Writing an application letter and getting a job

Writing an application letter and getting a job

An application letter can also be called “a cover letter”. It is a document sent with your resume or curriculum vitae to your intended employer, in other to provide detailed information on why you are qualified for the job you are applying for. Effective application letters explain the reasons why you are qualified and interested in a specific organizational job position in relation to your most relevant skills and experiences.


Writing an application letter and getting a job

When applying for a job, always write an application letter or a cover letter alongside your resume or curriculum vitae and sent it to the organization either by email, post or even by your own hands for effective delivery. Except, a recruiter specifically state that you should send or summit only resume or curriculum vitae, if otherwise, it never hurts to send one. Please note; always obey instructions, should in case there are lay down procedure by recruiter in writing your application letter and your resume or curriculum vitae, please follow suit, if applicable.

Try to address your application letter or cover letter to the particular person responsible for hiring in each office. Call the human resources officer or hiring contact and ask for the hiring attorney’s name. Avoid addressing letters “to whom it may concern.” This Show that you took out time to find out the person’s name and title of the recruiter. Remember to confirm all contacts’ information, as changes are inevitable. When all else fails, you can address your letter to the “Hiring Coordinator.”

Please, always use the “formal letter format” whenever you are applying for a job, it gives your recruiter a positive mindset that you are a serious “applicant”. This should include your contact with date at the top, alongside your recruiters contact address just directly below your own address. Be sure to provide a salutation at the beginning, using Dear Sir/Madam with a comma.


Next Step

Your next step is to specify what you are applying for. Many times, People speak too many grammar on their letter without saying what they are applying for. Please state it categorically clear, for example; APPLICATION FOR THE POST OF FARM MANAGER

The next step in your letter is your first paragraph, which should portray your personality, (For example; I am a certified project manager in relation to bachelor’s degree in farm management from university of Nigeria, Nsukka). You should also explain why you are contacting them (for example, I humbly apply for the post of farm manager in your organization). Mention how you learned about the organization and their job vacancy, (for example; through the news, newspaper, online site and so on).

Try your possible best to sell yourself to the organization focusing on how you would benefit the organization. Provide specific examples of times when you demonstrated skills or abilities that would be useful for the job. If possible, include examples of times when you added value to an organization in the past. Use keywords in the Advertisement. Reread the job listing and circle any keywords (such as skills or abilities that are emphasized in the job listing). Try to include some of these words in your cover letter. This will help the employer see that you are the perfect fit for the job opening. (For example; Haven read through your prerequisite, I am so confident that I will be able to offer optimum service to your organization. I have lots of experience in the management of poultry, fishery, piggery, grass cutter (cane-rat), rabbit, exotic plants like; carrot, cucumber, cabbage, lettuces, practical knowledge in feed formulation for livestock animals, using the world recognized “Pearson formula” and many more. And for your management and supervision issue, I am a certified project manager who can give the organization what it takes to break even on initial capital investment on time). Also mention how you learned about the organization and their job vacancy. (For example; news, newspaper, online site and so on. In all, make sure; “it is brief”. Keep your letter short, with no more than four paragraphs. An employer is more likely to read a concise letters that is free from errors, so, endeavour to review your letter before submitting it to your recruiter.

Finally, the last paragraph should contain appreciation message to the recruiter for taking out time to read your letter, (for example; Thanks in anticipation of your positive response), provide your contact information and indicate that you will call within the next few weeks to keep abreast with your application letter.

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