Abia State List for Nigerian Navy Recruitment Interview 2017

Abia State List for Nigerian Navy Recruitment Interview 2017

Abia State List for Nigerian Navy Recruitment Interview 2017 – Abia
State List for Nigerian Navy Recruitment Interview 2017 is finally out.
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Abia State List for Nigerian Navy Recruitment
Interview 2017 –  The total List of Successful Candidates For Nigerian
Navy Recruitment Interview 2017 is out. Likewise, all Abia state
applicant who took the first attitude test with passed mark has been
Once you are enlisted, ; follow this link to get the prerequisite;

2017 Interview List for Successful Candidates on Nigerian Navy

Below are the total list of Abia State Successful Candidates
for Nigerian Navy Recruitment Interview for 2017. Peruse
to see if your name is among the shortlisted names.  

1 NNR27/2017/ABI/4630/0212128 ABARAOHA GODSTIME CHIBUZOR Seaman

2 NNR27/2017/ABI/1657/0080193 ABEL EBUKA SAMUEL Seaman

3 NNR27/2017/ABI/380/0021900 ACHOMADU TOCHUKWU EMMANUEL Computer

4 NNR27/2017/ABI/3133/0144456 AKABUEZE AKACHI DANIEL Writers

5 NNR27/2017/ABI/4197/0189941 ALACHEWE KELVIN UZORDINMA Computer

6 NNR27/2017/ABI/4816/0220464 ARUNGWA CHINANU CLEMENT Firemen

7 NNR27/2017/ABI/442/0024624 CHIBUGWU CHRISTAIN IFANYI Drivers/Mechanics

8 NNR27/2017/ABI/4494/0201908 CHIJIOKE GRANT CHIMAOBI Firemen

9 NNR27/2017/ABI/648/0035997 CHIKEZIE CHIDOZIE EMMANUEL Communication


11 NNR27/2017/ABI/3980/0179520 CHRISTIAN GODFREY CHINASA Drivers/Mechanics

12 NNR27/2017/ABI/2527/0119129 CHRISTIAN AUGUSTINE NMESOMACHI Chaplain Assistants

13 NNR27/2017/ABI/2238/0104828 DANIEL PRINCE UCHENNA Drivers/Mechanics

14 NNR27/2017/ABI/1273/0064854 DIMGBA BLESSING NMESOMA Seaman

15 NNR27/2017/ABI/716/0038867 EBERENDU GABRIEL CHINEDU Seaman

16 NNR27/2017/ABI/2836/0131689 ECHEM SUNDAY OKORO Writers

17 NNR27/2017/ABI/4443/0199999 EHIOGU NKWACHUKWU PRINCE Seaman

18 NNR27/2017/ABI/3617/0166138 EJIKEME CHIJIOKE WISDOM Bandsman

19 NNR27/2017/ABI/4611/0210268 EKEH JOY SUNDAY Caterers.

20 NNR27/2017/ABI/1360/0068894 EMEKA CHINEMEREM FELIX Seaman

21 NNR27/2017/ABI/1822/0086182 EMMANUEL UCHECHUKWU WISDOM Seaman

22 NNR27/2017/ABI/3793/0173759 ENYIA PATRICIA Writers

23 NNR27/2017/ABI/1604/0078164 ESINWA OLIVER IKENNA Seaman

24 NNR27/2017/ABI/4731/0216747 EZEAKU UZOCHI KINGSLEY Firemen

25 NNR27/2017/ABI/3413/0158292 EZEKIEL MIRACLE Writers

26 NNR27/2017/ABI/707/0038587 FESTUS CHIEMELA CHAMBERLIN Bandsman

27 NNR27/2017/ABI/220/0012552 FRIDAY SOLOMON CHIMANKPAM Physical Training Instructor

28 NNR27/2017/ABI/3823/0174759 GABRIEL PRINCE CHIMAOBI Seaman

29 NNR27/2017/ABI/1563/0076177 GODWIN CHINENYE Seaman

30 NNR27/2017/ABI/1269/0064650 IBEM IFEANYI AGWU Journalist

31 NNR27/2017/ABI/3926/0177781 IFEMEJE VICTOR Seaman

32 NNR27/2017/ABI/431/0024077 IGWE CHIDIEBERE JONATHAN Seaman

33 NNR27/2017/ABI/2259/0105893 IGWE PRINCE UGOCHUKWU Seaman

34 NNR27/2017/ABI/572/0031478 IHEANACHO HILARY Seaman

35 NNR27/2017/ABI/2175/0102189 IHEJIRIKA NNADOZIE Writers

36 NNR27/2017/ABI/4087/0184495 IROLE IKECHUKWU C Seaman

37 NNR27/2017/ABI/1591/0077683 ISAAC CHIDIEBERE DAVID Seaman


39 NNR27/2017/ABI/1131/0058920 ISRAEL CHRISTIAN CHINWENDU Weapon Electrical Artificer

40 NNR27/2017/ABI/687/0037924 IWOH CHIBUNDU JOSHUA Caterers.

41 NNR27/2017/ABI/388/0022269 IWUOHA CHINONYEREM OGADINMA Firemen

42 NNR27/2017/ABI/373/0021532 JEREMAIAH CHINEDU WISDOM Marine Engineering Artificer

43 NNR27/2017/ABI/2809/0130597 JOHN CHINAZAEKPERE Weapon Electrical Artificer

44 NNR27/2017/ABI/3486/0160957 JOSEPH CHIBUEZE JOSEPH Store Assistant

45 NNR27/2017/ABI/65/0002781 JOSEPH CHIMEMARAM Store Assistant

46 NNR27/2017/ABI/3239/0148882 KALU CHINALURUM OYEOKU Marine Engineering Artificer

47 NNR27/2017/ABI/4062/0183297 KALU CHINEDU FAVOUR Seaman

48 NNR27/2017/ABI/2798/0130279 KALU CHUKWUEMEKA OTA Writers

49 NNR27/2017/ABI/1235/0063431 KALU JOHN NMAJU Seaman

50 NNR27/2017/ABI/3695/0168666 KALU SAMUEL OKONKWO Seaman

51 NNR27/2017/ABI/358/0020881 KANU CHIMA EMMANUEL Seaman

52 NNR27/2017/ABI/742/0039784 KELECHI JEREMIAH DAVID Seaman

53 NNR27/2017/ABI/487/0026877 MBA DORIS UGURU Physical Training Instructor

54 NNR27/2017/ABI/4111/0185226 MICHAEL SUNDAY ORLANDO Seaman

55 NNR27/2017/ABI/2992/0138481 NDAJI EMMANUEL NKEM Seaman

56 NNR27/2017/ABI/1129/0058881 NDUBUISI KELECHI ISAAC Store Assistant

57 NNR27/2017/ABI/2392/0113713 NDUKWU MIRACLE OLUEBUBE Store Assistant

58 NNR27/2017/ABI/1589/0077540 NGOZI STANLEY CHINWEUBA Medical Assistant

59 NNR27/2017/ABI/509/0027674 NICHOLAS VICTOR CHUKWUEMAKA Drivers/Mechanics

60 NNR27/2017/ABI/1308/0066074 NKUME ONYINYECHI LOVELYN Store Assistant

61 NNR27/2017/ABI/2048/0096167 NNAKWUAGU CHIAMAKA RACHAEL Medical Records/Health Administration

62 NNR27/2017/ABI/1737/0083282 NWANKWO CHINWENDU Store Assistant

63 NNR27/2017/ABI/2530/0119188 NWOKORO NKECHI GRACE Seaman

64 NNR27/2017/ABI/760/0040402 NWOSU ELVIS Seaman

65 NNR27/2017/ABI/258/0014504 NZENWA STANLEY AZUNNA Drivers/Mechanics

66 NNR27/2017/ABI/3552/0163185 OBASI KELECHI AJIKE Journalist


68 NNR27/2017/ABI/2065/0097069 OJIKE WISDOM IKENNA Bandsman

69 NNR27/2017/ABI/3837/0175136 OKECHUKWU ANNA CHINWENDU Writers

70 NNR27/2017/ABI/3840/0175178 OKEH ONYEAMAECHI OLIVER Firemen

71 NNR27/2017/ABI/2596/0121855 OKEREKE MICHAEL IHEANACHO Chaplain Assistants

72 NNR27/2017/ABI/3253/0149495 OKEREKE NZUBECHUKWU BLESSING Medical Assistant

73 NNR27/2017/ABI/361/0021038 OKEZIE CHUKWUEMEKA ICT

74 NNR27/2017/ABI/2964/0137342 OKORIE CHIDIEBERE CONFIDENCE Seaman

75 NNR27/2017/ABI/2926/0135507 OKORIE IHEANYICHUKWU PATRICK Computer

76 NNR27/2017/ABI/850/0044461 OKORIE OSCAR KALU Education

77 NNR27/2017/ABI/3957/0178743 OKORIE SAMPSON PAUL Writers

78 NNR27/2017/ABI/3490/0161180 OKORO CHIKWADO EZEKIEL Store Assistant

79 NNR27/2017/ABI/3448/0159294 OKORONKWO EMMANUEL CHIGOZIE Seaman

80 NNR27/2017/ABI/574/0031600 OKORO-ORJI CHIBUZOR OKEREKE Bandsman

81 NNR27/2017/ABI/4043/0182755 ONOH EMMANUEL CHIMAEZE Seaman

82 NNR27/2017/ABI/4677/0213997 ONUIGBO CHIGOZIE NELSON Seaman

83 NNR27/2017/ABI/3/0000224 ONUOHA CHIMAOBI SUNDAY Seaman

84 NNR27/2017/ABI/1448/0072392 ONWUBIKO GEORGE Seaman

85 NNR27/2017/ABI/1260/0064337 ONWUCHEKWA VICTOR CHIKAODO Writers

86 NNR27/2017/ABI/2919/0135358 ONWUGHARA SAMUEL UZOCHUKWU Medical Assistant

87 NNR27/2017/ABI/1197/0061520 ONYEBUCHI AKUDO VICTORIA Caterers.

88 NNR27/2017/ABI/4058/0183188 ONYEGOROM CHIBUNNA MICHAEL Chaplain Assistants

89 NNR27/2017/ABI/1631/0079197 ONYEMACHI ONYEKACHI EDWIN Firemen

90 NNR27/2017/ABI/3045/0140414 ONYENKWERE ANN ONYINYECHI Store Assistant

91 NNR27/2017/ABI/2492/0117731 ONYENSO EZINNE Store Assistant

92 NNR27/2017/ABI/4049/0182901 ONYEULO CHARLES CHIEMELA Marine Engineer Mechanics

93 NNR27/2017/ABI/3735/0170342 ONYEZURU EMMANUEL KELECHI Communication

94 NNR27/2017/ABI/2450/0116263 ORIE ODINAKACHI IMOKO Seaman

95 NNR27/2017/ABI/994/0050980 ORJI ADAEZE GIFT Caterers.

96 NNR27/2017/ABI/2848/0132335 ORJI MICHAEL CHIMEZIRIM Seaman

97 NNR27/2017/ABI/299/0016307 ORJI OSINACHI CLEMENT Weapon Electrical Artificer

98 NNR27/2017/ABI/1960/0092768 OTONIHU VICTOR Seaman

99 NNR27/2017/ABI/2966/0137434 PAUL SAMUEL Store Assistant

100 NNR27/2017/ABI/713/0038808 PETER ERNEST EMEKA Seaman

101 NNR27/2017/ABI/1154/0059749 PETER IZUCHUKWU EMMANUEL Chaplain Assistants

102 NNR27/2017/ABI/2319/0109678 PETER KELECHI KELECHI Store Assistant

103 NNR27/2017/ABI/3859/0175772 SAMUEL SOLOMON IHUNANYA Drivers/Mechanics

104 NNR27/2017/ABI/1896/0089783 SIMON KALU NELSON Chaplain Assistants

105 NNR27/2017/ABI/2665/0125022 SUNDAY IZUCHUKWU SMART Firemen

106 NNR27/2017/ABI/4257/0191951 THOMAS PROMISE CHIEGELA Seaman

107 NNR27/2017/ABI/1219/0062719 UBANI SAMUEL Writers

108 NNR27/2017/ABI/1470/0073179 UCHEGBULAM PRINCEWILL Seaman

109 NNR27/2017/ABI/1777/0084633 UDO MADUABUCHI Firemen

110 NNR27/2017/ABI/4825/0220731 UDONSI BELINDA EZINNE Store Assistant

111 NNR27/2017/ABI/3603/0165613 UDUAGHA PRECIOUS CHIDIEBUBE Firemen

112 NNR27/2017/ABI/2737/0127627 UKENYE DANIEL CHIAGOZIE Seaman

113 NNR27/2017/ABI/4117/0185511 ULU ORJI MARC Journalist

114 NNR27/2017/ABI/1108/0058309 UWAEME CHISOM JOHNSON Seaman

115 NNR27/2017/ABI/2912/0135204 UYOR CHUKWUEMEKA JONAH Weapon Electrical Mechanics

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2017 Interview List for Successful Candidates on Nigerian Navy

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