Akwa Ibom State List for Nigerian Navy Recruitment Interview 2017

Akwa Ibom State List for Nigerian Navy Recruitment Interview 2017

Akwa Ibom State List for Nigerian Navy Recruitment Interview 2017 –  Akwa Ibom State total List of Successful Candidates For Nigerian
Navy Recruitment Interview 2017 is out. Likewise, all Adamawa state
applicant who took the first attitude test with passed mark has been
shortlisted for the interview.   

Once you are enlisted, ; follow this link to get the prerequisite;

2017 Interview List for Successful Candidates on Nigerian Navy

Likewise, read through the total list of Akwa Ibom State Successful Candidates
for Nigerian Navy Recruitment Interview for 2017. Peruse
to see if your name is among the shortlisted names. 

1 NNR27/2017/AKW/1417/0041939AKANG EMMANUEL CHRISTOPHER Firemen

2 NNR27/2017/AKW/2545/0070255AKININYENE FRIDAY Drivers/Mechanics

3 NNR27/2017/AKW/6964/0173907 AKPAN ALICE VINCENT Writers

4 NNR27/2017/AKW/6947/0172260 AKPAN CALEB EMMANUEL Communication

5 NNR27/2017/AKW/2801/0075738AKPAN IDOPISE MATTHEW Seaman

6 NNR27/2017/AKW/3783/0097546 AKPAN UDEME EFFIONG Caterers.

7 NNR27/2017/AKW/5216/0131020AKWA UDOAKPAN AKWA Store Assistant

8 NNR27/2017/AKW/2128/0061718Andrew Isaac Oscar Firemen

9 NNR27/2017/AKW/685/0022259ANSA ASUQUO Medical Assistant

10 NNR27/2017/AKW/1384/0041225 ASUQUO BRENDA EDET Caterers.

11 NNR27/2017/AKW/1948/0058030 ASUQUO EMMANUEL Survey Recorders

12 NNR27/2017/AKW/2473/0068914Bassey Idopise Jacob Writers

13 NNR27/2017/AKW/6994/0174433BASSEY ESTHER ETIM Store Assistant

14 NNR27/2017/AKW/3102/0082923BASSEY MARCEL SUNDAY Seaman

15 NNR27/2017/AKW/4103/0104945Bassey Uwem Mfon Seaman

16 NNR27/2017/AKW/3567/0092456BROWNSON NSEOBONG JEREMIAH Caterers.

17 NNR27/2017/AKW/2891/0078109EBUKUNE EFFIONG EDET Firemen

18 NNR27/2017/AKW/7129/0177179 EDET GODWIN MICHAEL Seaman

19 NNR27/2017/AKW/686/0022280Edet Joseph Okon Firemen

20 NNR27/2017/AKW/5713/0141134 EDET ROSEMARY BASSEY Caterers.

21 NNR27/2017/AKW/4477/0115920 EDET SAMUEL ANTHONY Seaman

22 NNR27/2017/AKW/3092/0082754 EDET UBONG FRANCIS Seaman

23 NNR27/2017/AKW/2808/0075908EFFIONG BARNABAS JOSEPH Education

24 NNR27/2017/AKW/2320/0065191 EFFIONG NELSON EFFIONG Seaman

25 NNR27/2017/AKW/5557/0138294 EFFIONG UBONG ETUK Marine Engineering Artificer

26 NNR27/2017/AKW/1752/0051124 EKANEM INYANG IME ICT

27 NNR27/2017/AKW/8358/0202648 EKEMA DANIEL Automobile Mechanics

28 NNR27/2017/AKW/2412/0067019 EMMAH KINGSLEY SUNDAY Seaman

29 NNR27/2017/AKW/8675/0213368EMMANUEL DOMINIC Store Assistant

30 NNR27/2017/AKW/2073/0060725 EMMANUEL SIMON MOSES Firemen

31 NNR27/2017/AKW/8719/0214036 ESEN ELEGANT BASSEY Store Assistant

32 NNR27/2017/AKW/4437/0114975 ESSIEN AKANIMO JAMES Communication

33 NNR27/2017/AKW/1409/0041785 ESSIEN EKOMOBONG IME Nurses

34 NNR27/2017/AKW/5857/0144802 ETEFIA EKIKERE ANIEFIOK Marine Engineer Mechanics

35 NNR27/2017/AKW/235/0009915Etim Christopher Okon Store Assistant

36 NNR27/2017/AKW/7495/0184077 ETIM ENO EZEKIEL Firemen

37 NNR27/2017/AKW/1081/0033524 ETOKAKPAN MARK ANWANAKAK Weapon Electrical Mechanics

38 NNR27/2017/AKW/7059/0175820ETOP GLORY ITORO Medical Assistant

39 NNR27/2017/AKW/335/0012430 ETUK IFIOK NSE Project Technician

40 NNR27/2017/AKW/3206/0084748ETUKUDO DANIEL UTOMOBONG Seaman

41 NNR27/2017/AKW/7419/0182959Eyo Cornelia Amos Computer

42 NNR27/2017/AKW/2690/0073333EYOH GODFREY Firemen

43 NNR27/2017/AKW/6863/0170052 EZEKIEL UTIBE SUNDAY Ordinance

44 NNR27/2017/AKW/6081/0148904 FRANK FRANK ISAIAH Project Technician

45 NNR27/2017/AKW/2409/0066963 GODWIN EKEMINI BONIFACE Seaman

46 NNR27/2017/AKW/6445/0160891 HANSON NSEHE AUGUSTINE Aircraft Engineering Artificer (Avionics and Aircraft Electronics)

47 NNR27/2017/AKW/7113/0176813 IBANGA SAMUEL SUNDAY Seaman

48 NNR27/2017/AKW/6943/0172112IDIONG UNYIME JOHN Caterers.

49 NNR27/2017/AKW/2722/0074015 IGWE GODWIN ARCHIBONG Nurses

50 NNR27/2017/AKW/5059/0127671 IME MEYENE AMOS Marine Engineer Mechanics

51 NNR27/2017/AKW/4377/0113682 IMEH SAMUEL Automobile Mechanics

52 NNR27/2017/AKW/2287/0064489INYANG VICTOR CHRISTOPHER Journalist

53 NNR27/2017/AKW/7688/0188176 ISAIAH ANIEDI MMENIM Seaman

54 NNR27/2017/AKW/7766/0189924 IWOK AKANINYENE GABRIEL Education

55 NNR27/2017/AKW/996/0031562JAMES ANIEKAN ANEFIOK Seaman

56 NNR27/2017/AKW/7265/0179110 JAMES ANIEKEME BOKIME Firemen

57 NNR27/2017/AKW/1471/0043418 JONAH SAMPSON ANIEFIOK Seaman

58 NNR27/2017/AKW/3615/0093506 JOSEPH ANIEFIOK FRANCIS Seaman

59 NNR27/2017/AKW/3810/0098127 JUMBO INNOCENT UDO Nurses

60 NNR27/2017/AKW/5658/0140043Kaizer Aniekan Akpan Survey Recorders


62 NNR27/2017/AKW/481/0016652 MFON MARVEL IDOROYEN Seaman

63 NNR27/2017/AKW/7317/0180685 MFON UBONG JACKSON Seaman

64 NNR27/2017/AKW/5972/0146713MICHAEL JOHN Store Assistant

65 NNR27/2017/AKW/6394/0159559 MICHAEL SIFON GODWIN Store Assistant

66 NNR27/2017/AKW/4525/0116692 NATHANIEL CLEMENT UDOFOT Firemen

67 NNR27/2017/AKW/150/0004484 NFON KEVIN NSIKAN Seaman

68 NNR27/2017/AKW/6419/0160205 NTUKIDEM OFONIME SUNDAY Seaman

69 NNR27/2017/AKW/2093/0061038 NYONG PHINER PAUL Medical Assistant

70 NNR27/2017/AKW/2377/0066383 OBIOFIA EDIDIONG ESITIMA Education

71 NNR27/2017/AKW/1129/0035220Obiousop Abasiama Samuel Seaman

72 NNR27/2017/AKW/1269/0038721 OBOT PROMISE COLUMBUS Survey Recorders

73 NNR27/2017/AKW/4378/0113696OBOT UBONG NSE Seaman

74 NNR27/2017/AKW/1817/0052780 OFFONG FRANCIS FRANCIS Communication

75 NNR27/2017/AKW/4635/0118692 OKO JOSHUA ISAAC Seaman

76 NNR27/2017/AKW/4652/0118961 OKOKON OKOKON ENO-OBONG Seaman

77 NNR27/2017/AKW/3876/0099490 OKON ANIEKAN LINUS Seaman

78 NNR27/2017/AKW/289/0011250 OKON CHRISTOPHER GODGIFT Seaman

79 NNR27/2017/AKW/200/0008455Okon Emmilian Ekamma Store Assistant

80 NNR27/2017/AKW/8291/0201257OKON JOSHUA EDET Education

81 NNR27/2017/AKW/2361/0066049 OKON KINGSLEY PETER Seaman

82 NNR27/2017/AKW/3607/0093217 OKON NSIKAK INI Store Assistant

83 NNR27/2017/AKW/1632/0048122 OROK IDARA CAMILLUS Writers

84 NNR27/2017/AKW/4444/0115069 OSUNG DAVID EFFIONG Seaman

85 NNR27/2017/AKW/6397/0159629OWOBIA ANIETIE PAUL Store Assistant

86 NNR27/2017/AKW/6143/0150658PETER BLESSING MBETOBONG Communication

87 NNR27/2017/AKW/4907/0124875 PETER SAMUEL ASUQUO Seaman

88 NNR27/2017/AKW/2535/0070159 SAM DAVID DAVID Seaman

89 NNR27/2017/AKW/7646/0186862SAM IMA-OBONG ANWANGA Survey Recorders

90 NNR27/2017/AKW/3842/0098842Sam Utibe Ekpenyong Seaman

91 NNR27/2017/AKW/3606/0093192 SAMSON KINGSLEY NSOH Seaman

92 NNR27/2017/AKW/7327/0180937 SUNDAY IDONGESIT UDOM Store Assistant

93 NNR27/2017/AKW/7327/0180037SUNDAY IDONGESIT UDOM Seaman

94 NNR27/2017/AKW/3595/0093017Sunday Nnamso Francis Firemen

95 NNR27/2017/AKW/112/0003264 THOMAS EKWERE EMMANUEL Ordinance

96 NNR27/2017/AKW/6330/0158314UDO IME EFFIONG Firemen

97 NNR27/2017/AKW/1264/0038619Udo Joseph Okon Seaman

98 NNR27/2017/AKW/7500/0184164 UDO JOSHUA MONDAY Drivers/Mechanics

99 NNR27/2017/AKW/4810/0122728Udoabba Ette-Jack Sunday Store Assistant

100 NNR27/2017/AKW/3740/0096584 UDOAKAEBE SIFON COSMAS Nurses

101 NNR27/2017/AKW/547/0018236Udofia Emem Okon Medical Assistant

102 NNR27/2017/AKW/802/0025422 UDOFIA OMEGA NSE Writers

103 NNR27/2017/AKW/1680/0049492 UDOH DAVID CELESTINE Seaman

104 NNR27/2017/AKW/7034/0175267 UDOH JOHN ETETIM Seaman

105 NNR27/2017/AKW/3836/0098747 UDOH UDO LINUS Drivers/Mechanics

106 NNR27/2017/AKW/8197/0199766UDOK MANDU-UWEM ENWAN Medical Assistant

107 NNR27/2017/AKW/6331/0158316 UDOKA ENO-OBONG CHARLES Seaman

108 NNR27/2017/AKW/7213/0178473Ukana Uwem Isaac Marine Engineering Artificer

109 NNR27/2017/AKW/497/0016985 UKO CYRIL EFFIONG Communication

110 NNR27/2017/AKW/8713/0213951 UKPONG ANIEDI ISONG Seaman

111 NNR27/2017/AKW/1763/0051336 UKPONG EZEKIEL ANIETIE Store Assistant

112 NNR27/2017/AKW/985/0031255 ULO JERRY ASUQUO Store Assistant

113 NNR27/2017/AKW/1052/0032777 ULO JOHN ASUQUO Firemen

114 NNR27/2017/AKW/4890/0124555 URUA REBECCA SUNDAY Writers

115 NNR27/2017/AKW/58/0001648 ZACHARIA MICHAEL UDOFIA Store Assistant

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2017 Interview List for Successful Candidates on Nigerian Navy

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