-2017-00000428251 Pre-selected DORATHY ANIEKAN JOHN
  5178. N-Teach-2017-00000485135 Pre-selected COMFORT ANTHONY EFFIONG
  5179. N-Teach-2017-00000348851 Pre-selected Kingsley Etim Jackson
  5180. N-Teach-2017-000001162363 Pre-selected Etido Okon Akpan
  5181. N-Teach-2017-00000112046 Pre-selected NYAKNO SUNDAY AKPAN
  5182. N-Teach-2017-00000968140 Pre-selected Ubong Friday Harry
  5183. N-Teach-2017-00000402529 Pre-selected SAVIOUR OKON TOM
  5184. N-Teach-2017-000001183381 Pre-selected Mfon Boniface Ekpenyong
  5185. N-Teach-2017-000001353168 Pre-selected Sylvia Alphonsus Udo
  5186. N-Teach-2017-000001210106 Pre-selected STELLA MONDAY CLEMENT
  5187. N-Teach-2017-00000146758 Pre-selected EMMANUEL EMMANUEL JONAH
  5188. N-Teach-2017-000001918744 Pre-selected BONIFACE JOHN ISONG
  5189. N-Teach-2017-000001395258 Pre-selected ITOHOWO AGUSTINE NOAH
  5190. N-Teach-2017-00000594785 Pre-selected Rebecca Monday Unah
  5191. N-Teach-2017-000001053306 Pre-selected Rosemary Paulinus Ekanem
  5192. N-Teach-2017-000001207681 Pre-selected MONDAY BROWN UDOUKUT
  5193. N-Teach-2017-000001142959 Pre-selected VERONICA CLETUS AKPAN
  5194. N-Teach-2017-000001773027 Pre-selected UDO UDEME TOM
  5195. N-Teach-2017-000001046001 Pre-selected Victor Effiong Marcus
  5196. N-Teach-2017-00000308795 Pre-selected NDOTENYIN NORBERT UMOH
  5197. N-Teach-2017-00000485395 Pre-selected DAVID ETIM ADAUDO
  5198. N-Teach-2017-000001194832 Pre-selected Aniebiet Etim Charley
  5199. N-Teach-2017-000001091193 Pre-selected Ndifreke Philip Udoette
  5200. N-Teach-2017-00000440453 Pre-selected ABASIAMA JOHNSON CADET
  5201. N-Teach-2017-000001143696 Pre-selected NAOMI CLETUS AKPAN
  5202. N-Teach-2017-000001790866 Pre-selected NSIKAK BONIFACE EDEHEUDIM
  5203. N-Teach-2017-000001203606 Pre-selected GABRIEL BONIFACE UDO
  5204. N-Teach-2017-000001706147 Pre-selected David Paul Afangide
  5205. N-Teach-2017-000001986733 Pre-selected UDUAK SUNDAY EKANEM
  5206. N-Teach-2017-000001400760 Pre-selected SAMUEL MAURICE UMOH
  5207. N-Teach-2017-000001090498 Pre-selected UTIBE ETIM JACOB
  5208. N-Teach-2017-000001807869 Pre-selected Sunday Silas Udo
  5209. N-Teach-2017-000002527761 Pre-selected EKPETY IDONGESIT ESSIET
  5210. N-Teach-2017-00000910367 Pre-selected IDONGESIT DONALD JOSEPH
  5211. N-Teach-2017-0000084797 Pre-selected UNYIME UDOKA UKPABIO
  5212. N-Teach-2017-00000919910 Pre-selected DAVID ANTHONY EKPO
  5213. N-Teach-2017-00000788099 Pre-selected AMBROSE NSIMA UDOH
  5214. N-Teach-2017-000002494892 Pre-selected FLORENCE COSMAS AKPAN
  5215. N-Teach-2017-000002518715 Pre-selected NDOTENYIN NDARAKE ANYAMA
  5216. N-Teach-2017-000001203722 Pre-selected EDIDIONG SUNDAY HANSON
  5217. N-Teach-2017-000001493011 Pre-selected Aniebiet Aniofiok Ufia
  5218. N-Teach-2017-000001581855 Pre-selected Iniobong Godwin Eduep
  5219. N-Teach-2017-000001211938 Pre-selected Emineimo Michael Ekiko
  5220. N-Teach-2017-000002391085 Pre-selected Ntiense Emmanuel Okon
  5221. N-Teach-2017-000001014355 Pre-selected SOLOMON PETER UMOREN
  5222. N-Teach-2017-000002088048 Pre-selected ITORO EFFIONG UDO
  5223. N-Teach-2017-000001949300 Pre-selected Essien Edidiong Sunday
  5224. N-Teach-2017-00000512399 Pre-selected David Cletus Akpan
  5225. N-Teach-2017-000001238674 Pre-selected NSIDIBE MATTHEW AKPAN
  5226. N-Teach-2017-000001699485 Pre-selected Ekikereobong Cosmas Etokudo
  5227. N-Teach-2017-000001479587 Pre-selected PETER FRANK UDOH
  5228. N-Teach-2017-000001595053 Pre-selected ENO FRANCIS EKANEM
  5229. N-Teach-2017-000001279182 Pre-selected EDIDIONG IGNATIUS EKPENYONG
  5230. N-Teach-2017-000001328353 Pre-selected Helen Dominic Ibanga
  5231. N-Teach-2017-000001318630 Pre-selected UDOK, MERCY OKON
  5232. N-Teach-2017-000001416435 Pre-selected Juana Monday Robert
  5233. N-Teach-2017-000001019127 Pre-selected Innocent Sam Aniema
  5234. N-Teach-2017-00000689935 Pre-selected Michael Oluwatomisin Afolami
  5235. N-Teach-2017-0000095292 Pre-selected GRACE ASUABIAT AKPAN
  5236. N-Teach-2017-00000674933 Pre-selected BLESSING AKPAN AKPAN
  5237. N-Teach-2017-0000084905 Pre-selected ENYIEKPON OKON NTA
  5238. N-Teach-2017-0000025525 Pre-selected Emmanuel Effiong Akpan
  5239. N-Teach-2017-00000971016 Pre-selected SAMUEL SAM IMO
  5240. N-Teach-2017-000001265617 Pre-selected Moses Goodness Francis
  5241. N-Teach-2017-000002154527 Pre-selected uduak udo ibok
  5242. N-Teach-2017-000001302991 Pre-selected PATRICK EMMANUEL JONAH
  5243. N-Teach-2017-00000979470 Pre-selected ETIM AKPAN AKPAN
  5244. N-Teach-2017-00000908925 Pre-selected UDUAK ETIM AKPAN
  5245. N-Teach-2017-00000993524 Pre-selected SAMUEL CLETUS AKPAN
  5246. N-Teach-2017-000001336846 Pre-selected Charity Friday Sampson
  5247. N-Teach-2017-00000573465 Pre-selected Ubong Ezekiel Nelson
  5248. N-Teach-2017-00000613944 Pre-selected CECILIA TOM MEMDIE
  5249. N-Teach-2017-000001249403 Pre-selected UDUAK EMMANSON UDOH
  5250. N-Teach-2017-000001215871 Pre-selected NDUESO MARCUS UNANAM
  5251. N-Teach-2017-000001536674 Pre-selected OTO-OBONG EMMANSON JOHN
  5252. N-Teach-2017-00000904793 Pre-selected ANIEBIET JUMBO UBENG
  5253. N-Teach-2017-000001562709 Pre-selected AUGUSTINE AUGUSTINE AKPAETOR
  5254. N-Teach-2017-00000395871 Pre-selected IFIOK EMMANUEL EKPE
  5255. N-Teach-2017-000001533322 Pre-selected ANIEKAN ISAAC ASUQUO
  5256. N-Teach-2017-000001334930 Pre-selected Uduak Kubiatobong Francis
  5257. N-Teach-2017-000002036446 Pre-selected TINA MICHAEL
  5258. N-Teach-2017-000001998073 Pre-selected ETIMBUK EFFIONG AKPAN
  5259. N-Teach-2017-000002184524 Pre-selected UDUAK ETIM AKPAN
  5260. N-Teach-2017-000002435169 Pre-selected MARY PETER TITUS
  5261. N-Teach-2017-00000604784 Pre-selected Emem Gabriel Udo
  5262. N-Teach-2017-000001190522 Pre-selected OMODOT TIMOTHY UMOH
  5263. N-Teach-2017-00000340351 Pre-selected UBONG EMMANUEL EKERETTE
  5264. N-Teach-2017-000002198168 Pre-selected NSEABASI ELISHA NKOROK
  5265. N-Teach-2017-000001531084 Pre-selected Idorenyin John Tom
  5266. N-Teach-2017-00000677402 Pre-selected Ekpono Joseph Ambrose
  5267. N-Teach-2017-00000912463 Pre-selected ENO-OBONG FRIDAY NELSON
  5268. N-Teach-2017-00000952189 Pre-selected Ofonime Martin Okorie
  5269. N-Teach-2017-00000245711 Pre-selected Thomas Edidiong Peter
  5270. N-Teach-2017-000001429483 Pre-selected UKPONG GRACE NATHAN
  5271. N-Teach-2017-000001898425 Pre-selected EYAKETING MICHAEL AKPAN
  5272. N-Teach-2017-000001683817 Pre-selected Aniebiet Cosmas Etim
  5273. N-Teach-2017-000001608580 Pre-selected IDORENYIN ASUQUO IDEM
  5274. N-Teach-2017-00000707855 Pre-selected Linus Peter Umuoapobio
  5275. N-Teach-2017-000002366995 Pre-selected EGBULEFU CHIBUNNA EMMANUEL
  5276. N-Teach-2017-000002265937 Pre-selected CHRISTIAN UDO SAM
  5277. N-Teach-2017-000002214754 Pre-selected Nelly George Henshaw
  5278. N-Teach-2017-000001600637 Pre-selected Grace Edet Antai
  5279. N-Teach-2017-000001536130 Pre-selected Ekpenyong Paul Asukwo
  5280. N-Teach-2017-000001184402 Pre-selected EDUA EDET ITA
  5281. N-Teach-2017-000001957274 Pre-selected Mercy Ekpenyong Asukwo
  5282. N-Teach-2017-000001604764 Pre-selected FEDELIS EFFIONG IKIM
  5283. N-Teach-2017-000001018013 Pre-selected Desmond Emmanuel Etim
  5284. N-Teach-2017-000002256817 Pre-selected ITA ASUKWO JOHNSON
  5285. N-Teach-2017-000002523065 Pre-selected Emem Etim Frank
  5286. N-Teach-2017-000001253819 Pre-selected KINGSLEY ANDY ANSO
  5287. N-Teach-2017-00000607215 Pre-selected EKPENYONG ETIM OFFIONG
  5288. N-Teach-2017-000001595997 Pre-selected Esong Effiong Onyong
  5289. N-Teach-2017-000001407555 Pre-selected ALEX DENNIS EFFIONG
  5290. N-Teach-2017-000002161083 Pre-selected Uduak Imo Asukwo
  5291. N-Teach-2017-000001314903 Pre-selected Nkechinyere Onyekwere
  5292. N-Teach-2017-00000313160 Pre-selected EMMANUEL PETER ASUKWO
  5293. N-Teach-2017-000002056452 Pre-selected PATIENCE EDET JONAH
  5294. N-Teach-2017-000001191173 Pre-selected Dominic Obongono Asukwo
  5295. N-Teach-2017-00000411738 Pre-selected ELIZABETH OKON EDUENYI
  5296. N-Teach-2017-000001367023 Pre-selected Dagogo Ruth Harrison
  5297. N-Teach-2017-000001210739 Pre-selected Edwin Okon Effiong
  5298. N-Teach-2017-000002404468 Pre-selected EMMANUEL OKON ISANGIDIOK
  5299. N-Teach-2017-000001228938 Pre-selected Umoh betty Effiong
  5300. N-Teach-2017-00000598465 Pre-selected GODWIN OKON NANKERE
  5301. N-Teach-2017-000001225103 Pre-selected CHRISTIANA EFFIOM EFFIONG
  5302. N-Teach-2017-00000205690 Pre-selected Nkponukini Okon Edet
  5303. N-Teach-2017-000001893999 Pre-selected EMMANUEL BASSEY ATING
  5304. N-Teach-2017-000001611677 Pre-selected IBANGA EDET AKWA
  5305. N-Teach-2017-000002051040 Pre-selected EUNICE ETIM OFFIONG
  5306. N-Teach-2017-000001069037 Pre-selected ELIZABETH SUNDAY ONWEFIAK
  5307. N-Teach-2017-000001537785 Pre-selected Martha Udung Effiong
  5308. N-Teach-2017-000001529605 Pre-selected Umoh Bassey Okon
  5309. N-Teach-2017-000001701690 Pre-selected Victor Imoh Asukwo
  5310. N-Teach-2017-000002108531 Pre-selected JUSTINA OKON EKPENYONG
  5311. N-Teach-2017-000001422467 Pre-selected Ndekhedehe Ikwo Solomon
  5312. N-Teach-2017-00000490390 Pre-selected ETIM UDOH OKON
  5313. N-Teach-2017-000001908120 Pre-selected VICTOR EFFIONG UMOH
  5314. N-Teach-2017-000001826212 Pre-selected Getrude Chinemerem Egbeta
  5315. N-Teach-2017-000001487834 Pre-selected IKOEDEM EMANA UNUNG
  5316. N-Teach-2017-000001561840 Pre-selected IMA-OBONG BASSEY EMANA
  5317. N-Teach-2017-000001411826 Pre-selected Kenneth Emmanuel okon
  5318. N-Teach-2017-00000990470 Pre-selected Ukeme Ibiok Essiet
  5319. N-Teach-2017-00000244521 Pre-selected jason Nseabasi Afisong
  5320. N-Teach-2017-000001523204 Pre-selected Grace Effiong Ebiekpi
  5321. N-Teach-2017-000002395443 Pre-selected Peace Emmanuel Bassey
  5322. N-Teach-2017-000002246968 Pre-selected HELEN ANTHONY JACKSON
  5323. N-Teach-2017-000002095167 Pre-selected CELESTINE EMMANUEL EKPENYONG
  5324. N-Teach-2017-00000444749 Pre-selected COMFORT EFIONG NTOFON
  5325. N-Teach-2017-000001818453 Pre-selected ENENWAN ATTA OKON
  5326. N-Teach-2017-000001314403 Pre-selected Peace Christopher Umoh
  5327. N-Teach-2017-00000500579 Pre-selected LILIAN EDEM ABIA
  5328. N-Teach-2017-000001082755 Pre-selected Ndifreke Ibiok Edet
  5329. N-Teach-2017-000001895099 Pre-selected Christiana Ibok Edet
  5330. N-Teach-2017-000002264025 Pre-selected Glory Effiong Antai
  5331. N-Teach-2017-000001993698 Pre-selected IDORENYIN EDET ATING
  5332. N-Teach-2017-000001529063 Pre-selected Ikwo Okon Umoh
  5333. N-Teach-2017-000002332042 Pre-selected LORINA AMBROSE ANSO
  5334. N-Teach-2017-000002522043 Pre-selected JUSTINA ETIM OTOYO
  5335. N-Teach-2017-00000681159 Pre-selected PATRICIA NYONG EFFIONG
  5336. N-Teach-2017-00000101831 Pre-selected EFFIONG SYLVESTER ASUKWO
  5337. N-Teach-2017-000002533602 Pre-selected UBONG USIUKA AKANINYI
  5338. N-Teach-2017-00000822759 Pre-selected SYLVANUS ANSO OFFIONG
  5339. N-Teach-2017-000001975568 Pre-selected BLESSING SAMUEL OKON
  5340. N-Teach-2017-00000630831 Pre-selected Rebecca Okon Oyoh
  5341. N-Teach-2017-000002272560 Pre-selected Nelly Okon Umoh
  5342. N-Teach-2017-000001719354 Pre-selected LUCY BASSEY ONYONG
  5343. N-Teach-2017-00000486718 Pre-selected IDONGESIT NIL MKPAYANGA
  5344. N-Teach-2017-000002234703 Pre-selected HAPPINESS JAMES IBOK
  5345. N-Teach-2017-000001293163 Pre-selected Ubong Tommy Uwak
  5346. N-Teach-2017-000002240411 Pre-selected INYANG OKON BLANKSON
  5347. N-Teach-2017-000002234571 Pre-selected PRINCE OKON IBOK
  5348. N-Teach-2017-000002175699 Pre-selected ALICE EDET DUNCAN
  5349. N-Teach-2017-000001338856 Pre-selected Veronica Boniface Okon
  5350. N-Teach-2017-000001067512 Pre-selected augustine alphonsus umana
  5351. N-Teach-2017-000001541126 Pre-selected Ubuo Udeme Andem
  5352. N-Teach-2017-000002434657 Pre-selected BRENDAN ETTEH EKPENYONG
  5353. N-Teach-2017-00000590837 Pre-selected EKAETTE MFON BASSEY
  5354. N-Teach-2017-000002263650 Pre-selected Etisong Inueonwi Etisong
  5355. N-Teach-2017-000001432430 Pre-selected ODU PRECIOUS BASSEY
  5356. N-Teach-2017-000001839216 Pre-selected Nkoyo Esiene Nyong
  5357. N-Teach-2017-000002282612 Pre-selected ABIA BASSEY EDET
  5358. N-Teach-2017-000001480114 Pre-selected OKON BASSEY OKON
  5359. N-Teach-2017-00000517361 Pre-selected Sanctus Chimaobi Uzoamaka
  5360. N-Teach-2017-00000396581 Pre-selected MERCY ELERIUS ETIM
  5361. N-Teach-2017-000001356582 Pre-selected AGNES BENJAMIN ASUQUO
  5362. N-Teach-2017-000002341700 Pre-selected PATRICIA ANTHONY NYONG
  5363. N-Teach-2017-000002261103 Pre-selected JOAN UWEMEDIMO ATTAH
  5364. N-Teach-2017-000002309779 Pre-selected Bassey Scholastica Owong
  5365. N-Teach-2017-00000329365 Pre-selected FRANCIS BASSEY UNANAOWO
  5366. N-Teach-2017-00000406175 Pre-selected Boniface Joseph Okon
  5367. N-Teach-2017-000002465744 Pre-selected BLESSING JUSTIN BASSEY
  5368. N-Teach-2017-000002207219 Pre-selected Unwana Anthony Sam
  5369. N-Teach-2017-000002212452 Pre-selected GODSWILL JAMES JOHN
  5370. N-Teach-2017-000001637352 Pre-selected Effiong Okon Iquo
  5371. N-Teach-2017-00000697929 Pre-selected FELIX XAVIER OKON
  5372. N-Teach-2017-000002551209 Pre-selected Unwana Bassey Okon
  5373. N-Teach-2017-000002552536 Pre-selected Victor Edet Sampson
  5374. N-Teach-2017-000001826063 Pre-selected GODWIN EFFIONG ETIM
  5375. N-Teach-2017-000001845272 Pre-selected EFFIONG OKON ULOH
  5376. N-Teach-2017-000002416920 Pre-selected MIKPEDIGHE BASSEY ABIA
  5377. N-Teach-2017-000001411111 Pre-selected ROSE MMAOBONG AYEH
  5378. N-Teach-2017-000002372680 Pre-selected Obi John Oboho
  5379. N-Teach-2017-000002232729 Pre-selected IMMACULATA FELIX UMOH
  5380. N-Teach-2017-000002163369 Pre-selected GABRIEL ANDEM
  5381. N-Teach-2017-00000872224 Pre-selected Ita Okon Effiong
  5382. N-Teach-2017-00000633649 Pre-selected ATTAH EMEH ATTEH
  5383. N-Teach-2017-000002372548 Pre-selected Rita Edet Edet
  5384. N-Teach-2017-000001425961 Pre-selected Uduak Ikoedem Asukwo
  5385. N-Teach-2017-000001479944 Pre-selected david emmanuel udonsek
  5386. N-Teach-2017-000001329936 Pre-selected HARRISON HARRIMAN AKPAESSIEN
  5387. N-Teach-2017-000002413878 Pre-selected Ekaette Esther Ifiok
  5388. N-Teach-2017-000001251152 Pre-selected Nkah Chkwuka Benjamin
  5389. N-Teach-2017-000001971549 Pre-selected ofonime matthew udofot
  5390. N-Teach-2017-00000197486 Pre-selected Aniekan Benjamin Ekpo
  5391. N-Teach-2017-000001688692 Pre-selected OWOIDOHO SUNDAY UDOH
  5392. N-Teach-2017-000001460862 Pre-selected Abigail Joshua Asuquo
  5393. N-Teach-2017-00000476804 Pre-selected VINCENT FELIX THOMAS
  5394. N-Teach-2017-000001172625 Pre-selected idara david ekpoh
  5395. N-Teach-2017-000002419346 Pre-selected NAMSO JAMES AKPABIO
  5396. N-Teach-2017-000002016922 Pre-selected iluno chimezie ogechukwu
  5397. N-Teach-2017-00000705952 Pre-selected Ebong Erica Okon
  5398. N-Teach-2017-000002135978 Pre-selected Mary Ekwere Bassey
  5399. N-Teach-2017-000002148805 Pre-selected Emem Gabriel Ekpo
  5400. N-Teach-2017-000001941728 Pre-selected Blessing Okon Akpan
  5401. N-Teach-2017-00000656612 Pre-selected usen promise sunday
  5402. N-Teach-2017-000002447332 Pre-selected Ofonime Essien Akpanessien
  5403. N-Teach-2017-000001114343 Pre-selected ukemeobong sunday abasiuso
  5404. N-Teach-2017-000002426602 Pre-selected Benitha Samuel Edemeka
  5405. N-Teach-2017-000001431022 Pre-selected ANIEKAN ISAAC ESSIEN
  5406. N-Teach-2017-000001491699 Pre-selected IDONGESIT MAXWELL AKPAN
  5407. N-Teach-2017-00000172281 Pre-selected PETER INI AKPAN
  5408. N-Teach-2017-000002553338 Pre-selected IMEOBONG BENJAMIN SAMPSON
  5409. N-Teach-2017-00000940839 Pre-selected Queensley Ufot Idiok
  5410. N-Teach-2017-000001253015 Pre-selected Emem Essien Ekanem
  5411. N-Teach-2017-00000787448 Pre-selected VERONICA ENO MOSES
  5412. N-Teach-2017-0000053191 Pre-selected Caroline Bassey Ikpe
  5413. N-Teach-2017-000001562716 Pre-selected Ifreke Akpan Akpan
  5414. N-Teach-2017-000001983116 Pre-selected James Iboro Ukpong
  5415. N-Teach-2017-000002050551 Pre-selected EMMANUEL UMOH ISAAC
  5416. N-Teach-2017-0000082217 Pre-selected OTOBONG ESHIET UMANA
  5417. N-Teach-2017-000001160198 Pre-selected Imelda Imoh Cheve
  5418. N-Teach-2017-000002053679 Pre-selected Itoro Monday Udonquak
  5419. N-Teach-2017-000001322821 Pre-selected Idongesit Johnson Udoh
  5420. N-Teach-2017-000002325357 Pre-selected Sunday Austine Akpaette
  5421. N-Teach-2017-000001270264 Pre-selected Nseobong Okon Jeremiah
  5422. N-Teach-2017-000002452600 Pre-selected Esther Etop Hanson
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